The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1953
Page 9
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FUIDAY, JUNE 12, Bl.YTHEVTM.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE gre Every Tourist Meets is nited States Customs Officer Rj HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) — Every tourist leaves America smiling, but eight out of ten come K>me scowling — because of the ogre waiting for them at the end of the trip. This ogre is the customs inspector, and it is his sad task to paw through your luggage o he sure you aren't smuggling in the British crown jewels without "paying duty on them. The customs inspector is a nice cllow with an odious responsibility slid he often takes a lot of abuse. le knows he will never be named 'man of the year," and that in a lopularity poll he would rank even ower lhan a dentist or a traffic ap. It pains h Savelers resent abroad this year, you naturally i likely to try to cheat Uncle Sam. have to deal with customs officials. tips: nt him. "You know," one told me, "I •ometimes dream of how wonder- ul it would be if nil tourists were mdists. It would make our job sn nuch plcasantcr all around." If you are one of the hundreds of housands of tourists who are going FBI Catches Ex-Gidean Resident ST. LOUIS 1/H — Gordon Lee Cooper, who was placed on the FBI list of 10 most wanted fugi- s exactly a month ago, was seized by FBI agents yesterday while n a parked car. The 38-year-old Cooper offered no resistance but had a loaded ?a\ved-off shotgun on the seat i hide him when the FBI agents bosed in on him in the 3300 block p'- North 20th Street. i S o m e stolen Illinois license plates also were found in the machine, which Cooper said he stole .n Detroit, Mich., the FBI said. The FBI agents said Cooper, ivhose early years were spent at Gideon, Mo., came ki St. Louis recently from Michigan. He told FBI agents he had been employed oy an automobile manufacturing company in Michigan for the past ew months. The FBI would not disclose how the agents located the 150-pound ugitive, who carries bullet scars on his legs and chest. Read Courier News Classified Ads. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. FRIDAY "FANCY PANTS' In Technicolor Bob Hope - Lucille Ball SATURDAY "Thunder In God's Country" Rex Allen & His Horse Ko-Ko SAT. OWL SHOW "The Gambler & The Lady" Dane Clark & Naomi Chance Here are a few tested Tips To Tourists 1. If you are entering a foreign country, such as England, where the language harrier is oract'ca^v insurmountable, just stand silently before the customs inspector. No matter what he.says, shake yo head. When he gets tired of look ing at you, he will let you Intc the country. 2. On your return to the U. S don't say, "Why should it tak me longer to get into America tha it did Christopher Columbus? Afte all, he was a foreigner—and I wa born here." The average custom inspector hears this remark fiv times a day. And the five peopl who say it are the last ones h clears. 3. Wear as guilty a look as possibl The customs men know from Ion experience it is the traveler wit an innocent face who is mos Lad Chained, Padlocked To Chair EUHN. 111. (tf) — A 41-year-nl watch worker was held in jail yes terday after police charged he h bound his 12-year-old Son to a pore chair with an iron chain. Louis Molner Jr. was charged wit endangering the health and life o a child. He was arrested Tuesday o: complaint of neighbors. Police said they found Molner' son Gary on a front porch chaj with a 12-foot chain looped aroun his neck and padlocked to the chair They quoted 'Gary as saying tha he was chained while his parent were at work because his father wa dissatisfied with his performance i a Little League baseball game Sun day. Molner told police that when h and his wife Sylvia came home fo lunch Tuesday they discovered th boy had been playing with matches Gary was placed in a children' home pending disposition of th charge against his father. Court Again Oen/'es Appeal Of Rosenbergs NEW YORK f/P)—The U. S. Cour of Appeals again has denied a new trial or stay of execution of Juliu: and Ethel Rosenberg, condemnet atom spies. The appeals court rendered its de cision yesterday after hearing ar gumenfci by* defense counsel Tuesday. The Rosenbergs are scheduled tc die June 18 in the electric chair a Sing Sing Prison, Osslning, N. Y. Their last hope Cor \\ stay ol ex ecutfon now rests with the U .S Supreme Court, which previousl, refused a stay. Late yesterday, about 4,000 per sons attended a rally* in Unioi Square in behalf of the doome pair. Mrs. Sophie Rosenberg asked tni crowd to pray for her son anc daughter-in-law, adding: "I kJ they are innocent." Palouse, Wash was founded Jn 1877. Anulet'1 man Redl-Mlxpd Numbered Oil Paint Ser Apply numbered paints to numbered piclure areas and gef a genuine finished oil painting every time! FABULOUS NW $1.79 COMPLETE 2 1<T9«, G»nuint, 12"x9" Can- vai»« Mounted on Rigid Board Ready-Mixed Oil Colors Built-in Table Easel Artist Qualify Brush A grand hobby for all th, family. So easy lo do glowing genuina oil point- ings for home and friends. Set is complete, nothing else to boy SEE IT TODAY! 4. Don't buy anything abroad, then you won't have anything to declare. The chances are, anyway, that no matter what you buy your wife will tell you she can get the same thing at the local department store for 10 per cent less—and In thd right size. May Get Card 5. If you do purchase some articles, itemize them fully on your customs sheet at their proper value, put them all in a single bag—and don't wrap them in soiled laundry. It is thoughtful travelers like this who make "veteran cus. toms men break down and cry with gratitude. They may even send you a Christmas card later. 6. Some bird-loving tourists try to sneak through with fortiign- bought parrots, which are accused of spreading fever. If you attempt to break.the law in this manner, don't bring in a talking parrot. Any talking parrot will crack under a real third degree, and turn into a. stool pigeon. He will blame the whole plot on you. deny he had any part in it, and say he didn't even want to come to this country. 7. Above all, never say to a tired customs inspector, ."you must have an exciting job—you meet such interesting laundry." He may never let .you back into the country. Look, Men! B'ham Hubbies Stage Revolt BIRMINGHAM. Ala. (ff) — The baffled wives of 42nd Street North today considered ft counter-attack on 25 husbands who say .they want a better break around the house. Railroad Conductor J. L. Caldwell, who wants to go fishing this weekend, set off a revolt that caught the women napping yesterday. He paraded up and down with a signe that said: "On strike—women unfair—Men want a new contract." . Twenty-five husbands quickly signed a petition supporting Caldwell, and he Haunted it in the faces of rallying housewives. Mrs. Caldwell said her telephone rang all day after the story got around. "Only one woman called," she said resentfully. "And she said something about us all going away to an island somewhere." The.conductor's wife wouldn't say in advance what the women were planning to do to get their husbands, back to mowing lawns, painting and Army Shuts Down Seven Of Its Camps WASHINGTON (Ft — Congressional delegations from six stales were Invited to » Pentagon briefing today as the Army prepared to announce the shutdown of seven more camps nnti smaller facilities. Earl D. Johnson, undersecretary ot the Army, arranged to preside at the conference to detail the economy move for senators and representatives from Texas, Indiana. Alabama, Kentucky, California and Rhode Island. Johnson's task was to explain the reasons why the seven installations were chosen for inactivation or reduction In status wthin the next few months. The Army has announced the Fifth Training Division at Indiantown Oap, Pa., will be inactivated by Sept. 1, Also publicly earmarked for closing under the economy campaign are lesser facilities at Ft. Hancock. N. J.; Pt. Ouster at Battle Creek, Mich.; Ft. Huachuca at Hereford. Ari?..: Pt. Worden and Flager, Port Townsend, Wash., and the transmitter station near Alexandria, Va. New York City's Err.pire Stale has been hit by lightning 226 times in the past 10 years, and has drawn lightning charges from as far away as 10 miles. mending around the house. "Let the grass grow." sputtered the 63-year-old Caldwell while a group of. housewives heckled him. Its pain't the porch or fix the door, or walk the dog, or mind the babies. Can't a man ever get any peace and rest?" When the women's tempers began rising, he wisely beat a retreat to a man's world—his freight train. Cor Overturns; None Injured A Memphis resident was uninjured Wednesday night when his car overturned on Highway 61 south at the Sandy nidge Community. James Harold .Hollls, traveling south on the highway, ran off the road on the Iriv side and turned over in the ditch in attempting to avoid a truck which had pulled onto the highway ahead of him going south, wilnpsies lold investigating officers Charley Short and Herman Oden. Driver of the nne and one-half | truck wns G;v:iirl Delafuente of the Bruce Burnett farm. Two New Atomic Guns For Army WASHINGTON (M ~~ The Army now has two new weapons for atomic firepower on the battlefield — a pencil-shaped guided missile called "Corporal" as well as the giant 280- millimeter cannon. I 1 ; was learned yesterday that courses have been set up to train men in electronic guidance and fire control system maintenance for the Corporal, under development for six years. Crews to maintain the Corporal— and the Army's anti-aircraft guided missile "Nike"—are being trained at the Ft. Bliss, Tex., Missile Center. The Corporal is about 50 feet long and three feet around. It can carry a conventional or atomic warhead up to a range of perhaps 100 miles, compared with the maximum accurate artillery range of about 20 miles. The 280-millimeter cannon fired n n tomic shell in a test last month. Enjoy Cool, Air-Conditioned Comfort Air Conditioned by Refrigeration SUNDAY & MONDAY Don't Testify, Einstein Tells School Man NEW YORK (fl») — Dr. Albert Einstein said in a letter made public yesterday that "every intellectual" should refuse to testify before a congressional investigating commtitpc. The letter was received by public school teacher William Fmueuglass, who faces loss of his Job for refusing to testify before the Senate internal security subcommittee. In his letter, dated May 16. the famed physicist said in part: "The reactionary politicians have managed to instill suspicion of all in tellectual efforts into the public by dangling before their eyes a dan«ev froM \\ttho\st,. "Having succeeded so far they are nov proceeding to suppress the freedom of teaching and to deprive of their positions all those who do not Air Force Calls Back C-54's WASHINGTON. (/p\ — The Air Force yesterday Issued a recall order for ali the 37 C-54 transport planes it has leased to commercial airlines. Headquarters here said the Air Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson Field. Ohio, telegraphed net- Ices of Uie intent to end C-54 lease rove submissive, 1. e., to starve them . . . "Every Intellectual who is called before one of the committees ought to refuse to testify, i. e., he must be prepared for jail and economic ruin, in short, foi the sacrifice of his personal welfare in the interest of the cultural welfare of his country, "This refusal to testify must be based on the assertion thai it is •hameful for a blameless citizen to submit to such an inquisition and that this kind of inquisition violates the spirit of the Constitution." Directional Mike New for Video NEW YORK UP)— One of the newest developments in microphones Is designed to withstand television gunshot blasts yet is highly sensitive. Designed by RCA engineers for TV, radio and film studios, It admits sounds coming from the front but rejects those from sides and rear, making It highly directional. The tlesifmers say It can withstand the blast of a 45 calibre pistol firerl only five feet away, making it valuable for use in who-dun-lts and other drama. agreements. The air force save no explanation of the recall other than "we need the airplanes." However, the operators were advised that they would be informed by letter, of delivery schedules and other details. *" ~<^7^- l/» always have on hand both kinds of Old Sunny Brook— Some guests like the Blend; others like the Straight. So give your friends this popular choice —bolh types ot Old Sunny Brook! KENTUCKY BLENDED WHISKEY 4 84 ?r V5 Qt J KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY 09 4/5 Qi _ x oi_ Sunny Brook BRAND BOTH 86 PROOF. KENTUCKY BLENDED WHISKEY CONTAINS 65X GRAIN NEUTIIH SPIRITS • THE OLD SUNNY BROOK COMPANY, LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY SO BEAUTIFUL! SO POWERFUL! GENERAL MOTORS LOWEST PRICED BICHT SO ROOMY! SO LOW IN PRICE! Judge Pontiac purely from the standpoint of quality and It's hard to believe that it Is actually a low-priced car. Mere's a car so handsomely styled It's one of the most beautiful on the road. Performance-wise, too, Pontiac will take on all comers. Its big, high-compression engine gives you split-second response in city traffic, lets you cruise at highway speeds with plenty of power to spare and economy, too. Pontiac is a big car—in fact, no car so big is priced so low. Its long 122-inch whcclhase means road-hugging safety. And inside you'll find Pontlac's big, roomy Body by Fisher gives you plenty of space to relax. But Pontiac'i outstanding feature is its price—a price so low that if you can afford any new car you can afford a Pontiac. We'll be glad to prove that dollar for dollar you can't beat a Pontiac! I/ollar for Dollar you cant beat a NOBLE GILL PONTIAC, INC. 5th & Walnut Blytheville, Ark.

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