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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 7

Ames, Iowa
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Saturday, October 7, 1933
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"»mr ifTTM nr AMJS* DAILY TUBUM TXMtt. AMM. IOWA, SATURDAY, OCTOBK* Y, l«». tch**< the Tri*un«.Tim««. MCM *««*, at ChritftmM. tVinfl MM yMr . The Schools' Tribune-Times •wkmtt mttorlal !•» by Dtty KcUod IATUEDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1933. lr*y fttwday Dwtef School TMT CENTRAL PUPILS ORGANIZE HOME FOR YEAR Oroganization of home rooms at Central junior high wbool has b«n completed with the election of officers and the various groups hare begun work OB their room programs for the first semester. Unique among the organisations is that Room 10, a nintL grade class superrised by Miss liable Kress, a civic instructor. This room's officers form an administration like that of a city, the head b2lng mayor the secretary, clerk, etc. Officers of all rooms as announced Friday are as follows: . Ninth Grade Room 8—Richard Day, sponsor- Herbert Brown, president. Tommy Crocker, vice president; Bruce Beresford, secretary - treasurer; Alice Atchley and Dick Albaugh, council members. Room 9—Miss Galliher, sponsor —Roger Fritsch, president; Paul Koontz, rice president; Betty Morris, secretary-treasurer; Gene Harmon. Comet reporter; Betty Jones and Ray Koonti. council members. Room 10—Miss Mable Kress, sponsor—Charles O'Nei.. mayor; Dorothy Root, vice mayor; Leona Partlow, clerk; Mable Taylor, treasurer; Jeanne Taff, Comet reporter; BEtty Qaalfe and Max Olive, council members. Eighth Gradi Room 1—Miss Marion Bronson, soonsor—Ronald Egemo, president; Herbert Light, vice presi dent; Betty Jane Kern, secretary; Frank King, treasurer; William Callowa, council member. Room 2—Miss Myrtle Balrd, sponsor—Bob Ash, president; Bob Allen, vice president: Esther Butler, secretary - treasurer; Royal Earnes, Comet reporter; Irene Downs, council member. Assembly— Roscoe Loreaz ifpon- ror—Joe Taylor, president: Bar- bira Penny, vice president; George Thompson, secret-try-treasurer; Robert Ott. reporter; Roger Rsy, council member. Seventh Grade Room 5—Mrs. Anna Freeland. i.pon^or—Betly Olive, president; Uo'nrt Rtnebart. vice president; .Hm Paley. secretary; Merl Ross, treasurer; Dorothy Quaife Comet r;pcrier. Room G—IVilss Mary Sowerwln?. sponsor—Mary L- Williams, presi-' <l<?Dl; Richard Sills, vice president; 1,'fck Stafford, secretary; Shirley Y/.reka, treasurer; *. Richard, Stein- lierg. Comet eporter. Room 3—-Miss Sara Hodgin, sponsor—Mary Jane Cur. president; John Busb, secretary: Dorothy U?rby. treasurer; Dorothy Downs, Comet reporter. Room 4—-Miss Bertha McArlhur, .sponsor—Keith Hoff, president; Robert Gr;ns;tc-ad, vic« president; Y/iliiam Eichling, secretary; Dar- v.!n Linder, treasurer. BEGINNING OF VOYAGE TO END OF THE EARTH COMMITTEES FOR GILBERT P. T, A, Her hold bulging with scientific equipment, the 89-year-old «e»ler Tn« Bear of Oakland, impply ship of Admiral Richard E. Byrd's South Polar expedition, pulls out of fog-bound Boston harbor on the first leg of her long voyage to Little America, Commander of the ship is Captain R. A, F. English of the United States Navy .shown in inset , FIRST MEETING OF M, AuuN. 10 MCI i iTTrunrn IS WELL ArTLNULl) Workouts Begun Here by Senior High Debaters The Ames High Debate club began preliminary tryouts last week with two debates on the ttate lea- The Welch school assembly was _ filled, to capacity Tuesday evening gn« question, "Resolved: That the United States should acopt the of radio control British .system for the parent-teacher association's Initial meeting, which was a recep- °'""*" £l^> H™ fnr t«->,pr« nf *HP nrhnoi. I and operation. an affirmative team STATE IS A1IT1 0 !.. A'i £ CEXT^ri—' Lyie Charles PIfcSbek, who v.xs graduated from t :e State Center high school with the class of 1927 and received his bachelor degree from the law Ecliool of the University of Michigan last Ju£e, successfully passed Uie examinations of the state law toard and was admitted to the bar of Iowa this week. His certificate of admission bares date of Oct. 5 ?nd carries tbe signature of B. W. Garrett, clerk of the supreme court. Thirty-eight took the tests and 19 passed, two cf them being-women. The young barrister is-^the only ion of Mr. and Mrs.. Charles Ple- 6 ! iek, his father being agent for the North Western railway here, lie is 23 years .old, having been born in Nevada. March 25.1910. He entered high school in 1923 and 3 tiring all four years was the outstanding pupil in his classes. He won the state spelling contest in 1922 and in 1926 ranked second in the state declamatory contest in the oratorical division, rating high in the contest the following year in the same division. He played tackle on the football squads of 1925-26 and distinguished him- ielf as center on the basketball teams of the same years. He also hsd prominent part in the glee club. tion for teachers of tbe school, ' The program opened with two solos by Raj Cunningham. Mrs. H. J. Plagge playing the nianb accompaniments. His selections were "Goodbye Summer," and "Somewhere a Voice is Calling." The tentative program for the new year was discussed by Mrs.'J. L. Lush, who called attention to the state parent-teacher association meeting to be held at Marshalltown October 25.26. and 27. Prof F. B. Paddock, president of the 'organization, spoke briefly, calling on school ,>atrons to cooperate with teachers during the year and stressing the • vital need for continuance of a comrehensive educational program. He stated there n*v«r was a time when education was needed as it is today. The hospitality committee composed of Mrs. George Hendrickson, chairman. Mrs. O. R. Sweeney and Miss Verna Lcsee were in charge or refreshments, punch and'cookies being s?rved irrthe hall during the social hour. Mrs. J. C. Oilman, chairman of tbe music committee, was in charge of tbe program. Youth Says Accident Report Was in Error Clayton Koonce, who with Miss Edna AnderEon was injured in an automobile accident on Lincoln way east of Lynn avenue, Wednesday night, t,aid Friday that the police report of the accident was in erro . He yaid he was driving west on Lincoln ray and was just passing the car driven by Mrs. Galen Carr from the rear when Mrs. Carr turned to enter a driveway. The cars came together and Koonce's open top roadster was overturned, throwing both he and Miss Anderson out. She was reported recovering from her injuries, Friday. Tht police report-showed that Koonce •was driving out of the same driveway into which Mrs. Carr was turning. On Monday, compoeed of Robert Bliss and Gertrude M£nn won a: five to- one negative Durham class decision from the combination- of Charles and John Vanderlinden. On, Wednesday, Norman Severson and Walter Barlow, upholding the affirmative, won a four to three class decision from Chatles Villbrandt and Robert Richey. In both debates good material was excellent knowledge of the. question wa« displayed.- . "• • •••• •••-_. " -Much time will be spent" during the next few weeks on similar debates. After every member of the club has had at least one chance to debate, some time will be given over to the study of debating methods and logic as well as to improving deliver}. Ames teams have, been noted in the past for a thoro knowledge of the question, *ill try to The 1 club has enrolled in the State Debate league and the Central Iowa Forensic league In the organization, Ames will probably meet Webster City for the right to represent this district in the finals at Iowa Cit>. In the lattei the probable opponents are Lincoln, Roosevelt, and North high, all of Des Moines, and Perry high. 'MIGNONETTE' TO BE PRESENTED BY DRAMATIC CLUB "Mignonette," a romantic drama in three acts by Arthur Jearue, has been selected by Mrs. Ferne Gaunt, director of dramatics in the Ames high school, for presentation by the school's dramatic club in its initial public appearance this year. The play will be presented sometime in November. The dramatic club yearly presents several three-act plays and its work has drawn enthusiastic acclaim. "Mignonette" is a Bister play to the famous "Smilin' Thru,' thot by many, to be the best play ever presented by the organization. It is a romantic bitter-sweet story of a love that survives the ages and a vehicle that promises to be well suited to the talents of the high school dramatists. The scene of the play is the an cestral home of Mignonette, a belle and artist of 1861, many years dead, hut who lives on in her paintings. Her home has been purchased by her former lover, Jonathan Wills, who was forced, thru his father's demands, to leave Mignonette and marry a woman of wealth. After his wue's death, Jonathan adopts Mignonette's grandniece, who faJs in love with a penniless young artist. The story from that point on is especially intriguing and mounts to a surprising but satisfying climax, tho Jonathan dies. Selection of cast, members will be made during the next several davs. Have Fewer Clubs but Program Is Interesting Altho clubs are limited in number this year because of a reduced teaching staff and resultant heavier schedules for each teacher, the Central junior high school club program, as outlined last Friday, promises to be interesting. Miss Douglass Is Speaker at Roland Association Meet ROLAND—Misg Lucile Douglass, new Story county superintendent of schools, addressed a meeting of the Roland Parent-Teacher association held Wednesday evening at the schoolhouse. A large crowd of patrons and . friends attended the meeting. , ••• ..-..<?• The program opened- with group singing led by Miss Grizelda Morse, and following a business session at which the president, Mrs. Albert Eggland, presided, Oma Wierson read, "October's Bright ' Blue Weather." Girk of the fourth, fifth and sixth grades sang "Autumn Song" and Myrtle Berwick and Alice Sande played an instrumental duet. 1 Lunch was served by the teachers at the conclusion of the program. READ THE WANTS AMES HANDY DIRECTORY Allan Machine Shop Iron, SteeJ and Wood Work Electric and Acetylene Welding Plow. Shovel and Disc Work AMES LAUNDRY Try Our Thrifty Service Phone 47 NATURELLE CROQUINGNOLE auaranteed material and guaran ;eed curls. FIELD'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 10«f SAVE MONEY on your insurance. Submit youi Insurance questions to us. Little Brother 18 * M2 Main St CHURCHES Church of Christ; St. Cecilia's Catholic, Rev. J. M. Campbell, Rev. Bernard White; Church of the Nazarene, Rev. Lura Thompson; Congregational Church, Rev. H. K. Hawley; St. John's by-the-Campus (Episcopal), Rev. Le Roy S. Burroughs; Collegiate M. E. Church, Rtv. J. S. Dancey; Lutheran, Rev. Lester A. Pierson; Collegiate Presbyterian. Rev. Walter Barlow; First M. E. Church, Rev. Walter A. Morgan; Baptist, Rev. R. B. Davidson; United Brethren, Rev. J. F. Uhlenhoff. A. A. U, W. Mrs. E. P. Goss, President; Miss Elizabeth Fuller, Secretary. AMES WOMAN'S CLUB Mrs. J. I. Mather, President; Mrs. Clarke Abbott. Secretary. FACULTY WOMAN'S CLUB Mrs. M. D. Helser, President; Mrs W. M. Vernon, Secretary. JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE G. Rogar Alley. Pretldtnt; Howard McGriff, Secretary. ORS. PROCTOR & CRUM Osteopathlc Physicians 318 JS Main St. BRING YOUR AUTOMOBILE TROUBLES TO Cliff Roberson Garage Wrecker Service Fresh from the Farm Dally CLEAN RICH MILK Safely pasteurized. Table cream whipping cream, butter, eggs, dress ed poultry Delivery service every where In Ames. Woodland Farms Telephone 435 C. C. Crosley Painting and Papering Free estimates—Phone 2155-LJ GILBERT-Program and refreshment committees named to serve at various meeting of the Gilbert Parent-Teacher association this year are announced as follows: October 10—Refreshment: Mrs. E. Charlson, Mrs. H. P. Hanson. Mrs. R. C. Larson. Miss Eevelyn Shepard, Mrs. Harold Gretten. Program: Mrs. Floyd WakefJelJ, Mrs. Galea Ward, Miss Joy Anderson. November 14-Refreshment: Mrs. Ottie ^routharael, Mrs. George Kellar, Mrs. Ralph Lawerence, Mrs. Leo Wirth, Mrs. Martha Uthe. program: Everett Ritland, Floyd Sanders, Ray Crawford. December 12—Refreshments Mrs. Nels Johnson, Mrs. Walter Swenson, Mrs. Frank Ralnbolt, Mrs. Reuben Benn. Program: Miss Alice Clump, Mrs. Ole Wo'.d, Mrs. Ralph Oliver. January 9—Refreshments: Mrs. Leeter Johnson, Mrs. Harry Hutchinson, Mrs. Omar Tegland, Mrs. Oscar Peterson, Mrs. Sophus Peterson. Program: Miss Almira Askelson, Mrs. George Jones, Mrs. Andrew Holmes. " v • February 13—Refreshment: Mrs. Henry Peterson, Mrs. Arthur Mortvedt, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. C. O. Christenson, Mrs. Ed Peterson. Program: Miss Delia Hamilton, Miss Abble Rainbolt, E. R. Stepb/enson, John Himmel. March 13 — Refreshment: Mrs. FredReinch, Mrs. Leo Bowlds. Mrs. Jack Luscale*t, Mrs. Emmett Reiny, Mrs. John Mathews. Program: Mrs. Andrew Dickenson, Miss Helen Reynolds, Mrs. Severt Anderson. April 10 —Refreshment: Mrs. Ralph Hillis, Mrs. Ed Elston, Mrs. John Gildersleeve, Mrs. Alfred Weigle, Mrs. George Clouser. Program: William Gowdy, Herman Grabau, Buu McGulre. May 8—Refreshment: Mrs. Gay Ward, Mrs. Herman Grabau, Mrs. P. Fincham, Mrs. Floyd Bennett, Mrs. Raymond Fincham. Program: Mrs. Roy Shepard, Mrs. E. R Stepbenson, Mrs. B. D. Kent Milford Notes MILFORD-Elizabeth, Dudltey, formerly of Waukon, enrolled as a junior at Milford high school Monday. Two ">eeks, October 20 to November 4, have been set aside by the school board for the annual corn husking vacation. Senior class members have selected their class rings. The senior class enjoyed a picnic at Boyd's timber Sunday. Arvid Lein. Milford school, was stricken Tuesday evening with ap- pendicHis and is now in the Mary Greeley hospital at Ames. Mrs. Ralph Morgan is substituting for him until he is able to return and take up his regular class work. " A Word to the Wise— 'Visitors to the science room at Welch junior high school, especially women, are herewith given due warning to survey the room carefully before entering. The reason? A large bull snake. The snake is one of three pets used in connection with the science course presented by Mrs. Elise Anderson. The other two are a white rat and a lizard. But only the snake is allowed freedom from Its confines, and this with the hearty approval of the students, both boys and girls. Mrs. Andjrson recites that during one of it's recent exercise periods, the snake coiled itself around the radiator in the room and refused to uncoil itself. After the class had almost given up in its endeavor to get it from the radiator, the snake wriggled out onto the floor and it was retuined to its box. Another time it wound itself tightly about the arm of one of the girls who was playing with it and seemed determined to remain there. HoweveV, It unwrapped it- ttdf after a considerable length of time. The snake is fed on a c.p»>clal diet, which thft children provide. List Pictures Suitable for * Young Folk The motion picture committee of he Ames Parent-Teacher associa- .ion council expects to list on the school page of the Ames Tribune- Times each week, those motion pic- .ure programs being shown In Ames which are suitable for young people. The rating of the pictures is obtained from the state motion picture chairman of the Iowa Congress of Parents and Teachers. The local committee includes Mrs. R. J. De La Hunt, Mrs. A. B. Caine and Verne M. Young. The first list prepared by the committee follows: 1. "Three Cornered Moon"— Fairly good for young children. Very good for ycung folks. A good family plcture.Short picture, "Chinaman's Chance," approved. 2. "Dr. Bull"—Family. Short picture, "Meller Drammer," ap- ?roved. 3. "Brief Moment"—Suitable for young people. 4. "Paddy, Th* Next Beet Thing" —A very good family picture. Short picture, "Pictorial No. 2," approved. 5. "One Sunday Afternoon" — Suitable for young people. Short picture, "Fisherman's Holiday," approved. ST. era- STATE CENTER—General assembly at the State Center high school last -Friday -was devoted largerly to a pep meeting for the forthcoming encounter with the Nevada football team. The feature was a skit presenting Betty New- Ian as "Stick" Hopkins, the Nevada coach. She came into the assembly dressed in old clothes and with her were eleven junior girls who portrayed the Nevada team. After "Stick" and Bessie Hilleman. State Center's cheer leader made a few remarks, the State .Center eleven, made up of senior •girls, dressen in football suits, entered the room and carried away the opposing visitors. The make-up of the team was: Dorothy Shellon (Watts), Gladys Gerke (Vernon Hamm), Janete JEckhardt (Frank Riemenschneid er), Velma Schuler (Loney), Kath ryn Ferguson (John Kline). Mar cella Boggess(Mahoney), Virginia Brimhall (Alexander), Pauline Hutson (Glynn Nolta), Dorothy Latch (Ken Patton), Kathryn Dobbin (Jones), and Alice Marie Inglis (Gene Brown). The assembly opened with music and singing under the direction of Miss Dorothy Bressen, music director, and brief talks were made by Supt W. F. Roseman, Coach Paul Eggers and John Kline, for the .student body. (State Center was beaten by Nevada 33 to 13). DES MOINES MAYOR TALKS TO PUPILS Mayor Dwight L. Lewis of Des Moines addressed a joint meeting of. the Amei Hi-Y and Girls Reserve organisations in th* high school auditorium Friday morning discussing "The Youth of Today." Major L«wii, widely known for his interest in young people, attended the Deg Moines Y camp at Boons this summer, being present doting four days of the last period, which was especially for football hoys. H« spoke at each of the four morning. camp sessions. Twelve Ames boys were at the camp: Norman Dunlap, Zac Dunlap, Paul Jones, Hilary Ryan, Junior Vifquain, Junior Owens, Claude Smith, Ellsworth Jones. Jim Arraamith Jim Ash, Jim Davis, and Byron Morris. The speaker was introduced by Paul Jones, president of the Hi-Y club. Another visitor, well known to the boys but not so familiar a figure in the organization work of the girls. wa« also introduced at this time. He is Ray Cunningham secretar .of the Iowa State college Y. M. C. A., who was presented by Ray Donels, Hl-Y sponsor. Helen Beard and. Stanley Johnson led the students in group singing. :' ATHLETIC ASSN. An organization meeting of old and new members of the Ames High school Girls Athletic association wag held In the girls' gymnasium Wednesday evening with President Beth Cummings in charge. Other officers of the association, who with the president form a council to direct the organization's affairs, are Bernice Van Scoy, vice-president; Maurince Park, secretary-treasure!; Janet Melhus, social chairman; Helen Beard and Patricia Bruce, assistant point counters. The local club this year has joined the state girls athletic association, and points necessary to earn local letters and state awards •were explained Wednesday even- Ing. A discussion was held on revision of the association's constitution and announcement was made that Dorothy Reynolds had been named chairman of a committee to handle this work. Announcement was also made at this time of the apointment of Evelyn Bender, Nota Vena Tone and Virginia Akin to the publicity committee. Lincoln Parents and Teacher* Hold Initial Meeting Lincoln Parent-Teacher association held its initial nyseting of the new year. Tuesday evening at Lincoln school. A delightful program of piano solos by Mrs. P. E. Jackson, ana vocal selections hy Howard Carter, with Miss Margaret Dogget at the piano was followed by a short busi- meeting. Both flat, and picture were awarded to the sixth grade for having the largest percentage of parents and fathers present. . Refreshments were served by Mrs. Fred Swank, Mrs. Viol* Taylor, Mrs. May, and Mrs. Pallas. ""'"' ...... " " •••'••^^ ~~ '"I™" n wu r 11 Home EC Girls Are Hosts at Gilbert Home Project Party GILBERT— Zonu Mae Fihcham and' Evelyn Grabau entertained group of children r.t a party at tht Fincham home last Friday aftei;- noon. Thid wag the first of a~s*r- ies of four which the home economics class of the Gilbert high school will the first home project. Those present were Mildred and Nina, Lucile and George Clousr, Richard Finchman and Duano Luscaleet. The afternoon was spent in playing games and re- frshmentse were served. KELLEY KELLEY. Oct. 2.—Mr. and Mrs. Ole Brendeland left Sunday evening for a few days visit at the world's fair in Chicago. There was no school Friday in order that the teachers might attend teachers meeting on Friday. Mrs. Clarence Anderson went to Boone Saturday evening and spent a few hours at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mclntosh. Her mother and sister Darlene and Raymond accompanied her home and spent tile week end. Charley George and family moved Friday into the Ralph Phillips house. Mrs. Lena Brendeland accompanied Palmer Brendeland and wife of Nevada to Des Moines Sunday where they spent the day at the Fred Cole home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Butler and Bonnie Jean spent Monday in Des Moines and were guests at the John Phillips home. Billie Stevens will entertain the Future Farmers club at his home west of town Monday evening. Kathryn Olson who is working in Ames spent from Friday until Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Olson west of town. Mr. and Mrs. Webster and son of Seattle Wash, and Mrs. Webster's father, Mr. Moore of Wisconsin were callers at the C. C. Stevens home on their return home from an eastern trip Thursday morning. Mrs. Clarence Foley of Sanborn has been spending the past week at the home of her sister, 'Mrs. C. C. Stevens and family and relatives In Des Molnos. Mr. Foley and daughter Helen came for her Saturday. On Sunrta: with Mr. and Mrs. Percy Hoak and family of Des Moines and Mr. and Mrs. Graydon Stevens and family of Pilot Mound, all enjoyed a picnic dinner at Lodges Stnto park ixn. 1 noono, Mr. and Mrs. George Starr an<i daughter Anna Jean were Des Molaea visitors Thursday. Harrison P. T. A. Group Elects New Officers Wednesday Miss Freida Murkin was named president of the. Harrison* Township Parent-Teacher association at tbe group's initial meeting held Wednesday evening at Mackey school, district No. 5. Other officers elected were Mrs. Adelaid Hougland. vice-president; Mrs. Veaie Healy. secretary-treasurer. A large crowd attended the meeting, each school of the township presenting a number on the program. Community singing was led by the retiring president, Mrs. Adeland Hougland. At the close of the meeting, cake and cofcee were served. . CENTRAL COONCIL NAMES OFFICERS The Central junior high school council, student governing body of the-school, has been organized for the new year with Miss Verna Schmidt, principal, as sponsor, Of-, ficerg and committees of the council are as follows: President, Betty Quaife; vice president, Raymond Koontz; secretary, Roger Ray; assembly committee, Betty Jones, chairman, David Sayre and Roger Fritsch; building committee, Mai Olive, chairman, Milton Wilcox and William Galloway; publicity. Alice Atchley, chairman, Dorothy Root and Tommy Crocker; playground committee. Richard Alhaugh, chairman; Glen cox »nd Leo Rasmusten; honor point committee, chairman, Irene ^i^ns. The assembly committee, sponsored hy Miss Galliher, has the task of arranging programs tor the weekly school assemblies. The building ionimittee appoints monitors to keep or'er in the halls before and after school and between classes. Richard Day sponsors this group. /' It is the work of the publicity committee to gather and prepare material for the Tribune-Times school "page each week. Miss Marion Bro-ison is sponsor of this committee. The playground committee, John Harlan, sponsor, plans various tournaments thruout the school year. The honor point committee tabulates the honor points earned by each pupil jn the school at the close of each semester. Dtfeattd Twice by One Vott SHAMOKIN, Pa. (HE)—A single vote .has defeated Cornelius Heim In his campaign for public office In two successive elections. He:was a candidate for township supervisor in the 1931 primary and his opponent won by a onervote margin. A candidate this year for the same office, HeJm was defeated by John Tressler. who received 183 votes to 182 for Heim. RUk Presents Good Program at Central Assembly Wednes. Sam Risk, young Ames business man who can always be counted on to give excellent assecibly entertainment, presented an unusually Interesting program Wednesday when he showed two reels of motion pictures at a meeting of Central junior high school students. Preceding the movies, Risk, Tho has just returned from a trip to his native Syria, gave an interesting talk and exhibited models of Assyrian agricultural implements and Assyrian clothing. That century plant down in the Xew York JoianicoZ garden \as finaltf Moomcd. That restores our faith.. Mayjte prohibition repeal will come, after all. 1. Dissolve on* spoonful White King Granulated Soap in a small amount of hot water-then add sufficient cool w«t*r to lukewarm suds. 2. Squeeze suds through garments, rinse well in water the same temperature as used for washing. S.RoUintuikish towel for ten minutei to absorb excess moisture. 4. Press while damp with warm iron. There is no substitute for WHITE XINff So«p FOOD* AGES , O'NEIL'S PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM » ORDER THIS HEALTH FOOD DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR DAILY FRESH COTTAGE CHEESE. O'NEIL'S SPECIAL BRICK BLACK WALNUT ORANGE SHERBET VANILLA ICE CREAM PHON2 62

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