The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 14, 1997 · Page 14
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 14

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1997
Page 14
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C2 WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1997 FOOD THE SALINA JOURNAL V SUPERMARKET SAMPLER Tasting away in Margaritaville Summer beverages inspire Haagen-Dazs' newest sorbet flavors What's new shelves: on the grocers' CAROLYN WYMAN • BONNIE TANDY LEBLANG llniivrsal Press Fat-free dessert Haagen-Dazs Sorbet: Raspberry Lemonade Swirl, and Margarita, $3.09 per pint. __ __ Bonnie: Like all Haagen-Dazs sorbet, these two new ones are all natural and fat- free. One is a blend of lemonade and raspberry flavors; the other is a bit more unusual combination of lemon and lime juices and a minuscule splash of tequila. Either is a refreshing and low-fat — yet satisfying — way to end a meal. Carolyn: Haa- gen-Dazs' latest sorbet flavors were inspired by two popular summer drinks. I'm a big fan of . ,the new flavored lemonades found ';';in the refrigerator case and even ' more a fan of this raspberry- lemonade frozen version. The margarita flavor isn't so .much of a stand-alone dessert as a ~" r quick and easy way to make frozen <: 'margaritas (with or without alcohol). Just put some of this in a food 'processor along with water, lime juice and optional tequila. Cereal t ; Kellogg's Cocoa Frosted 'Flakes: $3.19 per 16.1 -ounce BRIEFLY Consider food safety ~*if planning bake sale - MANHATTAN — Community 0 . ,bake sales are good fund-raisers, -.i ;t>ut organizers are cautioned to j; ^sell food safely, said Karen Penner, a Kansas State University „. food safety specialist. Penner advises bake-sale orga- ~ nizers to encourage contributions , that will keep, such as breads, , cakes, cookies and fruit pies. '" : Avoid products prepared with ,'. Scream or pudding fillings. Food should be tightly wrapped , ,and properly identified. Identifying ingredients, such as peanut ..-butter or nuts that may trigger an allergic reaction, is important. "She recommends keeping a list of ; bake-sale contributors that in•> -eludes a contributor's name, ad, dress and telphone number in . case a problem should arise. Kansans like their -picante sauce mild The hottest picante sauces sell „" "best, as might be expected in Texas, New Mexico and California, but also in New York City, Washington, D.C., Providence, R.I., and Hartford, Conn., according to a survey by Pace Foods. More mild sauces sell best in Utah, Kansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Alabama, Iowa and Nebraska. From Wire Service Reports THEATRES For MOVIE Selections and SHOWTIMES Call: 825-91O5 We've gone world wide web! Effective as of Monday, May 12th, the Central Mall Cinema 4 will be closed temporality due to expansion and eimxMng. The date for the Grand Re- Opening of the Central Mall Cinema will be announced shortly. Thank you for your support and cooperation. B&K PRESCRIPTION SHOP "People Helping People" Larry Shaw R.Ph. /ft tyou. Do« "oar 24 Hour Answering 7-4455 • Universal Press Raspberry Lemonade Swirl is a fat-free way to end a meal, but the Margarita variety can be used to make the drink by the same name. box. Bonnie: These Cocoa Frosted Flakes are way too sweet to serve for breakfast. A fiber-less bowlful won't satisfy a child until lunch, but will instead make him or her hungrier once the sugars have been metabolized. But served with milk, these could make a good alternative to cookies for an afternoon snack. They contain less fat and fewer calories than cookies, and because Cocoa Frosted Flakes are enriched, more vitamins and minerals. Carolyn: Frosted Flakes were introduced in 1952 with this one simple but enthusiastic claim, "Sugar Frosted Flakes are Grr- reat!" Today, a new chocolate-flavored version of Frosted Flakes (the nutritionally incorrect sugar was excised from the name but not from the food) is being introduced as "a good source of 10 essential vitamins and minerals," "cholesterol- free," "fat-free" and approved by the American Heart Association's heart-check certification program. What I want to know is, is Kellogg's talking about a sugary cereal or a new medicine? The fact is, none of these boasts are going to impress chocolate lovers, and neither will the Cocoa Frosted Flakes' cocoa taste. It's so weak that you can actually still taste the corn! Sorry, Tony, but I'm much more cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Mushrooms The Green House Mushrooms: Fresh Enoki Mushrooms, and Dehydrated Portabello, Lobster, and Stir-Fry and Pasta Gourmet Mushroom Blends, $1.49 per 2- ounce package of fresh, or $2.99 to $4.99 per "/i-ounce package of dehydrated. Bonnie: I'm always thrilled when we get to review what I call "real" food. So I was very happy when I saw these new mushrooms from The Green House. Mushrooms, after all, are low-calorie, high-fiber vegetables. First there's the fresh enoki, which will stay fresh for about 10 days. They look like hairpins or long, skinny stalks with tiny white caps. Enjoy them as is in salads, or add them at the last moment to simple soups. The other four new varieties are all dried and will last in a cool, dry place for a long time. Just rehy- drate them in warm liquid for 15 to 20 minutes, then saute and enjoy. Or use them to top a pizza, or to add to a stir-fry or pasta. The most unusual ones are the lobster mushrooms, so named not because they taste like lobster (they're actually very delicate in flavor) but because they resemble the color of a cooked lobster. Carolyn: In my view, cheese and wine varietals are usually much ado about nothing, but that's not the case with mushrooms. The different varieties really are different in taste and texture and also much stronger than the garden-variety supermarket kind. They are truly worth the money, especially in the less perishable, dehydrated forms of most of these from The Green House. The pasta and stir-fry blends were my favorites, both because of their user-friendly packaging and built-in variety. The fresh enokis look like the little antennae worn by Ray Walston in "My Favorite Martian." But the mushrooms performed much better in my salad than his antennae ever did as a communications device. Berry / More tasty than vitamin pills FROM PAGE C1 birth defects; 140 percent of the RDA for vitamin C; and 240 milligrams of potassium. Obviously, the most nutritious way to eat strawberries is as a snack or breakfast fruit, on their own. Just rinse well just before eating, then pop one after the other into your mouth. This is more delicious than any brand of vitamin pills. With early springtime California berries, try a pretty strawberry pie and boost the berry flavor by putting dry strawberry-flavor gelatin powder in the cooked glaze. This is certainly not a new idea, but a good one for whenever a batch of shipped berries is white- hearted and anemic in flavor. To make a mock pie, start with a box of low-fat fudge brownie mix and bake it in a round layer-cake pan. Then use this as a base for strawberry-cream cheese "pie," but use no-fat cream cheese and a drizzle of fat-free fudge sauce. Strawberry-brownie pie Brownie layer: 1 package low-fat fudge brownie mix Vi cup water Topping: 1 (8-ounce) package fat-free cream cheese, softened Vi cup sugar 1 cup sliced strawberries or bananas 2 tablespoons fat-free hot fudge topping Heat oven to 350 degrees. Spray bottom of a 9-inch round baking pan with nonstick cooking spray, or rub lightly with shortening on a paper towel. In large bowl, combine brownie mix and water. Beat 50 strokes by hand. Spread in pre- pared pan. If using regular brownie mix (a small box, not family- size), then follow package directions and spread in prepared pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 28-32 minutes. Cool in pan 15 minutes; remove from pan and cool completely. Meanwhile, in small bowl, combine cream cheese and sugar; beat until smooth. Spread cream cheese mixture over cooled brownies. Arrange strawberries over cream cheese mixture. Just before serving, stir hot fudge topping until smooth and drizzle over strawberries. Store leftovers well- covered in the refrigerator. Flavor boosted strawberry pie 1 cup sugar 3 tablespoons cornstarch 1 cup water 2 tablespoons white corn syrup 3 tablespoons strawberry-flavored gelatin powder 1 quart fresh strawberries Whipped cream, optional Pie crust (make using favorite recipe or a ready-made crust) Prepare a 10-inch baked pie shell first, following recipe or package instructions. For filling, make a strawberry- flavored glaze: Stir together in a medium saucepan the sugar and cornstarch. Stir in cold water and corn syrup. Bring to a boil and cook, stirring, until thick and smooth. Stir in the gelatin powder and stir to dissolve. Cool until lukewarm. Hull strawberries, selecting medium berries for nearly matching sizes. Arrange points up in the baked pie shell. Pour cooked strawberry glaze, still warm, over berries. Chill at least 3 hours. Garnish pie with whipped cream, if desired. w AiutiuiC POOL €» SPA, Inc Register Ah Sunflower Pool & Spa Smoky River Meats REGISTER TO WIN! 18' DreamUne Above-Ground Pool (Set u p in Your Back Yard) $3,000 Value! * 4'x8' AMF Pod Table * Ducane Gas Grill - $494 Value Help Us Support Hospice of Salina. BBQ Pork Sandwich & Pepsi.. Just $ 1 «OO-All Proceeds Go To Hospke! Meat from Smoky River Meats • Hogs Cooked In a Good-One Smoker • Buns from Wonder Bread GAS GRILLS Buy Your Last Grill First! 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