The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 21, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE tWO ''."i tHE MALVOm LtAPER, MALVtR*. FOWA, SmtMBtft 21, 1933 THE MALVERN LEADER Entered te^sPoKt Oftk» at Ma3*era, aSS§i« m .^...,.*lpO™ J .Claite^;PMtIl JSMoEMsr. P«r.M« copy fc months - - ***** ta* NAftOtfAL IDITOtllAt ASSOCIATION OOtJUfl- PAPER:*-Arj the olRt^i I M! 1 !*"' M **» Prlated m f«a tt thto t DISPLAt. 26 cents a column Inen; 6 cents an 1Mb ftfldttioatl Cat ,r^ ilo ^ e ^?°¥ tlt>lL E * tl * *°* rB»naite«a tXKJAlB. Clanlfied ... Ee a line IXXJALS. among reading matter - - - - . - * i» e a Irne OMtuary poetry . * * * & c a Bike ftesolotioni ^ - . * . . &c a line Card of Thanks* - - - - 60c 'SEND CHANGES OP ADDRESS PROMPTLY Bubgeriberft are asked to noUfr the «ulwcritnlou depwt- BMnt promptly of any Chance* tail their addressee. Under the »wr! puna] laws. Stewpaperc and perl- 1 odieal* inu8t par poetaee Otte for; Mttee* of any chatire* in addreaf* 1 ifurnlahed br the poet office. In •ddltton, tbere ic atao the prol>- lem of delay in delivery or (allure! to pet the paper. The beet Man lit to Mod the chanre of addrew In i j EDITORIAL Possibility of inflation becomes greater. We in the farm belt may still be able to "buy now" if the inflation brings u» more money. One good way, often suggested, to make inflation improve business, would be for the government to take over frozen assets of banks with the new money, charging the banks a very low rate of interest for money thus given them. Banks could then pay their depositors immediately and money would be available for buying, for feeder loang and business purposes generally. This would probably cause enough business that people would put back In the banks more money than they took out Editor Cboate of The Glenwood Opinion-Tribune is earn- pointed out that one Glenwood Justice charges leas for costs and fines to traffic rule violators, than does another and is urging that bis readers patronize the less expensive should they violate traffic laws. In this country each year are killed by auto accidents more than met death in the World war. The loss from Injury and property damage would very , Pesrly run our public school System; The state is at present enraged in a campaign to enforce traffic laws designed to eliminate many sources of car accidents. This new enforcement campaign is the direct cause of the increase in the number of traffic law violators in Glenwood. If those who are enforcing these laws are honest and sincere their work should continue for it will lessen the num. her of car accidents. And fairly heavy fines and costs imposed on violators are Justified because It will Impress on violators the need for greater care In driving. There is another characteristic of our Judicial system which bears upon this case, however, which might well be changed. A magistrate should not share in the fine which is imposed upon a culprit. A judge, or magistrate, occupies »n office which signifies that he is competent to determine right or wrong in the conduct of those within his jurisdiction. For this, truly an important service, he should receive a definite compensation, which would be the same whether be found the defendant guilty or not guilty. This would make for completely disinterested and unprejudiced opinions. Teachers, say many authorities, will be at an economic disadvantage for several years following the definite start of recovery, Ju*t a* th«y occupied a Position of advantage sometime *fter the rest of us felt the pi&ches of depression. This fact brings us 10 au«c«st a program which mifht In § way aU»vi*t« ' »*#» i en qualify themselves to teach ; more than public school ies- | pons. Let them arrange inter- i estinr and important courses ! for adnlt education, all adults ; who might participate to pay a I definite tuition. I On the face we quite agree that the plan sounds impossible. In the first place adult education i* almost untried ouUide of a few urban centers and in the second place than? who need education are usually so filled with a dislike for formal learning as a result of their public school work that they would not be interested in further study. Again, teacher* in public schools are only very infrequently qualified to give more advanced courses. But these shortcomings could be met. Such subjects as economics, sociology, community Planning, political science, certain types of music and other art, and possibly a general science to include geology, chemistry, biology, and physics of the type which would be applicable to local surroundings all might have a place in the curriculum of such a school. The teaching in such a school would need to be so sound and interesting that it would hold the student without the use of truant officers. The teachers, that is, would directly compete, by offering educational courses, with other appeals for the public's spending money, such aa - » t dj in& * * Aa ttt«rpret*tfte ne*s wmmaiT of tie ftnpoftant ***nti el —. ..—— 11 vttzt fMncttjit* feft at fee Soflw at A Century Of Progretfr-dthe Chicago Worths f air. Abe**, Dick Shehon, giant Tea** cowboy thamphm, about to "rank" a *9d Metkan ateer. Center left, HatryS&iglit of Canada astride a tough croak. Right, Elmer ftvfnSf ut ft&lf XfltlCO fftftyt aboard a man-hafing Brahma. Below, La Senorita P Jayme, Mexico's cowgirl „ , •stride 1« AraWan-brtd steed. The Rodeo is bald fat Soldier nt to flic Exposi_, _-ft«penedAng.25 I wig coatfana for 11 days. non tiala. The Leader atrongly advo- . *•»."»« debate of getting and holding Interest In public o.ue»- tions. The large attendance at the Commnntiy club meeting of last Thursday, the entertainment provided, and the information given out indicates the success of the debate method. Tax payers leagues and organizations would benefit by thus presenting both sides of a question, T However, we recommend a change in procedure. Debaters ' should be more limited in time, say to SO minutes in presentation and 16 in rebuttal. Thus the audience would need to take but an hour and a half to hear the whole thing. Information given out Thursday could readily be condensed in that length of time, Yew Dirigibles Employ ' kj t * >ng ***°8 sy»tem In perfecting the new Goodyear Zeppelins a puzzling problem was ncountered in lubricating the new tilting Allison propellers. NIlA volunteer* wa* that of Herbert Hoover. •****« 6r *fc* l»**I*«rt«-« the proposition to put the .,^., Deal Primer in the schools and college*. Published prrratMy and for profit, the primer strikes m&lf attitude toward Presi- Booserelt and his deal and .™,~any explain* NRA's pro- train. Alto presented for U. B. schoolboys to ponder are refutations of age old economic maxims s«& a* "Competition is the life of trade." Publication will con- to be | states, all voting last ***** i plunked loudly for repeal. Maryland, Colorado, Mi.. brought the total for repeat «i to 29, with 10 more state* rottai on or before Not. 7. Thfrtf-sii arp needed to repeal the tutional amendment The bliity for repeal cawed _— states of the union to ntrrrledty review their own liquor law* and start preparation for refBrbfefrtefc them for the liquor New Deal. * * * » Bnbblhtjc with rtvoiiitJwft and bloodshed was Caba as he* peo- made generally available. * t * * Repeal of national prohibition law* loomed as a possibility by t%e first of December ae four READER'S FORUM Heft are nerer BO likely to settle a question rightly as when they discuss it freely. — Maca«ley. Headers are urged to keep their letters brief and to the point'-'both for oar sake and the sake of our readers. Appttms Jwttae WUklns Sdltor: t wish to take exception to the Glenwood Opinion-Tribune's criticism of Justice Blrdelle Wilkins. She should be complimented rather than condemned for the •tee of her fines, t believe that she and all other Justices should be given the authority to greatly Increase fines for lawbreakers. We believe it would improve the eyesight of such lawless people. Every day on No. 34 are seen antoists speeding and otherwise breaking the law. We believe such drivers are largely responsible for the many fatalities listed in our dally papers. If adequate 3nes or other punishments quickly followed the offense this world would be a safer and saner place in which to live than it is today. A Citizen. Emerson, la. urn* ... , blllty tilts downwards, upwards and sideways. Secause of o °» and grease were found Inadequate as iubricants. After months of experiment, it was decided to secure the necessary lubKlon from the motor oil. "-»"«« The nest problem was to find fj 1 , 010 ' °" ^P 8 " 8 °< •«? pro! tectlng a motor running at a temr ' Work for All A new industry is being mentioned for Malvern, idea for same having, come from the fertile brain of J. R. Halt As he ap. preaches his borne of late evenings Mr. Hall has been hearing an insistent questioning: "Who. who?" Gradually he learned that It was no carious person but owls »f the neighborhood which have l>een bringing up the question of his Identity. -f-t-1- This stimulated the Idea. Since the an*** are not lighted, ratiocinated Mr. Hall, why not, imiji owlc to lead late *W- zen§ to their bootee, for it is well known thai owl* see <MB the darkest of aighio. Jfow be is offering die idea for «ale to anyone who wants to catch ^IM! the owK -f-t-J- Malvern's No. • I philosopher, Charles Elliott Eaerett. sought to throw new light on the situation at the big Boehner-Byington debate la^t Thursday by appearing at the Community building with a lighted kerosene lantern. No follower of Diogenes, who «sed to attend old Greek town meet' ings in Athens with the aame equipment, he disclaimed «y ried the lantern to light b] through dark streets. iffk«lt thlM aboHj, of lejtt f^re to the matf. fow AmmOltr^ <JU a dime each « woold bam the 4Oc). ]f«vt time yam drive to Oma> » *fT* only to Glenwood. (At 4* * amflc yoo wonld save 40 mOe* or eoooa^i for four per. If yon do drire to to per cmt leas Uum you «rs* isteeded. <T*1« would •we from SOe to fe). , JXJOT taxes on time and •me die peawl^. (ISOs woaM "for from 10 to 80 tine yam am tempted to hare am anto afriiVnl. rat *«*» year, <Ayerac» per cap. it* aa*. for cw fffrMrtrt* is ~ » year. This would pay for «O «* *•* 4Oc (The arcn«e both Farmers Union Radio Broadcast Editor: Next Saturday, Sept. 23. from 11:30 to 12:30, noon hour, a Farmers Union program is given over the NBC network. At that time Congressman William Lemke of Fargo, N. D., will speak on tae/'Frarter Bill." This is one of ^g'Z^fJ'S^*?/*™*** much headway and" would nave paaaed the national legislature before this had the Orange and the Farm Bureau got behind the measure. Farmers and business men, set your dials at that time and listen to a discussion of one of the needs of agriculture. You farm' era tell your neighbors and invite in any who may not have radios to hear this talk. O. C. Cole. JfftC **l«*^» tV ff^Ut^r »•-•-* « "-—-—t7—--—— the government provided by the Junta of the week before. While Havana, scene of the most of the revolutionary fighting, quieted down, the interior of the island I was in a high pitch of martial ae) tivlty. New provincial govern- i merits were ousted wholesale And j maintenance of order seemed MB* | possible. j After fruitless babbling of i their prowess, the Junta which | overthrew the de Cespedes ,..-* I overthrew the de Cespedes gor-1 lernment found sufficient material I Grau San Martin Madrid, sur- i geon and professor, gradually i rose to leadership and was elected provisional president. But this did not quiet malcontents, especially among the group of army officers thrown out by the junta and the ABC student element. Sentiment against Yankee Imperialism rose to a demonstrative pitch Saturday when a large parade, celebrating the recognition of the San Martin government by Mexico, threatened U. 8. Ambas- S* «*«! m. fairly * » * * MHlfoi* MeM fa <**Tt of m,b«c lftlt»Oo B a LOS e It6,«9* Id «rt. Marian Read w*9 wln« Claire W| n d» r , maetrwa for sUenattoa of the a f eetlong «t •«* B««t>and, Alfred & Re*d. tte«d, dltoreed from hit wife ttM OtetotWf, Attempted to Uk« fall Wain* for Mlts Windsor bat Mr*. tt*ad's Uwrers con- UM J«rt otherwise. * * « * formed by the tftajof V. s. par* ties daring tfe« lush i»2«'s, hate led to orerttwndlag. Reports ot party treasurers to Congress last week showed that the Aepubli* cant were In Us* red come $181,* 464 and the fJtemo«raU $624,291 Vigorous efforts will be directed to make ap toes* deficits as a new Congressional campaign start* shotUy. White the elections will not be field for a year, primaries and pTe-eleetlon activities will be more or lew on foot from now on. The alow motion picture wat originally devised by the Navy for studying the motions of projectiles In flight. To the Tax Payers and Citizens of Malvern At a called meeting of the Commercial club I was asked to criticize the present light and water situation and Mr. Byington was asked to defend toe actions of the Town Council. I made the statement teat the town's business had been loosely handled and thai the council and mayor had been careless or Incompetent to handle the same and I asked that ,reslgn. I also stated I* It* Best IS letter* wi*t*. write tvfep M niKfe a*** skl|» tfee lamt, |fM« »Fe 450 p^tfgf ggjg S»m wont nOas ft u* To* a*», ft'a M T«ry easy (that the only thing »be*t Hie campaign . n a special feed line to Ubricate a propeUer lyin^ through the air »t a temperature often a. low as n* below The oil selected to meet extreme heat and cold condition* *» 8 Veedol a 100% P.nnsylv*. nia motor oil refined by the Tide Water QU comp» ny . A coat circulation of Veedol flows and forth from the mou* Id in Fi?^ fUlWtt|B W 8 «a in its high and uniform co»Uy by « ' of wgUm In «HHI tttdJS.: ' '"-•'•""*' '" l<4lll<fflLWWWPMmj^MI>IJU.llllWJIIWIR|||BJ||||HBBBjBBJB RMlly |jg Firm wfll efor* o| tt Wf jflaal oefceu. j campajlsn, instep 04 f w all. mm m®r be a «f tw|*» what .. »««4o«s Clerk Town » »» few a. Wf d **# tb* Kt»« caiT feat* plajBiy of Get Ready for Fire Preventum Week On Oct, 9, Fire Prevention Week will make its 1933 start. >nce more a great, organized ef* ort will be made to impress upon the nation the waste, the non- necessity and the tragedy of fire. Daring past years a steadily increasing number of cities and towns have Joined In the Week. The opening gun is fired by the President of the United States. wfeo issues a proclamation calling *poj» every cttlsen to help make America safer against the ravages of fire. Many Governors follow with, proclamations of their own, as do dty officials. Insuiv «M» organisations, civic clups, chambers of commerce, news* papers, trade associations and if* 4epartments enlist together ££*£* Week * »« CM ss. fWB Fire Prevention Weeks tew* 4«H» much good, ~ • pf §jf B JOBS doctors worth of property, ffewply 4uring r Too many, »b en the flrtt 04 entfeuBiasro has corporation. feet of the mayor's r „_ limit and that the south part:ot : 'htt'3So"«gpKWBtslde of the corporation and aa he •|ai«rj£j^|^)jJi;payt I did not believe he could legally ho,ld pfOef and that for the above reason the contract with Thorpe and Co. of Des Molnes was Illegal, That wld contwwt^irM unbusi- nesslike and did not properly protect ta« tajfc payers of Malvern and would involve a waatefnr expense upon the town which would be taxed up to the tax payers and no assurlty of water, as test boles could be made all over town without limit and pipes and equipment could be pulled out and the town forced, to pay J5c per foot for holes in the ground and no w#t«r (see paragraph four contract). I believe test holes could $e put 4ow« by labor in our own town at a coat of. |w to ten cents per foot and furnish employment for our owp people. I do not believe it necessary to vend to DeeKolnea and hare a high pressure salesman eo»e/: W drpii*e boobs ol us and sell us gold bricks, l am w1»b||^tofisBfc»lt »7 in* Mills County, it is part of the cont^et^tiMiVthje'C4ty of Malvern shall install and coonect gJli^p^Spii^d shall keep same in good working order at •II;tlMffl'fln^ that thrfirJt aI 85!ooo7»S%^ B J^^^-^— '-all over, providing they fejt* »!$,., ia not sufficient and satisfactory jo j parties all the equipment p«| ' be pulled ou| gad - 75c pe to rw a Town of Malvern cent interest, to come, in years as w e » «, W8e }| _ w to furnish tbt wate> fro^ same during the summer ma* and onftthaK seats £$4 *^-^ cents because at all times but of at all times at Ji^c, jrsswwry **. IM* t|at I- "" *"•"*-•' =•'- '-«^*--*«*riB«*»«Ww

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