Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 31, 1965 · Page 14
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 14

Ironwood, Michigan
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Saturday, July 31, 1965
Page 14
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FOURTEEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN SATURDAY, JULY 31, 1965. Some Airlines ill Use New Rules Obituaries Mrs. Edward Johnson Mrs, Edward Johnson. 69, Three Are Called for Physical Examinations BESSEMER — The Gogc b i c Comity Selective Service board announces that three registrants have been called for pre- inducticn Ironwood Team £ /0 , sIs ° M9 ? / .... ,. r . . Holds Reunion Wins LL Contest \AtRockhnd Negro Is Sought In Coed's Death and n .^ . jWausav. died at the Wausau Me- Baqqaqe Rules ; ff" !Iosplt " carly Ms movn ~ 3*3 J* : The remains will be brought NEW YORK (AP) — Airline here foi services and interment passengers may find themselves Arrangements are incomplete l^A..", ™^_ a ," a ^ ", confused when they check their'and ire being made by baggage Sunday. physical examinations Tne Ironwood Litlle Leag u e ROCKIAND-The graduatingj By ROB WOOD ' MPIIW.P Park All-Stars bombed their way in- class of 1931 held its reunion! CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) - K 0 .!. 6 "';.:,™ «. !L, o' Hospital Notes GRAND VIEW. Admitted Friday: Anton Calvi, Pence, Mrs. Georgina Trcmaln. 115 N. Curry St. medical; Sharon Man- chestei. 746 Celta St., surgery. Discharged Friday: Philip Masconi, Montreal; Mrs. June rpmctr'ints nrp rnllprl fnr inrllir- AU-Siars OOniUCU men way ui- uictao 1 -i iaoi iiciu no icuutuiii \snnrcsi-, rnuu, «. \s. <r" > ... «„!„., r>nl1an p I n h arrl ion , c A musf caU to the championship round of the at the home of Mary Hedr i c k, ] Police searched today for a Mrs. HelenGullan R, I, c haid T 'u <r T,i lolrtnr- Pirh Little Lea K ue District Tourna- July 25. following the memorial young Negro seen fleeing from! Jon nson Ms. Lot We mmk u s , Jerry W Caudill Icadci. Rich- mem flna ^ n()w bglng played servlci , s at the ccme tery. a botanical garden on the Uni- Mrs. J Juntunen. Ironwood. ard A Bocloh and uene t at Iron Mountain, with a 13-7 win A but'el lunch was served by versity of North Carolina cam- DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield. — Q . ... . .,, ,„,. ,,,„ ..„ at Iron Mountain, with a 13-7 win A butfet lunch was served by versity of North Carolina cam- the 8ton ,^' uT1 nri nHnn Nation fm- over Calumet in a game played the hostesses. Hilda Olson and | pus where a pretty coed was Funerals New baggage limitations — stressing the number and size of pieces of luggage rather than weight as before — go into effect on many lines. Adding to the potential confu-, ~~~ sion is the fact that some air-; AXEL E lines will abide by the new reg-' BESSEMER — Funeral serv- ulations while some hold to the j c es for Sheriff Axel E. Tenlen. old - : 56. who died Tuesday, were held The change originates in ac- Fridav at 2 p.m. at St. Paul tinii rak-on .Tulv 15 hv IhP ClVl and ire being made oy me -"""- ••••• ^"«.i«»" *"• -— -•••• ove] . c Chappell - Zielinski Funeral waukee Induction Station, for ° — physica. examination after roll rilUd J Mary Iledrick. The aftern o o n I stabbed to death. State to Check U-M's Records By AL SANDNER Associated Press Writer LANSING (AP) — Legislative Auditor Albert Lee will launch E 1NFANT~ Wakefield an investigation of University of AdmitiPd Friday: Michael De- ' Michigan books next week, Rep. rtUiiu'.t^u * t njwj ^ , T7i«,,«.« r\T^«fvr\If annrtnnn. Marte, Bessemer, Mrs. Acle 1 a Suellen Evans. 21, a quiet, Federizzi. Hurley, medical. ,, ~ ..,,-,,• r TIIP etrnncr Trnmvnnrt sminrt was sp^nt visiting and reminis- call at 9 a.m. at the Chicago & n ^ em ^°^ o ° n ^^ & ^y. clng Nelson Hunt and Edwin | serious home economics stu-, Discharged Friday: Mrs. : North Western Railway Dcp o t Ironwood. on Aug. 4. tion taken July 15 by the Civil Aeronautics Board. American C 3 Seek Candidate shin rrnmp FririavX soronri con- JTHUISOV: entertained with sever-1 dent, was stabbed once in the Anna ^atisin. Ironwood; test II ween Menominee and al sections, accompanied by heart and once in the neck Fri-j Carl Hansen , K enton. Trnn MniinMin wn" nostnoned be- Veroni-a Roloff Labrie at the pi- day. She died in a bed of pen-, lion Mountain was postponed oe^ ^ f | winkle b g fore she could iden tif y j Sever of the 10 members of i ner assailant. , • f M . the elHS"; were nrpsont • Lillian 1 Miss Evans was killed just 1 n'ill nlotr tlio TIM nni^i* Af T M S i n i*- ",, ici o>r L/I c o^J i L . J-iiiiitiiii " JoL^wnSherplULg S *£*. Ve ^L^! off £'?*!• \ %£ r ?T ,T °^ ¥„„ ™,,£| 6 p.m. today to settle the cham- to ad- Mrs. Lutheran Church with thc Rev ATHENS i API Greece's Green Bay. Guard Has 6 j—i «^ *» tt i v-i \_< ct£^ i luii. \j i la ij i\- \,\j a<* -.-- ^ . tend were Kathryn Gag n o n and two coeds from a nearby , Calumet started the scon n g gtimpson. Oak Ridge Tenn : dormitory rushed to her assist- Jack Faxon, D-Detroit, announced Friday. The examination of the university records "in connection with student fee and residence charges' was prompted by the university's recently announced tuition hike. However, it will not be limited to U-M, said Faxon, chairman of the higher education subcommittee of the House Ways and i Means Committee. ! "It was the beginning of a Guard Airlines proposed to the CAB Oliver A. Hallberg officiating cal s ^ {ed to __ _ __ the elimination of baggage Interment was at Riverside t t(J e on R compromise in the contest with a trio of and" sister ~ABne"s"~Cath e rVn'p ance - Her last worcls were a ""' weight restrictions and an in- Cemetery. candidate for premier following runs in the top of the first in- , Ma rv ' Walsh) Peoria 111 T he' whispered "T feel faint." : f r ? crease in first-class ticket pnc- Active pallbearers were Don- „,„ nnUa ^ 0 nf TJaviiamonfc nintr and t.hp Trnnwnnri snuad t _..?,. ,._-.v_\__..' -. - 1 "- 1J1C n^i^o ooin „ ^ n \t^ at tho 1 it is the iiit > whispered collapse 'of Parliament's ning and the Ironwood squad teiiUi''hiember', Vioiia" oVa g'o'o> Police said a janitor at the! it «*« +« vl n l-..-.4 A 4-lm 1 C ft «-i tf /no ivict ti»-i itrifh o ci nrrlo ri m tn ~ . . - _ _ . . . ' uni tnafeitir eairt VlO VtoH CPAn t.VlP Ncn-aia Ironwood DO lire Ncvaia. nonwood Police prove but fare increase. nich and Edwin Lintonen. The airlines took in about, Attending in an honorary ca$17.4 million in excess baggage 1 pacity were in the National long-range program to get some stationed here meaningful comparative figures for eligible men,! on the cost of higher education by battery officers in Michigan, he said. "We are not singling out the in joining the University of Michigan. All to 35 years of, schools will be investigated. But we're starting here because the Enlistment in the National U-M drew attention to itself with this tuition increase. had ° not Guard is for six years and hPPn ranpri covers the entire military and re- "The state's colleges and uni- Chief of Police WD Blake 1 serve obligation. versities have been very much the coeds andI ruins had ; Those persons who have not immune to public scrutiny in girl's screams for had prior military service must the past: we think the public four ran into the attend six months of training should have a more intimate within 120 days of the date of knowledge of their finances," They told me they saw n enlistment. he said. •ither a foreigner or High school seniors will be eli- The investigation, expected to where the girl was gible to enlist in the guard as ear- take about six weeks, was order- said Blake ly as four months prior to their ed by Faxon's subcommittee. "She got up and ran toward graduation. Rep. Vincent Petitpren, D - not yield power unless polit- the local Little Leagu e r s ler, Charlotte Cameron"Hunt and I v ,° ffi S er L- Said leaders agree on a candi- crossed home plate with a lone Mildred Wilson. showed Miss charges last year. They also iffs: John wiitanen. Hough t o n; d ,. ate . acceptable to Kin- Con- tally to bring the score to 3-2 Those attending from out of carried some 16 million first- County: Donald Powelson, On- stantme and a majority of Par- with Calumet still holding the town were Lillian Forst, Wash- class passengers. The 50-cent tonagon Co.: E. P. Sandri. Iron liament - „ ,. • advantage. ington, D C.. and nephew. John: fare increase was designed to County. Mich.: Harry R Julien, Tne 300-member Parliament The losers went on a scoring F. Robinson, Dayton, O.: Mrs.; offset part of the loss in excess Dickinson County: Ellsworth was suspended indefinitely Fri- binge in the third and chalked Donald LaBrie and daughter,: baggage charges. Embertson, Bayfield County: day ni g nt ' unable to muster a U p three runs before the Iron- Mary. Drayton Plains: Mr. and' When the CAB rejected the'Niilo Maenpaa. sheriff: John Quorum. A special session had wood defense could check the Mrs. NPlson Hunt and daughter, fare increase, some of the air- Barto, county patrolman, and Deen called to debate the tense rally and the Ironwood nine en- Jeanine Garnot, Kalamazoo: Mr lines dropped' plans to use the! John Prarizzi, state office. Iron situation which has pitted the tered the last half of the third and Mrs Charles Meuller. Dear-i new baggage regulation. They County, Wis., and William Lee,; government against ousted Pre- inning trailing 6-2. born: Mrs. John Wilson, Mass; ; decided to stick with the old former sheriff of Ashland Coun-!niier George Papandreou and Jacquart led off the Ironwood Mr. an-1 Mrs. John Engberg, On- the ° coeds "and nuns'""Then" she "'For further information in re- Wayne, chairman of the House method. ,ty: Michigan State Police: Lt.'his supporters. third with a free pass to first tonagon, and Lorraine Hedrick. fe u •- ' gards to enlistment in the Na- Committee on Colleges and Uni- Here is the situation as it ex-'Robert Vesey. Marquette: Sgt. The 25-year-old king fired and Butson followed, reach- Iron River. i one of the sisters tried to re- tional Guard' interested men versities. objected to the opera- isted today: i Cosmo Bonello and Cpl. Tony Papandreou July 15 because of ing first on an error and advanc- The class held a reunion in vive h er with artificial respira- may contact Sgt. Inicis at the tions of Faxon's group. United Airlines, Braniff Inter-; Sgaggion, Wakefield post; Ern- the 77-year-old premier's plan to ing Jacquart. Backon filled out 1960 wnen all 10 members and tion Blake said Ironwood Armory Monday He indicated that his corn- national and Trans World Air-: est Leonard!. conservation offi- purge the Greek armed forces as did Komaromy to put two out the throe teachers were present.': M 'i ss Evans 'apparently had through Friday between the mittee. which talked to uni- lines say that beginning Sunday jeer; Frank Schwab, Michi g a n of rightists political elements. and two on base. Cisews k i ' used the deserted garden paths hours of 8 a m'and 4 p m tele- versity representatives last passengers will be allowed one;.Public Service Commission; Constantine's appointment of reached base on an error and Ct t T f i as a shortcut from her sociology phone 93°-0702 week' was satisfied with Mich- piece of checked luggage whose ; Wakefield police department ; Athanasiadis Novas, 72, touched Passint stepped to the plate and \fatp \||PC tfir i class to her dormitory. The Ironwood National Guard igan's explanation of its tuition maximum dimensions are 65 Chief Domenic Valesano and Oi- off riots and pro-Papandreou poked a base hit. Spietz came JIUIVs JUv/J Ivl I The arboretum is almost in unit recently completed two hike. It raised the school from inches, a second piece whose ficer Tony Valesano; Ironwood rallies. up with a double, Lutey walked I the center of the sprawling weeks of annual field training ninth place in tuition charges maximum dimensions are a5 police department: Capt. K a yo Papandreou and 142 qenter and Tafelski also doubled to I I I • i r- i ' campus. It contains 5>/ 2 acres of at Camp Grayling Mich where among the state's 10 tax-support- innhoc and a fprrv-nn has of 45:Makp.ia. Cant. Rnv Strom. Cant,, iininn nart.v riPr,,iHp S hank-ino- .,,;„„ th« hatH™ ™-H D ,. hnni, rn I li-t^liim/\H Li mrt* pines nowers and grapevines. ; u fired the eight-inch howitzer ed schools to first, he said. Suellen left her home near in clay and night firing and the The committee's stand and ' Mooresville two weeks ago to rocket launcher, normally called its findings will be announced at , the "bazooka." a meeting next week, probably I nnforOQC I I Oar I Man Sustains Broken Lonierees uear Leg Ank)e in Fall Waino Hakkinen. N. Lake Rd. who fell from a ladder Thurs- Monday, at a place yet to be announced, he said. Lee suggested at a subcommittee meeting Friday that the investigation concern itself with: 1. Total fees collected and their distribution for the most inches, and a carry-on bag of 45;Makela. Capt. Roy Strom, Capt. Union party deputies backing bring the batting order back to I InrtaimOfl rlinflC inches. 'Albert Svoke, William Maki, him boycotted Friday night's where it had started. Jacquart al- UI IvIQII I IvU I UI IU J The maximum dimension is ; Leo Gayan, Edward Tousignant, Parliament debate, expecting to so connected for a two-batter. the height of the bag plus width Edwin Niemi. Joseph Kra u s » enter the chamber several days Butson single and Backon walked LANSING iAP)— The state is enroll at the university, and length. The airlines said: and Otto Luoma; sheriff's de- hence to vote against a confi- but Komaromy filed out to end filing lawsuits against most of most three-suiter bags are with-; partment officers; Watersmeet dence motion. the inning. Ironwood totalled Michigan's banks, but state of- in the 65-inch dimension, two-; deputy, Frank Kuchevar: water with Parliament suspended, the biggest rally of the day ficials say the suits are mere suiters and attache cases within j patrol officer, Robert Byrns. the confidence vote has been which saw a total of 13 men formalities to get some S674.000 the 45-inch measure. • Attending in groups were pu t off indefinitely, lowering bat, eight runs score and five in unclaimed funds into state American Airlines originally j members of the Gogebic Coun- Athanasiadis Novas' already base hits, three of them for ex- coffers. fN-ll f f\ allowed bags of 62. 43 and 43 : ty Board of Supervisors, Gogebic dirn chances of getting the con- tra bases. "The action is no criticism of Kill TAT UaCC^nO inches dimensions. Sunday,; County officers and employes, stitutionally required mandate. Calumet scored one more run the banks involved," deputy at-• L/lll IUI fUjjUUC however, the carrier joins in the, city of Ironwood officers and em- Pa rliament was suspend- in the fourth inning but Iron- torney general Leon Cohan said.' 3 65, 55, 45 size to conform with ployes, city of Bessemer officers ed wllen an gry shouts broke up wood frosted the victory with "In fact, we want to acknow- By JOHN CHADWICK the others. Weight no longer will and employes, city of Wakefield a brlef session attended by few- three runs in the bottom of the ledge the banks' cooperation." WASHINGTON iAP> - A at Grand View Hospital for a tn t tn schools for the be a factor under these regula- officers and employes Oth_e is ei . tnan 50 deputies> fifth to capture the important tri- "There is no contest over compromise by Senate-House broken right leg and a broken fiscal year j usl completed tlons - , . . .. ., inc U 5i ea inomas ecu, sneiiii, speaker Emmanuel Baklatzis umph. these funds. It is just proce- conferees has cleared the way left ankle, his son, Robert, who 3 Revicw of tne self-liciuidat- National, Eastern and North- and Norman Ha Ian. undersher- commen ted that the lack of a Norm Backon went all the dure," he added. for passage next week of the was with him at the time, said inLSions "as they e a e to east Airlines will go Sunday. ^Genessee County; R o b e r t quorum indicated .. disa pp roval way on the mound for Ironwood The suits are part of the administration's voting-rights today. The son also fell from £°S JeSdlnces " ThP.P arP 40 nounds for ali man iudiciarv •memberi of ° f the g° vernm ent." The Cabi- and allowed seven runs and 14 method under which unclaimed bill. the ladder but was treated at the Tne four . man subcommittee TKs on domestic niGhfs and Uepresf and radio net accused Baklatzis of " abu se hits. Tafelski smashed out a pair monies held by banks are fun- The measure would suspend hospital and released He sus- unanimouslv approved Lee's S nounds n£'class and 4 MUitary rites were conduct- 01 Power" and-showing a reck- of doubles in the winning effort, neled into the state's general literacy tests and permit federal tamed a bruised right heel, a recommendations Faxon said. 68 pounds fu,t class aiid 4 M»«aiy /"^ s ^ l ^ to "° ucl : less and biased attitude" in his Passint got two hits in two fund under the new escheats registration of voters in wide sore neck and sore back, he stat- .. w ajso t to find uueina ea oy tne nonwooa Amenc d n, remarks Baklatzis is a Center trips to the plate and Komaromy law, officials said. areas of the South to prevent ed. - .... day morning while working on a reccnt f iscal ycar ava ilable sign overlooking Suffolk and 2 comparison of the student Aurora Streets, is being treated ff>ps and housing charges with pounds tourist class on interna- ed by tional journeys, where applica- Legion Jost^S. ^^ and ; Union party member supporting and Spetz also hit doubles. Eastern and Northeast seek;friends attending toe serv 1 ce s- p ^"^ re °"CAB approval of a 50-pound lim-; were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Thousands of persons outside to become effective Sept. 1,; Walker, Waukegan, 111.; buiidin e chanted They include cashier's checks Negroes from being denied their ,or bank drafts issued by banks votin B n e n ts. i but never claimed. If they re- President Johnson has pre- 11 IU ucuuuic ciicvujvi- tj^iji.. *,, ..unv^i, .. uuu.v.bu.i, ^."., •.,-••.. -anticrnuprnrnpnt clno-anc ri,,vir,rr instead of the piece system. Na- ! and Mrs. Hjalmer Ande r son , antigoveinment slogans duimg tionars application for the same Northfield, 111.; Mrs. E v e 1 y n, tne session and demanded that limit would be effective Aug. l5.|Baumgart and son, Glen, Glen- Athanasiadis Novas resign. . Delta and several other re-! view, 111.; Mr. and Mrs. C. M.j '• | gional domestic carriers also! Bonlender, Oak Lawn, 111., Mr.!/*! • li/'ll* want the 50-pound limit. ! and Mrs. Eino Tenlen, U n i o n; I hi 1*13 \A/|llinn Northwest Orient, which origi-. Grove, 111.; Mrs. Irma Boileau, \sl III IU f f Illllly nally went along with the 62, 43, i Duluth: Mr. and Mrs. Norman i "^ 43 formula, has asked CAB toJBentzen apd Mr. and Mrs. An-> suspend all baggage changes. i drew Kinnunen, Waukegan; Mr. Planes ! and Mrs. Steve Vukovich and To Send Troops ^PflflfP FnVOfS imain'unciafnTed'for seven^years dict ^ d that " Ne g r ° . votin g wil1 '_ ^v7ffUtv7 I UrUfJ : the state is entitled to them double and redouble in years to ! The only way the state can P ome ", H N ' e ?, roes take advan : spend the money is to have a ta |f of t] \ e ^) } - . ™ «• v, - 1ucl g e declare formally that the , He , went before a .3° int s f slon The Mich- funds were abandoned : said Irv . of Congress in mid-March, at state public ad . the peak of the Selma. Ala., civ- and assistant attorney general. Continued from Page One position of President family, Detroit; Mrs. Lillian iskinnard and son, William, Wash! ington, D. C., Miss Shirley Bentzen, Milwaukee; Mr. and Mrs. j Chiang Kai-shek's Chinese ..„ the Vietnamese air force j Arnold Ahonen, Marquette; Mr.j tionalint-r on the war in Viet! its first jet aircraft — four twin-i an d Airs. Walter Perala, Skokie, i Nam is that they are willing to 1 engine B57 jet bombers. Eight in., ; Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kur-isend trcops if requested. | Vietnamese pilots will receive ta, Cudahy, Wis. • This was stated by Foreign i jet training. American crews ! Minister Shen Chang-huan on a i will maintain the jets. HANSEX INFANT ' recent visit to Australia. ' Ky said in a speech at Bien Graveside services for Mi- so far as can be ascertained, '. Hoa air base Friday that Viet iC hael James, infant son of Mr. however no request for Nation- Nam would receive 25 jet fight-: and Mrs Calvin Hansen, Ewen, '. alist military help in Viet Nam : er planes from the United States were h«ld at 10 a.m. July 28'3t : has been received from the Unit- next week. Ky also is com-, the Ewen Cemetery. The Rev. ed States mander of the Vietnamese air p r Richards officiated. T h e j There are a number of rea- force. child WHS born July firmed in Washington that the Unitd States is "preparing to; V ntf* Nniinflf QD Amendment j LANSING (AP) ! igan Senate approved the presi- ! dential disability amendment to the U S. Constitution 29-0 Friday —but House of Representatives action will not come until at least September. The measure, previously okayed by three states, had swiftly approved in the out what essential services t h e university will provide for students with the additional SI.7 million in tuition income," said Faxon. TEMPKRATfUFS IN JHONWOOD " We Want t0 lake int ° ac ' satnrdaT. juiy si. it*.-.. count residence services pro- For 24 hr. period cndiilK at 11 a.m. v j r ! p ,.i arlr i »hp fnrt thnt sturinntc 2 p.m. M'io p.m. 64 f! a.m. r.9 vicied, ana me laci tnai students 59 ;have been asked at times to sa double and triple up in rooms, he said. "We also want to re- i8 ' view the cost of operating stu- ap THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE dent residences for_any evidence pointed to reconcile differences By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ° excessive costs. demonstrations, to urge quick action on the measure. Senate-House conferees THE WEATHER 4 p.m. 6G Midnight KO' 8 a.m. B p.m. 66 2 a.m. SO'10 a.m. 8 p.m. 65 4 a.m. 59 11 a.m. Humidity, 87 prr cent. Jorometer: 6 a m. 29.65; II a.m. individual who abandoned loses his claim to it between the bill passed by the High Low Prec.: Senate May 26 and the bill. Albany, clear 81 51 Passed by the House July 9, Albuquerque, cloudy 91 71 rom ittPP will experts to give their on the amendment. s ° ns wh Chinese Nationalist make a small number of jet aircraft available" to South Viet Nam under the military assistance program troops will Nam now. Among- these are the predictable objections of at least two Southeast Asian treaty organization nations, France and Paki- ca " reached agreement Thursday at'Atlanta, clear "" their sixth meeting. j Bismarck, clear The compromise drops a j Boise, cloudy House-approved ban on state i Boston, clear poll taxes, but it contains a; Buffalo, cloudy strengthened congressional find-. Chicago, rain ing that the right to vote is de- Cincinnati, cloudy nied or abridged by making Cleveland, cloudy their payment a requirement Denver, rain ^^SHINGTON lAPi —Presi- for voting. Des Moines. clear by"congress sets dent Jnnnson is willing to go And, as in the Senate bill, the Detroit cloudy elevating the vice ar >y wncie ar >y time to discuss attorney general is directed to; Fairbanks M president to acting president peace - aR aide sa y s - brin & immediate court action to| Fort worth, clear when necessary and for filling Tnat ' was tne on 'y comment ; challenge the constitutionality Helena, clear the vice presi-. om press secretary Bill D. of the poll taxes still collected; Honolulu, clear Moyers when asked about a by four states — Alabama, Mis- j Indianapolis cloudy _... . California's ! sissippi, Texas and Virginia —Jacksonville, rain ' ___.-... .... . JuneaUi C l ou£ jy prove his reimburse him, he said. LBJ Willing Make Trip ••TUP number will be com- By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS stan. Both recognize Red China, rnensurate with their ability to WASHINGTON ,AP, - The There also is possible U. S. Man For Gov. Edmund G. Brown that "I from voters in state and local Kansas City, clear Angelo St. Catherine, 73, think the President would go to' elections. Viet Nam personally to bring' A constitutional amendment i LOS Angeles', clear peace there." , has outlawed the payment of i Louisville, cloudy Moyers was at Kansas City P° ]1 taxes as a requirement for i Memphis, clear en rout? with the President to a voting in federal elections. j Miami, cloudy of weekend in Texas. i . On another major issue in | Milwaukee, cloudy 84 64 79 56 92 64 73 58 74 53 78 65 78 5 74 55 76 60 .48 i 89 62 j 76 59 ] M M 91 65 85 52 87 76 81 57 89 56 67 49 87 69 91 65 80 58 85 59 83 75 Also to be considered will be construction costs and bidding procedures, he added. Smaller state schools are examined every year, he said. The larger schools have never undergone such scrutiny. M them with iet-capable Senate's Democratic and Re- unwillingness to give the Chi- Cary Location, Hurley, is being Brown told a news conference i dispute, the House conferees j Mpls.-St.P., cloudy 85 64 .70 . _ . ._,., ' nuitlinnn iooHo,.o ,M r, v, tn c-nc,^ nese Communists ft tirptpxt tfi trpflfprt at an Achlniirl hncni t- a 1 i n Ran TTvanpicrx-i '"rhlc io ™,, i agreed to 3CC6Dt 3 Senate DrOVi-i MOMJ nrlanc r>lpar RR 74 nilnts " the Pentaeon said publican leaders plan to seek nese Communists a pretext to, treated at an Ashland hospital'in San Francisco, "This is m y j agreed to accept a Senate provi-i N CW orlans, clear The Viet Cong filed a protest ' unanimous consent for a vote intervene openly in the Viet'for injuries received late Fri- opinion.' sion under which persons educa- Ne w York, clear with the International Control Wednesday on a constitutional Nam War. day evening in an auto accident He had just returned to Call-! J ed in American flag schools in; O kla. City, cloudy Commission for Indochina last'amendment to permit one house If_ Nationalist troops were sent on Highway 2, about five miles fornia after joining other state languages other than English Omaha, clear Johnson Is at Ranch Home i JOHJISON CITY, Tex. «AP> — i President Johnson is spending I what associates predict will be a quiet, relaxed weekend at his ranch !iome near here. The rest comes after a packed 10 days, dominated by Viet Nam discussions and decisions. The President and Mrs. Johnson arrived Friday night after a flight from Washington that 74 62 24i was interrupted at Kansas City, Mo., so Johnson could drive to the Harry S Truman Library in nearby Independence to sign the Social Security-health care bill in the presence of the for- 88 74 79 65 87 68 83 61 1.11 f ^ntnmi SSinll IOr UlUULllillct ICtoU «*ut.iiui*n_JiL iw wu IIIHL uiiL, UL/uot - . - 4-.- .._._ .„ Mi , *** &il ,, uj ta,, tA^vjuiu iivi_ j mi^u *.w*ji*n. itibv^L jumnif^ wLiiv^iOLdLt; i , , , , . , . v^»»*t*****i w-^-*-* — -- ,*-,-», n \. ; — * - *.• wJdnesdav over the assignment of state legislatures to be appor- to South Viet Nam, they would east of Iron River, Wis., it has governors for a White House would be ablfefl ? v ° te , wi ,, th , out ! Philadelphia, cloudy 82 64 .12 mei chief executive. _ .. . " ^ ,-,« ^ i n 1 +;^,,-,«^i *,-, n ««« « n «..i n ^;^« i,- rinnhtipQc ha VP tn ripnpnri IQTCTA. bgen reported brief in p on the situfltlon in Viet S P^^^^S & st3tc s Englisn-l3.n-1 phoenix, clcflr 105 83 "— St. Catherine sustained face Nam. ° i guage literacy test. i Pittsburgh, cloudy 78 58 and neck injuries but his condition is reported as good. H i s wife, who was a passenger in the car, was not hurt, the report said. Authorities, who investigated _ ,_ , .„_...„., „„„ . _, .—•. . , , .„ , , The schedule for the ,ale o. the mishap said the car wen. LANSING , AP , _ state sales L/CfflU OHO U^r ; 8an Diego, c oudy override last year's food stamps has been announced «" the road. and use tax collec tions during ** " — • • i San nan., cloudy patrol boats to screen the wa- sis. ters off the South Vietnamese Democrat Mike Mansfield of coast, Radio Hanoi reported. Montana and Republican Ever- Eight of the 82-foot, radar- ett M. Dirksen of Illinois said equipped patrol boats arrived in Friday they would seek the Da Nang July 20. U.S. spokes-, unanimous consent agreement men said they would attempt to'Monday. Dirksen is chief spon- stem the flow of Communist sor of the amendment which arms and men from North Viet seeks to ly on American logistic support. Dotes Set for Stamp Sales Collection of Taxes Is Up guage literacy test. i Pittsburgh, cloudy The chief effect of this will behind, Me., cloudy to enable thousands of Spanish-! ptind', Ore., clear speaking Puerto Ricans in New: Rapid City,' clear York City to qualify as voters j Richmond, clear St. Louis, cloudy 79 60 107 62 79 57 79 62 84 67 to IO Nam by patrolling shallow Supreme Court ruling that both by t he Iron County food stamp of- coastal waters inaccessible to houses be apportioned according fj ce f 0r the first half of August the larger ships of the U.S. to population. Stamps will be sold from'Aug' 2 Navy's 7th Fleet Sen. William Proxmire. D- through 9. ! Application for a marri age The state tax take is figured Another seven boats are to wls .. one of the opponents of the sales will take place in Hur- license has been made at the as one of the most reliable in- arrive shortly. Dirksen amendment, said he ] ey on Monday, Aug. 2 at the office of Gogebic County clerk dicators of the business climate was personally willing to go iron County Courthouse in Hur- °y Gust P. Ahonen, " along with the plan for a vote ley. ancl E'len Susan Ahonen Wednesday. Opponents in the On Tuesday, Aug. 3, the sales say. Senate say they have the 34, people will be at Mercer from j i 9 to 11:30 a.m. and in the after-' noon at Iron Belt, 1:15 to 2 p.m. and Saxon 3 to 4 p.m. i Sales will be resumed at Hur- Demo and GOP Spending Told !Salt Lk. City, cloudy 80 64 .10 83 65 67 57 94 62 -r i T • • ^ • U^^M fMfMMfff^W • f U f f M ' OCcJLLlt: . C ICcl I July on June business continued JjJCllUllly I UICI Tampa, cloudy 86 73 1.04, a strong upward trend, reports WASHINGTON (AP) — Dem Washington, cloudy 85 65 the State Revenue Department, ocratic candidates outspent Winnipeg, clear 67 51 Drought Area's Water Problems Investigated WASHINGTON (AP) — interior Secretary Stewart L. Udall says more than 100 investigations into specific water problems of the drought-stricken Northeast have been launched iM-Missing) (T-Trace) ' since July 1. He said they are being con- 01 1 ducted by university research i centers in the states, with feder- i al support. Former Peace Corps Worker Sponsors Boy SOUTH HADLEY. Mass. (APi voles needed to mi il —An 18-year-old Ethiopian boy is registered to enter South Had- Board GoCS Throuah ley High School this fall under;.... . „.,, _ . 3 the sponsorship of a former WindOW, Kills Driver Peace Corps worker. PORT HURON (AP) — Worku Bihonegne of Dessie, ward L. Blaney, 17, of Port: Ethiopia, was brought to this Huron was killed Thursday country by Robert Douyard, when a board crashed through who met the youth while serving the windshield of his car, hitting A-« Are j To Viet Nam Service Rpniih]irannnnn,-,Pnt a s ? or ^ adio"e°e^s on time Republicans S more oti RANGE SKIES ' Clare " Ce L ° Ck ' State revenue SdSal ra'ce Sunset today 8 : 33 Sunrise to, commissioner, reported a $55.03 statistics published Thursday morrow 5:41. Moonset tonight ' million state collection for the by the Federal Communications 10:47. First Quarter Aug. 4. j ^1^"?^ month, up more than $6.38 mil- ; Commission showed that the Prominent Star - Aldebaran, j STATE : or MICHIGAN The P linn fmm last, vpar i Democrnts spent $17.8 million to rises 2:09 a m. Visible Planets— ^ 0 » r J_ 1 -. ~-...° Jtt ?' cog^i LEGAL lion from last year. ley for the days Aug. 4 through i 1 fi anri ap-ain nn Mnnrlav Antr 0 ! ivil "i"*».> oca Ed _ 6, and again on Monday. Aug. 9-j Servlce is sniftlng s WASHINGTON (AP) — The! U ' L TL • 1OCC Military Sea Transportation I"'9 her InOnm IV3D | $15.9 million for the Republi- Venus, low in west 9:19 p.m. Saturn, rises 10:30 p.m. Mars, sets 10:36 p.m. Jupiter, rises Hiahway Costs Are 23 % cans and less than ^ 1 minion for * * r\tVi*»t*c> six frolll WASHINGTON fAP) - High- others. In the presidential race, however, supporters of GOP candld- ! its European service to move i way cwts are now 23.5 per cent I ate Barry Goldwater spent S6.5 I troops to Viet Nam. higher than in 1955, after a new! million while backers of Presi- 2:32 a.m. Sunday — Sunset 8:32. Sunrise Monday 5:42 Moonset 11:09 p.m. Estate of Steve SilUch. Deceub-ci It is Ordered that on thc I6tb lay ol September, 1965, at ten A.M., ui the Probate Courtroom, Court Housu, Bessemer, Michigan u Hearing be heid on the petition oi .Jennie Slkieh, widow and heir-at-law, foi appointment al un administrator, and for a ctclormlnn- tlon ol heirs. Publication .<nd service shall oe mad* ,is provided by Statute and ("our: Hul« Dated: July 8, 19G5. The Defense Department said Jump of 3.5 per cent, the Bureau i dent Johnson paid out $4.6 mil-; Sunday night the planet, Mars, i LEONARD .1. M<-.\IANM\N Iron Belt—Our Savior Luther- that ^rreafter transportation of PubUo Roads says. ; lion. ; is to. the left of the Moon and. A certified copy: ,iud S c'of p.-ouiU. in Dessie Worku, who speaks him in the head. Police theor- an. Sei vices will be held at across thc Atlantic will be han- Costs of excavation, surfacing the star, Spica, is to the left of; A neguier of Prob.t« English fluently, will live with ized a car in front of Blaney's 7:30 p.m. Sunday instead of at clled by commercial carriers. Douy;<r' mid his parents while hit the board and flipped it into, 11 a.m as listed in the church, ttiendinfc school. j the air. j calendar today. ; material and steel all went up, Maine's northeastern shore is Mars. Ma,rs continues' to lose i the bureau said In a report Fri- 8J7 miles east of the Florida city brilliance; it is now about as USE DAILV GLUBit WANT-ADS ! day- I or Jacksonville. I bright as Antares. B. K. Larson AUornry for Petitioner, Seaman Bld(. J Uorrwood, Michlfaa.

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