The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 3, 1959 · Page 12
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 12

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 3, 1959
Page 12
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THRKHHOID Of PROSPERITY Prospect of New Economy Boom in Contrast to 1958 NEW YORK (AP) - The nation's economy swung triumphantly Mo a new year this week with recovery from recession an estnb- . lished fact. If you looked hnrd enough, you could see the faint outlines of a new boom on the far horizon. ~^~-In sharp contrast to the gloomy .•=tort of 1958, optimism was riding high. Lewis L. Strauss, the federal government's new commerce secretary, said the new year will bring America to the threshholrl of a decade of prosperity unlike anything we have ever seen. In 1M0-70, Strauss declared, "Ihe im- *A I if AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD Saturday, Jan. 3, 1959 AREN'S Real Estate Sales A friend in need is a friend indeed! Thank you for your generous help during the time of our fire. We now have moved to our new quarters in the Butler Building, 215 E. Wafer, across from the National Tea. We have top notch homes reasonably priced for quick sale. ipaet ot population increase and! ;the continuing flood of invention! and technological progress will; provide unprecedented' opporlum-j ties for capital investment and ex- ( pandinR employment and sales." Oil Outlook Brighter Eugene Holnuin, chairman of Standard Oil Co. (N. J.). said the outlook for the oil industry is rmich brighter than nl this time last year. • Roper M. Filoiiph. chairman oi United States Steel Coip., .said thn ; nation's steel industry stands :i ^good chance of operating at l!i> per cent of capacity in the next six months ns compared to 74 per • cent in Ihe final litsa quarter. j Frederick R. Kappel, president of the American Telephone & Telegraph Co.. announcer) thai the A.T.&T.'s sprawling Bell System ,is going to spend more than two billion dollars on construction this year. Earnings are headed up, he said, and business is expanding. (i Million Cars George P. Hitcliings, vice president, and chief economist of Ford Motor Co., predicted a 15159 U. S.I .market for close to six million new cars. That compares with 1958 sales of slightly more than 4'i million. Norman Strunk. vice president of the United States Savings & Loan League, said homcbuilding should top the 1,12.?,000 private homes started in 1958. The First National City Bank of New York held out the possibility of an upsurge in demand for cap- ital goods — plant and equipment used by heavy industry. Without this upsurge, the bank said, recovery will still continue but at a slower price. Business Week magazine forecast n year of "profitable prosperity." It said corporate profits may exceed 47 billion dollars this year, topping the previous high of •I.V;i billion set in 195R and up 30 per cent, or more from last year's 3fi billion. Somewhat less sanguine was Dache & Co., big Wall Street! brokerage house, which described l!>.~>9 ns "a rewarding but demanding year." Total output of goods and services will touch a new high, fiache said, but this won't necessarily be true of corporate profits. Artificial Comet Effect Created ! by Red Rocket WASHINGTON (AP) - If Rus-1 | sum reports are true, the reported- i '' ly moon-bound Soviet rocket has a special tail-light. j The Russians say their rocket .carries special, equipment de•signed to create a "sodium cloud" j—like an artificial comet stream- j ing out from the rear-end of the j speeding vehicle. i Visible Cloud EMPTY CRIB — A footprint record of the missing and an empty bassinet in the nursery of Brooklyn's Si-. Peter's Hospital mark the kidnaping scene after a new-born baby girl was snatched from the crib late Friday night. The infant had been born less than three hours SWORN IN WEDNESDAY before to Mrs. Frances Chionchio. Police are seeking a young women reportedly seen loitering near the nursery room during the evening. Looking at the footprint card is newsman Barney Stein of the New York Post. 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THE BIGNESS VHP AND THE IIIC IllJb 1:00-3:00 7 1 00 . 9:OQ The idea, to allow a the Russians say, is visible cloud which i Newly Elected House, Senate Members Go on Payroll Today could be observed and photographed ns their experimental vehicle headed through space. At the distance of the moon, even an object of the size the Russians claim their satellite is, would not be visible from the earth. American scientists said the By JOHN CIIADWICK I The Constitution fixes noon of WASHINGTON (AP)-Although Jan . 3 for the start of the terms the first session of the 86th Congress will not get under way until Wednesday, the terms of all the House members and of the newly elected Senators start as of noon today. Members go on the payroll automatically at that time, although BLOODY CLIP U.S. Air Force had done a similar tnev wi!1 not be sworn in and able thing in rocket experiments,' to vote until nfler ceremonies at though in the case of the rockets i tne °P er >ing session on Wednesday, the altitude was only about CO miles. Sodium Ejected In the American experiments, gaseous sodium was ejected from a rocket in the form of a big blob. The test was done at twilight, and the sodium gas, catching the light of the already-set sun, showed up as a light "three times as bright as the moon" against the dark background of the sky. The intent of the American experiment was to test a theory. Scientists had noted that the sky at twilight revealed a yellow air glow. It was theorized 'that it was of newly-elected members of Congress. It also sets this as the time for starting the new session, but permits Congress to provide otherwise. The outgoing 85th Congress passed a law last year postponing the opening of the new Congress until Jan. 7, primarily because of Jan. 3 falling on a Saturday. The Democratic majorities in Auto Toll Continues Its Relentless Surge By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Traffic 218 Fires 4Q Miscellaneous , 59 Total 3(7 The new year holiday auto toll, .. .— triggered by a relentless assault due to sodium in the atmosphere by motorists on the highways catching the light of the sun. Bui; piled up today at a bloody clip' no one knew for sure. So the Air i which threatened the record for a Force experiment• was done and:similar four-day period two years confirmed the theory. ! ago _ As a sidelight to the experiment,; The grim prospect that the it was noted that the blob of yel- death count might reach the rec- low light moved in the sky, show-lord of 40!) auto fatalities for the mg the drift of the wind at the j 1956-57 new year period brought .rocket altitude - GO miles. i an .nxious appeal from the Na- Scientists doubt that at the alti-jtional Safety Council for drivers tude of a moon rocket, a sodium j to slam on the brakes and curb blob or trail could be used for; the toll anything other than a nice handy j The NSC had predicted 390 auto pathway of; deaths for the 102-hour period thatj I started at B p.m. (local time) both the Senate and the House will shoot up as the 85th Congress passes into history and is replaced by the 86th, Democrats Outnumber In the House, where all the [members come up for election every two years, the Democrats will outnumber the Republicans 283 to 153. This includes a Democrat from Alaska. At the windup of the 85th Congress, the party lineup in the House was 232 Democrats and 195 Republicans. There were eight vacancies, three of them seats that had been held by Democrats and five by Republicans. In the Senate, where the membership will be increased by 98 by the addition of two Senators from Alaska, the Democratic margin will jump to W-34 compared with 49-47 in the outgoing Congress. IN PERSON THE ONE AND ONlyY Tue., Jan. 6,8:30 p.m. Mayo Civic Aud. Theater —ROCHESTER— —PRICES— $3.75 - $2.75 . $2 ,£," l/ll S«t« Reserved) Cops Lose Customer but Gain Prisoner MIDtAND, Tex. (AP) ~ A 35- year-old man staggered into police headquarters Friday and slapped a dollar bill down on the counter. "Gimme a pack of cigarettes," he told Sgt. Byron Richardson. Richardson locked the "customer" in the city jail on a charge of drunkenness. Wednesday. The Associated Press count ends at midnight (local i u time) Sunday. Ho< " e> An unexpected rash of highway deaths late Friday night shot the toll to a pace ahead of a corresponding count two years ago. fti/si .America's hrarit* halkt company coming at TicUh on Sale Mayo Civic Auditorium Rochester. PSona AT 9-4003 for reservations. - ^s. WISE SAVERS SAVE AT HOME FEDERAL Savings & Loan Assn. NEW YEAR SUPPLIES For The Office • Doted Diaries — Desk and Pocket Size • Dated Calendars For Desk Use — AH sixes • Calendar Pad Refills • Tax Records — Cor Expense Books PAYROLL CALCULATORS Read the New 2Vi% F.I.C.A Tax fir Withholding Tax — Quickly at a Glance . ... • Inventory Padt • Transfer Cases • File Folder & Guides • Steel Files & Ledgers • Journals Austin Office Supply 104 N. Main HE 3-8682 Every One Is Talking About The "Finds" in Fine Furniture During Our INVENTORY Youll Find Substantial Reductions On All FURNITURE * CARPETING APPLIANCES AND FLOOR COVERINGS STOP - SHOP AND SAVE AT Phone 4^5250 FURNITURE LeRoy, Minn. GUIDED THROUGH SNOWSTORM Calm Voice Over Radio Keeps State Pilot From Air Disaster KANSAS CITY (AP) - "1 wasn't sure it was me they had on that radar and that's why 1 told them I was going to'land on thfct road down there." Lt. Max Spriggs, 33, of Minne- apolrs, an Army National Guard pilot, was happily explaining how he was guided through a snowstorm to a safe landing Friday night. Lost In Storm Lost in the storm, Spriggs had spotted the lights of Lansing, Kan., about 15 miles northwest of Kansas City and was preparing to try landing his light liaison plane on U.S. 73 near the town. While he was circling and two Kansas highway patrol cars were, clearing the road, Spriggs heard a i calm Voice on his radio trying loj talk him out of the attempt. The voice was that of Frank R, Hardesty, radio operator at Kansas City's municipal airport control tower for 18 years. Hardesty kept telling Spriggs the tower had his plane spotted on radar and they could guide him to the air| field. I Wasn't Sure | "I wasn't sure," Spriggs said later. "If it was some other plane on their radar, I might wind up out in the boondocks. I didn't want to leave those friendly lights." Finally, Hardesty's calm voice soothed the flier's nerves and Spriggs turned south into the engulfing blackness. Over U.S. 24 he obeyed Hardesty's instruction to turn east. Soon there was a blaze of lights, and he slipped down to a good landing on nearby Fairfax Field. "Those radio boys are terrific," Spriggs said. "You can't imagine how a calm voice over that radio can keep a guy from going to pieces." i Bec-'ise of bad weather, he has jbeen trying six days to get back [to Holman Field, St. Paul, from Fort Meade, Maryland, on a roundabout route. i i Former Head of Crime Board Dies CHICAGO (AP)-Guy E. Reed, j 68, former head of the Chicago jdrime Commission, died Friday. A native of Holdrege, Neb,, he also was executive vice president of the Harris Trust and Savings Bank in Chicago. 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