The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 21, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1933
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THE MALVERN LEADER ""' "' ~~~ T ""~" • l|rr ~"" 1 " •• — .—.,.*JL4 JfoftOftff** WSiftLt ftfeWiPAfifett ' • J ^ B «^ ^^ MM, Culver Head* Cytntr W.C.T.U. for Another Year If, II--- ^ fi« *»* president and !!**£* *** w"* CfiHstiM fMBfreraftee tlnloa, was Watt elected president at tbe S2f **?&! Interesting animal *88i!«i l»tt last "Tbttrsday fa the SjWtat «km«h in Matrwn, otef Wfctefc »n* BO well jrt-esided. White the attendance was Hot *e tafge a* expected, owing to *** ? t!ie ? conflicting dates, »ell rewarded for coming and left irlth increased enthasi* fsttt £of the noble work In which they are engaged. %e wograffi, generally was «amed~out as published in last week's Leader. Mrs, Maigler, the irtate worker, Droved herself an ttnttsualiy fine leader and the ad- dresees she gave morning and afternoon were inspiring and sensible and unusually welt presented. Mrs. Halgler, as a speak -., .o *„. BUUTB me average, ana •he Is filled with zeal for her work. . A part of the afternoon program was given over to a memo- Hat service in honor of two departed members, Mrs. J.^R. MC- Clymond and Mrs. D. E. Whit- Held. At the close of the afternoon program the following officers were chosen for the ensuing year: Mrs. Gertie Culver, president. Mrs, C. R, Warren, vice presi- „ dent, ,, Miss Rose Mintle, secretary. Mrs. Claude Rhoades, treas- , urer. k £ h ! **? year> " me «"n* w»l be held In Qlenwood. r-At the evening session Mrs, Halgler gave a flne address, Miss gSSST- 0 ** 118ang ' 8nd 8Wto T4id county W.C.T.U. is very ,, . Maltetfi %e« W g^ fmxum tfcft w*teMieio» ceftief oi th« state lart Saturday *heri ibfee wg toads were broafht to town for sate, two loads were left at the sate pavilion and the scions were laid side by side OB tbe parking and covered ftore than 400 squire feet. Sold sererftt at a time, the melons brought fair prices and everyone was taken, the Hfc tons and George Meanlnger brought toads for the sale. Another true* load was parked a Woe* north of the sate and sold to passersby. Citizens to Hear More of Town's Conduct Thursday L. W. Boehner Calls Meeting Thli Evening to Explain Taxing Interest in local governmental problems, after slumbering peacefully for years, seems thoroughly awakened by the Bylngton-Boeh- ner debate of last Thursday evening. Believing that the town's (tax situation was not sufficiently examined during the debate, L., W. Boehner has catted another meeting for this Thursday evening In the Community building, at which time he will go into further detail. To enable all of the citizenry to attend Mr. Boehner has asked the Iowa»Nebraska Light and Power company to turn on all of the town's street lights for the evening. The meeting ,wlll be at 8 p. m. and is further explained in a communication by Mr. Boehner published on page two of this is- Milton Brother* Will Held Sale of Hereford Cattle Will Seti 110 Head Bfed Cattl* at Fafm, LIGHT sue. _ ioue Contest Staged Window O f M a hT ern , Bakery by Boys in & A unique contest is being "staged in' tbe show windows of tbe Malvern Bakery. It all started *,when Willard Mtllikan, experienced In building models of air* planes, brought three excellent specimens of bis work to that Place of business where they were promptly displayed and attracted tjnucb attention and many praising . comments by paasersby, Interest shown In the models •**• noticed by Paul gwpboda of tbeabojfl flr» and tbe result was ttw. "Model Airplane Contest." Already four other models Jjaya — entered and jnay be seen on — M the bakery- ? ' Seniors, Juniors Electr Lisle, Gary High School .Qroup Organ, izesjor Activities of, r, ^^> n ___ treasurer.^ fienisrs and Juniors,of Malvern high'school, in line with customs of their predecessors,met last week to form their organizations. Wednesday tbe seniors pondered their private presidential possibilities, finally selected Lorance' Llsle t son of Mr. and Mrs, Har- We bate just printed sate eata* logs for Marry and Ffaftk Hittofi for their second annual sate of pure bred Hereford eattJs wftleh they wilt hold at the old MlttoH farm eight and one-half miles southeast of Matvem oft Thnrs- day, Oct. 6. the fiiltotis have been breed' Ing and raising pure bred Herefords tor the past thirty years and they have one of the best herds in this section as welt as one of the largest, so their of* ferlng is both good and large. They are selling about 110 lead of cows with calves, belters, tolls, and a flne lot of calves, both bulls and heifers. They are selling a very ferae* leal lot of cattle for the average farmer and breeder for their cows are regular producers and as a lot are as well bred cattle as iny In the state. They feature such welt known amities as the Disturbers, Anxi* sties, Beau Blanchards, Beau Mischiefs, and other well known strains. They have the true beef type. They have always bred for quality and size and they have both. In the offerings are 40 head of cows with calves, besides some splendid bulls. The forty calves are divided into 28 bulls and 12 heifers. Here will be another flne opportunity for the 4-H club members to get some classy calves for their feeding and also a good time to buy a young bull to grow for your herdi There are also a flne lot of heifers, two and three year olds, that are just the thing if you want to add to your herd or start one. All this offering was grown d6wn on the old Hilton farm in as choice surroundings as cattle could find-and with the careful attention that has * been- given are'lnterestefl^caiisn^jtHii^ or call,or srrlte H/CF. .Hilton and pne wiU;be gladly furnished you. Mftfvfeffl If fiow faced with the possibility of having *' ? *^ lfthtS d ° Hftg the COIfiltl * winter months, Yet th§ eosW per citteett, to maintain the lights Would tie BefllgftH small. However, unless the town issues ffiori afttielpltofy Warrants —. which the council has re* ftised te do itid which most citizens do not want them to dd — the fa* income will not he sufficient to provide the town with lights. The reasoi fof this is quite apparent, fen years ago the taxable Ifeluations of real property in Malvem were 40 per cent higher than today, and taxable valuations of moneys afld credits were 67 per cent higher, While these have declined, the income from the 7 mill light levy (the maximum allowed by law) has decreased correspondingly. The last General Assembly decreed further direct reductions so that the light fund has shrunk even more. But there Is one way —and a fairly easy one —by Which we cati have lights in Malvern. We can take all the tax money which the light levy brings in and sup. .plement that with private contributions .and from the two funds provide enough money for street lighting. Such a method is a compromise. It is not altogether de- sirabJe nor Is it, perhaps, the most equitable way to handle a municipal project. But it seems to be the only way by which we can get street lights and because of this it is highly justifiable. Several citizens have asked The Leader to present this suggestion to the citizens of Malvern. Below is pub- Mshd a coupon which we hope every citizen will read arid mark according" to his own opinion of the matter. The sum needed is not large. Possibly $400 more would provide lights for tbe year. That amount means only about 40c per citizen. Already three have volunteered amounts of f 6 and others have donated smaller sums. If everyone would give from 50c to $1 our light problem would be settled. Read the, coupon carefully, If you like this plan, or streetlights a&'all, mark the proper ... t . \ <> -,T f.,. Fine Exhibits at Emerson Club's Fall Flower Show dejnUely announced as yet -•tew tbe ftftetr is'»tm-in its jij. fWMfc Quitted pilots wUfdo the toasted? siwj sjrlwe rides w»i Qflljr type j 9 y e ^t w any mm , E «t mode} plane* promised they - president was Tommy Wills and James Beckwith was elected sec- retary-treaaurer. r«cu»y surveifc lance will be kept over seniors by Paul Herts and Miss Josephine Conboy, whom seniors elected as sponsors, Meeting Thursday the junior classmen wenfe through the throes of organisation, ejected after due consideration and debate, the fol« lowing; &ee Gary, president, Dudley Conner, rice preside^, Mary Elisabeth Summers, seg. ' Jfjl^ 1 Davl8a « *B4 Miss Riddle, sponsors. ' Fatigued by the electoral ef, s, seniors 8nd-j|«B}Qrs tpofe up other business at their first tiBgs but future International Home ...,..,-. Quilts, ana Antique* Very Attractive Down to the town hall last Fr}* day went numerous Emersoni&ns each loaded with colorful entries .for the Women's Club's seventh annual flower show; Well filled was the .sail with the exhlblts,- the flowers coming well.up to. the standards set by previous shows, Besides flowers, a number of quilts were also displayed and attracted considerable attention, «, H. Jensen from the Re4 Oak green house dl* tne Judglug and also supplied two special,, prises fpr contestants, First of these, a *SK* # W8e !' w « 8 *°r tVwost , v you have rplan/Wdo^ JJfee this one, please mark in the other square, The Lead er has agreed to serve as a clearing house for this plan and to take charge of the funds donated until they are turned over to pay for the street lights, Each donation will be recorded and published in subsequent issues of The Leader. Do your part, If you have a better plan, present it and if possible use it, If not, get behind this plan and Mal» vern will soon be assured of street lights, <Seo. W* f alfcott Goes to New L. A. falbott received word the past Week that, his brother Gec*ge W. Tatbott, former well known Malvern resident, who has been with the magazine "Sports Afield" in Minneapolis for several years past, had been transferred to New York City as east- em manager for sports magazine. this popular Mr. Talbott has had considerable experience In the magazine field, having been with the National Shriners magazine for some time before going to the "Sports Afield" and this comes as considerable of a promotion, both in the matter of salary and responsibility. We are pleased to note his advancement. to Mrs, J, « on coxcomb, Pejats scored were for *«njp}ete in flower growing to HM» sweat te<jy present eater- To The Malvern Leader I favor a public subscription to raise money P™"] for Malvern's street lights, I pledged (—I for the fund to be paid,»_«_, „_„.„», (It is understood that If the plan is not carried out all) (money received will be returned to the donor. , . ,) I do not favor the above plan. D i E* Conference MssU This Week D§» Moines Confer «ae» Includ^rAU Sojfhf em Iowa Ttie annual session of the Iowa ~~ MsUftss conference meets it Woiftes this week beginning prove- bom to participwts * Hilarioua Comedy by * Wtb a cait sriies. 'a Wto^f top BUM rnjjtionA} n«i«» §| ftt tir HUlle pottfereuoe is tbe of t&$ 44 Des Moiftja effected l«»t Meth frow rjvsr to the M!i»l8ilpul tbj ** far, as Wg territory att4 is If you do not favor the above plan The Leader will be glad to learn of any plan you may have fer solving this community problem, Mail or bring to Leader office, Bernice Schoening Heads Girl Reserve Malvem High School Clawes Organbt far Yenr'a More active than any other cial group iu Malvern bigb scno,ol is tlie Qirt Reserve org Ready to care tor their for toe coming year Is a group/ officers, elected at M organ n meet lug beld last week, officers ! Berulae Bctoening, prestijent Byington-Boehner Debate Efficiency of Town Conduct 400 Attend Meeting to Learn What's Wrong if Anything When the country's forefathers disembarked on famed Plymouth Rock they handled their local governmental affairs through the medium of a town meeting, at tended by just about all of the citizenry. Malvernlans trampec hrongh the unllghted streets to be Community building las Thursday evening on much the same mission. Not to conduct but to learn of he town's municipal business was the purpose of the citizenry Thursday. Teachers of the evening were L. W. Boehner, who raised the question of the efficiency of the city fathers, and Woodford R. Byington. town :lerk, who explained more or less ntlmate details of the town business. Speaking first Mr. Boehner harged that the town had spent housands of dollars in search for an adequate water supply and to ate had not obtained any. Also, barged Mr. Boehner, the town •ought too much insurance for he Community building, paid -,: -hat he termed an unwise con•act with the Thorpe Brothers Veil company of Des Molnes for new well. The complete con- ract was published in last week's Leader. This contract Mr. BoeUner declared to be illegal In that two members of the town's officialdom, Mayor D. B. Whltfleld and J. M. Steele, did not really live In town and were, therefore, noi citizens and had no power to ac for the town. Mr. Boehner endec hU argument by repeating his call for the resignation of al members of the council, "I do not wish this to be taken personally," emphasized Mr, Boebner, "for all are good friends of mine. To the defense like a boxer who has a slight edge in skill over his opponent came Mr. By. Ington, An able orator, be minced no words m his argument, presenting reasons for every act of me council. Admitting that find, in* ft supply or water had always been & difficult task for every council, he defended the Thorpe contract on the grounds that it would furnish the town with a water supply for Jess than had ever been.possible before. Jn strong detail he explained rhy the council bad rejected Mr. McPherton Heads Masons of Nishna Circle Next Year Wa» Elected President of Circle at Meeting, Mai- rerti, Monday Night Ralph McPherron St. was elected to head Kishna M»»onfe Circle When more than seventy-five Masons from the lodges of Emerson, Randolph, Tabor, Matvern, Sliver City, and Glenwood assembled at the Masonic halt In Mat* Vern Monday evening for the regular September meeting and a real live meeting It was. President Roy Zlmmer of Tabor presided and after calling the brethren to order proceeded to hold the annual election with the following result: President, Ralph McPherron, Jr., Qlenwood. Secretary-treasurer, L. £. Poster, Randolph. The new president then appointed Miller of Silver City, Greenwood of Emerson, and Ha* ney of Glenwood a committee to arrange a program for the year. The next meeting will be the third Monday in October at Randolph. President SStmmer then called upon Henry Dean of Glenwood who Introduced Lewis Smith of Omaha, Grand Secretary and Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska Masons, who gave the address of the evening. It was well arranged and well presented and proved of deep Interest to all present. The lodges certainly appreciated the presence and address of this brother. Brothers Reeves of Omaha and Qarpenter -of Council Bluffs also favored the brethren with some appropriate remarks. Following this program the Malvern lodge served sandwiches and coffee and a general social time ensued. It was pronounced one of the best meetings of the Circle yet held. This organization Is beginning Its third year. Future Farmers in M. H. S. Organize for Boehner's offer to supply the gallons, saying that a con^ met could not be obtained, that past transactions from that puree bad not been satisfactory 14 that the new Thorpe contract ought water for less. Interesting throughout, ai- OUgh quite long, the meeting was ^tended by about 400 citi, ess, left them to decide for which speaker bad the Vocational agriculture students of Malvern high school will again have a Future Farmers of America organization and plans 'or the group were started dur- ng the paat week, Election of officers wag held at heir first meeting with the re- ults below: James Summers, president. Elaine Dickersbach, vice president. Lee Gary, secretary-treasurer. Clarence Heddlng, sergeant-alarms. * Several made plans to attend the Southwest District Confer* ence of Vocational Teachers and Members of the F. F. A. which will be held at Audubon Saturday. Bacon Buys Hamburger Shop The deal was maae last week whereby Foy Bacon again enters business in Malvern. He bought of Rob't Ranne the hamburger shop, next to the Qalliher garage, taking possession at once. Mr. Ranne will again take up bis ,_,,, „„„_, _ r ^^ wlj< u s ,j vtto _ iHB (g p price paid ror noes on edge i ft arguweat and present*- the Qmaba mrkets was R.S vrork as traveling salesman. Markets for Wednesday Tbe prices paid IB the Malvern markets for grain and produce, Wednesday, Sept. 20, were AS fol* lows; No. 2 yellow corn ,., ago No. g wbeat ,__.„ ,,_8lHo No. 3 oats __,_,_„._ _-30a Hens _,„__„_,. 6c to 8p Ueghorn hens „ „ go Springs —, T _,._.,,_,6e to So Leghorn springs ,, ,_5o reasj ,-,,-,,.,,,,i7c and J9e Eggs -,,___,8 C , jgo, ft ft4 140 The top price paid for hogs on History of the Week 4a tuterpretatlve news suwasary of tbe important events ol _. the past week, fettfww* of Ueu, Joiuttou relaxed Into a 'ft- UM»J)*l »u»Ue Saturday eveulug aa b» uuuouuo^a that coal ouer- al«r» el th» wuutry Uad at last to jolt) tba N«A, Moat re- iit ol tuo njalw Iudus4ries, tU,e coal group Uaa Uowi uu&UU lo ayrtt* uu » c»4* ol their owu U, ly I was signed. It will go iu effect la les* thas two weeks, Main «ou»: 49 hour wewk. to orgftuUe i 0 Dutous. No Uuyluif at cowpuy stores or Uv- lug )u cowwi«y feowsw. fcjo cbii4 lau«r. Mluiwuui wtiga r«twi of f«Mtt 18 (tu Al»l»»i) to ||,« 8 (iu Muut«u»). » * * * tot " --ff" IS- '*»-'

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