The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 19, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1894
Page 1
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VOL. XVIII, NO. 26. CAUROLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1894.. WHOLE NO. «14 PACTS ARE STUBBORN THINGS! The Qreat Bone of Contention has done it. Tariff off. Lower Prices! Do you realize your opportunity? Our Loss. Your Gain. We must reduce our . immense stock. See our low tariff prices. They will take like hot cakes. Aa opportunity ot a lifetime! MEN'S SUITS. Men's fine gray suits, fine value at $15; go at.... $11 00 Brown and dark mixed Scotch suits, single and " double breasted, a gem at $14; go at 10 00 Men's gray mixed and checked suits, good value at$6.50;'go at...... 450 IST* We put the knife in all our suits; too numerous to mention. Equal reduction in Fine Worsted, Cutaways, Prince Alberts, etc. OVERCOATS. Men's fine imported Irish Frize Ulster, shiners at $8.50; our price ; $ 00 Fine Fur Beaver, black and blue, a hummer at $10; go at ; 6 75 Fine Kersey, black and blue, splendid value at $13.75; go at 9 50 The finest line of Domestic and English Kersey in blue, drab, blown and black. State your choice for 1050 Good value at $15.00. BOYS' SUITS. Boys' double breasted, gray and mixed s"uits, splendid at $2.50; our price $ 1 20 Boys' double breasted dark cheviot, splendid at $4.50; our price 3 10 Fine dark union, a s suit for all, $3.25; go at 2 50 Overcoats $1.50, $1.75, $2.00 and $2.50 Knee pants... , 18c., 20c., 25c., 45c. and 75c. We will cheerfully return the money if goods or prices are not satisfactory. UNDERWEAR. AM IMMENSE ASSORTMENT. Fleece lined, splendid value at $1.00; go at $ .62i Gray mixed, desirable at 75c.; go at 42 Wright's fleece lined, $1.25; go at 90 50 dozen white, brown and red mixed, good for 40c.; goat *...... $ .20 Cf\PS. Fliasib. (ISTo All' styles ................... ..................... $ .62* Scotch ........................................... 17 Boys' ........................................... 15 Trunks, Gloves, Mittens, In fact everything in our store at less than you ever dreamed of I3ST T^^.IL-.OFRIKTO Buisness Suits, from $28 reduced to Pants, from $10 reduced to $22 5O 8OO Chinchilla Overcoats, to order Dress Suits, Etc ................ . $22 5O Away Down So icil Your I ^^HH^^ ^^* * ^ Of the Famous Clothing —-J-AND-r- Tailoring House OHDBOH DIBBCTOBY K 1KNING services, 11 a. n>,; evening Mtrloei 7 p. m.; Y. f.S. G. K. MtflM, « B. m.; Bun- Hohool, 12:15 p. m.j Prajor Meeting, Thur*duy evening, 7:80 p. m. _ BBV. Qmo. VOLSOM, Pastor. BAPTIBT. K OBNING tervlce, 11 a. m,; evening service 7 D. w.: V. P. 8. 0. K. service 6 p. ra. ! Sun- iVBohool. 12:16 p. m, ; Prayer Hosting, THunder wnlng, »«p. W. B. CCMHr, Superintendent. •B »etvtoe,ll a. m,; eventni Mtvlea, •3 7 p. m.; Junior Bpworin League, S P. m.: •pworth League, « p. m., Sundaj Behoof 11:11 p.»,;Prajer Meeting, Thursday Bventna, 7» n! m! BIT. W B. THOMNOH, Pallor Dm. WM. HUIIP«B«T. aupetlnundent, Uarroll f oet-OIBae. Office open on Sunday from » to 10 a. m. and from 8:80 to 4: SO p. in tfalla Bt tbe cilice olose M felpwt: flolng east: 2:W auilT 30 o'clock p. Qi. Going went: 1:30 p. m. and 1:90 o'clock p. n. STAR KOCTKS. Mt. Cirmal and Keutnor, dally. Depart* at 12m., art IVOR ut :8 p ui. Roselle, Willey And Uarrolltou. dally- Departs 7a.m., arrives 6:31) p. m. u. * N. W.Timt. ueara. •e. 1 Overland limited v-^y^JS 88 •' "' He. • DenverLooal J uSiee 6 17 aim. S o. 7 FaclSfl Kxvreee .160 p. m. o. 13 Carroll Express SSaS'2' «e.H fwtoUt, 8«8p. a*. PAMWUMI rmun *uw. Kg. t Overland limited V'iVi" 8°OU P '£ He. t Denver toottl. | SStt*j to p »! No 10 l>ei MolueH PaMonger B 00 a. m. 5«; M Height, wettflldeu MOM*.. 8 U a. m. uora OITT tiro novnxB MUMIM. a. M. Mitt. r. B'y. ••u nuiH a *u*iin«i« . o. M Freul TlUlM Mil* VgM :97p.». 7JOa.». 10*0 a. •, . ....... 10:W> p. «. AlfO fc- Monday was tbo date (or tbt> obMrvano* ot Qern»»o ditr. Uw d«l« b«»ing fa*eo poHt|x>o»d by (bo Q«r«Mii of IU» oily iu Oldwr lo d*v0 tb« o»w Qermou ojwra bout* for tbe »swoiM». Tb» wnalber wt* parfeor, torlgbi, otow «nd w»rw, autl •b«u «hi» Duion bw»a appwred at 10:30 ».m, «l»rg« crowd WM in »be oily. I'be « UoHday •ppenwuoe. The 0|wn bouso WM «I«o appropriately 4«oor«ted. Tbe Brtl on tbe program WM the baud ooooict, wbioh woe pnrtiol- Mted iu by Uie Union band o( tUie city Vilb fourteen pieeea tuidtba Willey band vitb twelve. Tbe nwalo ww lietoued to t'by (}ttlt« » good aiwd «aaieu<» and wae itppl«itded. Tbe tt»»t ou tbe *M ito»»r. Tbto in Itw bwenwiit b»U «nd w* over by tbe ladies of tbe society. Four large tables were spread aud furnished with all that was required to make a first class meal. Tbe ladies bad gratuitously provided tbe provisions for tbe tables and deserve to be complimented ou the bounteous spread they furnished. lo the afternoon the parade was given whioti was joined in by the following: Marshal on horse. Uniou Band. Ollloors in carriages. Manning Band. Germitniu Verein of Denison. Sobutzenverein of Manning. Liederkranz of Manning. Parsons Hose Co. No. 2, of Carroll. Willey Band. Turn-Verein of Carroll. Oermanio Verein ot Carroll. Tbe paritdt) wae very creditable indeed, about 800 memberi of tbe various societies at borne and abroad and three brass bands paraded tbrongb the principal etreeto of our city. All along tbe line of march tbe atreets were crowded with admiring spectators. On arriving at tbe opera bouse every available seat wee taken and standing room wee at a premium, Seated ou tbe stage were tbe following : N. Belter, Jno. Nookels, Loreuz Oonuer, Oeo. W. Korte, V. H. Steppaha, U. AU«rU«o, 0. H. Hoeft, Ed. F. Blob- mnuu find H'» Carroll Union band. N. Better, president of the association, called order and de'ivcred uu addreea in German which WM loudly appluudad, u were aleo the speeohwi made iu German by Loreuz Conner aud V. H. Sleppubo. •VVhuu Oeo. W. Korte wee introduced to '.Ite aadieaoe be received an ovation. Hie addreu wae in EuglUb aud we give a review of it below. In the evening th» opera bonee wu ugaiu crowded, not leee than BOO being preaent to lieteu to tbe musical baotion of tbe program, which was given by the Ciuroll Tarn verein, Egermeyer'o orohee- u u, Uaieug verein, ot Weal Bide, I4ed«i. kiiuic, of Manning and tbe Willey baud. Tlila program «M • genuine mueioal treat and will long be rem.uibered M the finest thing of the kind ever given in our oit). Tbe oborue of thirty vo<w>e oompoeed of the aooietiee ot Weet tii.ln aud Manning WM gr*nd and etlled forth long «ud eutbuelaetio epplaiue. One of tbe flneu tbioge ot tbe evening wae the cornet eolo bv 0. B. Egerumyer, ao- oumpaoied by Ibe orobeetra. This aeo- tiou of tbe program concluded bv H sHriesof turoiug esbibitiooe by tbe Oar- roll Turn verein iu wbiob a number of pyramids "were bnill, all greatly enjoyed by the large andieuoe, By thia time it bad begun to grow late aud tbe )rou»Ker elenieut begtui to grow impatient for tbe Itwt part ot tbe da^'e program which wue tbe grand bail An goou •» the seals opuld be moved tfce merry wowd of dancers took possession of tbe hall aud entered upon their pore of the progrum with as muob enthusiasm and real enjoyment as their older friends had theirs. Tbe receipts of tbe day's festivities uetted about $750 to the society, which will be applied by them ou the expenses ot building the new opera house which it dedicated under such favorable circumstances. Tbe day was n red letter one in the history ot Die Germunia society and will long be looked to as tbe greatest event ir the earlier days of this society. The following is »u outline of the address delivered by Oeo. W. Korte: LADIES AND GRNTLEMEN: W lion Pagan Rome was iu her zenith aud tho tyrunioal hand of Crosur was felt the world around, the people of all Europe outside of Pagan Rome, aspired to freedom. Never having heard of Christ, never having the promise which had boon given to Abraham, that vast people inhiibitinu tho entire country north of tho boundaries of Italy from tho Black Sea to the coasts of Ihe Atlantic— all ot (hut yroat people in thoeo great forcstw like the blind Ajaxof old iu tho lights, struggled to no true God, and in their darkness they builded wooden ROC!B. They made their pod sit ns n person in H tempest. They heard tho Jotmes nnd;Balder, the fair god, singing singing of the winter blasts us they came on against the summer. They thought thuuo luurinurings ot the coming storm, or the sunshine ot the summer day were individuals and persons, tmd they called thorn by the name of gods; and when the summer sun bent buck the ice aiul snow they thought liulder, the summer, htul come. It was not until eight huudrod yours utter Christ ouiuo—not until oight long centuries hud trailed their wearisome duys nnd uigltta over northern Kuro|x» that the last of thoso Gisrnmu people, uudor the gentle iultu- enoea of tho ohriatiuu priests, broko duwu ihoir wooden goda and turned tho lust grout European oouutry buck iuto (ho folds of tho otornul Christ and sot thoir fuoea towards tho liberty which our fathers have attained. Those men wore culled by tho Ro- luutiB—tho bwirburoUB uud idolatrous RowiuiB — "Wohrmon" Goruuin. AH who inhabited tho west und north of Kurojio woro culled "Wehruien." Tho grout uoutor aud north of Europe wita united "Ghormon," or German, und tho word Gorman means warrior. Over all that country, from tho Bluok Sou (u tho Atlantic, from the northern boundaries of Italy up to the polar xoue uieu were free! free! Tuoitue, writing of those people iu the time* of Augustus Ctusur, pictures IhoBmuoolmrmiteriBlios exactly, tho sumo primal, ordinal ohiiniotodatiuu whluh Uxluy run iu tho blood of overy ouo of uu. ' Tho part tuwigued to the Geruiuns iu tho gruud druiuit of European history, \vus to free tho buuutu miucl from tho Ctusuriua thruldoiu of Home and thus prepare tho wuy for the gentle wisdom of tho divine arubnssndor under which tho German has fruited at all times the marvels of self-government nnd free institutions. Even in the days of the week we remember this ancient religion of freedom which was brought to England monflban fourteen hundred years ago by the Goths. No man ran rend tho poems and maxima of any of these great Gortmiuic tribes without acknowledging' that the electric spark which first taught England to bo free, and thence America, ourao not from the aboriginal Britons, not from the Roman enslavers, but must bo sought in the prophetic imaginative and poetic childhood of tho Golhic German race. Two hundred and some odd years ago today, a company ot lowly people, thirteen families in number, was forim-d at Frankfort, Germany, for the purpose of settling on the lands of William Peuu in America. Francis Daniel Fartorius, a learned nnd energetic la\vyr,boou me the head of this German emigration movement and in company with his littlo biitxl sot sail ou tho stormy Atlantic in ilio good ship Concord. Tho Biiirit of liberty and justice burned in thu hearts of these simple people, and thoy yearned for a land that would satisfy thoir thirst. Thoy came to rlud in thin laud that liborty which first stamp" "inn as man, tho liberty of solf- govornmont. They cumo here to rlud the liberty of ftvith which was denied thorn there. They oamo to Und for thoinsolvos and their progeny u hotter homo and a happier future. Thoy brought with them u true and faithful Gorman hoart, an honest mind, u strong oourngo and a good will. They are rondy lo work und help in tho development of this country uiulits welfare aud to stand by. it in joy uud somv. In tho wildoruous of Pennsylvania, where Germuntowu now stuiids, wo see thoro at oiiue the development ot industry. Wo hear tho humming of the weaver's shuttle, the" hammering ot the furnace. We BOO at u distanuo tbo Biuoko from the chimneys ot factories. Wo sco a type foundry, u sugar relluory, u paper mill, a boor brewory, all of them the llrut ot their kiiul iu America. Thousands liuvo cemented the lie which binds us to this laud with thoir life's blood, for which aloiio wo point with right ami pride. Wo colobruto this day us American oitiisous, true and loyal to thoir own adopted oouutry, whoge gov- enuuoul we luvo, whose UvstitutiouB wo iidmiro. Can wo bo bluuuxl boouuso wo still oling to Bouie ot tho customs uud to tho luuguittfoof tho laud from whunco wooumoV Many of us liuvo torn our- Bolvou away from tho associations ot birth, f""ii tho oonuootiout* of uu ourly youth mid homo; iu it not uommeuvlublo that \vo should rotaiu an attachmont for tho laugungo in which our mothors sang tho melody in which our pools mid thoir mult) pouuod their words of \vl«- douiV Ae Curl Sohurv. has BO touch- iugly put it, "Tho position of thoOurmaii Amoricuu who hua loft his nutivo luud to sook u home iu this laud of liberty ia like a youth who has loft his mother to seek a bride. Is he less worthy of the brido because ho still loves his mother or would ho be worthy of the bride if he did not return his love for his mother." I feel proud of the demonstration made here today. \Ve have no other hope butau American hope, no other destiny but nn Ani 1 rican destiny, and we should derive increased devotion and pntrotism from our fathers' achievements on American t,oil, that wo limy add lustro and rouowu 'o this.our nation; the greatest, the grandest, the richest, Ibe proud- ost of nations—America. Did you Ever Try Eli'o'rlo Bitters us it remedy for your troublu? it uot, Ktit a buttle now aiul Ret roller. Tills medicine has been (omul to Uu peculiarly aUnpied to lilt' rcllof and cure or all toamlo com- piahit.s, exvrttitii u wondcrJul direct Iniluonce In giving strength and tone to the orKHiia. If you li.ivu losa ot appotlte, contitlputlon, beiulacho, fainting spells, or lire nervous, gleeploBs nights, excitable, imiliuiuholy or troubled with Ulzzy apt-llx, Kleotrlc Hitters U tbo inecili-lne you need. HwiHli and streugth are gunriinteed by Us use. Lnrge bottles onlr lirty cents At J. W. Button's drug store. _ 3 PAINT TUB POLES. The following wise anil seusable suggestion we clip from the Boooe News. There is uo city of onr eissa where it would do as much to beautify as right here at home. A few ot the telephone pules In this city iiru bolng pulntud. Tim lower purtluu roet'ives a uoiitiiig of black und the lu- muludur to the top in oovcrud with white paint. TUu poles are then very properly Uibli'il, "post nu bills." A clllzoii tlilK inoriiilit! sungwstml tlmt tlic uluolrto IlKht coiaputiy sliould Hliow u similar spirit of enterprise and tuar olf thu plug tobacco, 8<>l'tsoKp ami patent pill advertising tags which (It'oorate but full lo ornament tliu liolvD of this company aud covwr Hit) name with paint, and then »hoot tho tir»t man wlilm brick who agalu atU'inpt.s to tituk or psslo upilie obuoxlougglKHH. Teli'grapli, tf loplione and electric lltllil polws am not I'SHontlully thlDKHof beauty ou Hut Ntreels vvhuu allowed to grow rusty and il ih«<y beoonio an tijfsorti. I'alut up tho pol«H. It won't cunt uiiiuli anil will tuaku thu city look much Mttr, Pileal Piieal Itonlng Pllee. Syaiptoinii iiiolnturo; lnlcn«o Uohlng and itlug lug, auwtm nlglil; worite b; luratohlng. If Hi Inwrd to ooiitlmia tiiinori form. whl"li often bleed tmd ulctrMe, beuomlng «er» tor*, ttway- DO'I olutuwut »lop» tbe Itolilng and Mi-wllnn, licalt uloorutlon and In mo«l oatM nunove* tbe IUIUOM. AtUtutuHilt, orbYiutll, (or W c«nl* Dr. Swayu* A Son. I'hlladelubU. 61 W Piioaiuu ov RiUDma OHOLH, PUoufilOM...,SmR«tUv« opoolng exercise*. lUclUUuv .................. V. J. RetlouiuMlor. Itvadlng .......................... U. 11. WnllliiM. K«*ay ................................ Mao Wolfs. Dobaie~l>«l«rKlu* wUleli, Iho MaoHer, IU« warilor, tu« iUUiiuau.tBOum bavv tUe yrval- «tl part of our fralltude, T«»«b»r foe! ........................... W, A. Wairlot ............................ NuUU tox Hlawtmau ........................... Aunn Vowo ltuaUlu(, Folk J.oru, "TUo Nureuuiau ." ND twelve »enl» In imuinga stamp* to 8(1 Cor- vuiau UutlOtuH, W»*biuKtou, U. C.. aud you. f K ' . will recolvn four oopluii of KATH KIKI.D'K IHU'iun, ooulalulng Ul»tt»r ot «i*cl«l lulore.t. Vliyo imino»ui> uimrcbB, unit nay wburo you saw IUI* OITur to Awlil 1'urtuguvit. i-owN, Oct. 15.— Tbo goverumout pf tho ttoulb Afrlottu ropubllo huit olferod to uttftUt tbo Portuguoao at LourouKu Muniuvi agftiust tbo KtUUra. Tuo pro- pojed co-oiKii'utioji i» rogurdod \vUh DU.S- plolou here «a uu lufriugeuiput of •tuuruiuty. f: swKenient tnat. a cargo of Russia "barley had been sold in Milwaukee is proved to have beeu a cumml. uHHuichineuc pructedingH were btiK|iu agniust Dr. Waltt-r Kciupstcr, health commissioner of Milwaukee, because of lii« manner of handling the smallpox. John Grusendorf tried to shoot Lawyer Carroll at Clinton. la., for uhargini; him » fee of fc'OO for securing a divorce. Carroll was not hit ami Gruseudorf was arrested. The suit of Miss M-iry K. Biirtlett for I150.0UO against tho e.state of Or. \V. S. Bigelow was put, ou trial at Cambridge, Mass. She alleges he promised to murry bur duriut; Uiis lust tlluc&3. Fast Living 1 Americans. Wo new world people nrc fast livers, and In nothing Is this more «l>scrviU>|e thnn In our recklee* Irregularity us to uleep and diet. We iiltenmtely starve and gurgt) ourselves, doing eunh In tbe most Irrcgulnr nnd busljr manner, without regard to tho nutritive vine of the food consumed, or the deleterious ('fleets upon tbe lil^usUve organs or tbe terrible tusks Imposed upon them lit tbo most unsoasonable hours. It Is little wonder wo are n nation of dyspeptics, and prone to constipation, piled, etc. It Is to their effluacy as a remedy for these ailment* that Or. Hlerco's Plensnnt Pellets owe their utv paralleled popularity. Good results alwajrg follow their use ID all cases of derangement of tbe liver, stomach and bowels. In a quarrel about mitt'iR n plcco ol land, George KlliM shut uud killed bl^ brother, Clilf Kills, at Osawatomie, Kuu. Buoklen'B Arnica Salve The best lalve tn the world for Cult, Bruit**, burns, Dicers. SailRbeam, F«ver 8or*s,TetUr, Ct>»pp»d Hands, Chilblains , Oorn« and al> Bkla Eruption*, and podllvoly cures File* or •• pay required. It u guaranted to give ptrftet •klltfaodoa or money refunded, rrtoe H eoou d*rt>ox. ror*«leb J W. HaMon. - • - Woodgmou will organize a large union tills fall to take In employes of tho Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota pineries. A preliminary organization ha« bcuu AHhland, \Vi*. Husband and Wife Cured km 1 *,, Oct. t, IBM.—"! «a* cojn- plct«ljr run down aud had uo slrtnglb, no ambition and little appetite. My wife ha* IMWU at- fllcted (or | oar* wltb tick headache, and bos tried uianr kind* of medicine, but Nothing *eeui«d to do her aujr good. I family procured nvu dollar*'worth ol Hood's Sar»aparllla, and «n> brgao Uklng II. Betoie w« bad tak«n the last bottle w« w«re both oared." II. W. Strickland. Hood's I'lll* are tbe IM*| utter-dinner pill*. Hdltlinorc , ••> >liratod tiie anniversary o) tho defeat of tho UrltUli tit Korl Mclleiiry and North I'oiut In 1HH. Drouth bus led an vpidumlo of typhoid fuver through all tho upper Miami valley In Ohio. _ A Household TreiMure, U. W. k-uUtr.otCaukJobaito, M. V., *ai* ttiat buulwaj* ko»p* Dr. King'* haw Dlsuoitw Iu the house »ud hi* ra»ll» b»» alwaj* louiul tho veil be*t rwuiu follow iu UM; that be would not b« wllliout II. If uroourable, U. A. U|*eiu«,u, drug- Kill, Oataklll, N. V..»ai» that Dr. King 1 * New l)l«cov»rr I* undoubtedly the but cough rvuwlii tliat be ha* UMMI U Iu hi* Imulijr for oigbt »*ars, and It ha« never (ailed to do all that I* vlaliu«d lor It. Wbjr not trjr a wmeUf *u loug tried, aiul tested.. Trial twill** fre« at J. W. llaltou'* dim •wru. UOftular «lie booaini Jl.uo 3 IX A. Si-hnlTter, H3, editor ot two lloonr Valley Uagellv, publUh«U at Kutflo Grow, la., tlitnl u( braiu p»rrtly»l*. 11 u ivrvrd t«» term* iw deputy tjruud cullor Jf tuu Kulnhta^ot Pythuut tu : Young or middle aged weu auBwIun I uervoun deulUty, lo*> ol uimiory, pwuiuiure old , ugv. a* iherMult ol bad UablU, iboulU »KUU Id bouts Iu ttaiuii* (or IlluitraUd book ofteitiig •urv mean* to cure, **»( Moureli tealvd iu plain ! envelop". Addrw*. World '» t>li|>«usiiry Mtdl caU**Watlou, Bunio, K. Y.

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