The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 14, 1933 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1933
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT me MALVEft* LEASER, MALVEim, towA. SEPTEMBER 14 ttss S T R A H A N Honor Birthday of Mrs. Frank Johnson Mrs. Dale Laujrhlin and MM. Herbert Johnson sprang a «mr- prlse on thetr mother, Mrs. Frank Johnson, when last Thursday they invited friends to her home to help celebrate her birthday. The evening was spent In play- Ing cards, four tables being nsed, and In solving Jig saw puzzles. At a late hour home made Ice cream and cake were served Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Perry Bayes, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Pnttlgrew, Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Wederqvlst and Florence. Mr. and Mrs. J5eno Bass and Anna Rose, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Barnard, Richard, Robert. WllUan. Eunice, and Betty Lon, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bellknap. John, Oor.e, and Lois, Mr. and Mrs. Claim Jones and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Knop, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ijaughlln. Marjorle, Helen, Junior, and Donald Eugene, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Johnson and Sheila, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson. StfArtan Chafeh Notes Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Cunningham attended a convention at Northboro last Wednesday. Both had places on the program: Mrs. Cunningham as an officer ot the organization. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Angus attended a reunion Thursday of the class of 1910 of the Malvern high school of which Mrs. Angus was a member. Out of a class ot fifteen, nine were able to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Lonnle Retherford and two children left for their home at Tracy, Mo. after several days visit last week at the home of their brother, Everett Retherford. Sunday visitors at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Will Wolfe were Mr. and Mrs. Adam Olpe, Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Bass and Anna Hone, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Dye, Mr. and Mrs, Oeo. F. Salyers, W. D. Kayton, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jones, and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kayton. Mr. Wolfe's condition Is not much Improved. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Retherford accompanied by Mrs. Dan Bryan and her father, Mr. Paulson, autoed to the Jennie Edmundson hospital last Sunday to bring home Mrs. Paulson. They had taken Mrs. Paulson there the preceding Thursday where she was treated. She Is in very frail health and not much encouragement was given to the relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kayton and their gueit, Miss Dye, of Spencer, Nebr. were" over Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Carley in Carson. Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Hlllyer returned last week from -an extended visit with Mrs. Hlllyer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James, at Ames. They also attended the wedding of a brother while there. Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Bass and son, Earl, Mrs. C. H. Aroick and Adam Gipe were Tarklo, Mo, visitors last Monday. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Steele were in Omaha last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Allensworth and Kenneth were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Allensworth of Hastings. Mr. and Mrs. Dallas elites were visitors Sunday in the home of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. J, O. Burrous, at Vllllsca. Next Stinday Is the last Sunday service before the pastor goes to conference. The pastor hopes to leave for Des Molnes Snwday afternoon so It Is hope< that everyone will play fair and do thetr best for the cnnrcn finances this week as the pastor will have expenses at conference There will be several church letters to announce next Sunday and it is hoped that others will decide to begin their Christian life and be received into the church this closing Sunday. Let us all work and help to make this last service the best of the year that Is jo«t closing. The pastor is glad to state that both Strahan and Climax church have been awarded the certificate of Merit A that is given hy the Rural Life Commission of the church In cooperation with the Department of Agriculture and Iowa State college In recognition of the program and service of the church In the community life. This Is the third year that the pastor has been given such recognition and he is glad to have the churches of the charge given such recognition and It should be an encouragement for succeeding years work. J. A. E. Cunningham, pastor. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Belknap, Gene, John, and Lois, and Mr. and Mrs. Claire Jones and baby were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Billy McCain have been staying at the homo of tholr children, Mr. and Mrs. Harold McCain, while the lattnr have been visiting relatives at Fort Liipton and other Colorado cities. They are returning home today and their mother, Mrs. Billy McCain, and Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert McCain are going to Omaha to meet the train and bring them home. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Laughlin and family and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Johnson and Sheila returned Sunday from a week end visit with their brother, Carl Johnson, and wife, at Seymour. The mining situation there remains unchanged, no settlement being effected between miners and operators but has spread until it is affecting mines at Piano, Mystic, and Centervllle, Mr. and Mrs, Dallas elites took their sister, Mrs. Pearl Nlday, to lown-Citjr last Wednesday where she will undergo an operation for hernia. Enroute there they were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Martin at Keota. Mr. and Mrs. Will Bradley are enjoying a visit from Dr. and Mrs. G, A. Abbott and son of Baltimore, Md. On Friday they with their guesta autoed to Atlantic for an over night visit at the home of their sister, Mrs. Odem, aud on Sunday they went to Cedar Falls taking Lillian Bradley who enters college there. They returned home Tuesday and Dr. and Mrs. Abbott will return to Baltimore Thursday. Miss Letty Bradley returns to Ames on the 22nd of this month to resume her studies. Mrs. Bradley and Mrs. Abbott are sisters and this has been a very enjoyable time for them. Public SALE! in the Malvern Sale Barn SATURDAY, Sept. 16 commencing at one o'clock p, m. Don't forget that this is a regular weekly ThU Saturday ws W JU CATTLE t*p«st t* hay* *0m f MJU* COWS And CALVES, HOGS There will bs tame pig* and may be wme }«r ge LUMBER nice let of nttive lw»btr. MISCELLANEOUS FURNITURE - FRUITS w VEGETABLES ami « iot of otb»r a/UslM not y»i U*t»d, em» l» U» Mttat Km% m*\ yw*r fri*AtUOM^ -WttUwftytlumiwrtajufftoMU&M Oeo> Curtis and son, Lewett went to Sidney ttrentfiy wft they are having dental wort done. Lowell expects to return t school at the traiversfty of Ouwt ha again this year. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Amic* of Henderson were weefc-end rtsft ors at the home of Mr. atrd Mrs Chas. Glpe. Mrs. E. O. Wederqvlst, Florence Doris, and Mrs. Frank Johnson visited (riends in Emerson last Wednesday. Miss Myrtle Achenbaeh and brother. Oliver, were Sunday dinner guests in the home of their sister, Mrs. Paul Klmsey, in Shenandoah. Miss Kitty Lumley, of Chicago 1 , pictured above in traditional Welsh costume. Now that so many gasoline stations are dispensing beer they ran advertise as "Oiling stations for man and machine." There Is a farmer In Iowa whose voice is said to carry eight miles. He ought to run for the Naturally the slipperiest one of tlirm all seems to be the oil 'ode. CLASSIFIED ADS Hundreds of Mills. Countl- ans read the Want Ads each week. RATES Per line, each issue _Gc An additional service charge ot 2Bc will be made for each blind ad which must be answered at The Leader office. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE Complete Abstract of Title rec- orda for each, piece of, pro Mills County. Mills County Abstract Co. (Member of the American Title Assn. and Iowa Title Assn.) Glen wood, Iowa. 48tf. THAT'S STRUTS PARIS AT A CENTURY ttgtaaiBt off gi*nt tt th* can* f ft ttst njorfet Wotnen, who tetM trp 0>* Imtt of th» "stadeiits*** Ufa* VA 19 to draw tn*»t* In tfrtsy poirf, ^«WP« fatf^A Ceft* the Stdf*iffittteMaftd »„„. tnote spofc^ than ift the Streets &f P6fis. h> endless procession stgntMer* ftoct ftrto the grwit caatft* Hner that Is td spirit them, ftgtifftttvelj. to the tend «f romance a few of them hate *een and an want to tee. Boom I th* whlstfc Masts its deep, irresistible trftanme, and tft they eome. Up the ganjfpTank—by th* hnndfHfe, hy the thousands. fhey cmme for a World's Fair, but they won't go home without teeing Purls. City of gaiety, anclwit, eveJ-new, happy and tragic, brilliant, shadowed. As bright as It's painted? they mean to find out Boo-o-o-ml tfp the compfthlonway, through the hatch Into Paris. 6t*ln* In Profusion. By the hundreds, the thousands. Laughing, Mine knowingly, sotne to hide tremors. Sophisticates are interested, the naive feign boredom. Flower-girls greet them; cigarette-girls, with shapely legs twinkling In sheerest chiffon. Boo-o-o-ml They're in Paris 1 There's Harry's New torts Bar. Beer has come back with a vengeance tt never left Paris. Stein? en the bar, and steins on the tables. Steins in the air, foam dripping In Jewell. Barmaids in sweat' ers, short skirts and berets. A trio, with voices forgotten, but spirits undying, grinds out the songs us the customers name them. A pale piano player cocks a brown derby, a limp cigarette almost burns his . . • Into the street again. Shops with-1 rat number cry oat their wares., Silhouettes while you wait! French" dons that squirm with exuberant. gyrations I Carlos, novelties, "direct from Ifontmarte" I Ufa All B« Artlttsl The Oafe de la Pair, a huge amphitheater, seething with motion. sweBj with the laughter of diners and dancers. Spotlights and floodlights, choruses, waiters flit through tfcf «*? f»*r, intimate, Jeatof o** am*,** , into * fc Rstnnd*. A M* tmt »t _, W«rt? *f itowt "cWony of frtHJMtt! Step "wide I ftfre* swfl ftotWng lik« tit tMtte 'Urtttetttea tttff «<* the* feiYWfe Stsfr gd in fortify, ttittrn Uttgnlnf A French sailor stops to chat with the cigarette girl at ths Streets of Paris, the playground of A Century of Progress—The Chicago's World's Fair, toft! fhese are the nvjdelst" "t* Belfe rt Boll BoftMntt Wake her ttpl 8e« her fon ottt of bed, this beautiful red-Dead! Three balls for 16 cents, the thrill of i lifetime!" Fortune-tellers, palm readers, Mystics, fakirs and renders pitch their shrill voices to Mse over the clamor of general commotion. to the Red Ifili cafe an shop. girls and working-men swaying in rhythm with celebrities and high* brow*, ned-checkered tablecloth! cover the tables. The atmosphere it pregnant with the blatant noise ot orchestral torch-music. , A M«rry.Qo-Round Bar, the avenue deposits its hundreds of funmakers on a boardwalk along Lake Michigan. Under the moon it might be a promenade on the banks of the Heine. A merry-go-round bar slowly revolves with its load of humanity, thirsty and noisy. Ail streets lead eventually back to the Cafe de la Palz, where divers, bathed in white floodlight, , cleave the night In double jack* knives and graceful swans, expertly breaking the waters of the pool i raid the dining tables. Boo-o-o-ml * The whistle reminds World's •.•'alt sightseers that time still goes on, even in a mythical Paris I Boo-o-o-mt Still they pour IB, by the hundred*, the thousand*, They have to see Paris I Fair Weather MISCELLANEOUS A Fine Piano for sale cheap. Phone 47, Emerson, Iowa. 9-1, Dead Animals — Call Art Jenkins, Phone 39, Emerson, or City Meat Market, 58, Malvern. Itf. Ramsay Rendering Co., Shen. andoah, phone 623. Reverse long distance charges to us. Let us haul your dead animals. Call for one hog appreciated. Fresh tank- age for sale at all times. 51-tf. SEEPS AND FEEDS For Sale; Alfalfa in stack. Inquire of M. T, Davis, Malvern,8-8 HELP WANTED A BUSINESS with no investment is open for some bustler in MILLS County. Car, good common sense and willingness to work only requirements. Write S, F. Saker & Co., Keokuk, Jpwa, 8-4. Progress—the "' ] Pair-^beHavpUnetheroipineter' tower is one of the most popular rendevouz of the Pair. Located on a grassy eminence over* looking the lagoon, it !s a logical meeting place for Fair visi- - tors. In addition to these meet* ings, scores of telephone calls are received at the tower daily from persons seeking friends. LOST AND FOUND Kstray Hog — Taken up at my place west of Malvern in August. Black Sow. weight about 300 pounds. Owner may have same by paying advertising and expense. — W. C. Van Qredel. 8-3. FOB RIOT JKuria*»ie<l Pfeoae for rent «•* 94. JHter ««)*»» Modern b.puse. -^ I-, tt/gecfcwjth. ' 9tf. fteut^ House, m,o4ern efr cept feejBi.^-j, H. BeejEwlth. Stf. good. Call Lauais, Phone U6-R8. III. 8 Breeding. l«8«V» ftJrdMI or nun! fl^^fl B--^, '!- ^igg&glK-i. _ » , 'i, * * t- -/•; i <lj?.^ljk<3 ^^.-r^^^P^ -#u*ak.,<. > Vs,. COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS OFFICE OF THE COUNTY AUDITOR Mills County, Qlenwood, Iowa, September 1, 1935.! On tw» tbe~l«t day of September,•jsss.itbe Board-of fitjper ^tiAHtTOtjISthjMtb^lM* ' ww ^ f ^ tB ^g.^« s ,»^«^« s ^^-'f--'*^-^'*-««^ 'pr2 the me&cYCoari'oTthe^QoT^ approved.* ' , s '' • '. -'r ' . > " \ "•< ' * it« *"*- ''^^ The official bond of Amy Hammers, county superintendent- schools was approved. v . ' • " The salary of the county superintendent of schools was set the rate of $1700 per year, from September 1st until January 1, 19341 eienwood, Iowa, September 1, 1938] The B6ard of Supervisors of Mills County, Iowa, met pursuant to adjournment in regular session. ' 1 The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, and the roll being called, there were present; W. E. Agan, Chairman, In the chair] and the following named Supervisors; Guy Breeding .• and 0. R] Hyde. Absent; None. < I Matters were discussed relating to the existing and outstandi ing Indebtedness of the county evidenced by warrants issued against] tbe Poor Fund. Whereupon, Supervisor Asan introduced and eausj ed to be read the resolution hereto attached-; entitled "Resolution to fix a date fpr the initiation of proceedings for tbe issuance of $18,000 Funding Bonds'of Mills County, Iowa," and moved ita adopi tlon;. seconded by Supervisor Breeding; and, after due consideration thereof by tbe Board, the.Chairman put tbe question, and upon tbi roll being called, tbe following members voted; Aye: Agan, Bree4l tug and-Hyde, Nays; None, • • 1 Wbereupon tbe Chairman declared tbe resolution duly adopted! /,,,•- , - RESOLUTION ' * - * to Ox ft data fpr the inittotion of proceeOJnjts fpr the issu, „ auce of tlft.O@Q Funding Bonds in Will* County. IOWA. «• WHBRSAS, Tbe £aard of SuBerviBora of Mills County, Jowa| did heretofore and prior to September 1, 193$, Incur indebtedness; and-iBswe tbe warrants of 'said,cc,unty In evidence thereof in tbe amouat-9f $18,000, representing expenditures for tbe support of paor nersgn.8, as defined In Chapter g87 Qf tbe,Code of lows, aj: nil ^twWcb baa beea slnps tbe .date pforej^td, outstanding, unn -zAiint t*r\A ? . ' '^z J-., J - . , $601-5 *r» gft |jnsd8*«y«|IaWt tg paf.sajd to tba aroQunt.of $18 t OOO and }t is proposed to issue, funding said CQjjnty,in,tbe e p|Jnrfpal »inpnn$ olJU^Op for tbe • is to Jake action for tbft lisusnee of .said

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