Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 27, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 27, 1933
Page 2
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r^km TWO ,\ nVM)tN(i <M03llI':it. ',- I liiitl II t'liiiUior who iTtid lt> m« of pliiaci; who wioiinifewl llm (.;Lllltl•.^(:^ clulclu'd in tlu-lr yollow '•' .stowed in the hold bi>- rlontli I li.-iil a niollior wlio road me lays . OS fuiciont, .'iiid gallant and golden days: F^roiiu;; o£ Maiinion and Ivanhoe, •' W'liicli every 'boy had a right to know. - • T hnd a mother v.'ho read me the talcs Of Geiert. that hound of the hills of Ti-uc It) Iits (rust till his tragic death. FnilhiuInRK.': blent with his final breath. I had a mother who read ine things , Thai wholesome life to the boy heart briiiL'.s— :. SidrieK ihitt .stir with an upward teiK .'h'. Oil, tlivi each mother of boys were - ^il!cl;l! Von iiT.iy have tangible wealth untold: • CivV-eh; I)!' .jewels and coffers of gold. RK '!;> .• t!!;;n I you Can never be— i T h;iri A mot Mr wjio read to me. —Strickland Gillian. .>!!•. I.cMni.m Ijitertains •- .\t Dinner '• .Mr., Alic-o Nell Lcwman enter•• :iL rfiriTvr last evening. Miss I fill!-. oi:vr. Miss Julia Ann Livjng- .; ;;liin, LiUTi'nie. and Mes.srs. .Charles . 5'-i ;ir Crater, and Clarence • f.'Ooiiej'• of Nrode .sha. . lol:i'.Mii';ir Club to Present l{IIS -fan ;in(! Tolish Program •Jlie .'iciive ;ni ,'inbe;-s of the lola : Mil,'-;.- 1 Iiib will inx-sent the last reg- • uhir ciiili i)ro!';-arn of the .season • 'I"];-:/! ,.v i:!le.r:Kinn in the Baptist '•• T. ui;,!!". A lj\i:,ii->.er,s meotinij: for ac, U'.~ inenili'r,'.- i,s called for 2;lo at • V,i.iiiT' linnl i)lans will be marie !. ill,,- .'.r-riiic luncheon. April 11. ; All ne.nulievs are urged to attend. • Tile K.-lnwir.t' Ru -ssian and Polish ,•••1... I) •,•11! i);r,wnted at 3:15: : Piiipal: ' !,\vo \)kini)si Moussorgsky M:,v. Flo;i-uk-e Hobart. Mrs. Ed pijjiforth. .': A'.S'll ,'iui.- MacDowell' K;u!iliili:r3eni: , Roff Mr:^ E, N, Phillips. Tliou Ai-; I-il:e a Flower. Rubinstein Mr.s. W. Clino. Chan!, a-.rns .Pa.-oles,, .T .schaikowsky Mrs, Barney Miller Trunibi.;,' Sijlo. Nocturne Op. 9. No, 2 Chopin • Dean Brooks 7 ^:.sii::;, i>y ~ PUTCell : SpnnK V.'ill neuiiii "With-, YOU > Gei^frey-O'Hara Iden';; Quartet, Inipjompr,;! in A Flat '....Chopin! MVS. E. N. Phillips ; To I be Children Rach-Tianinoff ^ ."vl;-;: J''i-ed Bergman Two i;, atlinss ..,,- .... Selected Mk. Mastin. Vai: e cl,'. Concert Wieniawskl ' Troika Tschaikowsky JMr.s. U. S. Brooks ' To Spriu:-',' Grieg Ladie.s' Three Part Chorus • Trepal: lUvo ijianos). .Tschaikowsky Miss Hobart. Mrs. Danlorth Mr^;, Ed Danforth. Mrs. Fred • BcrKTiian. Miss Laura Benson, Miss Oenr'jde Leilzbach, assisted by Mrs. ; H, M. Palmer. Mrs. J. j: Mittelbach. • Mi?;s Clara Foust and' Mrs. Frank Len .ski will serve, tea. jVIomenU Miulc Club liUKfiiCNM Afeellnc The rcgiilur biutlncss meeting, for active member* only, of the Mo- meiiUi Music club will be lield Tucs- duy utlernoon at 2:30 In the home of Mrs. R. M, Worthlngton. 22* South Cottonwood. The assisting hostesses will be Mrs. E. V. Wor- kJiam, Mrs. Ralph Stover, and Miss Celeste Griffith. <. ^ « Miss Margaret Trombold Entertains Bridge Club The We Signa Phi Nothing bridge club inet aX the home of Miss Margaret Tropiboid Saturday evening, March 25."The high score was won by Miss Almarie Kinser. Refreshments were served to one guest, Miss Nerlne Kinser, ailid the following members: Misses Berdine Wheeler, Mary Catherine May. Charlotte Thompson, Zeta Van Hoozer. Jessie Belle Allen. Almarie Kinser. •:• <• • McDonald-Funk Mr. and Mrs. Don McDonald BartlesvUle. announce the marriage of their daughter, Mary Janet, to Larry Funk, New York City. Mrs, Punk is well known in lola having visited here a number of times as the guest of her aunt, Mi-s. G. E. Pendarvis, and family. For the past year Mrs. Funk has been on tour with a troup of Fanchon Marco dancers of Hollywood. She met Mi% Punk when playing Cleveland. Mr. Funk is the owner and leader of "Tlie Band of a Thousand Melodies," which played an engagement at the Hotel Bellrleve in iKansas City last month. Mr. and Mrs. Fimk wllMeave for New York about the first of May. <. <• • Friijnds Surprise Mrs. Grimm on Birthday A group of Mrs. Henry Grimm's friends went to her home Friday to surprise her and help celebrate her birthday. Each lady took a covered and at noon a luncheon was served. Tiie ladies siJent the day quilting and embroidering quilt blocks and the men played card games. Ivan Curtis was declared the champion card player. The friends who went to Miis. Grimm's home were: Mesdames Oscar WUcoxson, Chester Wilcoxson. Russell Bayer, M. E. DCnning, Ivan Curtis. WUI Thayer, George Estep, Virgil Estep, Elmer Baker, Emmett Belknap, Elmer Belknap. Fred Cleaver, Arthur Howell. Ed Pitzpatrick, Don Bamett, Glen Cleaver; Misses Lena Bedenbender, Mattie Christy, Hazel Wallace,'Letha Troutwlne. Vera Cleaver; children, Betty Estep. Donald Baker, Herman Oscar Wilcoxson, Leslie Wayne Bamett; and Messrs. Ivan CurtLs .Will Thayer. Oscar Wil- co.xson. Henry Grimm, and Glen Cleaver. ;tHE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVEWd. MARCH 27. 1933. lOLA. KANSAS I It's th^ FJoatjing Fire Brigade! PRAIRIE UNION Mar. 22.—The H. O. A. club met with Mrs. Belvoir Tuesday, March 14 and quilted a quilt for the hostess. Mr, and Mrs. George James were callei-s at N. T. Strickler's Friday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin. Francis and Marie visited at the Belvoir home Wednesday evening. Mrj/mnd Mrs. Harry Dunlap and MabelTIrene spent Saturday evening at Heinricks. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Herrlck, Dixie La June, and Dorothea McDown spent Thursday at Harry Skinner's in lola. Pauline and Howard Belvoir spent Monday evening at C. Heinlein's. Str. and Mi-s. F. A. Herrlck, Dixie 1 Thi> ijrst woiKii" to bo iiji))()iiiriMi lu llle U. !•!, Iife!l|(Ieiltl,'il . riilijllet. 7 J'liiulli); Jim- ehlii.y,- M Dliidtbiillvcly. Vonnft !;alni()rt. UlTo mi lie. ;|l.sKiill tit love. • 3.0 Diiait'ir. ' :o LonK.winceil iiiariite bird. ;! 22fieUl, 2S Slaa(l;\rd type iiicafairc, ' 2", To J.KT. ^ 20 Jloriiiilln dye. ; 27 Stream barri- , cade.: • fl .l LiKlit brown. An,Mver <o IVcvlouD Puzzle [ittdle. e used bhooter. •.!0To h 213\Jarbi as a ?.2 Ch-un^ ni To stitch. Tntter. 37 Reign. 40 ."Measure of area. 41 Poi.soii of a ilia ^^onss ammm epical events, swashed lightly. 4 Cognizance. 5 Frosts. 6 Slender parts of Jwttles. .S Feebler. 9 Pertaining to -wings. lO.Mesli of lace. 11 Not •well. 12 Tb tear. . 1.-5 Lurks. 17 Slight coloring. 18 LaU word of a prayer. j 43 You. 44 Part of a lock. 4(i Manages. 45 Embryo bird. 50 Containing drupelets. 52 AVinged shoes of mercury, C4To strip. 55 Insurgents. 5G Sandy. 57Remunera- " tions. VERTICAL ITo calm. ' 2 Series of 21 Ynnl«tlrk. 21 Mother (Lftlln), •2(1 To xdotlie, .:2«Hiomntti of ft lilnl, ,10 Nomliinl Vfilii<«, ;i'.lWh(*vi> U \A\\k\\ LOIIIMC , fnmnuM (oiirlnt'reHori'.' 34 People con- <iucred by Home. S.! Portentous. SGTUbo of a Bland. 35 One who scoffs. 3!) Sugar-cane residue. 41 Holding devices. 42 To gaze lixcrtl.v. 4^ Maple shrub. 46 Flightless bird. 47 Killed. 49 To overlay with gold. 51 Convent worker. 53St<'iped fabric. Just because the flood drove them and their engines out of the fire-houses. Cmcinnati's firemen didn't concentrate oa checker^ and pinochle. themselves flatboats, loaded up with fire- extinguishers, pumps and iadddrs, {(hd established a patrol. Here's a squadron embarking for the day's work. They reacued many marooned residents. La Jime and Miss Dorothea Mc:Dov.'n left this morning (Wednesday) for Davidson, OkJa. IVIr. Claude Strickler called at N. T. Strlckler's Friday. Mary Heinlein, Mfs. Dunlap, Pauline, Lois and Wllna Heinrick visited school Thursday altemoon. Mr. and Mrs. Avery Wilmoth and son were callers at Belvoirs Thursday. Mrs. Hoglund called on Mrs. N. T. Strickler Thursday. Sunday visitors at Belvoirs wore Hany Klngsley. Bernard Nolau, Burton Barron, Bill Lathem, EJdward and JUn Nolan. Miss Ousts James and Mickey Caddell spent Thursday evening at Heinricks. Miss Nola Strickler spent Thursday night with her sister, Mrs. V. J. Hester and family. Dr. Frank McVeigh spent Tuesday night at N. T. Strickler's. Mr. and •Mrs. V. J. Hester, Wanda and Howard were evening callers. Ross Jiendrix called at Avery Wilmoth's Prlriay. PRAIRIE CHAPEL Mar. 21.—Mr. Wash Allen is moving oh the Booer farm. Harold and Charles Maxwell and their sister Mrs. L. D. .Mattocks were lola \-lsitors Saturday afternoon. Mr. Curtis Robb has been on the sick list but is better at present. The .farmers are all busy with their farm work. Oats arc all so'wed aiicl some are sowing flax, others plowing. . Mr.--Maxwell and family .visiteti Surday afternoon at L. D, Mattocks. Mr. -Robert Harris lielped B. H. Bacon, tlx his disk lAonda:?. Miss Hazel La Eue visited Sunday afternoon -with Miss Eunice Da - vis. , Mr. B. H. Bacon sold a younfr horse Monday to a man from Humboldt. Dale Jones took dinner Sunday with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Maxwell. Mr, G. H. Bacon was calling in this neighborhood Friday. Mrs. J. A. Mattocks and Clara visited Thursday with Mrs. J. W. Mc?arland and family. Mrs. McFarland still remains quite poorly. Aunt Kate Smith spent Friday with Mrs. Maxwell: Mrs. Minnie Renner and son Preston of Hutchinson, spent Saturday afternoon and Saturday nlgh<; with her sister, Mrs. C. F. Maxwell and family. Sunday morning Mrs. Rennor and Preston and Mrs. Atex- •Rell wont to Rich Hill, Mo„ to sco ER MARY'S BY SlSl'ER MARY ,M-; \ Servlcr M;ril«-r •ry^TODEUX liousewives alwiiy.s ;in; on llle lookout for ".SDiiietliin^' different" for salads and saljid combination:,. Salail dro.ssii)B.>i. loo, are iuipi)rl;ii),t f;ie(or.s iji .xnljul niakiiiK "Ud receive their .'^liine of attPiitioii. An unusual ilressiiiR is made with toinalu pulp. It is very eheai) asid very wood and will keep in-' deliullely if (itoreil in a jar in the ie..'l)(i.\. Wliil.. it is Kood with all kinds of .'ialads. it's piirtieulnrly in- viiiui; with KWeel piitalii and ])iiie- apple ."^alad. 'l'oiii:il<i .Salad Uressiu;; Tv.-ii t.-ilile.<p<i<)iis liiiltcr. tablespoons flour, teaspoon s;ill, 2 table,'<poo!i.s siinar, 'j tea.opfxin dry mii.sliird, 2 le;isprtoii,s mild paprika, 1 cup sifleil tomalii pulp. 2 lable- sp(>ii!i,>; vine;;ar or leniou > jiiice, i Mi.\ and sift (lour, .suijur. salt, iiiuslanl aiKt paprika. .Mell Initter ill a .siuootli saucepan and stir in dry-iuKredieuts. Cook and slir until hubbliiiK. To make tomato pulp, rub eanuril loiniitoes t)ir<>u;.'li a line col.-indci- 1(. T'lnovi' .-^eeds, but be sure to fori e tliroumli all the pul|) to make il at thick a.s .jjo.ssible. .>Slir into butirr and Hour ini.Miire. <'ook and stir until ml.\tiire boils. Add vine;;;!!- or lemon juice and briny to ll|ie lioilini;- point. Keiiiove from (ire -iiid .stir in cK.u sli^luiy Ih'al'ii, .SiM'ct I'ol.ilo and I'iiieappie .Salad One .-ind oue-fouilli cups di'-c'd swcei • piiiaii.e .s. 1 cuiis diced piiieapiili'. L' lable-slioons iiiiiici.'d .s .-ilird .iiiiio.'id.'^, •_. cup iiiiuced .eel- c-r.v. cnii ,^irt--etl[lt.'d .:;rccu pepper. Tile swe,..| polaloes arc e(i',iUii! .•will cliilleil before dicin,!;. IJr^iIe mils or iiiii lliroii!;M nut ^;rindcr. -"••niliiiic- all llle iiif;redicnls uitli loiuato dre.s,<;i))K and terre on slireilded leaf Iplttico. If one and one-fourth cups diced {chiekeii. veal or shrimp are added, tills inak(,>s a splendid hearty salad for a hrid;;e luuelioon. Toiiiato-diriiperniit and Stuffed <'i'lei-j- Salmi' llot-liiiuse tomatoes arc in thuir prime at this time of year. They !-aic remarkably thin skiitncd and jsvell llaviucd iiiid add an appoiiz- j iii^ l)il of color to many n ifalad. Tomorrow 's Menu lilJEAKFAHT: WiucHap apples, cereal cooked with rai- .••in.s. cream. Kreneli omelet, crisp, milk, coffee. LfNCIlEO.N; Sau.saKe (akes on eornbread. salad of uii.xed greens with tomato dressinj;. .Scotcli sliorlbrcad, canned red r;ispberrics, milk, lea. DI.WVKU: Ihai.sed halibut steak, slioestring potatoes, ireaiiieil .Jerusalem a r t i ' chokes. tomalo-Kraiiofruit and siulied celer.v salad, cup rakes lillcl Willi sirawbcrry fluff, nilli;. cnffee. One ,i:rapefruit. 2 medium sizi-d loni.iioe::. :.' lahlespooiis cream cheese. 2 laldespooii-s .stuffed olives. ;cnil>'r blades of eck-r.v. ! I'lcl grapefruit and separate pulp into se, lions'. discardinK-iiU .seeds ami ibiii loniiccijn;; tissues. Chill. .Mi\ chee,;,. anil finely elioppeil ,^iulied olives aiul !iU celeiv blades Willi iiii.Mili 1', Cut iu half inch leaylle--, !',TI .-IIKI slice lomatoes. Air;iii-.;c \ueparcil I'ruli and vcsela- liU's ivii liearis of lieail leltiu'e and .-crvc Willi Kiencli dre.'TSiii.^-. .Vvociilo,; are delicious used hi Iliac,, of ihe Krajiefriiit in llii.s salad their mother and grandmother Mrs. Tipton. ! Open Circle clubs tnet at the home of Mrs Kate Cook Wednesday with Mrs. Lola Mattocks as- slstins hostess. Response to roll call v/as telling a Joke. Tlie member:; quiltPd for Mrs. Cook. Refreshments of jjiretsed chicken sandwlch- ; es. angel food and devil's food cake, peaches and whipped cream and coffee were served to. Lata Stager. Florence Ford. Ruth Ford and chil- drci;, Anna Isaac, Ora Wood and Pegry, Fannie Wood, Opal La'Rue, Olive Yocum and Sl^rley, Myrtle M.ittocks, Clnra Mattocks, Mary Wood, Lulu Wood and Abblc Sloat.. •t B51CAUSE OF TEOUffiLE IN mwAhumwm miDQE SCOEE vm TALI.Y. ALL "THE PEHpCT BRIDGE SCORER" ^R SALE AT J. .C. Pemiey Company Scarborough |Bros. Drug- Store Coolc's Drug jStore R^iQsay'js Dry GoodsGo. BiHwn'S Urug Store k4a Oaily iR^ister NEWSOFUHABPE »Um Warite Oreen Ulna Fimt ^J>la«(t in Pftpalitrity ContcNt'Held in L»1tar|ic. LAHARPB. KOD.. Mar. 2S.— RtilpU BArtcer made btwineu -trtt> to YatdR Corner PYldoy morning and vliiltcd relatives In loltt Friday att- enioen. ,Misa Pauline Roedol, lola. is spending the week-end at her home iiouth 6f tnHappe with her parents and lapnlly. - •. Jim Majors, KaAsas City, reprc- w^iltatiVe of the Kansas City Wholesale ;^ouae, was ,ln town calling on business friends Friday afternoon. J. W. Bscannon who has been ill the itast few days is able to be back at his work. The klndorgarten imder the direction of Mrs. Wllma Knepp honored one of it^ members. Aivin .g:nepp, pn his sixth birthday, Friday. A birthday cake was presented to Alvln. Refreidiments were served to the' following: Richard Ransppi, Elmer Ray Bartlett, Shirley Anderson, Virginia Johnson, Marilyn Bryan and the honor guest, Alvln Knepp. Guests attending the LaHarpe .high ischool chapel program Friday morning •were: 'Mt^ Ralph Barker, Miss Wanda Green. Elarl Smith and LaixTence Means. The porgram was as follows: a reading. "Counting Eggs," Jeiines Clark; a vocal solo, "Before You Come," Dwight; a vocal solo, "The Trumpeter," Emery Barker; a talk on athletics, Victor Paddock; a reading. "Over the Bannister," Ruby Youhg; a vocal solo, "Before you Come," James Alumbaugh; a reading, "Fast Life," Clifford Wicklund; a vocal duet, "Lonesome Road" and "Give a Man a Horse He Can Ride," Everett Rose and Freddie Whlttiker. Supt. J. H. Culbertson congratulated the contestants in the forensic contest held at Bronson last week. A pep meeting was then held for the coming track meet. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Gregory were in lola on business Friday and visited relatives. Mr. Pense and Ray Anderson. Topeka, were In LaHarpe attending to gas interest Friday. The Limes rig is being moved to the old Nash farm across the road from its location now. Mrs. Pearl Sallee, lola, was in town calling on friends Friday afternoon. iMrs. W. R. Dougherty should have toeen included among those present at the. Twentieth Century chib meeting Wednesday afternoon. The delivery horse belonging to Guy Tredway, proprietor of Tredway's feed store, died the first of the week at the age of 33 years. The horfee was quite well known to everj'- onc in LaHarpe. To correct the error in Thursday evenhig's paper: Raymond Sterling received first place in boy's ex- temp siiesiking at Bronson instead of Arch Sterling. Miss Leila Ruth Oliver and Miss Nell Lcwman were all night guests Friday of Miss Lewman's cousin. Miss Julia Livingston. In the popularity contest that was held this week by the Netro players Miss Wanda Green won- the first place and received a diamond Held ill theft of $500,000 Jewels Do &ens ot Jewel ibetts In Boeijety'a wlDteir playground were .reported to have been solved and ifiOQ.OOO worth ot ]8wels recovered tirhea police arrested Harry Sldmor (above), 88, of New TtnH, 'In Miami Beach. Fla. Anieog' the loot were $81,000 wortli «{ l^ema stolen, from Grace i^oott, tba operatic singer, and (80,000 worth belonging to Mrs. Bertba Qlimby Keller, ot Mew York. StdmorJMld he caly robbed the rich »nd:tbat 20 persdoB ilepeoded on Iilni tot their ll?«l^oo4. ^ ring. Miss Leona Heathman placed second. Miss Edith Turley, TMrd, and Mrs. Victor Paddock, fourth. The Netro company left Friday for Elsmore where they will play hekl week. • Charles Hatton left today to spend the week-end in Kansas City with friends. Mr. Collins, Fort Scott, -was in town on business Friday morning. I REAL ESTA're I'SANSPEffiS | I (Prom the Office of The lop ( I Abstract Cg., 108 W. Jackson) | « . : . March 25, 1933. Anna Kennedy,/a widow to Paul Kennedy, lots 9 and 10. block: 23, Moran City, $1.00, G. R. Gard and Katie Gai-d. his wife to Sam_Lower. W. »,i of NW. \i of 28-25-19. Sl.OO. Alfred O. Moffitt arid Grace G. Moffitt. his wife to A. R. Sleeper, lot 10. block 11, City of lola, -Kas., Sl.OO. City of lola to State of Kansas, a tract of land lying in part of the SW. Vi of 27-24-18, beg. at a point on the south line 338.8 feet East of the SW. comer of said section, containing .16 of an acre, more or less, exclusive of the existing highway, also a tract of land lying In part of the NW.) ',4 of 34-24-18, beg. at a point on the North line 57,6 feet West of the NE. comer of said section, containing .42 of an acre.'njore or less, exclusive of the existing highway, $2.00. (Answers wfil be [found on Paee 5) ilEDDO Mar. 20!—T'here was a good attendance at" Sunday school Sunday. We are planing to hold services for a week before Easter. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Shiglcy spent Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Arthtir jaCkson and family of Hiim- ildt. :rs. John Thomas i.s on the sick list. Mrs. Fisher was a dinner guest at the Charles- Schulze home Sunc Mr. Homer Lash received the sal news that his brother Who lives in Arkansas aied last week. Mr. and -Mrs. John Thompson. Mrs. Dixon and Claude, and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Thompson spent Sunday at the "Homer Lash home. Mrs. Ralph Marvin j»nd children. MIS. W. L . Shlgley and Miss Pearl Shigley attended the Pairvlew Com- rounity Aid at Mrs. Bob Smith's Wednesday. Grandma Shigley returned honv> Wednesday after spending the past three weeks with her sister who fell and broke her arm. She Ls slowly Ipiprovlng. A group of relatives and friends withered at the home of Lester Scantlin Saturday evening to re- irilnd Mrs. Scantlin of her birthday. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Jbhn Thompson, Mrs. Dixon and dlaude, Mr. and*Irs. Leo Thompson, Mrs. Huber and two sons. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Dick and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Conover and .son of lola. =Mr. and Mrs. Rose Lavcr and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Crause oi LaHarpe spent Sunday at the Will Roush home. ,Mr. and Mrs. D. Wilmoth and son of Colony spent Simday with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mar^nn and children. CflNSIlPATJSi) 30 YEARSi, JUDEIi jy OlD REMM "For thirty years I had -constipation. Souring food from stomach choked me. Since taking Adlerike I am a hew person. Constipation is. a thing of the past."—Alice Burns.—Wallar's Palace Drug Stores

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