The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 14, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1933
Page 7
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PAGE SEV£N HASTINGS M». R*«* Bttttete ed tfce havttf * 42 p«ttpt* eteftiaf Konre Jtrs. Httyfieft ClatTt ftrt<J t«r, Ltfttatt*. spe*t Strifday fa tfce Irs MnteWHgs nswe at Maltern. loon Spanger and Son, itftfc, of visited in the faent tint*. Mrs. halt **rs. . Ralph M***«MS irefe omaha visitors . Walter Hnnt and family antoed to OWttf B«a«iay and Suttdafr where tne? fitted relatives. Her parents, Mr. «** Mrs. Rile Richardson* r«ttirned home with them for a te» days visit, They alw attended « Richardson and Hunt family renniou at darlnda da Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Otd who have been in Nebraska visited relatives here this week. They will return to Nebraska Saturday. Gladys Hoffman and daughter*, Ramona, of Vlllts«a are visiting her sister, Mrs. Vic Cromwell. Charley Parks and family of Malvetti visited in the Clarence Smith home Sunday. Ralph Mattscoto and Charley Halt autoed to Red Oak Friday evening. Miss Ethetyn Crawford left Monday tot Pern. Nebr. where she wilt attend college. A fine sou was born to Mr. and Mrs. L. "B. Walker north ot Mast- ings, Thursday t Sept. 31. We extend congratulations, Herbert Wallahan returned Friday evening from a visit in Council Bluffs. Chas. W. Kelley received word Monday of the death of his uncle, John Wyatt, In Council Bluffs Sunday night. He was a former resident ot this county but had lived in Council Bluffs nearly fifty years. He had been employed with the street railway company all these years. Funeral services were held Tuesday with burial at Bast Liberty. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Genung of Cams, Nebr. and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fisher of Pacific Junction were dinner guests last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs, Fred H. Trlest. It has been about four years since Mr. and Mrs. Genung have been Bites home Sfttnf day and Stinday. A group of yonng people held « wetnef roast Saturday night fit Lake George in honor of Miss Velma Ming's birthday, those present were: Harry Patterson, Robert Slant, fhelma, Nedra, and Wayne Crawford, and Mildred Gale, besides the guest of honor. All reported an enjoyable evening. Mf. and Mrs. Cart Melletnp of Omaha visited a few days last week In the B. W. Shaw home. Mrs. Joe ttaden and family Were Omaha visitors Saturday. Miss Irene Everhart, Velma Dalzell, and Mrs. John Hudson and baby son, Roger, autoed to Red Oak Saturday.. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Euans and family of Elliott and Roy Crawford and family held a picnic dinner Sunday at Wayside Lake Those present besides the meffi< bers of these two families were: Harry Patterson, George Shaw and Mrs. Little Dixon. tn the evening they autoed back to the Crawford home where they were Joined by 'George Resh and Miss Mildred Gale and enjoyed home made Ice cream and cake, It was a delightful day tor all present. Mrs. Susan Stork and daughter, Dorothy, visited last week with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Quak- enbusb at Vermillion, Kan. Harold Hubbell spent Sunday with his father, Walter Hubbell. Mr. and Mrs. Chabot of Red Oak spent Friday in the home ot their daughter, Mrs. W. O. Resh, Mrs, Dave Llnthicum and son, Jim, spent several days last week tn the Leslie Dawson home near Rlverton where Jim assisted in putting up hay. Bud Clark visited his grandparents, Mr, and Mrs. Ira Hutch- Ings, In Malvern Saturday. Gale and JacQuollne Dunn were Sunday dinner guests in the A. V. Clites home. Wm. Courtier's sister, Mrs. R. M. Loveland, and husband and son of Sedgwick, Colp,, and aunt, Mrs. Ira Courtier, of Lexington. WHAT BANKING WENT THROUGH Afterretft Btnfctfi Awsrfstie* lANklJTO-te fts fcmg career has > been compelled to wttkitattd many serious shocks, but ft ran into the most {jtrfcrtex- Ing entangle B Imogene • S. E. Mills . J _ J ^^ |||| ^^j|^^^^ > ii~JPBl^gjjgjSflgJBJlgfl0^ RotTiRirt and famtty spwit in Council Blnff* with Mr. ttorrigati's sitter. Mrs. George GHraore. AnfclHafy ifweettett Aug. S, the Mrs. T. (J. . . . tot* t**h president for soft* tifirt, »** « it *a* the last toeettaf *tf*. fjrcoimof wotild preside otet *** r*o.nested a good memouuwuoio attendance. A Wee sited crowd "nlstorfr since tfw I was present, bating the meeting general break-1 Mr*. 0»c*a*6t **id: "There are / i !**_.,_ . j i i ^ iA *i- _^ »j. &&.M. A *™» tr ik *ti»* dowft of values tft 1929. tire commercial Btrnc- tufe of the entire world seemed to have been shaken front It* foundations and th* marvel Is that the banker, with everything . back for a visit and they are spending several days with hla brothers in Olenwood and the Fishers in Pacific Junction. Miss Doris Priest left Friday i • u ). tt. breaking down, alt around him, was able to come through as he hag. General business failures, agricultural stagnation. Income losses, capital losses, Inabilities to meet debts and therefore Inabilities ot banker* to pay back depositors when loans were Dot paid, were the reasons, in most instances, for the bank failure*. No profession, no department of lite is without its weaker elements, but had proper consideration been given to the relatively few instances in banking, had exaggerated and startling headlines been kept In true proportion, had banklng,nol beed used as a target for political self- seeking and with vote-seekltig motives, had unfounded rumors not been spread the people's confidence might have been retained and far less would have been their tosses. There were factors in our banking experience which every earnest banker deplores r- factors which many had worked years to eliminate, which it was tearfully recognized would aggravate any* difficult days which might arise. One ot the worst of these was due to political regulation which chartered many banks that should never have been. That there have been Incompetence and dishonesty in banking Is admitted. That the instances that did occur were used grossly to in . Nebr,, and other relatives were Sunday guests in the Courtier home. Sixteen people were present in all. Miss Jerry Schaat of Walnut and Kathlyn * Hulin of Avoca people taikUig IA the A.O.H. hall" which is beside the elnb room. So die W*tle4. Al that she knew something was doing. Although a goed sited crowd had already gathered at the halt the lights wefe eat trtrtll she went Into the club fooffl. When lodga faceting was over Mrs. O'Connor »*s requested to cotte Itrtd the A.O.H. hall where about 260 relatives, friends, and neighbors wer» patiently waiting for the honoree to arrive. The evening w« spent in card playing and dahcinf. Refreshments consisting ot coffee and cake were served. Mrs. O'Connor has spent her entire life th and near Imogene arid will be greatly missed by everyone. Hef home was open to everyone oft all occasions When a meeting ot any commit tee was called and a meeting place needed Mrs. O'Connor was always ready to extend a wel-j com* to her home. She is one ot j the charter members of the Auxiliary and was indeed very proud of the lodge. She was president of the Altar society for many years, one of the leaders In the P.T.A association when it was active here; a staunch member and supporter ot St. Patricks Catholic church and school and was one of the hardest workers to help get St. Patricks school accredited. She was a loyal booster for her town tn every way and for all good causes. Mrs. O'Connor moved to Omaha where she could give her nephew, James, and niece, Anna Marie, the benefit of a college education. James will enter t»eopt* Go 16 College Miss Maurice, oldest daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Albert Addy, teft ast Tnesday for Tartlo, M*. where she will attend college. Miss Rntfc Howard will go back :o Indlanola and her brother, James, win go to Iowa City to the University where he is studying law. Miss Rnth and James are children of Rev. and Mrs. O. P. Howard. Bernard Slater has a new Ford V8 coach. Albert Addy went to Sidney Tnesday and Wednesday night of last week to attend an NRA meeting. Jeremiah Maher has moved from near Hastings to the Jim Sweeney property in the east part of Imogene. Mrs. Frank Harmon la building a new house for her eon, Bernle, south of her own home on her farm four miles west of Imogene. Albert Maher Is bnsy repairing and painting hla home on his farm southwest ot Imogene where he attd his bride Will live. THE DISTRICT COURT OF TOWA ., FOR MILLS COUNTY D. W. StATES, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa. Plaintiff. IOWA*'STATE SAVINGS BANK, Matrerft, Iowa, Defendant. NOTICE TO: ALL CREDITORS AND DEPOSITORS OF THE IOWA STATE SAVINGS BANK, MALVERN, IOWA. Yon and each of yon are hereby notified that on or before September B, 1933, there Will be on file in the office ot the Clerk of the District Court of Mills County. Iowa, the application of D. W. Bates. Receiver of said bank, asking the approval ot the Court to accept the sum of $2220.00. in full satisfaction and discharge of a certain Judgment held by D. W. Bates, Receiver, against C. E. Peckenpattgh Ih the sum of $4440.00, secured by a first mortgage on 160 acres of land In Woodbury County, Iowa, upon which there is dellnunent taxes of $87.32, and which oroperty has taken to lead the way for Enrope, leaving Uncle Sam out on a limb when Eflrope failed to follow htm. He did thi* very thing in i the London conference and h» got the short end ot the deal. The only exception was at the Geneva conference, when President Cooltdge refnsed to lead unless ! he had assurances of followers and that broke up the eonfetettco with Uncle Sam not losing his pants for once. The new tactics to be nsed by Davis on ht» departure for En- rope nett Jnotith It is understood, but few believe that H is worth the trip, will be the extending ot a helping hand to any movement designed toward disarmament, but Uncle Sam will not take the initiative. If there are no movements In this direction. Uncle Sam will still corae back with all of his clothes on. This new departure in International affairs therefore IB pleas* Ing. For we will from now on go only so far as the other fello*v has agreed In advance to KO through his own plan. Up to this time there has been no nuggestlon that, In order to speed recovery, the length of the baseball game should be reduced to seven innings. Such A plan would help a lot of pitchers at that. £144019 •* */Vft XB. * * »VW1« •*»»* . * • »»«*/ i »*•»• ^*—v«-^ «* »*••*•* •» — — • -• — -r for Hammond, Ind. to resume her | spent Saturday with Miss Lor* 'V 1 ,the .Hammond schools.Iraine Clark, ^|*r. there,. -. I , »yijr "'^--^M^^BQll^iipt^WSi.^ tbn|iGoJo,/«M89 i Prjt*iiy'-ftn4sTlB* ,«^__,-,,— 'a big picnic dinner honoring the birthday of Mrs, Hannah, Mrs, Wilson Clark and family of "White Cloud visited in the home of his mother, Mrs. Wm. Clark, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Crawford and daughter, Harriet, autoed to Anderson Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Hollenbeck of Plattsmouth, Nebr, visited In the sirt Rites borne last week. Mrs, Ted Clark, Earl. Wayne, and Mary Margaret, visited from Friday until Sunday evening in the home, of Mr. and Mrs.'Earl Shook pear Mr8..BenJ. Haroff and i letty and Mary, of BebetQwn 4»roe, down Saturday al8ht x w4" remained over Sunday, 'Tbe-Lj<!ie8' AI4 held an Ice cream social Saturday night at the. t.owj} bull. They cleared ?8,60 the proems sre to help ba> the $n$rch,b»48et for the year, * ___. Fellows home. - Miss Thelma Crawford visited Sunday afternoon and Monday In the home of Mrs. Florence Ghat- terton at Red Oak. ' Virgil Potter who has been in North Dakota harvesting returned home Thursday, Mr, and Mrs. 'John Fellows of Magnolia, Jennie Fellows of Omaha, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Fellows of near Tabor, Mr, and Mrs. Millard Curtis of strahan visited Sunday in the M. B. Fellows home. Mr, and Mrs. Howard Rea of Essex were Sunday guests in the A. H. Crawford home. Miss Ruth Pierce, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Fred pierce, left Friday for Lincoln to enroll In college. crease tear in the public mind, wa affirm, We shall continue to strive for higher attainments In our profession and etrive for laws that require competence and ability in management. That we cannot legislate honesty and unselfishness into either a banker or a borrower must be Conceded, but dishonesty, wherever found, should be punished, It is as Creighton University this year where he will study law, Anna Marie Is a senior in St. Marys high school, Mrs. O'Connor is making a great sacrifice in giving up her lite-time home that this nephew and niece, whom she took. Into her home when they were very young, after the 'loss of their own- mothers, may stil' have the. pleasure of being a lonnu, snouia DO punieaeu. 11 »» us HWYW v«»w. y»«««!»«w «* ^w.» B — true In banking as elsewhere that no | home and get the best ot educa ma^^opd^, dishonest !ton,,SbX,,bafl v be*n an excWjlen One ot our motoring friends says he has been against the French »?er BlBCe sowebgdy told him they Invented, the wor4 "fa tour." • HIRE'S EXHIBIT "A* ON THE TfLIPMN! SlRVICI jspwflflir £|$IUiQi)$ i »«•»•.. J^*** JJ iut their "e»fwreemerit" will, cpme only aa the publlg recognises that It Is a matter not ot laws,or codes alone but ot the men who administer them* Our people must be brought to realize that the welfare ot our country depends upon its banking system, that the strength of the bank* Ing system depends upon the public's faith and, understanding, that the majority of basks, because ot faithful service rendered, even through the whole of this general breakdown, had the rleht to expect the people's trust and confidence, la every .great .catastrophe, oo matter what Its^natwre, no. matter what it* cause, someone must,be crucified. The, banker was this time selected. In .the late 9Q>, political agitation started a tirade, against the railroads-. Some railroads' may have done reprehensible things, but the agitation'became so .general ana so violent as .almost, to destroy one of the fundamental factors la tbe progress of a country, Today the same tWn§ Jj»l been done to the banter, la spH<? °{all that pas happened, the fact remains that eyes most of th« banfca which failed are paying put JnJBltely better tbAB in< to aUaggtigytbJBf e^». Agriculture ef baalferi In. many 8grJcu)ti}raj statp aye giving "il" Mrs and Miss Violet Htlgerson werej Visitors Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gutscbenrltter. Frank Biggins of Malvern at- ended church here Sunday, Will Powers of Red Oak at- ended church here Sunday, Mr. Powers has a farm near here and njoys driving down occasionally o see how crops look. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Delehahti accompanied by their daughter, Alice, and Mrs. George Voorhees of Los Angeles, Calif, who were tore visiting drove to Council Jltiffs Friday where Alice and her 'riend took the Rock Island train or Chicago to attend the World's Fair. While here they received a message telling them that their friends who left Los Angeles by auto to meet them in Chicago had met with an accident in which one was killed, one seriously injured, and the other hurt In Las Vegas, N. Mex. Mr. and Mrs. Delehant returned home Friday evening. Mrs. T. G. O'Connor and nephew, James, and niece, Anna Marie, were dinner guests of Mr and Mrs. Ed Horrigan Wednes day after dinner they left for their new home in Omaha Thomas, O'Connor, a cousin, ac companled them to . Omaha , to help 4he»'»'iei'- located/ barn and sheds, and is very poor, rough land; that said $2220.00 is being obtained through a Federal loan upon said land, said debtor being indebted to other parties in the amount of $3200.00. You are further notified that said application has been set for hearing at the Court House in Glenwood, Iowa, on the 19th day ot September, 1933, at 9:00 o'clock A. M., of said date, and hat unless objections are filed on or before said date, to the prayer of said application, that the same will be approved. For further particulars, see application when on file. Dated this Bth day of September, 1933. D. W. BATES, Receiver of the Iowa State Savings Bank, Malvern, Iowa. 8-2. £> HOTEL. SAVERY America's New Tactics A wholesome change Is reported to have come over the new administration recently regardlni its future tactics tn dealing with the international problems, as i evidenced by the exchange o views between the White Hous and Norman Davis, ambassador- at-large of the State Department , Amerioa-bas under* DM MotaM Con- Tttotioa Headquarters, and tor years, headquarters of Iowa Republican Party. CooTtnltnt down- townlooUon. Horn* of tb* limou* Flortn- tin* Room *nd »Uo 8«v*rr Codec Shop. 360 Rooms 350 Baths Every room with running tco water end tcrvidor eervlce. ttwt «1U , their fwwsrs ftdttriUei om itsta t» tbs .. rfUsf *wlu iSS wwii* t*?lsit' r^iirsflspi jl BB tifeft cflw ty tawBltt e*i for pawtos w _^,_ O'Connor, the' presentation speech being made by.Rep, B, P, Laugh- Hn. Mrs, - O'Connor responded. Mrs. O'Connor takes with her the very best wishes ot a large circle of friends who wish her much happiness in her new home. Mrs, O'Connor has many interests here and we hope she will -be a frequent visitor." Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sullivan announce the arrival of a nne baby boy Sept, 6, He will answer to the call of Frits. This makes A family of tour boys and three girls, -We extend congratulations, John Chandler and family of Essex "spent Sunday with her parents, Mr, and Mrs, Joe CahiU- Joe JCammerer, Joe Doyle, and Tpm McDonald had business in Glenwood one day last week, - "' Mrs, Mary Turnbull and daughters, Helen and Clara, of Blue Springs, . Nebr., and Miss Gertie Roberts of Farragut spent Friday eveplng here with Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Delehant and An- drtw pe}ehftPt, Mrs. Turnbull Is a sister-' of the men, Mlf!§ Florence Sweeney of ZwJsdJe is here v(8|ting in the bawe. o| Mrs. T. P. Maher. The ladles jftre sisters. Miss Nellie O'Connor left for Omaha where she for the present with M". T, a. O'Connor. • pfearley Prluty and , RQrotby, husband and two, eb4i4rea of Milwaukee, Wis, d. here enroute home from City, jjehr. •where sfee had VJHtteg he* sister, Mrs. John aa4 Mrs- Cbas, Dwarfc. WWJe ber* they visited the Me- families. Mr&. pave Oashln and of Ohicajsft who hwe tWt|»s for ftbpwt t«> l»st Thurftdjy for borne. MtW SllSftbetJj Mahej, <UWfJ»tep of Mr- and Mrs. Peru liqme THE CONOCO STAfSUPlN YOU* MQTO* Wttl Era, Mr* You may at timts forftl to add • needed quart, Thif flip of memory miy bt forai'ven, if vpy us« Conoco Germ Proceiied Mttor Oil/forth* 'Hidden Quart' extend* itf pwttctwi to cover the Unit, and fjve* «xtra miltf It § if tly rtifh tht next Rtd Trianf l« Station, Thii exceptional lubrication it broujht about by the Gtrm Procen-exclu*iv«ly Conoco 1 * patented formula, By addinj extra oilintff and penetretiveneii to th« very hifhtfI quality motor oil, compkte protection if achieved. With all thtit qualities, tht total ftf t of thu til if low,,.. five miltf for • penny. co N o co GERM PROCESSED __ « HB ^ IBS -'— • §94 BASE TOR OIL Gold Storage Co., Mttriiiit* . •""**,*'!_ v *' ^ ^tk m a* . ^ M feS'Xi;,,-%i. ^? . „ - C - &L.Sf»tt

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