Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on October 15, 1965 · Page 9
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 15, 1965
Page 9
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( "* ^ t ' ' i, . v ' ' Student of the Week Q'HARA Ifg'i^ Senior Beauty Chosen Will Travel To Dallas ^ RIDLEY PARK DELAU'AKK COUNTY (PA.) DAILY TIMES Friday, October IS, 1H5 . Girls to Play Football unusual contest at 2 p.m. Satur-l dav at Cornog Field in Ridley I B l ' n i t m a " By KAY POL1NSKY ·RIDLEY PARK - Local, fool- ball fans will be treated to un skits wore written b y ' M a r i l y n 1 M a r t i n and Diane Hamill. Following the presentation, Barry of the schools merging n e x t ball games, are the colorguard business manager Park. The senior girls will play ifor The Flyer, outlined the pro- year. CLASS PLAY The cast for the animal senior and majorettes. Heading the colorguard senior, Lolly Marchant. It is a comedy, "A Time Out Fon are: Ealise the junior girls in a touch fooi-jcedure for purchasing subscrip-i(ij n c, e ,. ( " by Ronald Alexander. By BONNIE WYD1CK . and RAY OFFENHEISER M A R P L E -- Maryanne Anzalone,' Cardinal O'Hara senior, h;is been elwson Miss ,Teen-A'ge Philadelphia. · . Her first runnerup was Terry Ball, an O'Hara junior. Both girls were picked last "week in mid 1 the Strawbridge and Clothier an- girls, ditorium. Maryanne sang "i Feel Pretty" and acted the final scene from "West Side Story." Her prizes include a trip to Dallas the last week':m .October to compete for Miss Teen-Age America. She also received her crown, a trophy, a wardrobe, a three-piece luggage set, a radio, television and camera. SWIMMING TEAM The swimming team under the direction of'James O'Shea will compete in the Catholic Invitational Relay Championships in Greemvich, Conn., on Dec. 11. The team will be competing against some of the top Catholic swimming teams in the country. Mike Morley, Catholic League 400 meter champ, will lead the team. CHEERLEADERS Boy cheerleaders have been ball game The girls will wear the boys' varsity football uniforms; t h e seniors juniors squads have practiced and have been coached by senior a n d junior boys. Seniors Lance Csamuly and John Wolk are coaching the sen- Itions. play has been chosen. The play) other members of the squad Scott, Elizabeth Dusak, Pamela Reck, Betsy The cast Is Linda 2ambito,': M a n n i a g i j a ' nel ciiffe and Mar : ; " Subscriptions were, sold before;P°rtTMy n S Ginger; David Reis-| cla Be |i ( a || Crna te. ior girls and juniors John C l a r k , j Barry Miley, Robert Melchiorre; hnd Robert Lloyd, the junior Added attractions for t h e KAY POL1NSKY Worrell, as the maid. The Play will be presen.edj;;; s ,-, u d ^ A1|ci Nov. 19 ,n the school gy««nBS.| c h r i s t e n s c n ; pMf ^ Llwtxh lll "V , , , c ,. ... , n i L o r r a i n e Hinkle and Cheryl Members o the Scott H»8«»-Q : . C J M1UO|1 Mrs Eleanor Par / a . team are Lolly Marchant, rheo- ; idorc Molnychuk, Barry Brait- , , man, Robert Nicholl and Joseph CI - ASS Hunce, 'aliern:ue. Mrs. Henrielta Kshlenum is adviser. 'CHEERLEADERS game include boy cheerleaders,ii u n c h periods. Flyer subscrlp- in surprise uniforms and half- t h e rogu- tiutis ulso are sold to alumni and friends. The Flyer is the only activity Serving as game officials will!in which nil six »rades, having be male faculty members. one or more representatives on time entertainment by "cheerleaders" and the lar majorettes. Nine juniors have been elected. to class council. Elections uit * i' 1 :! 00 ,!» o:1 , dl ° r !l)£ thi ; c ? ... . . . . . . , junior Unqhsh classes. The nine Nine junior hijih girls were ' h o s c n ,;,,. tho coimdl were chosen cheerleaders. Chosen were: Nancv [Dean Isaacs, Ann Zamblto. Dav- K i e l e r : ! id McComsey, George Elaine', ·Marci Ralston.-Pat Eimis, I.yimj M i h c ,' sioph'ano, Anthony In- G r i f f i t h . S u e Gray, c a p t a i n ; 1 ' ' . . . · - . Chervl Benner, Nancv McCom- Refreshments will be avail- Ihu s t u f f , participate. Natalie L. able during the game. Pro-ji,, sm ore is school paper ad-j grams have been printed. TlK? game is being sponsored! by the 1966 prom committee. ·Viser. ber, is prom adviser. SUBSCRIPTION DRIVE The school newspaper staff, The Flyer, kicked off its subscription drive by presenting four short, humorous skUs ( _ twoj lN ij ch 7,oi Krieg] Kay Polinskyi Gail Heinemyer, Gary Kunkle, liiram, John Hess, Linda Nogla ,, ,,. . ., : . , . land Linda Gloster. sey. S u e Rice a n d Kathv Lud-i . . , , , . , u ^ n ' Junior class officers are Jer- Thiriv - one girls tried out for » me Ta : tor - p r e s i d e n t - R o s e chcerin'n. They were instructed; P r l "«; V1CC P''«ident; Kathleen by the senior high cheerleaders,! l ' olmsk '« secretary; and Jos- S t a f f members are J o a n Balr.iwho are .loan Hair, head; j°P h Yorke . treasurer. Barry B r a i i m a n , Susan Evans.[Kathleen Keller, assistant head; | One of the most active fund- Susaii Korsi'h lolly Muivlnnt [Christina Senkow. Rose l r u i t ( , : r a i $ i n « committees in the senior M n r i l v n M a r t i n ludv Monroe'l A n n B f t i r Avis No £ le - M n r l h a j c l a s s is I ho refreshment com- M i u i u n Mai tin, .uui Monux.j^^ { .^^ Mur| . ftV and K m ^ J K i i u e p . The committee sells dur- Crais Sdmtv. Kathy Taylor. Wn p tlnsky T)u ^ wm , u U M ,;m K football Kimuvi. Christmiis J u d y W a l k e r , John W o I k. cut down in 20 bv tlu son lor i sea son and basketball games. J u d y W a l k e r , .lohn W o I k. L -ut down to 20 by the senior j sea son and basketball gamts. George Rlaine, Diane Hsuuill, high cheerleaders and Mrs. Boy-jThe two chairmen of the re- chosen to join the formerly all- girl squad. The boys, who w,ill be present at all school games and rallies, are to perform tumbling acts. Members are Sandy RIDLEY TOWNSHIP inions of School Stud Shows McGrath, captain; Mike Morley, captain; Bob Dromgole, Denny Shavlin, Gerry Keenan,.Charley Wagner, John Killeen, Jim Sanford, Mike Bradley, Mike Sem- anchuk, Bob Lever, and Carl Gomolka. YEARBOOK "Coeur de Lion" has been selected by the moderators and editors as name for the Card inal O'Hara Yearbook. The staf felt this name was appropriate ecause the school mascot is a ion and the yearbook is the leart of school activities. It also bnotes 'spirit and valor. i.'Th heme 'that; has been chosen 'Pacem in Terris," is f r o i l Pope John XXIII's encyclical o world peace. TESTS SCHEDULED :. t The I«AT.,wiU ; be;given .juniorsi ·^,-,. i .. £^ .. n"T^^aiy. : Tiiiey'ra*'-prell^ln-'.:- ' aries'to the College Board Tests reqaired by most -colleges, and to other tests'such as required for "various jobs. The main purpose of the PSAT is to familar- ize the'students with these type of which were "take-offs" of commercials. Participating in Che s k i t s were Lolly Marchant, C r a i g Schnee, Edwin Davis, J o h n Wolk, Judith Walker, .Phyllis raig, Gail Heinemyer, Ellen lenard, John Pearson, Marlin Rowe, and Gary Kunkle. The David Perkins, Phyllis Craig. or. From ihese 20, the facultyjfivshuu-nt i-onmulkv am Uiul.i committee selected n. ' !^-amWto and Chnrles G r a y , Ro- ln- junior hiKh ohwrloaitarsN' - t Shaffer is clnss adviser. Donald Short and Ellen Ren-(cheer at all j u n i o r high lnys Officers of the Future Teach- fooiluill and basketball games.j t «rs Club have been electevi. ard. The paper, in Its 34th year,|COLOR G U A R D publishes eight issues fram Oc- An iniiwrtiuit part of tlur nuis- tober to May. This will ho the ic department, which along with last publishing year since K i d l o y j t h o miuvhlut; lisuid, presents roll- Park School will be one j tines duriiix tialf-ilmo ai foot- President is Cvnthirt Mullanev; vice president, n ml secretary, Joseph Wallen, Linda Sension. Mrs. Mary B. Raymond Is adviser. ' ; HOLY CHESTER -- . Re- Hie' Green ..Raider; took a :pn whicn'^76; seniors, 93 ·juniifitf and 74 sbph'prnores par- gclptttf. ··;,;;. . . . ''^y^Kf lors and'sophomore were satisfied witr is it is, but one third .'jpf vthe; seniors were not. ·£#All -three classes .agreed the Itywnship's reputation is good. /iNThe survey showed the youths 'have confidence in themselves world leaders. Only 15 stu they were not ca e'. of' leading the future. Al ^students surveyed "had defi on the Viet Nam The building ;WJ11 include a| locker room and two new health arge classroom ..unit; containing! our large, · tiered," group classrooms' with enough rponi for 90 students. Five labs also wjll be ncluded. Twenty-four regular |ssuei. Sixty-one students feel we should pull*out, 52 are hi favo of being r more aggressive, and the., .are. satisified with the government's present policy. ,0n asking what high schoo BROCK McEVOY classrooms and an auxiliary li brary will be added. A seconc unit will be built above the rooms will be included. HI-Q TEAM This year's Scotts' Hi-Q Team s advised by Mrs. Jane.Kauff- man. Elected to the team were Sam Calvert, R a y Emplet, Cheryl Powell, Dave Rawson, Eric DeRienze, Sue Smirlock, and Ellen Soefer: PARENTS TO MEET Sophomore parents will meet with class sponsors Monday to discuss activities. Class sponsors are Lee Linn, Mrs. Dianne Fitzmier, Mrs. Jean Schwartz and John Adams. v CAREER CONFERENCE Seniors interested in attending the Goldey Beacom School may attend a career conference with a Goldey Beacom representative on Oct. 21. tests': ··-··· , , ' ,'··_· ; .'·':·'',·. COFFEE DRIVE ' Next week the Sodality will sponsor a coffee drive for the Little Sisters of the Poor. Their goal is one pound of coffee from each student. DANCE Students Place Second in Quiz Senior Class Takes Charge By MARY BETH REGAN SHARON HILL--A tradition Is being renewed at the school. It was a custom In Holy Child schools, that on Oct. 15, the feast of St. Teresa of Avlla, the seniors ..yjauld ruu thu., .school' and" the f a c u l t y ' would stay home. Ench senior was assigned a clnss or some position In Hie Clubs ·'meet Tuesday. Thcsi clubs will alternate with th M a t h , Sclcncu and Camera clubs, so that students may bo- long to more than one. ANNUAL VI AY Several nMU\ons' hiwe been innde to tlu cast of "One Knm- lly to bt! pnrscntt^d Nov: fi, 7, S In tin.' school iindltoriiiin. Uujjh (.VIXhorty will uixlor- schnol, went to the f a c u l t y nicm- Isindy his brother, Lliun. ns By DOROTHY YACEK CHESTER--The high school's 'It's Academic" team placed dance; admission is $.75. MARP.LE-NEWTOIVN cafeteria, containing two class SOPHOMORE OFFICERS rooms and a new language lab. A new instrumental band mu- students .talked about when witi their own sex, we found ou . . . , · . , . _ , that btys talked about girls and sic room will be built behind girls"'about boys. Thirteen stu- t n e auditorium, dents'"said they talked about There will also be a new gym A'ETHER PROVIDENCE Underclassmen End Fund Raising Event sex, and six sophomore girls .ad-| W j t h'a capacity of 2,000. A new Speer. 'mit'tea*' "they talked about their friends. In' a mixed group, school ; was the most common topic of conversation. Many said they ;; discussed parents and oth- er'prbblems. The students rated themselves high on "individuality.. Sophomores felt they possessed it, with only 14 out of 76 feeling they didn't. With juniors it was about half and half. Fourteen out of Hhe 76 seniors felt they j weren't'individualists. . ! « President Kennedy received: the majority of votes for the. most outstanding 20th century j world figure. Sir - Winston] Churchill took^ a' close second' : with Nixon. Johnson and the astronauts received the re«t of Hie vote's. 1 ^Book's read during the sum-j mer-were few and far between.' . , Sixtv-ejghl of the sfadents read no' bcibks at all last summer and only 29 read more than 10 , SCHOOL BUILDING ~ : As- the" school year progresses, so does the renovation of the ( school building. = ^"Aog. 15. 1966, the building; will tie -finished. The sophomore class has elected its officers for the coming year. President is Bernie D a v i d; vice president, Kim Pre.ston: secretary, J o a n n e Gregory; and treasurer, Amie 13 Seniors Receive Letters student telephone directory which will soon be available. PORTRAITS Students who have failed to come for their senior portraits' V ^ U M I V * t U I k l t \ ~ . * l iwJl,IMUt I H F l l t n l * . . ! ( - | . should brinn their numbered Rin s s were Riven rhursday In the school chapel. They aru aquamarine and gold. CLUBS MEET The French, Spanish. G u l l a r i DOROTHY i iim ' Folksinglng and Forensic YACEK season Saturday In Philadelphia. Final scores were: Chester, 265; Plymouth-Whitemarsh, 200; and Great Valley, 260. The taped program will be jj) broadcast 2 p.m. Sunday on television. By participating in this quick recall contest, seniors Caroline Hans, Nicholas DiDomenico nnd Wilbert Greenhouse, with t h e j assistance of adviser Marie Ho-i gan, won an 18-volumc set of! Our American Heritage.kards with them. when, picking! Through a prior program t h e j t h e pictures up In publications, team won a Collier's encyclo-jThis will enable faster service, pedia for the school. 'STUDENT COUNCIL COUNCIL ! T\VO openings for sophomore bcr usually in charge, and was given an assignment to prepare for presentation to a class. When not teaching a class, each senior followed her normal schedule, and was (might by a clns.smato. RING DANCE Seniors will celebrate their rings at the annual ring dance, under (ho chairmanship of Pat McGulrc. ron von Trupp. Meg Dougherty, Drill D u f f y , and PogRy Keeley, from Holy Spirit School, aixl .lorry .S«vi % panlnk, of St. Hed- wlg's School will portrny the von Trapp children as youngsters. '. M A R Y BhTH R E G A N By KEN MANOFF Marple-Newtown Senior School has had 13 seniors receiving letters of commendation in the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Letters were awarded to Kay!' reDrC 5 enta ii VCS w ,n produce a council this year. The first official meeting of thejrcprescntatlve posts remain v,i- 70-membcr House of Represcn- cant. Those wishing to apply tativcs was Monday. Working must a t t e n d leadership t r a i n i n g jointly with student council, thciclasscs to be conducted by the 21 Dclco Schools Compete in Quiz Students from 21 Delaware County high schools are com- pionshlp series. Last year's top- scoring school was Haverford. By RUTH EPSTEIN \ and DAVID BIRNEY j NETHER PROVIDENCE sophomores and juniors, direction of Harry with Gilbert Kline, Juies Repet- I n e u u o TM° «'""» ^;·-' ,,, ^A TK^^,, · · «»,!,,,,, \l= vice m chess fundamentals. field trips in the future. Along Chudnoff, Tracey Costello, Mary Cummings, Keith Knauss.j Marjane Michener, Peten Miller, Eva Reinersmannj Bruce Siddons, John Saling.i Jack Guralnik, William Law-' rence, George Merker and Jeff Peters. ! CHESS CLUB i The newly formed chess club has 23 members. The club has voted to enter intcrscholastic competition and has begun playoffs to select the five top players. It meets every Monday. EmYSTOM-: Openings Available In Various Bands pcting In S c o t t Paper Com- In addition to teams compet- pany's ISth annual Hi-Q q u i r i n g in the Initial contest, other scries. schools represented in Scott's 1 The first of these programs! H'-Q scries arc: Chester, Chl- j w a s between F.ddystonc, Pcnn-jchesler. Clifton Heights. Darby- ;crcsl and St. James ISiRh;Co'lwyn, Haverford. Interboro. Schools at Eddystone on Wed-;Lansdowne · Aldan, Marple- ncsday. j N e w t o w n , Media, Nether Provl- I Desired to test the 8 eneral; dcr '«- R:ldnor - Rldlc ' p a r k : knowledge of students, que-sUons :Rulle y Township, Sharon Hill. i n c l u d e the areas of current Springfield, Swurthmore, Upper events; government and eco-; Darby and Ycadon. nomicv, history, science a n d i _________ _ EDDYSTONE--One is able to R u t h Smith, Ann Blizard, Carol take instrumental music and at- Bloschock, Penny Swanson, An- mathematics. The contests are '---__-___. during school asscmbty T 1 fiY 1 1 C-l O, 11 I I llr*vl--1 * ^ T N - « J * - » « « * . n » _ j . I O J\t H I 3 1 I V J 4 l t V H l t - * l I 4 * * * - » I V - »* »v* u · »-· » « * » - · » » * * . « · » · * » i t i i j « ^ - ' . - - - " -- - - - r - . The club also offers tutorial ser-! ta in membership in various ita Dietrich, Toni Garvinc, Mary! Hve student! from each MOOHS to. and Thomas Walters, the j u n i o r s and seniors taking --American History will visit Gettysburg Wednesday. They will'CLIFTON HEIGHTS visit the battlegrounds and tourj- --· the museums. Meeting on the school parking lot at approximately 7 a.m., they will be .sone most of the day, and return at 7 p.m. Thei , 10th grade students taking btoi-i will travel to Longwoodj 1 : Gardens Oct. IS. Robert Alex-; ander, Louis Antonucci and Jos-" eph Prof eta . t h e teachers, will! Projects Started By PEG STRUBINGER lion of Glen Leib. For membership, one must take lessons on an instrument land pass a test. Rehearsals be- jgin at 7:30 a.m. j Majorettes, color guard and Jdrill team are chosen each 1 spring to serve the succeeding 'year. Any girl who wiil be in the 10th, !lth, or 12th grade may try out. In addition to taking a part at football games, branches of the band at Eddy-;Ann Kirby, Mma Llnawcavcr, school form a team which is stone Each is under th?/ direc- Connie Meiscr, Josephine Peter- 1 coached by selected faculty advisers. Each team competes three times against different op-i ponents. At the conclusion of 21 , tho three leanw with ih« .t cumulative scores en- m a three · game charn- ill S A N D R A WALLEN CLIFTON HEIGHTS -- The;they march in parades, sponsor son, Florence seniors started their fund rais-[dances and have a cake bake. Weitz. Sandra Smith, Clarke, Carol Billie EPSTEIN BIRNEY- |chaperone the tnps. j ing acthnties on October 1 withj Squad members for the 1953 Slide well, Doris Stinson, Chris- iMiller, completed a. two - weeki CLASS OFFICERS tthe annual Christmas card sale.!season are: t:ne Dietrich, Debbie Harmon. v Wheh the work is completed,!magazine drive today. | Most of the grades are nom-j The seniors also sponsor the! Majorettes,Mary Ann Kryka. Color guard, Linda Herko, Lin the, school site will have been! A percentage of the totaljinating and electing class offi-jconcession stand at the home Suzanne Sipe, Christine S t a n - d a Rppetto, Nancy Howley, Pen- rtoonstructed. There will beiamcunt collected is distributedjcers. The juniors voted Wednes-ifootball games. The profits of kiewicz, Jean England, Norms ny Amon c .ort, Patricia Bums, Pa- lifger"parking areas, new ath letic fields and new recreation; areas. ith-iemong the two classes, to help : ,day while the sophomores and.this sale and the stand will be;Koliey, Ann RosVnis, Antoinette tricia Bartholomew, Nancy Sal- ion meet Senior expenses. '.seniors will cst ballots in the.pu' towards the scn.icr's last ac: Siremore.. vc.::y. Diane Fitzgerald, Chris- expen Many classes will be taking upcoming weeks. itivuies as a class. j Drill Team, Janice Thompson, tine Fox. From lo M--l««ni, ar««r gi'lt. hom«. t o o -- l«afn h o w chorrr* ood rtioci^t can change your lif»l Writ* for 353-1330° tori4*4A Iftttructton Mviiic and Xcnlali E«clvii«» Dtico, dit- of VJ»fort« coimc^ct. 3381 V/. CHESTER flKI NEW TOWN SQUARE, PA

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