The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 14, 1997 · Page 11
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 11

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1997
Page 11
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THE SALINA JOURNAL Almanac WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1997 B3 S»-^ JOYCE JILLSON Creators Syndicate Inc. HOROSCOPES • ARIES (March 21-April 19). A social function will be successful, but time at home must not be neglected. Risk telling all to a relative - the truth is needed to make a point. A Pisces appreciates your finer qualities. Try not to allow a dilemma to zap your energy. • TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Let nothing stand between you and your emerging talent. A skeptical friend needs exposure to the spiritual side of life. Your mate would love a little attention -- plan a romantic evening out. • GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Though your pain or confusion usually doesn't show, displaying vulnerability is what brings you into the arms of a nurturing person. Travel contributes to career success. Creativity is enriched by family involvement. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). Regain lost ground by being truthful. Life can be put on much more positive footing with the introduction of a better role model. A friend needs your ear. A business deal made with a neighbor begins to see profit. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You play for high stakes in romantic matters. You can win every round if you remain true to your principles. Your Impressive work history makes you the ideal candidate to head up a new project. Keep calm in a lover's spat. • TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (May 14). The greatest barrier between you and your dreams is your own deeply held skepticism. This year, you're able to dissipate doubts and take risks. You are irresistible to lovers and business partners alike. Singles find love with Cancer or Leo. Ask for more money, and watch your influence rise In July. New meetings bring knowledge, romance and wealth in August. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Jealous competitors may undermine your confidence, but the help of a Leo or Aries puts you on top. Let your playful side out at a social event - much-needed relaxation results. A close friend gets you closer to artistic goal. • LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Luck involves celebrities, political activities and civic duties - all of which impress business associates. Decide on vacation plans now. Cerebral connection with a coworker is the beginning of something more. • SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). You score a coup, putting you in the spotlight for a quick moment. A program you began at work takes off, and the boss takes note. Review the budget closely - it may need revision. Knowing another language comes in handy. • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Move into a position of added credibility by discarding your will to please anyone other than yourself. Additions to your social calendar reflect a new, positive state of mind. Watch a relative for domestic tips. • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You win in negotiations as your charm combined with specialized knowledge puts you far ahead of your challengers. Romance is in the works -- Libra and Taurus are likely candidates. Take extra time to plan a social event. • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Take a chance - your business venture gets more investors than you know what to do with. Keep financial goals in sight you score when others slacken their pace. Scorpio and Sagittarius are friendly advisers. • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Romance takes a back seat to more practical considerations. Look for ideas on an artistic project in unusual places. Health is made a priority due to advice from a medical professional. You diffuse negative energy, HOROSCOPES • Call COMMUNITY line Category 7827 Mm today WEATHER Kanns today 75 40 LOW Today, breezy and mostly sunny. High 75. Northwest wind 15 to 25 mph, diminishing in the afternoon. Tonight, becoming partly cloudy. Low near 40. 8:35 p.m. 6:18 a.m. Today's Sunset Tomorrow's Sunrise Extended forecast chance for showers and thunderstorms. Lows in upper 40s to mid-50s. Highs in • THURSDAY: Cool and partly cloudy. Highs mainly 65 to 70. • FRIDAY: Generally mid-7os to the lower dry. Lows in lower 80s. 50s southwest and • SUNDAY: the 40s elsewhere. Generally dry. Lows Highs in lower to mid- mostly in 50s. Highs in mid-70s to the lower 80s. 70s. •SATURDAYS Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloud) U.S. today SaNna yesterday TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal Record/Year High 80 74 92/1915,1932 Low 42 50 32/1966 • High and low to7p.m PRECIPITATION 24-hour to 7 p.m. None May to date 0.39 Average May 4.15 Year to date 4.25 Average year through May 10.39 Average year 28.95 DAILY WEATHER • Call COMMUNITY line Category 0927 KANSAS ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE 1-800-585-7623 Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol 60s 80s' FRONTS: g 08 r- WARM STATIONARY HIGH LOW SHOWERS PAIN T-STORMS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY PT. CLOUDY CLOUDY Kansas yesterday U.S. today Belleville HI 74 LO 34 PREC Anchorage HI 55 LO 38 OTLK Rain Betott 78 39 Atlanta 80 52 77 45 Boston 73 50 Clr 78 35 gnlcaao SO 41 Clay PodfleClty Emporta 88 40 74 41 Garden City 88 40 Qoodland 84 34 Hutchlnson ' Lawrence * 38 Dallas-Ft Worth Denver Kansas City Lae Vegas 81 72 65 98 60 42 45 70 Cldi Cl* C C Los Angeles 82 63 Clr :, 31 New York City 67 52 Manhattan • 76; 32 Cldy Plttsbura 73 47 Oklahoma City 76 56 Omaha 62 41 Cloy Russell 85 34 Cldy Orlando 85 64 topeka 72 35 Cloy Phoenix 100 76 Clr Wichita 79 44 San Francisco 74 54 Clr PEOPLE Foster rips brother's book ARLINGTON, Va. — Jodie Foster lashed out at her brother over a new book in which he claims his mother had a romance with another woman and says he always "assumed" his sister is gay or bisexual. "I feel sad for him," the actress said in Tuesday's USA Today. "Mostly I feel sad for my 69- year-old mother, who has spent her life struggling to raise four children on her own with JODIE FOSTER d ' 8nity . a 1 d stren & th of character. In his book "Foster Child," Buddy Foster wrote: "I have always assumed Jodie was gay or bisexual" but noted she has had "love affairs with men all her life." Of their mother, he wrote she once had an affair with a woman the children called "Aunt Jo." Jodie Foster said the book is a "cheap cry for attention and money" and is filled with "hazy recollections, fantasies and borrowed press excerpts." She said her brother left home at young age, and she has had little to do with him since. Jackson ducks guard's suit LOS ANGELES — An ex-security guard's wrongful-termination lawsuit against Michael Jackson was thrown out by a judge Tuesday. Fired security guard Jerome Johnson's lawsuit was deemed without merit by Superior Court Judge David Horowitz. Johnson's lawsuit said he was fired after claiming Jackson executives tried to cover up Jackson's alleged sexual encounters with a teen-age boy. Johnson claimed to have overheard Jackson security chief Bill Bray bragging that he lied to the grand jury investigating the child-sex allegations. Prosecutors in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties Investigated child-molestation allegations against Jackson. In September 1994, they announced no charges would be filed because the teenage accuser refused to cooperate. Ford says drug war is in mind YORBA LINDA, Calif. — Victory in the war on drugs will have to be won in the minds of addicts, former first lady Betty Ford said. "Unless we educate and treat the drug users so there is not the demand for the drugs, we're still going to have that problem," she said Monday at the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace. "It is just going to compound the number of drug users that we have." Ford's name has become synonymous with addiction. Since the Betty Ford Center opened in 1982, more than 30,000 people, including many who are rich and famous, have sought drug and alcohol treatment. From Wire Service Reports T ADVICE *Bad **Falr *** Good **** Excellent DIcUiwonTlwiKra Children » S«nl<xi *3M •PrliMtlm AdulU S3.7S Oth«rTlm«« M.60 Ait CanMr Clrwmi RigulirAdmlMlon M.60, (M.K> SAC M.mb.r.1 •Prlm.Um. M.OO, («3.K> SAC Mwnbm) FATHER'S DAY PG13 * (*5:05)-7:25 Mid-State • 1 hour 42 mln. VOLCANO PG13 *'/ 2 (•5:00)-7:20 Mid-State • 1 hour 45 min. THE FIFTH ELEMENT PG13 *** (•5:00)-7:40 Sunset • 2 hours 7 mln. BREAKDOWN R *** C5:15)-7:30 Sunset • 1 hour 35 mln. Ann gets trashed for taking on leftover-savers Dear Ann Landers: This is in response to the letter from "Al in Bellevue, Wash.," who was critical of the hotel guest who stuffed a plastic bag with rolls from the buffet table and walked out. You said it was "tacky." I disagree. My husband and I often stay at hotels where a continental breakfast is offered. We have three children under 5. It would not be easy to get the kids up, dress them and take them down to the lobby for that complimentary breakfast. So, either my husband or I go downstairs and get six or seven rolls and put them in the plastic bag we carry whenever we travel. We are not taking anything that does not belong to us and resent being called "tacky." Your apologies are ac- ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. cepted. — Reston, Va. Dear Va.: Readers from everywhere climbed all over me for my response to that one. Here's a clobber from management: From Blue Bell, Pa.: My family has been in the restaurant business for two generations, so I have seen both sides of the dining room. When food, such as butter and rolls, are left on the table, the diner assumes it goes back to the kitchen and into the trash can, which it should. While you might think that's a waste, would you care to be served a roll, or anything else, that was on its third trip from the kitchen? The well-dressed lady who took the rolls in a plastic bag was not tacky. She was sensible. You owe her an apology. Los Angeles: The letter about the woman who took several rolls from the hotel buffet and put them in a plastic bag to take home had special meaning to me. My great-aunt was a refugee from Hitler's Germany who came to the United States many years ago. Whenever we went out TV TONIGHT to dinner, she would ask the waiter to put all the leftovers in a bag. She would then give the bag to a homeless person on the street. "I will never forget what it was like to always be hungry," she said. "To waste food is a sin. I could never do it." Newark, N.J.: My cousin who came from Yugoslavia many years ago has a good job in an upscale restaurant in New York. He said it took him a long time to get accustomed to seeing large quantities of food that had been left on plates and serving platters, tossed in the garbage. When he asked his boss if he could take uneaten portions from the plates home, he was told, "No. It's against the law." He didn't believe it. Later, he learned from a government inspector that it was indeed against the law to take uneaten food from the plates. "For what reason?" he asked. "Because," he was told, "the Board of Health has a responsibility to protect people against contagious diseases that can be picked up from eating food that has been contaminated by a person who has a virus, maybe even AIDS." Please tell your readers to beware. Dear Newark: Thanks for the warning, but no one has ever gotten AIDS from food. Hepatitis, however, is another story. (This is why food handlers are re- 1 quired to wear gloves.) And now, dear readers, here is the final clobber that comes from the maitre d' of an extremely upscale dining establishment in Santa Monica, Calif.: Dear Miss Landers: Taking leftovers home is not tacky, as you have indicated. It is sensible. All good restaurants have plastic-lined bags for this express purpose, and we are delighted when patrons take the leftovers home. Please tell your readers. — XXX Dear XXX: You did, and I thank you. Gem of the Day: Asking a writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamp post how it feels about dogs. : 5/14/97 QPBS. Bunker Hill-Have QNBC, Wichita QpOX, Wichita-Saline DCBS, Topeka Q Access 6, Sallna BFOX, Kansas City QPBS, WIchlta-Hutchlnson DABC, Kansas City DO ABC, Wichita QJCBS, Wichita ID NBC, Kaneaa City ID Encore OBWTBS BJCInemax IB Stan) BHBO n Discovery BfiCNN BBt/x QAmer. Movie Classics QDUSA H) Nickelodeon 7:00 7:30 Splrlta of the Jaguar 451 35 Newaradlo Truth 511 tovarly Hllla, 90210 37559 Janny 7882 Talk 9066 Dave's 2207 Sallna 71 91 iavariy Hllla, 90210 79559 iardener7462 Garden 9559 loach 20207 loach 451 17 Nanny 5646 Newsradlo Dava'a7153 Truth 551733 Movl* "Butch CaaaMy"Cont'd 8:00 8:30 Sreat Performances 15733 Wlnga7066 Man-Badly Pacific Palisades 46207 9:00 9:30 M.Hamllsch45199 Law & Order 2627 Slmpaona Laat Don (Part 3 of 3 PA) (CC) 31795 Shelter 8714 SCCASolo Pacific Pallaadaa 88207 Spirits of the Jaguar 77559 Cany 48530 Carey 6998 Ellen 34337 Elian 8733 Real TV 61 375 We the People 62627 News 68443 M. Hamllach 57795 PrlmaUnw Live 19191 Prlmetime Live 93511 Laat Don (Part 3 of 3 PA) (CC) 19559 Wlnga 812356 Man-Badly Law & Order 1571 17 Movie * * * "La Bamba" (1987), Esai Morales 3892608 10:00 Kansas Week News 9835288 Extra 24356 Newa 7637820 C.A.P.S.-Talk News 79820 Cuisine 14578 News 86581 91 News 6041207 News 6036375 News 9744714 10:30 The Contrary Tonight Show Cheers 33004 Late Show Marching Fast. Patrol 55240 Business Rpt. Roaaanna Nlghtllne Late Show Tonight Show "Patar'a Friends" 8746801 Movie * * * "The Sacketta" (1 979) Tom Selleck. Three men seek their fortunes in the post-Civil War West. 20560066 Movie * leprechaun 3" (1995) 778004 Movie * * * "Bad Boys" (1995) Martin Lawrence. 968795 Movla "A Thin Line Between Lova and Hate" (1996) 5476240 Movie * * * "Grumpier Old Man" (1995) (CC) 48551 1 Wild Wacovery 460453 New 515066 Burden-Proof A-Team 3812462 WENN 267882 Dlacovar Magazine 682673 Larry King Uve 616269 MM Vice 3898882 Movla "Whiaparlng Smith" (1948) 622356 Murder, She Wrote 625917 Arnold 801240 Happy 533337 Movla "Talkln' Dirty Attar Dark" 4093085 Tracey 718191 Larry Sanders Dead and Alive 652707 World Today 629733 Color 2693608 Color 2953511 9673530 6933733 Comedy Hour 446820 Wild Discovery 402264 Sports 405240 Monayline Picket Fences 3811733 Movie "The Spoilers" (1942) 711268 Movla * * » "The Spider and the Fly" (1994) 67704085 Lucy 827288 Bewitched Newhart Odd 513733 517511 Silk Stalkings 624288 Taxi 874356 Mary 883004 09 MTV ID The Nashville Network Q Comedy Central B Odyssey BDESPN HESPN2 SQ) The Family Channel EDTNT SB Cartoon Network QJSCIFI EQ Animal Planet ED Lifetime 3D CNBC Q Encore Plus QQThe Learning channel BBFox Sports Network BBArU ft Entertainment BB Black Entertainment TV QDUnlvlslon QB El Entertainment Q9 Disney B) Showtime 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 Music Videos 209153 Life of Anne Murray 209849 Prime Time Country 28 Movie * * * "Mystery Date" (1991), Ten Polo 8207627 Our House 3346379 Triumphs Major League Baseball Teams to Be Announced Splritui (Live) 5269 il Home 9:00 Real World 9:30 Jenny M. Road 296733 Galligher-Hero Dream On Unbroken Circle 1441/43 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Mighty Ducks at Red Wings 2037085 Highway to Heaven 324801 Rescue 91 1341 NBA Basketball Playoffs: Knicks at Heat 783207 ScoobyDoo Dexter's Lab SeaqueatDSV 91 93004 Human Nature 55917 Unaolvad Mysteries 337375 Equal Tlma Hardball (6:20) Centennial 801 74608 Wondr-Weathr Ultrasclence FOX Sports News 999085 Biography 757171 Dino Stay Out Forever Knight 849 OCant 91/942 lnWlldnes6(R 31337 10:00 Singled Out 10:30 Daily Show Howie wanoei M»]or League Bawoaii aa/as NHL 7678646 700 ClUD MlUBb ida Toonrteaos nsoe-NHA ScoobyDoo SlghUnga9199WB Crocodile Hunter 44801 Movie "Torch Song" (1993) Raquel Welch. 317511 Rivera Live 59401 53 Late Night 1540397 Centennial (Part 9 of 12) 3624511 What Happened? 270337 This Weak In NASCAR 908733 American Justice 957379 Planet Groove 421 269 TaSlgoAmando51191 Barrier Reef 160511 Movie Cont'd TuyYo 37511 Gossip 919714 News 938849 Movie "Can't Buy Me Love" (CC) 21992172 Outer Limits 632207 soccer 4U145/B Three Stooges 323172 Jonny Queat nocny-ouiiwin Quantum Leap wmvi Human Nature 54288 Homicide: Life 336646 Charlea Grodin 2695086 centennial (ran lu or M) wwaira Cyberspace 283801 Cycle World 995269 20th Century 357135 Comlcvlew 540733 Fuara 20733 Talk Soup Lame LOCO Night Stand wonar-weainr unrascwnce Motorsports Hour aaojoo Law & Order 107612 Talk 326240 P. Impacto Stern 966882 Benson Noticlaro Unl. Stern 975530 Movie * *K "Real uemus iisosj vai wtmer WIODDJU Movie * * "Mary Reilly" (1996) Julia Roberts. 612443 porter 4043049 14U/4WK Governmen AccessJQHeadllne News, BCSPAN, B Home Shopping Network, fflQVC, HJCountry Music Television, •DVM-I, writ ivi, un-ai-""'. rlca r s Jewelry Store, BFox News, BNewsport, JBTfiS Food Network, HI-BRequest, ffl Play boy/Action

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