The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1948
Page 12
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V VACB TWKLYV BLTTHIVTLLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 1, 1948 Hostesses Laud Buffet Serving Leak *f Formality Ent*ftaiitiMitt Do your inmm** •titertatntnj tttfs*t'«tyle!,K'i one of the easiest. 1rpy« to tate cmrt of tu«t dinners M»i luncheon* during the warm MtUur months. Biitfeti are easy •n tti* hoM*« because she can prepare many of the dishes in the cool •( «aj-)y morning—and they're » ?trt*c*. Joy to the because of N their oomp>te lack of formality. ] »; Th« manu for tli« summer buffet Dry Skim Milk For Home Use Now on Market USDA Suggests Lettuce Be Picked In Small Amounts Now iliftt dry skim milk- ly called non-fat -dry milk solids—Is on retail markets In small packages for home use, thrifty homemakers have a convenient; economical product to Imlld ni> the nutritive value of family meals. "The ease and convenience of its use as well as its high nutrlilve value justify Its- place along with flour, sugar and salt on the pantry Green leafy gaiiU'ii lettuce Is .richer in vitamin A tban Uic pater official- ''"ad Icttiwe and because It CHII be served soon after KAtherliiK. it alsc offers more lettuce does vitamin not. U, C. Bill leaf shelf," says Pauline Paul ol tile Michigan Experiment Station who has recently made a study of home ! cooking with this product. Dr. Paul •hwald be coal and light, but it also ihould be imlaining. Meat, at Hie •urn dish of the summer buffet, points out that one of the great advantages of milk in this form is that it enables the average person to get aet, things ott to a good'sUrii'A i >"°r* essential food values such us Jellied veal ring la "must' for any j Protein and calcium, at low cost. fewedUh Smorgasbord) is the cen- The dry milk is easy to store-- ier of interest on any buffet table ] simply keep closed in a cool wh«n filled with potato and green 1 P'are. H is easy lo me because In .lad, and garnished with to- »'° s < recipes it Is used dry by mix- be wise to plc'v omy a little at a lime—Just enough for a one or two day supply. The lie.sher it Ls the more vitlmln C It has to offer. Kven Its vitamin A may l>c affected by too long keeping. When kept overtoil);, the vitamin A value drops, the rnte of loss correspondlng^.U> the amount of willing. other garden greens is In the early morning after the cool night haJi given the leaven a chance to revive from Die nunshlne and heat of Die day before. Cut off rootj and willed or damaged leaves and wash gently in a bowl of cool water to prevent bruising. Lift Into a co)- andnr or onto a towel to drain off excess water. ' 'ilien store In the covered vegetable container of the refrigerator or in one of the moi/it- me-proof cellophane bags sold for this purpose, fn ttg Icebox keep lettuce next to the ice. Most housewives know that salad dressing .should not be added un- 111 Just before serving because the oil, salt and acid wilts the leaves, Worth noting also Is the finding that salad greens begin to lose vlt- UnvMA A^A^.1. C^.... lamlliea nhotild male* th« most at nOme Agent dOyS garden and fruit crops during lh« Garden Prodiicts in amln C as soon added. trie North Mississippi County horhe- makers are urged to follow every known food conservation practice to provide adequate diets at minimum cost for their own families and to held feed starving people abroad. "Keeping the garden In production during the hot dry weather as well as making plans for late garden crops Is very Important," says Mrs. Gertrude B, Hollman, home demonstration agent. As most people should eat more vegetables and i fruits, North Mississippi County dressing is ] — I used In mixing or serving salad. I Steel forks, for example, or enamel saving vitamin C utensils of 1 ware bowl» may cause loss of this A sood lime to gather lettuce or steel, Iron or copper should not be 1 vitamin. next few weeks. The home demonstration agent urges nil homemakers to follow « food preservation plan to have an adequate supply of fruits and vegetables preserved for home use. II Is none too early to plan lor building a cold frame In which several vegetables can be kept growing during the winter months. Plans for building and using of cold frames, food preservation plans, leaflets on gardening, and other valuable information on food production and conservation may be obtained at the county Extension office. "(Manned food production and conservation at home helps to Increase the food supply and to lower costs. Everything that is done Is done to add to the total food supply helps to maintain peace In a hungry world. aid , T*« CUTS ^ FOOD COSTS 7-Ouncc Package MAKES 3 QUARTS Buttermilk • SKIM MILK DRIED SKIMMED MILK mato and cucumber slice*. iFor ths •(feet of this attractive cbmbina- lion, M« picture on following page!> Here'* a recipe for a well flavored Jellied veal ring which is ideal lor a wedding buffet, afiei-the-concerl ncs „,„,„„, m , UR . wlu] ,,. csn tupper. porch buffet, or a cool help- I jm]k miy bp s(e|)f]Crt up in mllr | tlvc yourself dinner. • vn]nc by , ]shlK )„(.,.,,„,;,,(! onlount ., O f Jrllird Vo»l KJiif milk i» this powdered form, knuckle Recipes developed by Dr. Pnul ing with other dry ingredients, and then wnlcr is used as the liquid. II improves the flavor of jimny dishes. far who HPC not fond of drinking much milk, it offers a means of getting [lie daily milk quota. Many dishes ordinarily made with 2 Ibs. veal shouldw 1 bay l«af 3 cloves 2 tea-spoons t»M. 1-4 teaspoon pepper S quarts water 1 Alice onion 1 stalk celery 2 teaspoon* WorceJt«rsliire -sauce Have knuckle cut iu 3 or -4 places. Combine knuckle, diced veal shoulder, bay. leaf, cloves, salt and pepper iii a large heavy he tile. Add 3 <!U*rL* hot water, bring to a bo.l, reduce heat and simmer, covered, lor 2 hours or until meat fails from bone. Remove from heat, Remove bay leaf, veal knuckle and veal. Strain broth from meat, and save. Put, meat thru food chopper < medium blade) with onion and celery. Cook down meat stock until ,it measure* about 2 cups. Add veal and. Worcestershire sauce. Grease a ten-inch ring moid slightly. Pack meat mixture into mold and chill until firm.-' Now a simple buffet menu to •omplement the jellied veal ring— Jellied V»i RiiiR Potato, Egg, and Green •ite*d Tomatoes and Cucumber* Hot Green Peas Hot Cloverleal Rolls Chiffon Pie or Cake with Suited Whipped Cream Beverage Her« arc other buffet niemu l&'-' various nummer occasions whicli arc built around meat: rtaftUr o( Smoked Tnn«ue, Baked Ham American Cheese and Swiss Cheese Slices Ktornwh of Watercress anrt Ranten**) v Scalloped Potatoes Jellied Fruit and Nut Salart Ring Tossed Salad of show how this product may be used to build up n foorl from two to ten times in Die nutritive values offered by milk. For r : xamp!«, in the following recipe for butterscotch cookies, the milk value is ten times ' Unit of cookies as originally made. Bulierpcotch Cookies. Ingredients: 1 '4 cup flour- 2 tcfispoons baking powder; U* cup dry skim milk; '.» teaspoon baking po«'tier; >i tea- sjH)on salt; 13 cup molted shortening; \ c\n> sitgnr; 1 egg of 1 egg yolks; 3 tablespoons water; H lea- spoon vanilln. To nmke: Sift flour, baking powder, dry milk and salt together. Stir sugar, eggs, water and vanilla Into softened shortening. Add i f Jour mixture and blend. Drop from spoon on greased cookie sheet. Bake in moderate over; '375 F.» 8 to 10 minutes. Makes 3 dozen cookies. Greens and Tomatoes White or Whole Wheat Rolls SherUert Cookies Beverage • • » t (Liver SaLLSaRf, Thurlnger, Spiced Ham, Ji-llietf Tongue Hot Potato Salad with Green Onions mid Bntron Small Tomatoes Stuffed with Cottage and Salted Ngts Relishes Hye Bread Fresh Fruit Shortcake, Beverage * » * Cold Koast Pork or Roast B**f Deviled Eggs Hipe Olives Mixed J-Vint Salad Bowl. , Whipped Cream Dressing ,. - Jellied Vegetable Salad Potato Chlixs Parkerhouse Rolls Lattice Fmit Pie with Cheese fVEN BETTER <^fo^> r ^ ' — ^^^-^CC?^^ '^>^A WHEN THEY ARE £\,i.<»3 MAYROSE KEADY- SERVE MEATS GiV* your stove (and yourself) a rest. Just open refrigerator door, puce these pure, tempting Mayrose ready-serve •eat* on a platter.,. and jo*'-n finisbtd prepari ag your main course. May- tOM Brand ready -serve > Bcatt at* prepared ia , (potlen kitchens. GOT; croBent-iDspecttci, of CO«n* , , . and delicious < ...beam* they're MAY- ROSI I4*nl!f!>! p.dy.H, i.rt, I EASIEST tjffecf/te EVIRI j MAYROSE | READY-SERVE | MEATS I Nothing to Cook — I No preparation Necessary I Ask At Your Market For: I Mayroie Pork Ix)if— Bttbccue Sauce Added I Mayroie fl«li>rlad,n Pressed Him I Mayrose Stuffed Olive Meat Lojf I Mayiose New England Specialty J Mayrose PicWe and Pimicnto Loaf 1, Mayroie Pot Roast of Beef Maycose ilcadchceje | «nd Cooked Hani, Brauoschwcigcr, Salami • Bologna and many other's. 1 m PICKLES SALAD DRESSING GRAPEFRUIT JUICE ORANGE JUICE Sour or Dill Quart Quecr\ Brand Texsun Brand 46 oz. can Old South 46 oz. can 18c 23c 15c 19c Large California LEMONS Vine Ripened WATERMELONS Ice-berg • • doi.25< - - - Ib. 3k Liberty Cash Grocery PET MILK 3 tall cans 43c LETTUCE large head Uk Cnctitnbt*r Salad with French Drcsiing U! Butter or Marg*rin* Pin Money Cookie* A'OT£? Look (or ouc id to mill t lp «i«li la CHOICE MEATS Pin Money Cookies 2 cup* •Mud, »11- pu/poit rtour Tu Rcudy fo Kat PICNIC KAMS 'I'cnrtcr Chuck BEEF ROAST Mealy PORK RIBS Amei'icnn I.onf CHEESE ,, 54 C ,., 57 C ,, 43 K (375° P.). Sift together flour, bating powder ancf *a!t. Put slionrning und vanill* into mixing bowl. Add sugar gradually, mixing until light *nd fluffy. Beat in egg vigatoinly. Stir in milk. Add flour mixture, .ihout l /j at a t\m«, mixing wcU rvfier each* addition. Fold in coconut and corn flakr*. Drop from a tratpoon onto grr,nrd baking sheet 2 in- ap.m. Bake on top ihelf of oven 12 min., or until brown. K1.iV** 4 doz. -*Tor the roconiir, use the bulk kind, or that icM in c.ini. -* The Pause That Refreshes Coca-Cola - - case89c 1'o l t\crjt Pure Lh. Tender CLUBSTEAK , b . 63 C Mcalv NECK BONES Homc-DrcsscH FRYERS , h ,. ..K. 79 C Pet Milk can 15c Corn Flakes 15c Cocoanut, pkg 19c Assorted JELLO 3 Pkgs. 25c Lard - 8 Ib. ctn. $1.85 Delicious Marshmaliows - - - 5c Pur* Cane Sugar - - 10lb.bag89c The Tastic*! 1 in Town Apple Butter - - pt.10c Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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