The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 3, 1959 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 3, 1959
Page 9
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ANNIE POUND OR8 ON BOUND to IF THE REPS " VOURW ir- voo *AVS HER BICYCLE AND PINP OUT )? you MAY oer A WHO PULLEP HE* INTO Zl 5PBIS OF GPELWeiH THE SOUP THIS PAR/^ , _., .„ MEDAL I THAT% OKAY WON'T 6V6N SHOW.. J- fsrevE. THE A.ft OFFICER OVER THE BORDER 3 -* IN THE SENSITIVE JOB HIS USEFULNESS HUMAN ENOU0H ,_ v ^E VULNERABLE ABNEi MARY WORTH WE SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT . K ., T we ..... urt AlONG A PHOTO OKOU5INy RBE r F NT ft^ AMMT CON5TAMCE.CTACV. ^^^1^1^ AN INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHANGES IN 40 YEAR*! ,c ISN T THERE SOMETHING I <IJP'< Aftnill'Vwr FAMILIAR ABOUT THE / RI|U T L gi OLD DOWAGER. JUST V «% WE H COMING DOWN THE f) «PRE«1OM 6ANGPLANK7 ' EXPRESSION _/l l/l PRISCIllA'S POP~By Al Vermeer I v \ fBLOOD^ THOUGHTV BANK?? WE WERE I WMERE'D GOING TO i YOU SET A BLOODy~\ THAT 7 BANK!-^ * - " Ml YOU PAY THE MORTGAGE OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams EXPERIMENTING WITH PA'S V NOT ENOUGH-- 1 CAN WELL, FROM THE LOOK 1 GET TH' SMOKE IN, SUT >OU, 3 6UESS YOU'VE ^ HOW PO YOU GET IT FOUWP OUTABOUT THB WORRV WART TIZZY-By Kate Osann "—Er—did you bring any mad money?" OUR BOARDING HOUSE-Wllh Major Hoop!* 7 ^^M^M^iM At A JOR.VOU TOOK 1HE-6WT.' XHAD ^A'LETTER p«o1^\^^ LETTES PASTED FROM THE rnMrpr?(OiK\'^ /i\\/ I^C.A c/-»L7 M A\INE ^TATlOhlEDT'HERE/-*^ ALL SPH A iV: !N ™ ^ &A F ^ Mw iT5AV«;iS rt PnRu: OVJPC? ATTM A A^PAM^ iOP UCATlM'" TtJc ^v?5 i»«?nTC?l5 PUr\iSLJ\cKA Icoo C? "'* l «ni 1 t- / WT- nCTrtl UNCJ, IMC YjJ ClO/lT C/*lC? Cl A\KllK\/" S//^IVC!? O«T ^eKl'SCOPi-^ OP ^MRftAAClMPQ/'i fc/rs OLwYNUNt^ TWUrs oc\ -*-^^WSSI>A 1Hssl ' fflK "^ WEEK WITHOUT DISHlMS OUT THE 22WT BE TOO - SORETWIS65 COINCIDENCES VJILL HAPPEN- CARNIVAl-By Dick Turner T.M. ».j. U.I. Put. Off. lS1»5»b>NE»«m(«, In "Something to announce a blessed event. My husband traded in the old car!" THESE WOMEN By d'Alessio IT PAYS TO READ THI CLASSIFIED "You want to come home to me, child? How'll THAT punish him? I'll come to YOUR house!" A UCK IN TIME (die. It is identified in red letters MANGUM, Okla.'ow - In the' 35 '' B f rd ' of Education, applied ,ffi... «f B .,-..«.».. j , psychology _ grip here firmly in HA?/-1 TOLOJA ALL DE CHAKACTEIS AM'EVEKfTS IN 'FEARLESS yj <V "V **. J rAi ^ /L '•.-> . THE TOOOLM BUT--vou T CAW'TBE U SERIOUS ABOUT THIS OLD GOAT SALLY DON'T SAY THAT A6AIN/ T6X IS A WONDERFUL MAN-IN PACT-HE'S THE . MAN I EVER WENT OUT WITH' HE WAS A MAN WHEN YOU WERE BORN.STUPID/ NOW HE'S JNI HIS SECOND CHILDHOOD/ WHAT ARE YOU GOIN&TO DISCOUR- ) WANT TO AGE HIM- -SO YOU'D BETTER BE QUI&7 IS PEAR/ WILL DRIVE. HI AN TO SCHOOL? JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brondfleld ~*1 [TWENTY MINUTES LATER, TESTINff THE NEW SPACE ^PERKINS, WE'RE QUITE SO, DR. LUCAS •NT— PRAWINS BOARR EH, LUC'AS? OKAY, HELEN, PUT THIS SAMPLE OF MIX IN THE OVEN... ANP weu see WHAT KIND OF BISCUIT 6OIN6 TO HAVE 6OMB NEW ANSWERS, SOON 16 BUT WHAT sr; n MORTY MEEKLE WEU., IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT, MORTY WHENEVER WE COME HERE YOU ALWAY6 YELL: TALL HIM A FIGHTER? I COULD UCK THAT BIG STIFF MYSELF/* THAT'S THE LAST TIME I EVER COME HERE FOR THE FIGHTS. I TOLD YOU THAT60MEQAY ONE OF THEM WOULD TAKE YOU UP ON IT/ EH? WELL, BLESS BESS/ VOU'RE RIGHT, OSCAR,/ WHAT WAS DANGED IF ( I THINKING WV.OJTITOUT/ YOU KNOW THIS IS A PRECISION JOB! YEAH.' SOMEBODY CAN GET ALL BANGEP UP IF YOU CONT GET BACK ON THV.BALU YEH? WELL,I THINK IT'S TIME SOME- BOCV DID GET BANGED UP.' I NEVER HEARD OF ANYTHING SO RIOlcu. E TO TELL UT YOU'VE HIS UNIT )N UPSIDE DOWN; AND HER NAME'S HILPA! WASH TUBBS WELL. WELL 1 . SUPPOSE VOU TELL fuiet nil*, eti i i ,^^ ME THEIK WAMES. AMD WHAT CWBF.THI^FELLM&N^ YOU WMiT WITH THEM? TWO MEN WE'RE 50 SORRY, 5UH..IW / WHNT PO YOU MEW YDtl'RS NOTATLIBERiyrNOTATLIBEWrV* YOU1C. TO SN/ VETl BUTl AM5WBK MY QUE5TIOM5, OK IWC/ HOLD YOU AS AN ACCESSORY! > VOUU FIND OUTi UWLESS YOU COOPERAT&YOUNfl MAW. WW. TELL ALL YOU THOSE-MEN. OK, YOU'RE IM IPYOUKMOWAW- THIM0 ABOUT 'EIA I'P APPRECIATE - BUGS BUNNY I'LL GET VER 6UM ! QUIET. CICERO! vA'LL SCAPE AWAY TH 1 CUSTOMEPS 1 ER S/Mtff IT A COUPLE TIMES ... U(?K! l NOW ION PICK AfJY COLOR I WANT! SOMETIMES YA GOTTA BANS TH' MACHINE ! AUSTIN (Mfrtn.) MtftAlO A taforday, Jon* I, f?S0 9 FRECKLES office of Superintendent of case of frustration." The paddle has not been used in § year. WOMEN!! J A Row WITH I —<. HILDA/ s. AT TIMES LIKE TRiS I ALWAYS FEEL. BETTeR. IF 1 JUSf SIT POWM ME«£ AMD pur My ^ MI.MD AT £*SE / fEAH.' I 5EE" A'HAT YOU MEAMi SHORT RIBS -ji-.n ^ '* DARN THESE SUMMIT CONFERENCES! JACOBY'S BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOnY Written tor NBA Service East imd a perfectly good opening spndo bid and every Enat player nt the recent Dallas tournament bid It. A few South players looked nt their own tremendous spade strength and made the mistake of doubling, Onco that mistake WAD made they were NORTH I V 104 *K 10987542 WEST EAST (D) A None A K 8 7 6 4 VA005 V832 » J 10 9742 *AQ8 *Q63 *AJ SOUTH 4 AQJ1095S VKQJ7 • K5 + None Both vulnerable East South West North 14 4A Double Pass • Pass Pass Opening lead—f 3 gone goalliigs because their partner*' ' would take over with their eight card club nulls and never stop bidding. The corrent tactics with thla type hnnd Is to Jump In spades to show ..;.••• tliat you can play the hand In that >. ault In spite of the adverse opening bid and .most South players Jumped -, to three spades. Dave Carter of St. Louis who like* '•" to live dangerously went one s t e y < further and Jumped right to the spade '""' game. .'. West doubled and made his normal opening lead of the Jack of diamonds. If lie had led a club Dave would have " had to go down one trick but with the... , diamond lead everything was duck soup for him. East took his ace and returned * • small trump. It didn't matter what he did since all Dave had to do was to lose a trick to the king of trumps, .-;. draw trumps and concede a trick to the ace of hearts, Easy-See Diagram PRINTED PATTERN 4853 SIZES S-10-12. M-14-16 ,-18-20 By ANNE ADAMS RESOLVE to look pretty lit tbl* coverall and protect yourself Jrom sptasblng sauces. Easy-aew, tt JIM, vide swaps, handy pockeu, button clogiog. Tomorrow's patwrn: Ml*«4' dress. Piiuted pattern 4853: IdtesW BiH* Small (10. U); MecUuw (W, W); Urge (is. 20). Medium takes 3 ywdi 35-Jncli febrtc. Printed direction* on web patttrn 1 part. Easier, accurate. • Send T»trty-«ve ceoU la coin* tnis pattern — add 10 ceou lojr pattero for lAt • cla59 (OAUlxig. to Anne Adams, owe 01 tbe 4 Daily Herald, pattern D«pt,. J43 a7th St.. New York 11. " ~ Eiatoly NAME. AJ i |L&4 •**v I -vb -,y t «w

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