The Charleston Daily Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on November 22, 1963 · Page 1
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The Charleston Daily Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 1

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1963
Page 1
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THE WEATHER cm - tbmn taadaM. bar i Pailn Pail EXTRA »■ Turning coUtr Saturday, w* Ow - cias by evening. STATE - Rita toniibt, low ta ». Po». ribknurrle, Saturday, temperature* falling mto 30s. VOLUME 141 - NO. 125 FIVE CENTS CHAELESTON, WEST VHW1NIA, FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 22, 1963 Texas Gunman Klls Kennedy; Dallas Assassin Fires 3 Shots HOUSTON PICKETS PROTEST JFK'S VISIT ^■^^^■flift ^BT ^aafl aim V^H ■ ■ ■ . : ' ' - 9 - ; BIG'UNS GET THEIRS, BUT V Mountaineer Denied His $56.91 HOUSTON, T« — A fnup of »W«t», eerrytng ifgris. We past the Houston Coliseum where President Kennedy was speaking last night. The President was guest speaker it a dinner in honor of Rep. Albert Thomas, D. Tex. About « of the marcher* walked past the coliseum. There were no incident*. - AP Wirepboto. BY CHAIRMAN MILLER By BOB MELLACE Daily Mail Political Editor The rlfle - toling symbol of West Virginia University sportsj he certainly believes Roger* should get his mone>. I Herb Marsh, longtime clerk o(i the travel board, says he doesn't! teams may ^e the ^ - ^figg - * ot people - vho cant get Itielrj jccounts Hw ^ expense accounts approved «t|hfloored lw ytlTS< MCWrJing ,0 uie siaienouM!. |Marsn, aim tne money comes The governor can go ta:from 8 special account financed Tokyo, Hawaii ana fans, ana by wvu stuaent activity tees. legislators and liquor commis - aioners, can enjoy Waikikl's golden strand - all on the tax payer. But the buckskin - clad Mountaineer can't get the 156.91 he •ays ne speni going irom mop •■ntnwn to Wiltlamsbure. Va.. last month, to fire up the foot ball Mountaineers and funs by ahnntlng his blunderouss. The natation s i m D 1 ¥ says "William Rosers Is not an indl - Ividuil who can oualifv for re payment or expense tor oui - oi state iravei. OTHERS HELD UP Exoenses of other traveling; student groups ai» have been1 GOP Aspirants Told To Expect No Party Draft ST. LOUIS (AP) - Republiesn, publican meeting that ends Sat* National Chairman William E. Miller warned GOP presidential hopefuls they will have to work IOT Uie X>epUDtlC«l nvram.inm because there will be no draft candidate. "I think anvone who wants .the nomination in 19*4 ought to WVU - WiUlam It Mary game. Despite urgent message from Ik. imiuersilv it still renoses in a Urge stack of accounts in thel files of the out - of - state travel! board, members of which are Ijov. uarron, Hcreier? ui fii.i. .in* F Rurdett and At torney General C. Donald Rob ertson. fchn ic rpimnsible for hold In* them ud is not exactly ri#nr a notation on the Rogers account and others indicates they were bucked back by the attorney general's office. But Robertson, who said hun - rhwU of accounts are sent to him for approval, doesn't remember the ease and says, he will look into it. ne aaas mat [urday. He expressed optimism about Republican chances in 1964 to win the presidency and a majority in the House of Represen tatives. He told a news conference the Republicans would gain in the South, Midwest and Texas, where "Kennedy naa oeiter get political or he just might be in trouble mere. 23 TARGET AREAS r, ..,„„<.. frnml.i. - . .L - '_;_.»;__ ..,111 „„ «.l vm li„v,nrl Utllsnn nf r«lifnr. Ivnrih Cardina to Shcoherd Col th - r in r.nv Nelson A. ftoeke - 'nia. chairman of the GOP Con liege to be interviewed for a po - '(eUer of New York— who has an - gressional Campaign Commit - Isition as dormitory counsellor. nouneert a5 a Candidate - or Sen. tee, said the party has desig ned up on the same grounds, ^ ,boU[ jt right now," Rep. traveled to sUle institutions toj^ wno juSt sils by expecting This vear's MounUineer Wit - tr*veled 10 u>au™tl0Ils ">jone who just sits by expecting liam W (Buc^Hoeerg jr; t P >nterv,(!wed for employment. ' ^ d„fled ^ ta ^ expense account in for the ^ ™B 1 •» , , , Thus far, he said, it appears The college attempted to payiBarry Goldwater of Arizona her $10 for her trip but, so 'ar, "who jt seems t0 me will soon sne cam gei iiei iuuu.j. See BIG'UNS, Pg. it. Col. t BULLETINS CHARLEY WEST | SAYS: I Chap's "e. - iiet" leaks Wttet aller a orbits *MJ»y tack aiitr ■ tn» faartek WASHINGTON (AP) - A Seaete Appropriations wb - cemmittee was urged today by Sea. Robert C. Byrd, D W. Va., to approve S1JJI,IS» for moving • *aval radio receiving station from Cheltenham. Md.. to Sigar Grew. W. Va. The present site la Maryland siffers from electronic noisei, he said, and "the sooner we enable the Navy la constrict Its needed 'ear - at Higar urn™ m quicker we will correct a sil - aatlmwkkhlsworstnlif and whkh chU nilUUte against wmt immediate. reipMsive actions at sea in the event of ai attack by aa enemy." WASHINGTON (AP) - Tie JnUce DtfWtBMt toU aa Alabama grsad I jary tjday M iti afflclak. from Atty. Gen. Robert 8. Kennedy aa down, will sit at a wtaeat far the <mn wkea It comes to ■ftaa, aad a* rtgat U m - aalra brio aflldal e«adart by Jattfca Departateat emakyM carryfag oat their astiti, Asst. AMy. Gem. Bai "I believe former Vice Presi dent Richard M. Nixon when he1 Java he is not a candidate and dues not intend to be a candi date." Miller sa d. Miller caUed for KepuDllcan presidential aspirants to enter state preferential primaries. He said if anyone won all the pri - marics - as President Kennedy did on the Democratic side in I960— the Republican convention could not deny him the1 nomination. Miller is in St. Louis for a two - day, lS - state regional Re flated 23 congressional districts in the Midwest as target areas. Republicans hODe to Dick up 11 or 12 seats in these areas, he said. He declined to name specific; districts, but said the GOP ex - j peeled to pick .up an additional conuressman in Ohio. Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, neorsssa, | Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. "We hope to gain at least 2tM congressional seats in me South," Wilson said. "This is in1 some areas where we have not ,had a candidate before." 1 DALLAS, Tex. (AP)— President John F. Kennedy, thirly - sixlh president of Ihe United States, was shot to death today by a hidden assassin armed wih a high - powered rifle. Kennedy, 46, lived about an hour after a sniper cut him down as his limousine left downtown Dallas, Automatically, the mantle of the presidency fell to Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, a native Texan who had been riding two cars behind the chief executive. There was no immediate word on when Johnson would lake the oath of office. Kennedy died at Parkland Hospital, where his bullet - pierced body had been taken in a frantic bit fitil effort to save Us We. DALLAS, Tex. (AP) - President Kennedy and Gov. John Connelly of Texas were shot from ambush today. It was not known whether either was killed. In Washington the White House press office said at 1:45 P.M. EST that it had nothing beyond press Information on the shooting. The President was shot just as his motorcade left downtown Dallas. Mrs. Kennedy Jumped up and grabbed Mr. Kennedy. She cried. "Oh, no!" The motorcade sped on. AP Photographer James W. Alt - gens said he saw blood on the President's head. Altgens said he heard two shots but thought someone was shooting fireworks until he saw the blood on the President. Altgens said he saw no one with a gun. AP Reporter jacK sen asKea Kenneth O'Donnell, presidential assistant, If Kennedy was dead. O'Donnell gave no answer. Kennedy was reported taken to Parkland Hospital, near the Dallas Trade Mart, where he was to have made a speech. Bell said Kennedy was transferred to an ambulance. He lay on PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEPY a seat of the car, blood streaming. Bell reported three shots were fired as the motorcade entered the triple underpass which needs to to the Stemmons Freeway route to Parkland Hospital. Pandemonium broke loose around the scene. The secret service waved the motorcade on at top speed to the hospital. Even at high speed It took nearly five minutes to get the car to the ambulance entrance of the hospital. Reporters saw Kennedy lying flat on his face on the seat of his car. See KENNEDY SHOT, Pg. 10, Col. 1 ON ARCHITECT CHOICE Dispute Stalls State Park Deal West Virginia's $21 million parks program has come to a I standstill in a dispute between the state and federal government rer a firm or firms to do the engineering and architecture. The state has last the fight to have West Virginia architects do the work separately on the five projects that, it is hoped, will raise the economy through tourism. But the U. S. agencies in volved have not submitted a list of nationally recognized firms, one to be selected by the De partment of Natural Resources, Warden Lane, director ot tne .1.1. >o.wv /•rmfirmed the de lay yesterday and said he has' Sioppea ncKuu.Liwia w 1 1 <■ 3 Students Killed As Tanker Truck Rams School Bus STANTON. Tenn. Mi — Throe: Netfro feen - aien were killed to day when a tanker truck ram med me rear ot a acnooi dus, •ending It over a tern and into river backwater. The dead were Identified by . fella* atuSaat ai J. C. Ma lone, W; Joseph Brewer, IT; SAG Neal May, lB,,aji mm aianion. Common Market Turning Sour? Pittsburgh bank for a $16 million loan to let started on the ambitious program. Now stalled are oroieets at Pipestem and Bluestone Dam, both In the Blueslone Gorge J areas, Blackwaler Falls in Tuck* er county, Hawks nest state park in rayetie, ana Twin Falls in Wyoming. INSIST ON ONE FIRM The Ares Redevelonment Ad s' I ministration and Housing and I'Home Finance Agency, both % federal, have insisted that an See DISPUTE, Pg. in. Col. 4 >Wc Cmfflna As World Trade Picture Does Flip - Flop flent ot we riusoUiy us. in nunnciwua. nr u i.a»<: ™ — j f . , our toes if we're to come out aneaa. | oiiUV ' illUCA Keith says the United States must do all it can to revive pros - . : pects for free world trade, at the same time making the most M pages - I SECTIONS of any Communist offers. IFIRST - General News, Comics, These comments came on tne eve oi meeungs to mc g< , Editorial nitWl Mil IMIfttH an wtiir buiiminwi ItU - ctnt.lnM mwll |EBITO*'S NDTt - TI* WWIJ pl'lur. H< 0«n« think Haul worM irt» in fl» W>25» iHrlF. mt ii By DARDEN CHAMBLISS Ap Bnbmtt News Writer NEW YORK tn - American businessmen are taking a new and colder look at international commerce prospects. They speak ot a drastic turnabout m the last tew monws Nice students were report*! In - gt,(w ^ Europe to stand solid against communism And now the communists an holding out weir Igf trad* — grain an far but maybe other goods . 22 hired. ttignway rauvusaa weiieri Duffy said the Uak buck, carry ;l» chemicals, atmck the bua from baaiad on a straight ■Mtb af read about two aulas "I"'' n.Kinmmaa ouaatusaed durhu a cross - countrv tour to sample the nilion's busmaM mood tay they're not quit* certain what ■e meke ef all this. ••li s quite a switch," saws lebtrt Keith, executive vtc* praai JP J work for a new round of international tariff negotiations made ,FC0ND_A vcws S[lort9 Ipossible by the U. S. Tr«i* Expansion Act of 19H. They com. SECONr^Ar^News.^port". I also at a lime wnen tarui aispuiea mg. u™ arvci.i Bridge 3S,All Things . Classmen . Ksooris Comics ... 18 Sr. Forum , Croaaword . MjTheaters ... 19 Editorials . HiTV 12 iFimwcial . . IS Warming Up a. Horoscooe . 12; Women's .. 17 My Answer uweamer ... r. Otrituir^ . azlDr.Mobw » when i.^iiem.nt »r the rnmmon market was al a high pitch. Bus! - VEEkL «ItZlr ^own nrospectl'ness saw that sis - nation union (Franc*, Germany, Italy. Belgium,1 ■a^thw |lh« Netherlands, Luxembourg) a. a bagulltag m«kel lor Am*rl. They also law it as expanamg ID emDrac. nrivein em a»n other European nations In a United States ot Europe. »e* COMMON MARKET. Ff. "> '

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