Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 25, 1933 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 25, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR FIRSTJPUY-OFF GAME BY 14-12 j Training Camp Notes I 4- _—. •• : Tampa, FZa., Sfor. 2S. (AP) —Gratified With the hitting of his Sledlegs in the five games they have played with major league clute, Donie Bush. Cincinnati manager, today devoted; his attention to ^he mound Victory Over U. B. Five,* He cancelled an intra-club ^ame Comes in Final Sec- ' in the hope a workout would prove «jj, T>i--^ of greater benefit, especially to Ha- onaS 01 riay key, Morrlssey, Lucas, and Rlxey, just off the hospital list. ; Sidney Well, Cincinnati president, announced he was "just about ready to send pitcher IJirtch Henry back to Minneapolis." Hanry, last Red holdout, has been negotiating wi,tb ^ell by mail 'EHE TOLA, DAILY REGISTER. SATORQAY EVElTOfG. MARdH 25, 1933 The Catholics bagged a 1-game iead in the church league play-off series IJast night by taking a 14-12 thriller from the United Brethrer quintet on the junior high floor. A sec-saw battle all the way, the contest: went to the victors in the final seconds of play as Blxby, Catholic center, dropped in a follow shot. The United Brethren five had annulled a 2-point lead or the Catholics a few seconds before when R. Baker, guard, counted a goal fl-om near the free'throw line. Jhc two teams battled on even termi) tliroughout. both sharing the lead but neither gaining more of an advantage than one basket. The count was even at the cud of the Ilrst quarter, 4-4. An 8-6 lead was In the hands of the CatlioUcs at the half, and the U. B. pulled out to a 10-8 advantage at the three quar- ^ter period. ' Grant scored from under the basket after a pass from OTlaherty soon after the final quarter slartecj to knot the count oilde more. OTlaherty later goaled onie from the 5lde to send the Catholics out in front again. Then with about a half minute to go Baker bowled one from In close for the U. B. and Blx- by heavfed one through for the victors a fH' moments before the end of the contest. Both teams were wild on free throws and field attempts and the . game was rather ragged, due mostly to the slick floor. Each side tallied but two. free throws, the Catholics getting their pair in six attempts •ind the United Brethren cashing in only two out of nine. O^Plalierty. Grant, and R. Baker scoV-ed two baskfts each to lead in the poinr making. Another game will be placed Monday. A win for the Catholics would decide the league championship or a victorj- for the U. B, would make necessary another contest whicJi would be held later In; the week. The box score: ' Catholic—14 IG FT S. Zyskowski, f 1 i A. Zyskowski, r. 0 0 Bi.xby. c. I I O'Flnherty, g. 2 0 Grant, g : 2 0 Biloxl, Miss.—Cleveland's Indians may go Into the 1933 American league with a southpaw pitcher to bolster a twirling staff of five capable right handeis. Forrest Twogood, the former University of Iowa twirling ace, again demonstrated potential big league style by: holding Washington to four scattered hits In six Innings yesterday. Ho issued nine bases on balls, however. Howard Craghead, another rookie, pitched the other three innings and gave up but one hit but, like Twogood, got himself In several Jams with walks. • 1 Bradenton, Pla. — The annual back - to-the - minor - league parade has started at the St. Louis Cardinal training camp. Two pitchers, Albert Fisher and Ted Nobriga, were released yesterday to the Houston club in the Texas league after tryouts with the Redblrds. flDMBOLDT NEWS Ladies of Clover £e»f Club Entertain Hnsbsjids at Dtaum* Ttann- • day at HarcI«rode Home. HUMBOLDT, M4r. 24—Mrs. Earl Wrestler and little daughter, Connie, were guests Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Kellenberger of lola. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Willhite. Mr. and Mrs. Will Ronslck and two cbU- dren of Humboldt, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mis. Maurice Rosebaugh of Gas City. Mrs. Vem Peterson and daughter Kathryn of Humboldt spent Tuesday- with Mrs. Lena Parkins of Gas City. Dr. H. M. Webb attended a meet- iag of the Boutbeastem Kansas Medical association in Columbus, Kas., Thursday evening. The; following high school students have been chosen for the cast in the junior play to be given a week hence: John Hatch, Lorraine Bar- rlcklow, Ruth Naydeen Bowlby, Allen Braucher, Marjorie WUkerson, Audrey Noel, Clifford Kraus. Pauline Poster, Charles Btrleby, Clarence Slevers and Harold Beach. A St. Patrlck*s luncheon was served Friday noon by the freshman Chinese Province West Palm Beach. Fla.—Russell White, youthtuV southpaw who had ejqserience In three camps last year, will have his chance today to show whether he has in that left arm enough magic to rate a 1933 berth with the St. Louis Browns. Manager Bill Killefer said White and another newcomer. Jack Knott, would pitch for the Browns in this afternoon's exhibition game against the Buffalo team of the International league. White, who Is 22 and an ex-collegian, was with the Giants in their training camp last year. food's girls in honor of the school board members, the following being their guests; Messrs. F. C. Miller, Albert Pleper, J. R. Lelmenstoll, H OT, i-y Buskirk, W. L. Drake, E. C. Campbell, A. J. Trueblood, G. W. McCreary. H. H. McClelland, Carol Bridges and Gerald Talley. Miss Settles, language teacher at Humboldt high school, entertained a group of senior girl6 with a grub Thursday evening at the community park. Those attending were: Juanlta Bryan, Mary I^aRue, Margaret Katherine Crook, Coris Kent, Marjorie Gasper, Marjorie Steams, Mae Packjer, Helen Galgralth, Josephine Harris, Mavis Kelley and Miss Settles. Mrs. William Feehey entertained Thursday evening at her country home, west of Humboldt, with a three-course dinner in honor of her husband's birthday. The affair was a complete surprise to Mr. Feeney. Following the dinner, they were entertained with cards, jg-saw puzzles and a St. Patrick's contest which was won by Mr. and Mrs.jDan Sullivan. The guests were: Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Starkey and Arbutus; Mr. HORIZONTAIt iWhat army couneillors ; voted, withdrawal from the League of Nations? 8 Holy. 13 Bad. 14 Blood pump. 16 Pertaining to air. 17 From this time, 19 Before. 20 A alow-moving thing. 21 Pronoun. 23 Educational institute. 25 Behold. . 27 Level. 29 Mark. SOMeaaure. 31 That which . denotes 'the . number (pl.J. 34 Sour plum. 35 crafty. 36 Disturbances. 37 Extraneous matter. 38 Eggs of fishes. 60 Freedom of 39 Published access, after the 61 Auto. Answer to Previous Iptszle saga Bssag aaaa writer's death. 41 Within. 42 Mongrels. 43 Collar. 44 Type measure. 46 Situated near the back. 48 Sea eagles. BO Scoundrel. 52 To doze. 54 Stair post. 56 To entice. 57 Bustles. 59 Net weight of container. person.. 15 To dress again 18 Edge of a roof. 20 Male children. 22 Violent dreads. 2^ Rough with hair. 26 Strong vegetable. 28 Newly born. 30 To divert. 32 Rubber tree. 33 Child. I 34 Small shielA. ^'ERXjICAL 35 Slight skin 1 AVbat iprovlnce fold, were the Chi- 37 Poems, nese t^-oops or-39 Chaste, 'dered to null? 40 Morning, 2 Farewell! 42 Lid. 3 Half quart.; 45 Race horse 46 Short lance. 47 Bed of a beast 49 To kill as a fl}'. 51 Convent worker. 53 Professional golfer. 55 Before. 57 Southeast. SS South America. 4 Medieval chemical science. 5 Exclanjatlon. 6 To observe. 7 Organs; of hearing. S Street.; 9 Light boat, 10 Genuine. 11 Silkworm. 12 Sluggish then went with the Bridgeport.} andMrs. Wm, Ronslck. Mr. and'Mrs'. Conn., club and wound up with the Jersey City, N. J., team. ToLils 6 2 8 V. B.—12 PG rr F Roberts, f 1 1 ? . Mnsterson. f. . 0 1 0 McCIay. e. 1 0 2 Dale, g .0 0 0 Baker, g.. 1 0 R. Bnl, g 'i 0 1 Totals .5 : aefcree-^Smlth, Pittsburg Teachers. St. Petersburg. Fla.—Babe Ruth is one ball player Twhosc drawing power at the "gate" can be calculated rather accurately. A crowd of 1581, the biggest by far this season at the local park, turned out yesterday to see the New York Yankees' slugger pound out a home run In. his first exhibition game of the year. On Thursday, when Ruth had not settled his salary differences and did not play, only 500 fans came out for the Yankees' exhibition. Manhattan—The department of veterinary medicine, the smallest division at Kansas state college, hds the best record" in the number of 1932 graduates employed. College officials have found that every member of the class of 20 students is employed or engaged in private practice. . St. Petersburg. Fla.—The hltless Boston Braves, who have dropped six straight games to the New York c I Yankees, will get another crack at ' the world champions here today. The Braves now are in one of their worst batting slumps and even Manager Bill McKechnlc's best swatters have been acting like pitchers at the plate. FflirvieW, Okla.—The wild goose which flew through a window at the ivome (jf City Manager Evans might not have been bewildered. He landed in the: bathtub. lAwrence—Five high school debating teams survived the first and second rounds in the aimual tournament here yesterday and last night. They, were Hutchinson. Atr wood, Fredpnia. Newton, and Hays. Class B winners were Cedarvale. SpearvlUe, Canton, Mulvane, and Little River. Semi-finals In both classes are on the schedule today. HOOKS 1« and SLIDES BY BILL BRRUCHkR Foriseca's Films . W/HEN Lew Fonkeca was BM- Y signed to play firjt base thi^ year as Well as manage the White Sox, "it way 'reasonable to expect that he would hot have time to evolve as many Big Ideas as Lew contrived to think up la$t year. But it appears-that the California Canary, who once made the mistake ot studying to become a granil opera teiior, still hus time to In- dulRe his fancies. • Tlie other day Lew had movies taken of several of his White Sox athletes, such as Grube, Berry, ' Appllnp, Simmons and Lyons. The AVhite Sox pitthiiiK candidates will he expected lo study pictures of Lyons moving lo catch a rimner . ciff first. With ji view to improving their owii technique. ' of Die Sox who are sup-; posed to hit the bal^ will he .shown j illm.s of Simmons stepping info a | few. I Rcsidesi Mister Fonseca believes j I hat by sedhK them.selVes in action ; player.i win he quick to sec their i own faults and to lal<e .steps to.| correct them. j •—" " 'A A Coast Lpague. whidr last year ; played mostly BH ball. It is an I TT sounds like a pood plan.. Lew'even bet, according to our a.-^tutc also should send a rameraman ; agcnt.'=, whether the league folds to catch Lefty Orove delivering his j before the end of the 193:5 .season. • lJ^Tf .L ^^JLY ]J l^ihavo l.oen reduced .so draslic.illy ':r^'a 'L ''"^K.^ 'an^a ^io i^-^- l^" "'-7^^ AA oaUhev are Cehrig laying the bat aKainst thati""^^' "^'"'^^•7'" to market in other Old apple-ma^e the White Sox ; „Ji;-;-; Pitchers thereby would <''«cover; that these |wo Kuys >^«^aknesses;^ ^ yxjss ^n are a base on balls. i be a critical year. ^ Maybe tonseea has taken a page, years • a^o Pacific from G.neTunney Shook. Tunney ^^.^^^ ^ j,,^^ , tells of how he beat Dempsey by | .studying his style, in motion pic- DID .YOU KNOW THAT— CCOTTY -MOXTEITH, well- known; Detroit promoter and manager ' ot fighters, pulled a ^ one on some of his colIeaRues the other nisht . . . the idea came to him at tlie si.x-day bike races ... he would promote a race <lor boxer.s" managers and seeond.s .... each entry would put .in two bucks . . . and the one who stayed on his bike the longest won the works . . . there was $40 in the pot when they started pcdaliut; around the wooden saucer . . . Scotty led the parade ... Oie boys kept ; their mounts until he led therii UP 01; the , rim . . . aftei- a short time Scotty was the only one on a wheel . . . iio collected . . . then somebody happened to remember that Scotty in his younser days was a professional bike rider in Europe. It's a C6od Plan ture.i. Whether ithe idea works or I in a with not, there i.s this much to lie ^.siiid , , for it—movies will help to keep the ( lK )ys out of mischief, which I am told occasionally is practiced at training r^mps. Coast League Woes r^PERATiVES along the Pacific Cfiast feSHJf word on the three-corneroil world "scries National end .American In those days the coat^t 'was selling somd very lii;;h-priced ivory to the m.ijiii-s. Pacitu" Coast IJ [>;\KUC magnates I should quit trying to sell Class B baseball to fans; who arc .-.ccus- tomed lo higher nuality. People are careful about what they buy these days. Dan Sullivan and Jerry; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ostrander, Gene and Jack; Mrs. Bonnie Setter and the honored guest, William Feeney, Mrs. Feeney and Charlotte Ann. . Mrs. Sam Barrackman was hostess "to the Gleaners class of the Methodist Sunday school Wednesday afternoon, about eight members and the teacher. Miss Nellie DrolUn- ger, being present. After the business session, the remainder of the time was spent socially. The hostess assisted by Miss Fay Barrackman, served refreshments. Members of the S. B. A. and their families are Invited to a covered dish supper Monday evening, March 27, at 6:30 o'clock, at the I. O. O. P. hall. The lola council has also been Invited to attend. The General Division meeting of the Social Society of the Presbyter- Ian church, will l)e held Wednesday afternoon. March 29, at the church. The Foiuth division will act as hostesses for the occasion, and new officers will be elected for the ensuing church year. The ladles of the Clover Leaf club entertained their husbands with a 6:30 o'clock dinner Thursday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Harclerode: Mesdanies Harclerode, Boggs and Freeman, hostesses. Mrs. C. A. Reynolds was hostess to the Entre Nous club at her home Thursday, afternoon. Nine members were present, also the following as guests: Mrs. C. A. Hess, Mis. H. E. Duncan, Mrs, W. W. Gray. The Humboldt W. C. T. U. wUl hold its regular meeting at the home of Mrs. Will Freeman, Thtu^- day afternoon, March 30. Thfe is the annual dues "paying meeting and members are kindly invited to bring in their offerings. The Humboldt Music club will meet at the Legion Home Monday afternoon next, March 27, 3:30 p. m. The Junior Music club will furnish the program. Mrs. J. R. Lelmenstoll was hostess to the Yoimg Matrons bridge club at her home Friday night. Members of the Ace High bridge club met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Amelia Works. . The Sunflower Bridge club met at the home of Mrs. Frank C. Miller Friday afternoon. "Lefty" Wagner of lola was here the other day restringing tennis rackets In preparation for the approaching tennis season. Mr. and Mrs. V. B. Richardson, southeast of Humboldt, were Simday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Russell and family. The Cottage Grove community meeting scheduled for Friday nig. has been postponed for one week. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Lindsey are the proud parents of a son born Thursday, March 23. A community meeting was held at the school house in Petrolla Friday evening, being well attended. Dr. J. A. Campbell and Dr. H. L. Morrow, dentists of Humboldt, attended a dental clinic at the Tioga Inn at Chanute Wednesday. Mrs. Nettle Chapman and Mrs. D. H. Phebus, Leanna, southeast of Humboldt, entertained the Ladles' Aid at an all day meeting Monday. Grover C. Russell and Mr. and Mrs. U. B. Richardson, southeast of Humboldt, were visitors In Chanute Friday afternoon. Miss Rosa Lee Mitchell, Parsons, spent the week-end with her par- • ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Mitchell of Humtioltit. Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Mitchell entertained as their Sunday dinner guests Rev. and Mrs. C. V. Shulenberger. Miss Ida Kirschner, Humboldt, has returned home after completing her course in the Tulsa, Okla., beau• ty college. Attorney Wallace H. Anderson of lola was here on busUiess the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Scheide of El Dorado, Kas.. were the guests the fore part of the week of Mrs. L. P.'| Rossner. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thurman and family spent Simday In Chanute with James Thurman and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Butts, southeast of Humboldt, entertained as (heir {[uests Sundajr, MT . and Mts. George KlotzbacH and family, Mr, and Mrs .Ora Townsend and family. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Lash and family, and Wanita Bamett. Mrs. Elizabeth Wagner, Humboldt, Is visiting her sister^ this week in Elsmore, who is seriously 111. Mrs.- Horace Miller and children hiive returned to their home in lola after a several days' visit here with Mrs. N. P. McCarty. Misses Virginia Lassman and Mildred Peck, students at the lola junior college, spent the week-end with their folks,here. L, P. Rossner of Humboldt has gone to Kansas City to be the guest of his daughter-in-law for an Indefinite period. Mr. and i Mrs. Henry Brinkmeycr ot Chanute, motored here Sunday to be the guests of their son, Cecil Brinknieyer and wife. . Holiis Flint, manager of the Texaco Service station, and family, have moved this week to the Orvll Hunt property on North Eighth. Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Sanders, Independence, have this week opened a new cafe here, which will l?e known as the Sanders cafe. I REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS | I ^Froin the Office of The lola f I Abstract Co., 108 W. Jackson) j « , « March 24, 1933. L N. Drury and Blanche E. Drury, his wile to Charles W. Johnson, receiver of the Mildred State Bank. Mildred. Kansas, all of lots 13, 14, and 15 Ln block 43, in the First Addition to the City of MUdred, $1. Bud Hiurley, sheriff of Allen county, Kansas, to The Union Central Life Insurance Company, a corporation, SW»1 of SE<4 of 35-23-18, containing 40 acres, more or less, $612.64. Philadelphia — A very agitated masculine voice sputtered over the telephone to police headquarters: "My FIdo Is loose. Please hurry." That struck the desk sergeant as funny. "Put. a want ad In the newspapers." he advised with a laugh. "We aren't dog catchers." "Dog?" screamed Constable Eddie Abranis. "Fido's no dog. He's a 3- year-old Canadian timber wolf and he escaped from my menagerie." Henderson. Ky. — Sheriff R. C. Soaper used bis automobile to rush several squads of workmen to protect the Indiana approach to the Henderson-EvansvUle bridge from undermining by flood waters. Every time,he crossed the bridge he was trying to save, he had to pay the 30-cent toll charge. Oklahoma City—Beer, Mrs. L. Lezo told the court, keeps her husband hoihe. Speaking In behalf of her spouse, charged with possession of the brew, Mrs. Lezo said: "Why, he doesn't even know how to make It, but so long as I keep the beer and give him a couple of bottles a I day he won't leave home to drink :Wlth the boys." Judge Mike Poster fined Lezo $11. NEWS OF COLONY Partial Ampatation of Fingers Nec- es.sary for Robert Nelson after Dynamite Cap Accident. lOLA, KANSAS Elnora'WUson, Mrs, Agnes Baldwin, Mrs. 'Yvonne Boone, Mrs, Florence Jacksqn. Mrs. Ltflii Crammer. Mrs. Simon Oox, Mrs. Irene Cordell, Lena $|Aece and Miss Ruby Spe^ce. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Baldwin, Kansas Ctty. vidted Mr." and Mrs. Jack JoBnson a short time, Thursday. COLONY, Mar. 25.—Mr. and Mrs. i W. W. Mlnckley wlK take cnargc , Josh Mattox took Mrs. Maltox's j of the Wilcox station Monday morn- ; sister. Mrs. Eva Culburth. to lola.: Ing. Thursday. Mrs. Culburth has been j The members of Mrs. C. W. Jack- visiting at the Mattox home fori son's United Church Sunday school NSWERS three weeks and left Thursday for her home In St. John. Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Crawford and family were business visitors In Paola and Ottawa, Thiu'sday. Mayor J. V. Schafges was in Ottawa on business Thursday. C. A. Hyde, north of town, is quite ill. Mrs. Addle Makemson returned Thursday, from Mound City where she had been with relatives. Mrs. Laura Llneback, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Maria Rogers, left yesterday for Chanute to visit her daughters. Doris and Ada. Robert Lee Nelson. 14-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Nelson, has been In the St. John hospital in lola Thursday and Friday as a result of accidently exploding a dynamite cap Thursday afternoon. His Injuries were given emergency treatment by a local physician and his left thumb;and first and second fingers were amputated, partly. ,John McKale, CoffeyvlUe, visited H. D. Swickard, Thursday. They were old time friends when both lived in Klncald. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Noble, Canadian, Tex., have been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Noble are on a vacation and her brother. Herbert Jones,,Is managing the newspaper in Canadian during their absence. Mrs. O. P. Goodell, • Miss Feme Scott, and Miss Prances Goodell wore business visitors in lola Thursday. R. M. McCaughey, ; Merle Smith and G. W. Green went to Kansas City Friday morning, to drive some new Chevrolet automobiles back to Colony. Mr. Green has purchased a now sedan and John Holzapfel has - purchased a new coupe. Mrs. Steve Dlckerson is recovering from a severe setback of cblitis and gall bladder trouble. Elvln Huskey and Marion Shreck took a load of hogs to Kansas City for O. L. Smith, Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Boone were dinjier guests at the Clyde Hamilton home, Thursday evening. Mary Elizabeth Schell is recov-jj cring fi^om the injuries • she received last Saturday. • Mis."; Emma Hamilton, Richard Hamilton, and Miss Grace Huskey were lola visitors Thursday afternoon. The Christian church Aid society met at the church Thursday, to clean the basement in preparation for the father and son banquet which will be held there next Thursday, night. The members present were: Mrs. Rhea Hamilton. Mrs. clas.s met at the home of Mrs. C. IS. Tonkin. Thiursday afternoon wHh Mrs. Cresenz Owens as assistant hostess. The afternoon was spent in writing a letter to Mrs. L. L. Hanthome and discussing ways and means of raising the church pledgca. Mrs. Bert Wells w-as elected clojss president. At the iJlose of the meeting delicious refrcslmients were sen-ed to the follovrtng: Mrs. John Ressel, Mrs. Ira Ressel, Mrs. Bert Wells,, Mris. W. E. Johnston, M;^. Henry Wells, Mrs. Arch Morelond, Mrs. Frank Moore, Mrs. Magg.fe Yokum,,and-a guest, Mrs, W, L J. Stanford. A transfer truck went Into a ditch' north of town yesterday. Reubtjn Chattcrton of the McCaughey gat- age, did the repair work on It. Holzapfel Pharmac}- Is blesst.'d with four kittens bom to the Town Cat, Thursday night. ^ Lawrence Nolan made a business trip to Greeley Thursday nlgUt. Mr. and Mrs.. Claude WUUforcl were in lola on business Thursday. ^ : AC. Wallar, treastu^r . of Uie school lx>ard, made a business trip to Garnett. yesterday. " Mrs. Carl Harrison attended club in Osage City Tuesday, and returned to Colony Wednesday, M. A. Moore, who has been verj' ill, Is much better. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wallar pli^n to go to Emporia tomorrow to spend the day with their son, Richard. , Mrs. E. J. Majson has recovered from an Illness of last week. A small ad m the Classified columns often puts over a big deal!': T HE portrait is of U. s! SKX- ATOn CARTEU OL.XSS nf VIrKinia.* GERMA.N'Y rcocudy abolished the Republican fl.iR;] and returned to the old imii' Vial standard. HAVANA lii.v farther north than Hor,rvlu'.ii. PRIMARIES TO BE HELD IN KANSAS CITIES MONDAY (Continued From Page One) police judge and five couneilmm lor two-year terras. There arc 483 of these cities In-the state. Commission cities of the third class, of which there are two— Oreensburg and Hoxle—will elect one commissioner for n three-yonr term. Manager cities of the third class, which are LaCrosse, McCrackcn, St. Marys, and Stockton, each will elect one commissioner for a three-year term. Evanston, 111.—Justice of the Peace- Samuel Harrison says he believes the A past few years have seen a decline In ^ "puppy love" marriages and an increase In matrimony on the part of middle aged folks' The justice, who has married about 1,800 couples since 1901, expressed his opinion on the occasion of his eightieth birlliday anniversary. He himself advertised for a wife a year ago and finally got one. He Is seeking re-election, and says he needs the job hef has a wife 'to support. "THEATER OF THE SliARS" TODAY! THE J. F. GRENNAN 1 PRODUCE CO. ! C. O. COGHILL, Manager POULTRY AND EGGS Egg Cases and Supplies start Tow Chicks Right USE PILLSBURY STAR'HNG FOOD Old and Reliable—Established 1911 Comer Monroe and dm ^.Tust; Wert of thi» Water Tower^ Tire Patch and Reliners Z5c Large SUck-in Boots .lOe 25c Cans Tube Patch 9c 15c Bound Boots ..gc Extra Heavy Track Boots .48c Rnbber Patch Cement Tube 5c ANDREWS & SON lola—14 Soatb IWuhlngtos Cluuuite-815 Eut aikin ENDS TONIGHT- lOC TOM KEENE »irrT FUPNESS tosco ATES ADDED— MICKEY MOUSE in "MICKEY'S CHARITY"—"SKEETS" GALLAGHER, WALTER CATLETT, in "PRIVATE WIVES " —LATEST NEWS EVENTS—2nd Chapter of "THE WHISPERING SHAPOW." SUNDAY AND MONDAY-^ Entertainment—Above Compassion! Diamond-Decked Lou, the p» Bowerj-'s Light CLove . . . Mistress of the Street Where Beer Was a Nickel—and Love Had a Price Too! in /HE WAS HER\ \MAN — BUT/ ^Done imUJronq CARYORANT OWEN MOORE NOAH BEERY" GILBEfiJ ROLAND' SPECIAL ADDED ATTR.4CTI0NS CNEW REFRESHING NOTE IN ENTERTAINMENTl oomoiy . . . featuring PHIL HARRIS Honey-toned radio star WALTER CA-rUTT homy man of ^ffms, tad M the gfiaering,. eorseous, delidaia tfsUl T W C ATl^tl^ Special Pre-Rele-asc Showing! WHAT THIS COUNTRYiNEEDS IS A DARN GOOD LAUGH—AN:D HERE IT IS! GEORGE - CHARLIE SYDNEY-i-MURRAY "The Cohens andKellys ini Trouble" With MAUREEN OSULLIVAN—ANl^Y DEVINE—HENRY ARMETTA "Clancy of the Mounted" Scrappy—"Camping: Out "Strange As it Sieems" Admission lOc TO ALL OWL SHOW tdNIGHT 11:30 SUNDAY "The Mj-stery of the Wax Mnsenm" is a startling adventure in something new to the screen! A natural color mystery romance that answers the demand for different entertainment! —AND— MONDAY Sensation of Sensations . . . Images of wax that throbbed with life! • Every Statue an Uni^Dlved Crime! For Eveiy Figure a Beautiful Woman Vanished from the Earth! SEE WOMEN OF FLESH BECOME WAX SEE WOMEN OF WAX BECOME FLESH! fArWRAY :jaDIIIUAI »QL SPECIAL ADDED UNITSi: "THE STREET SINdEH" STARRING ARTHUR TRAGY "LOVE, YOU FUNNY THING" LATEST WS EVENTS ADMISSION 10.25c Week Day Bargain Matinee lOc-lSe

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