Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 25, 1955 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1955
Page 15
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Dial. PA-2-4600 for • WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1955 FIFTEEN Kiifible Proposes ESB Reorganization • :- •'• ',••••: I . • •..•- ::-. ">,• ,••"• •"•'• BALTIMORE UD-^Chairmah Robert B. Kimble of the Maryland Employment Security.;; Board will take a plan ,for".-''moire' effective, efficient and ; economical operation" of; his"department before the Legislative-. Council Tuesday:'' Kimble said lie would propose the. three-man board be replaced by ,a single executive director, the director would be appointedMo a six-year term by the governor, subject to confirmation by the State Senate. GIVE THE FINEST FAMILY GIFT OF THEM AIL ':*••' There also would be a separate board to review appeals. The pves- board reviews its own; decisions. ..... ;. •' .'... ' - '•.'". /..'• ''." Kimble resigned as a State senator from AUegany County earlier his year to become chairman of he board. 'His appointment came it a time when several top officials had resigned in the face of reports if .misconduct. . Under Gov.McKeldin's orders the department was investigated and •emedies for its troubles recommended by former Judge Joseph Sherbow. ' Sherbow and members of the department's" advisory' council, will go over final details of the reorgani- :ation plan before it is submitted :o the council. LET US SHOW YOU KODAK'S BROWNIE ^W OUTFIT CAMERA PROJECTOR " EVIEW PKOJKTOK SCM[M IN GIFTPtCKAGt Stop in'and see'for yourself how easy it it to make and show your own full-color-movies. There's only one Jetting to make on )h« camerd, end the projector is; just a* simple to operate.-Price of Outfit, . complete) $99:50, including Federal Tax. CURLS CAMERA SHOP 20 N. Centre St. Marriage Licenses George Howard : Wolfe, 142 Arch street, and Jacquelyn "Cunningham, U5 Columbia. Avenue. Harry.Robert Davis, RD 1, Old:own, and .Mildred-.Marie Dolly, RD 1, Ridgeley. •. :'. Roosevelt Garner - Fram, and Mary Jane Phillips, both of Frost- Burg. "- . .-• '. . ',"...-.': :. ' -.".. -;- '.'. Melody Time Answer to Prtvioui Puzzlt BUTTON UP FIND YOUR ACBOSS iKind 61 concert 4 South American country 8 Center 12 Exist 13 State 14 "Moon — Miami" 15 Operated 16Poet L8 Chose 20 What music does to some people 21 Pedal digit 22 Consumes 24 Sharp point 26 Operatic solo 27 "My Gal " 30. Visigoth king 32 Common commodity i34Tum S5 Emissary 36 Observe 37 Sea eagle 39 Love god 40 Church pulpit 41 Individual 42 Dark yellow 45 Fit of temper 49 Large notice 51 Follower 52 Metrical foot 53 Maple geniis 54 Baseball tool 55 Couples 56 Writing tools 57 Pronoun DOWN 1 Pee) 2 Spoken. 3 Enter 4A4hetivt JCryot baccbanalf 6Playmuiie 7 Vase • 8 Doves'hornet 9 Bake chamber 10 Wind instrument part 11 Goes astn? 17 Landed property 19 Snake 23 Corridor 24 Musical • measures :? Pork cut*, often barbecued 28 Singing voice 29 Dregs 31 Entered . . 33 Representativt 25 Century plant 38 Announce- 26 Bitter ment 40 Nomads 41 Heavy blows 42 Funeral notic* 43 Crop 44 Man (Latin) 46 Arabian gulf 47 'Western state 48 Allot 50En«rv»t* r iz m 50 17 . State Health Group To Hear Scheele BALTIMORE If) — Dr. Leonard A. Scheele, surgeon general of .the United States, will speak Dec. 8 at the organizational meeting of the Maryland Public Health Assn. at Annapolis. Various groups, agencies, organizations and individuals from all sections of the state who are interested in public health are forming the group. It's aim will be to provide a medium for exchange ideas, discussion of mutural problems and to avoid unnecessary duplication of public health activities. The association, a non-official agency, will take as the theme for its first meeting. ''Working Togeth- er to Solve Maryland's Problems." . Health Health; and Dr. V. L..EUicqtt, chief, .of the bureau of medical services . and hospitals, M a r y I a n d State ' i'Health Department. • Dr. Scheele will speak at a luncheon session.: Other speakers at the meeting; will include Dr. Harry S. Mustard.iVersatile. Preacher former New York City health com-) missioner and former director of! WAKE FOREST. N. C. Cfl - The the Columbia University School of Public Health: Dr. Paul Y- to kau, director of mental health serv- ofices of the 'New York .City Com- Rev. Earl William Howard, a student at the Baptist seminary here, decided he didn't have time to study, attend classes, preach and munity Mental Health Board andjdo justice to his full time job. So former professor at the Johns Hop-jhe turned- in his badge as a mem- dns School of Hygiene and PubLicjber of- the police .force. 27- a 17' ,ery Avhich needs- testing—under; jproper conditions. That's where the confusion in the public mind between the hot rodder and the shot rodder has its roots." The "proper conditions" as provided by the chief and the mem- s' of his two clubs include stop- and-go and drag races on off street areas. Also on the agenda are weekly meetings for safety lectures and films, and a special area provided at Worthington police headquarters for repairs and .rebuilding of cars. The club members also help the chief in his traffic safety program which includes' voluntary -inspection of : private cars. . Recently lub members inspected between 700 and 800 cars for their owners in a single day. Worthington Police Chief Leads Town Hot Rodders JOIN OUR 1956 CHRISTMAS CLUB NOW First National Bank Member F.D.I.C. Cut out this ad as your reminder CHRISTMAS CLUB NOW! Deposit Weekly Receive in 50 Week* $ .so ........;.,.. i.oo ..Y.-.Wi-.: 3 .".'. 2.00,.........:... 3.00 •].;; •••;/.•;•;....; 5.00 .;........... 10.00 ......:...... lop. •ii-.'iV....';... 150. .........v... 250. ...;.........500. ,V.,..' • '; LflMrtf Triii Oompafiy CUMBERLAND : LONACONING Member F. D. I. C. Member Fed. Res. System COLUMBUS, '0. (INS) '—The welcome mat is out' for hot-rodders in Worthington, Ohio, a prospective Columbus suburb. .•:..-. . More, Chief of Police James Lewis is a hot-rodder .'himself. He has souped up the Department's police cars and has organized a couple of hot-rod clubs for \Vorth- ington's'teen agers-^a club for.the boys and one for the girls. ' . ^ No Down Payment with »"'LB" Charge Account BRIGHT, N£\V All WOOL 9x12 SCUIPTURED RUGS AND BROAMOP,., THE PERFECT FOUNDATION FOR CHEERFUL CHRISTMAS ATMOSPHERE Now you can .own and enjoy all the beauty and luxury of ' sculptured'broadlbom, in marvelously textured patterns, at. a sensational low price! Only a huge,' special purchase from a "'famous ..rpi'll mokes this rare offer possible! You'll " be surprised how little it costs-to carpet with this most-lovely . ' ;-.' ' broadlopm. There's no obligation, of •-'.-' ' .".•''•••''' • '• course.- ; . FINE BROAD100M RUGS! Sq. Yd. 9.95 Value... Reg. 89.00 Sxl2 Here are broadloom rugs of exquisite beauty In deep, rich, lustrous color*! They're blended of rayon and wool. Love- tier! Longer-wearing! LBCRHJKIN 9-IIN:C€NTR€' /T START TOUR CHRISTY* LAYAWAY AT But make no mistake, Worthington's and the police chief's defi-j nition of a hot-rodder rules out! that brake-and tire-screeching character who roars up and down the streets and highways o' nights endangering the life and limb oC man or beast, disrupting the sleep of such of : the citizenry as are abed. ..,•, "Those guys aren't hot-rodders, at all," says Chief Lewis. "They're squirrels and yo-yos and shot-rod- ders. .And,'.' he added with a grin, "for them the word for the day— any day—in Worthington is "keep out or we'll run you in'. " Not only do the police run in outsiders and insiders who break' the rules in Worlhington, but the insider is in double jeopardy. Hot- rodders impose a fine on any fellow member who tries to get away with shotrodding. .It's all down in the constitution and by-laws. • "That's part of the general idea," Chief Lewis said, "to let the boys and girls do their own policing. It increases their sense of responsibility." . . Not that any policing should ever be necessary in Worthington beyond what the chief himself is quite able to provide. No culprit who. knows anything of his background would dream of tangling with him. Reused to play guard for the University of Utah; was former state heavyweight west- ling champion (amateur) in Ohio; and held the spotlight for more than four years in rings throughout the mid-west wrestling circuit as a professional heavyweight. He was protege of the colorful Don Eagle, and he can match Eagles' muscles, if not his haircut. He packs 225 pounds of iron-hard musculature on his six-foot frame. But, the chief doesn't have to depend on either his reputation or his muscles to keep Worthington's teen agers in line. He persuades. He participates. He's right in there pitching with them. He became police chief of Worthington about a year and a half ago after a couple of years with the State Highway patrol, following his graduation from the University of Utah where he earned his bachelor of arts degree in political science. Worthington's main street is U.S. Route 23, which passes through the center of the village, tunneling a spate of local and long-distance trucks and cars from the' south across the state from its entrance at Portsmouth on the Ohio River. From Worthington it runs north to Toledo, thence into Michigan j and north to the Straits of Macki-. nac. Just north of the village cen-j ter but still within village limits it ! widens to a four-lane parkway,; soon to be widened to six. A temp-jj tation to speeders of all ages; ir-j resistable* to the teen agerj with a muti-carburetor, luned-m-j to-a-hair jobi j "Well." said the chief, "let's be^ reasonable. "You can't stop the; kids from owning rods, souping them up, and trying them cut- somewhere. Not in this day andj age. If you can't lick 'em, jine. So, the chief 'jined 'em'. He did { it by organizing the Worthington | Road Knights, complete with con-j stitution, by laws, rules and regu-j lations, which-among other things< prohibit speeding on open streets j! and highways and with a schedule, of fines for offenders. i "We weren't in business very; long," said Chief Lewis, "when; some girls came around knocking j on the club's doors and demanding j to be admilted as members. They, were ardent hot-rodders, loo. But; the Knights refused point-blank to: go co-educational. . So, there was; nothing-to do.but give .the .girls] their club. And so, "The Worhting-j ton Skirts" came into being. i In terms of safe driving for Wor-j thington, the clubs have paid off; the chief said. "We haven't had a single traffic accident involving » teen agcr in more than a year. "But," he added, "safe driving is i not the only goal* it's a bonus on J the main investment, so to sppk.i "And here's where the definition, of a real hot-rodder comes in. He— | or she—is properly a junior auto-. motive engineer with a big invest-i ment in time and usually in money j in • piece o{ precision .machin-' WHEN YOU SHOP at the LOW PRICES Save at The P.S. On Xmas Gifts Beautiful All Rubber 25" DOLLS....... 4.95 REG. 6.95—YOU SAVE 2.00 Full Dressed 2-Tone Colors Momboo MONKEYS .... 4.95 REG. 4.95—YOU SAVE 2.00 13-Pc. Grecian Drink SETS ....... 1.45 i RiGUlAR VALUE 3.9S—SAVE 2.50 Small Deposit Will Hold It For You Family Brand 100% Pure Lb. 65' Wilson's Chopped BEEF 12-01. Con 33 C Fancy Alaska FLOUR PILLSBURY'S OR . GOLD MEDAL 25 Lb. 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