The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 3, 1933 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1933
Page 11
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THE BAKERSF1ELD CALIFORNIAX, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1933 LOCAL EXCHANGE PLAN ANNOUNCED Mrs, Tebbutt in City to Effect Organization; Meeting. Monday To organize a co-opornUvc exchange in Bakersfleld patterned after that In Hollywood, Mrs.'Edward S. Tebbutt Is In Bakersfleld this month from southern -'California. She has called a meeting: of all Interested persons for Monday 4vcnlnpr at 7:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Francos AVIllow, 229 Eighteenth street. Explaining Its aim.-? Mrs. Tebbutt, wife of the Hollywood manager said Home Demonstration Agent Discusses Using of Wheat soda, two or liquid), AKING tho most, of what ono has" Is not only a slogan but. a practice on mnny ranches In Kern county, according to Miss Lillian I cooked whole wheat, onh cup seedless Brlnkman, home demonstration agent. | raisins. Sift the dry ingredients to- mon, ono-half teaspoon tablespoons fat (melted ono-half cup sugar, ono egg, ono rup today: Not Charity "the co-operative exchange is not a-charitable organization; It Is not an employment agency. Tt Is nonpolltical and nonsectarlaii. Tt Is a nonprofit organization which brings ^supply and demand together when money Is not available for tho purpose. It. Is a ..clearing house for the exchange of services and commodities among its members. Nothing Is sold or bought; everything Is exchanged. Tho services and commodities bundled by the ex- change.are available to members only. "Each member furnishes to tho exchange a list of services or commodities which contribute. be or she Is willing to From similar lists fur- nlshed by other members, services nnd commodities nro selcted which ho or •ho wishes to obtain. Each member is provided with a passbook similar to n bankbook In which nre entered tho debits mid credits. The expense of operating the exchange is paid out of membership fees and from the,small percentage which Is charged ,ngalnst all transactions. "Membership fees are a nominal sum. There nre no other clues. Members receiving a service give 10 per cent In credits, and nre also charged 10 per cent In cash to cover operating expenses; however, members supplying foodstuffs tire exempt from payment of the 10 per rent In cash. . Many Lines "Credits on tho exchange aro used in place of money. "In tlir Hollywood organization services available Include: advertising, * iimuaement. art work, automotive, beauty treatments, building trades, catering nnd baking, character an- I A bushel of wheat (60 pounds) selling for less than fifty cents per bushel, will provide a fomily of flvo with breakfast food every day for four months. That Is, one pound, of whole ground wheat will make breakfast porridge for two days for a family of five. Whole wheat contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, special vitamin B and starch.. Tho wheat germ, the most nutritious portion of the gorm, contains most of tho mineral and vitamin values of the grain, and it Is this germ that Is tnken off In the commercially milled process along with the bran coat. If the full value of the wheat Is to be available tho entire grain, whol<y or cracked, should ho used. For these reasons, says Miss Brlnkman. the use of the whole grain Is especially advantageous wfcero food supplies aro limited. To save tlmo and fuel In cooking, wheat may bo ground. At home a. coffee grlrtdcr or wheat grinder may be used, vln some localities in Kern county, ranchers arc grinding their own wheat on a large scale where ono may purchase wheat. Cooking Wheat Ground and cracked wheat, may bo cooked In one of two ways: first, cook over direct heat, using six pints of boiling water to one pound wheat, three tablespoons of salt and simmer one to one and one-half hours, stirring occasionally. Second, when cooking ground or cracked wheat In a double boiler, use equal quantities of wheat and water, cook until tender. Cooking tho whole wheat grains require a longer period of time than that, of the cracked or ground wheat.' Soak the ground whole wheat grains over night and boil gently for three to four hours. Wheat may be used In tho diet as porridge, chowder, scrapple, muffins and bread, puddings, cookies and in place of rice or hominy In the dinner. The following are some very worthwhile recipes for making wheat dishes and have proven to bo von' popular with tho homemakcrs who have tried them out: Beef, Whole Wheat Recipe Two tablespoons fat, four tablespoons chopped onion, one pound beef,' diced, flour, three cups water, quarter of a chill pepper, salt, two cups gether, except the sugar, add the fat, sugar, beaten egg, wheat and raisins, j Stir until well mixed. Drop by teaspoonfuls on a greased pan about two Inches apart and hake in a moderate oven until lightly browned. Escalloped Liver ahd Wheat Four slices bacon, ono onion sliced, salt, pepper, flour, one-half pound liver, two cups cooked whole wheat, tabasco sauce, one-half cup hot water. Fry the bacpn until crisp, remove 'it and brown tho' onion In tho fat. Push the onions to ono side of tho skillet. Salt, popper, and lightly flour the liver and fry It slowly In tho bacon fat, until the red color disappears, turning It frequently. Cut up the liver and bacon, mix with the onion, add more salt if needed, and a few drops of tabasco sauce. Make a layer of the wheat In a greased baking dish. Add tho liver mixture and continue to alternate the layers until all the ingredients aro usofl. Pour tho water around tho sides of the dish, cover and heat about 30 minutes. Serve from the dish. DELIS PLANNING SHBpF FETES "Bowery" Dance and Formal Bull Hold Attention of Chapter Men WASCO LEGION MEETS WASCO, Ueb. 3.—The first February meeting of the Wasco Post of American Legion was held Wednesday evening at the Legion hall. The drum corps which is being organized will begin practice as soon as the drums arrive. The next meeting will be with the Auxiliary which will be held February 15 with the Legion as the guests ut the annual birthday dinner. The Legion birthday will be celebrated on March 15, and a public dance Is to be given March 17. alysls, cleawhig and dyeing, clothing | conked wholewheat. trade, commercial office, companion!*, i Melt the fut and cook the onion for doctors, domestic work, '•dltorlal, handwriting expert, henlth treatments. instruction, landscape Burdening, laundry service, legal service, merchandise, musical service, photoR- vuphy, printing, real estate and insurance, repair work, document examining, secretarial, sculpture, speech instruction and stammering and stuttering correction. DUCHESS D'UZES DIES DAMPIEnRE, France, Feb. 3. CU. P.) — The Dowager Duchess d'Uzes, advocate of women's rights, died today. She would have been 86 years old next Friday. a few minutes, then add the meat which has been slightly rolled In flour. When the meat has browned somewhat add tho water. Partly rover and simmer until the meat is tender. Stir In the chill pepper, and the wheat, and add salt to taste. Whole Wheat Scrapple One pound ground cooked pork, three cups cracked wheat, six cups broth from pork, three teaspoons chopped onion, two teaspoons salt, one-quarter teaspoon black pepper, one-half teaspoon poultry seasoning. Cook the cranked wheat In the broth from the pork for one-half hour. Combine the pork and the wheat, add the seasoning, and mix thoroughly. Place In n mold which has previously been rinsed with cold water. When the mixture has set cut into thin slices and brown In fat in a. frying pan. Whole Wheat Cookies Three-quarters cup sifted flour, one- half teaspoon salt, ono teaspoon clnna- EPWORTH LEAGUE MEETS WASCO, Feb. 3.—The Junlqr Epworth League met nt the home of Mr, and Mrs. A. T. Elms recently. Fol-\ lowing the business meeting popcorn j balls were made and served. Members I present were Lucille Bennett, Wilton McCombs, Beverly English, Luella Kims, Sterling Grant, Albert Carter, Dean West, Marguerite Grant, Viola Kims, Rev. IT. K. Carlson, Mrs. W. G. McCombs and the host and hostess. Initiation February 25, the seventh annual "bowery" dance February 18, the annual Easter formal ball and several other proposed events were discussed when the D.olta Sigma fraternity held its regular meeting recently at tho chapter house on Park Way. A report on a trip to Portervllle, made by several local members Monday evening, was given by Howard Freeman, Fred Carlisle and Walter Stevenson. . Portcrvlllo and other valley chapters will bo represented at the Easter ball, It was reported. Favors, programs and bids were selected by Herman Ware and Wallace Beardslcy, and will arrive shortly before tho formal dunce. Plans have been started for tho fifth Easter breakfast, arrangements " for which are to be In charge of Joe Goodwin and Powell Freeland. Porter- vllle members will he special guests | at that time, and Gerald Hush, past national president, will attend from Long Beach. Dr. Wlllard Kamprath announced progress on plans for tho "bowery" affair, February 18, at American Lo- glon hall. He stated that an olght- pleco orchestra will play, and will appear In appropriate costume. Initiation, February '25 will be In charge of Howard Freeman, Walter Stevenson and Doctor Kamprath. Three members will bo taken Into tho Bakersfleld chapter and three Into Portervllle. George Barnett spoke'on fraternal- Ism; Hobart Henderson and Fred Carlisle nerved refreshments. Jack Unger and McCall Slsson volunteered to serve Wednesday night. STORY HOUR SCHEDULED Children of Bakersfleld and Its environs arc invited to the story hour to be held at the playroom of tho Hosenthal Family Shoe Store on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. Toy? and attendance prizes will bo given away, it Is announced. $250,000 LOVE \ V KERN EXTEMPORE CONIESTSLAIED Students lo Compete Here Feb. 21; Valley Meet Set Later in Month. Two years of promises never did result In marriage according to Mary Clark, show |lrt, therefore she has filed a breach of promise suit for $250,000 In New York against Sewell T. Tyng, clubman and kin of the Vanderbllts. She claims he wooed and won her without mentioning the fact he was already married. Evaluation of tho present school program In tho development of character and citizenship will bo tho subject from which will ho taken special topics for- speakers entered In Kern unH of California Interseholitstlc Federation extemporaneous speaking contest, to bo held In Bnkersflcld on the evening of Tuesday, February H. At that time two speakers will bo selected to represent Kern in the valley championship contest to bo held In Tularo, February 24, Bakersfleld and Tafl high schools will be the contestants In tho county championship meeting, which will bo held In connection with tho Sierra Forcnslcs Lenguo banquet at. Hotel HI Tejon. ICuch school will bo represented by three orators. W. K. Peterson, director of public speaking In Bakersfleld, will select this school's representatives from a squad Including Misses Helen Ctirran, I Original Skit , I I to Be Given at j P. T. A. Parley Presentation of a skit written and directed by Mrs. Harold Williams commemorating Founders' Day, will be presented by the mothers' chorus when the executive hoard of the Bakersfleld Ciounoll of Parents and Teachers meets Tuesday. The session will be held in the kindergarten room of Jefferson School on Lincoln street, East Bakersfleld, The regular business session will be held from 2 to 3 o'clock with Mrs. C. R. Wilkes presiding. The organization Is celebrating the thirty-sixth birthday anniversary of P. T. A. at this time. TE C Gertrude Wachoh, Beatrice Poc, Gay Garner and Julia Stankey; Jim Logan, Bob Moon, Joe Hlmovltz and Bill Baldwin. II. A. Splndt, principal of Bakersfield High School and Junior College, who was instrumental In selecting tho general topic for the extemporaneous spenklug contest, and J. W. McDiinlcl, Junior college Instructor In psychology, are scheduled to give an "evaluation of the present school program" before members .of tho de- biite squad this week-end. Garden Club Experts Will Exhibit Pruning Technique on Saturday Saturday afternoon's meeting of the Bakersfleld Garden Club which will be ii practical demonstration of pruning, will bo open to the public, It was an- nouncPd todny. Men of the household who may be called upon to do heavy pruning aro urged to attend the meeting which will begin nt 1 o'clock with the participant* meeting at tho agriculture building at the high school. TI. A. Henderson, president of the flub, and Harry Holmes, both Instructors In th« agriculture department at the high si'boul, will demonstrate how In prune ornamental shrubs. Following the first demonstration, the members will adjourn to the home of Mrs. J. n. Wllllnms on East California avenue where other ornamentHl shrubs will bo pruned as wisll as fruit trees. A speclnl demonstration on pruning rose bushes as well as climbing and tree varieties will take place. Doughnuts and coffee will be served at the conclusion of tho Industrious afternoon. CHOIR REHEARSAL St. Paul's choir will rehearse In tho church on Friday evenings hereafter, instead of on Wednesdays, beginning | this evening at 7:30 o'clock.' A A A Filter papers in each tin ( saves you 3 *r per lb ! } It is absolutely impossible to brew the finest DRIP coffee without a filter paper. These sell for 15$ per 1OO at any grocery store. But 1O filter papers are in each tin of Schilling DRIP Coffee •and Schilling only. That's per pound saving Drip latest UoJel DRIP Coffee Maker and 1 lb. of Schilling DRIP Coffee k 1 ?O *t your grocers or tend il.20 to A Schilling 8> Co., San Francisco. Money back if not satisfied. For Percolator or ordinary Coffee Pot us t Standard Schilling Coffee •i usual. SATURDAY SPECIALS 25c J. & J. Baby Talc.. I4c While King Soap Each Chesterfield Lucky Strike- Old Gold Camels $1.09 Carton RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITY SAVE 10% This coupon is worth an extra, 10% discount on any item in our store other than today's specials. Bring This Coupon Genuine Castile Soap, 2i/ 2 -lb. bar.. . 59c $1.25 »r's Aspirin 100s 59c 2 Tubes of 50c McKesson Shaving Cream 39c SOc FORHAN'S TOOTH PASTE 75c Value; Pair of Very Fine Rubber Gloves . . 23c 34c 50c Straasika's Tooth 9^ Paste....... 4 1 55c Woodbury Face 9O«t Powder. . .. £vv 50c Gillette Blue Blades... 29c 25c New Vlcks Mouth Wash... 50c Glazo Nail Polish SOc Packer's Shampoo.... 32c 29c 50c Williams' Shaving 1 Cream Colgates Tooth Paste lOc 60c MILK MAGNESIA TOOTH PASTE 50c Probak AQ Blades *« 25c Manlkew Nail Brush... 85c Jad Salts 49c 60c McCoys Cod Liver Oil Tablets SOc Jergens Hand Lotion.... 27c SOc Revelation Tooth Powder. 25c Packers Tar | Soap • 9Q* *W» $1-25 Absorbinc, Jr.... 91.00 Ambrosia. 69c $1.00 Guaranteed Pile Ointment... $1.50 Quart Russian Mineral Oil 49c HIGHEST QUALITY SOc IPANA TOOTH PASTE 29 c $5.00 Genuine CURRIEK TABLETS $3.98 I0c Mission Bell Soup 2 5c 25c Aspirin Tablets. 7c 30c Infant Glycerin Suppositories. • . $UH Ironizcd Ycasl. . $1.00 Quart Milk of Magnesia HIGHEST QUALITY EASTERN DRUG CO. 1326 Nineteenth Street Free Delivery Phone 1732 S«per-We*r! Super-Savings! PENNEY'I WORK CLOTHES is ALL! Moccatta'Latt Work ShoM Weart You bet they will! The soft elk uppers, the compo soles and heels will resist more wear than shoes selling for much more) "BIG MAC" WORK SHIRTS now 25% Improved Quality! At the same LOW price— Finer, heavier cliambray! And even better workmanship than ever! Dressy collar — rounded cuffs — and fine stitching that eives added strength! Coat front! They Rinf the Bell — tt V UNION-MADE "Pay Day" Work Shirts Serviceable? 'Check! Well-made? Check! Big value? 1 DOUBLE CHECK! Roomy, full-cut, from sturdy blue chambray— and well-made throughout! "OX-HIDE' Play Suits —Save His Clot he si — Save you Money! Blue or striped in heavy denim. Four roomy pockets. Bar - tacked at all points of strain! Sizes 2 to 8. •t Now Buy these better Men's Khaki Pants 1.49 Think I Fast color, pre-ihrunk fabric 1 Sturdily made for exceptional wearl Comfortable fitting) A Million-Dollar Value in Wear — Comfort — Convenience! 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