The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1948
Page 11
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1, 1»4* Alabaman Pulls For Eisenhower Delegation Leader Offtra Position for Nominating Sp««cK MOBILE, Al«., July 1. (UP) — Chairman-Designate U Htndy SI- i ILs yesterdty said th« Alabama delegation at the democratic national convention will yield to any state that will nominate General Eisenhower 'lor president. Ellis utured of the delegation chairmanship by an Informal ca 1 !tux at the com rolling faction said that he w»s "certain that Eisenhower would b* nominated whether ijihe ntun«ed hia present stand or "I don't believe Truman's name will go before the convention" El 111 declared. "Alabama will yield (o iny ita'.e that wants Ui nominate Eisenhower" EMU said. "We might pass to Texas if that state wants to put Ins name in nomination. Alabama might even nominate him" he added. Alabama is hi a strategic position because it is first on the alphabetical roll cJll of the M states. Ellis said if Mr. Truman formally withdraws Elsenhower will get the nomination unanimously. The delegation leader who controls U of the 26 Alabama delegates who pledged to walk out of the convention if a civil rights program i* adopted in the platform predicted that the Smith's Democratic presidential Electors would not support Mr. Truman il he is nominated. He said this would throw the election to the House of Represent- atves because the "Dewey-Warren ticket will not get a majority of the electoral votes." Ellis will be formally elected chairman of the delegation at * ^caucus at 2 p.m. on July 11 the day before the convention opens. MERIDEN N. H. July 1. (UP) — Harry Carlson, Democratic national committceman, has appealed to fellow committeemen to urge President Truman to -withdraw candidate in favor of Gen. Dwight ' ^Strike Perils London's Food Supply "1T*->~.i»'.VY*T<" T«<V»""*Wr-W."^ ' tor A4ur«W Try Artminlttriilnr ot th« wlale ail JcoepJitni Wert—Deceawd. .6;17-24-7;l OourUr Ntm Wa*t INDIANAPOLIS, July 1. —(UP) —Police today io\>{ht K«uy PeUUo, •ace driver and 1935 winner of tht ndlanapolt* MO-mix auto net, on a warrant charting him with • •- taiilt with Intent U> kill hk pr*U)r, >lond« en-»ecret«r.v. Mr*. Naomi Shofn«, J6. just r«- enllv marrltd atxl the daiifhUr of > Lebanon, Ind., Pilgrim Hollnwa minuter, told police Petlllo atUckid rrer in a hotel here y«nterday. Tht woman'! face »M ilashcd from her left ear to her chin. She aald Pedllo cut her after luring her U> hi* room a rust. Prefect Your Loved On«t See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! ATLACIDE Kills PRESCRIPTIONS Kr«sh Slock Guaranteed Bent Prices Kirby Drug StoreS !• (h« haxefy Ourl* Chle-ka- Mwt>* Dillrirt, Artauu. "PraWt* In the Matter ot the btat« of: No. 1««1. Josephine Wert, DeceaMd. Natlrr ml C.nnllni mt I'llfn ml AdmtnUtratiofi. ' ' Notice U hereby flven thai let- era ot admlnlttratlon were irant- ed to the underlined on the ISlh rtny of June, I94«, upon the ejl*t« at JoMi>hint Wed. Der.etMd, by the Probate Court for the Ghlcka- sawba DLinicl, Mln.slvilppl County, Arkansas. AU persons iiaTlng claims or demands against aald entatt must present them to Arthur 3. Harrison, Suite 301 Isaacs Building, Blythevllle. Arkansas, duly authen- Ucated. wlthSng sis ifi> months from the date of the llr»t publication of thii notice or they shall be barred Inrever and precluded from any benefit* In Midi eju»le. Arthur S. Harrison Johnson Grass i • E. C. Robinson; | Lumber Company J ' 319 M>M( A*h St. 1 SPECIAL Beer Per Case A strike of London dock workers has threatened the city's tupply of perishable lood and meat. With 17,000 men out. the army han taken over the job. This member of the swanky Coldstream Guards ii loading tomatoes on a London wharf. New York Department Stores Targets for Left-Wing Unions By Fr«i MiiLlrn Unlttd Pr*«s SUII CorrMpondrnl J WASHINGTON. July 1. (UP» — A New York department store executive yesterday described his bus- ' infcss colleagues as "cluy pigeon-, D. Eisetihov:er. ' ' beiiyt picked off one by one" ny After a conference with Eiscn- |]cft-winf? unions. hovver last week, CavLsoti mailed • circular letter to national committee officers and members dated June 25 saying he believed the general would accept the democratic N The statement was marie by L/ni's Broido, executive vice president of Oimbel Bros., inc. "No department store in Nev York can have a s(rike without pre.sid'jniial nomination if drafted, [having it, develop in 24 hours into a "I did not consider il appropriate " ~ " for me to ask him specifically whether he could serve under such circumstances," Carlson said, referring to his conference with Eisenhower, "However, our discussion of key ISAIWS of the day wax of .such a nature as to convinee me that he would do so," he said. Carlson said ther« ma* "no doubt" that the Progressive Party of Henry A, Wallace and the Republican Party -present a real challenge this year to the Democratic Party." He said this could best be overcome oy drafting Eisenhower. Granddaughter ot FDR To Be Married July 7 PHOENIX, Ariz.. July l.--(UP) — Anna Eleanor Boetttger— known to millions In her childhood as "Sistie." the granddaughter of the late President Roosevelt — will be married July 7, her mother announced yes- *emblance of C!KM warfare," Broido said. I Broido was 1 the first witness be- ore a Hoiifing Labor Subcommittee investigating Communism in trade unions. Chairman Fred A. Hartley, Jr., R., N. J., of the committee said the inquiry will cover the whole trade union field. New York department stores deal with the CIO Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Workers TJninn, Broido said. He said the hiterna- lEoiiAl union is "right-wing" but the New York locals are dominated by "left-wingers." "If they aren't member. 1 ;-(of the Communist Party), they ought to be because they are cheating ths party out of dues," he said. "It'i hard to tell who (E and who Isn't a terday. "Sistie." 2O, will marry Van H '"They are from our point of view 1 a left-wing groi'p—American Labor ! Party, and pro-Wallace." I BfOido said that businessmen in dealing wilh their unions seem In be trying to "get around" features of the Tflft-Hariley Act-. "They would nuher do that than risk ^ strike," he said. The New York department, store unions are proposing a "reciprocal di.scliarge" clause in new contract which wonlc evade the Tntt-Hart- iny Act closed shop ban, he said. This clause, he explained, would | permit the union to demand dismissal of any worker "disruptive" of the union's leadership. "On Feb. I, 1949, when our contracts expire, we are ROing to hav» 3. strike on this question," he said. | Broido recommended three spe- 'cific amendments to the Tuft-Hartley Act. They would; | 1. Designate a* an unfair labor practice any strike to enforce a I contract clause thai would "grt around the Ta ft-Hart ley law." j 2. Require unions 1o be certified by the National Labor Relations Boarci «nd permit only certified unions to conduct » strike. 3. Restrain mass picketing and ma.sp demonstrations. Communist. But there are stigmata that we in New York have come to recognize." i He said that within the greater j New York City CIO Council there is [ a "hard core" of 13 or 14 unions that he considers left winp Seagraves of Oregon City, accord-j nor Roosevelt, the bride's grand- Ing to the announcement of Mrs. j mother, will be here for the wed- Anna Roosevelt BoetUger. Mrs. Elea- ding. WHOSE NUMBER IS THIS.., 4343 Of eours* TOO know! K's th« (elephon* nnmbcr of (h« h««( <lry-cl«»ninp establishment in town, C. A W. Cleaners. It's lh« number to think of when yo« want your clothes restored to their original new took. And it's the number (hat promise* prompt. cotirteouB service. Yes, it's (he number In remember 4343. C. & W. CLEANERS !'twr,« 4543 »00 So. Division SEE YOUR PONTIAC DEALER Sales - Service - Parts Goodwill Used Cars SMITH PONTIAC CO. Bl Minnie Lee Jones Studio Opening Suniniff (;!»»»*« In PIANO Knrotl Now mi ChickHnnwhn Trillion Kenwiniil Phim/ ZHfti Arkansas CAN Have a GOOD Highway System Sid McMath TUNE-IN FRIDAY July 2nd 6:30 P.M. Your Local Station And Th« Entir* Razorback Network Hear Sid McMalh's Important Address That All Arkansas Has Anxiously Awaited! Hear Sirf McMotfi And You'll Vote For SID McMATH Gatewood Grocery State Line PKon. 975 GAS GAS R«g., Gal. Ethyl, Gal. 20k 22k Whiskies 1-2 Pt. Ph. 5th Seagram "7" .... 1.35 2.65 4.15 Calvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 Bonds 2.25 4.35 6.90 Cigarettes (any amount) Ctn. .. 1.38 (And you don't have to buy x»*oline) Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Sizrn i, A And ft Inch Culvert Tile Siren in, n. IS. 11. 'U, 24, it anrt 36 Inch A. H. WEBB Hwj 61 >l Stale* Phono BlylhtTllle 7H For Governor Political Adv. P»id for by T. 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UKPARTMVCNT I'AKTS AN1» ACCESSORIES K Chamblin Sales Co. p 1 "Your Krienilly Studehakfr l)enl«r" *•• H. R. * Ash I'lion* 219 WHEN BUILDING Buy tti« Best in Lumber from • GOOD LUMBER YARD! 100% HOME OWNED BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. I'hone 2882 J. Wtlwm Hem v Highway nl South W. 11. I'ens* Hi Still & Young Motor Co. Ltncoln-M«rcury Deofcr "Kv«ntu«Hy W« Will He Recommended to Ycni" W>lnut .1 Klfil I'liuiK 4.1.11 mr 43?« BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Does Your Car Need Washing? Greasing? Oil? Tires & Tubes? Tire Repairing? Acme Accessories? Sec Cotton Graham at Cotton Graham Service Station Cities Service Products Ark-Mo SUl« Line I'hon* 4901 Cafe Now Open I Radio Service • ! at its Beit! J All New FM 5 Test Equipment i All Service Guaranteed i Blytheville Salts Co.; ! F«lix C«rn«y i 13$ K> Mxin PhoiM Ml* STOP LOOKING/ COME IN AND SEE THEM EAST END AUTO SALES 503 f,. Main Phone 4191 A NATl'KAT. 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