The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 14, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1933
Page 4
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fttl M ALVfeR^ i^Afm MALVfeft Sf f€WS OP Iffi IN MALVI« tee* friends **n *#pf«el*i* having- thttt «*ft* mentioned fi» tb«« column*. Pfcon* 190. Guy Jordan from north of Emerson was in town Saturday and made ns a little visit. Mr. Jordan and his family had returned the week preceding from an auto trip Mr. and Mrs. Francis Haldetean of Lincoln spent the week end with hi* parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. 0. Haldeman, south of town. Nebraska. He says that the enfotite are very spotted and as « whole do hot average up very Well. In a few places he saw good crops but in most places they were pretty badly mixed or poor. Miss Helen Zene Wortman left Tuesday morning In her car for Belton, Texas to resume her work as director of the school of Journalism in Baylor College for Women, after spending her summer vacation at home. Miss Marticia Davis accompanied her and wilt again be a student in that institution. Junior Robinson returned a week ago from a summer's visit out on a ranch in the Loup Valley In Nebraska. Junior said he had a great summer out there and he likes ranch life fine. Modern HoBse For Brtit— $16 during winter months. — Geo. Mellor. 8dT Robert Smith and family recently moved down from Council Bluffs and have moved In with his father-in-law, L. Richards, down on the L. H. McFarland home farm. They have been living out at O'Neill, Nebr. tor the past fifteen years but have concluded to try Iowa again. F. J. steele of Btrahan was in town Saturday afternoon greeting old friends. Robert Smith Jr. from southeast of town left last week for O'Neill, Nebr. where he will attend high school again this year. Ed Peterson from east of Stra- ban was in attending the sale Saturday atternoon. George H. Parker of the Wesley Chapel neighborhood was in town Saturday afternoon. M. E. Shannon of Emerson was in town Saturday attending the sale,and greeting old friends. Miss Rachael Wilson left Friday morning for Omaha after a several days visit with Malvern. friends. After a couple of days visit there she went to Sioux City for a further short visit and from there left for her home near Edgar, Mont. A number of luncheons, picnics, and dinners were given honoring Miss Wilson during her visit here, ; ..., ; .:v,l«ok —at the Rex Theater, ^Bept, 17/18, 19*. "Oold'lMggen of 1933," and what a show. Don't miss seeing it for lOc and 36c. adv Mrs. John Alstrope and children, William, Louise, and Wilma, of Shenandoah visited Saturday and Sunday in the home of her sister, Mrs. Fred Cook, and family east of Malvern, W. F. Cook of Council Bluffs visited last Thursday in the home of bis brother, Fred, east of town, Mr. and Mrs. J. D, Moore were callers In the Fred Cook home Monday. Mr, and Mrs. Myron Shipman of Emerson were in Malvern Thursday, stopping at The Leader office. Reminded of his experiences in the California earthquake by the recent southern storms, be said it took just 13 seconds to do the damage wreaked by the quake. John H. Hettinger of Silver City was in The Leader office Saturday to advance his subscription. Mr, Hettinger looked with disfavor on the too rapid advances of prices in some lines, and believes that increased farm buying power should precede the price rise. Former resident Ralph wa« In Malvern Friday old acquaintances. He h*s been visiting his brother, Elmer, of near Glenwood and returned Monday to his home In Pennsylvania where he is working for ft M. A. degree in agriculture at the University of Pennsylvania. Txxik —. at the Re* Theater, Glenwood. Sun., Mon., Tues., Sept. 11, 18, IB, "Gold Diggers of 1933." and what a show. Don't miss seeing it for lOc and 86c. adv. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Rosenfeld and little son of Harlan were guests in the R, W. Salyers home Sunday evening. Mrs. Etta Campbell Church in Omaha Wednesday, Sept. 6, and came Thursday to visit In the home of her son, Robert Campbell. From here Mr. and Mrs. Faubian accompanied by Mrs. Robert Campbell and daughter, Joyce Ann, went to Mink. Mont, to visit Mr. Campbell's sister. Mrs. Guy Parker of Silver City who is a sister of Mrs. Tom Candell, underwent a severe opera* tlon at Mercy hospital In Council Bluffs last Wednesday. Her condition remains quite serious. You can win $1,000 every year for life. Submit a good Idea in a 'ew words. No subscription cones t. Nine other cash prizes. Details in next Sunday's OMAHA BEE-NEWS. Stf. adv. Miss Ruth Wolkv. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Walker, is attending school in Chariton this year where she Is a senior. She Is taking commercial work and a course In English Literature preparatory to entering Drake University Journalism School, having recently been awarded a scholarship there in a story writing contest. Mr. and Mr*. Leonard Williams drove in from Kearney, Nebr. Sunday and visited nntil afternoon Monday in the C. L. Williams and H. O. Allely home*. Mr. and Mr*. H»rry Allely Jr. Pictured above are County 4«H club members who in state championships at the Iowa State Fair recently. Thet the Millafare: the winning demonstration* 1 Ian Benlofl. Marjorie Conner, 4- team composed of Mary Elizabeth Summers, Delpha Dfthfief who served as their model, find Mar- H style show girl and Dudley Conner, health champion. Mr*. Harry F. Clark was the victim of an attack of appendicitis the latter part of the week and on Saturday It developed into an acute attack. She was rushed to the Clarksott hospital in Omaha where an operation was performed the same night. It was a bad case and a very severe operation, but at latest report she seems to be slowly improving and conditions are more hopeful. J. R. McClymond returned Monday from an over Sunday visit with bis son, Don, and family at Lacona, where Don Is superintendent of schools. His principal visit, however, was with the new grandson, James Martin McClymond, born a few weeks ago and whom Mac had not seen up to this time. He says the young man is fully up to specifications Mr. and Mr*. Ray Love came in Monday from De* Moine* and have been guests this week in the John Fletcher home. Mr. and Mrs. Love are moving from Des Moine* to Omaha where he will be engaged, in the coal business. Mr. and Mrs. U. R. Graves and son. Ellis, visited from Thursday until Saturday in the A. B. Adam* home in Ogden. Mr*. Grave* drove to Omaha Monday to visit and Mra. Adams are slaters. relative* of Mr*. Allely. Mr. and Mrs. Lisle AQely «td DarreU Dean of Randolph riaited After The RAIN Your clothes are all wrinkled, perhaps muddy and dirty, generally untidy. BRING THEM TO US After giving them a good cleaning and right pressing, you'll think they ave new again. WE KNOW HOW. About Overcoats Bring them in now and have them fixed up for winter. Have US reUua them, Maku* » difference iu tUelr look *ud lu tueir wto v i* * faculty member of Rub Medical college and Dr. DykheUen of Chicago were guests of Dr. and Mr*. J. O. Laird ia*t Thar*day. They were enroute from a vacation spent in Denver and vicinity. Max Ireland, Theron Atkinson, and the Misses Helen Marshall and Lois Gilmore of Glenwood drove to Lincoln Sunday and en- Joyed a picnic in Antelope Park and visited the state capitol. Mr. and Mrs. Wra. LuU took their daughter, Rutb, to Council Bluffs Tuesday afternoon where she will take nurses' training in the Mercy hospital. Mrs. R. W, Salyers and brother, Dwigbt Morris, drove to Indianola Friday and brought back their mother, Mrs. Morris, for a visit here. S. S. Boord and family spent Saturday in Omaha. Mrs. I, L. Donner and son, Donald, spent last Thursday and Friday visiting in Creston with Dr. and Mrs. A- E. KIser, The condition of Joe Wearin at the Edmundson hospital in Council Bluffs has been very serious and alarming the past week. He suffered another operation the preceding week from which be seemed to be rallying nicely when he was taken with another violent attack of the trouble in his Mi** Dorothy Boehner left Saturday for Lincoln where «he wfll be • stadent fa Nebraska iowa»Nebra»ka Company Assumes Federal Tax The Iowa-Nebraska Light and Power company last week a»snm* ed payment of the three per cent federal tax on it* gross energy sale* at an estimated annual cost of approximately $86,000, This tax, formerly paid by the customer, was transferred to, and 1* now payable by, the company in an act passed by the last Con* gress. The $86.000 figure was supplied by L. R. King, president of the company. Addition of this, new tax brings the total separate kinds of direct taxes paid by the Iowa-Nebraska company to 33. Prior to the addition of this new tax the company paid a yearly sum of $317.142.72 In direct taxes, according to Mr. King. Mr. King said his company 1* one of the largest tax payers in every community it serve*. "There is no way of computing the amount paid in indirect taxes in addition to the above amount, but we can conservatively state that it is not small," he added. Asked what effect the new tax would have on electric rates, Mr. King said he hoped revenue* would increase to the extent that consideration of increased electric rates would be unnecessary, One of i our-friends who I* dis- Enrollment 138 to SUvtf City School final enrollment figures in the Silver City schools show an In crease over last year with 138 students registered. There are fotty*eight in high school and ninety in the grades, The faculty for this year include* C. D, Mitchell, superintendent} Dorothy Taylor, Floyd Anderson, Lawrence Gray, Beulah Qaylord, Hlldegard Wrage, and Ruth Miller. The student council ha* been organized with the following students as member*: Gretchen Sewing, Marjorle Rlckabaugh, Oeral dine Hendrlx, and Gretchen Hill Real Estate Transfers Record of Instrument* filed ii the office* of the Recorder and Clerk of District Court of Mills county, Iowa, from Aug. 18, 193! at 8 a. m., to Aug. 26, 1938, a 8 a. m. Walter G. Aistrope to The Mu tual Benefit Lite In*. Co. (W D.) $1 and V. O. SW% 18-71 41. Walter G. Alstrope to The Mu tual Benefit Life In*. Co, (W D.) $1 and V. C. NW% NW% and Eft NW% 14-71-42. C. A. William* to, I* 0. Rodman O t : 11,6,4 acre* £ onveni«/u i*. v..v —,-- _*,« Thnfsday the Ladles' Circle will meet thtt week Friday afternoon **"ad of Thursday. The place of meeting will be the chnrch. The choir will practice at 8 p. m. this week Friday In the pftr- onage. A large attendance is de- Next Sunday will be the test n this Conference year. Let us make the services large In attendance and deep In consecration. Sunday school begins at 10 and preaching at 11 a. m. The serinon subject will be "the Life that Soars." . If here should be anybody strong enough Just within himself to live a Christ-like life he may not need the Influence of the church and Sunday school. It is certain that all others do need this influence. factor 1* tk* *Wteiwrftttfr fife. ask yon to church. by th« Theme of mofnfftg sermon, "Who Are the Condemned? Who Condemn* f' * toufcg Pefcfrfe* Social Friday evening at the church. L. It. Bobbltt, minister. Chnrth Henry bale White, Minister Sunday school at 10. Morning wotsntfr at li. "Chris- tlanlty According to dhHet" is the theme fof the morning consideration. Please remember Sept. 24 is Church Rally Day of Home Coming tfay. Plan to he present. Baptist Chnlth "We Do Our Part" is a great slogan. But where are we to do our part? We answer, in all things, to all people. What a world this would be If that could be done! How many think this applies to our churches? A lot of church members do not do their part by their church either MPRESO .THEATER 0 MALVEJLN 11 Barrett School New* We are quite accustomed to our program by now. After reviewing for a week we have started on our regular books. They are quite Interesting and we know we will like them. Of special Interest this week are large posters on Bedouin life being made by each of the fifth grade pupils as a project in geography. Geography IB the subject that is to receive special emphasis this year. For perfect spelling lesions so far this year James Naylor has taken all the honors. He baa an unmarred record. We hope he keeps up the good work. Last Tuesday the school enjoyed a watermelon feast with James, Paul, and Mary Naylor as hosts and hostess. We thank them very much for remembering us. Barret School Pupils. Ruth Donner, teacher. Friday and Saturday John Wayne and Duke in "THE TELEGRAPH TRAIL" with Prank McHugh and Mareclitte Day. Added Short*, lOo and Me. Sunday, Monday Wheeler ft Woolsey in "DIPLOMANIACS" with Marjory White, PhillU Barry* A Hilarious Comedy, Added Short*. lOc and 25c Wednesday only BIO BARGAIN NIGHT "THE SOMO OF THE EAGLE" with Chan, Bkkford, Mary Brian, and Richard Arlen. Added Short*, Adm. 5c and lOc. i* Tom Beaton who graduated I octane* out of the gasoline and from Malvern high last spring. I put It in. the beer. No Football at M. H. S.This Season Shortage of Candidate* Result* in Ruling Out of Fall Sport Pigskins of Malvern high school will continue to repofe in the equipment closets of that institution during the fall football season. When no more than 13 candidates showed up for the season workouts last Thursday, big Paul Hertz scratched bis bead thoughtfully, consulted with, Supt. F. M. Davison and the Board of Education and altogether all decided to eliminate football for this year. Small potatoes and few to the hill was the verdict when the possibilities for the sport were reviewed. For not only were there Team Standing* The Malvern Cleaners M. H- S. attracts material of sut- cient number, size, and ability o have the makings of a goad earn. Ail Start Bow to Plymouth^ Friday legs on Friday afternoon; and (but 13 candidates, but all were of since then his condition has been light weight and most were inexr very critical, although yesterday ] perlenced, he seemed a little easier. i Opinion is that football will be Donald and Raymond Raines layed again in 1934 proyjUiing returned Tuesday evening from northern Dakota where they had een working in the harvest elds. Miss Marjorie Donner left Sunday for Peru, Nebr. where she will he a student in the State teachers' college there. Qene Hertz is also a student there again this year. Mrs. Theresa Coons who has been sick with the 8u for the »ast week was able to return to w work at the Cold Storage Monday afternoon. Raymond Hall and family of Winterset spent several days her* last week visiting their parent*. Mr. and Mrs. J, R. HaJU, went to Cmtott for « visit. Here they ware Jolaed 8»t« urday by tUair nar«ut« and »U drove to Wioterwt to sj««4 S«ft' After an amazing rise, due to six straight wins, the Plymouth kittenball team now stands second in the league. Standings llste«: Team Won All Stars —_,._1S Plymouths ..„ **,19 Oilers ,„ 8 Boosters _,,,_„ 8 Merchants -, _, 8 Firemen ,— T ,, 3 Lost 3 6 8 8 10 13 Pet, ,801 ,684 .600 ,600 ,3t6 .188 Pairings for Golf Touriiey Shortly Pairings for the annual golf tournament of the Fftlrview Country club win be. ready by the end of the week and golfers can then swing into the direct com* Qualifying Afternoon for Kittenballer* Six Tewnt'Try It Sundny ws Twilight Time Shorten* ' -_ Natural dlBlCUltles do not Impede the . indomnltable Malvern. Wtte»b8lJ »tblete* i who. will let nothing keep them from their favorite aport. When passing time brought shorter an4 shorter eye. pings It became necessary either to play laster" names or ehasge the time, 39 schedules ware made for petition of the Mr». Joteu Ml** f Qb> HAW woul* la th* W, U l»rw Jwr « bjrl* MM, T. u. tteUfwrs wt* *te* ih* UK* *««* ittSil uu4«w«w KM **« ***** t# t* rounds were finished la*t-weeki U contestants turning in scores Three flights «rj» he o» the tourney program, Schedule the tbree^me series Sunday weft- thf : Boosters »fl4 Oilers; tbiHa,Ue> ,wJ»ning 16 to J^Pitcher* lAMt NA B«W the ton m • For Friday, Saturday and Moneay COX Grocery Malvern 10 Ids. SUGAR Bacon, Sugar Cured, per Ib, 8V 8 c Lard, 4 Ib. pkg, , 20c RaUuw, 2 Ib, pkg Reflection Ught Kerosene, per gal, Pork & Bean* in Tomato Sauce, 3 medium cans „_,.....,. Milk, tall Carnation, 2 cans Apricots, or Pineapple, No. 2V 8 «w»i your, choice „_„ ,_,„,„ Matches, per carton __„,,_ Mason Genuine ZincCaps, b. bo, ,_ astfood, large pkg. -~--}Sc 2 for Corn Flakes Kellogg* Wheat LADHDRY SOAP Monarch Gelatin Dessert i n i tferee , Rest, Time waswbeAJ BMW?» enball team was considered well nigh, invincible. Steee then, big Paul Hert* has bad, little , play. Sidney LarseB VM bumped, and came o«t wUb crackeS rib*. Arthur McOuUouf b foul § »efte*4 attack ot snrln* ten rta»s*4 Ite* tb* ferwaA All to- gasies at 1:45 . will he listed, below, b\t| of play vm h* 4eii(Je4. by lot shortly Wwe 411 Stars y«» Oilers vs. of & ^V ^P u

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