The Leaf-Chronicle from Clarksville, Tennessee on February 20, 1983 · 44
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The Leaf-Chronicle from Clarksville, Tennessee · 44

Clarksville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 20, 1983
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SUNDAY HIGHLIGHTS ContlniMd from pom S IT OR NOT Marquis Chimps; a hlgh-divlna hor and rider; a wrestling bear; a flea circus; a religious ritual involving mud throwing; Roman ruins in England; and baffling statues on Easter Island. O VOYAG E RS The Voyooers arrive In Pearl Harbor the day before the attack; and visit Buffoo Bill Cody of the old west. 6:30 O HOW TO BUILD A KNIFE Host Last week's blade is pro- : filed on a belt grinder, with emphasis on safety. , 7.00 MATT HOUSTON Someone from an Insane-asylum is out to get even with Houston - they plan to murder him. Chuck Connors guest stars. O CHIPS Ponch and Nelson befriend a rock band with upcoming gigs in the Orient that may involve prostitution. O ARCH I E Archie is opposed to attending a restaurant convention until an attractive group representative changes his mind. O LIFE ON EARTH "Invasion of Dry Land" Ancestors of frogs and salamanders are ex- -amined. HBO MOVIE: -Making Love" 1982. Romantic drama in which a married doctor leaves his executive wife for one of his patients - another man. - Kate Jackson, Michael Ontkean. GB MOVIE: "Only When I Laugh" 1981. Comedydrama about an alcoholic actress battling both the bottle and her daughter. Marsha Mason, Krlsty McNlchol. 7:05 NASHVILLE ALIVE Co-host: Lacv J. Dalton, Guests: Carl Perkins, Connie Francis, Charlie Walker, Curly Fox. . 7:30 O GLORIA Gloria rescues a "lost" dog and winds up in a deiimna when she learns the animal is to be put to steep. 8:03 CO MOVIE: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" The Enterprise goes on a mission to save Earth from a menacing and powerful alien Intelligence. Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, De Forest Kei-ley. O MOVIE: "Raae of Angels" nx Part 1 of 2. A nearly disbarred lawyer goes into practice for herself , and after many struggles, achieves a good XZR UKFGKCZTTACLE USTE-FLEASIG2 - pizza It begins with our own special recipe, -thick crust, lots of our own mellow special sauce and mounds of real mozzarella cheese. We add heaps of the choicest , ingredients of your selection to make you the finest pizza possible. buffalo brady's Located next door to Martin Twin Theatre on Rivwsid Drive 552-1401 reputation. Jaclyn Smith, Ken Howard, Armand Assante. 0 THE JEFFERSONS Florence visits a famous salon in hopes of meeting a celebrity -and does- guest star Gladys Knight. O MASTERPIECE THEATRE "Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years" Despite outright opposition, Churchill urges the government to take his warnings about Hitler seriously. 8:30 0 ONE DAY AT A TIME Ann and Sam's differing views could ieopardize their relationship, when he takes off to an is-land and leaves her behind. 9:00 0 TRAPPER JOHN, M.D. A girl from Stanley's past, vowing her love for him, disturbs his newly wed bliss. 0 AMERICAN 'PLAYHOUSE 'The File on Jill Hatch" Part 1. This 3-part drama tells of an Interracial . marriage between a black G.I. and an Englishwoman who meet in WWII England. 03 MOVI E : "Diner" 1982. Comedydrama of a group of high school buddies who hang . out at a diner. Steve Gutt en-berg, Daniel Stern. 10:00 HBO MOVIE: "Chanel Solitaire" 1981. Romantic drama based on the life of fashion designer Coco Chanel. Marie-France Pisler, Karen Block. 10:55 GD MOVIE: "Hot T-Shlrts" 1979. Comedy about a bar owner trying to boost business with wet T-shirt contests. Co-rimteAlphen. 11:00 O MOVIE: "Will: G. Gordon LidaV 1982. Autobiogaphy of the Watergate figure. Robert Con rod, Kathy Cannon, Gary Bayer. : 11:30 O MOVIE: "Uncertain Glory", 1944 BW dramaadventure. In occupied France, a .criminal volunteers to be bonded over to the Nazis a a saboteur to save the lives of 100 French hostages. Errol Flynn. 12:00 QD MOVIE: "Death Of A Gun-fighter" 1969. A small-town marshal stubbornly tires to hold on to the past in defiance of community leaders, who are ready to go to any length to remove him. Richard Widmark, Lena Home. 12:05 93 MOVIE: "Desire Under The Elms" .1958 drama. The conflicts between a father and son In harsh 19th century New England. Sophia Loren, Anthony Perkins, Burl Ives. 12:10 HBO MOVIE: "Take This Job And Shove It" 1981 comedy-drama. Robert Hays, Barbara Hershey. 12:35 03 MOVIE: "Breaking Up Is. Hard To Do" 1979 drama. Rob- ert Conrad, Ted Bessell. 1 :00 O N IGHTWATCH ' 0 BACHELOR FATHER CNN SPORTS UPDATE 1:30 CJ JACK ANDERSON 1 CNN HEADLINE NEWS 0 LIFE OF RILEY 0 AT THE MOVIES ESPN SPORTS CENTER CNN MONEYWEEK 1:55 HBO SIMON S GARFUNKEL CONCERT 2:000 NEWS . 0700 CLUB 0NIGHTBEAT QD MOVI E : " Victory At Sea" 1958. A WWI I documentary de-' scribing the effects and men of the war. Narrated by Alexan- - der Scourby. CNN NEWSWEATHERSPORTS 2:30 0 TOM COTTLE ESPN NBA BASKETBALL: Dallas At Chicago. 2:35 02) MOVIE "The Man Who Could Work Miracles" 1937 comedy. The gods give a humble shop assistant the power to work miracles. Roland Young, Joan Gardner, Ralph Richard- , son. 3:00 0 HOLLYWOOD CNN NEWS UPDATE- 3:05 03 MOVIE: "Only When I Laugh" 1981 comedydrama. Marsha Mason, Krlsty McNlchol. 3:10 CNN FREEMAN REPORTS 3:25 HBO MOVIE: "Cannery Row" 1982 comedydrama. Nick Nolle, Debra Winger. . 3:30 O ROSS BAGLEY SHOW 4:00 (J MOVIE: "Here Come The Marines" 1952 BW Comedy-mystery. The Boys enlist in the Marines and are assigned to ' the same regiment. The Bowery Boys, Leo Gorcev. CNN SPORTS REVI EW 4:20 QD WORLD AT LARGE 4:30 C I ANOTHER LIFE OLD IT'S YOUR BUSINESS CNN INSIDE BUSINESS CBS To Air New Romantic Comedy NEW YORK "Your Place or Mine," a contemporary romantic comedy about the difficulties mature single persons encounter meeting suitable partners, will be broadcast on "The CBS Wednesday Night Movies" at 8 p.m. Wednesday on the CBS Television Network. The new motion picture-for-tele-vision stars Bonnie Franklin, Robert Klein, Peter Bonerz and Tyne Daly, as Karen. Hiss Franklin portrays a San Francisco psychiatrist who, deserted by her lover, fears that she is becoming like many of her patients desperate to relieve the lonli-ness in her life. The well-meaning matchmaking of her best friends, played by Miss Daly and Bonerz, fail to pair her up with a suitable partner. Their efforts to get her together with their first choice, played by Klein, meet with particularly frustrating complications, Klein plays a former advertising executive turned landscaped designer, who is experiencing his own disappointments in romance. Despite their obvious suitabiltiy for one another, it begins to look as if the made-in-heaven couple may never meet Miss Franklin has starred for seven years as divorced Ann Romano in the series "One Day at a Time" on the Network. , .30 9:00 WEEKDAY HIGHLIGHTS DAYTIME . 12:00 T:00 O CD GOOD MORNING AMERICA TODAY SHOW MORNINGS (cont'd from 6 A M.) I 0 MORNING MOVIE (cont'd from 6 A.M.) IGUTENTAG I BOZO SHOW THE GREAT ' SPACE COASTER ESPN SPORTS CENTER HBO MOVI E(M,Tu,W) HBO VIDEO JUKEBOX(Th) IMOVIE(M,Tu,W,F) ) MY THREE SONS I A.M. WEATHER I SCENE TODAY I NEWS I TODAY SHOW I TV MEET THE MAYORS REPORT (M,W) (3D NEW YORK (Tu) QD NINE ON NEW JERSEY (Th) QD NEWARK AND REALITY (F) CD BULLWINKLE HBO MOVI E(Th) IMOVIE(Th) I THAT GIRL I CARTOON STORE I SESAME STREET I STRAIGHT TALK I LITTLE RASCALS : l:30 ESPN SPORTS WOMAN (M,F) ESPN BASEBALL(Tu) ESPN SPORTS FORUM(W) ESPN GYMNASTICS(Th) CNN NEWS HBO BOY MEETS Gl RL(F) MOVIE SCENE TODAY INEWS ; TODAY SHOW CHILD'S PLAY I BEWITCHED SPIDER MAN(M,W,F) SUPERHEROES(Tu.Th) ESPN SKI SCHOOL(M) ESPN VIC'S VACANT LOT(Tu) ESPN THIS WEEK IN THE NBA(W) 2:00 ESPN SPORTS FORUM(F) RICHARD SIMMONS 0 DONAHUE $25,000 PYRAMID . 700 CLUB I TV MOVIE ROMPER ROOM AND 2:05 FRIENDS 0 JIMBAKKER ESPN SPORTS CENTER HBOMOVIE(M-F) SDMOVIE(M-F) 2:30 :30 fl HERE'S LUCY I I LAVE RNE 8. SHIRLEY I I ELECTRIC CO 00 I 10 LOVE BOAT BIG VALLEY THE PRICE IS RIGHT I TV TIC TAC DOUGH MOVIE CNN PRESSBOXMOSCOW LIVE 05 (IT) PERRY MASON :30 O ANOTHER LIFE QD JACK SMITH'S YOU ASKED FOR IT HBO MOVI E(Th) HBO FABULOUS CLOWNS(W) . 00 n SOAP WORLD 0CHANNEL4 MAGAZINE EYEWITNESS MIDDAY NEWS O MOVIE i BIG VALLEY GD NEWS O FAMILY FEUD ESPN BASKETBAL(M) ESPN PONY'S PEOPLE (Tu) ESPN SPORTS WOMAN (W) ESPN - COLLEGE BASKETBALL(Th,F) CNN TAKE TWO HBO MOVI E(M,W,Th,F) HBO BOY MEETS Gl RL(Tu) MOVIE(M-F) PEOPLE NOW CD RYAN'S HOPE YOUNG AND THE REST LESS 7:05 07 7:15 Fl 7:25 1! 7:30 fil 8 7:35 (1 8:00 Fl 8:05(17 8:25 fl 2:35(171 3:05 01 3:30 M 3:35 TT 4:00 fl - CCJ 11:05(17) ll:30O ESPN SKI SCHOOL(Tu) ESPNSOCCER(W) HBOMOVIE(W) Q3MOVIE(Tu) AFTERNOON Cf9CD ALL MY CHILDREN 0 JACK SMITH'S YOU ASKED FOR IT I MOVIE I NEWS ESPN COLLEGE BASKETBALL(Tu) HBO MOVIE(Tu) ) 12:05 (37) MOVIE 12:30 0 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW ! ! AS THE WORLD TURNS INN MIDDAY EDITION GET SMART ESPN FIGURE SKATING(W) HBO FABULOUS CLOWNS(M) S fMOVIE(M,F) CD ONE LIFE TO LIVE ANOTHER WORLD I MY LITTLE MARGIE(M,Tu,Th,F) 0 PLEASURE OF MICRO WAVE COOKING(W) DICK VAN DYKE i MOVIE CNN NEWS ESPN COLLEGE BASKETBALL(Th) ESPN SPORTS FORUM(F) HBO MOVIE(Th,F) ilDV Q3j MOVIE(W,Th) i CAPTIOL r 0 AT HOME WITH BEVERLY NYE(M) 0 REDBOOK'S FAMILY CHEF(Tu) ! I S FRESH IDEAS(W) CLEANING UP YOUR ACT(Th) I I 0 SHIRLEY AND PAT BOONE(F) j i 0 ANDY GRIFFITH ESPN BASKETS ALUM, F) ESPNSKIING(W) I HBOMOVIE(M) I HBO CONSUMER REPORTS(W) ! SCREENING ROOM(W) OCD GENERAL HOSPITAL FANTASY GUIDING LIGHT 700 CLUB i III DREAM OF JEANNIE 3D IRONSIDE I ESPN BASEBALL(Tu) HBO FLEETWOOD MAC(Tu) HBO SIMON 8. GARFUNKEL(W) j I Q3MOVIE(Tu,W) I ! 033 SUPERSTATION FUN- 'TIME - 1 ' I 0 THE PINK PANTHER ESPN WINTERWORLD SERIES(Tu) ! IMOVIE(M,Tu,W,F) IFLINTSTONES i ! RHODA : 'j I DAYS OF OUR LIVES ITHEWALTONS ! I ANOTHER LIFE I SUPER FRIENDS I IN SEARCH OF i I WOODY WOODPECKER I EDGE OF NIGHT ESPNBOXING(Tu) ESPN GYMNASTICS(W) ESPN COLLEGE BASKETBALL(Th) I HBO VIDEO JUKEBOX(Tu) HBOMOVIE(Th) ! HBO HBO MAGAZINE(F) IMOVIE(Th) . I MUNSTERS I BEVERLY HILLBILLIES I BULLSEYE I OVER EASY I SCOOBY DOO I MOVIE ITHE FUNTSTONES -I WHAT'S HAPPENING ESPN COLLEGE j BASKETBALL(F) i HBO MOVIE(M,Tu,F) HBO FRAGGLE ROCK(W) IMOVIE(M,Tu,Th,F) I LEAVE IT TO BEAVER I FAMILY FEUD I I PEOPLE'S COURT 1 I I INCREDIBLE HULK I I CHAIN REACTION I I MISTER ROGERS I eJ INCREDIBLE HULK I Continued on page 5 cs: Veteran singer Judy Collins likes simple songs ...she says such songs are are very powerful forces. Fantasy Adventure Series To Begin NEW YORK "Wizards and Warriors," a new fantasy-adventure series with light overtones about a dashing prince and his loyal vassal who battle the forces of black magic in a legendary kingdom, premieres at 7 p.m., Saturday on the CBS Television Network for a limited run of eight episodes. "Wizards and Warriors" replaces "Bring 'Em Back Alive." j Starring are Jeff Conoway as FRIDAY HIGHLIGHTS Continued from page 12 3:45 HBO MOVIE: "The Shootlst" 1976. John Wayne, Lauren Bo-call. 4:00 CNN SPORTS 03 MOVIE: "Force 10 From Navarone" 1978 War adventure. Harrison Ford, Robert Shaw. 4:30 O MOVIE: "Death In Small Doses" 1957. Drama of narcotics use among truck drivers. Peter Graves, Chuch Connors. 0 MOVIE: "Angels In Disguise" 1949 BW Comedvmvs-tery. , The Boys, working as . . copy .boys on a newspaper, s turn detectives when their real . , estate- friend is shot In a hold up.. .they help uncover the : Loop gang. The Bowery Boys, Mickey Knox. 4:35 CQ) WORLD AT LARGE AP Lasenihoto the supercool, and super-good prince Erik Greystone, and Walter . Olkewicz as his powerful buddy, Marko. Also starring are Duncan Regehr as Greystone's sworn enemy, the incredibly treacherous Prince Dirk Blackpool; Julia Duffy as beautiful, self -centered Princess Ariel, and Clive Revill as Blackpool's ally, the wicked Wizard Vector, i I ; Caught up in the struggle, which combines action, romance and spectacular special effects,! are Greystone's harried monarch, King Baaldorf (portrayed by Thomas Hill) ; the seductively decadent witch, Bethel (played by Randi Brooks); the good but aging Wizard Traquill (Ian Wolfe); Greystone's playboy brother, Justin (Jay Kerr), and Blackpool's ne'er-do-well brother, Geoffrey (Tim Dunigan). Rounding out the Castle Baaldorf complement are vain Queen Lattinia (Julie Payne) and long-suffering lady-in-waiting Cassandra (Phyllis Katz). . The unceasing battle for the Kingdom of Camarand involves extraordinary sorcery that calls on death-dealing creatures of darkness, powerful amulets, fiery swords, spirits of light, mirages and magical spells. "Wizards and Warriors" is a Don Reo Production in association! with Warner Bros. Television. It was created by Don Reo, who is executive producer. The seriesjwas filmed at The Burbank Studios;. ' Jeff Conaway, who stars as Singer Judy Appeal Keep BOSTON (AP) - To hear Judy Collins talk, a simple song is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. "Music is the most extraordinary medium," she says, sounding like a promoter for the nation's sagging record industry. "It's the only thing that goes right to both ' hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, bypassing our rational functions, affecting us in a very deep way. "It's a tremendously powerful; tool, a powerful healing force. Music really is a necessity. People don't realize they need music in their lives." I , The impact of a song depends on who's singing it, and for 25 years, Miss Collins has been lending her sweet, soaring voice to a wide variety of musical styles. From the folk songs that first brought her prominence in the 1960s, to the show tunes that comprise her more recent work, the 43-year-old singer has maintained an appeal and continues to win fans. A refreshing clarity and poignancy are evident, whether she's singing "Both Sides Now" or "Send in the Clowns." , ; . j Audiences have changed, dramatically for Miss Collins' frequent concert tours: The longhaired hippies of the '60s still come, but now they're parents with children who know the song stylist from her frequent appearances on television's "Sesame Street" Prince Erik Greystone, created the role of frustrated actor Bobby Wheeler in the comedy series "Taxi," and his television movies include "Having Babies" and "For the Love of It" He also appeared on television in the two-part drama "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" and the musical variety program "The Cheryl Ladd Special" He starred in both the Broadway and film versions of the hit musical "Grease" Walter Olkewicz, who plays the ; loyal Marko, starred in the comedy i series "The Last Resort" and the dramatic special "Flesh and : Blood" as well as the mini-series "The Blue and The Gray," on the Network. He also appeared in the television movies "The Executioner's Song" and 'Enola Gay." His feature films include "Jimmy the ; Kid," "Mystique," "1941" and "Love at First Bite." ! : Duncan Regehr, the treacherous Prince Blackpool, became an actor after being a figure skater, Olympic hopeful heavyweight boxer and ' an artist. A naive of Canada, he played a variety of dramatic roles at the Stratford, Ontario, Shakespeare Festival, did voices of cartoon characters in animation films and starred in the Canadian television series "Matt and Jenny." His American credits include "The ' Greatest American Hero," "Goliath Awaits" and the mini-series "The Blue and The Gray." j Julia Duffy, who plays Princess i Ariel, was a regular on the "Love of Life" and "The Doctors." ! Collins Maintains s Winning Fans Instead of a string of one-night-ers on college campuses, Miss Collins prefers to play week-long dates at clubs and hotel lounges. And though blue jeans have given way to the polyester of the casino crowd, her music is still loved. "People in (Lake) Tahoe may dress different, but they're the same underneath," she said in a telephone interview from New York during her current national tour, which includes two-week stands in New Orleans and Dallas. "People are people they want to be moved by music, they want to laugh, the want to wiggle their feet ' and smile and have a good time. , "They want to be touched, shaken up, laugh and then cry. It's all a function of this thing, this wonderful gift of music ... the power of music. Whether we can make it or listen to it, it's just a marvelous healing force." - It's taken some sacrifices to maintain the voice that has entertained the music world from the late 1950s until today. Smoking had to be eliminated 11 years ago, and drinking was dropped in 1977. "As people get older, they have to eliminate more and more of the so-called luxuries of life? just to be able to do the kind of work that we do," Miss Collins says with a laugh. ' .; Voice lessons have become a necessity, and she's become "a slave to aerobic exercise" to keep fit The image of Judy Collins " ( !unibcrlati(Kx)ncerts PRESENTS IN ASSOCIATION WITH AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY HANK WILLIAMS JR. & THE DAMA BAND SPECIAL GUEST EARL THOMAS CONLEY FRIDAY, MARCH 11,8 PM DUNN CENTER - AUSTIN PEAY UNIVERSITY TICKETS: $9.50 RESERVED 4 GENERAL ADMISSION Tickets go on tale Wednesday, Feb. 16 TICKET OUTLETS Austin Pea University Center. Dunn Center Ticket Ottice Sound Shop (Two Rivers Mall. Hopkinsville. Madisonvitte &Oak Grove), t T T Ottice. lee Recreation Center. Newt s Riverside Drive. Hank WiMiaros. Jr General Store. 1523 Demonbreun. Nasiwille and Mail Orders Hank. it. P 0 Bo 4695 APSU Clarksville 37040 Cashier's Check or money order only (No Caato and ' , sett-addressed, stamped envelope. ( li iHitial. i iliU siii i 5 m r l T fl . sr 3 the long-haired angelic folk singer, strumming her guitar on stage, has been hard to shake, she says. "n She hasn't played her guitar on o stage since 1977, when she dis- 3-carded it as "a crutch." And her taste in music veers more toward the Broadway stage and her own tunes, instead of the Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen folk songs she p first helped popularize. I While her commitment to seek- ing social change has remained g-strong, the forum has changed from anti-war demonstrations to yt anti-nuclear rallies and efforts to safeguard legal abortions. 2 "I was raised in an activist fami- 5 ly, the kind of background where we wrote angry letters to the edi-tor and really believed In the basic : right that we have in this form of S government to have a voice in poli-; tics and policies," she said. "I dont ' think people, realize that as strongly as they might" ! Miss Collins still hopes for a hit single on every album. "You have to be looking for that It's the best way to get a person into the whole album," she says. But even without the glory of a hit she's content to entertain people with her voice. "If I were a dancer it would be all over now," she says. "Ild be looking for somewhere to hang my shoes. But if I treat my voice right i and take care of myself I can have another 40 years." i i iitxii.t liisli iu Hi i t.h ' """" r r5 . i &h J r J i.:-' I! liiisliiiisth i ilium i t i in M m i

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