Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on October 6, 1933 · Page 9
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 9

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1933
Page 9
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'BUY B1TTE1 IK AMM" AMBi DAILY TUJUJTB-TIMB*. AMIS. IOWA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6. 1133 Fruits- Vegetables Horn* drown Applet, 10 Ibt ...... 25c Cabbafe, per Ib- ...... 3c £ottto«, Early Ohioi »nd Cobblers. P«PPtrt, each ___________ 1e Tomatoet, ptr Ib ________ 1c Turnipi, 5 |b! . _________ 10c All Kindt of Squith. W« roast Peanuts freih, P«r Ib « ____________ 15c Country Sorghum. (X A. Knudson Between the Theater* Green Sounds Battle Call Coint over to tht SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE Do YOU want to feel always at your best? To meet each day •with fresh vitality? You can. For when you're healthy, you're happy. A delicious cereal provides the "bulk" that is so important ia overcoming common constipation. Tests show Kellogg's ALL- BBAN also supplies vit»min B to further aid regular habits. In addition, AiJ>B*AN ia twice as rich in iron as an equal weight of beef liver. The "bulk" in AIJ>BKAN is much like that in leafy vegetables. What a relief to enjoy an appetizing cereal instead of taking patent medicines. Serve as a cereal or use in cooking. Directions on the red- and-green package. Sold by all grocers. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek, FOOD NEWS THAT IS THRIFT NEWS Jaw ouubrust, hi> clenched flat waving emphasis. President William Green of the A. F. of U tells labor delegates that the federation will support the.presi- dent on credit expansion, but will battle Inflation and flgbt "chiseling" industrialists to the end. He is shown here as be made his openln" -'Idress to th« convention i-- Real "Rattlesnake Hollow" GONZALES, Tex. (HE)—A real "Rattlesnake Hollow," outstriping the one of wild west fame, has been found near here. This one contained at least 32 large rattlers and an uncounted number of little ones. A squirrel hunter found the hollow under a large pecan tree. The tree valued at several hundred dollars, was set afire by its owner, Will Rutledge, to rout the snakes. Sunnyfield FLO Dl 49 Ib. 98 Ib tag $3.39 IONA FLOUR 49 Ib bag $1.59 PILL8BUKY * GOLD MEDAL FLOUR Ib bag $1.09 - 48 Ib bag. $2.15 OMAR Flour, 24V 2 Ibbag $1.09 491bbag .....$2.15 Answers to Test Questions Below arc the answer* to the test questions printed on page one. 1. John Masefield. 2. Berlin, Germany. 3. A peisou who has lived one hundred years or more. 4. Robert Chambers. 5. -Tlie Washington of South America. 6. Scotland. 7. Marriage of a man to tbe widow of his deceased brother. 8. It is a German state. 9. Feline. 10. French musical composer. Eaton & Wright CASH GROCERY •^Friday and Saturday Specials 7 127 Main St. Free Delivery Phone No. 53 BUTTER , fancy creamery . NAVY BEANS 4 Ibs MACARONI bulk, 2 Ibs for... RAISINS seedless, 2 Ibs PRUNES 2 Ibs APRICOT2 dried, 2 Ibs ... CORN FLAKES large, 2 for — COCOA 2 Ibs FIG BARS 1 Ib POWD. SUGAR 3 Iba PORK & BEANS zy z can CORN 4 cans PEAS 3 cans' TOMATOES No. 2, 3 for .... PEACHES No. 2yJ can PINEA'PPLE No. 2 l / 2 can ... PEARS No. 21/j, can .... RASPBERRIES blk or red, can 22c 19c 15c 14c 18C 30c 18c 20c lOc 20c 10c 25c 28c 25c 20c 19c 17c 20c COFFEE good grade, Ib .. FLOUR 5 »b bag , CHEESE, I.S.C. Longhorn, Ib 2-QT. JARS dozen SOAP, White Naptha, 10 for .. HAEDWATER CASTILE, 4 for . COFFEE Folgers TOILET TISSUE 3 rolls TOKAY GRAPES 3 Ibs ORANGES 2 doz ONIONS red, 5 Ibs LEMONS 1 doz BANANAS 3 Ibs APPLES " cooking. 9 Ibs .. LETTUCE Ige. head, 2 for.. CELERY ounch POTATOES No. 1, peck POTATOES No. 2, peck 19c 20c 15c 99c 22c 19c 32c 14c 25c 29c tOc 27c 23c 25c 15c 8c 27c 18c The Meat Shop Phone 53 K. C. Hostetter, Prop. Phone 63 Smoked Picnic Shoulders 6 ^ lb SWIFT'S PREMIUM SLIC. BACON, Ib 25c, 2 Ibs 45c SUGAR CURED BACON, sliced per Ib 18c HORMEL'S SLICED BACON per Ib 21c PORK LIVER , -Ib 6c Beef Short Ribs . . . .It PORK HEARTS VEAL ROAST LAMB SHOULDER ... BEEF ROASTS, choice .. Ib 7V,c per Ib lie . per Ib 15c per Ib 14c Pork Sausage Countr y style PORK SHOULDER ROASTS . . . BOLOGNA SUGAR CURED BACON PURE LARD, country style FREE DELIVERY ib He per ring lOc Ib 15c 3 Ibs 25c ARMOUR'S STAR LARD 29c DEL MONTE PFAS 2 No. 2 cam 29c lona Peas Dozen No. 3 cant $1.10 J cam 29c Fresh Creamery Dflf+/*«! Nevada . .. Ib DUllCr, Brookfield . Ib 22C Del Monte Crushed Pineapple No. 2 cans 29c PINEAPPLE, Del Monte sliced, 2 No. 2V 2 cans 39c Dozen cans $2.29 PINEAPPLE, Sultana bro. sliced, 2 No. 2y 2 cans 35o RAISINS 4 Ib bag 25c SEMJNOLE TISSUE, cotton soft, show white 4 1,000-ihe«t rolls 25c Pet, Borden, Carnation. EVAP. MILK Ull cans ENCORE PREPARED SPAGHETTI .... 4 tin* 25c Encore Macaroni or SPAGHETTI . . UNEEDA BAKERS PREMIUM SODAS, 2 Ib c*l. 28c CAMAY SOAP .6 cakes 25c IVORY SOAP 4 med bars 19c CHIPSO, flakes or granules Ige pkg 15c P, & G. Soap, 10 ;; 27c P: & G. SOAP 4 131/2-oz. bars 15c GREEN DOT PEAS 2 39C Reliable Peas "an. 2 33C ROLLED OATS BROWN SUGAR 9 Ib bag 29c ... 3 Ibs 17c Fresh Ripe Tokay Grapes, 3 Ibs 25c THE GREAT IUIANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO, v d.: Morrison's INA8CPSTORE Specials for Saturday Pork Loin Roast. I2c Box Bacon. 6 Ik <8c lOc Shoulder Swift's Premium I9c Old Homestead and Morrell's Pride "' h ° ie Picnic Hams, Hockless Read The Tribune-Times Warn Ads Dailv Soap P and G Whit* Naptha 10 ban Z7C •AT ECONOMY PRICES Ivory Soap Medium Site Bar 4 bars SUGAR Pure Fine Granulated 10 Ibs 5lc LOWE8T ATOtAOI MUC1 OUOHTATOU BUTTER Boone or Nevada Fancy Creamery 22C NAVY BEAKS Hand Picked Michigan 6 f or 43c SOUP Campbell's Pure Tomato cans Catsup \ Salmon Old Grimes Fancy Lge 14-oi bottle Meteor Fancy Pink 1-Lb Tall Can for MC \2for25C BONNIE OATS Quick or Reg. Large Fkg 15c MOTHERS COCOA 2-lb ean JlC MUSTARD Gladbrook ST.'..... UK SWEET PICKLES Happyvale Whole 6-oz jar, M-^ 2 for .... 19C MOUSE TRAPS Sure Ciich tforjc STARCH Argo Gloss 1-Lb Package CAMAY TOILET SOAP 4 bars Crackers Oven Freeh Sodas or Grhm 2-Lb Cuddle SALAD DRESSING Butternut Jar KIDNEY BEANS Joan of Arc Fancy No. 2 can^ TUNA FISH Van Camp's Light Meat size can ] cans 27C 2 for DRIED APRICOTS Fancy Blenheims " b cello pkg . . DRIED PEACHES Fancy Muirs 1-lb cello pkg ISc CLOROZ Gleans, Bleaches Quart SWISS CHEESE Mammoth, aged just right; rael-, low, sweet, and •weighs 200 Ibs.i Per *. / 3 for Lb 33C / 6 for LIMA BEANS Sinclair's Fresh White No. 2 can TOMATO JUICE Libby's Fancy , 3 MC cans ^J*» 6 cans 44c CORN Elno.r. Crosby No, 2 can 3 cans mm~. for 22C TOMATOES Queenla, hand pack No. 2% can L 39c PORK & . BEANS Otoe or Van Camp's No. 2% can BRAN FLAKES KELLOGG'S IOC ' /J pkg 25C Jei-Sert An excellent Gelatine Dessert All Flavors 4 jgc Sardines Perfection Imported Norwegian, in Olive OH; Crosspack, 35 to 40 fish; -%-slzetin 3 for .......20c 6 for .38c PEAS Dodge Center Sweets, No. 2 can 5 for JJC Silver ^Bar Tender Sweets 2 for Sic ?»tXXXXXXXV!c\xxXK^^ Seasonable Suggestions FRESH BRU88ELL SPROUTS qt. 29c NEW FRESH MUSSSQQMS .... Ib box 35c NEW CRANBERRIES, Eatmor 2 Ibs 25c HONEY DEW MELONS, delicious ... ea. 20c PERSIAN MELONS, delicious ea. 60c GRAPE FRUIT, new crop ... lOc, 8y 3 c and 6c CAULIFLOWER, large white head 20c BAKING POTATOES, select mesh bag .. .39c CUCUMBERS, hot house each lOc PARSNIPS I : Ib 5c TURNIPS 3 Ibs lOc ITALIAN PRUNES, fresh box 88c PEACHES, PEARS, eating brick 25c Pineapple Dole's Pineheart, Fey Sliced or Crushed No. 1 flat can 3 for 29C OMAR FLOUR The Wonder Flour Bag 49-Lb Bag . Tokay GRAPES ORANGES large fruit Ige. bunches 3ti».25c The best Sunkist values for slicing or juice SWEET POTATOES .'' co SSi8 2 dozen 2 dozen 2 dozen PECAN CARMEL BUNS Dozen 18C CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUTS Dozen 20C JONATHON APPLES HEAD LETTUCE POTATOES CELERY EXTRA FANCY IOWA GROWN 8 5 35c ..:45c 65c 2SC 25c DEL MONTE CORN Fancy Gold. Bantam, cream style or whole kernel; No. 2 can 2 for 25C LARGE FRESH NEW DISTRICT Large No. 1 Northern Cobbler* Labich Meadow very fine Urge 2 heads 14C peck 2&C 2 for 2?C BANANA NUT CAKES 20C TEA BISCUITS White or Graham 3 doz Grape Fruit Vero broken segment No. 2 ca.n' 2 for 22c Hominy Otoe Fancy Lge No. 2% can 3 for 2SC Wax-Rite LIQUID WAX Drys , bright; no rubbing; Pint can 75c virtue 39C Coffee Folg«r'3 Golden Gate can Beets Libby's Fancy Cut No. 2^ can 2 for 25C s Quality Meats at Low Cost— 229 Main St. LARSON'S CAMPUS MARKET Swift's Premium Hams oTr% Ib. 16c Armour's Star Lard BULK OR CARTONS Ib. 9c Boneless Rolled Roast RIB OB RUMP Ib. I8c Windsor Sliced Bacon CELLO. PKG. 17c Pancake Flour Fluffy Light - Lge Pkg I9c Royal Ann Cherries Rosedale No. 2 i-i can Z3C Swiss Steak, Ib. 16c Spare Ribs, IP. 9c Veal Loaf, IP. 12 ^c Brookfield's, Ib 23c Tongues, Ib. ISc Pork Chops, Ib. ISc Tenderloins, Ib 30c Veal Liver, Ib. 25c SPRING CHICKENS WT. ROCKS !!)• 16c Fresh Ham Pork Roasts PIG PORK Ib. 15c SIRLOIN CF BEiF O E SO S A T| T A K Ib. 18c Flank Steak Ib. 18c Leg of Spring Lamb,lb. 20c Bulk Oysters, Pint 35c Harts Butterkrust Bread White or Whl Wheat Loaf §e Kraft's Cheese Pimento American Brick Velveett ^-Lb Pkg Pop Corn Fancy Japanese Hulk.ns 4

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