The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 14, 1933 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1933
Page 3
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tdftft Deduction* ffftft Adjustment payment rtreeks f8f fftrtrefs who o^aitfy under lfc« *neat 3* odttetton wmtrc-l pfo- tt*ta «tll be made dlreettfr Baye to the wheat farmers. and deduction* *tU be reojiired to et governmental loafi indebtedness, according to of|elals Ol in* AgrletiltTirali Adjustment Administration. This decision *H1 mAke an estimated difference of millions ot dollars in the cash payments *hleh will be made available to wheat growers this year. Under the terms of the wheat contracts, growers who agree to cooperate Ifc the governmental program of acreage reduction will receive cash payments of 20 cents a bushel this fall and between 8 and 10 cents late next spring on thett individual wheat allotments, less the.cost of local administration of the plan. Deduction ot sums awed the government on loans would have reduced greatly the amount of, cash to be made 1m mediately, available. The Farm Credit Admltilstra tion is asking wheat farmers to ftPPty as much of the proceed from the adjustment payment a thty can to their debts to th government, but there is nothing compulsory about It. There is a legal distinction re* carding government indebtedness In the case of wheat adjustment payments as compared with similar payments In the cotton reduction program. The cotton payment checks will be made pay' able jointly to the grower and to the Farm Credit Administration, - with some of the government •'" debt claims subject to negotiation where private interests are involved. In the case of cotton, part : of the loan security Is destroyed when growers plow under a portion of the crop. The security Is Wheat Acreage Cut Set at 15 t»er Cent the announcement that farmers signing contracts wontd fee tsked to rednce the acreage Ranted to %hseat for next year's larvest by 16 per cent, has been made by Secretary Wallace and Administrators Peek and Braftd of he Agricultural Adjustment Administration. The amount each farmer Is allowed to sow is determined by computing his three-year average acreage —1930, 1931, and 198S Inclusive — and reducing that II per Cent. . ffcatt&y. Sept, II, it 8 ft, mw t tf* iflfftedrWe etrn*et. tnfet, Sept. IS, »t 8 P. »•, *4 tfc* It. fe. <*areh tft StrftWkft. Prtiaf, Sipt 16, *t 8 p. mv, «t ft* Wetter C&apel elfnfKb. 8sttrt«*y, 8>pt. 1«* »} 8 p. »., the Bethlehem scBOWf f» Platt- vttte towtshfp. . County Allotment Committees Chosen M _not thus destroyed •wheat plan. under the -17,000 Erb»ion Dam* are Builtjby_lhe C. C. C '» Almost 17,000 soil erosion dams have been built In Iowa by e civilian conservation corps •orklng on the emergency con- ration - program, - according to -' "-"-~ At a series of wheat organUa tion meetings, held in Mill county during the past two weeks wheat growers signing application for contract have elected commu nlty committees and a represen tatlve from each community ot the county wheat production control association. These men will have charge of the wheat acreage control program In Mills county. Farmers having questions about the program should see men on these committees. The following is the list ot men elected from each community. The first man named In each community Is. the community chairman. Anderson township: John R. Clark, H. H. Lisle, W. C. Byers. Center, Ingraham, Oak, and Silver Creek townships: J. N, Summers, R. K. Henderson, J, M. Steel e. Deer Creek township: Ivan Salmons, W. 8. Llston, John O. Russell. Indian Creek township: Hulburt Ben ton, Warren Honeyman, Willis Patrick. Lyons, Rawles townships: Geo, Graves, A. B. Hubbel, Carl Phelps. Plattville, Glen wood townships; Charles W. Karr, Allen A. Watts Fred Kuhl. White Cloud township: Charles County Date September 25 Wheat farmers of MflJs eoajty will B« interested In *no*i»g that the fly-free date for Mills eonnty has been announced by Cart 3. Drake, state entomolbglst, ft* Sept. SB. Winter wheat thould be sowed after .that date. The Hessian fly may be controlled by sowing after the «r- ffee date, after the adult flies have emerged, laid thelf eggs and died. Volunteer wheat should be disced ap and destroyed beforf the fly-free date. Government «q.Give Out Weekly Price Reports Consumers of farm product are to be furnished, Itt the nea future, with weekly reports from the government 9h the reason for any commodity price Increases and with information on who Is getting the additional money, according to information received by R. K. Bliss, director of the extension service at Iowa State col* thy FAMMM in Iteftfiwitt Ars Happy Naw s sr^srsr;,^:;. f£nt is the demand nnrt the production that there I* «« icmwr any room with the result that it Is stored outdoors white wnitmu *h1pmptit to the Orient. the Minutes of ttoi Council <rf. the Town ofMaivern, Iowa (Continued from page 1) ege. Gipe, A. L, Lovell. Zeno Bass, 1 Township chairmen met to organize the county wheat contro association Tuesday, even! n g sL ftlfe& Field workers of the United States Department of Labor and Department of Agriculture are to gather and report i/Hce figures, while the Washington agencies abulate and analyze them, Dr. Frederic C. Howe, consumers' iounsel for the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, has announced. Information on' prices will be released through the press, radio, and special reports o groups and Individuals. The field staffs of the two departments will gather retail prices on bread,'milk, meat, and other foods In 60 cities and from more than 1,000 stores. The reports will also cover price increases resulting from the payment ot higher wages and new employment, and will Include changes in prices ot commodities that farmers buy, The latter Item will provide an Index of'the buying power of the farmer, ','Farmers have too long been getting a small return for their labor In feeding us,", Doctor Howe declared, "We are-trying to In- "creas^ th,eir,. pay.fS^At „ afo same; im?^Ji»^?l«KitK^**M^ Iowa, party* of the first part, and Thorpe Brothers Well Company, ot Des Molnes, Iowa, party of the second part. W1TNB88ETH: Upon the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth in this and | or any other paragraph of this agreement, but not otherwise, party ot th« second part hereby agrees with party of the first part to drill a sufficient number of test holes so as to try and locate a «rell supply within the incorporated limits that Will be sufficient to, meet said first party's requirements. These test holes shall be not less than six (6) Inches In diameter, and be made with what is known as the cable tool method, so as to be sure that a representative sample is taken from each holes. .If a section of the test suitable formation is ^,.Jre4 about the state. ,.„„ camps, located at Cnari- Albta, and Creston, In soutn- lowa, are doing almost 100 cent soil erosion control work private farm lands, All other >s are building —-'"" •"""•not on such Mrs. Ellawortn' Richardson, state chairman of'women's home project work, will be in Mills county Sept. 14, 15, and .16 to „„„,„„ meet with groups of women over an extensive; the county to organize for the ee- encountered to warrant the continuing with the project, said second party agrees to construct one or more Thorpe Patented Gravel Packed Wells, under U. S. Patent No. 1748689, In accordance with the design attached thereto and marked Exhibit "A" and by reference made a part hereof. THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT ARE,, .AS- FOLLOWS; y of th,«;|ftr«t'part is to month as Indicated by the meter, at the rate of six cents per thousand gallons for the first 25,000 gallons used each day, and 4^c per thousand gallons over 26,000 gallons, and it is understood by both parties that the minimum pumpage shall be not less than twenty-five thousand gallons pei day of twenty-four hours, and it is specifically understood that said first party will use the water from wells covered by this contract unless In case of emergency, and then only to the extent or duration of this emergency. 4. It Is agreed by both parties that in the event a. satisfactory location to both parties Is not obtained, said first party agrees to pay second party on or before the fifth of the month, following the completion of this work, fifty per cent of the cost of the test holes and the said second party shall stand the other fifty per cent. The cost, as determined here, shall be figured at the rate of $1.50 per lineal foot and each party will stand half of this amount. How- upon at the time each well Is started. The purchase price *hal be computed upon the basis o the size and depth of the well and the length of strainers used in. PAGEtHRES Ol«o Sk*krt* Mftnftce to Dairy Industry fJoveTntnerit reports Indicate increased sale of 27,060.680 ponnds of oleotnarirarine daring the first six month* ot 1933. as compared with the same period of the preceding year. Butter sales decreased 25.000.600 pounds from Jannajry to Jnne, 1933. Inrlnstve. while the <l«an- tlty of nntter In storage on Jttty 1 "of this year was 22.000.006 pounds greater than a yenr aK«. Farm leaders are wondering to what extent the increased nse of oleomargarine may be attributed to purchases of this commodity >y welfare agencies expending public funds and charitable con- ributlons. "Farmers and dairymen have a right to object to the expenditure of public funds for the pat* chase of oleomargarine," says Fred Rrenekman. Washington Representative of the National Orange. "As is well known, the principal Ingredient In the manufacture of oleomargarine Is cocoanut oil, which comes In free ot duty from the Philippine Islands. While oleomargarine can be made to resemble butler, It cannot compare in nutritive value with the product of the dairy. The ence of Various types of dams are constructed, depending upon the '-„ depth and position of the gully, type of soil, and other factors, ;.pams'of tne Nebraska type, Beth„.-Uny, BU,spened net. sod, pole, and !< Tjrusn, earth, rock, and log,'.are s l> "pains used to save valuable Jowa ' — Us from washing out. , Farmers throughout the state e,re becoming*more and more in* forested, in saving their soil by erosion control methods, Ay«* believes, Re pointed, out tbat w /southern Iowa, especially, farm' e anxious to protect their -»nj tbey the th,a,t,b,aB/bee,tt done o» their .he fourth year, home course. The five lessons to be given include; l'. Home Furnishing Fabrics, 8, Block Printing, 8, Applied Design. 4, Refintshlng Furniture, 6, Cbatr Caning, The first group of lessons will be given the week of September . Mrs. Richardson, who was formerly a nurse, is still much in. tereeted in promotion of better standards of health for farm families. She h,ag prepared a very interwUnf telk o» "Ten Pwott. c»i punters on Better Health, for Farm Families," Mrs, Richardson IB scheduled to ta,ik. »t the - ,-«., mv ^,,-, „-,» farmers and wprkers out of what President, Roosevelt has called the 'economic, bell' they have been living In jfor four^ years," WESLEY CHAPEL ever, second party is to furnish all the necessary casing, drive shoes, strainer, and test pump for making test on test holes, 6, It is understood and agreed that in the event first party desires buying the well or wells any time after the completion o same, and operating them as thel own property instead ot payin for the water at the per gallon t rate as set out in this contract, It - - . IIIC »C. »(**»• »*~ r--- •- I said well. It Is understood that | at any time first party exercises j Its right to purchase said well or wells as herein provided, It shall Issue pledge warrants In favor of party of the second part on the water fund of said town, to the amount of said purchase price. Pledge warrant shall bear Interest at the rate ot 6 % per annum until paid and shall be redeemable over a period of three years, ond shall be retired at the rate of at least one-third of the purchase price per year, Including nterest. Said second party agrees to carry workman's compensation and public liability Insurance while working on this Job. This contract signed in duplicate on the date herein mentioned. THE CITY OF MALVERN, IOWA, PARTY OF THE FIRST PART. D. E. Whltfield, Mayor. Woodford R. Byington, Clerk. THORPE BROTHERS WELL COMPANY, PARTY OF THE SECOND PART. By recent national confer- the dairy industry held the po- grossly | J LIU H HlQl, •!• HVM«»- •*— *:»------• unfair and economically unsound to restrict American acreage and production, and at the same time permit the importation of dairy products or substitutes for such products. "The use of oleomargarine as a substitute for butter Is forbidden by the United States Navy, while In the recent appropriations for the Army, restrictions have been placed upon Its purchase and use." It Is well to remember that the prosperity of the farmer depends more upon the dairy industry than upon any other branch of American Industry. There being no further business, the meeting, upon motion vote adjourned. Woodford R, Bylngton, Did You Know? •- The Navy maintains ten trade schools at the training station at San Diego, Calif., where recruits, who have finished their twelve weeks' recruit training are given additional Instruction, providing they qualify for some particular school. These are the Electrical, Radio, Carpenters', Aviation Mechanics', Machinists', Musicians'* Buglers', Bollermarkers', Hospital Common's, and Bhlpfltters' schools, Men are assigned to these schools through competi- UY9 awminRtton*. ... . ^:~ frlfflft'PM-Moloes, Wesley Chapel Church to Serve Supper Friday Wesley Chapel Church will have a thank offering supper Friday evening, Sept. 15, -Fried .chicken and other pot luck dishes will be on the menu.-Everyone is ,cor» dlally invited to attend, Bat, all you/want and give what ypu can. After the supper Mrs. Richard' son, state chairman of the worn' en's work in Iowa, will give a short talk and organize the women's work lor the comjjig y.ear. p. m. Thursday, Sept. 14. at 8 Mrs. Ward Fieke} and daughter, Jeannette Luther, drove' to In4l««ola Fri4»y where jeannette enrolled IB the music department at Simpson" college for/ the eom- ing year, Artlw fcuther, Pauline , Wilson turned to wUool tb.ere,- NsHle .tools un . ties -at Qoldeu HtU school this wee&, a»d, sous returned," a.iea d&yu/r • ker's niolfter at; ' Parser *^*T 3"T~ w ,f-tT '**"!•$."* ** **J" r ~ «, = tjr * ~T ~r ~» tlon fagreements authorizing the sinking'of test holes and giving party of the first part right to purchase an adequate, site of sufficient alee for said well system, if the same be constructed, as contemplated ' herein, together with the right of ingress and agress thereto and therefrom. 8. Upon said option agreements being thus secured in writing from property owner or owners by party of the first part, party ' of the second part agrees forthwith with reasonable diligence, to sink the necessary number of test holes on said sites covered by option agreements, and, if possible so to do, will construct a 1 well or wells on such site or sites as the test holes indicate, as is most suitable for such purpose, in accordance with said design and of the type indicated heretofore, said well to produce an • adequate amount of water suitable for human consumption, To furnish at all seasons of the year a continuous and steady supply of a sufficient amount to supply said first party's requirements, but not over one hundred thousand (100,000) gallons per day, of twenty-four hours, unless by written consent of the second party. Said, first party agrees to Use twenty-five thousand gallons gad family, Qmabi ift M»e ior year i» high Um, Sfiea daughter, J^BD, Mlfc 8Jr», returned feep Uwry, M'* r Mr, aud Mvi. Roy day of twenty-four hours, or more, and, to use this as their Sourer of supply. The pumpage is to be recorded by a meter installed near the pump. The well or Vf»Ua shall he constructed in accordance with blue print, No. L8-3. Tfte strainer snail be of suUaUie gi$e and length to take in the water bearing formation «ftd, shall he made from Anaconda Breads, containing 90% copper Of fivergur metal- This strainer have direct slot openings or Ott the completion of said -*i, twain Qutltee4, a t»«t b^ mA49 to deAwmtne tn» of euuie. If to tlie oplu- of tu» wcoftd p»rt, watsr to weat lUe I will offer for sal© to the highest bidder on Tuesday, Sept. 19 commencing' at one p.m. 1 •* The Standard Oil Service Station and Equipment located two miles north of Malvern on Highway 34, This consists of good service station building, one tourist oabin and other out buildings, Stock of Oils, Greases, Accessories, Confectionery, etc,, all in first class condition. This station is doing a good business and is on© of the best loentiona along Highway 34, My books will show amfflfflt 01 badness to thos^ interested, Oash* 01* nwOw wrawwnenU with your owner i

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