The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 12, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1894
Page 9
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T HEbestinvestment in real estate Is to keep build- itlgs Well painted, Paint protects the house and saves repairs, You sometimes want to sell—many a good house has remained unsold for want of paint, The rule should be, though, "the best paint or none.*' That means Strictly Pure White Lead You cannot afford to use cheap faints. To be sure of getting Strictly Pure White Lead, look at the brand; any of these are safe: "Southern," "Red Seal," "Collier," "Shipman." FOR COLORS.—National Lead Co.'s Pure White Lead Tinting Colors. These colors are sold In one-pound cans, each •can being sufficient to tint as pounds of Strictly Pure White Lead the desired shade; they are in no sense ready-mixed paints, but » combination of perfectly pure colors In the handiest form to tint Strictly Pure White Lead. — A Rood many thousand dollars have been caved property-owners by having our book on painting: and color-card. Send us a postal.card and get both free. NATIONAL LEAD CO. 1 St. Louis Branch, dark Avenue and Tenth Street, St. Loula, .BELUBLK INSURANCE In the bent companies at tin lowest rate*. It pays to have the beet. Better bnve no Insurance thnn to be Ininred In an unrelKbl* company. The bust companies can be secured ol H. W. MAC JMBFR OFFICE IN Tax BANK OF CARROLL. Ltmltod amountn or rollable Insurunoa, In good mutual companies. Estimated cost, about one half the present board rutet, If you want reasonable rates on good Insurance, cuke out 11 polio/ from tbe only non-board office to tbe city. J. E. GRIFFITH, Agent. QOMIHC ANOTHERJfEAB p DOOWNING This Skillful a-i,l r.n',<stMa SPECIALIST WILL VISIT CARROLL, IOWA, Friday, Oct. 19, Burke' s Hotel One day only ovary month. Oonnulutlou free He Ciir«H Whou Othurs Fail ALL CHRONIC DISEASES Diseases of LUX OS and HE \RT STOMACH awl LIV1SH VJSEA8 ><'S of WO ATE N OAT.: HHU, M'i'C., KTC Vonn); ami MI«Ml« A^ori Men Suffering Iron LOST MANHOOD Nervous u Pbyileal Debility, Boiuim, VrVtknoi'i Lot Vigor, Decline or Mmiiy Powrara, Uralu* DltCHARQCp or IXJBSOH, VAUICOCILE.'"»' all (lie tram of wlis ru«ulllng from Hxosmos, ERRORS IN, VOUTH, etc., etc producing some of the following effect*. ;a NervouBnoM, Kniualoin, Pimple*, Ulolunai Debility, Uixtlwss, Defective Memory, Atiauuc of Will Power, Oonfuilon ol Idea*, Aveiilou t society, Sexual Exhaustion. Pain In the llaok etc., lillglitluj; the moat r.ndlaut liopei, render tiering marriage unhappy and builnei* a rail uro; Hweeplng thousands to an uullmely grave NO MATTER WHO HAjS FAItCD- OOlllUll IU Dootoi. Ife ha* oureif ttioun»o<l« who liuv given ap »• despair. A PCHrcoT RCtTORA TION QUARANTCCO. OpBsuJMUtoai i»or«dl - ON. QUA M ooQuutiuuul. **wmi»w«wi»w«mv»"w.>- MARRIAGE Those contemplating mar rts»i wlio'are 5w»ro or physical* defects o weakliest! wlncli would render niarrlsgs a dip appointment would do well to call on u». WSMAKKAHLK OfJltKN. Or. Downing )ms treated over 10U) patients I from Iwiillng oltiztti'B who ImU failed to obtttl relief from otlier i)liy»lol»n», auwlallsti. ani By iiHruilsKlun lie refert to the (ol •. Ii. Ugvk.Utruttord, luwn- Ourod or nervvuB dublilty and ktauey dUiuuon Tn^, we . K. Uow»rd fc Oo CUus, A. Balrd, Muiouvllle, lowu- , , * ^ Cured duughteir o( pur«t»*l». Ml*. 0. W. Swlg.rt. Cuiuiini'liu, IOWH- mi*. u. n a Bev. Q, Btryoher, Btuiitoii, Nob. Outwl »<"» of epilepsy, Ion* .landing. Mr*. l>. tt. Oltitna, Muoi'ldUd, low*Cured of outturn In none uud utomiwh. 1. Htuiunn, MuiiuoktitH, Iowa— uiummi, «mi Ourcllof Ott ,,oerol tongue., S. Atl»ert<in, (Justice of tu« PO«O«) llMUokets IQWU- Oured ul unnoer and .eueral debility. cKl'diie after «pendliig HUB (luliurn wlthuut relief. 'limf others ouwl ufter have failed to rellnoe N° « ferrad to without permission. oorregpooUiiuoo etrloWy WRECKS MANY VESSELS Terrific Gale -Sweeps Over the Newfoundland Coast. THIRTY WHO LOST THEIR LIVES, Fifty Veftgot* Thrown Upon the Shore and Atony of Tficm t'tmttded to Plticen—Wie Vessels Wrnnked Were Par* of a Flatting Fleet—Onto Vlitt* Bastotl Unrbnr~.&n Unknown Schooner Blown to Sea. ST. Jott>s, Jf. F-, Oct. tl,—A northwest gale of exceptional fury swept of el his islnijd Tuesday night. It was very severe nt St. Pierre, MiqUelon, •whero 80 lives were lost and great damage done. A heavy sea was running in the harbor, STot less than 50 vessels dragged theft anchors or parted their cables and were hrown upon the shore. Some of them were thrown ashore in very exposed places and the great seas breaking over ;hem soon pounded them to pieces. No assistance could be rendered the shipwrecked men from the shore, A nanv tar of them who jumped overboard and attempted to reach the shore by swim ining were drowned, while others were swept into the sea by the waves coming over their vessels and were not at again. Thewiecked vessels were par! of the fishing fleet that had been pat into St. PIUITO from the banks to repaii damages they had sustained Although there were nearly 800 vessels at the port, not a single one escaped without vu taining some damage. Oale Vlalta Boston Hut bar. BOSTON, Oct. 11.—A severe easterly gale visited the harbor. The storm was accompanied by heavy ratp. Asohocaei is reported ashore near the rocks of If or- man Woe, off Gloucester, Mass. The schooner Adeline, of Bangor, Me., 84 dragged her anchor in Gloucester har bor and went ashore on Dolliver's Neck She broke up in 10 minutes. The crew was rescued. British Steamer Wrecked. ABERDEEN, Oct. 11.—The British steamer Chicago, Captain Dodds, which sailed from Bunderland 'for Baltimore with a cargo of cement and wine, has been wrecked near Slaine castle, Aber deenshlre. Twenty-one of the crew were rescued. Captain Dodds and three others remained on board. There ia a large hole in the steamer's forehold. . An Unknown Schooner Wlthont Balt*> NEWTORT.R. I., Oct. 11.—An unknown a-masted schooner passed the life saving station with all her sails gone. She was running helplessly before a northeaster The tug Aquideneck was sent to her as sistance. Wheni she went outside, how ever, the schooner had blown to sea. FOOT Fenon* Drowned. OYSTER BAY, L. I., Oct. 11.—Pon persons were drowned by sinking of barge in tow of the. tug Belle Me Will iains in Lloyd's harbor. They were John Murphy, his sister Mrs. Julia Mnrpby Michael Murphy, a son, and on infant o the latter, all of New York City. Mlts Wlllard In<llftpo»ed. CINCINNATI, Oct. li.-^-Miss Willar was to have delivered a lectnre at th meeting of the Ohio Woman's Christian Temperance Union at the First Christian church, but was barely able to be present. Lady Henry Somerset spoke in Miss Willard's stead. She urged Christ ian women to take interest in politic and secure power to voteu Prominent Jiiluiinn County Fnrmnr Dead TECUMSKH, Neb., Oct. n.—Oneofthi county's wealthiest and most respecte farmers, Charles Hurlbutt, died of nervous troulilv. He was born in Little ton, N. H., and was 64 years of age. H leaves a wife and six children and an es tato valued ut $100,000: He had re sided in Johnson county IK yours. Fatal lioilur DKXTKH, Mo., Oot. It.—Newa has reached here of the explosion of tb toiler of the H. D. Hodge Saw and Grig mill, SO miles north of Doxter, killing three men. Tho men killed are tw Jolmson brothers and a young mm named Wilkinson. l>r«*b;torlau* at Grand Idand. GHAND ISLAND, Oct. 11.—Tho 3)s» an mini Bu*ion of tho Nubrualtu Preshyto riim By nud was opened ut the First Pros byterian church, 85 delegates being pros ent from abroad, Tho opening Hurmoi was delivered by Rev. Ouiar Scott o Hastings. Grain Vor Urolith DUtrlvU. OMAHA, Oct. U.—Various railroai headquarter^ in Omitliu havo inninx! In struotiona to their agents to accept ft of charge all aee.d grain * -r dealitubi di triots in wostoru Kan->.< . whore ui'u-l aid U uocoasary to tit., , the funuurt auow. Cutlou Show* a WASHINGTON, Oot 11.—Tim roturua U the statistical clivinion of tho dopartiuon of agriculture for tho month of Outobu make cottou show a deolmo of «,2 from the September condition, wbicl wiw, an against 8U.7 for thu preseu utouth, ^ U u IcU Work With a Uurglar, FKKUONT, Oot. U.—OhorJas Larson convicted ot' robbing thu rwUlonoo o Charles H. May u week ago, was sen teuced by Judge Sullivan to throo yuan Iu tho penitentiary. Tula to oou»ldwed rather rapid work. Uritluli Couiul Should Illuuulf. LOUPON, Out. U.—Patrick Hewdoreou UrltiBU consul at Cadiz and who jtwt returned from u visit to China, suo himself iu tho wnitlug rooiu of tuogov eriimeut department and died aoou after UliUnOWll, Atuitrivau JJufuaU u W«l»liuiaii, Oot, 11,- At, tho Nutiuua (sporting dub l ( 'iuuU Craig, uu Amt<n ciiu, dt'lftttoii John O. liriuu ol' Walts h jj gjpVt) OUJlti*t f i T i!l&t). I'rovUli'ti iur »MI AlMrrlsgtM. iiUDA Pi*i n. U.-.. . i.— TUo huUMO ot j ju s>-o! tU-i uria" *yi' fi\ AniON. NKLSON. DIBECTUM, KIKG OF STALLIONS. Direotum proved hinuelf a "king of stallions" indeed at tlie recent mooting of the New Enplaml Trottingr Hone Breeders' Association at Mystic Park, Boston. TT ° defeated Nelson, Arion and halt a dozen others. Directum's record is 2:061-1. is five yean old and is a son of Director. He H. KILLS SEVEN PERSONS. faulty Constructed New York Building Suddenly Collapses. BEVEBAL WERE SERIOUSLY HURT. (Mrlbte DUaiUr Da* to the Criminal Care- of a Contractor—Own*r of the BnlldlDf Placed Under Arract—Charged With Homicide—LUr or the Killed and Injured—Bnlldlna; Filled With Tenant*. NEW YORK, Oot. 11.—While ths storm was at Its height, jnst before 4 o'clock Wednesday morning, a new 8-story building at 74 Monroe street collapsed, bearing down with it the house at 73 Monroe and in the rear extension of the building on tbe other side, No. 70. Both places were filled with sleeping tenants, Who were burled nnder the tremendous mass of ruins. The crash of the falling walls aroused the neighbors, who, scantily clad, began the work of rescue, which was continued well into the day by police and firemen. They mined far nnder the bricks and beams and mortar and from the ruins they took the dead and injured. The Dead. 1.1. ABRAMS, 40 years of age. MRS. BESSIE ABRAMS, aged 47, wife of A. H. Ab,ratus. ROSE ABRAMS, 18, daughter of I. L Abrams. MBS, BEKTEA KARONESS, 80 years old. ABRAHAM KAHONEBS, her son, 9 years old. MRS. JENNIE STEINMAN, 30 years of age. MEYER STEINMAN, aged 81. The Injured. Alexander Abrums, cut and bruised •bout the face and body. James Brady, broken arm. May Brady, out and bruised. Thomas J. Brady, right leg Injured and sut about the body, Loretta Brady, badly out about the face: J. Jacob Kuronoss, badly brained. Michael Kurouestt, cut and injured Internally. Dnvirt Knronesa, scalp wound and braised. Fannie Kavoness, bruised and cut. Carl ICiirouess, nose brokeu nud otherwise injured, Jacob Kftroness, leg broken nnd head bruised. Unknown woman, Injured about body. Timothy Doolun, right arm broken. George Kobeusky, sculp wouud. The Ml«.iiii«r. Ell Abrums, ugeil ?,ncm Of I. t. Abrams. Aaron Witz, tho owner of the build- lug, was arrtsted and arraigned before Justice Hogau in Essex Market police court. In spite of tho fact that he was charged with homicide, Justice Hogau discharged him. tie, however, issued mibjxBuas for Aaron Witz and David Molaky, tho contractor who put up tho building, to appear before him and explain what thoir responsibility, if any, was for the disaster. Tbo structure, it is alluged by Thomas Brady, whose family occupied the roar of No. W, was weak and ho says that he had mudo complin'iit* about it to the building Inspector, but that no uttontiou had been paid to them. LEARNING AMERICAN METHODS. fmrtuvn ol Aiutrnlla Bond an B»»ojr to Tlik Country. OUAHA, Oct. 11,—James M. Sinclair of Victoria, Australia, has come to America UIKHI an iutoNwtiug mission. Mr. Sinclair is in town to visit the South Omaha packing houses and the big grain •levutora of this oity. He ootnes to this city with orudontials signed by the premier of Victoria, J. B. Patterson, and boa boon sent by the department of agriculture of Victoria to report upon the in voguo among tbe American Hid duties laid down by the authorities are to note and report on detail* ou the economics of production grain growing in the United ti Qauuda and the Argentine Republic. Tlilu is to embruct) everything iu connection *wilh the tilling, harvesting and handling of wheat from tue field to thu seaboard. May KxmuluD t'uruull'* *>a|H>r«, DUBUN, Oot. U.—Thu Irish Times uy« Mrs. Parnell, widow of the Into leader of the Irish party, bus given permission to Messrs. John IS. KodiuQud, Timothy Burriugtou and J. J. G'Kully to ox- Aiuiue tho private papers of her husband aud she entrusted to Mr. O'Kelly tho work of writing a bloyriiphy of Mr. Pur- null, which will bo publishod at a politically opportune timo. Japumutu I'l'limit to Tltlt Vt, WABHINUTON, Out. ll.^-The Japanese legation huu no titled the dona.rtiueut of stute the Priuoo Yiuniwhiua of Japan, a of tho utupero^, wiU uxrlvti i|i New York from Europe next Friday and will visit Washington. The collector of customs at New York has been instructed to extend the nsnal courtesies and facilities for landing the effects of the prince. B«a*7 Flow of Oa« Struck In Kanta*. PARSONS, Kan., Oct. n.—What appears to be an endless flow of gaa was •track aaar this city at a depth of WO feet, with a pressure of over 90 pounds. Much excitement prevails in consequence. Already arrangements are on foot for piping the gas to the city. Other wells will be sunk at once. LEV! MORTON ACCEPTS. His Letter of Acceptance Sent to Chairman Miller. PARAMOUNT ISSUE8 DISCUSSED, Convtotad Criminal I HEBRON, Neb., Oct. 11.—E. Christner, who was found guilty of stealing wheat from Charles McKillep, near Brnuing, euoceeded in abstracting a briok from the east jail wall and gained his liberty through a hole 8x17 inches. It is though that his wife helped him to escape. , Laodannm Nearly CaoM* Two Death*. OTTUMWA, Iu., Oct. 11.—Miss Ida Robinson, who is famous in Iowa as the first woman in Iowa who voted nnder the present law, and her mother, both took laudanum by mistake. They were •walked about all night and are now pronounced out of danger. Took a Do*e of PoUon. DBS MOINES, Oct. n.—James Bollinger, a laborer, took poison with snididal intent. Despondency waa the causs. His recovery ia doubtful. SALOON REV?NUES FALLING OFF. Hpeolal KaiiiHH City, Kan., Council Coin- mlttc'X liivindicate*. KANSAS CITY, Oct. 11.—A special committee of the Kansas City, Kan., council, which has been investigating the cause of the fulling of! of the saloon revenues of the police department and consequent reduction of tho city's general fund, in its report submitted 'Wednesday night mnkes startling disclosures. It was shown that while $1,500 was monthly received from the different "joints" but $3,2uU of the amount was turned into the city treasury. Tho committee recommended the abolition of tho metropolitan police law, undor which the steals were made, an beiuy totally inadequate. Tho law was inaugurated by the present Kansas state government aud was much commented upon wheu fiivt put iuic force. Under it, it is chinned, none ol thu prudent offenders can be reached by law. Itatter bhowlns Tlmn I-alt Tear. WASHINGTON, O<-t. 11.—The caah bal- ancu iu tho treasury Wednesday was 1118,784,147; gold reserve, |OU,S40,758. Tlu> receipts BO far this month amount tJ (U,-408,2H4, and tho oxiM)nditur«s |7,t<U4,- MO, leaving a, duficieucy for tho 10 daye) of fl,aob,704, and for the fiecal year to ' date ^,llft,OiO. The deficit during tlit first three months of last year waa lf-10,'•"1,710, orf|8,S8fl,(ll6 greater than foi i >:t» Hiuue period this year. Botewater Coutuiii|it Oa*«, OMAHA, Out. 11.—In thu district court Wednesday Judge Bcott made an effort to have Editor Uosewater, of Tlie Ueo, broii({)it before him for contempt, in permitting a local item to be printed rotor- Ting to routine court proceedings in a humorous vein. The .sheriff failed to produce the editor and Si-ott found n lieu rojKirtor and placed him under fiHO bond^ on suspicion ot knowing aoinuthing about tho case. llaukur* at nallliiinr*. UAI.TIMOIU:, Oct. 11.—Thu VUth an- iniiil I'onvuutiou of tho Amuriuuu As&>- oiiitiou of Bankers ooiwoncd nt Furd'a opurii house ut )U:BO u. in. Every sec- tiun of the Union ia repraaoutaU. Soore- tury Uiuse of the association says tliut tho crowd's chtw-k for >l60,OnO,OOU would bo cashtnl. Aildruaaoa of wulcoino wi-ro iiuulo by HUM. John P. Poo and Mr, Knouli Pratt, uhairmau of tho Uultuauru clearing houju. ' NuhrmUw Outtlumou Ooiiiplalulnw. OM.VIIA, Oct. U.—Nebraska oattlomon am foiiipluiniiig at the Ouuthu Union Block yujds thut unions BUIUO uiuaaiiroo uro adopted tlu<re will bo uo live atouk in JJi'iiniaka liiixt year. On all trains leading uui of thu state ail kind* of livu Stock ut'u bolug ahippud tu fooilinx giimuda out of tho state. Th>»y are soil- int,' Vl "'y low. This ia thu rtuull of a scare* Ity ot food, iuoidout to tUo droutli. I'rulilbltluiiUl* Out Iu W»ihlu||tun, TACKiMAi Wiisb., Out. 11.—it dwvul- oiM'.s thut thu Pnihiliitiuu purty Lju failed tu Illo iU Btutti uuiiimutiuiib vviuT tho sourutary of state in tiuio U) Imvo thorn votuit on at tho cowing uiootiou. Tho law vi-owdt* that they must be tiled not mort) tluin UO uur load thuu DO daya tu,o 1'luutiou, wlilclU fulls thU your Wnthlngton Prohibitionists Ont—Chnroh- ill Xpimk* at Clmitron—Hcarr Registration In Itc'W Turk— Bryan's Advice to Stunton Voters— The Atitl-Tatnmanfltes Name a Tlrket. NEW YORK, Oct. 11.—Hon. Levl P. Morton. Republican nominee for governor, sent his formal .letter of acceptance to Hon. Winner Miller, chairman of the Republican state state convention. It is in the main .-is follows: ^ RIIINK CLIFF, N. Y., Oct. 10. Hon. Warner Miller, Chairman of the Re- pu'-.licau State Convention: Sli!—I have been officially informed \vitlnn the past few days of my nomination for governor by the convention over •which you presided nt Saratoga. Grateful for past recognition and for this friendly evidence of their confidence, 1 accept the trust the Republican party has honored me with, picking my hearty cooperation In their el. orts for an honest and efficient conduct of affairs. The Issues Involved In the pending canvass are clearly defined and of paramount importance. They are related both to state and federal concern. They affect the rewards of labor, the iscurity of capital and the safety of -society. Within our borders is the metropolis of tbe continent, and New York is first in commerce and only second in agriculture. During the whole period of its existence, the Republican party has been distinguished for its devotion to the people and of protection to home productions. Variations in the rates of duty on exports have, from time to time, been made as needs of the government and' the condition of American industries have required, bat th» principle itself has been intelligently and steadily vindicated by every Kepabliun congress. In the confusion of Democratic councils and of Democratic legislation, it 1s plain that the only wise course for the oountry to pursue is to restore tbe management of Its affairs to that party which for 30 years has developed its resources, upheld its good faith, cared for those who fought for its integrity and guarded the rights and fortunes of its citizens. Let us have the most enlarged education to teach us the value of our citizens, and with Jealous regard for that citizenship, let us welcome the liberty loving of all lands to the enjoyment of the largest liberty regulated by law. Under the constitution of the United States, as well as the organic law of this State, all citizens are placed on a footing of absolute equality before the law. This provision is the supreme law I fully recognize, not only because it is obligatory as a statute, but because I am In favor of the fullest freedom In the worship of Almighty God. LEVI P. MORTON. Antl-Tammnuylte* Name a Ticket. NEW YORK, Oot. 11.—The anti-Tammany Democracy held their convention at the Lyceum opera house for the purpose of nominating a county ticket. A feature of the convention was the presence in the boxes and balcony of 100 of the Women's Anti-Tammany organization. The convention passed a resolution nominatiug William Strong for mayor aud John W. Goff for recorder. The other nominations were loft in the hands of a conference committee. Ilryuu'n Ail vise to gtnnton Voter*. STAtfTON, Seb., Oct. 11.—Hon. W. 3. Bryan apoke in Qoruiania hall to a large audience, composed of voters of all parties. It was a Populist talk, although he advised the voters to sTipport the Democratic nominee for state senator. Heavy UvgUtrntlan In Now York. NEW YORK, Out. n.—The total trillion wan 102,900, as compared with OH,094 on tho first day of registration of 18U8 and 03,00* in 189'i. JAPANESE EFFECT A LANDING. About 40.OOO Troop* l/uiil«<l Meitr Shau llul Kwiin. SliANOiiAi. Oct. 11.—Various local rn mors uro iu circulation, tho most prom iuent buiug that 4d,ui)U Japanoso troojis have Inn.lod near Shan Hai Kwau, ou tho boundary between thn Chinese province of Manchuria and Chi Li, at the eastern end of tho groat wall which traverse China. The telegraph wires have boon out, thus hindoring communication with that district. A report, which is uluHstxl hero as niiruliablo, says thut tho Japanese have effected a lauding near Now Chwuug, Uulf of Loeotou. It is reported that several warships havo been sighted off Tuknuar. A dispatch received from Tien Tain sttiUn thut tho British and Russian ministers havo arrived thorn nud that tuny will proceed at once tu Peking. Another loixirt which reaches this oity that after u skirmish which took place north ol' the Yulu rivor, thu Ja|w- lieso outp<xsU vvero driven back noriM: tho rivor. Advium rocvivod horo from Port Arthur auya that tho repaint to tho Chiueuo tlf«t Nvhioh waa ougugtHl iu tho battlu of tlu) Ytilu rivor have boon com plotod and that Uio Hoot will proceed, to sou immediately. Shan lltu Kwiin, where tho are reported to have lundod 40,000 troops, iu directly on tho railroad build lug from "Tien Tain to Moukdeu, and is of great strategic uuportanoo. Iu fact, Uto opinion has bo.-u i-xpivaaod chut if Bhan Uui Kwau t< captured thoru U nothing to (irtvt'ut tho Jiipatu'so from uiaivhing tu Poking. A Jupanuae Boot K'us ropAirtoxi to havo bouu aightod off Shau Hal Kwau -Sipt. U8. KxlriolUioii u( Allwu l(xfu««il, AUIANV, K, V.i Oct. U.—(Kwornor Klowor ret'iide<l extriutitiou of Allen, vvaut»vl iu i) a Moiiiiti lor obtaining Jl/ii'O in a M'iiitiun ot uulUtiiig ICnglUh Mpttal to iu!{» up western I'lie guvernor (l»-ci<l'-il Iho uftiil«vit4 wore uot suttU'lenily ijcii viit-.-v Vvar*. KUKMONT, Neb., Oot. U.--lu Uio dU- rid court .hid^i' .1. J. Sullivan sou Ji ihro ' yr.u'.t. II i wu» y a jury »t ;>u•tiiiii n - ,i gold wutoh froui uu rrijuleuco Oi Ouirliw 11. May, 5LNEY REQUESTS H!M TO RESIGN. frnlted Stntf« MnK*liitl Vlnrotit Canges Ttonfalk at a Political Meeting. WASHINGTON, Out. 11.—S. S. Viacent, United States mui'shal for the district of West Virginia, at the request of the attorney general, has r sipfned and A. D. Garden has been appointed to the vacancy. Mr. Vincent waa appointed in lt-03. In September last he and several deputies were present at a political meeting at Wiiyrte, W. V«. At tho conclusion of irn acMress which did not pleaSe him he aros» to reply, whereupon many of the nndienre left the hall. This seemed to hnve angered Vincent and an altercation iirose, which culminated in an affray during which onfe man Was kilk'd anil three others wouui\od. The marslial and his deputies were arrested and are uniVr bund to await the action of the grand jury. Complainta have been made to the uttomoy general that twice before Vincent or his deputies had been guilty of creating disturbances at political meetings at Bluefields and Hiv.itington. For one of these offenses nt \vos reprimanded by Attorney Qi'iioral Oln"y. Qiti^Mfiim Connlderod by Printer*. LOUISVILLE. Oct. il.—The Intoraa* ionai Typographical union received a communication from the Indianapolis Commercial club, asking them to meet n that city nexc year. A committee of ive was appointed to see if the Courier- Tournal could not be unionized. The wycott of Rand-McNally company of Jhicago and Buckner & Skinner of St. nis waa unanimously indoraed. Tha questioa of permanent headquarters in Washington was referred to a special committee. Bee Keeper*,Meet at St. Jo*eph. 8r. JOSEPH, Oct. 11.—Tbe 25th annual convention of the North Ainecictn Be« Keepers' association is in session m this dty with a fall attendance of members trom all parts of the world. Efflprson T. Abbott of St. Joseph is president and Frank Benton of Washington, D. C., secretary. The delegates were tendered ths freedom of tho city by Mayor Shepherd and given a reception by the Commercial club. The president delivered bis annu'al address. Iwo Mont Death* at Neweaetle. SKATTU;, Wash., Oct. 11.— Two mow men are dead ae a result of the explosion of dnst at the Newcastle mine. They are George Dobson and Davis J. Lloyd and it ia expected that two more will die, which will bring the fatalities np to five. Giles, the colored driver, is still ODcon- scious and cannot live long. Oorrmei Horton and Mine Inspector Edmunds are on the ground and an inquest will bs held. The mine will be put in shape fox work immediately. Columbian Unit Dollar*. WASHINGTON, Oct. 11.— The treasury officials are considering the question of exchange at par for gold the $1,700,009 m Columbian half dollars now in ths treasury or snbtreasnries. These hall dollars were held at the Columbian exposition at $1 each and at the close o! the fair about f1,7l'0,000 n-mained un- disposed of nnd were redeemed by ths government at their face value. Oiuollne Stov« Bxploelon. PERRY, O. T., Oot. 11.— Gasoline stove of Mrs. John Stevens of Lela exploded while dinner was being prepared and the woman was terribly burned, and ( hei little girl was so badly burned that aha has since died and her little boy will also die from burns received, Assistance ol men nearby saved the honse from being burned. _ In<llct<icl For Hnyrca' Murder. PORTLAND. Or,. Oct. 11.— Lawyer X. N. Sleeves mid "Bunco" Kolly, undor arrest for the umrdt>r of George Sayres, whose body was found floating tn the river, were indi?tod by tho grand jury. Ill); 1'iu'liiK Hum A r run god. NASHVII.I.K, Oct. u.— Thoi.'umberland Park association 1ms arranged a match raoo iH'twotm Robert J, John R. Gentry, Hal Drandiii U aiul Joe Patcuen, here Oct. 10, for fJ.OOO. Claims un l7Tlilni;,inn>nt, RICHMOND, Va., Oct. 1 1.— Hurt baa beeu iusti luted in tho United States circuit court by tho P. Lorillard company of Now Jwauy against thu H. A. Patte- BOU Tobacco company of thin city. It involves thu question whether thu defendants have a right to iiso the rod tin tag npon its tobacco. __ TELEGRAPH NEWS_ BOILED DOWN. Mr». II. (J. Uorblu, wifu uf Colonel Corbin of thi' I'ulU-il States army, n former resident of OhiniKO, dii'il in NS'iialilngtou. Tim Aiufriciiu board of coiuiiitn»loner» of foreign miHsioiiH iiu't Iu mmuul setuion at .Maillsou, \VU. Wi'sti-ni lint'* huve elTt'cttnltt tuinporary «gr««iuviit to maintain d-righl rates, to hold until tliu miH'tiuK to form u pool. Mort- ovliUnco of corruption Iu thu New York police force was iluvtiloued by the littxow iiiNt-HtiKutiiig conunlttee. • Oliver HayiK'K \viui fatally aoaaultod by footjiadx in 8t. Jt.Huph, Mo. the cream of Cod-liver Oil, with Hypophosphitcs, is (or Coughs, •ore Throat* Bronchitis, Weak Lung*, Consumption! 1.088 of Flesh. Emaciation, Weak BableB, Crowing Children. Poor Mothers' Milk, Scrofula, Anaemia; in fact, for nil conditions calling for a quick ami effective &•«.//> PvMfMd. /><•/. . t<

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