Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on October 6, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1933
Page 8
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'BUY MTTtt Qf AJUBi" Al>.3§ DAILY TUB0K1TIM1S, AJfEi. IOWA. FRIDAY, OCTOBER TAMOL1IH MIA DZLAYP FEAC1 IN OOAL REOIOM (Continued rrom Page Oae) WJdlcatloa of the dilute*. Ht summoned bott «ide» in the Philadelphia b' J kerj dr|v-;i, ''ink" to * heariug Friday. Tb« board T!?I arran Jf* (1 * settlement of this •tHke but new disputes arose n?- cessitatinf further action by the board. One KillcdT29 Injured in Fight PITTSBURGH. Pa.. <UJ>> — New- threats of violence hov«r«d orer the western Peaniylvanla *te«l »nd coal sections Friday. Authorities were determined to break the steel strike at Am bridle where one nan was killed and 28 Injured in fighting among pickets and deputy sheriffs. Fifty thousand eoal miners remained on strike, refusing to return to work and tying up a large sectlou of the industry. At Clairton, up ttie MoJongahela river from Pittsburgh, pickets held a close vigil over the plant of the Carnegie Ste«l compan^. The situation was tense over a wide area. ' At Ambrldge. authojities -vrere in complete control of the town for the first time since Wednesday. Using guns, clubs, and tear gas deputy sheriffs ended a blockade of the Spang-Chalfant Seamless Tube company plant which h«<l besn maintained by 600 pic- keta. Adam Pletrusaka 4 . 50; a bystander, wag slain. Nine men received bullet wounds. More tha*. a score were beatea and 11 picket leaders were clamped In jail. The Ambridge and Clairton strikers were both demanding recognition of their unions. The miners were demanding acceptance ;>f union contracts by operators of cap- tiv* ihlnes. Stunting Makes Aviation Fan Out Of Girl Roller Coaster Enthusiast Th* beit VALUE "When you are offered a eubfttitnte for genuine Kellogg'i, remember it IB seldom in the spirit of •enriee. 1 * . B> I>Aj!» It should be said by way of explanation that I am a roller •coaster enthusiast. I like the turns banked and the drops stfcep. Thus it was that on Wednesday afternoon, when I was invited with a group of other persons to fly as a guest of the Red Ace and Inmari flying circus, I hoped that I might be assigned to an open cockpit biplane, piloted by a stunt flier, and that he would do a few of his tricks. It was my lucky day. ... It was, my first airplane ride but-I hope! not my last. But let's begin at the beginning. The group drove out to the 100-acre field on the Spring farm one mile south and one mile east of Ames, where the Ace and Inmans Sunday will present an airshow, the first Ames has had in three yeaft. Ray Jones, veteran commercial pilot and stunt flier* agreed to take another girl and myself up in oae of the biplanes and to show us a few twists in the stunting game. Taking off gracefully from the field, the plane soared to a height of about 2200 feet, then levelled off. Jones cruised about for several minutes to give us a chance to see the city and surrounding country from the air. It was pleasantly exciting. It wasn't the thrill you experience as you start down a 75-foot drop on a coaster. It was restful—drifting slowly under a bright blue sky with a panorama of beauty greeting you as you looked down. Nature blends her colors more artistically than any j painter ever could. And I know i of no time of the year when Mother Earth is dressed in more colorful array. Views about Ames whose beauty is inspiring when seen from vantage points on the ground gain even greater beauty when seen from the air. - I remarked to my companion: "This Isn't exactly like riding on a coaster, is it?" She replied, j "Well, take a GOOD roller" . . . j whereupon, as the pilot took the machine into a vertical, she swal- Idwed'the temalnder of the sentence and I swallowed my gum. U T e continued looking down at the sky or up at the ground as he rolled over, winged over, stalled.and .what have you. Somehow or other, I will never really appreciate a coaster ride again. The pilot shouted, "We're going Into a tallspln" . . . Well, I had never been in a taHspin* but-1 had read about them. I wondered if someone wjjuld, find, that season Iowa State college athletic ticket in time to use it ... it raced thru iny mind that perhaps my Insurance papers weren't In the second long dreseer drawer after all ... It was over. Both myself and my companion were breathless. However, we were (till in the air, right side up, and the engine wasn't missing. We landed, perfectly. It had been a grand ride. Kanets Services To Be Sat. P. M. Funertl services for Harve F. who died at Mary Oreeley hospital, early Thursday morning, will be held from the residence 99 South Duff avenue. Saturday at l;i(0 p. m., and from the United Brethren church at 2 p. m. The Rev. J. F. Uhlenhopp, pastor of the church, will officiate. Burial will be at Roland. »I-T -j _- r n~/r EVE* COMMON LA- BOftKft DC CIVIL 9EXVXCE (Continued From Page One) lints will cost, wnen competed $7.000,000. More than $30,000,000 of the original $W.OOC,000 allocation for the authority will be expended on thf Norrls dam. The sum of $3,600,000 Las been s«t aside for a nitrate plant at the shoals, should such a step be found economically sound. OF BATTt-E CRKBI Cashing Market Red Arrow No. 1 325 Main . Phone 99 SHOULDER PICNICS smoked, 6 to Qj» '9 lb avg., lb Wv CHUNK BACON 4 *»* BACON ENDS 3 Ibs 25c—6 Ib? BABY BEEF HEARTS, 2 Ibs BOILING MEAT fi^ ib :.:.... OC PORK SHOULDER OR PORK LOIN 4 QA ROAST, Ib:.. 1'vC VEAL OR BEEF ROAST best chuck , 4 A * cuts, lb ........ l*rC Chicken, Cold Meat, Liver, Cheese aad Pickles. CENTRAL FRUIT MARKET 505 Kellogg Phone 136 North of Pustoffk-e. U. S. No. 1 Cobbler Potatoes 100 lb ba^ $1.55 Apples, Delicious-, bu $1 60 . 2 doz; ..... 36 C Grapes, Tokay, 3 Ibs .23c Celery^ Oregon, bunch IQc Swfeet Potatoes, 7 Ibs 26e Cranberries, 2 qtg. . . . 29c Sorghum, home made, gallan .......... ..65c WE DELIVER Boys, Clint 4 Oran Chickens ,.* loc Com*r of Fifth & Burnett IZc Mac's Dairy-Poultry Mkt Phone 142 — White Rote Gas Station Fifth and Burnett Potatoes This, week is the heaviest digging of the season, and prices are forced to the lowest. Buy now and save i on your winter supply. Good potatoes on sale Saturday priced from $1.00 lbs> to $1.65 Ed Coe Seed Store 216 5th—Phone 1053 Recovery Sale! BUY IN 2's AND YOU WILL DOUBLE YOUR SAVINGS! 20C SPECIALS - » 2 No. 2 cans 18-K Mixed Vegetables 2 Pkgs IGA Mincemeat 2 No. 1 cans 18-K Oysters 3 tall cans IGA Milk 2 No: 2 cans Lima Beans BARGAIN Special $2 Basket r For only $2.00 you get a $2.40 value! Contains 3-Lb Picnic Ham l.Lb Brown Betty Coffee 1 Pint IGA- Mayonnaise 2 Loaves Wonder Bread 12% Lbs IGA Flour , . 1 Carton IGA Table Salt 1 Lb IGA Butter 2 Pkgs Kre-Mel Pudding 2 Lge cans Lodago Baked Beans PRUNES, Dried, 40-50; 2 Ibs ..... TOMATO JUICE, 2 10^H>z cans ROLLED OATS, iGA large pkgs, 2 for. . . OXYDOL; 2 large pkgs CHILI CON CARNE, 2 cans CATSUP, 18-K fey, 2 Jge bottles. .. SAUSAGE, IGA Vienna, 2 cans' .. '. . CREAM OF WHEAT, large RED BEAXS, Van Camp's, 2 cans .... BREAD. Light or Dark, 2 for CREAM CEREAL. IGA, 2 pkgs SOAP, Silver Leaf, 10 for . ..>- iqc lOc Folger's COFFEE Regular or Drip I -59C 23c CORN SYRUP, IGA, No. 10 tall, Blue 49c, mA^ Red •- SIC CRUSHED PINEAPPLE 5-ounoe /* cans A for TOMATOES—Red ripe cans 2 for X/V TOKAY GRAPES ORANGES, Sunkist BANANAS, Ripe, yellow CELERY, Very crisp .... CABBAGE. Green solid ... CARROTS, green top, bunches . . • HEAD LETTUCE, Large heads ••• ONIONS, Iowa Red TURNIPS, Fresh dug CARROTS, Long slender . . . APPLES, Iowa Jonathons .... POTATOES, Iowa Cobblers. . CRANBERRIES, now at I t for IOC r I4c Lbs $C 2 + pecks . 2 LO» 59c 5 |C 2$C In the Market Pure Lard Ib2 . U Sirloin and T-Bone Steak, 2 Ibs ' 29c Pork 'Cutlets, just like tenderloin, 2 Ibs 29c Rolled Prime Rib Roast, 2 '!bs 29e Longhorn Cheese, 2 Ibs 29c Pork Chops, 2 )b* 25c Ring Bologna, 2 lb* —25c Beef Pot Rozst, 2 Ibs 25e Fresh Side Pork, 2 Ibs 25c Slic<- ! Bacon Ends,'3 Ibs 25c Slab Bacon, sugar cured 2 Ibs 25c Bulk Cottage Cheese 2 Ibs 19c Weinefs, 2 Ibs —19c Hamburger, Sausage 2 Ibs 19c Horse Radish, 8-or bottle, 2 for .- 19c Pork Roast, 2 Ibs 19c SUGAR BUTTER Nevada Creamery PRUNES No. 10 cans... FLOUR Golden Dawn 49-lb A bags.. £ for Fully guaranteed READ THE WANTS CORN FLAKES IGA Large Tkgs 9 tor RUSHING FOOD MARKET Phone 329 W« Deliver PANCAKE FLOUR IGA L 39c No. 1 32? Main Phones 6*61 SUGAR Fine granulated Ibs FLOUR Better Bread Ibs $1.59 PANCAKE FLOUR Bill'i Best IBs MACARONI SPAGHETTI 4 Ibs PEANUT BUTTER Large 28-oz. jar WASHING POWDER Swift's Pride 2 large 20c pkgfi. • CORN Iowa Club No. . cans 1 for PEAS New pack, cans MILK Tall cans for OATMEAL Banner, large pkg. REDARROW -T FAMOUS FOB FINC FOODS! RED ARROW NO. 3 2508 Lincolnway CampuBtown Store Phone 219 Three Stores for Your Convenience BY THE RED ARROW STORES No.2 200 Main Phone (OSCAR, fro OOW INTO THE C&UMt) H* BRING ME, UP SOME POTATOES] If you're "in the dark" at to WHAT TO SERVE—itop at the RED ARROW STORE in your neighborhood—and look over our inspiring, mealtime tuggestioni. Choice groceries and meats ... at LOWER PRICES . . . because we SELL FOR CASH. THINK AFRMO OF THE AGE: BUTTER BOOM Dairy lb COFFEE 5 more enps Extra Special * Ibs SOAP Crystal White bars CRACKERS Tasty Flake | * Ibs TAPIOCA quick cooking .. COCONUT long thread, lb PRUNES 2 Ibs .._.. PEACHES dried, 2 Ibs DATES 2'Ibs CHERRIES Red No. 10 PEACHES No. 10 APRICOTS No. 10 PEARS No. 10 ....._. PRUNES No. 10 Fresh Fruit-Vegetables GRAPES, fancy Tokay . . } Ibs 2Jc ORANGES, Sunkist, med. size, 1 doz 3Jc BANANAS, fancy fruit . . 3 Ibs Kc PEARS, large size doz 29C PEARS, No. 1 Keifer The be*t are cheapest $1.3$ APPLES, Jonathan 25C LETTUCE, large extra fancy, 2 for CAULIFLOWER, selected . each jgc CRANBERRIES 2 Ibs 2$C SWEET POTATOES 8 Ibs 2$c CELERY ertra large . TOMATOES 4 Ibs POTATOES No, 1, peck CARROTS bunch CABBAGE lb SQUASH Acorn, 4 for CORN FLAKES Kellogg's luge pkg. ' * for PORK& BEANS Van Camps, No. 2 : / 2 PICKLES , Sweet, qt. jar g SYRUP / Karo, 10 lb pail Red Label Blue Label MATCHES L boxes MINCE MEAT Monarch 9-oz pkg i\ Beef Roast, lb. 16c •BONED-AND ROLLED Flank Steak, lb. 16c CHOICE AND TENDER Pork Butts, lb. 12c VERY LEAN ROAST PKNIC HAMS Veal Round, lb. 20c CHOICE VEAL STEAK Pork Chops, lb. 14c VERY LEAN CHOPS Pork Roast, tt>. 12c SLICED BACON Lb 16c CHOICE LOIN CUTS Spare Ribs, lb. 7c MEATY RIBS Link Sausage PIG LINKS Boiling Beef, lb. 5c GOOD BEEF BOIL Smoked Hamslb.l6c UIKSON'S—WHOLE OR HALF THE SAME PRICES AT ALL MARKETS QUALITY, SERVICE AND SANITATION, YES SIR Red Arrow Markets

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