The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 12, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1894
Page 8
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Only the Scars Remain, " Among the many testimonials which C «et> m regard to certain medicines performing cures, cleansing the blood, etc.," writes HCDSON, of Hie James Smith Woolen Machinery Co,, 1'lillndelphla, Fa., "none impress me more than my own case. Twenty years ago, at the age ot 18 years, .1 had swellings come on my legs, which broke and j became running tores. I Ourfanillypliysiciancould I do me no good, and It was I feared that the bones would be affected. At last, I my good old mother I urged me to try Ayer'g Sarsaparilla. I took three bottles, the sores healed, I and I have not been I troubled since. Only the J tears remain, and the I memory of the past, to remind me of the Rood Ayor's SarBBpnrllln hps done me. 1 now WRigli two hundred and twenty pounds, nnd «m in the best of health. I hnrc been on the rnnd for the past twelve years, have noticed Ayer's Sarsaparilla advertised In all parts of the United States, and always take pleasure In telling what pood it did for me." For the cure of all diseases originating in ' Impure blood, the best remedy Is AYER'S Sarsaparilla Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Ayer ft Co., Lowell, MMI. Cures others, will cure you •W- REVIVO RESTORES VITALITY. Made a Man of Me. THE GREAT 80th KVUDZUO: pr*htces the above results ta:3O days. It acts powerfully and quickly. Cures when all others (all. Yomg men will regain tbeir lost manhood, and old moi will recover their youthful vigor by using BBTJVO. It quickly and aurely restores Nervous- neak. Lost Vitality, Impotency, Nightly Emissions, boot Power, Failing Memory, Wasting Diseases, and all effMts of self-abuse or excess and indiscretion, which unfits one for study, business or marriage. It notenly cures by starting at'the seat of disease, but Is (great nerve tonic and blood builder, bringing back the pink glow to pale cheek* and restoring the fire of youth. It wards off Insanity and Consumption. Insist on having REVIVO, no othar. It can be carried In vest pocket. By mall, •liOO per package, or six for SS.OO, with a poll tlve written guarantee to cure or refund tha money. Circular free. Address RQTM. MEDICINE CO., 63 River Si., CHICAGO. Ill For Sale at Carroll, Iowa, by J, W. Hattwn, Druggist. perma- 1 nontly I cured I BLOOD POISON in 20 to OC days by a Magic Remedy, under guarantee, backed by (000,000 capital. Posi-, tlve proofs and 101) page book, Illustrated I from life from people cured, free by mall I When Hot Springs and mercury fall, our I Muffle Remedy will cure. I COOK REMEDY CO., CHICAGO, ILL.I Complexion Preserved DR. HCBRA'S GREftM Eeir.ovCB Freckles, Plmplei, Liver ' Males Bliokheidc, Sunburn and Tan. and ro ctoreu tho eUin to its original freshness, producing u clear fliid hiuHliy .cem- Tirc;:i:i!',tlnri3 :' ' "I? harmless. At all <ir,.,;>,iii3, o.; •/. . ' 'La. Ecud for Circular.'' i simply luccmparalilo M » .. <• •>:!>'. l'r.{ th'j tollul, wjcl without a , .11 .{'-'I'ly yuro aud dcUwUl/ fflcdl. Price 25 Cento. G. C. BiTTNEIH &. CO., TOLEDO.O. moinpt answer and an uonest opinion, M1JKN & CO., wUo have bad nearly 11.., ,_...- irporlenoelntbe patent business. Coinnmnlo*. lions strictly confidential. A Handbook of In. formation concerning I'aleut* and now to on* formation concerning I'uinii* u»u uu«, w uu« Kin them sont f roe. Also a catalogue of inecbau. leal and scientific books sent free. Patents tubon through Muim & Co. receive iLus ure brought widely before the public with- lulls ure bro out cost to E cost 10 i>uu iiivuiiwir. •* win splendid paper, ed weekly, elegantly Illustrated, lias by far tiic Kit olroulatlou of any scientific work In tUe ta. nv l^ A'A u vmip Rni,r,f,nAn finittflH HOUt free. World, i^ iuliclluu LJI Hlljr DUICIIVIUU wuiw .u ». /ear. Bpuouuen copies sent free. ..... ..Jtlou. monthly. »2.«> a year, single -,.=., !44 cents. Hvery nuroj«r contains beau, to! plates, In colors, and photographs of nun ™ --- -•" ! -iVaui, onabllnu Builders to show tbe uiid.nuouro contracts. Address "MUNNTS CO.. NKW VOUK, 3<il liuu.uWAY BliBT. There li nothing JUST AS 0000. fru.u 01D.OO to W1H.OO. Wu muku u HI-UMJ who ««u Machines at Wholesale Prices. Tile wo rullixi toil. Machlno vliti'h tltey ad- VL-ftiM' fur f^t. I! AII IIUW ho boilirhl uf IIH ur our duuli'iv loi t lurgu urlety of tliew; el«;«i> MIIK-IJ|IH-S for w not jfura tu buy tlu< UF-SI. 'Ihcj um . llulshudu . u« tbo IS13W •mi WE (IL'AHASTKB JCVEHY ONE, and our uuimiiil™ i,«M,, ( |, We LuvuatfeilW In liiwrly ««>r» luwii wlwru i'i,u .'.HI uiU luHtruotluiu, iiwjdlim or nuwln UViit.' ,'ui~ Our A'vtv j'rlco *'«'. We »«, ll.-s will Our A'vtv frhv Wf V/IU not lie Viitlvrtutu uu\- order. Jf iiot for tho llwit. for urn iii.« -tl UTUI» u»d wjuuro 'Ill win wu uut it. \VlT WIJ,Lj)Ki.lVKH u iiuMJhliwut your IHMIU- /'•»; >-x UCHJ. JVcfM* i't'lQV ^ini ll'iW. THE m HOME SEVfllU MACHINE ii >., . T., -UKU, a. BEOS, OJurfoU,Iowii, JOINS THE POPULISTS. Ex-Chairman Stevens of Denver Leaves His Old Party. BRYAN'S CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, John M. Thurston Wilt Ucbnto With the Tonng Congressman nt Uncoln nnd Oinnhn—Mrs. Ponttle, the Well Known Author nnd Newspaper Wouinn Nominated by the Populists, DENVER, Oct. 10.—Tuesday night at Coliseum hall I. N. Stevens, who a few days ago resigned his position as chairman of the .Republican city committee, made a speech to a large audience. He made public his reasons for deserting She Republican party and proclaiming lis allegiance to the Populist party. Mr. Stevens at the opening of bis speech dealt with the silver issue. He said a pave crisis had been reached in the government and it had to be met. He [uotod from the letter of Senator Jones o his constituents and from the speeches of Senators Teller and Wolcott during he debate in congress on the repeal of he purchasing clause of the Sherman act. He said that the Republican party and the Democratic party were opposed 0 free silver. Mr. Stevens insisted that he sentiments of both parties was against the restoration of silver without he consent of England. He concluded: 1 shall now and hereafter co-operate with the political party which makes ilver the predominant national question, whatever that party may be." SERIES OF DEBATES ARRANGED. rohn M. Thurtton Ha* Accepted Congressman Brjan's Challenge. OMAHA, Oct. 10.—Hon. John M. fturtton for the Republicans and Congressman Bryan f »r the Democrats are o engage in a aeries of debates on the elative merits of the claims of their respective parties on silver. After a engthy correspondence Thnraton has accepted Bryan's challenge and named Oct. 16 at Lincoln and Oct. 18 at Omaha ,nd further said: "The debate to pro ieed in an argumentative manner, neither speaker to be interrupted or ueetioned by his opponent or any other erson. Minor details to be arranged by a joint committee of six. I hereby name Ion. J. C. Wharton, Hon. B. D. Slaughter and B. 8. Hall, Esq., as mem-' >ers of such committee." Popa!l«t-Deuiocr»tlc Duel. ATLANTA, GB., Oct. 10.—Away back n Early county Tom Weaver and Bill hambers had a duel in the road. Veaver was mortally wounded and Chambers was unhurt. Weaver was a 'opnlist and Chambers a Democrat. A ew nights before the fight Chambers was taking a wagon load of men to a >emocratic meeting and ran into an ob- truction across the road. The team an away and next day ho stated he be- ieved the obstruction was placed there ly a Populist. The duel followed. Repudiates the Democratic Party. ' MADISON, Wis., Oct. 10.—Professor lasmus B. Anderson, United States minister to Denmark during Cleveland's rat term, has repudiated the Democratic arty. The announcement of hia change f politics has caused a tremendous son- ation here. He is the author of the :errymander of Wisconsin. His action was caused chiefly by what he terms 'the tortuous methods of Democratic enatocnttic senators, who flagrantly •iolated party principles and party Iloom Breoklnrldce Vat Senator. LEXINGTON, Ky., Oct. 10.—The friends >f Breckinridge are bringing him out for enator. Secretary Carlisle, Senator iluckburn, Governor Brown; General Buckner and Henry Watterson are among tlie other names mentioned. The rionds of Owena are insisting on Senator 31uckbnrn taking the stump immediate- y in the Ashluud district-for Owens. Democrat! Have ut Lively Time. NEW YOUK, Oct. t H.—After one of the ivliost times witnoBsed in this city tbe Jew York Btate Democracy nominated ho| choice of the committee of 70: )olonel William H. Strong for mayor, Fohn W. Golf for recorder and Henry E. Beekman for justice of the gnpwior court Alleged the Jury \Vu» 1'ackBil, DKNVEH, Oct. 10.—In support of a mo- ion for a new trial of the suit of J. K. klullon and Charles D. McPheu against he Western Union Boef company, ex- ludge Vincent D. Markhurt filed an ufli- davit made by tho plaintiffs, alleging hut the jury which returned a verdict 'or the defendants was packed with A, ?, A, men by Sheriff Burchinell and Mutt Adams, clerk of the district court, uud would not give a verdict • in accordance with the evidence for the plaintiff* because they are Catholics. HeimdUteAlie A, P. A. KANSAS Crrv, Oct. 10.—Roland B. Urunor, who, for the poet year or so, lias been a leader here in tbe councils of thn A. P. A., has announced that he re- pudlutoa that organization. Ho declares the A. P, A. has departed from ite original principles and is now a more political machine. During tho late municipal campaign Jiruner was chairman of llio election committee that worked (or t\ml elected Mayor Davis. lliiiiKud by u Mob. IUVINK Dici'ivr, Ky,, Oct. 10,—Ales- •mlgr Richardson, \vhu murdered Mm. Wiley Whito mmr Irvine, was taken from the jail by 100 men, who took him to a bridge a mil.' out of town uud liungud him. Kielmrdbun protested hie iuuoctmce to tho lubt. Frost l>uniii|fi>» t'ottou. MuMi'iiiH, Oct. 10.— Tuhigramu report » light liowt in vivnU'ni Tuuutiwso, north- em Miiwiiitiij'!'! nml fuiilurii Arkunsas. '/lo dumuK*' to I'ljitun is buliuvud to be cuiittidurublc. Vice I'l'OaiiU'iit hifvttunou Hoiiin. President Btnv/ii^ini ur-ivwl from SVonh ill oxcolli i.t houltU AN ERROR IN LOCALITY. Pawson—Why does De Smythe hesitate so when he is talking? Haa be an impediment in his speech ? Duwson—No; in his riiind.—Brooklyn Life. FAMOUS PENSION CASE. Agent Van Leuven's Private Correspondence In Court. OFFER TO A LINCOLN PHYSICIAN. Affldavlttt M to Phyaloal Disability Bon.W at an Arerag* of About Fifty Cent* a Line— Filing of the Papen a Surprlie t« the Defeiua— Athley Is Interstate Champion— Hawkeya State News. DDBDQUE, la., Oct. 10.— Special Examiner E. F. Watte, of the pension bureau, In obedience to the order of Judge Shiraa In the federal court, has filed the documents captured in the famous tin box in Pension Agent George M. Van Leuven's private office at Lime Springs. The doc- ! nments are mostly in the form of corre- 1 ipondence incriminating upon its face j Van Leuven and certain boards of med- j leal examiners with whom he had relations. Nearly all of the numerous indictments found against the pension attorney are based on these letters. In all about 700 papers are filed. Some of these letters are to pension claimants whom Van Lenven advised to "grease" the members of the boards in order to have their examinations go through smoothly. Others are letters between the agent and the surgeons, in which : terms are agreed for raising ratings and " Bxing up the papers in the cases. It appears Van Leuven gave claimants to un- lerstand this payment of meney to medical examiners was the usual thing established by long practice, and it does not appear there was as a rule, a corrupt Intent on the part of the claimant. Offer to a Lincoln Physician. Some of the documents show that affidavits as to physical disability were bought from physicians at an average rate of about 60 cents a line. One letter makes an offer to a physician at Lincoln, Neb., to pay |5 for an affidavit covering disease of the stomach, deafness, rheumatism and heart disease. The doctor sent the affidavit, but demanded $10 for it. This physician, whose name is not revealed, has since testified that be has made a largo number of affidavits and that his price ranged from %•'• to $10. Affidavits were made to cover nearly all the diseases known, and in order to got the applicant? before examining boards with whom he was a friend, printed forms were used for affidavits and tbe claimants were asked to copy these in their own hands and sign them. Many did not realize what they were doing. The filing of the papers is a surprise to the defense, which did not want them made public, its idea being simply to get access to them. _ Ashley Is Interstate Champion. Sioux Cirv, Oot. 10.— Ouline's fast mile in the third beat of the free for all was the feature of Thursday's races on the Interstate fair track, making a mile in 8:08^. In the bicycle races O. W. Ashley of Sioux City became interstate champion, defeating H. B. Frciloriokson, champion of South Dakota, aud W. J. Healey, champion of Nebraska, Iowa State Orange. DEB MOINES, Oct. 10.— The Iowa State Grunge met in 35th annual session in this city, The worthy master's address and reports of secretary and treasurer were road and referred to thu commit teen. J. H. Urigham of Delta, O., mas ter of the National Grange, was introduced and talked for "the good of the order." _ Loyal legion Meeting. DEB MOINES, Oot. 10.— Iow» com- inuudury of the Loyal Litxiun held a meeting at Kirkwood. Fifty members from all over tbe state were preueut. Ex- United States Senator Georgo tt. Wright read a memorial on tbe death of ex-Governor Samuel J. Kirkwood ut Iowa City. Cruelly TceaU4 • Ohllil. CEDAR BAWUH, Oot. U'.— Mrs. F. J. Pope was arrested (or cruelly treating Helen Forris, her 9-year-old Htopdaugb- tor. She hud been in tuo hubit of .tripping tho child naked and bunting ber with a strap. The little girl IB in a terrible condition. Unknown Man Killed. Dies MOINKS, Oct. 10,— Tho dead body of u well ilreaaud man, ubout a 1 years of age, wut> found on the iloelc Inland traok uuar AUoonu, fivu inilea east ol hare, Jie was horribly mangled 1 , and probably foil from u train. ___ LISTEN EVERYBODY] JJ^B I am now prepared to do all kinds of blacksmithing, <• shoeing, plow work and general repairing. " Wf\OON Mf\KEl A first class workman in wood is employed in the samebt ing, and we are prepared to do all styles of wagon and carriage work and repairing. US A CALL. JERKY LUCY, Propriet Shop opposite mill, formerly occupied by Fred Franzwa. ltlv-1 Tel«phuu» DEB MoiNKtt, Out. 1U.— Tuu Hurrlscm Telephone company bat an agent in the city, and in u euoii time will put in an , wool; poles and wire.i and try CATHOLIC BENEFICIARY SOCIETY. The Supreme Convention I* Now In- Session at Phlhtdeiphl*. •PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 10.—The supreme convention of the Catholic Mutual Benefit association IB in session in this city. Officers and representatives are present from the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska and the province of Quebec. The reports of the various officers show the condition of the society to be moot prosperous. The total beneficiaries -paid during the last term was $1,239,811. The total beneficiaries since the council was organized U 14,837,450. In its reserve fund the society has $185,000. Total liabilities of the association are |550. The association has 87,188 members after transferring 7,5t)0 members to the grand cor, icil of Canada, now under a separate jurisdio- tion. A letter was received and read from Archbishop Satolli, in which he gave his blessing to the association and, of his own accord, promises to obtain the pope's special blessing for the society. Worries Queen Victoria. NEW YORK, Oct. 10.—A London dispatch says Queen Victoria is displaying some concern in connection with the rumored prospects of an engagement between Misa Anna Gould and Prince Francis of Battenberg. The latter hat been withdrawn from Paris in consequence, it is said, of the queen's interposition against his alliance with the American heiress. George and Miss Anna Gould are now in London and are expected to sail Oct. 30 for America. Du»t Explosion Ita n Mln». SEATTMS, Wash., Oct. 10.—A special from Newcastle, Wash., says: A dust' explosion occurred in breast Ha of the fifth level, east of the Oregon 'improvement company's mine, with the result that one miner was killed and 10 are se- Lously burned, two probably fatally. The explosion occurred at an hour when the second shift changed for the third shift and all the miners being in the gangways accounts for the small fatality. Came to Amorlon For liberty. BDDA PEST, Oct. 10.—Count Herrman Zichy, a member of the lower house of Hungarian diet, hus written a letter from New York to his constituents, saying he has emigrated to America in order to start a new life. The count's family denounced him because he adopted the Unitarian faith in order to be ablo to marry the mother Of his children, who was formerly a singer well known on the stage as Mile. Baviero. Robbed n Cittholle Church MEMPHIS, Oot. 10,—Thieves entered St. Joseph's Catholic church, and broke open the tabernacle, stole several gold and silver vessels, carried off the contribution box, smashed a statue and tore down the drapery around the altar and chancel. The booty secured is very valuable and some of the relics cannot b* replaced. . Ftidoritttiil Hallway Order*. BT. Louis, Oct. 10,—Twenty -five representatives of the federated board of the Brotherhoods of Railway Telegraphers, Firemen and Trainmen of the Missouri Pacific are in session hero. The'subjeot of the meeting was to discuss federation and to induoo outside brotherhoods to become a part of-the federated board. Mm. I'eattlu Nominated by Populist*. OMAHA, Oot. 10.—The Populists of this city have nominated a full ticket for city officers. Among the candidates for the board of education arei Ella W. Pouttie, the well known author and newspaper woman, and Rev. John Albert Williams, colored rector of the Episcopal Church of St. Phillip. MuKlnluy to Open N»«r Vork's Campaign. NKW YORK, Ogt. 10.—Governor Mo- Kinloy hut accepted tbe invitation of th« ! state committee to open tbe campaign with u speech at Buffalo Thursday even. ing. _____ V»u>wl« Urlrtiu Ashore. Mosg POINT, M|BB., Oot. Ift.— Pl?t voMsuhi worn driven ashore at Ship island. At Bound Island five schooner* are ashore. An far on known no UVM were lost. Au ICipliuluu In a Mine. BBATTI.,H, Wiwli., Out. 10.—An explosion occurred ill the Now l/'ostlo mine. Out* umn won killed and two injured vury badly, probably fatally. Nubruoltu Cur Hoy <:rl|i|il<'<l. NKIII;.U,KA CiTV. O;;t. in. Whilu ut- UiwijUiiK lu jump mi tt moving Uvijjhl train a lU-jxur-uid ouii of Ji>»->iu ISniu uihwuil liif luuung and Mi minor lliu num. lliu \vli"i'lti ut wliii'li i>u»--u I over nil fc»)t, oomiilftuly suvorinu it. ! to run the Dell company out of Bf\R LOCK The Modern Writing Machine Is the invention ot genius, unfettered by old-iahool traditions. It has been brought to perfection in its mechanical details by four years ot experience, backed by ample capital, helped by practical men determined to spare no endeavar to mannfaotnre a high grade machine which shall produce the best work with tbe least effort and in tbe shortest time. Its price may by a little higher than that of others, but the Bsr-Lnok is made for tbe class who want The Best Typewriter Possible, And tbe only doable key-board machine that writes EVERY LETTER IN SIGHT. ENDORSED by those who use it: R. Q. Dun & Co., 8t. Paul, Minn. Pinkerton National Detective Agency. (8) New York Central & Hudson River R. 'R. (10) Michigan Central R.R. Co. (10) Daenport Daily Democrat. Davenport Daily Times. ' Superior Evening Telegram. National Wall Paper Go. (7) And thousand* cf others. ON TRIAL in your office, and unless yon like it yon ~~"™"^ pay nothing. Old machines exchanged Our Argument: Sent on trial the Bar-Look has a chance to speak for itself and to stand on its own merits, which is just where we want the Bar-Look to stand. We take all the risk ot its not pleasing you. Whatever typewriter yon bny, there are typewriter secrets yon should know. Onr catalogue contains them. Send a postal for it. The Columbia Typewriter Mfg, do,, « 116th St., Lsnoi and Fifth »»«., NKW YORK. St. Paul Branch, 98 East 4th Street. SENTINEL Has the Largest and Most Thoroughly Equipped JOB PRINTING OUTFIT IN WESTERN IOWA. Letter Heads s ^^^^^^NX\.^%^%^^ WN ^ M ^ M -^ w Note Heads 3111 Heads Statements Envelopes Business Garde Wedding Stationery Ball Programs ^-^-^^-^^Nrf-V^-^^-^N^B^^, Circulars Brief Work Sale Bills •-^^''^^'''^^^^•'VW'WWi Everything Remember tbe place and call on us when in need of anything in the line of printing. THE SENTINEL OABROLL, IOWA

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