The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 10, 1974 · Page 13
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 13

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1974
Page 13
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Widowed mother sets bad example? By Abigail Van Buren 4-H delegates Brandt feared reve/afions °forum regarding his personal life COUNTY DELEGATES - West Otter Tail CouMy national adult leaders forum delegates left to right are, Mr. and Mrs. Berthel Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. DeRoyal Nord. DEAR ABBY: My mother is 59. Six months ago, Dad died after a short illness and she was so despondent she said she didn't want to go on living. Well, somehow she got the strength to live because suddenly she tells us that she met a man and he asked her to go to Hawaii with him! I should have said something then, but I was glad she wasn't despondent anymore. She said this man asked to marry her, but she refused because she didn't know him well enough. Can you beat that! The whole family is divided over this. 1 disapprove, but haven't the courage to say so. I think she's setting a bad example for the younger people in the family. My brother tells me not to be such a prude. He says we should thank the good Lord she isn't crying all over us and wanting to move in. How do you feel about it, Abby? Does age make any difference? I wouldn't want my 23-year-old daughter going to Hawaii with a man and no wedding ring. Why should I feel any different about my mother? CONFUSED DEAR CONFUSED: Every adult has the right to pur- s*e Us for kcrl own lifestyle. You may disapprove if you wish, but you haven't the right to impose your values on either your adult daughter or your mother. DEAR ABBY: I am a 15-year-old girl who lives next door to a lady who has two little kids. One is a year old and the other is three. On Saturdays, this lady comes over here and asks me if I will watch her kids while she goes to the shopping center. I always say yes, and she leaves me with the kids for sometimes three or four hours. When she comes back, she tells me how much she appreciated it and gives me a couple of candy bars. I think she should pay me at least 50 cents an hour like any other sitter gets, don't you? I have hinted around, but she doesn't take the hint. Is there any way 1 can tell her without appearing hungry for money? UNPAID SITTER DEAR UNPAID: Quit "hinting around," and come right out and tell her that you think you are entitled to a sitter's pay. And don't be bashful. You're entitled. DEAR ABBY: What do you call a person who counts and measures everything? He counts the number of steps as he goes upstairs, and the number of steps he takes to go to the garage. His shoes must be lined up perfectly in his closet and all his suits have to be hung a certain way, precisely. He places everything in his drawers in a certain order and he keeps them that way. He even keeps the money in his wallet in a special order, with the pictures taring the same direction and the same denominations together. I have searched the libraries and cannot for the life of me come up with that special name. Other than a "nut," what is he called? W. R. A. DEAR W. R. A.: Compulsive? CONFIDENTIAL TO JUNIOR CITIZENS: This Sunday is Mother's Day. You didn't realize it was so soon? You're broke? Don't sweat it. Sit down and write hrr a letter. telling her how much you appreciate her, and don't worry about getting too sentimental. I promise you she will appreciate it more than a $100 gift. ]And I'll b*t she saves it. I Problems? You'll feel better if you get it off your chest. For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L. A., Calif. 9MO. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. North Koreans attack U.S. helicopter TOKYO (AP) - The North Koreans said an American helicopter they fired on Thursday was inside North Korean territory. They disputed an American claim that two choppers came under fire while flying south of tha Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. A Pyongyang broadcast charged that the U.S. helicopter "circled the air above the area of our side to commit a reckless provocation." Pyongyang did not mention a second helicopter. Report Continued from page 1 *Panel Continued from page 1 FREE SMELT FRY Tuesday, May 14 Serving 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. In Lounge Only No Food Special This Tuesday BECKER'S S1JPPER (Ml Now Featuring "IMAGINE THAT" In the lounge also rejected unanimously a claim of executive privilege made by White House chief of staff Alexander M. Haig Jr. and ordered him to reappear before the committee and answer all questions. Chairman Sam J. Ervin Jr., D-N.C., said the committee would consider taking contempt of Congress action against Haig, if he refuses again to answer questions. The presentation to the House Judiciary Committee began with diagrams outlining the chain of command in the White House staff and Nixon's reelection campaign committee in 1971, and a floor plan of the principal White House offices. Under the terms of the investigation the staff is supposed to present only factual information, 1 eav in g it to the comrn ittee members to draw their own conclusions. John Doar, chief counsel for the committee, is noted for meticulous preparation of a case, and members were favorably ably impressed with Thursday's initial presentation. "It was very scholarly and beautifully presented," said Edwards. Rep. William Cohen, R-Maine, praised the professionalism and the way it was organized. There was an indication the presentation, at least as given in Dear's flat, Midwestern monotone, may have been too detailed for some. One member confided that a colleague whispered to him during the long recital of facts, "John Doar could put you to sleep reading from 'The Happy Hooker.'" There also were vigorous protests from some members that the presentation was made behind closed doors. The session began in public but was closed by a 31-6 vote because some felt the material could include secret grand jury evidence that might tend to defame or degrade someone. Conyers. one of these voting against the closing, vigorously protested the committee's action. "Nothing was presented that could not have been presented in the open," Conyers said. "We're off to a highly undemocratic start. Secrecy was what allowed Watergate to spread." Conyers said that if the grand jury evidence became the basis for an article of impeachment, it would have to be made public. "You can't impeach anyone on secret evidence," he said. The Joint Congressional Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation estimated $92,298 of federal spending improved the homes and that N'ixon should pay taxes on it. The final draft still has the previously disclosed findings that some of the spending was "far in excess" of security requests and that some of it was paid for items personal Nixon aides already had procured. "It appears that at times nongovernment personnel virtually took over direction of the government work at San Clemente," the draft says. It says a $389 fireplace exhaust fan, and $4,815 in surveys were secured at the direction of people under Herbert W. Kalinbach, the President's private lawyer, and paid for later by the government. Examples of "excessive expenditures," the report says, are a ?13,500 heating system at San Clemente and a more than $40,000 aluminum spike fence at Key Biscayne, whose function the report says could have been served by a $5,000 or $10,000 cyclone fence. Congress has imposed few restraints on security spending, the draft report says. It says the evidence is that the Secret Service and other agencies "have abused the discretion given them." And it said: "As a result, government expenditures for all purposes at privately owned property have risen from practically nothing (luring the Roosevelt-Truman era to over ?5 million in the Johnson administration and over $17 million during the first five years of the Xixon administration." It says $5.9 million was spent in connection with former President Lyndon B. Johnson's property, including $2.5 million for communications, S904.000 for security agents, $328,000 in security costs at the LBJ Ranch and Hay wood Ranch in Texas and office in Austin, and $253,000 for air traffic control at the I,BJ Ranch airstrip. The draft report recommends tightening of control of all federal security expenditures directly under the Secret Service for protecting presidents' and vice presidents' homes. 11 recommends reporting of such expenditures to Congress be required every six months. It also recommends the government take back any equipment and material it can when its protection of a president ends and that the government be reimbursed for any unrecoverable items that enhance the value of his property. Mr. and Mrs. Berthel Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. DeKuyal Nord of Pelican Rapids represented the West Otter Tail 4-H clubs at the National 4-H Adult leaders Kurum. April 1-G in Washington. D.C. They reported developments at the Koruin at the County 4-H Council meeting, Thursday evening. The National Forum is designed to help adult 4-H leaders become more effective in working with young people. The Korum helps 4-H leaders gain an understanding of youth and their needs, explore new- approaches to leadership, strengthen program development skills, and increase their understanding of others and self. 'Pie National Forum is held each year at the National 4-H (.'enter in Washington, which is operated by the National 4-H Club Foundation. The Foundation was organized by the Cooperative Extension Service in 1048 as a non-profit educational institution to carry on national 4-H activities. The Foundation programs are directed to citizenship education, leader training, international 4-H programs, research and program development, and extension service staff development. The National 4-H Center was built in 1959 on a 12'2 acre campus in suburban Washington. Since opening, more than 65,000 4-H'ers, leaders, extension personnel, anil others have visited and studied there. BONN.OrmanyiAl- 1 ) - Ex- Chiinccllor Willy Brandt says he quit because he feared the political scandal caused by the presence of an East German spy on his personal staff would involve his private life. The former chancellor denied, however, that he resigned because the confessed spy, Guenter Guillauuie, blackmailed him by threatening to disclose details of Brandt's private life unless Guillaume was handed over to East Germany. West German newspapers claimed that Brandt was con* Suspect Continued from page 1 Shoplifting fine issued VANCOUVER (AP) - Xaviera Hollander, the "Happy (looker," has been fined $100 for shoplifting. 'Hie 32-year-old author of a best-seller about her life as a prostitute was given 14 days to pay the fine after her sentencing in provincial court here Thursday. Miss Hollander was arrested June 8 for lifting Ihree nighties valued at $40 from a downtown department store. Drane, a 15-year veteran of the Forest Park, 111., police force, said Caliendo grew up with his son and was not known as a "trouble-maker." "It's very unusual and no one can believe it," said Drane. "1 can't believe he did this alone. I also don't believe he went by himself." "1 can't see him going way out to that house in the Twin Cities area all by himself," said the officer, "it just doesn't make sense. What would he go out there for in the first place? It doesn't fit." "Maybe he met someone in the Army from around the Twin Cities. 1 just don't know. Sure, he had problems here but to end up in that particular house in the suburbs of the Twin Cities is incredible. I hope the FBI finds the answer." U. Drane said he and his family live eight doors from the Caliendo home. He described the parents as "very strict and hardworking, good people." The suburban Chicago police officer said Caliendo had been discharged from the Army recently. He said Caliendo got into trouble with the law about three months ago in a hardware store burglary in which $20 was taken. A month later he was charged with burglary and theft by deception after he allegedly attempted to extort money from the hardware store owner by telephone. He had been free on bond. fronted by such a blackmail threat. The right-wing magazine Quick charged that the government intelligence agency paid hush money in 1909 to a woman who allegedly had an affair with Brandt after World War il. ami that Guillaume could have used this to blackmail the chancellor. Brandt in a television appearance Wednesday night made no direct reply to Quick's allegations. But he declared: "Whatever may yet be written about it, it is and remains grotesque to hold a German federal chancellor to be open to blackmail. In any case, I am not." Brandt said he resigned "to prevent my political and personal integrity from being destroyed." He said he had "cause to believe" that his personal life would be "dragged into speculation" over the spy controversy. Guillaume served almost two years as Brandt's personal aide for political and party affairs. A former East German, he came West in 1956, worked his way up in Brandt's Social Democratic party, and went to work for the federal chancellery in 1970. Brandt said he resigned to assume "political and personal responsibility for negligence in the spy affair." He was negligent, he said, in letting "secret papers go through the hands of the agent during my vacation in Norway last year." It was the first time Brandt had admitted the charge by members of the Christian Democratic opposition that Guillaume had been privy to sensitive information. The admission cast doubt on earlier statements that Guillaume had been identified as a spy 10 months before he was arrested April 24 and was kept on Brandt's staff to allow government agents to complete their investigation. Postal Minister Horst Ehmke joined Brandt in retirement from the government Wednesday because of the spy scandal. Fergus Falls (Mr.) Journal Friday, May 10, 1974 1C YOUR FRIENDLY BUILDING MATERIALS DEALER STENERSON LUMBER CO. 505 South Cascade Fergus Falls Phone 736-2018 DAY And At Lm. Co. Free Gift Wrapping and Wrap-to-Mail! 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