The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 14, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1933
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•%^pt i cy«5»? * *' v''• r ^' '. ' • ,-• ••»:/? i ff. *ti*a»M* THE LEADE NO. IHI .59. w ^ Cotttf ACU far Water Supply lor Mftlvern Uteri to Welt Seeking ft perinafient f of Mftiveftt'8 w«e* Un cottftdl last »" l<of a «*«*»! *»11 system twiiete witt furnish an ade* M nttlr " • ***** j°** f than has hitherto been POS- B. Work towar d obtaining this will rfatt shortly, f»n» detail* of the deal appear below la the official minutes of the council meeting, which j* clndes cow of the contract tnaae. mile they' caaobtam the water at the price stipulated, they can also purchase the well at a stlptt* laied price at any time after it )s finished, The minutes and contract are Sot threaded in darkness hut illuminated by Its ttsnal Malvefrft's business section the past week. And Indications at* that it will eontlirne to be so ttbttl some olhef development U ftwwon e fof tire above statement Is that last week, attef the town council had ofdeted the downtown electroliers tafn* ed oft At an economy measure, it was generally believed that they would be dark. The Iowa* Nebraska Light and Powef company, which furnishes the electricity for the community, decided to leave them on at no cost until some adjustment or means of continuing the light was made. , Heartily approved was the elan by most Malvemlans, very anxious not to have downtown . Malvern darkened. Announce* for Cooking Oct. 12-14 Mitt Glad*§ t«»«r to At*fo Conduct Annual Affair Cooks and housewives eljjjj dottnty wilt again have opnorttt- Wty to ie*«k ne * an| . lefl °2,*7£ S^W^r**? BUUUM« » • ^ ^ 4.* A %*r»*«* f .Attn* BBoneored by the M?,^*" 1 , 1 ^* er with the cooperation of ioca« and national advertisers, IB held, The, dates this year are thurs- day, Friday, and Saturday, Oct. iZ To 18 'condtt6t the school Jfhe Leadef has beett exceptionally fortunate in obtaining the services of Miss Glady. Looney, A- tlonaily known expert, *)» *J? lectnred at our school last year. who attended the school, Miss proved to be capable in mo fn IW a «»««, 28 (last) issue "jMtdwiftt The Leader teteteBW is made to " " saloon keeper, Murphy, honest honor of being --— t»"!96f belonged to Bel Tim Murphy. ,„,«,., » thorne in the mde 01 the local temperance forces for A ttttlttber of years and heW the fort Btttbhornly against Brett device of the anti-saloon hunch, de Minute, of th« Council of the Town of M&lvern. Iowa Adjourned ti«Ung Sept. 8th, 1833> *** The Town Council met In adjourned session at 8 o'clock p. »., on September 8th, 1933, same being an adjourned meeting or tne regular meeting of the Council, which regular meeting was held hich Emerson Flower Show to be Held Friday, Sept. 15 Sponsored by the Emerton Woman's Club; Alto Hold QuUt Show The annual flower show of the Emerson Woman's club will be held in the town hall in Emer. ' Jdnally a temperance band wa organised with the avowed pur pose of "Persuading'; Tim to <•* pteuaiy *otn by the half do«n or so,invincible splHts who had set themselves the no easy tasK of ridding the eommuhUj-of the saloon incubus, which they finally succeeded in doing. Tim git Ing np the fight and quitting th_e ring. "Gideon's Band" as I now recall their names, was composed ot 3. D. Paddock, L. Bentley, R. 3 Brown, L. P. Anderson, and one or two others. It was a noble band and to their untiring nd Intelligent efforts, more than o any other single force, was due he tact that Malvern was among he first dry towns In the afterwards dry state. Tim Manahan had a son 01 perhaps a dozen years who his (Tim's) friends said had more to do with closing Malvern's last saloon than did Gideon's Band. The future of this son, reputed to be the Idol ot the doting fathers heart, decided the battle eventu- e, ally. the fond parents being un B. n. McFall was In Saturday and catted to settle for an ad he had run to sell a. m«* sheep. The little ad did the business and brought a buyer. W O. Nelson, from over noftn of Emerson, who found he wa* just what he wanted and bought him. Several others also called Mr. McFall about the sheep. These Leader want ads surely do bring results. Ceaseless Search for Water Leaks Made by Council Ferret Out Big Waste After Much Digging of Tot Hole* During the past week members of the Malvern town council water committee and assistants have Clerk Brltijten to Explain Economy Thursday Evening Object* 10 8tate*ii*nti Mad* at Cittb Meeting of this have an unusually good fllty to learn facts and policies ot ?i; municipal economy thto (Thursday) evening when a special meeting of the Community c nb has been called for 8 o clocte the aVditorlum ot the Commu- a. willing that his son should grow up amid the environment ot the saloon and Its accompanying evils. If this were true It to an- on" 8eptembe"r 4th. 1933, at which time the Council adjourned until .this time. The meeting was called to order by Mayor D. B. Whltfleld, ' -and, the roll being called, there Tresent: Mayor D. E. Whitfield, In the chair, and Councilmen Steele, Mansfield, Salyers, .Slothower, Piper. Absent; None. 'Mr. George Thorpe e son tomorrow (Friday) Sept. 16 All entries are to be in by noon Fr There will also be a quilt show in connection and the flow* show will be open to the public at 2:30 p, m. Entries may be. made of any of the jur. MW* o w ••-— -r- ^TThorpe Brothers Well Company Des Molnes, Iowa, was present ¥ and submitted to the Council a cacontract and agreement to fur- liih the Town with an adequate sr supply, and atter^ due and ,tnl consideration of same W SOouacll, " -—•-—* M ClUlIlOB »»«••/ — •variety and color ot the following flowers: Asters, Calendulas, Cockscomb, Cosmos, D»iniaii» Daisies, • Gladtolas, Marigolds, Snapdragons. Straw Flowers, Zin- l7s, etc. There will be ISI classes of entries. Bring your exhibits or come and enjoy the show anyway. 0, - last year, mis year iu«»v-..— ore that there will be fully M many gifts and every woman attending will be glad to get one. More than 1000 women registered at the school last year and even greater crowds are expected this time. The dates for the 1933 school, we believe, are more convenient than last year and it should be possible for every woman In the county to attend. The Leader wants every woman to keep the dates of the school in mind and to invite friends to join In attending. The school will be more interesting and better than ever. .—.—• A mee Seventh Annual Convention operators of Mill* County Or- ' held ln ganization Community Night at the HilUdale Church Friday Board .Ponders Data of School Pay* $2600 Warranter Re- viewt Start of Year's Work> .? . The Women's Christian Temperance Union ot Mills county meet in Malvern today (Thursday) Sept. 14, in their seventh annual convention, with the president, Mrs. Gertie Culver. Pr The l Be»slons will be held In the Baptist church beginning at 10 o'clock. At noon a pot luck luncheon will be served. The following is the program: 10 a. m. Consecration service, Miss Rose Mlntte, Glenwood. Greetings, Rev. R. E. Gugeler, "Appointment ot, committees. — ... _ * ._._««i«r aai>1*ATH meeting of all the beauty of Mills county was held in the Glenwood Armory Sept. C for the purpose of forming "The Milla County Cosmetologists Club" and to discuss the NHA question. No definite plans have been made as yet but another meeting Is planned soon o constituted themselves Into a searching party, carried on a vigorous campaign to ferret out leaks In the system of water "in various localities of the community they have pitted the ground above the mains with test holes, installed cut off valves and other needed equipment which «-as heretofore lacking. At night the oil torches left to mark tho holes have resembled an old time encampment as they lighted up the streets around. At me meeting Town Clerk Woodford R. Bylngtott will present facts about the town •.government. Us fiscal difficulties, achievements and street lighting pi-- -- tor water supply and other * StaUng that he believed much misinformation was sented at the Community meeting last Friday < evening Clerk ttyington promises to have proot for all tacts and figures he will g °vo and to show what was wrong with the allegations made at that that pre- club »»uu«>««. the search resulted in Oilier luwet*«B »» ,'•«•••• — after the national code has been more fully worked out. Those attending. Were: C. C. Llpsett, Glenwood, president; Mrs. O. A. Straban, Malvern, vice president; Mrs. Ruth Estes, Tabor, secretary and treasurer; Pern KHlmon, Glenwood; , Edith Mackey, Malvern; t Pearl Lang, Emerson, and H, M. McSweeney, Render- JMOUUttj IHW PU*»» *"• • -* ----an Important find. At the start of n sower lino Just bock of the M. T. Davis residence they discovered n fairly largo stream of water seeping Into the entry cistern around the sewer, leaking from an old steel pipe which htid long served water users In that vicinity. Immediately the water committee started to replace the main me with cast Iron pipe and eliminate possibility of leaks In that area thereafter. Continued will be the search for other leaks by which the council hopes to prevent the huge waste ot water which they now suspect. meeting will be open to citizen and no other busi- be taken up. Women as well as men are Invited and President R. W. Salyers of the Community club urges all to attend. He will preside and will allow interested citizens to ask question*. *P*ak on policy or debate, but will insist that strict parliamentary order be preserved. Community Club in Session on Friday Discus. Lighting Problem at Stornw Meeting In Evening Lengthy and somewhat stormy was the session ot the Malvern Or -Win JIUVV"»6 *»v" ~ •*-,,QT welU to supply ttoe Town h'an adequate water supply be epted by the Town of Malvern, llowfl.-and that the .Mayor and ik-Clerk ba authorized and dtrectea '- execute the same on hebalf « ,e Town and affix the seal of .e Town thereto. / Contract and Agreement THIS AGREEMENT, made aaa rtered into this 8th day of Be^ 1988, by and between the rt ,«rftted town of Malvern, (Continued on page 8) Officer* Data before them: They could (and decided to) pay $860t) of outstanding warrants. • leaving less than 15600 unpaid. Although total, expense of the school tor last year (liSS'SS) was cut from »36.3$5 (1931-88) to $18,664, further reduction could be expected this year, Reason: last year teachers' salaries Will Sell Service Station at Auction Lloyd Stoddard, proprietor of the Stoddard Oil Service station on Highway 34 two miles north has decided to change > and location, so will ition and entire equip-1 son: last year. n»tt«uo»o p«4»«»— tiiic auction at the sta- amounted to 116,005, This year uesday, Sept. 19, com- they will be! but HP.4QO, . T!5o* p, ». Bupt. F, M, Pavispn reviewed enee , me of the best Jocated the start of the year's work to nitons'aio&g Highway 34>»d is the board a»4 problems and «*- 7 . 9 SS5w »™»S«4 patronage M pew of the work was HUcussed, _ tsl^AAwA /.JIT1 BhOW yOU by I UU.UJHI..III1J1U111ULJUUJ] • ElectlonJOt officers. Noon-tide prayer, Mrs. Dobsin, Glenwood. 12 m. Pot luck lunch.' (Bring own dishes and silver), 1 p, m. The quiet hour, Mrs. Dobson, Glenwood. Memorial service. *> Solo, "Goin 1 Home." Mrs. F. R. Chantry, Malvern. Report of county directors. Address, Rev. Ada Hagler, state W.C.T.U. worker. Song. Offering, . ,. Education for Total Abstin- nsv v The wnlta of American Le yrAuxillsriea ot Mills county VWjHliiesdfty alternooR ftt the r vtlst shvjrsft wttU ft good * :. yianna.. Mrfl. P» A. l& But be' wants to go Iry business dowa near , Mo., so he is going "ibtead IB tMa issue i partlculai I Ed Wfttt, vypyttoMsSL is Evening iiQv Music, Prayer, Rev. Bobbitt. Malvern. golo, Miss Harriet Seattle, Malvern. „ „„ Reading, "The Supreme Me& I ace,"* RUUe Ripley. Emerson, i .u^-^.i.!...!. go»g, "The Brewers' Big I Tbe co»ic&l »usl?|i numbers Hosse8| M 'R e v, Pettlt, Pacific] i» 'RKQ'RadiQ Pt?t\)Ves' lat^t Juwt ion. A44ress, Rev. Ada Hagler. 13; Extra Program Promised The Mills Masonic Circle will hold their regular monthly meeting In the Masonic hall In Malvern next Monday evening, Sept. 18. A full attendance of all the brethren is requested and. especially those of the member lodges — Glenwood, Emerson, Silver City, Randolph, Tabor, and Malvern. As a departure from the regular program, Lewis E. Smith of Omaha, Grand Secretary of the Nebraska Grand Lodge, Ai F. & B with us for i Civil War Veteran VUite , Jacob Bare, from north ot " w Community club last nlng as members were called a special meeting to consider what might be done about retaining street lights. Strong statements ns to two ot our local governing bodies, board of education and town council, were madj» but without definite data in »ll - gnCUU *3*M v» »• w«*» ----- — Hastings, one of the few surviving members of the G.A.R. or Civil War veterans, was in town one day last week and we hod a pleasant little visit with him. While Mr. Bare is somewhat bent and stooped by physical Infirmities and age (he is eighty- nine years old) his mind Is bright and Keen and we enjoyed our visit with him. He has lived up in the Benton school neighborhood nearly ever since he came here, just after the Civil war, and owns a good farm in that vlcin- ity. He says that he and his neighbor, James Moore, are the only Civil war veterans that now • factory solution to the *" w • • • .... U 1> jaciory pu»m.*v#* »*» *«• ^ --«—-- problem could be worked out If all assisted with It. Main speaker was L. W. Boehner who strongly criticized the present water and light situation and stated that he believed a change In policy to be necessary. High Scholars Will Organize Classes Extra • Curricular Program Will be Formulated for Year High school students do more Brilliant Musical sons who attend are assured of I poor health the ».^a good tiS Refreshments? Of Is slowly improving, course! „, „„. - Pl<?t\jres' Wheeler - Robert Woolaey i Laugh barrage, "Diplqcjaalacs," to he shown at the Empress tbea* Uer 8u»d»y and Monday, provide] unique ejrterUHnment. v -, 4 brilliaat east enacts the plot Class of 1910, m.n,BM Have Reunion Sept, 7 The members of the class [Former lov Golden county hod some i»4 «» »* •f^H**"* 1 *, »*"•• Solo, Bernlce Caudell. Offering. _ .... Benediction, Rev. Pettlt, Firemen, Council on Water Problem Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Beebe, brother-in-law and sister of Mrs. WiTlW^W* schooriVarn- I* P. Austin, ceiebrated t^elr ing that one of their number, j golden weddlng^annlYersaj^nea. Mrs. Lulu Potts Abbott of Balti* more, Md., was visiting here, planned and carried out a very happy reunion at the Malvem fair grounds Thursday evening. tb« t ta gee LUOO »Mw**f M«»«e? "*"• -^ • i 0 ,umv,v^ as is generally provld- ed them, they.must organize into and societies, have parlays, and money*raising campaigns and in general carry on a varied program of what eau> cators term extra-curricular ao» \o do this Malvern high scholars will utilize the activity period at the end of the day this week to care for the organization of classes and plan the activity pro* gram. Corrections made in the enrollment given out last .week show that the total for the schoo the classes are larger HUB »«»», necessitating the purchase of additional textbooks. AB most of these are now being SUB- plled, pupHs are now able to follow the plan of study more eaa- lly, »ad are becoming more ac- the echedwle ol Card of Thanto l. ii— •'•• •'• - I the Street .. in Mahurn ft on the two J»r»of water tt the M\jlUollau4 store wUrtow They are Iftbeled "The Water swim lu" ftu4 "The W»Ur Ve Drink." ttft4 loo* approxl- the ' Jdltlott to the ,lUB tt IftVtJtt*' lUUWttl UUW* -'^rf—'^j's-i^^^ Timmlng iu ally l * *» ut>»t by » ta» it to ,, fetofc

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