The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 3, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1933
Page 8
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8 THE BAKERSOTELD CALIFORNIAN,/FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1933 BERTON PLAN TO AID MART State Oil Umpire J. H. Pombertoii has outlined n now propone 1 to aid iti reducing thr r\rrsH rtmmint of oil whii-h now renchrs the nmrUrt. Ho proposoy *that. In CnHfornffl fields whom competition will not permit additional curtailment, a certain percentage of Uir oil produced can bo stored by Mir producer In tankage ron tod »t it roanon«blp rate from larger companies. Thn pl/in, ho, points out In 11 letter, lias found favor In Texns. "It Is not unlikely that some such proposal will so crystallze that definite action may be taken during th« coming month/' reads the umpire's letter. "Super-curtailment, the expense of storlnfl oil and perhaps worse eventualities can be avoided by consistently keeping California oil pro* duction within, rather than in excess of, the demand." Ptemberton's letter further points out that crude oil and grafioHno prloe demoralization in the mid-continent, unsatisfactory market conditions in the Pacific northwest, lower gasoline consumption due to bad weather, continued overproduction In Los Angeles basin and unbalanced Increases In storage oil have all combined to accentuate the gravity of the present oil situation in the state. 10,000 GALLONS OF GASOLINE—PLUS LIGHTNING ^^jrrnflj/ vMWcM.X yssK&8& 1OX *.<v,:'•••••*•: '.>.' v* 1 . X-» Water Hampering Cement Work at Lost Hills Well Associated Oil Company la experiencing difficulty In cementing the 22-Inch casing at 1994 feet In Its Williamson No. 1 well en section 2, 26-20. Three cement Jobs have been required thus far, and others may be necessary, If success Is net achieved with the current one. The cement Job Is of such prodigious nature that channels are creating during the work and water enters rather freely. The glant-ilked casing, when cemented away properly, will give Associated a new record for setting such large casing at an unusual depth. Ten thousands when lightning venting spread gallons of gasoline, Just enough for that summer trip you're planning, went skyward In smoke sparked at Oklahoma City. The refinery was a total loss. Workmen battled hours pre- of the blaze to neighboring oil storage tanks and wells. Preservation of Coastal Beauty Legislative Right Prcea Leaned Wire) ACRAMENTO, Feb. 8.—Tho rlffht of the Legislature to preserve the "picturesgueneSH of the California coast" was upheld today by the Third District Court of Appeals. J. Jnmes Holllster, Jr., in the Sacramento County Superior Court, had obtained a write forcing AV, S. KlugH- bury, state surveyor-Kenernl, f.o Issue a permit for him to drill on utalo lands In the coast for oil. Tho Ap- The court in its opinion said the "plcturesqueness of the California coast, the desirability of unobstructed beaches for recreation and beauty and clear water front for boating and fishing are property rights the Legislature is Justified In considering In the preservation of state land for public welfare.*' Holllster filed his permit before tho Inw of 10C9 was effective and tho court today hold It. wa.s un emergency pellnte Court reversed thl.v decision j measure, even though It way not wo and ordered the writ t stated In the law. INV S. & H, GREEN STAMPS PROVIDE MANY PRACTICAL THINGS FOR THE HOME. VISIT THE PREMIUM STATION. MEZZANINE FLOOR. MAYFAIR FROCKS L Thrilling Values... Which Bring > Fashion at a Low Price! ••*'• >•* S,' Cottons are an important part of a every wardrobe ... and here is your opportunity up" at a saving!...MAYFAIR FROCKS are styled on new tines.. .They're appropriate for sports... porch... home... and street wear. 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San Joaqutn valley ar«a poten- tfaf drops to 618,200 from 518,500 with slight changes In Belridge, Coffee Canyon, Elk vale, Kern River, Midway and Mount Poso. In the coastal area there Is a 50-barrcl drop fn the potential to 1 29, 3 GO barrels daily and the only outstanding feature is a slight in- Hills, Fruit- Kern Front, creastt In ElwoocTs potential to 23,260 barrels dally. Two fields In Loa Ang'olos basin havo hud their quotas as well as tliolr potcntlflltu raised. Huntlngton Beach potential has gono up to 42,400 as against a previous 38,550 barrels and Us quota up to 22.500 as against a previous 19,000. Klchfteld potential goes up to 12,000 from 11,375 and the quota to 0100 from 6000 barrola. Beach potential Is ralHod to from • 01,750 barrels, but tho quota IB cut to 57,500 from CD.OOO and Santa Fo. Springs potential drops to 79,100 from 80,950 and tho quota t.o •18,000 from 50,000 barrels. l%ya dal Key potential is reduced to lfi,L'20 as against 15,350 and the quota to 11,000 from 12,000 barrels. The basin's new potential IH 373,<J{50 as against 367,750 and its new quota is 221,000 as against a previous 222,000 barrels. I>li,470 OF COPPER (United Prctm Leased LOS ANG13LBS. Feb. 3.—'Walter B. Allen, deposed commissioner of Los Angeles harbor, and the Pan-American Petroleum Company will be named codefendants in a civil suit to recover $1,000,000 in connection with a JeuHe negotiated by the company in 1927, City Attorney Erwln P. Werner announced today. The contemplated suit was disclosed as Mayor John C. Porter announced the appointment of George F. Cuthbert, real estate broker, to succeed Allen. Werner paid the suit will nharge the harbor department with illegal can- celatlon of a lease agreement, terms of which enabled the petroleum company to rent certain lands from tho harbor department. Atlen was lifted as a defendant on the ground ho was personally liable In any transactions in which the city suffered financial loss. Allen was president of the board at the time. LOS ANGELES. Feb. 3.—An appeal that California reciprocate with Its trading neighbors by wring copper to the exclusion of substitutes was warmly received today by n committee of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. Tho domestic trade committee of tho chamber prepared to ask the hoard of directors to urge the use of copper, whenever possible," in the construction of Boulder dam and the Colorado river aqueduct projects. The committee decided to act after listening to appeals delivered In behalf of 11 copper producing states by P. G. Spllsbury, president of the Arizona Industrial Congress, and L. J. Little, chief engineer of a large copper company. Tho speakers pointed out that Increased consumption of copper would react favorably In California by Increasing the demand for local supplies and products, shipped to copper-producing states. ZE GROUP TO BATTLE HIGH TAXES SUPERIOR FORMS NEW SUBSIDIARY IN EAST LOS ANGELES, Fob. 3.—Superior Oil Company has formed a wholly owned subsidiary, Superior Oil Company of California, with an authorized capital of 100 000 shares of no-pnr value stock, of which. It has received from the state corporation department permission to issue COOO shares. Directors listed In the permit are "W. M. TCeck, F. D. Jones, S. A. Dore, W. M. Keck, Jr., and Howard W. Wright. The chief purpose of the subsidiary l.s to permit operations In certain states In the mldcontinent field, where It was desired to avoid confusion in names with the Superior Oil Corporation, officials of the local company said yesterday. iLLEYlNE P CHANGES i Oil Agreements 1C. Q. Steinbeck «t ux to D. F. Royer et ux—Assignment of dne- twenUath interest of their interest In contract agreement between Casamera Oil Company and K. G. Steinbeck, covering southwest quarter of southeast quarter section 20; northwest quarter of northeast quarter section 29, ZS-l'O; said parties agree that contract may bo placed with some company on an overriding basis, or that ti. company may be formed by themselves. Shell Oil Company to Bank of Italy, special administrator of estate of Louis V. OlcoHO, deceaset their interest in lease, dated June IB, 19UG, by Louis V, Olcese, covering southwest quarter of section 27, 28-29, but rely on lease dated June 3i 1910, covering south half of southwest quarter of section 27, 28-29. j MINING LOCATIONS Krod Motzger, Sr.—Devil's Chimnoy, In Clear Creek mining district. W. I. Greenhlll et al—Little Oaks, in sections 10 and 3, 29-29. II. S. Easton—Lucky Strike, in Grapevine Canyon mining dlytrlct. LOS AKGFLES, Feb. 3.—Initial stepa towards tho formation of an active committee, representing all interests In the oil Industry of California, which will undertake to work out a program for a movement to reduce tho cost of local government throughout , tho etato, have been completed. This group embraces Robert E. Hlnes and H. E. Harris, representing tho Independent Petroleum Association of California, Ralph E. Lloyd and Rush M. Blodget, representing the Oil Producers Sales Agency of California and T,,. p. st t Clalr and Charles Stanley for the California Oil and Oas Association. A meeting Is scheduled Monday to form a permanent organi- sation. Showings Warrant Addition of Hoist MOJAVE. Feb. 3.—Developments and the extraction of good milling ore made thus far to a depth of 70 feet In the T. L. Brlte lease on the "Yellow Rover, of the Standard group, will warrant the addition of a good hoist and, may also result In tho bringing In of -another air compressor. The lease has all the earmarks of making 1 a deep mine. MAKE SHIPMENTS MOJAVK,- Fob. 3.—Since equipping their lease on the Bob Tall mine with a compressor, hoist, blacksmith shop and tramway, Heather and Bowman are making regular shipments to the Iccnl mill. RAXDSBUUG, Feb. 3.—Roy A. Hardy, formerly a member of the en- glneorlnp staff of the Red Mountain Syndicate Mines, present owners of tho "Kelly mine" and successful leaser on the Santa Fo mine and To- nopnh associates, havn purchased tho controlling Interest In the Thomas Diggings gold property at Grass Valley. The Thnmas Diggings is credited with a production of $200,000 from surface gravels In tho early years of Grass Valley. Believe Lida Vein Found in Tropico MOJAVE. Feb. .3.—Ed Myler and Billy Kelsey, local residents, are'said to have plcke^ up the Lida vein of tho Tropico mine. In the early day activities of the Tropico production, the Lida was among the sensational strikes, and talked of In all the prominent gold camps of the west. 13 DIED IN U.S. EVERY 5 MINUTES IN 1932 WASHINGTON. Feb. 3. — Thirteen persons died every G minutes in tho United States during the last year. The proportion remained tho warno as during the year before, but there was a sufficient change In the totals of the two years to reduce the deaths per 100.000 from 1133.1 in 1931 to 1107.5 in 1932. The census bureau reported 1,322,- Ti87 deaths last year and 3,3-13,350 in 1931. The figures showed heart disease, cancer, cerebral hemorrhage and pneumonia as four of tho principal causes. Influenza caused 31,701 deaths In 1D32 ami 23,066 tho preceding year. The report snowed 20,088 HuiHdes as compared with 18,551 In 1931 and 11,160 homicide victims, compared to 10,617. Exclusive of the Ifiol who lost their lives In collision between trains and automobiles, automobile accidents caused the death of 30,042, as coin- pared with 29,080. Brokers' Borrowing $76,000,000 Higher WASHINGTON. Fob. 3.— lx>uus to brokers and donler.y lieJd by New York Kcdei-al Reserve inchibcr banks for tho weok ended February 1 were announced today by tho fedora) reserve boiird us* $454,000,000 iin Increase of $70,000,000 compared with tho pruccd- week, YouSave in BuyinqKC You S* vein Using KC NOMICALW MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT . 1 CASH for Old Jewelry, Den tal and Mining Gold THE WICKERSHAM CO. Corner Nineteenth £nd I Street* W* 0« Not EniUy Outilde 9«lletlo» LIFE IS LIKE THAT ADISLPHlA. KVb. :i. (A. P.)— I'Mromun .loe KuMpor'H deslro to Hvo cost him Ills Hfo. While fighting a fire that dostroyed u vacant house, Kasper WUB endangered for u moment by u falling ohlmnfty. AH hln com- panloim nhouted u warning ho leaped toward stifoty — and foil dond at their feet. Kxcf on had proved too much for lila heurt. BONE TO PICK WITH FIDO KM PI Rid, Ohio. February ;t. (A.. P.) irt>- Kolley burled his $1400 cash Havings In a glass jar alongside his house to foil thieves while he was away on a trip. KHIpy's dug thought hlH miiHter had burit-d n hom\ He dug up the "treasure." Kclley caino home several days later to find hlH money intact, but lying In the yard lii sight of every passerby. RANCHER KILLED SUNNYVALE, Feb. 3. (U. P.^Apparently falling to hear tho train's whistle, an elderly pedestrian tentatively Identified as William Muthew- tioit, rancher, was killed by a Southern Pacific locomotive near here today. He was walking between the rails and the engineer waw unable to Btop in time. ! r! I ' i i !l I llll I ,',1 L'H I The Nation Going Scotch! The well dressed man —tired of the depression and ultra-conservative clothes—is turning to They're taking the country by storm. New York is going "hog wild" over them. 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