The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 12, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1894
Page 7
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iinolt Tan fimttMBb i« the pnw ne*»t>aper in, caf- fbll Mtihtr that IB printed all it home stid ttcb«- Moi more local and couhtf news than atu other two papers to tnls count*. PoWSBS ft COLOtO, Props. FBIDAV, OCTOBER 12, 1894. AMUSEMENTS. COMMENCING Thursday, October 11 RICE, WOLFORD & SHERIDAN GO. Presenting Three Qreat Flays .,'.,.. The Train Wrechers **IDAY V Underground BATURDAT 7,000 pounds of special scenery, electrical and mechanical effects. Prices, 15, 25, 35cts. DEMOCRATIC Rf\LbY Ex-Governor of Iowa AND HON. H. F. DALE Democratic Candidate for Secretary of State, will addreM tbe people of western Iowa on the political iaauea of tbe day, at Manning, Iowa, at 3s3« i». m., Friday, Oct. 19. This is Ibe first opportunity ot this 'campaign for a grand outpouring of tbe enthusiastic Democracy and will be tbe only chance of hearing lowa'e grand old man in this part of tbe state this year, an there should b* a good meeting. Low Bates on all RailrondH. city each day and those desiring any thing In bis line c«h but of him ai a good advantage. Ayer's Halt Vigor Is justly Considered the beat and most economical hair-dress ing In the market. A large number of our people will attend the tioiec- Date meeting at Manning Friday afternoon. hoWt J, won the . race yesterday at Sioux City against Joe Ratchen in 2:03}. The race was a great one. fry a sack of Crosby's best flour, for sale by Bchachtncr & Egan's grocery, and be convinced of its superiority. For rent,— two dwelling houses, one located on north side and tbe other on the south side. Goo. W. Bowen. German day next Monday. A cordia' invitation is extended to all our citizens to join with them in the festiritea of the occasion. . T'e earlier symptoms ot dyspepsia, heartburn and occasional headaches, should not be neglected. Take Hood's Sarsaparlila to be cured. Call at Joyce's office for rock, meat and barrel salt, oil meal, storm sash, hard and soft coal. Special 'prices on surplus lumber. ,'''.' Adam Btang and Glaus Witrock of Washington township wore in the city today. They both bring good word for the success of the county ticket from their section of the county. "1 would rather trust the medicine than any doctor 1 know of," gays Mrs. Battle Mason ol Chilton, Carter Co., Mo., In speaking Of Chamberlain's Cold, Cholera and Diarrhoea remedy. . For sale by J . IT. Hatton, druggist. Alexander Black's special salesman will be at Ludwig Bros. Saturday, Oct. 18, with a complete line of cloaks and capes and will take measures for all who cannot be fitted from his stock. Tom Whalon bas returned to the city and is now running a barber shop and billiard hall two doors north of the German bank. Tom would be pleased to have his old friends call on him. By the way the Republican candidates are hustling for votes it does not strike one very forcibly that the people are conducting the campaign. It looks more like a hungry lot of fellows trying to get into office. McCarl & Qilmore have bought the Carroll Dry Goods stock for 50 cents on the dollar and are now closing it out at unusually low prices. They Will move the stock to Holstein on or about tho 25th of this month. Go and see them if you want s bargain. Fred Miller will commence next Tuesday to run a daily meat wagon around the city. He will have .fresh meats of all kinds, including tenderloin, spare ribs, sweet breads, etc., fresh and nice. All those wishing to be supplied should lot Mr, Miller know and he will guarantee satisfaction. Learn bis prices and you will bo sure to patronize him. inien catarrh attacks a person of scrof ulous diathesis, the disease is almost stir to yecoiuo chronic. The only efllcacioti cure, therefore, is Ayer'B;Sarsaparllla which expels scrofula from •Jibe systen and the catarrh HOOD follows suit. Loca treatment is only a waste of time. A groat many people in the secoui ward would like to know how long th sidewalk at tbe corner of Adams ant Sixth streets is I" remain torn up. side societies will participate in Ibe f> rade which will form on Mnin street op posits tbe opera.borne end will march t the southwest corner ot court bone square, fiom there weak to Carroll street then north to 8ixtn,then east to Maid an south to opera hottM, west to Carroll o Third, then south to tfotirtb, east Main and tafttrb to tbe opera bortee. 1 those living along the tine of march wi take a little pride In decorating it wi greatly itJCfense the interest of tbe vitil on who tnke part, fiend the program. 910O Reward, tlOO. The readers of thin paper Mil be pleased t learn that there Is at If att one dreaded dlieai that science has been able to cure In all Its «tn< and that Is catarrh. Ball'* catarrh cure la tb only positive cure now known to the medics fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dl ease, requires a coustttatlonal treatment. Hall catarrh cure It taken Internally, acting direct! upon the blood and raucoui surfaces ot the eys tern, thereby destroying the foundation ot th disease, and giving the patient strength building ub the constitution *hd assisting na tare In doing its work. The proprietors bar so much faith In its curative powers, that the offer one hundred dollars for any case that alia to cure. Send for lint of testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, 0 jyflold by druggists, 76c. T.HB SMDGCILBM. Last evening Bice, Wolford & Sher dan'i DL-amatio Oo. preaented"The Srftug glere Vl at the opera house to a fair ei audience. All who were present wer well pleased with tbe play and also wit the players. The scenery was the floes ever pot on a stage in this city. Tb Tb» flRbtiug Pemporate of ar» making every arrangement for inking oare of vlairora and invite everybody to lorn out and make tbia tba greatest rully of the oampaigo. PEOPLE AND EVENTS Rubbers at Mooro'a. Qver«b,OQ» at Moore's, Ladies' overshoes at Moorv'i. Children's overshoes at Moore'i. Gentlemen's ove'flboci at Moore's. Tbero is wisdom In tbe wiud, buy « wind sucker. Jt-ff 0. Davis post, 0. A. R , meet* this evening at 7:80. Wind luokori for tale at Uarlla & ClovU' bnniw'trn. You ouu get Hue repairing done at Moore's «Uoo store. A nice line of school Buopllet, at Ibv Palace drug Bloru. Lost— A whale boue whip. Finder will pluttsu roluru to J. Couway. LudwlK Hros. 1 flrst Bneclal lale of cloaks and capes Saturday, Oct. IB. Logt.a six luoatlis 1 old oiU. Finder will pluutt) luuvo v onl at this office. Whou you want tlrst clans frulti of auy klud, call tu Betoaohluor & Kguu'B oa«b grocery. Try u cutto of tjiu Dairy Mudu Uutlor- uillU soup for (no ouiu|>lu«lon, at Ibu l*al-, ace drug, , F. J. Mlilur 1ms a bran uew meat wagon aud Is going to ««ll weat in tbl* c|ty and will de'lw H ai order. Uo will otitke lb« bo take* ib« rouudi of <be would seem that with tho entire side o the lot open it is uot necessary to kee| tbe front open also in order to make th repairs and improvements contemplates on the buildinc. That joyful feeling with tho exliilaral ing sense of renewed health and strength and internal cleanliness, which follows tlio use of Sj rup of Figs, Is unknown to the few who have not progressed bey one the old time nu'diclnea aud the cheap substitutes sometimes offered but never aa cepted by the well Informed. Gov. Holes and Hon. H. F. Dale, can didiite for secretary of state, willspeak at Mauuing.Friday, lUtb, at 8.80 p.m. They will lake tl'« evening train for this city <ti living here at 7.10. irul will reiuuiu uii,i!8. , During thair fi >\ i short public rec('|)iion will be luniJriid I'um H( the noun liimfo. The Union buuil will meat tlio puny at the irmu and will accom puny it to tbu court bouse. * There Is no medicine so often needed In uvery home and so admirably adapted to the purposes for which it is Intoned, an Cltojuborlaln'w l'al» Halm. Hardly a wfl»k passed but noiue member of the t'umlly has need of It. A toothache or Ituadaobe may be cured by It. A touch ut rheumatism or neuralgia quieted, i'he severe putuofaburu or ucald promptly relieved aud tbu sore bealed In much IBBB limo thau when uiwlloliie ban to be sent for. A sprain may be promptly treated before i»ll»iuii'.atlou *etn In, wblub insures a cure In about ou«-tbjrd °' 'he time otherwise required . Outaaud bruises should receive Immediate treatment before the parts become swollen, wltluh euu only uu done when I'alu Unlm U kept at baud. A sore throat way bo cured before It become* .serious. AU'oul>ltt80iuuoor|t may bo re- rn moved l»y applying U twice a day fur a week or two. A luutu buck uuy be cured mid several days of v«ltiul>l« lime HHVi'd or a palu Iu the side or oliest relieved Without paying a doctor bill, Procure ••< W cent bottle »t onee ai.d you will never regret It. For sale by J. IK. ' Tb» p«opl0 living iu the bueiuai* |>«rl of (U oily ara ooidlally juviUd in d*oo- rat*^b»lr plaoM of bu«;iuea« Mottday iu booor of rb« viflfort who will b» iu our city altoudiug lb« dwliuaUoit ol tba Q«r- mania opera boua* and alao obwrving Oaiuiao day. A larga onmbM of ou»- burning ship, the emagglere' cave, tb prison and the tropical island were a splendid and delighted tbe audience Tbe play this evening will be"TheTrai Wreckers," one of tbe latest and mos tragic plays on the stage. This com pany carries six complete sets of speoia scenery for this play, as follows: rai! road office, the great explosion, priao scene, storm scene and the garret in tb elamR. Each of these scenes will be presented in the play this evening an it will pay you to see them. This com pany, while it is playing at a low price,! one of the strongest on tbe road.havio been all last week at Des Moines at tb Grand Opera boos* and was greeted wit crowded houses during its stay is worthy of your patronage and w look to see the boose crowded this eve ning and tomorrow evening. A Long, Long Sigh. Pope talks about waftliiir a sigh from India U the pole. A long, long Bleb that would be Talk about sighing, why, It iilT the sighs of Hi women or tlie world, for Just olio day, could be gathered In one sigh, U would bu long enough t reach trom here tu die llxed star. But thousand of women suffer and sigh because cbe vlcliKu u disease. Others would suffer as sorely and elg as often If they bad not been wise enough t use Dr tierce's Favorite Prescription. This Is wonderful recuperator of wasted strength an of sovereign efllcacy In nil whose derangement nnd maladies peculiar to their sex, by which tb vitality Is sapped and the seeds of death ur sown. Dr. R.V. Pierce: OcnrSir—I have taken th "Favorite Prescription" and I can recommend I to anyhody that suffers with any female disease I have tried several doctors' prescriptions bu none <<kl me tbe good that tour* did. Yours respectfully, MATTIK TEliny, Post Mistress. Shorror Hill, Dallas Co , Ala. DIED IN NEW JKIUEY. A message uuuouuoiug tbe dentil o Ounrad Seiple, uu old Huzletou reaideu ut Eliznbetbport, N. J., on Friday night from a stroke ot paralysis, was receive* in this city last Saturday. The body will arrive iu this city on the 2:52 train this ttfturitooo at the Oliuroh street depot lifter which burial will be made in Vine afreet cemetery. Tbe Masons will have aburge of the funeral. Conrad Bieple was born December 17 1817, Northampton comity, near Euston iud was eeventv.eix years old at tb* time of bis death. Mr. Seip'e was wel! known in this city and a large boat of Friends will be grieved to bear of bis demise."— Hazleton, Pa., Plain Dealer. The deceased was an uncle of townsman, R. R. Woodring. oar CORRCSJPONDCNCE. I Correspondents, to Insure the publication of their letters In tbe weekly, must mall tnein 10 reach ' ' " Her will i i our office Wednesday. J TKAII'J.KTON, Mm. Jno, llultul U Hick. We vii) SMOH recover. hope she returned Thursday fluv. A. U. Scliulle 'win Louisville, Ky. Wo wore able to bear the churcii.bells lug at Wllley last Tuesday and the wind WUH lu tho went loo. This la (be ilm I lite they were heard over hero. Alt. aud Mr*. Jiio. 8olio<>ppuer were at Carroll )a»t week. TuuBday murniiiK WI»B Af*\f iriohmur, if Oauoll.ouruarly playmate, wan united n marriage tu Henry Tillers of (hat city. Ke wish ihf in prosperity. Uuo. Duih.lur uuil a nephew of lila were t iliilburlaitt AloiuUy. Uaruey UoUtrt wan at Arcadln last Sun- II. J.I'. Muuller, of Nuwton tuwnahlp wft» here last bunday vliltiug friends. John Solillolo U having a well drilled. Soliwaller & Dunklearedolug the work. MU« Thiirlomann, of Uarrol),aud Llxzle icliwaller, of itoaullu, wuro ploanant cul- era. Wm. UunuuiiU Wiu. Voliucr left for 'ooiihontus oouuty last week. IKm. Uavurlaud niul wife vis I toil at Ml. lariiiel la.ui. ^iiuday wiiu their suit liunry iid wi(u, who IIHVO Jual lately bad au iu- rouse lit (heir family. V'lio salvation army bogau a Uiruo wuuka 1 O8slun at tlit> city iiall laat 6'uuUuy uveii- Uurlijg October the Oatholloa will hold rayer uievtlug uvury WtMlnesday eveulug t7 o'clock, also opuolal grayer weeilug very morning. Com buskiug lutu Ueguu. Wo do uot cure, to bust over one hundred bushels pe day ns We did lust, year. There Isnotnl nbout new ctirii cribs but, a number wi have feed enough. Oct. 9. GLAUS. BABT LIBBBtX AND BUCK BtJN. Heavy frost on the 8th. Sirs. Andrew Kce'er was slightly bet teroh8Uutlay. ire understand that Mr. Kridler, wh lately removed to Carroll from this place has the postal route from Carroll to Mt Carmel amlKetttner, Mrs. Reuben Snyder Is visiting her sis ter,Mrs. Cyrus Coder, and other friends 1 this place. Mr. Snyder moved from her to the northern fart ot the State aboU four years ago. And now there Is disease among th horses; a form ot cholera which was firs attributed to change of fend. Georg Peters has lost one with I ho trouble an there are several others sick in the neigh borhood. Olbby Cooper, a son nt Dan Cooper, I anxious In regard to a brother who wa working In the region swept by th eye lone of the 21st of September, fie fall to ^et an answer to his letters. 3frs. Martin Keeler, who has been help IIIR nurse her sister-in-law, was summon ed to the home of her parents In Gran township last week, as her father, Chris Hoth, two brothers and n sister are sic with typhoid fever. Dr. Deshler Is In at tendance. Oct. 9. JIM. PLEASANT Bltili. The wild ducks are coming on the rive now. Corn busking has begun In this vicinity Rev. Nelson U to be returned to Carrol Mary Cretslnger. ot Tuttle Urovcs Guthrle county, visited Carrollton las week. A. B. MnCurdy experimented with to bacco cure aud as a result, ask him. 'Rev. Hay den went to conference las week and may be returned to this charge F. Mereue sawed wood on the Annea farm last week, using the threshin engine for power. LSerj. .Knight of north Richland wa calling at the Hill last week. Mrs. M. Byrely was visiting recentl with friends in Lake City. £ Mr. Simon, the recent purchaser of th liartoii farm, lias begin; fall work. Mrs. Jos. Horton. of Pedhnm, visited few days last week with her mother a Carrollton. Mrs. Susi<> Livingstone vlsilrd with he niece, Mrs. A.Shute, last week near Eas Liberty. There was clmrch service at Wille, three days this week. County Superintendent McMahon am family was visiting at Carrollton t.lii wi'i'k with Mt». E. Kibble. F. Turcohcck will haveqtiitoa run ot tho cane tli'n tnll, having Munit twenlj livn loads of liis own bi'.tiili * I'MI of oihe folks. Sonw parties southeast of Carrolltoi talk of goiiiR to Jlfissoiiri for several load of potatoes which arc. very rlieap there. We looked'aftrrthat thistle and foum that thu woeil is not on tlio rnad mpntion i>ri and after a careful search we friled t iindiany weed ntnwering to the descrip I Ion given in the lieaeh enclycopedin. SANTA. The Discovery Saved His Life. Mr. G. Calllouette, druggist. Bcuversvllle, 111. says: "To Dr. King's New Discovery I owe w life. Wastakenwlth La(irippeandtrledkIIthi physicians for miles about, but of uB avail and was glvuii up and told 1 could not live. Havlnt, f)r. Khiy'o .^<iw Discovery In ill)- store 1 sent foi u bottle and begun Ita use and from tho II rs dose bttgut to get better, and after using three bottles as upniut aboutuguln. It Is worth Ita welxht In i! >ld We won't keep store or house without ii" (let a free trial bottle ut J. W r,i>::iu'»<iaig store. 2 A few day Taluotl's. WANTKU boarders wanted at A. A. Dissolution Notice, Notice is hereby givou tbat yu tbe lltb day of October, 1894, tbe firm of leu & Hudge was dissolved by mutual EHUt. All debts owed by tbe firm will be paid by fl. H. Noleu & Oo. All billtt due tb« tanie are to be paid to H Q. Noleu & Co. H. H. NOLKK, OHAS. HOOOB. Carroll Market Report COItN-60 OAT«~26o rOTATOKa-1.00 UUTTBK-15 to 111 UYE-75 .1U WUKAT-W Ordinance Mo. 42. An ordinance to vacate alie>s lu sixth street ddllluo to tliv lowii of Ctrrull. >uw», mid to non«y lite tllto thvretu tu the Ohlwuo 4 North- woslern railway uonipuii). B« U vniMUMi bi uui mayor and council, of tbe oliy of Onrroll, tu Carroll county, Iowa: tf«iTio» 1. That HIM *llejr runnln* Mil and i, si ttioiiMtlie auutlt tide ol block two unit a art of blutk tar««, and the alley tietwi uu blooki. wo mid lllhM. runnliiK north nti<I noulli or liiti Ulh sirMt aiiOlUvm to the town of Carroll, lu -ttrrolioouutir, Iowa, a»th»»aine was Um Uown n tiio tuitt of wid addition aud r«uunlud lu (tie nice of lue rwordor of deeds of i«ld unuuty tm, ml ihH s«u>« u beiubv vaoalixl. BKC. 'i. V|i«l thtt title U Mid alloys b« and tit* «m« Is h«r»by ve.tou lu tlio Mid l!hlca»o A KortUw««i«Mi rallw«)f uouipniiyi iu»d the mayor nil recorder tire bervliy empowered and dlreot- ul to execute and dvllvur to iuW oounmujr a dtwd ur »»td alleys wh«nuver i^uuustod to do 'so by alUtfoiuuanyiuuoutbulr puylun tun «\puutv* t suid died. HM> tl. This ordlimnoo belny dutuiud of llu- orianuu, iltail be lu toro» aud uk« vituot on nil after It* PU»«JMI». OIIN SOUAOHVNKIt, K. U. 1'AIWONS, City Clerk. Miiyur. XUw liutDwt Fuott Kwd. It if that fruit uu4 JiuU art) the uutu- ul 1'oud of uiuu. Fluah aud r f wore un uum U«i(uu to low tlio sweet «\uuUuit>' if iiuluvo uuil t'iv}(i*o himself, Cer(mls onttiiu u v«»t uiupuut of ttturoh, argue he 1'ruiUrluu*. titaroU iu excaas U uot good (or uuiu. The uturult pui-Uulw do not digest, do riot assimilate. They clog np the system, and when they do this the man thinks he is getting fat. In proportion as he gets fat he begins to be subject to heaviness, stiffness, pain and ailment. A former lieutenant in the German army is at present in Hawaii buying lands for the establishment of a colony of fruitarians. Byw*yof further argument the fruita- rians say. "Look at the long armed ape, our ancestor. The long armed ape evidently originated in a -warm climate. He had no fire for cooking, consequently had no bread or meat. He did not know how to inilk; consequently he lived only on the fruits and nuts he could reach with his long ape arms and pluck with his ape fingers. But the long armed ape was never sick a day in his life. If mankind will go back to our primitive ancestors' diet, they, too, \vill always be well." So for the fruitarian. Just so. But the long armed ape would freeze to death in the climate which most civilized men are now- compelled to inhabit; consequently hia diet would not do at all. Then, again, how does the fruitarian enthusiast know that our ancestor, the long armed ape, never was sick? There are about 3,000,000 of half breed wild horses in the states of Montana, Nevada, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. They run at large in great droves and are troublesome to the horse breeders. These propose now to organize a wholesale horse slaughtering raid and kill the -wild animals. They argue that this will make it worth while to breed and put upon the market really good horses. They will pay themselves for their trouble by what they get out of the bcaes, hide and hair of the horses. If this were only France, they could make corned beof out of the flesh. That Haze. During tho latter part of this summer thero was a guntlo haze in the air all over tho country, just a dimness and cloud, as tender and eoit as the memory of departed joys. The scientists—bless 'em I— have been trying to find out what makes >*. One thinks it is caused by particles of something iu tho atmosphere, which is a truly scientific conclusion, and ho would liJ;e, ho would, if some 0:18 would examine these particles nudui- a microscope and see whether thero were any diatoms among them. There might bo cliatmiis, but tho suggestion that flu? earth is passing through the tail of a comot hi'd nothing iu it, the scientist says—neither tbo tail nor the tuggestiou. Now, wo don't know a mortal thing about diatoms, aud \vo don't caio anything about the tails of comots, but we recommend oao of those learued gentlemen to nudcrtako to keep ouo littlo room dusted Clean for one clay. He 1W11 then leuril ftiore real Science ill 10 hcrars than he Would get "by burning bis nose In pages of Ibiig Woi-ds for a month. He would; find that the tender haze is caused by dust, just common, brutal duet in one syllable, bnt in unheard of quantities. There has been a drotrght lasting from two to fonr months in three-qnarters of this whole country. The dry oalth has become powdered lue and has been stirred up taici has been rising ia the atmosphere week alter wqek. The air is almost as fall of solid particles as if there had been a volcauio eruption in these parts. Ttoe duet is added t».b> the smoke from the forest fires that have been kindled in consequence of the aw- fnl drought. There has been BO littlo wind that the dust knows uo better than to just float around and muddle the heads of scientists. The Awful Forest Fires. Nothing so appalling as the fire disaster iu tho northwest has ever occurred in the history of this republic. By tho Johnstown flood in 1889 perhaps more lives were lost, bnt they went out quickly and almost painlessly by drowning. The very thought of roasting, blistering human flesh is such a horror that no, wonder it has been fixed on as the type of everlasting punishment for unforgivable sin. In tho upper peninsula of Michigan there were 60 miles of flames at once, ^extinguished finally by welcome rain. In Minnesota a region embracing 40 square miles was fire swept. Altogether more than a thousand square miles of territory have been burned over. Unlike the Michigan peninsula, the Minnesota district contained scores of villages and thickly settltd neighborhoods. The final death list will probably foot up not less than 1,000. There are stories of miraculous escapes and instances of individual heroism that have never been surpassed. Engineer Jim Root, who piloted .his traiukmd of refugee* out of bunging Hiuckley through walls of flame to a place of safety and then was lifted, scorched and fainting, from his cab, and Telegraph Operator Bnllis, at Sandstone Junction, who, while his office was burning, wired tho word that sftyed 500 pooplo, woro as brave as the six hundred who charged at Balaklava. If the fearsome tale of death and black ruiu shall servo as a warning to tiio American people to guard our forests from flro hereafter, its awful lesson will- not bo lost The cow that gives black milk .has got as for as Pennsylvania. We are glad to see she is able still to keep movingr, (or she must be near SO rears old now. GUILD'S GREflT CLEARING SALE Is still on and will be for eight days more. Our fall goods are beginning to arrive, aud must make room tor them, consequentlyi must sell. Cost or quality cute no figure. If you want bargains see Guild's prices. J3$""Kerafcmber a dollar saved is a dollar earned and you can save one dollar on every three dollars worth you purchase X— AT GUILD'S NEW DRY COOPS S10BE Next door west of poetoflioe, Carroll, Iowa,

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