The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 3, 1933 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1933
Page 7
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THE BAKERSEIELD CAL1FORNIAN, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 11)33 ft* TO KEEP SILENT L. A. to Furnish Charity Bread at lto2 1 / 2 Cts.Loaf .Will Have Little to Say as He Leaves Washington on March 4 (United Press Leased Wire) AVASHrNCITON, Fob. 3.—President Hoover Intends to set for himself long public allonco after leaving the capital March 4. Friends of the chief executive said today ho also wishes to withhold for some months decisions on a number of-.attractive positions already offered, touching engineering, . Although no authoritative wort] hns been spoken ^publicly on tho subject, Intimations have been elven that Mr. Hoover will decide early next year whether he Intends to seek to return to public life. Immediately after the Inauguration ceremonies Mr. and Mrs. Hoover will motor to Unlnn Station, to travel together to New York. Theodore Joslln, press contact secretary to the President, said Mr. Hoover had yet to decide whether he •would travel across tho continent by train with Mrs. Hoover, or leave New York by boat for a fishing trip In southern waters and a view of the « Panama cannl. Tentative plans have been formed for the water trip, however. Secretory Mills now Intends to make this trip, and continue on to the west coast,, where he has an es- , tato not far from the Hoovers' Palo Alto, California, home. Secretaries Hurley and Wilbur may join this party. ( Vnitcd Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Feb. 3.—A mil- Hen on«-pound 'leaves of bread will be furnished to county char. Ity each month at a cost ranging from 1 to 2I/2 cents a loaf, Frank L. Shaw, chairman of the county welfare committee of the Board of Supervisors, said today. Sixty wholesale bakeries In the county will bake the bread. Six hundred thousand loaves will be provided at 1 cent each and 400,. 000 loaves at 2>/ 2 cents. Municipal, county and private charitable groups Will purchase the bread In proportion to their needs, Shaw said. Will Jail, Fine Duke When They Get Him (A.ssocintcd Press Leased Wire) MAnOATR, England, Feb. 3.—When tho Duko of Manchester failed to appear in court here today on a judgment summons issued by a hotel at Broadstairs, Judge Clements Issued an order committing him to prison for 42 days and imposed a fine of £10 fdr contempt of court. The duke's present whereabouts,ls not known. Vicks Chemists Invite Tests of New Antiseptic THREE NATIONS TAW PEACE Argentina, Brazil, Chile to Join in Anti-War Pact at Buenos Aires (Associated I'rcss Leased Wire) MBNDOXA, Argentina, Feb. S Plans weru made today for Argentina, Brazil and Chile to join In tho Initiation of a South American antiwar pact in a ceremony at Buenos Aires. ' Argentina, which proposed tho pact already had Brazil's agreement to tin plan when the widely heralded con ferenco opened hero yesterday be tween Chancellors Saavedra Lama and Miguel Cruchaga, of Argentina and Chile respectively. Tho next business of this unusua personal meeting of foreign ministers a departure from Latin-America diplomatic customs, is tho drafting o a plan to bring the undeclared war be tween Paraguay and Bolivia to a end. Chancellor Cruchaga agreed to plan to send a Chilean reprcsentatlv to Buenos Aires to sign the peac pact. Intended as a supplementar document to the Kellogg Briand pac at the same time that Brazil sends a envoy. . . A commercial treaty ^between Chi and Argentina, which would assur the continued operation of tho trans andean railway as well as bring otho benefits to the nations, was also beln drawn up hero. LAUNCH BIG CAMEL ME COUNTY MAYBE SPLIT orterville Would Be Capital of New Jurisdiction, Under Plan /United Press Leased Wiic) VISALIA, Feb. 3.—Division'of Tu- aro .county Into two counties with 'oi'tervlllo as county seat of tho con- omplated now division, wns proposed ero late yesterday. v Lindsay orange growers, it was un- orstood. sought dissolution of the resent county because of dlssatlsfao jlth tho county government bill, now ending beforo tho state Legislature, Tho demands for severance of the range and mountain belts from the emalnder of the county were dls- losed by John Preston' King, Llhd- a'y attorney, who said he was re- alned to attend to'the legal aspects it such a plan. , Klnpr said the Lindsay group pro* >osed to cut the county to Include l« he proposed county all towns except Visalla, tho present county seat? Tu- are, Dlnubo, Goshen, Tlpton an< ixloy. He stild they were dissatisfied because the county government bill pro- josecl elimination of a Justice of the >eace and constable In the Llndsay- Strathmore district, and because ol other portions of the bill. A similar proposal was defeated veral years HBO. NEW DODGE MODELS SHOWN HERE TM Mw D«U« Six «w«« to » lirit'iM «Ui«nt or In whkh up- hoWerltn «nd equipment cr«*U » pleating Interior Affording tho lit most comfort. Thli typ« u popular (or »ll-«round ui« by t«muy or Tki n«w Dorff t Six. Though the elun«ut Interior wffl *pp»t t« buyer* wlihlofl to put the Coup* 10 butlneea and profniton*! UM* the entire Uyout U iuch u to malt* thr ear tdealty lulled to nelil purpont. Thla raodtl U ormed la two itylec with nimble Mat, cr with rear deck arranged tor tk* aecommoditloii The new Dodge Bight S-pUMnnr rour.dwr Sedan —a tangy model •quipped with everything makinc for ityle, comfort and eftortleia oper. (Mm. Even the clutch li automatic, tendering the uae el the conventional clutch pedal unnecessary. menu are o( dlitincttve deilgn. and every appolaunent detail has been contldered with artUtic care and practical underttandltif. Impressive arrays Of mechanical advances, stylishness' of a new order, price tags with new low figures are among the dominant characteristics of the 1»33 six and elght-oyllnder Dodge models now on display In the showrooms of the Bakersfleld Oarage and Auto Supply Company, local Podge distributer. lurrenl Season Will Huve $350,000 Deficit; May Not Continue (Associated Press leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Feb. 3.—The Metropolitan Opera, after 50 years of cx- stnnce, faced today a financial crisis fraught with gravity for tho future of opera In N'cw York. Tim estimated deficit for the current .season, despite economies, was set at about |3uO,000 by the New York Times. Paul I). Cravath, chairman of the opera association's board, was a.sknrt If the opera could continue another season, "t hope no," he said, "but I don't care to add anything to that statement." It was learned that three plans had been talked of: 1. To reduce salaries further and shorten tho season from 16 to 12 weeks. 2. To seek financial support In Chicago as well as New York, nnd divide lt« season between the two cities. 3. To scrap tho Metropolitan Opera, Association, and set up Instead a small company of American singers only, who would emphasize tho work of American composers and librettists. The makers of Vlcks VapoKub have now produced an oral antiseptic. It is called Vicks Voratone Antiseptic. >Thoy urge every user of a mouthwash and gargle—for halitosis (impure breath), oral cleanliness, ahd other uses—to test Vicks Antiseptic and get personally acquainted with its quality and its economy. Born in a depression year, Vlcks Antiseptic Is priced accordingly. The regular size is a largo 10-ounce bottle —a usual 7Gc value—for only 35c. For your tosjyng, Bakersfield druggists ) are 6fferlng a special trial size. This "is a 25e value, but is priced at only 10c—while the supply lasta.—Adv. NURSE REGAINS HER HEALTH After Taking Five Bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound Swinging into a heavy newspaper schedule, a part of Its elaborate 1933 advertising campaign, the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is now releasing a spectacular series of advertisements on Camel cigarettes. The first advertisement, headlined "You Should Know the Truth About the Cigarettes You Smoke," has been hailed as aggressive, pertinent copy, giving cigarette smokers the true mca.sure of mildness, flavor, throat ease; explaining heat treating, coolness, purity and blending, and pointing up the story of Camel's genuine tobacco. The first burst of "truth copy" is designed to start the "speed up" of , Camel turnover. Tho trade, tho gen- j eral public, and the vast army of I "cigarette" have all i applauded this vigorous stralght- i from-the-^houldcr presentation of cljr- | arctic facts. ' The second phase of tho campaign introduces the slogan "It's Fun to Bo Fooled—It's More Kun to Know" and dispels the illusions and superstitions which have grown up about cigarettes. "I am a registered nurse. For three years I waa too run-down to work. My condition improved wonderfully after taking five bottles of Lydia E. Finkham's Vegetable Compound. It increased my appetite, quieted my nerves, improved my digestion and relieved sleeplessness. I am glad to tell any woman what a splendid medicine this ia."—CLAHA A. SABIN, 195 Amity St., Brooklyn, New York. You can depend upon a medicine which baa tho written endorsement of more than half a million women. SPEEDWAY USED TO DEVELOP FAST The speedway is responsible for the 1 majority nf the myriad advantages en- i oyed by motorists In modern motor | curs. j Lighter construction with less wear on tires and lov.'er gasoline consuinp- | ion, sturdier transmissions, silent gears, stronger axles and wheels and letter ignition nre direct products of racing, according to tli<' srntPinent "f | J. R. Hau|)t. Bakersfleld branch man- | ager of the Gllinore Oil Company. 'In view of the progress made by automotive engineers with the speedway as their proving ground, It «eemod logical for Gllmoro to use it ilso in Its program for perfecting a now gasoline," says Haupt. "Just a your ago wo decided to use- the speedway and racing cars with high compression motors In order to perfect a new potent power, quick starting, r.nU-kncck motor fuel, and Jted Lion grmolino is tl;e result. "In five months thin now gasoline has beeonio the talk of tho Pacific coast and is spoken of everywhere as the world's; fastest gasoline." Beware the Cough or Cold that Hangs On Persistent, coughs and colds lead 'to serious trouble. You can slop them now with Cre6muUjon, an emulsified creosote that jg pleasant tu take. Creomulslon is * new medical discovery with two-fold action; it ssothes and heals the inflamed membranes «*d inhibits germ growth. Of all known drugs, creosote is recof- niacd by high medical authorities as one of the greatest healing agencies for persistent coughs and colds and other forms of throat troubles. Creomulsion contain*. in addition to creosote, other healing elements which soothe and heal the infected membranes and stop the irritation and inflammation, while the creosote goes on to the stomach, 'is absorbed into the blood, attacks the seat of the trouble and checks the growth of the germs. " Creomulsion is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of persistent coughs and colds, bronchial asthma, bronchitis and other forms of respiratory diseases, and is excellent for building up the system nflcr colds or flu. Money refunded if any mailer of howlongstand- lug, is not relieved nftcr ukiiigaceording luijiieclivne. Askjourdruggiet. (Adv.) Big Railways Have $156,188,907 Deficit (Associated I'rcsa&eaied Wire) \ ' WASHINGTON, Feb. 3.— The larger! rnllrouclH of tlio country had u deficit of $15ti,lSS,a07 for tho first 11 months of inaa. Tho compilation of tho interstiito commerce i-oinmlstilon bureau of statistics today xhowrd (hut during tho »a mo period in 1031 tli« roads hud u not Im-ome of ?1CH,Pl, r ,.40!<. There wus ;t deficit of f»,!i?r,,r^0 In November, 1f>,".2. IIM comparod with a deficit of JO, 2 IS. 095 in November, 1931. Irrigation District Re-elects Tarpey ( Associated Press Leased Wire) FRESNO. Calif., Feb. 3. — The Fresno Irrigation District re-elected A. 13. Tarpey president nnd W. A. Groves ns a director. Philip Gordon, Kerman rancher, was chosen to succeed H. K. Yoga], who refused • to seek another term as u director. James Y. Beverldgo defeated Thomas Robinson for treasurer. Morton Han- wen, incumbent, was unopposed for tax collector-assessor. [Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded; KOTEX KLEENEX ' Regular 85e and 25c seller. Genuine sanitary and cleansing tissue, (Limit 3) Sat. Only 15c DOLLAR fl STORES 1517-1519 NINETEENTH ST. 6-lb. Electric Irons Complete With Cord Guaranteed one year. . . . Full size nickel- plated Iron with colored handle. A $1,9 value. Complete See Our Windows PROFIT SHARING tleilitwed Tridinwk N«. 257460 Tomorrow we start our great Profit-Sharing Sale with values that are reall7sensational and unbelievable. Special effort has been made by our New York buyers to bring you this high quality merchandise at such a low price. Come and see for yourself. Doors open at 9 a. m. Silk Undies Regular $1.00 Seller Dance Sets, Chemises, Panties and Step-ins 300% pure silk, with dainty laco trim. All sizes and colors. Limit .-three to a customer. 600 Pairs of Pure Silk Full-Fashioned HOSE Regular $1.00 18x18—12x36 Tye and Dyed Scarfs Sixty only on sale Saturday, patterns. Wide fringe ends. Limit 2. Choice Saturday Beautiful bright All 11.00 values. Men's Shorts and Shirts Regular 25c Value Genuine faj3t color broadcloth shorts In fancy patterns and comb yarn knit athletic shirts. All sizes. 501 Ladies' Extra Size Rayon Taffeta Slips A real value for the stout ladies. Heavy taffeta slips in bias stylo ivlth lace trimmed top and bottom. Long length. All colors. Sizes 48 to 52. Regular Jl.OO value. Children's All-Leather Shoes Values to $2.50 Guaranteed 100% all-leather for children, Black, tan nnd two-tone color. Extra sturdy sole and vub- ber heel. All sizes. Pair oxfordo 85 New Spring Styles and Colors SPRING COATS 9 W t Values to $10.00 Xew arrivals of smart spring coats in tan, green, blue and gray. Latest sleeve effects Wd swagger slim lines. See these before you bui' four spring coat. Sizes for women and misses. Sale Price Rayon Anklets 6 pr. $1 Our famotiH OOe pure silk chiffon hoso on Siitiinluy »t three pairs for $1.00. Fine twist ulllc and picot jwtcr-proof lop. Beautiful cnullo foot . . . VI now , shades. All sizes.. Limit U pairs. I 3 prs. for Ladies' Reg. $1.00 Satin SLIPS, PAJAMAS Heavy panne satin slips In. bias style with wide laco trim at top and bottom . . . one-piece satin pajamas with luco and flower trim. In nil tho wanted sizes and colors. Choice Saturday. mo-piece satin 69c Boys' Shirts Bib Overalls Play Suits All sizes. Choice Boys' Bib Cords Heavy cord pants for small boys, with bib, cuff and two net-in pockets. All colors. Sizes 1 to 8. Sale Price Infante' Regular $1 Chinchilla Coats Warm chinchilla coats with rayon trim. Colors white, pink and blue. Special Men's Flannel PAJAMAS Two-piece flannelette pajamas In patterns. Rayon frog trimmed. All sizes. Regular $1.00 value. Men's Light Weight Union Suits Well tailored lightweight union KiiltH In while and ecru color. Short sleeve and ankle length. Full cut. SiZPH 3(1 to 1C. A Sl.OO value. Saturday Men's Turtle Neck SWEATERS Sixty only to close out Saturday at 39u. Fine quality, popular turtle nook style. Mixed colors. Sizes 34 to 44. Sale Price SILK TIES Values to 50c New attractive patterns and colors. Silk lined. Large selection. Sale Price $•> SILK DRESSES fou 195 New Sport Jackets '2.95 Direct From Factory to You Ony now silk dressoH at u prlco evoryono can. afford. New spring styles and colors. Smart neckline and lu.rgo puff sleeves. Long blue louglh. Tlit'BO dresm-8 aro copies of cjretises soli] for $5.00 and more, siisoy ID to 44. LADIES' REG. $1.00 SILK Spring Hats I f^ BLOUSES Values to $5.00 Popular short jackets in new spring utj'les with large sleeve effects. Colors: White, black, tan and black and white. All slzea See these extraordinary values. New Street Dresses Every dress fast-color. New clever styles in pluid, stripes and prints; light and dark colors. Latest neckline . . . short, cape and puff sleeves . . . bolted. Sizes 1C to 62. Sale Price All tho latest stylos and colors arc here. Kiue iuid I'ough HtrawH, new fubrlcn . . and Hoftloti. All nlzes. Sec Them Tomorrow A hundred of our regular Jl.OO sport blouses on sale Saturday at 39c. Beautiful pluid patterns, now nocklluo and puff sleeves. All alzca. 1^1 ink U., Sale Price Boys' Turtle Neck SWEATERS Popular rolled turtle neck sweaters in assorted mixed colors. Sizes 26 to 34. A fl.OO vuluo. Saturday Only £| MEN'S SHIRTS Mfe^ ^ 'JM/ C?~.?s\ W A now shipment of fine broadcloth, fancy and rayon stripe shirts with full cut bodies, pleated sleeves and perfect never-curl collars. Past colors. A real shirt values. Sizes 14 to 17. National Dollar Stores—1517-1519 Nineteenth Street

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