The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 7, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1933
Page 7
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HASTINGS Opened Monday Fifit %* in F*.f*wert the for R, Hastings wfcool* opened Monday f«r MKJtier year's »«>** *"b the same fSCTlty tte last year and an tftcf«a*«£ attendance in the high senffol. there It a large class of tenters this yea.f. Alt 4J#f*et*t8 tte improvement* made this summer: the Biiowef Mths, the not and cold water In the domestic science department, and the redecorated school fOdttg. New text books la Geography and English nave been adopted (hat are quite an Improvement. Superintendent Fellows and his etcellent cofp* of teachers are looking forward to a fine year's work* The enrollment was as follows: ttlgh school -»^*-**^-^ 5? Seventh and eighth grades - 20 Fifth and sltth grades .*«..- S3 Third and fourth grades **.*.* 26 First and second grades .**- 20 total ,*..».**. ^.^-^US Lest Wednesday evening the old neighbors and friends of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Harei who hate recently moved to Beettetown, gate them a very pleasant tare- well surprise party, the evening was spent visiting and singing old songs and later refreshments were served consisting of sandwiches, pie, and coffee, and all departed wishing Mr. and Mrs. ttaroff happiness and success in their hew home. Mr. Haroff is superintendent of schools at Bee- betowt. Those present were: Mrs. J. 3. Starr, Mrs. Kites and Ray. Mr. and Mrs. Vic Cromwell. Mr. Resh. Mr. and Mrs. C .L. Parker and jtminie, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Woods and Marie, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vlner, Miss Leora Christie ,attd Mrs. R. O. Priest, and the honor gnests, Mr. and Mrs. Harolf, Betty and Mary. Bad Accident eti Highway No. 34 Quite an accident occurred on Highway 34 at the Nlshna bridge Saturday about noon, A car from the east passed another car just at meeting,time with another car from the . west. The first car miued but the other two came together with disastrous results. Both car* were badly damaged and one lady was so badly Injured she had to be brought In to Dr, Christy for attention. Miss Marjorle Starr of Creston visited oter the week end in the home of her grandmother, Mrs. J. J. Starr. She wan accompanied by Mist Betty ROM of Creston. Miss Florence Davis of Weldon came in Saturday and visited until the following day with Miss Doris Priest, a former roommate at Cedar Falls, She teaches In the Council Bluffs schools and Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Priest and Doris drove to Council Bluffs with her. Lawrence Martin and Jlmmle Ord drove, out to Lincoln Tuesday morning, Melvln Ord accompanied them as far as Omaha. Miss HaUie Christy of Denver, Colo, .came Saturday for a visit ' - ' Brother. - ,Dr, Ed*ar Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Resh, Crystal and George autoed to Council Bluffs Friday. Mrs. James Grelg of Lincoln, i Nebr. was In town on business I Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Hall moved last week from the Ray Granteer property Into the home of Mrs. L. K. Mason. ' A. H. Crawford purchased a a new Chevrolet coach last week, Miss Nedra Crawford visited a few days last week with Miss Lo* retta Horn, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Read and daughter, Phyllis Joan, and Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Read and daughter, Delores, of Olenwood visited relatives in Nebraska last week. Miss Doris Oaylord who has been visiting tbe past week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Greenwalt, returned home Saturday, Her brother, Howard Oaylord, came Wednesday to visit them a few days. A. H. Crawford and daughter, Ethelyn, autoed to Omaha Saturday. Misses Marjorle Starr and Betty Ross of Creston visited in the home of Mrs. J. J. Starr last week. Geo. Peugh and family of near Randolph visited in the home of Mrs. D. M. Hayes Sunday, Frank elites and family of Emerson visited Sunday in the A. V. elites home. Mr. and Mrs, Glen Greason and • v^v ••—^y -^—^T^^^^^^,^.^,,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!^^^!*^^^!^^^!]^^!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hmwM-S,-LMffli Scttoc-ts Opm In Monday All ftrfal schools, parochial Mis* Minnie Bell* Mutray, winner of th« till* "MU» Florida", is shown tore with • tfttket ot trait at the Florida exhibit at A Century ef PrOgteo—th» Chi* cago World 1 , ftlf. Monday aitfrirtng. At the tttbtie school Miss Louise Shetdoa of Perelval and Prof. Roy Senof t»*ve charge of high school, Mlw Alice McGinn!*, intermediate »«d seventh and eighth trades, and Miss Marie Carr of Kaloy the primary grades. At parochial school Sister Clo- tildas, the Superior. Sister Anna Mary and Sister Borromes are the high school teachers, Sister M. Phillips, seventh and eighth trades, Sister MarrUlio. intermediate, SIStef Gema, primary Miss Ida Delehant will teach Keystone school, Miss Martha Doyle, Union, Miss Vonceal Pool Olynn, Mlsa Mae Maher, Money Creek, Miss Mildred Sheppard Morning Star, Miss Nellie O'Dowd, Shady Dell, Miss Anna belle Saner, Golf, and Miss Mary Dempsey, Rice. Uaie»' Atd to Have , Dutch Lunch Picnic The Mastlngs ladles aid Is planning a Dutch lunch or eov* ered dish picnic at the hotte of Mrs. J. F. Martin on next Wednesday, Sept. 13. The-ladies are cordially invited to attend. son of South Dakota visited in the Everett Purcell home. Bunday. They also visited her father, Harry Potter went to Iowa City Thursday and entered the hospital for treatment for the in Juries be received in tbe accident more than two years ago. Mrs. Potter and Dale accompanied him there. Mrs. Frank elites of Emerson visited Wednesday in the home of A. V, CHtes. Mabel Sandiland is visiting Mrs. Fern Wallahan this week. Mrs. Charley Hall and Mrs ,Harve Hall were Red Oak visit ors Friday. Donald Potter of Carson visit d last week with his cousin, La (Terne Potter. Bruce Wallahan and Miss Ml le Gale were Glenwood visitor Friday. ' . A. P. Shaw and family visited 1 N. W. Colllng'B . borne Sunda morning. •',,*• ' tul'iOl .'Strahan elatlves on Wednesday evening, Aug. 30, About fifty were pres- nt. tee cream and cake were erved and she was presented with a purse as a token of remembrance. On Thursday evening, Aug. 31, he members of the Ladles' Aux- Hary gave a farewell in their club room. It was sponsored by 4lss Rose Rogers, Mrs. L. E. Outachenrltter, and Mrs. Marie Ughliu. A two course lunch was •erved consisting ot sandwiches, COLOR PRINTING lncrean«t tbe puUlntf power of any printt»i lob.Weweequlppedtohan tsfecolorprtntlntanlckly nod satisfactorily and visited until Monday^ with relatives in town. , Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Crawford and daughter, Harriett, visited in the H. P. Rea home in Essex Sunday. Tillle Mings and Carl and Clarence Cromwell left last Tuesday evening for Minnesota where they will stay a few days and will go from there to Colorado. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Niday of Colorado Springs, Colo., visited A. H. Crawford and family Saturday they are visiting bis kinfolk at Anderson this week. Mr. and Mrs, Cecil Wood? were Council Bluffs visitors Monday. 7.8 Financial Statement of Mills County Fair Association Compiled by Secretary Franfc N't »»*»**?j T TlP*OBlPT8 Cash on hand from last report »» Receipts outside gates (incl. season; „ _„ and family tickets) ',,.-,.»»»!— j..-fB**»s |1 Receipts day grandstand and quarter Entry fees, speed department »-•»*«• Concessions and privileges r^*"— ».T- ^Arr^i. —. anticipated) »•— f**t#»*»w»"' **™— *9"& **; ***** « 117 AO sBSr-ar--^ ~ w "" 9l: °° — • - - -'• > 1TI&9& WiSVT" ¥•*---- 86S.QO §9,00 48».f5 fat Mr«. O'Connor Mrs. T. d. O'Connor who is moving to Omaha Sept. 6 was r, 45, Meets Father Fit it Time J. T. AhSlocfc of St. Joseph, Mo., and his daughter, Mrs. Eva 3n*sard of Imogens. la., were united Monday for the first time n their lives. Forty-five years BRO Ashlock and his vonnfc wife, then ItvlnK at Osceola, la., separated a few months before their daughter was born. The daughter, now Mrs. Bussard, tried for many years to locate her father. She traced him to St. Joseph, but her letters were returned marked "unknown." A few days ago Mrs. Bnssard went to Shenandoah, la., to do some shopping. She overheard woman, Mrs. Cella Wengender talking about St. Joseph. Mrs Bussard asked if the woman wa acquainted with the city. She an swered that she was. "Do yon know a man named J. T, Ash lock?" she inquired, thinking th chances of acquaintance slight. Mrs. Wengender was startled and answered that J. T. Ashlock was her father. The two women •were halt sisters. Monday both arrived here for a visit with Mr. Ashlock. Me and corporate, dtrly organl«d and «»«»* f ««* «** * **«* of th* IftwtaM constitution of the State ot Io*a, and and •-aid amUnt or$lS.oVo'by thVl«naa« of a like .monnt of o aa ep. . farewell party by her his second wife recently observed imrewwii H""-* ' .. . - prior to June 1. 1933. their fortieth wedding anniversary. Mrs. Bussard's mother, Mrs. Pickerel, is living at ,. _ world-Herald. now Chl- ^vision, for registra- and and olives, golden glow salad, coffee, lee cream and light dark cake. Tbe evening was spent playing cards. Mrs. Frank Laughlin won the prize for winning the most games. Mrs. O'Connor is the president of the Ladies' Auxiliary lodge and also a charter member. It is with deep regret the members see her leave as she was a staunch member and always worked for tbe success of whatever the lodge undertook. She takes with her the beat wishes ot her sisters and as a token ot appreciation-of her many yeara with the lodge the> Misses Lucy Agnes Laughlln and Catherine Maher spent last week visiting their aunts, Miss Teresa Laughlln, In Omaha and Mrs. Roscoe Price in Council Bluffs. Miss Pauline Hankins is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ronald Benson, In Council Bluffs. Roy Wadley and family who were on a trip to the Oxarks returned here the fore part of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McDermott and son, Joe, and Mr, and Mrs. Vincent McDermott ot Newton came Friday and remained until Monday in the home of Mrs. Arthur McDermott's mother, Mrs. C. C. Maher. James Higglns and daughter, Marie, from Easton, Kan. drove presented toaster. tlon be in substantially the following (Form of B(—'».__»_. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STATE OF IOWA, COUNTY OP MILLS REFUNDING BOND No.. her with an electric Maher *«MI^«Bf lf> '2.*"3' 1' ^IT £>i..lE*5J '* J, -ft 1 »" V- _ Mr, arid Mrs,' MUlftrd, Ourtia of Straban visited in the*M, B, Kot- ows home one day last week, Charley Vlner autoed to Randolph Saturday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Will Clark visited in the Charley Smith home near [mogene, \ Wilson Clark and family visit' ed Sunday in tbe home of her sister, Mrs. Will Clark, A girl, Esther Opal, was born to Mr. and Mrs, John Ally north of Hastings, Aug. '29- This is their first born. We extend con gratulations, . The following people attended the State Fair at Des Molnea last week; Ruth Pierce, Katbryn Anderson, Lorraine Clark, Etbelyn Crawford, Crystal Bosh, Valors southerland, Mlna Christie George Resh. Robert Blunt, Bu Mitchell, Edgar Lookabill, Joe Olark, Mrs. W, E- Resb, B Herman. Scburr and Edward, P R, KJdwell, and Tom Christy, Al reported en enjoyable trip. 1 Supt, D. P. Fellows moved las week into the 0, S. HeatOR bun* galow »JwM Aer.988 tbe street from Poat Master L.< L., _Oree»waH o» Main street. • , and ,_.Pat Mfther, Sunday Miss Mary Leahy left Saturday morning for Slnsinnawa, Wis. where she will join the Dominican Nuns, She was accompanied >y Sister Clotildas, Superior of the convent here. Open house was held Sunday at St, Patrick school for Jnspec- ;Ion of tbe many Improvements that were made during the past month. I Miss Anna and Andrew Dele- bant spent Sunday at the L. E. Gutscbenritter home, Mr. and Mrs, A. R. McDermott and son, Joe, and Mr, and Mrs. Vincent McDermott spent Saturday with Mr, and Mrs. Michael Martin, Mrs, A, R, McDermott and Mrs. Martin are sisters. A. J, McGlnnls has been confined to his borne for several days on account of sickness. Mrs. L. E- Gutschenrltter and sons, John, George, and Donald, drove to Omaha Saturday to meet Miss Louise who returned from Qretna, Nebr. where she spent here Friday afternoon and visited in the home of Andrew Delehant and took him home with them to remain until corn picking time, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Delehant drove to Omaha Sunday evening to iineet their daughter,, Alice 'whWca'me fronr Lbs" Angeles Calif, enroute to Chicago to the World's Fair, and stopped off for a few days visit here. James Powers has been suffering from a poison he got while to creoaotlng posts. He went Omaha Monday to consult a physician. Mr. and Mrs, Ed. Bussard, Misses Hazel and Pelphas returned from St, Joseph, Mo, last Sunday evening where they were attending a family reunion. Ed McGarglll has a fine new John Deere corn shelter. B, Hankins was very sick the fore part of last week with intestinal Flu, Mrs. Hankins who was in Council Bluffs visiting her daughter, Mrs. Ronald Benson, was called home on account of his illness. SBV UV Hltim* *yjt v*»^* * ***• j j by his facsimile signature, which officer does, by the «ecutlon of this bond, adopt as and for his proper signature, bis facsimile signature appearing on said coupons, all tbe First day of June, 1933. """""chairman," Board of Supervisors. Attest;-". c"ounty"Audlto7. (Form of Coupon) Ko " MILLS COUNTY, IOWA »-- - "on'the" FJ»t day of—«-..—-, 19— the Treawjrerjt of 0 thrCounty l T?easu > re 0 r, Glenwood, Iowa, for interest due that date on Us Refunding Bond, dated June I, 1933. J»o. Actress at Fair tarn. It begins to look as if the next war would be fought to make democracy safe for the world.-— Springfield Union. We are in favor of putting tbe chiselers on less than a thirty* five bour week, (Form for of county" Auditor, Date of Registration Registered Owner ot County Treasurer COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS the meeting of August 14th were read and 4 following were allowed: 11.39 90.00 10.00 58.95 n,n 4.46 30.00 4,00 5.00 99.00 3648 every piouth V&i ,',-SW* 1 ,.'V. tt- the """"""""""""(Form'of UoiTnty'Treasurer's Certificate) COUNTY TREASURER'S CERTIFICATE State of Iowa 88. COUn i y he°/eb^ i ce 3 rtlfy that this bond has been duly recorded In a book for that Purpose in my office in accordance with Section 6g81 of the Code of Iowa. co'untV'fr'Siiw": Section 4. That the bonds hereby authorized shall each be signed by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and attested by the County Auditor; with the county seal affixed, and the coupons there, to attached shall each be executed with the signature oJ the County Auditor: by his facsimile signature, which officer, by the execution of said bond", shall adopt as and for his proper' -ignature bis facsimile signature appearing on said coupons, and said bonds, with coupons Ittached, when so executed, shall be delivered to the holders of the Funding^ Bonds authorized to be refunded an in exchange therefortpar for par. Said Funding Bonds shall be canceled simultaneously with the issuance and delivery of said Refundingr Bonds, the intention being to change but not increase the Indebtedness of 8aia section 5. That, for the purpose of providing for the levy and collection of a direct annual tax sufficient to pay the interest on said bonds as " falls due and also to pay and discharge the principal thereof at maturity, there be and there Is Hereby levied upon all the taxable property In said county in each ot the years while said bonds or any of tbeai are outstanding a tax sufficient for hat purpose, ana IB furtherance of tbts provision but not In limitation thereof that the™ ibe andI there,ta hereby levied on all ot th* taxable property in said county the following direct annual tux, to-wit: WOWHW i ma the sum of $1800 for nteres ; For the year 1934 the sum of $ SOU for interest; For the year 1?35 the sum of $ 900 for interest; For he year m« the mini of $ 900 for utereat; For the year 1937 the sum of $ 800 for interest; For the year 1938 the »uu> of $ PO for Interest; For the year 1989 the *um o{ I8T60 for Interest fttt d urluclpa ; For the year 1940 the sum of 16460 for Interest »ftd principal; For the year 1841 the sum of 18160 for intern^ »ud "'inoinai. IB known as the "Bond Fund, Series Juue 1. 1833,' 1 the uuyuiuiit al ««M interest coupuus au4 ' ' >evM>', Th» prlnelyiil or Interest " are iusuSteleut fuud* ou I i i ; A A- »« ite «ore- C>toii»»w' IteWd t •«

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