The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 2, 1959 · Page 12
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 12

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1959
Page 12
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CABOOSE ARRIVES — In top photo, Milwaukee Road bridge arid building foreman, John W. Montgomery, H06 Ohio, swings onto the reconditioned caboose sche duled for display af the Fair grounds. At left he shows how the railroaders warmed themselves in front of the old black pot-bellied stove. The caboose serves as living quarters for train crews. This one, No. 0774, will be swung onto a lowboy for its trip to the Fairgrounds, a much quicker operation than the slow moving of the locomotive Milwaukee 1004 on temporary tracks in 1957. The caboose was painted orange with the "Milwaukee" trademark in red. The hand rails are white. Caboose 0774 Arrives for Display A spjc-and-span "bazoo wagon" arrived in Austin just one hour after the new year and will go on display at the Mower County Fairgrounds behind the steam locomo- motive, 1004. Caboose No. 0774 arrived about 1 a.m. Thursday, resplendent with m new coat of orange paint and completely reconditioned in the Milwaukee Wis., shops. The 0774 was built in those same il: MAI L ROoiJr"." Sat., Jan. TO THE NORSEMEN 70c Adm, before 9 o'clock >N'Nj "Serving the Finatt Foods in Southern Minnesota" Op»n Saturday ana Sundoyi Onfy S t« JO O'c/oe* IXctplion: Open New Yow't Ir* By Ktsenratlon Only Milwaukee shops In 1910, almost a half century ago. It's equipped with an old pot - bellied stove (coal) and oil lamps. It has traveled an estimated 900,000 miles. "Caboose" was originally a nau tical term for a ship's gallery and sounds as if it were once known as a "cab house," William J, Quirin, Milwaukee Road president, told THE HERALD. "It has many nicknames, most of which are humorously derogatory," Quinn added. " few such • nicknames are crummy, brain box, bazoo wagon, cabin, chariot, louse cage, perambulator and rest room. "I am told there are numerous other nicknames that the pos tal laws and polite language j! would prohibit mentioning," Quinn wrote. The'Milwaukee Road is presenting the old caboose to the Austin Rail Fans Club as a companion piece to the Milwaukee 1004. The 0774 is a far cry from the type of caboose used today by the [j Milwaukee Road. The old time "brain boxes" have gained the reputation of being a most indivi- The Accordion Shop Jchw) ig at«o with teocfcw* ttrHfled ly the Am, Accw- Assoao- ANNOUNCEMENT have installed a new Private telephone Number in order to Better Serve You. HE 7-4879 The Accordion Shop Hwy. 218 S. - Austin - HE 7-1692 SPECIAL KIDDIE SHOW PARAMOUNT SATURDAY at 2:00 P. M. ONLY "MA and PA KETTLE in WAIKIKI" PLUS 4 COLOR CARTOONS THE BIG FUN SHOW FOR ALL KIDDIES » 25e — ADULT . JUNIOR - 50c dualistic piece of railroad rolling stock. Modern cabooses in contrast are of all steel construction. They are equipped with electric generators for radio, lighting, refrigeration and cooking, And they have the latest type oil heaters. The cupola, projecting from the roof, has been replaced by bay windows where crews get a better view of their trains. Caboose No. 0774 had been in service out of the Twin Cities. From Milwaukee it was moved in a main line freight train to LaCrosse and then on to Austin. Although reconditioned, none of the old time flavor has been lost, Arthur Beauvais, trainmaster, said. Seats in the cupola have been reconditioned, to look like new as they were in 1910. Crews would sit In these elevated chairs and keep a watch on the road ahead, looking for "hot boxes" or obstructions. Carrying through with realism, the hand rails are painted white for maximum visibility. Plans are now being made to move the caboose out to the Fairgrounds. More track must first be laid and the 1004 moved ahead to make room for the "crummy." Carpenter Business Changes Are Made CARPENTER, Iowa —Two changes in the Carpenter business district went into effect today with the start of the new business year. The L. N. Priem Lumber Co. has become the Carpenter Lumber Co., operated by Art Priem and Roger Krause. Priem will be manager. The Albert Miller grocery, a Carpenter business for 13 years, was sold to Al Koster. FKEDEIUKSEN CITED HAYFIELD, Minn. — Arnold Frederiksen, Hayfield feed dealer, was cited for outstanding service to the livestock and poultry raisers of his area by Ralston-Purina Co. at a dealer convention in Minneapolis. Board Holds Spotliflht in Ideal 9 Poll With all fulltirhe Local 9 officers nominated without opposition, ma jor contests in the 48-hour secret ballot election today and Saturday will be for five seats on the executive board. Nominated to the presidents post for his 14th consecutive year was Frank W. Schultz; Rollo Sissel was selected as business agent for his seventh consecutive term and Mrs. Helen McDcrmott was chosen secretary - treasurer for tier 17th year. Ernest Jones was nominated without opposition for the vice presidency of the nearly 4,000 membership local. 6 Nominated Six members were nominated for the five posts on the executive board, including incumbents Francis Sullivan, Ray P. Weis and Maynard (Jake) Enriglit. Seeking a seat on the board are Eugene Butts, Lester Majerus and Gordon Kilmer. At least two new faces will be on the board for the next year since incumbents Clifford Salisbury and Leo Urlick did not seek re-election. Seeking the three-year posts on the bargaining committee, are Orville Wangen and incumbent Vernon Weis. Unopposed for the three year term on the seniority board is Richard Sohaefer, the first time in 15 years that a runoff election wasn't necessary for the post. Guards Not Candidates Neither incumbent for the two ;uard positions is seeking re-election. Nominated without opposition are Lloyd Howe and Orville Jones. Slated for re-election and unopposed are trustees Ben Gartner, Avery Knutson and Leo Sch- wamm. Nineteen candidates are seeking he 10 delegate positions to the 15th District UPWA convention scheduled for March. Elections are leld at the Austin Labor Center with the polls open 8 a.m. - 8 ).m. both days. Austin High School Student Activities 2 IN Austin's first accident of the new year. HOSPITAL Car Crashes in First Half Hour of 1959 The new year was barely a half hour old when Mr. Car Accident made his 1959 Austin debut, causing serious head injuries and $1,200 car damage near the Geo. A. Horme) & Co, main gate on Ash street. In satisfactory condition today at St. Olaf Hospital were Robert D. Hinkson, 28, 2114 E. Collins, Bauman, Both suffered head injuries when the Hinkson car went out of turn, near 12:35 a.m. at the Ash the main gate about Going north the : car missed the curve and hit the car stop at the parking lot. Then it spun around, facing the direction from which it was coming. Police tagged Hink- and Betty Thistlewaite, 24, 815! son for careless driving. ,__. Name the Hotel-Motel Contest,!$40. Box 33, Austin. Austin's newest business needs a name and since it's a community - owned operation, everyone has an equal chance for the op- porturnity to look at the new building and say "I named it." One-Third of County Vets Claim Bonus A total of 1,105 claims for the Minnesota bonus to Korean War veterans were filed through Mower County Service Officer Frank Dunsmore before the deadline Wednesday, Dunsmore* reported this morning. This is roughly one-third of the county veterans eligible for the bonus. Dunsmore figures that some veterans may have filed from «•" — -•- «•»•«• «» fu,uuu, places outside of Mower County j the sister K<?»ny appeal for 34 per and that a number of veterans! c . ent or ? 2 . 400 . a "d Heart Founda- filed informal claims themselves PARAMOU ' -.'1 SHOWS TONIGHT. SATURDAY At 7:00 end 9:00 P, M. AT OUR REGULAR PRICES A YiRY BEWITCHING COMEDY ABOUT A VERY ENCHANTING SUBJECT- 7 ? 7 f — SHOWS — 5 SUNDAY of P.M. MQNftAY - TUfSDAY ft 7 #5 ,9:00 P.M, TONITE - FRIDAY Old Time Dancing BROTHER BURR & HIS BURROWS SATURDAY, JAN. 3rd HENRY CHARLES ORCH. COMING SUNDAY, JAN. 4th Favorite ot the College set. Colltjc Prom Favorite. Sec your CollMs rricnds at the Terp. RICHARD MALTBY AND HIS ORCHESTRA Adm. $1.80 Inc. Tax Checking 1 Oc MONDAY 10:00 »- Meeting of entire grade 11 in auditorium. 3:15 — Junior High GAA. 3:15 ~ Speech Festival rehearsal, auditorium. 3:15 — Musical rehearsal, Christ;au Hall. 7:00 — Speech Festival rehearsal, auditorium. 7:00 —Musical rehearsal, Christ;au Hall, 7:00 — Academy of Science, Room 147. 7:30 —Senior Friendship Club, Room 205. 7:30 — FFA, small gym and tool. TUESDAY 9:30 — Senior High Student Council Meeting, Chris^au Hall. 3:15 — Musical rehearsal, audi- orium. 3:15 — Speech Festival rehear- al, Christgau Hall. 3:15 — Camera Club. 6:30 — Junior Hi-Y, small gym md pool. 7:00 — Speech Festival rehear- al, Christgau Hall. 7:30 — Audubon films, auditor- urn. WEDNESDAY Grade 11 takes College Aptitude 'ests periods 1, 2, and 3. 3:15 — Thespians, Room 103. 3:15 — Speech Festival rehear- al, auditorium. 3:15 — Junior High Drama Club. Christgau Hall. 7:00 — Speech Festival rehearsal, auditorium. 7:00 — FTA meeting, Christgau Hall. THURSDAY 3:15 — Senior GAA. 3:15 —Speech Festival rehearsal, auditorium and Christgau Hall. FRIDAY j 5:45 — Wrestling: Austin vs.' Mankato, there. 6:30 - "B" squad basketball: Austin vs. Mankato, here. 8:00 - "A" basketball: Austin vs. Mankato, here Concession: Senior Friendship Club. 9:30 • 11:30 — Student Council Mixer, Christgau Hall. Hayfield Dimes Drive Chairman Appointed HAYFIELD, Minn. — Mrs. Phil- '•• ip Johnson was named March of Dimes chairman in Hayfield as, preparations for the 195U fund drive i were being completed. i HAYFIELD, Minn. — The Rev. i • Township chairmen include Mrs. Thomas E. Mails, pastor of Tri- Percy Janes, Hayfield; Mrs. Ado- nity Lutheran Chjjrch, will speak: olphu Kosanicka, Westfield; an cl to the Hayfield Presbyterian Men's Nordean Fosse, Vernon. County Club Monday, chairman is Mrs. Rueben Henslin. New officers of the group are assisted by Mrs. Walter Jenson Dale Sargeant, president; H. P. and Mrs. Clarence Saxton, co-chair- Derby, vice president; and Or- men> | ville Jacobson, secretary. Four hours later a hit-run collision resulted in $100 damage to the parked car of Lawrence Goodew, 1417 Baldwin. His car was parked in front of his home when hit. Other collisions: 2:45 p.m. Wednesday, Maple near St. Paul, Ferdinand Brandt, 107 N. Second, $50; Roger D. Hall urn, 510 Marshall, $150. Brandt]land Name Contest Closes Jan. 15 Austinites should put on their thinking caps and name the new community hotel-motel. And the originator of the winning name will receive a $100 unit of the Austin Community Hotel- Motel Co. securities. The contest, which opened today, will close Jan. 15. Judges will be the company's board of directors, all entries become the property of the firm and the board's decision is final. In case of duplicate entries, the earlier postmark will prevail. Entry blanks are available at'906 Grove, $200; LeRoy Hopfe, 904 the banks, THE HERALD, and'" the Austin Labor Center. The blank should be filled out, pasted on a post card and mailed to the New Year's Revelers Keep Polke on Hop Police were kept on the run New Year's Eve, Investigating distur bances, fights, broken windows and vandalism. At 2:35 a.m. they were called to a reported disturbance at the home of Curt Wilkinson, 1805 E. Winona. Police found a flower pot smashed on the floor and a very irate Wilkinson. Police reported Wilkinson was very abusive, ordered them out of the house and then followed them out clad only in his shorts. Police charged him with being a public nuisance and he's scheduled to appear in Municipal Court Saturday morning. , At 1 a.m. they were called to the King's Wood Hotel where four youths took guests' car keys from a cabinet. The doorman, Marshall Anderson, tried to stop them but was hit. He suffered a black eye. The incident is under investigation. Otto Daniels, 203 Sutton Place, was treated at St. Olaf Hospital after a severe beating. He was found in the rear of Vince's Bar j and taken to the hospital. Daniels said three men attacked him, but he could not identify them. At 12:10 a.m. police were called to the phone booth at the Red Owl Supermarket where the windows, were kicked out. Witnesses identified a youth and the matter is still under investigation. Victor Engelson, 304 S. St. Paul, told police his house was prowled New Year's eve, with about $78.64 in coins taken from his collection. Also taken were two lighters and money from a vacation bank. Some, of the old coins were later found in the women's rest room at the Conoco Station, St. Paul and Oak- complained of neck injuries. 11:20 a.m. Thursday, Waterj and Kenwood, Darlene H. Novak, 509 Gleason, $150; Mary Colleen.! Waseca, $150. j 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, 808 S.i Railway, Edward T. Clements.! 1708 Deneen, $40; Velma Moen.i 2000 Deneen, none. 7:55 p.m. Wednesday, St. Paul and Mill, Thomas J. Whelan, Jr., for the new year Lyndale $150 " " ' ' I One class ea ch for retarded pre,.,in _' T ,' , .. ,. schoolers and older youths will be 2.40pm Thursday, city parkingj held from l to 4 Mondav lot on Chatham, hit-run accident,! through Fridav J cub ^ Donald Magnuson, 1105 Medary,! meetings fop the retarded will be Set Schedule for Retarded The Austin Association for Retarded Children has set a schedule of classes and cub scout meetings Rural Drive Set Jan. 12-17 The first fund drive for Mower County Combined Rural Solicita tions Inc. will get under way Jan 12 and run through Jan. 17, accflrd- ing to Willam B. Bartlett, campaign chairman. Co-sponsored by the M o w e rj treated for cuts and bruises at held Thursday evenings. The association also has tentative plans for an advance training class for retarded youths from 9 a.m. to noon daily. This class is subject to sufficient enrollment. Literature on mental retardation can be obtained by calling either HE 7-3442 or HE 3-9015. Reveler Sits Down Whiskey Bottle One Coxinty Farm Bureau, Grange and Farmers Union, the drive includes fund appeals for the American Red Cross, Heart Fund and Sister Kenny Foundation. Drive organizers estimate that about 2,500 potential contributors will be contacted to raise a goal of $7,050 — an average of about one dollar per contributor. The Red Cross appeal is for 52 per cent of the total or $3,650, ?>"? ' ? ' AUSTIN FRIDAY, JAN. 2, 1959 Page 12 CHRISTMAS TREES MADE READY FOR ANNUAL PICKUP Christmas trees are being taken down and decorations stored for another year in many Austin homes this weekend as the holiday season closes. Many of the trees have been placed on the boulevards, ready for the Jaycees' tree pickup Sunday. Boy Scouts will fan over the city Saturday, piling the trees in .each block for central pickup and the Jaycees will load them Sunday afternoon. The Jaycees will start their- Dr. Peterson to Be Hoyfield Speaker HAYFIELD, Minn. - Dr. William H. Peterson, University of Minnesota professor of animal husbandry, will speak at Hayfield's Dairy Institute, at 1:30 p.m. Monday in the high school community room. Dr. Peterson has received international recognition for his study of the physiology of milk production : and has done research on milking techniques. Coffee will be «erved by the Chamber of Commerce. pickup from the Swimming pool parking lot at 12:30 p.m. and hope to have the drive completed by 6 p.m. when the big bonfire of old trees will be held on the airport, at the east end of Oakland. ; "If all the "trees are piled in block stacks, we hope to complete the pickup throughout the city on time," Roger Doering, project chairman, said. The project 1* aimed at re-; moving the' fire hazard of dry • Christmas trees in homes. • Gordon Larson Heads West St. Olaf Club HAYFIELD, Minn. — Gordon Larson was elected president of the West. St. Olaf Lutheran Churclv Men's, Club. Other officers named at « meeting at the Rudy Haugland home were: Albin Hyland, vice president; Rudy Haughlum, secretary; and Ronald Quill, treasurer. U. S. CUTS STAFF WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Harry F. Byrd (D-Va) reported today the number of .federal em- ployes dropped 765 in November from the October total of 3,355,482. NAME HOTEL CONTEST WIN A $100 UNIT of the Austin Community Hotel-Motel Company securities by naming the new Austin Hotel-Motel. Cot out the entry blank below — paste on a 3c post card — mail immediately — read rules. EASY RULES 1. All entrie* mutt b» mailed. 2. EnfritJ on post cards will b« valid. Past« blank below on 3c post cord or pick up «ntry cordt at your bank, Tht HcrolJ office, or the Local 9 Union Hall. 3. Enter as often as you wish, but each in try must b* mailtrf separately. 4. Only one priit offered. Entries to be finally fudged by Board of Director! Austin Community Hotel-Motel Company, i. All entrlM must bi postmarked by midnight, January II, (. In cost of duplicate names, the only winner will bi determined by the earlier postmark, 7. This contest open to anyone in th« United States except members of Board of Directors Austin Community Hotel- Motel Company, members of the Hotel-Motel Kome Contest Committee and their families. J. All «nfrics become property of Austin Community Hotel- Motel Company for use as they see fit. None will be returned. MAIL YOUR ENTRY BLANK TODAY! ' before deadline Wednesday. But application forms within the county were available only through Dunsmore's office, so he is quite certain that many veterans ed to file. Farm Bureau Party Held in Racine Hall lion for the remaining 14 per cent, or $1,000. Contributions must be designated. Sponsors of the drive reminded fai).; donors that all the health agencies which have conducted individual drives throughout rural Mower County have been invited to participate in this combined drive, but that only the agencies listed elect^ ed to do so. GRAND MEADOW, Minn. - ' Four Township Farm Bureau held its Christmas party at the Racine Town Hall Monday. Mrs. Edmund Hanson and Mrs. Richard Runkle were game chairmen and Mr. and Mrs. Hovda were refreshment men, j Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Jones, Plea-! sant Valley Township, invited the unit to their home for the Jan. 2(i meeting. A cooperative dinner will be served at noon with the meeting following. St. Olaf Hospital and was later released — probably to continue celebrating on his feet, He sat on a whiskey bottle and damaged his trousers along with himself. FIRES SET AT VACANT HOUSE Two fires were set within five hours today at a vacant home at 407 S. River. At 4:28 a.m. firemen put out a blaze set on the porch and at 9:20 a.m. a fire was set in the basement with paper suff- ed behind a meter and then lit. Police are investigating. The house is owned by Roy C. Adams. "NAME THE AUSTIN HOTEL-MOTEL" CONTEST Box 33, Austin, Minn. Here is my norne for the new Austin Community Hotel-Molel. Please print or write clearly. Nama . Address City . . . State Elgar! chair 1 - Rev. Mails to Be Men's Club Speaker IN PERSON FAMILY NIGHT FAMILY PARTY TONIGHT AT 8:00 * M. MOOSE LODGE No V.F.W. Family Party TONIGHT Friday, Jan. 2 ORCHESTRA Favorite of the College Set Coming SUN., JAN. 4 Adm. $1,80 per pcrspn tox ineJ. I Checking 10c) Tonite - 7:00 & 9:00 and Saturday See a Marry. Go - Round of Fun! For parents with daughters .. . and daughters with par- entsl (Look out, you boysl) M-G-M prtxntt REX """" KAY' HARRISON-KENDALL Tiebutame JOHN SAXON-SANDRA DEE Coming Sunday 1:00-3:00-7:00.9:00 One of the Great "THfNAKID & THE DEAD" STERLING KIDDIE SHOW- SATURDAY 1:30 P.M. Leo Gorsey and The Bowery Boys in "Hold That Line" PLUS - 4 CARTOONS and SERIAL §•«•••••__, TONIGHT at 7 and 9:15 P,M, 90c - 75e - 25c When Award Time Comes For Best Picture - Actors and Supporting Actresses — Some Came Running Will Be in The Running ALSO SHOWING ~ SAT. . SUN. - MON. - TUES. Continuoui Sunday from 1 p.m. DAVE WAS BACrf IN TOWN...AND * EVERYONE KNEW JHAT WOMAN- TROUBLE MUST BE CLOSE BEHIND. Ill M-G-M presents A SOL C. SIEGEl ' From the bold n«w novel by the author ol "From Her* To Eternity" Pioduction tuning Frank Dean Shirley SINATRA'MARTIN •MaclAINE SOME CAME RUNNING l METRO- Martha Arthur DYER-KENNEDY Nancy GATES CINEMASCOPE Uora DANA

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