The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 3, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1933
Page 6
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THE BAKERSK1ELD CAL1FORN1AN, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 19&3 Announcing Scramblegraph Prize Winners TN LOS ANGELES SUNDAY TIMES Next Sunday! • After twefully studying 50,000 entries, judges name winners in tills fiiHclnutlng contest. Next Sunday morning you'll know whether you or any of your friends are among the twenty-eight cash- prize winners. "Hollywood Champions" • Katlilyn llaydon brings you the second of her frank articles which Imve set all film- land to tallung. . . . There's a laugh, a tear, and R.II amazing view of life bohlnd the scenes in this—"Hollywood's Champion Father." Is Real Estate Leading the Way? • At the close of I'JIii, real estate activity in Los Angeles county was sixteen per cuut above the average of general business. Indisputable proof of this encouraging statement set forth exclusively In Sunday Times. • RUN FOR COVER. MILLIONAIRES! Peggy Joyce has come to Hollywood. Is she looking for a husband? Does she like Hollywood? Would she live here?—Read this advance warning to bachelors. t WORLD'S FINEST PLACE TO LIVE—is Southern California, as illustrated by fact- ful comparisons with other communities. • GIGANTIC SPIUIORS — May be discovered in the Rotogravure Section—A shivery example of nature-photography that will give you a thrill. • AT LAST WE'VE GOT IT!—The chance to study subtropicals where subtrop- icals grow, now offered U. C. L. A. students—All about it in Farm and Garden Magazine. • WILL FOREIGN STARS BE DEPORTED? Tightened immigration laws have put /many luminaries in a pretty pickle. Will stars like Chevalier, Dietrich, Garbo, be faced with the deportation bugaboo? • WHO SAYS COWS ARE DUMB? Lawrence Cardwell says they are born wise, are psychic and know engineering well—Look in the Magazine for more about these critters. • 500 YEARS AGO IN CALIFORNIA—Women did all tho work. The men saved their strength for battle. Brides weren't married until the bridegroom made the last Installment on them . . . au expose of life in the raw! • THE WORLD'S BIGGEST BRIDGE — Full-page sketch and complete story of marvelous engineering feat of spanning the Golden Gate. • HAVE WE SIXTH SENSE? How do we get hunches? What warns us of danger? — Science throws new light on thosn mysteries. • VIVID NEW FEATURES —Exclusive, spectacular photographs of big events— Neighborly comment of your com in unity—Telegraph news from millions of mllus of singing wires—In the Sunday Times, every .Sunday! TIMES ACKNT John C. Marvin 202G Chester Avenue 1'honc 829 REDUCED PRICES on PLATES Quick Service Office Over Klmball & Stone Nineteenth and Chester DR. GOODNIGHT Dancing DOUBLE FOR CALIFORNIA Joe: E. Brown Ts Starred in New Comedy; Sherlock Holmes Mvslcrv JIMMIE CAGNEY HIMSELF! More hilarious original gags and comedy stunts are said to ho Involved n Joe in. Brown's latest picture. "You Suid n Mouthful," than any produo- ion which has beetj shown on tho sci-ppii in many years. The entire "tnr.v, which will be unfolded at the 'allfornla theater today and tomorrow Is based on a series of grotesque which lead to tlm most surprising and laughable incidents. Joe. In tho character role of an art- e.*s boob. Is bulb afrulil of tho water anil nnnblo to swim. Mistaken for a champion swimmer, ho Is forced Into a marathon rare and comes out n victor through tho most, unusual lucky >roak.s Imaginable. Tho scones. whl<'b were tnken In tho loy waters at f'ata- ina Island, nonr I,ON Angolos. lend ;homsoIvcH to many now and astonishingly funny water stunt*. Drown Is said to be nt bin funniest, and has ,'is his co-worker, mascot and swim mentor, that roguish Imp of tho "Our Gang" comedies, Fnrlna. Ginger Rogors, tho red-haired and peppery musical comedy iind screen star, who played In a similar capacity opposite Brown In "The Tenderfoot," is again the leading lady, with Prenton Foster, Sheila Terry, Qnlnn Will- lams and Harry Orlbbon heading a strong supporting cast. An Ingenious plot, a capable east and splendid direction make ".Sherlock Holmes" the Fox thriller which Is also showing at the California theater, unusually good entertainment, (.''live Hrook portrays the role of tho groat detective who matches bis wits with his arch enemy, Morlarty, the master criminal. Krnest Torrencc gives one of the best performances of ills colorful career as Morlarty and Miriam Jordan, last seen in "Hix Hours to Live," appears ns the girl with whom Holmes finds romance. Other favorites In the cast arc Herbert Mundln, Reginald Owen. Howard Leeds, Stanley Fields, Brandon Hurst and Roy d'Arcy. N01ED STARS IN FIRST KISS! BOOKED AT NILE THEATER SUNDAY IN "HARD TO HANDLE. 11 marathon, Jumping to Now York for a fat reducing cream exploitation, then to Florida for squlrtless grapefruit and winding up with an 18-day diet gag, Including a funny burlesque of the recent Paul Whlteman dieting. Those in the cast arc Mary Brian, Ruth Donnelly, who, It Is said, practically steals tbu comedy honors of tho picture. Matt McMugb, Mary Doran, Allen Jenkins, Claire Dodd, Robert McWailc and many others. ' bad boy of the screen, James Cagney, comos to tho Nile Sunday In "Hard to Handle," a production said to be ns fresh and as breezy as tomorrow's newpsaper. Cagney returns to tho screen In a role ideally suited to his talents, a rough and ready promoter, broke one day and a potential millionaire the next. Tho picture is n«ld to have an excellent number of new comedy gags, starting with a dtaxy dance -«•; I HIX I Hi: AIIH CONTINUOUS TOMORROW FIVE BIG DAYS STARTING SUNDAY WILL ROGERS JANET GAYNOR. LEW AVERS. LOUISE DRESSER. SALLY EILERS IN "STATE FAIR" 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K, G—News. 0:10—Billy, Mac and Jimmy. G:30—SI and Klmer. tiMD—Currier's Serenade™. 7—Frank AVatanabe and Archie. 7:15—"Pice-en of Might." 7:30—KNX ICnsemble. 7:45—Happy Chappies. S—"The Royal Order of Optimistic Do-Nuts." 9:15—Crockett. Mountaineers. 8:45—Fights from Hollywood Stadium. 10:45—Organ and Marion Mansfield, vocalist. 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. 333.1 M—KHJ—900 K. D:;iO—CHS Programs) to 6:30. 0:30—Pasadena Community Players. 6:45—To be announced. 7—Columbia Revue. 7:30—Chaiulu. the Magician. 7:45—Myrt. and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. 8:15—CBS Programs to X:4i>. 8:45—The Voice of Knmanuu. S—Ben Pollock's orchestra. !):15—Unknown Hands. 9:30—CB.S Programs to 10. 10—World-wide N'ews. 10:10—nisciulck Band. 10:15—Dancing with the Stars. 12 to 1 a. m.—Marshall Grant, organist. KERN—1200 K. 'Tonight Is Ours" Opening ' Today With Splendid Cast nt Fox With Frodrlc March and Claudette Colbert as stars, "Tonight Is Ours" opens today at the Fox theater and proves as dcllghfful a piece of romanticism as has como this way in a long tirno. The film Is based on a play by Noel Coward, author of "Private Lives" and many other outstanding successes. Therein HUH tho reason for tho brilliance of its dialogue and tho lighthearted gaiety of much of Its action. Kdwln Justus Mayer, author of "Tho Firebrand." and other romantic plays, did the adaptation for the screen. Therein, the reason for Its glamorous overtones. Stuart Walker, adopt both In comedy and high romance, has done his usual fine job of directing. As for Miss Colbert and March, those two extraordinary young players have seldom been seen to bolter advantage than In the role of tho lovers, who meet in Paris, are parted, and find each other'again for a night of love on tho night before the girl's scheduled marriage to another man. They make one of the finest romantic teams on the screen. Secondary roles, too, are brilliantly portrayed by such players as Alison Sklp\yorth, Arthur Byron and Paul Cavanaugh. *-»-* Fredrlc March and Claudette Colbert In "Tonight Is Ours." "WON IN ONE" I3RH3, Pa., Feb. 3. (A. P.)—Hero's a game, of pinochle which was "won In one." Charles Schutto, playing In a six-handed game drew a perfect hand which netted him 2040 points and gave him game In one hand. "STATE FAIR" FOR FOX ON SUNDAY Thp biggest event of llio movie season Is nenr nt linnd for stnrtlnu Slindny one of the greatest casts ever nsNembled to make one picture will bo at the Kox. Here they are: Will HOB- erft, Janet Uiiynor, Low Ayors, tioulsc Tjrosser, Sully Ellers. Norman Fostor, Prank Graven, Victor Jory and many others all In "State Fair." Think of It, eight groat big stars In one picture, and "State J?nlr" Is enough picture for eight erent stars. See "State Fair" next week: Sun- dny, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. In order to accommodate the crowds the Fox will open early on Sunday, the time being 1:15, and a bargain hour at 25 cents will prevail until 2:15. This takes tho place of the usual bargain hour from 2:30 until 3:30 on Sundays. THORN IN RICHARD SAN KUANIMSCO, Feb. 3. (A. P.)— Little Klchnrd Paulson, 10, loaded bis bean shooter with a rosebush thorn and drew his breath for a fast puff. Tho thorn shnt bark through tho tube and down bis throat. Physicians started an X-ray search for tho missing thorn, guided by tho vaguo Information: "It hurts." E FEATURED AT REX Ono of the famous old stars of the legitimate theater, Sholdon t/ewls, a master of makeup and characterization, Insisted upon putting on his o\vn makeup for tho character of the "Phantom Killer" In Ken Mivynard's latest picture, "Tombstone Canyon," now playing at the Rex theater. The result of this insistence wa.« that Sheldon almost mot himself going to bed at night, as ho got up to put on tho difficult makeup, a proceeding which took him over three hours to do. The layers of grease paint, collo- dlan, grease pencil and other bits of makeup, each had to -be applied sep-' arately, allowing for a certain amount of time for each to dry before the other could be applied, until Sheldon transformed one of the famous old Shakesperlan "contours" Into a grotesque, malignant-looking creature. of hate and revenge. \ KILLS SELF IN' CELL GRANT'S PAHS, Ore., Feb. 2. (A. P.I W. P. Leonard, taxi drlvor, killed himself In a cell In the Josephine county jail today by slashing his ah- • donien and throat with a small penknife. Ho. was sent to Jail yesterday oh a statutory charge. 6—Chesterfield program, Tom Howard and George Shelton, Leonard Hiiyton's orchestra. 6:15—Bakersfleld Ministerial Union program. 6:30—The Inside Story, with Edwin C. Hill—Sacony Vacuum Oil. 7—Columbia Itovue. 7:15—Tarzan of tho Apes. 7:30—Street Singer. 7:45—Myrt. and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. 8:15—Nino Martini and the orchestra. 8:30—Abe layman's orchestra. 9—Ben Pollack's orchestra. 9:30—Bernle Cummins' orchestra. 9:45—Hal Kemp's orchestra. 10—All-Request program. 10:40—Ted Fio jtito's orchestra. 11—Dancing with tho Stars. 11:30—Orchestra. $25,135 Balm Asked by Actor M el n tosh (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS AXGEL.ES. Feb. 3.—Burr Me! Intosh, philosopher and lecturer, 1 becks {25,135 damages for Injuries ; when struck on the head by a beam I from ai building being wrecked on i Hollywood boulevard. Tho suit Is i against Fred R. Johnson and Fred E. | Aldous, construction engineers, and Gore Brothers, Incorporated, . owners of the property. MATE SAIL SATURDAY (L'tiitrd Pren> Ltatcd Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 3.—Constanco Bennett, film actress, and her titled husband, Henry do la Falalso do la Coudraye were packing for a trip abroad today so that the federal government may be officially advised the Marquis Is no longer the husband of Gloria Swanson. Coudraye consented to leave the country at once and re-enter'as tho. husband of Miss Bennett after conferring with Murray 'JV. Garsson, special assistant secretary of labor, whose recent drive against film aliens has resulted In wholesale departures. Oarsson. himself a former director In tho motion picture colony, said tho Marquis has been In the United States several years on a permit naming him the husband of Miss Swanson. She and Coudraye were divorced In 1930. Coudraye and Miss Bennett plan to leave Saturday for Paris. They will bo at sea 4S days. After a week In Paris, they plan to return hero in March; 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. 6—The First Nlghtcr. 6:30—Armour Hour. 7—Al Jolfon and orchestra. 7:30—String orchestra. 7:45—Male Octet. 8—Amon 'n' Andy. 8:15—Gllmore Circus. 8:15—Howard Thurston, magician. 9:30—Kno Crime Club. 10—Uii-bfleld Reporter. 10:in—Phil Harris' orchestra. I Roosevelt Cabinet | Known on March 3 > j | tUnitrd Prens Leaned Wire) WARM SPKIXGS. C.a., Feb. '3.— ; President-elect Hoqsevelt announced today lie would make public tho names of his cabinet on Uie night of March 2 or tho morning of March 3. ITe made known hla Intention to newspaper men who questioned him concerning the personnel of the cabinet nnd diplomatic service. AIIIORXIA CONTINUOUS. 1:30 TO 11:00 TODAY AND TOMORROW Two Big Features JOE E. BROWN You Said a Mouthful" (linger Rogers BJK "Sherlock Holmes" WITH CLIVE BROOK ERNEST TORRENCE MIRIAM JORDAN TONIGHT! IS PAY NIGHT THE PAY ROLL WILL BE READY AT 7:00 O'CLOCK HEY, KIDS—ANOTHER SPEED-BYKE You Can Sue Us for Breach of Promise ... if this isn't the best picture he's ever made! WM B1ONDH1 Helen Vlnson • Claire Dodd Last Two Days WILL BE GIVEN AWAY FREE AT THE KIDDIES MATINEE TOMORROW — BE HERE! RIALTO 5 TO 6 P. M.. lie: AFTER 6. 15.. J3. Betty.;Balfour and British Writer Wed (Associated Press Leased Wire) HOLLYWOOD. Feb. 3.—Jimmy Campbell, British songwriter, today told of his marriage last summer In the south of France to Betty Balfour, British film star. He said the marriage was kept secret due to her film engagements and that she is planning to sail from London Friday. They will spend some time In Hollywood. ARTLESS BOOB! TODAY ONLY Benefit St. Joseph's Church JOHN BARRYMORE "A BILL OF DIVORCEMENT" Continuous, 2:30 to 11 Adults, 25c; Children. 10o Tomorrow—Wheeler and Woolsey In "Girl Crazy" and Bob Custer In "Scarlet Brand." ll Today and Tomorrow Action, Thrills, Mystery KEN MAYNARD VIRGINIA Continuum 12 rn. to II p. m. 300 Scats. Any Time.. .15c LAST TIMES TODAY Helen Twelvetrees Eric Linden, Arline Judge. Cliff Edwards, Roaco Atea, in "Young Bride" A Story of Youth and Love Comtdy, Act and Cartoon j CECELIA PARKE •I Mystery Act Ij Comedy |> Cartoon 'i News Tom's Tropical Inn Visit UH for a pleasant evening and a good dinner. Our Famous Steak or Chicken Dinner . Is Now Only $1.00 NO COVER CHARGE Peppy Music Every Night Phone 8736-R-2 Joe E. Brown in "You Said a Mouthful" at California theater. Phillips Music Co. "us Sheet Music ^ Publishers' Prices La Granada Ballroom OLD-TIMERS DANCE CLUB MEETS TONIGHT First of » Series of Old-Time Dances to Be Held Every Friday This Month. Pop Weaber, Caller La Granada Ballroom Orchestra Membership $1.00 Includes Four Friday Nights and One Saturday Might This Month Easy Pleasant Way To LOSE FAT How would you llko to loso 10 pounds of fat in a mouth and at tho satuo tlmo lnorouKe your energy and Improve your health? How would you like to lose your double chin und your too prominent htpH and abdomen und at' the KUIIII* lime make your skin so rleun :md 'clear that It will compel ndmlrullon? I C!r>l on the scales to-day and aei- i how much you weigh—then got a hot tie of K'ruachen Salts that costs noxt to nothing nnd which will last you 4 weeks. Take one half ten- spoonful In a glass of hot water in the morning—cut down on pastry und fatty meats—go light on potatoes, butter, croain nnd HUKiir—and when you have finished the contents of this first bottle weigh yourself again. After that you'll want to walk around and say to your friends, "One bottle of Kruschen Salts is worth one hundred dollars of any fat person's money." But refuse imitations — safeguard your health—you lose fat SAFELY with Kruschcu. Leading druggists America over sell KruHohen Salts—you can always gut it at Hughes Drug Store,- Nine- loenlh and I'hc'stor, KaKltrn Urug «_'»., Survive iJi'iiu Co.—Adv. CUT-RATE •DRUGSTORE SATURDAY ONLY to Limit Quantities (4(5 Nineteenth Street We Reserve the Right No Sales to Dealers White King Soap EACH 1C 35c Kolex 14c 35c VICKS VapoRub 19c $1.25 Ephedrine Liquid 49c 75c BOTTLE OF 100 Aspirin Tablets $1.00 MAHDEEN Hair Tonic $1.00 MAVIS Talcum Powder 59c $1.00 PEPSODENT Antiseptic 58c 30c EDWARDS Olive Tablets 19c 75c FITCH'S Shampoo 39c $1.00 Mereolized Wax 59c $1.25 GENUINE PINT Thormos Bottles 67 c $1.50 LYDIA PINKHAM Vegetable Comp. Liq. 87 c . 25c SYRUP OF Figs and Sonna 12c $1.00 ENDER Razor and 5 Blados 63c $2.00 DIS. Coly Perfumes $1.39 30c 1 Ib. Epsom Salts 14c DENTAL AND SHAVING NEEDS 50c Ipana TOOTH PASTE 50c lodcnt TOOTH PASTE.. 50c Giant Tube Milk .of Magnesia TOOTH PASTE 50c Package of 5 PROBAK RAZOR BLADES 50c Package of 5 GILLETTE RAZOR BLADES TOILET NEEDS $1.00 Mello-Glo FACE POWDER 25c Mennen's BABY POWDER 75c Three Flowers FACE POWDER $1.25 Nourishine HAIR TONIC.... 60c Edna Wallace Hopper CREAMS,. 50c Woodbury CREAMS 50c Chamberlain SKIN LOTION 35c Odorono Body DEODORANT $1.00 Vitalts HAIR TONIC.. 50c Zip DEPILATORY $1.00 BATHASWEET lOc Lifebuoy SOAP 50c Glazo NAIL POLISH 25c CHOCOLATE EXLAX 50c JERGENS LOTION 75c May belli ne MASCARA 29c 14c 48c 87 c 39c 28c 28c 21 c 58c 28c HOUSEHOLD NEEDS 50c Vicks NOSE DROPS 30c Laxative BROMO QUININE 25c Carter's Little LIVER PILLS $1.00 Wampolc COD LIVER OIL. Super D COD LIVER OIL. 60c ZON1TE $1.50 Dr. Hobson's RHEUMATISM REMEDY 50c (Pint) MILK OF MAGNESIA... 5c 29c 14c 27 c 48c 29c 19c 16c 36c 98c 16c CIGARS, TOBACCO AND CIGARETTES 59c 83c 63 c 83c $1.59 83c $1.08 $1.08 $1.00 Box of 25 Cigars 1 Ib. Prince Albert.. 1 Ib. Granger Tobacco 1 Ib. Velvet Tobacco 1 Ib. Blue Boar Tobacco 1 Ib. Half and Half Tobacco Carton of 200 Chesterfields, 20c.. Carton of 200 Lucky Strikes, 20s.

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