Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 31, 1965 · Page 2
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 2

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 31, 1965
Page 2
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TWO IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, 1RONWOOD, MICHIGAN SATURDAY, JULY 31, 1965. Consolidation Process of ISO Is Continued I fred Schon. ontonagon, 80 miles I John Wilson, Mass, 78 miles: Fred Narcli, Trout Creek, 62 miles: W i 1 h o Kemppainen, Bruce Crossing, 44 miles, and Tax Committee to Meet on Thursday WAKEFIELD — The Citizens Tax Committee will hold a spe- Larry Garfield. 24 miles. To aid the budget committee in preparing the 1965-1966 budget for the consolidated district, Supt. Haskins submitted a report of the combined budg e t s BESSEMER — The Board of [proposed by each district before Education of the G o g e b i c-1 the consolidation action. The to- Ontonagon Intermediate School i tal is $23,882 including the Goge- District, meeting Tuesday a t i bic County operational budget of the Bergland high school, con- i 511,112 and the Ontonagon Coun- tinued process of consolidation > ty budget of $12.770. which was started at the July Anticipated revenue of both 14 meeting ! counties combined, totals $41,• White P i n e, | cial meeting in the council chain-: bers of the city hall Thursday. President Wilfred J. S c h on 675 including the following: State aid, $10,000 ($5.000 each appointed a committee to s e 1; — } — —"^ x ™ „ „ up the financial structure o fj , c KnnJ A *,!,,, ^V,H «T->nn n up the consolidated district and draft a budget to be submitted : (6.500 Gogebic and $7,200 Ontonagon); 23,000. regular sources: in addition, 7,000 ($3,500 for action at the next meeting, state aid to each consolidated Aug. 23, at 7 p.m. at the Berg- j count ,. and $10 , 8 75.14 from a land High School. Appointed are; ba i ance of $7.152.80 in the Go- T. R. Wirtanen. R. Ernest| gebic county fund June 30, 1965 Dear, John^ Wilson and S u p t . j due to tne ' fact tnat the super . i intendent was not replaced af- were C. E.' ter six months service): and a Henry Haskins. Also appointed Amateurs Begin Play for Crown Aug. ft. at 7:30 p.m. All taxpayers interested in the tax prob-! By CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN lem i'i Wakefield are invited to Associated Press Sports Writer attend as school finances will; BENTON HARBOR, Mich. be dismissed in regard to the tentative budget which will be adopted at the Aug. 9 meeting of (APi — The Western Amateur, a unique golf endurance test the \V5kefield Boa'rxl of Educa-lwith an introductory 72-hole tion. Any questions regarding the 1 qualifying trial, entered two tax questions in the city will be ' days of match play for the answered at this meeting and j championship today, a round table discussion will be; Dr. Ed Updegraff of Tucson, held where all taxpayers will'Ariz., one of two elder states- have an opportunity to expr ess. men among 16 qualifiers from a their tax views. J. P. Cloon isi starting field of 180, was regard- the acting chairman for committee. City Council to the I ed as a prime favorite because i of his tournament seasoning. He !won tne title in 1957 and 1959 I and was last year's medalist ! The 43-year-old urologist drew Have Meet Monday : 20-year-old Alex Antonio of Hub- WAKEFIELD — A meeting of bard. Ohio, an Ohio State junior, the city council will be held in the first round. Monday, Aug. 2, at 7:30 in the j Leading the younger set are city haH. On the agenda is the j Marty Fleckman, 21, the Uni- approvs' of the postponed regu- j versity of Houston's NCAA lar meeting and special meet-1 champion, and Greg Pltzer. 18, ings The approval of the pay-! of Westwood Village, Calif., Richards and John Wilson, t o balance of $3,722.80 in the On- draft policies to be followed by ; tonagon fund the board, based on the publi- * * * cation of board policies used by The new budget, when drafted! the ISD for . meeting. ' *' es ari & to the public at an ope.-., . » * * (hearing. °^ 1S : -,, ,_ Discussion was held on pro- 1 The board considered and ap-l . B ' ds w ' n be openecl °" grams of school district reor-' Proved the recommendation of I ™™ cas iron pipe ^^-\ -• two-under-nar , ,, . . , « ' Qtint TJoelri-nctHof ortnlinat i nr\ SI Oil Win DC JlclQ Oil UlC W 11113111 rilo UUcU L, WU-llllUC I -pdl ganization in process in each of; Supt. Haskinsi_ that, apphcat11 on gtratman Jease Qf the g a ,. a ge ' loP pea Pitzer's 69-70-292. de-' FlecKman captured medalist communication! honors in the 36-hole qualifying department of correc-1 windup Friday with a 74-69 for 1 290 — six strokes over par for the 7.000-yard Point O'Wood's six WITH THf NtW PATT-0- RAMA 8286 NEWS IN CLASSICS—If your Ann Landers . .Answers Your Problems Dear Ann Landers: Why is it. Dear Frothing: Of course that my wife will not believe it when the gas gauge in the car always enough registers empty? She has t>.e idea there is gas left for one more trip. This morning (for the third time since Christmas) I've been stuck without gas. Not only was I late tor an important business meeting I was arrested for obstructing traffic. (You can be sure the ticket is coming out of my wife's allowance.) When two people use the same car don't you feel the tank should be kept at least half full for the convenience of the other person? Your opinion (and support) will mean a lot. — FROTHING er and sister in law, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ostling. Norman Routanen has returned from Cornell, Wis., where he spent a few days visiting his counsin, Robert White. Miss Shirley Perander, Detroit, is spending a few days visiting 69 i the counties. It was noted that be made to t!ie state Depart- i the study of reorganization i n ' ment of Education for persmis- ? compliance with the K-12 Legis- i sio » to conduct a survey of the ; lation, in which Gogebic County vocational education needs of the I is engaged, at present, concerns , ISD with a y iew to expanding * only Gogebic County districts, I opportunities for v oca 1 1 p n al * since there are no non-K-12 dis- i training. He submitted a tenta- ? tricts in Ontonagon County, ititive plan for the survey which was decided that reorganization committees, which were organized prior to the consolidation, in each county, remain a s they are -— each group work- Ing on problems of reorganization of their respective counties. An effort is being made t o recommended by The- site which will expire Aug. 20. j Pitzei. in the lower bracket The revised electric rates will be i with Dr. Updegraff, faced George Boutell, 21, of Phoenix, Ariz., recently crowned Trans- Miss winner. Fleckman, in the j opposite bracket, met Don Al- I bert, 32, of Colombus, Ohio, the Mr. and Mrs. Ronald John s i L 952 Bi S Ten champion while at presented and studied. Wakefield Briefs figure Ts slighUy shorter than her parents Mr. and Mrs. Nor- you're right, but if it's happened three limes since Christmas get smart already. The little woman isn't about to change, so you'd better do the changing, If you want to protect yourself against the physical damage that often results from seething rages. Whenever you get into t h e car, assume that the gas tank will n* empty. Count on a stop at the filling station as your first order of business. Learning to accept the deficiencies of those we live with instead of trying to change them is the secret of many a good relationship a <* a Dear Ann Landers: I've b e e n reading your column for over nine years and you seem to have a great deal to say against mothers-in-law. I'll bet anything yours is a pain in the neck. she offered even one suggestion O ft ft Dear Ann Landers: My sister'i daughter Is getting married ii Septcmbei. She wants to inviti all our relatives to the wedding dinner. Her daughter wants U Invite all her school friends anC the people she works with. When I saw the guest list I aim o s i flipped When 1 told her It would cosl a fortune she said, "No, we are going to do something novel—s Dutch treat wedding. We are asking the guests to send for $5.00 with their acceptance." (this includes wine.) I've t.ever in my life heard ol such a thing and I told her so. She said, "Nobody ever heard ol the telephone until it was invented. We may start a trend. Please, Ann, print your opinion. I pwear this letter is no gag.— HOPING TO AVOID SOME RED FACES Dear Hoping: If your sister is determined you problably cannot slop her. But if it's my opinion you want here it is: Asking people to pay for their own dinners at a wedding celc- My inly son married a little I bration is in hideous taste. I hope nothing. She is plain looking, has no style, no family background, no taste, can't cook, can't bake, her house is a mess and her children look as if someone should send them Care packages. she doesn't embarrass her family by going ahead with such gauche plans. ft ft * Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. average, you'll like the precise i man cut of this classic with jacket I Miss Carole Ann Cusack, De- created in half size. jtroit. spent a week as the guest; No. 8286 with PATT-O-RAMA j of Mrs. Jack Heikkila and Mrs., Yesterday I could stand it no I Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, longer so I said, "Lucille, dear, is there a reason for leaving corner odore Sell, coordinator of voca-i and family have returned toi Purciue tional-technical education of the their home in Charlotte, after state department, who is working through Northern Michi g a n University. Objectives of the survey are: A. To determine the feasibility of a cooperative two-county | consolidate all other activities viatioSal ectacSton program $ of the ISD administration of the" B To det ermine how to make :: two counties, as soon as pos- j j ne t efficlent use of ex is;- tf siDle. i mg facilities, equipment and per- :j Sup. Haskins reprted t h a t { sonnel> and to rind out wnat ad _ J he is working on a schedule | ditional facilities are needed. s which will enable him to divide; c To determine the vocation- f his time equally between t h e ; al education needs of the people •• two counties. He is consider-1 to be employed in local indus- ing spending alternate days i n; try and-or trade and service oc- t; each county office —one d a y in ; cupations: the people employed ? the Ontonagon office, the next; i n ] OC al industry and trade or , ; in the Bessemer office. i service occupations who need further training or upgrading; the drop-out students; the unemployed and underemployed; the students destined for termi n a 1 '•! Ing, by the boatxl. He said he j trade and technical programs. ,: has had checks and var i o u s D. To establish a logical, well- v : forms suggested, printed under defined transfer program with $! the heading "Gogebic-Ontonagon i post-secondary institution offer£ intermediate School District:": ing approved technical educa- in the Bessemer office. * * Supt. Haskins reported on' progress in consolidation a s signed to him at the last meet- has transferred the general fund: tion programs, account to the Bessemer N 3 -: * * * tional Bank, and the special i.d- E. To establish possi b 1 e spending several weeks visiting at the home of Mr. Johns' parents, Mr and Mrs. Joseph Johns, and other relatives and friends. Mr. ana Mrs. Joseph Sancehz, daughter, Mary Lou, and Rickey, Sullivan, Mo., and son Joe- j Ronald McDonald, fired as state seph Jr., Detroit, are visiting at \ adjutant general, has asked the General Tries To Regain Job LANSING (AP) — Maj. Gen. is in sizes 12V' Z , 14>A, 16!->, IS'/a, 20'/a, 22V-J. 24Vb. 26'/ 2 . Bust 33 to 47. Size 14''a. 35 bust,'dress. 3 ] 4 yards of 45-inch: jacket, short sleeves, ! 3 /4 yds. To order, send 50c in coins to: Sue Burnett, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, 111. 60607 the home of Mrs. Sanchez' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Celeste Buccanero. Mrs. Sanchez is the former June Buccanero. They were called here by the death of Mr Attorney General to start court proceedings aimed at regaining the post from the officer who holds it now. Deputy Atty. Gen. Leon Cohan Sanchez' sister. Mrs. Pedro Gar- said Friday a decision on the cia. Mr?. Sanchez was visiting request would be made next her sister. Jean Buccanero, in Honolulu and came to Wakefield by plane when word was received cf the death of Mrs. Garcia. A 2-c Larry Anderson, Grand Forks, N.D., spent several days visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Anderson. The Rev. and Mrs. John Booko and family have returned to their home in Three Rivers, after spending two weeks visiting- Mrs. Booko's parents, Mr. and week. Gov. George Romney fired McDonald May 20 after finding him guilty of malfeasance, misfeasance and gross neglect of duty in connection with reported irregularities in the Michigan military establishment. Romney recently appointed Maj. Gen. Clarence Schnipke as adjutant general. McDonald seeks a quo war- ranto proceeding — challenging Schnipke's right to hold the job. He contends he is the rightful Mrs. J. Elmer Hanson, and oth-! adjutant general. ucation funds to the Citi z e n s, means of financing and super- er relatives and friends. M r s. j under law, quo warranto re- st.nt* Rant nf ont.nnn.rnn a K I vising a two-county vocational Booko is the former Burn ell Quests must so first to the At- State Bank of Ontonagon, a s | vising a two-county directed by the board. | education program. Since the Bergland High School Su Pt- Haskins noted that the was selected as the place o f! deadline f o r filing apphca- meeting of the boar d, being i tions is Aug 2, in order to be more or less centrally located, i eligible for federal aid in p ; an- Supt. Haskins submitted a re-;™^- Applications after that port noting the milage to Berg-i date will not receive federal land of places of residence o f the respective board members. The board of education a p proved the report as a basis of payment of mileage at 7 cents per mile, for attendance a t meetings (to Bergland and return home), as follows. T. R. Wirtanen, Ironw o o d Township, 84 miles, R. Ernest Dear, Ironwood City, 76 miles; Walter E. Bennetts, Bessemer, aids. The board approved filing application prior to the Aug. 2 date and authorized the superintendent to attend meetings in Marquette on Aug. 2, relative to the Vocational-Technical Education program, and on Aug. 2 and 3 on the Elementary-Secondary Education Act, to be conducted by the Department of Education. In other actions the board ap- 66 miles; C. E. R i c h a r d s, | proved payment of claims in the Watersmeet, 80 miles by way £ um of $1 571 91 itemized in the of Crossin A ™ e - stad, Marenisco, 44 miles; Wil- IT'S A BEGINNERS COURSE IN "BOY- GIRLSMANSHIP" XHUI& mm ANNETTE FUNICELLO DWAVNE HICKMAN BRIAN DONLEVY BtnitR KEATON Mitm ROONEY Coming WEDNESDAY RONWOO THtAJRL report; and approved the financial report as of a balance of $9,349.01. 27, showing Hanson, Wakefield. Sunday Dinner Pure strawberry flavor dis- court himself. quests must go first to the At torney General. If he decide not to handle a request—which often happens — the person seeking action then may go to tinguishes this old-time pie! Skewered beef with onion, green pepper and tomato wedges, potatoes, green beans, salad bowl, bread tray, strawberry pie, beverage. STRAWBERRY PIE 1 quart ripe but firm strawberries Pastry for a 2-crust 9-inch pie Anna Heikkila. w h y .. If lt a - t ^ther me Shelly Jo and Kathy Lynn Cu-j should it bother you?" neo. Big Rapids, are visiti n g j One thing led to another and their grandparents, Mr. and; finally she said, "I resent your Mrs. A. N. Cuneo. They arc interfering in my life and I wish daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John, you would stop it." F. Cuneo. i After All, Ann. I turned my Pauline Roscoe, San Francis-; s°n over to this girl and I want co, is visiting relatives and 1 ner 00 right by him. Do u For Ist-'class mailing add lOc friends here. She is the house-, consider a remark about a dish- fnr Pnph nattprn -Print- name. I trnpst. nf Mr and Mrs. Kav Mnz- rag ' interference ? —JUST Hlfa for each pattern. Print name,' guest of Mr. and Mrs. Kay Maz address with zip code, style No. and size. Complete, Inspiring, easy to read—the fall & Winter '65 Basic Fashion. Send 50c now for your copy. Boys, Counselors Return From Trip urek and family. Miss Karine Mykkanen, student of practical nursing now affiliat- rag MOTHER Dear His Mother: This is worse than interference, it's downright ing at Newberry State Hospi t a 1, ] outrageous since it's her home, spent a few days visiting her (her sink and her dishrag. The dishrag was probably the straw that broke Lucille's back. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Veikko Mykkanen, and family. Miss Lucille Anderson. Mi 1-1 About my own mother-in-law waukee. Miss Bernice Anderson,! bem S a pain in the neck, New Orleans, La., and Mr. and|y° u ' re mistaken. She s a gem. ONTONAGON — Ten boys and Mrs Jule Rossetti and fami 1 y ! Twenty-six years and never has self-addressed envelope. Copyright. 1885. Field Enterprise!. Ine. WAKEFIELD THEATRE Showing Tonight and Sunday Twice Evenings at 6:45 fc 9:00 Showing Once Monday Evening at 7:30 brings NS beat to the beach? JJ- ;hree counselors have returned :o Eagle River, after spending four days at the Porcup i n e Mountains. The boys are from Camp Interlaken and the trip was a highlight of their summer vacation. Counselors were Bruce Handler. Eugene, Ore.; Richard Graham, Morris, 111., and Michael Kutner, Williamsburg, Va. Ontonagon Briefs East Patterson, N. J., are visiting their mother, Mrs. William! Anderson, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Furmanski and son have returned to their | home in Milwaukee after spending a few days visiting friends' and relatives here. They were' houseguests of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Born. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Meindl and! daughter have returned from! points in northern Wiscons i n j where they spent a week vaca-, tioning. MAGIC! MUSIC! LAUGHTER! >' '•* A meeting will be held Monday evening at 7:30 at the Recreation Center to which all women With the exception of those of Meanwhile, McDonald is pro ceeding with plans to appea Romney's decision in the State Court of Appeals. The court has extended his deadline to ask for permission to appeal until Oct. 6 to give McDonald time to compile the massive transcript of Romney's 93-hour hearing in to the case. bowlers are invited. The annual potluck picnic supper of the Eagles Auxiliary will be held Monday evening at 6 at the shelter house at the Ontonagon Township Park. Mrs. Hubbard Haney, Miss O. J. Juntunen and Miss Eleanor Huhta have returned from Kelso, Wash., where they visited relatives and friends. Eric Peterson, son of Mr. ancl Mrs. John Peterson, has returned to his home in Minneapolis after spending two weeks vis- Saigon is one of the most crowded cities on earth. Two j million persons squeeze t h e ra- iting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Erickson. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hagen the cheetah, the claws of cats are retractile. Isabellas to Have Outing Monday Night BESSEMER Our Lady of Guadaloupe Circle, Daugh t e r s of Isabella, will have an outing at the Eugene Winkows k i cottage, Lake Gogebic, Monday i night. A potluck picnic supper is ! scheduled for 7 p.m. Assembly ifor transportation will be at 6:30 i grees) oven until pastry is light- 'p.m. at the Pitrone Jewlery and'ly browned and juices begin to 1 cup sugar Va cup flour Dash of salt Butter . - _ . Rinse strawberries in cold' selves into 20 square miles, an i have returned to their home in water: hull; turn into a colan- area less tnan one-third the size Minnetonka, Minn., after spend- der or large strainer to drain i of tne District of Columbia. ing a week visiting her broth- thoroughly. Roll out half the pastry and fit into a 9-inch pie plate; trim, but leave plenty of overhang. In a medium mixing bowl, stir together the sugar, flour and salt. Add strawberries and gently fold into mixture. Turn into pastry-lined pan; dot with 2 tablespoons butter. Roll out remaining pastry and cut vents in it; place over berries and fold edge under top crust; flute. Brush pastry with melted butter. Bake in a hot (400 de- IN Now completely AIR CONDITIONED The Pancake House Aurora St., Ironwood Gift Shop Sophie and Lead Streets; all members needing tansportation are asked to be there at that time. K of C Installation Slated Monday Night WAKSFIELD — Bishop Magnar Council. Knights of Columbus, will hold an installation of officers Monday evening, Aug. 2, at the council club rooms. The event will begin at 8. After the initation a program featuring a film strip will b e held oy District Deputy Paul Martilla. Lunch will be served after the meeting. bubble up through vents—35 to 40 minutes. Allow to stand on a wire rack until just warm and serve at once. RELIABLE Plumbing Fixtures and Workmanship is our motto, CALL } A. EVAR ANDERSON & SON 932-0793 ... or 932-3030 Mich. & Wis. Licensed Master Plumbers SUMMER FUEL OIL SPECIAL! OFF REGULAR PRICE of No. 1 and No. 2 Fuel Oil Wisconsin State tested This pfftr expires Wednesday, Sept. 1st, 1965 LARRY 80YER FUEL OIL Phon. 932-4S01 Ironwood KRESGE'S Kraze Daze SNOW CONES lOc & 15c Popsicle Mold 57e Reg. 88c, SPECIAL HOT DOGS lOc SIDEWALK SUNDAE Includtd POP lOc Sliced HAM Reg. 1.18 Ib., SPECIAL . 99c LADIES' and GIRLS' DENIM JAMAICAS 77c Reg. 1.77, SPECIAL LADIES' 2-Pc. JAMAICAS 1.97 Reg. 3.97, SPECIAL LADIES' and GIRLS' JAMAICAS Reg. 1.00, SPECIAL 50c ALL BATHING SUITS PRICE GIRLS' 2-Pc. JAMAICAS 77c Reg. 1.57, SPECIAL MEN'S Walking Shorts Reg. 2.57 & 3.99 1.57 & 2.33 Boys' DECK PANTS Reg. 1.99, i mt SPICIAL I •10 Boys' Walking Shorts 233 Reg. 2.99, SPECIAL Reg. 2.99 Men's Short Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS 1.99 21" Structo Barbecue Grill 8.24 With Hoed, Motor, Reg. 9.97, Now All SUMMER Wearing Apparel Drastically Reduced Check Items with YELLOW DISCOUNT PRICING! WALTDISNEYS O Wait D'sney Production TECHNICOLOR® Me 't i«*s«] by BU£N*VliT»0'!<iDul>oACo. Inc. PLUS . . . DISNEY FEATURETTE! THRILLING! SPECTACULAR! TRUC LIFE ADVfNTURC The lympic Elk TODAY! THRU TUESDAY • EVES. 7.00 A 9:00 • MATINEE 2000 • DISNEY CARTOON RONWOO THtATRL $1.00, 75c, 50c IRONWOOD Open 8:00 • Start* 9:00 LAST TIMES TONIGHT! DON'T YOU DARE MISS IT! OUT-MONDO'S THEM ALL, MOOS OF THE WORLD c W o'Jn h m.nUby VINCENT PRICE PLUS "VOYAGE TO THE END OF THE UNIVERSE" Starts SUNDAY! Everybody who's ever been funny is in it! SPUjttB TMW ' SID CAESAR BUDDY HACHTT ETHEL MCRMAN MICKEY ROONEY DICK SHAWN PHIL SILVERS TERRY-THOMAS JONATHAN WINTERS STANLEY KRAMER "ITS A MAO, MAD.MAD, IWD WORLD" WlllWJWUROSE ^ JlliMYDURANTE ownoumfs SPICIAL FfATURETTI "PROJECT TEISTAR"

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