The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 12, 1894 · Page 5
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
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Friday, October 12, 1894
Page 5
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HILL'S OPENING SPEECH Delivered In Syracuse, Where He Was First Nominated. ;;«TfiONGLT DENOUNCES TflE A, P, A, x f fenldent Clevelnnd'i Econotnlo I Administration — ExprenneB Klnilllett | Feeline* For Bis Opponent, Whom He Gall* Mr. 1'tntt's Candidate— Pralte* the New Tariff tnw. * SYRACUSE. N. Y., Oct. IS*.— • Senator David Beni»3t Hill sounded tho key noto of his campaign for governor Thursday bight in this city and with his address opened a partisan battle that promises to be historical ia the annals of state politics. The Alhnmbra rink, where Democrats and Republicans alike have sounded the tocsin of political battle, was the scene of the opening note of warfare. The Brat political meeting that over named Senator Hill for an office assembled nn- der this roof. Seine 3, UUU people heard Senator Hill speak and half as many more were unable to gain admittance. The American flag was very much in evidence as a decoration and a good many of the fair sex lent their presence to the occasion. There was an uproar of applause and great enthusiasm as Senator Hill, dressed in a plain frock coat and black tie, stepped upon the platform, He was the usual cool, impassive i statesman and to the storm of applause mad* but a alight inclination of his head. When the 'cheers and applause had subsided and the vast audience had again seated Itself, County Chairman Yale stepped to • the front of the platform and said he had been authorized by the committee to • name as chairman Hon. Frederick J. fctowrey, who introduced Senator Hill. ; •rreqnently Interrupted With Applause; When his name was mentioned, the •Senator stepped to the from* and stood With his hand OB the table facing his • andience. For some minutes he waited while the audience cheered and then • cheered again, and then ht began his remarks. He was listened to with great attention, but was frequently interrupted With most vociferous applause. He •poke in a clear, concise and convincing way and held his audience until the lost word. His allusions to Seymour, Cleveland, Flower sad the A. P. A. issue caused tnmnltous applause. "I know of no more appropriate place In which td open the present campaign than before the united Democracy of Onandago county. [A~n1un<!e.] It is with pleasure that I recall my first nomination for a state office, which occurred In the city of Syracuse, and that during all my political career the Democracy of this city have been among my most aarnest supporters from the time of my candidacy for the lieutenant governorship in ICS'j through all the vicissitudes of politics up to this hour, and while many of you have had other preferences and have frankly expressed them, which you bad a perfect right to do, I am gratified to soy your opposition has always been manly and honorable, and Within party lines. Kulo(li» President Cleveland. "I am also reminded that this county Wan the birthplace of that distinguished and sterling Democrat and statesman, Horatio Seymour from whose lips I first learned the lessons of true Democracy and that it was also the boyhood home for years of the present Democratic prps- Ident of the United States, Grover Cleveland, where struggling with heavy poverty he u< quired 'hos-i habits and principles of economy which hnvo always been the distinguishiuK features of his official administrations iu state and nation;' and recollecting all those circumstances, .it waa dfi'iiH'd most fitting tho lir<t words in behulf of Democrat!-: prim-ip'-s -liould be utti'rod upon tun soil roudmvd inter•sting by such pleasant memories. "I propose to conduct a creditable canvass in behalf of uiy party which honored we with it« leadership, wliat-- ever tho rosult, I shall bo able to retain at least my own self respect «nd I ho pit as well the personal respect of my ad- vorsuriea KludllMt Veelln*; For Morton. "For the distinguished and venerable gentleman whom the Republican party has selected us my opponent in this campaign, or more accurately npeiikliiy, tho gentleman whom Mr, Plittt s«lectwl and whose selection the convontlou subsequently ratified, I have nothing but the kindliest feelings and the most profound personal respect. I acknowledge bis many excellent qualities and am indebted to uim for many courtesies while he was presiding otlicer of the senate, Of genial disposition, of conceded business abilfty aud of lurge means, he naturally attracts friends and his candidacy for auy position which be may booonitti most formidable and dangerous. "Born in the state of Vermont, prohibition Vermont, let me observe, the •tato whoso Republicanism Is most extreme aud ill-liberal in its character, he afterwards removed to New Hampshire, and it is a peculiar and significant fact, not without special interest in this campaign, that all the while Mr. Morton lived in New Hampshire and until as late as the ye»r 1H07, the constitution of that state was uioet prescriptive in it» torus »ud actually prohibited any penum not of the Pfotaitttut religion from buiug governor or a member of either house of the legislature aud its bill of righto then provided and still provides that only Protestant teachers of piety, religion and morality may be maintained at public, •xpeus* of the rotnvotivo towns of the •tato. It in wot iuipnhtiible tit* early narrow luwoulutiaus of Voriuout and the proaudiitivtt souUinenU of Now Hampshire which buiT"umliHl Mr. Morton duriuK Ills widow. > in tuuso itaten, uitty have iiillutmcud h:a cuuviotlouB upon curtain mibliu qucitioiui uud lea to his ue- lection In tliia uwuliar crisis. ••Everybody known the rual Republic- 1 au ouudld,utu titf govwaor is uot Mr. Morton, but Mr. Platt himself. It i« the toic* of Levl, but the hr.Mite of Thomas. The people of the :!»te, especially thoughtful Republicans, hare not forgot»ten the fact that for every office which Mr. Morton has aspired to he has been pushed forward by Mr. Platt. When the Republicans of the state decided to send William Evarts to the United States Senate, his candidacy was opposed by Mr. l?latt, who forced Mr. Morton into the contest against hi'i; when Warnef Miller'K term as senator expired and he, by tho usages of his party, was entitled to re-election, Mr. Platt again made Mr. Morton a candidate and succeeded in defeating Mr. Miller by finally throwing the Morton votes to Mr. Hiscock. • Mr. Morton's nomination to the vice presidency Traa secured for him by Mr. Platt, who controlled the New York delegation. And noto this same very respectable and venerable gentleman, at the age of 71 yean, was selected by Mr. Platt mouths before the Republican convention convened as his candidate for governor. Severely Condemn* the A. P. A, "I condemned in my speech at Sara-, toga and I condemn here, also that un- American spirit which ie insidnously fastening itaelf upon portions of our communities, which seeks to set up a religious test as one of the qualifications «for public office of this country. Any organization, secret or otherwise, which has this object in view deserves the execration of every good citizen. It is useless to deny the fact sympathy for this intolerant'spirit has found much support in Republican circles. Ibe recent &e- pnblican state convention, although urgently requested to do so, deliberately refused to incorporate any* provisions in its platfbrm condemning such an un- American policy of intolerance. In the national constitution which our fathers framed it was wisely provided thai too religions test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trait nnder the United States.' This proposition reflected the wisdom of our early statesmen, illustrated their liberal spMt and showed their true patriotism.. Pralie* the New Tariff la*. "The Democratic party in 1898 took charge of the government under unfavorable and adverse circumstances. Wttb a slender majority in the senate and an unwieldy majority in the house, it is not to be wondered that the measure BOW submitted to the judgment of the coon- try does not in all respects meet the public expectations. It is, however, a vast improvement over the McKimler law and recognizes, in part at least, (he Democratic doctrine of frae raw materials, and has appropriately provided for free raw wool, free lumber and free nit. It has reduced the duty on coal and ixaa nearly OU per cent. The general average | reduction from the MoKinley rates is nearly H3 1-3 per cent. The elimination of sugar bounties saves to the American people nearly |18,0o0,00ti annually. Every man, despite the Republican statements to the contary, should understand that another general or extensive tariff revision is not contemplated by the Democrats now or in the future. Will Treat All Faction* Alike, "I believe in honest government in national, state, city and town, and I have no sympathy with fraud or corruption anywhere. I pledge my best effort to uproot rascality wherever it may exist in our state and to puuish the offenders wherever found. If the nomination which I have reluctantly accepted under circumstances with which you are familiar, shall be ratified by the people. I shall assume that office under no oWlga- tlou to any ring, machine or political clique and free from uny muungling alliance whatever and with the sole desire to discharge my duty to the whole people according to the beat of my ability. To party friends, I have only to say the party differences shall be forgotten aud that all interests, all sections and fao- tioua shall bo treated fairly aud alike, With Malice Toward None. "I regret that certain very estimable gentlemen in New York and Brooklyn have announced their unwillingness to give me their support at the election and express a desire to advocate a third - tic'.cot. With 'malice toward none, and i with charity to all," with no words of j cunsuro or complaint, I leave them to discharge their duty to their country and their party according to their conscience. I do only miggoet nnd hope that if they ciinnot consistently sue their way clear to give me their support, that they will loyally support my honorable associates upon this ticket—Daniel M. Look wood and Charles F. Drown. "A united Democratic party in this state will give us the victory. With honest aud vigorous offora to poll our vote, with u ttrui reliance upon the justice of our cause, let us cuter tbp «onto»t with a determination that we can and shall place the Democratic party iu the victorious column where it stood seven years straight during my former administration and whoru it belongs today. "I repeat what I said in opening the campaign in Brooklyn in September, 1H09, iu behalf of cur national standard bearorn, Cleveland and Btevouson, to secure the victory which awaits us, we must organize, organise, organloe." Water Bond* Carry. TAIJUOE, Neb., Oot. 19.—At the •lec- tion the water bonds curried by a vote of 70 to »l. The bauds or* for IB.OOO, tho plant to cost fM.iKX) and |D.(MM to be supplied by towu warrant bauds, Contractors will be uiudu to employ labor- lag men living hero. Cattle •temllui lu Wu««l«r 0«M». CEUAU lUi'iiw, Neb,, Out; 1$.—A buuoh of IOU cuttle, owuvd by farmer* In this vioiuity, .which has boso gracing in Whuulur uouuty, in wportod stolen. Them is uo ulow to th« thievgs. H. Rlod aud W, Dodsou eaoli lost « oar- load of one eteoro Gluthluf »lurt> lloultud. FUIA,KUTON, Nob., Oot. i.',—Burglars »utwud tliu bloro of Ponuv tfc Hou aud stole u ixmsidm'ttblo amount of cllothlng uud fuinuliiug goods, to tlig v«luo of |900, but thu CUDU druwur >iu<l tut* were uot umalxeU, CZSR IS SHUPE. Expecting to Die r.rtd Worrying About State Affairs. HIS sen vro'S'T HAIRY TO SUIT, to Mrirry !'• "'t",n AIlx—Cza* rim \Wlf:» • of RtM.lla—NflW of Rnniti'iiilu — Annrnhliit* rrrtic.h WIlc.Mn—lii'itlali Mln- v \v. T,l Hun:: Olianir. TV-'v.N, O<!t. la.— A m-mber of the r.t:ili i>r ihn Rnsi'iun embassy of this city says that the czar fully expects to die, Imt is ung'T for his retnov ' to Corfu, the latter step becoming int;> rative if the only chance to save his life is taken. Professor Leyden persists in his rather favorable diagnosis of the czar's case and he fully believes that it' it is left entirely in his hands he will he able to effect a cure. The czar ia incessantly worried; first, about the plainly approaching death of his eon, George, and secondly, the conduct of the czarovitch, who stubbornly refuses to inarry Princess Alix. The Russians assign the, refusal to the great love of the czarevitch for his mistress, a most beautiful Jewess, who seems to have such a hold on him that for the sake of keeping her he has offered to renounce his right of succession to the throne. At the same time, the czar fears for the welfare of Russia ana, perhaps, far the peace of Europe, if a regency is necessary. These worries, Professor Leyden asserts, constitute the greatest feature of the czar'i caM. Territory Belong* to Mexico. CITY OF MEXICO, Oct. 13.— A Guatemala correspondent interviewed a number of foreign diplomats here in reference to the question between Mexico and Guatemala and all concurred that the territory in question undoubtedly belong* to Mexico. General Mnnoz, minister of foreign affairs of Guatemala, saya the government of Guatemala is preparing a note replying to the demands of Mexico. It is, therefore, untrue that any military movement has taken place. on either aide so far. Colonel Ignace Brevo has been promoted to brigadier general. General Feliciano Chararri ii dying. _ Kew Prlnoe** of Ronmanla. ' BERLIN, Oct. 12.— Princess Ferdinand of Ronmania wai delivered of a daughter Thursday. Princess Ferdinand, Princess Maria of Edinburgh, was married on Jan. 10, 1MHJ, to Prince Ferdinand Von Hohenzollern, nephew of King Charles of Ronmania, heir presumptive to the throne of Roumania. The princeei guve birth to a son on Oct. 15, I80o. _ _ 1 Plot A(aln>t the Ctarl BERLIN, Oct. 13.— The correspondent of the Associated Press has been informed semi -officially that an extensive plot against the life of the czar has been discovered. In the conspiracy are a large number of officers. Many arrests have already been made. Committed For Extradition. LONDON, Oct. la.— Percival Neale, the Canadian customs officer who was arrested Sept. 18, charged with absconding |B,0<K> belonging to the customs department of the Dominion of Canada, was committed for extradition to Regina, Northwest Territory. AnncehliU Threaten French Official!. PARIS, Oct. 12. — The Journal announces a number of government and municipal officers in this city have received threatening letters from anarchists in London. The letters rtlso defend Ceoario Santo, the executed murderer of President Carnot. _ Jap* Bout the Chinese. LONDON, Oct. 12.— A dispatch from Tokio says that a detachment of Japanese cavalry and luf autry ' has made an attack upon and routed a force of 2,000 Chinese at Wi Ju and that the place remains in the hands of the Japanese. • Bud an Interview With LI Huug Ohanf. TIKN TSIN, Oct. .13;— N. R. O'Connor, the British minister, has had an interview with Viceroy Li Hung Chang, Mr. O'Connor will now go to Poking to obtain au audience with the emperor. Preparing fur the Ciar** Arrival. ATIIBNS, Oct. 1 8.— Count Beudondorf, the orar's grand marshal, ha* gone to Corfu in order to prepare for the arrival there of the cear, Properly of American* Burned. COLON, Colombia, Oct. I a.— A destructive fire took place at Hocus dul Toro. Valuable property belonging to Atuerlcani was burned. HarquU el Bant*. Aua Dead, MADRID, Out. 13,— The Marquis of Bauta Ana, founder of The (..'oruepondola do* Espuuia, is dead. Another Wreck In WUoanilu. TOMAHAWK, Win., Oct. U.— Two flat cam on the Sou line at Turtle Lake were started down grade last night in tiuia to moot the ewitbouud passenger. Tbe train was thrown from top truck. Fire- luuu P. A, Spitwuu wan slightly hurt ulKMt the bead, UHggugomaii Lemuel R. Parry ww slightly injured in the buck. No oue else was hurt. Tbe wreck DU Monday wtu al Tomahawk Junotiou unit kulod oue wan uud fatally injured another. UrIUfa Hubullt. Loumv1u.B, Oct. iy. -Tim rebuilding of the illfatod eu«u of the Louisville and Jutfeniouvlllo bridtfolins boon completed. This |H the span that wont down Dec, Id lust, killing a uumbitr n \v<u;kmeu, Thrive IndloluU Ko JSu PASO, .Tex., Oct. K.-WebsUr Kluiiuugau, ex- fallout or of customs at t)iis port, wa» thriuo imUutod by the .VUi-ral gruiu] jury on vim cliurgu of aid- mg and ubattiug FINISHING THE MISSISSIPPI SURVEY. (government Vnrly Clearing Cp the Work on the Great River. BURLINGTON, Ia., Oct. 18 —Lieutenant B. E, Barrett and a party of government lurveyors are in the city, making thll port their headquarters while surveying the Mississippi river. For the last seven years the government has been making a map of the Mississippi valley from bluff to bluff, and the party now here is measuring the shore lines and taking soundings to locate the channels and land bars. This will be the finishing touch to the long work upon the maps of the Mississippi river and valley. There are those who believe they see in all this surveying a purpose of the government to spend greater sums of money in the future to improve this vast system of waterways. Caused HnToo and Detraction. APALACHICOLA, Fla., Oct. 12.—Never before in the history of the town was so much havoc and destruction played by storm and tide as Monday night. Water, Commerce .and Market streets are a mass of log*, boats, lumber and debris. 80 far two lives are reported lost. Two residences were carried three-quarters of a mile and placed in a marsh. All the docks were totally destroyed, houses were unroofed and fences scattered every* where. Families sought safety on the hills, only to be routed by the terrific gale. Fifty Thousand Poitafe Stamp* Stolen. WASHINGTON, Oct. m.—William B. Smith of New Jersey, a laborer employed in the bureau of engraving and printing, was arrested, charged with stealing 50,000 2-cent postage stamps from the government. Smith New York a few days ago and it is alleged placed the stamps on sale there. This fact became known here through postal authorities and subsequently word came from a postmaster that his package of stamps was 60,000 short. It is believed other employes are implicated. tUlnote Central Will Act Independently. CHICAGO, Oct. W.—The Illinois Central has given notice of withdrawal from the Western Passenger association. It claims the action of the association in refusing to authority round trip tickets from Chicago to California via New Orleans at the rate of f 100 has forced it out of the Pacific coast business and it will act independently hereafter. Kearnejr Bank Cloae* It* Door*. KEARNEY, Neb., Oct. 12.—The directors of the First National bank have closed its doors and posted the following notice: "This bank has suspended par- mont owing to impossibility to make collections or realize om the assets." The bank had a capital of 0100,000. Flnt Indian Fair Ever Held. DEPEUE, Wis., Oct. M.—The- first Indian agricultural fair ever held in America opened on the Oneida reservation west of the city. The fair was. conceived and is conducted entirely by the Oueidas, and is a striking evidence of their thrift and progress. Pawed Lincoln City Script M Honey. NEBRASKA CITY, Oct. 13.— Charles Stone and Fred Brooks were arrested on the charge of passing counterfeit money. Both prisoners are youths and hail from Lincoln. The alleged counterfeit money proved to be Lincoln city script of the vintage of 1670. •eduction In Cabin Fare*. HAMBURG, Oct. 12.—The North German Lloyd and the Hamburg-American company have agreed upon -a reduction of the cabin fares charged for passengers on their express steamers. The reduction will go into effect Oct. 15.' Sugar Houutjr Ueeuiloa. WASHINGTON, Oct. ia.—The sngar bounty mandamus case against the secretary of the treasury, brought by the Miles Milling cuuip of Louisiana, will probably be decided by Judge McComai next Saturday. Hcury Watterson's Daughter Married. LOUISVILLE, Oct. 12.—Miss Milbrey Wattereon and William Alouzo Miller were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wuttenon. Two Kohuoner* A*hore. . CHATHAM, Oct. 12.—The schooners Light ol the East and A. B. WitherlU are unuore at West Deuuis. The former is a total wreck. ROBERT J STILL KING. Beats Joe Patchen at the Interstate Pair. TWO IOWA FOEGERS SENTENCED, , Indorsed by CJ.Tio.ui-<l.mnrMmu«. NEW YOUK, Out, la. —Tho German- Amuricun Inform uuiou held a luwtlug iiutuwu4 tho ticket uuuiiuutud. l>y tht THE MARKET REPORTS BY WIRE. Chicago Drain aud Provisions. CnioAao, Out. 11.— Tbe tfoverunient report wus lullowotl today by Its usual break In the prlco uf grain. Wheat autl corn aru eaoh HO luwur for May delivery thun at tl(» olu*o yesterday. Provident rallied uour the close oa buying by packers and ulaaed nilgktly Muy uau flulihud with a low* or Ho. CI.OSINU pnirsw. W11KAT— Ootober, fiUKo; December. 880; May, Mo. C'OKN-Uutuber. «W(<>; November, MMoi r>»r.Miitwr, UKo; May, 4UHu. OATd-Ootobur, >*o; November. RUo; December, !g»4<>; Muy, IttWQ&iHv. 1'DKK— Ootouur, I1S.S4; January. LARD-Ootolmr. |T.S5;Jaiiuary,|7.40. KlUS-Ootobur. IU.IU; January. K.*f ,CIU«a«o U»e etude. CHICAGO, Oct. ll.-OAtTLB-Thtr* were Diuru good oatlltt lion* today th»a far tame II 1110 im*t and tfolv* did »ol nUow up w«l|. NHIIVU* <«jliU»iior»U>- »l II. ft and Sa.TS for cow», u»lt«ra and bull*, aud al S4.00O4.7S (or . oM«« u( wtmivrnn were uu a bant* at .tO (or .poor lu oholoo aud T«ift*(o*ule ioted »r|l.aK>8 M. TUere wa» a good Inquiry fur 4|o|i^«i<« and feodun at IH.lWftata and Hit «alf oiikrkttt wan iteady »t fi.ittgtf.AO. HIKIH— The hog uiurkvi underwent * further Improvement. Prluen .advanced I0o Im- Bii»llKt«ly upon the upoalny of budnet*. but a lUllo later anything oould U> »uld at lUo »d-. TUIUU uu Wudntmduy'* I'rk'M. Tu« bulk told tbovii 90.10 and tlmru wore many naleial |A Tlmi'liieo wan *lrou». .slll'flLP— Cuuiimrutlvi'ly fuw of lb« ulieop w.'iit abuvu S^.Mauil tliu bulk uould b« bought bc-lciw |D. 06. Utmbtt wvro i)UOted at f l. fur poor tg ultolov. KroaluU— UstUe, J7.1M); calvie*. 8U)| i «be*u, WI.UU). \ ttouth Ouiah|t t4ve etock. OSAKA, Oct. n:-cA , (.UK) iivudi lauu to litn itu., ., ., li.uu4i.7A-, VKJ tM UUU ItM., I oliuUi«g«w«, |)i.»«*a.l6l uouiiuuu 6U^«.lkJ; (vu d fuedvr*. | eediM<u..fU.ttiI»)J.6U. Murkol . u,uu bfudi light, a e'.ilj to <ki low*r. lV).tUKt • Ohnuls at Work In an Iowa Town—Wholesale Grocers Meet at Cedar Rapids—Mc- Danlel Bound Ornr In the Sumof »1,(5OO. Finishing iUlsslnslppl Surrey—Teaeher Charged With Killing a Scholar. Sioux CITY, Ia., Oct. la.—The largest crowd that ever gathered at a trotting event in the northwest witnessed the races between the two pacers, Robert J and Joe Patchen, at the Interstate fair Thursday. Fully 25,000 people were on the grounds. Patchen took the lead at the start by a shoulder, and kept it with hurdiy the variation of a hair's breadth to the stretch, when Robert J slowly crept up to him and came under the wire by a short neck in 3:0o. In the second heat Robert J took the lead from the start and easily hold it to the'finish, making the second mile in exactly the same time as the first. The last heat was the sensation of the race. The start was a perfect one, tho two great paoers crossing the wire nose and nose. Robert J soon put a length between himself aad his rival. Coming into the stretch, Geers let Robert J out and he came under the wire like a shot five lengths ahead of Patchen. There was a cyclone of applause a few minutes after when the time was announced at S!:08>£, within* a second of his record. The last quarter was at a 2-mlnnte gait. TWO IOWA FORGERS SENTENCED. Two Hen Given Penitentiary Terms Fe» Signing Other People's Name*. CRESTON, Ia., Oct. 12.—D. O. Carter was sentenced by Judge Towner to a term of four years in the penitentiary for forgery, having forged the names of several fanners to notes of various amounts. In the district court at Bedford O. O. Werry was sentenced to a term of two years at hard labor in the Fort Madison penitentiary for forgery. Werry, while on a visit to his parents at Lenox, forged his father's name to a note for |8DO. He was subsequently arrested at his home in|Oage county. Nebraska. He attempted to take his life when arrested, and, as Judge Towner considers the fellow of unsound mind, he exercised clemency in pronouncing sentence, The maximum penalty is 10 years. Benad Over In the Sam of •l.ROO. KEOKUK, Ia., Oct. 19.—After a three days' trial at Memphis, Mo., W. E. Mo- Daniel, the informer in the Santa Fe hold-up case, was bound over to the grand jury in the sum of $1,800, which he gave. During the progress of the trial it was brought out the Link Overfield, one of the principals, had first planned the robbery over three pears ago. Smallpox Interfered. CRESTON, Ia., Oct. 18.— The southwest district Christian Endeavor convention of Iowa, which was to have been conr vened at Tabor, continuing three days, has been indefinitely postponed by order of the executive committee. The prevalence of smallpox, and the development of several new coses within the past few days, was the cause. Ghoul* at Work In an lewa Tow*. KEOKOK, Ia., Oct. 13.—An attempt was made to rob the grave of a daughter of W. A. Donnell of Donnellson, one of i the wealthiest men in the county. The | ghouls were frightened away before completing their work. Sheriff Trump of Fort Madison and Deputy McCormick of Keokuk are looking for the criminals. Teacher Ohnrged With Killing. low* FALLS. In., Oot. ia.— Professor Arnold, formerly assistant principal of the schools here., has been arrested for manslaughter at Bttllevue. He was principal of the schools there and a year ago whipped a boy, who has since died. The parents think the whipping caused the death. ' Met Instant Dvatb. INDKFENDKNCE, Ia., Oct. 13.—Ham Wilson, un employe at tho hospital for the insane, fell from a scaffold. Death was instantaneous. Another painter aluug to tho eaveg until he was rescued. Iowa Wholesale Uroeer* iloel, CROAII RAPIDS, Ia., Out. la.—Iowa Wholuuulu Grocers' association met here and decided to abide by the association rules aud covor any price made by Chicago or othor jobbing centers. Hun Ov.r aad Killed. LYONS, lu., Oot. 18.—William Qoorgo, a retirud wuKonmoker at Wbeatlaud aud au old roniduut of this section, was ruu ovor uud killed ou the Northwestern trucks. Killed lu a Knuaway. TOLEDO, la., Oct. 13.— The 4-year-old daughter of Frank Nikola was killed aud Mm. Nikola fatally iujured in a ran- away. four Hchuuuer* Uo to Piece*. POHTLANU, Mo., Out. 18.— The tohoou- at Laura Cox, which weut a«uor« ou a roof in Broad Cove, Is going to places uud will be a total lo*a. Tho sohoouer Uutiitt aud Ada, which weut ashore ou 'iVundy'D roul, will also Iw a tola I low. Tin' odioonur Draliiu, which was ds- turifdoff Ricltuioud's Uluud.wout ashore/ nut was ground to piece*. UulldliiK Huiall Torpedo Huat*. WAVIIINQTON, Oct. ia.—For the first timu tho uuvul ooustruotortf have undertaken to build uiuall torpedo bouts to bo curried on tho duck.-* of * the Muiuo aud Hi.' IVx.u; Two uf ihuso bout* uro build- in* ut tbo Now York navy yurd aud two ;it tliu Norfolk yard and they are now iifurly couiplolo. - Mltitt Dwuor. £i|>i Hi Uuuli Uuslae**. UUI-K Sl'iUMW, Wy., Oot. JU.-U l« thu ^pinion ul' tlio iniiiu uwiiois hero that tliu MYSTERIOUS PdRTLANO MURDER, flii ttemnlnn of O. W, Say ren Found Floating tn the Willamette. PORTLAND, Or.. Oct. 0. — Tho horribly mutilated remains of George W. Sayret, who has been missing since the night of Sept. y8, Were found floating in the Willamette river. On the night of Sayres' disappearance an unknown man called at Stiyres' homo and engaged him in conversation carried on in an undertone. Sayres took his hat and left the house, and that was the last seen of him until his body was recovered Friday morning. The police have arrested six men of bad reputation who. it is believed, can throw some light on the murder. One of them, John Burns, a laboring man, has confessed that he was hired to make way with Sayres, but after going on the errand several times his conscience got the best of him and he refused to carry out the plot. The murdered man was deeply involved in litigation and Mrs. Sayres says that a man named Burns had called at the house several times, but her husband was out each time. Sayres told his wife that Burns represented a man named Kelly, supposed to be one of the men arrested, who was going to advance him |2uo to help him tide over his financial difficulties. Whliky Trait Betrenchlnf. PEORIA, Ills., Oct. 6. — As a rarilt ol the meeting of the whisky trust dirtctors a policy of retrenchment was begun, which, it is estimated, will save $18,000 a month. The rebate department will bs abolished as soon .as the outstanding rebates are settled, the expensive managers of the individual houses . will bs cut off) clerks and bookkeepers at ths district offices will be discharged apd the work will be concentrated at the trust's headquarters. The meeting ol western distributors, wbJoh adjourned from Cincinnati last week to meet here, will not be held, the abolition of the rebate system having removed the necessity. _ Orlevsnee' Agalnit Canadian Pexriflo. CHICAGO, Oct. 6.— Serious trouble ia looming up before the emigrant (Jfiartng house of the Western Passenger aMooia- tion, and the meeting of that body on Monday is likely to lead to some decisiv*. action against the Canadian Pacific road. The steamship lines which brihg emigrant business to the lines in the association are complaining that the Canadian Pacific is paying such large conunissions that they are unable to compete with It. Hungarian* Grant Rellflou* Ub*»ty. BUDA PESTH, Oct. «.— In tHe upper house of the Hungarian diet flto bill granting liberty of worship to all religious beliefs was adopted by a tuajority of three. Cardinal Schlanch, the Servian patriarch and the Romanian and orthodox bishops opposed the measure, declaring that the eccliastical proposals of the government would ruin society and the state. wilt I HI MIMA! lht> >T. ''uiuu'icul urdor*- ure now i; ... • idly uud lliu JulUttud fur u i* .<• 'redoing. Omaha Garbage Contract Valid. LINCOLN, Out. ft.—The supreme court held the contract entered into by_tha Omaha council with Alexander McDonald for the exclusive control of the garbage of the city for 10 years valid. It was charged that the contract wue secured by dishonest methods since the compensation was enormously excessive. "• New York Millionaire Arrelted. MONTREAL, Oct. 0.—Lymau Brown, the New York millionaire has been arrested hero (on a charge of conspiracy preferred by his daughtor-in-luw. Some weeks ago Brown's sou was arrested here for failing to provide frrr his family and it was alleged that ho was spirited away by his father. Ciarowlt*'* Marriage Again Veelponed. ST. PETEIISBUHU, Oct. «.—The marriage of tho O'zarowitz to Princess Alix of Heese has been postponed again, this time ou account of tho illness of the czar. It U uow expected the marriage will not tako place until June next. SMALL SPARKS FROM THE WIRES. Tho trial of ex-Secri-t«ry ot SUit« Liud- hohn for embezzlement 1ms boon fixed at LiuiHinn, Mich., for Oct. 7. His bail is 15,000. Susan 1). Anthony will start Suuday for Kansas, wheru she is to tako un active part in advocatluK the female suffrage, plank of tho Populist platform. The whisky trunt proposes to retrench and save ovtir &00.000 annually. Managers, lniokkt'1'pcra and clerks at the various plant* will bo relieved. A Mexiortu National double-headed freight WHS ditched neul Monterey, Max., killing KiiKliH'or Dan Drouimn and Engi- ueur Joe ..Sliurp, th u latter of East ot, Louis. W. U. MercUltli, lender of tho opposition lu Hit Ontario Irgttiluturo, has be*« appoltitud olili'f justlcu of tho court of oumtnou pleaa, vice Sir Thomas Quit, ra- tlreti on account of old nge, Vratik Dnpre, a cnmmerolal trnvelei (rout ilocliMitvr, N. Y., was sandbagged aud roblMMl of over 11,'JOU at Toronto, Ont. Ho may diu uf UU injurle*. The Yickvburg, Minn., uottou exchange and board of trade luivo oallod au tnt4r- sUU convention tu the Inturunt of an »ati- optiuu bill to moot lu that city Nov. 80. TUti window glHM factory at Klwood, Ind., opeuud Tluusilny wllli 800 men. The tin pinto factory will open uejtt Monday. Captutit 1'. Ii. Ray's preliminary exam- luutlou for lllwgalty branding uattla was IWKUII at I<auilur, Wy. Tliu govurniuout and a Mrs. Iloyd both olutm awuorsliip to the cattle. John A. Ktttun of Wiudtild, Kau., a promliu'nt Uumoornt, offora to ntuntu the statu for tho I'lipnllula iu ord«r to help defeat tho UepulilloaiiH. Mlllloimlro Ii. M. llyur* bu« Ui«u Ho- ulart'd liiHttm- l>y u jury nt I'lttntHirg. United Stut.'s iiitli'liil.i liavu buou uoll- lled of Kcmmlor'h wlllingnuuut to arbitral* the Bantoa i-liilin. Mi'tlu'ili.s!.-, u( lnwa have decUuwt uguiiibt tiic inuli't law aud favor total prohibitory K'«i»latlon. Hoilles ol 5U |KU'»ouH, victim* of wnt tr»p' l °al ttlorum, hnvo IMMIII wn a»luin' near Key \\Y*t. Dlruotiiht »f Ihu whisky Uu»t Ivuvo oc- a n-i|uutloa of IU venU pur (jtillou, at u licit. Thv nhiu City of Atlioun hu* willwl lur Wie Uuftt'd Kingdom with tUo Of wheat tthl|>pud«froiu Taoomu, i 1,600 uin».

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