The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 12, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1894
Page 4
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What the Gay World of Fashioti is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles i SILK GOWNSf Are Now Witltlii Bench of Personi of Moderate Means* Silken fabrics In grcnt variety nro as fashionable this fall os they'were during thu summer. Next to wool, silk Is the eoedcst thing to dye, and It runs riot In tfto \vholo gnnnit of colors. The nnilino «iyes, evolved by German chemists from coal tnr, give many of the most delightful tints. For the rest there Is innddor and Brazil wood, tumorio nnd cochineal, indigo, logwood, fustic, Prussian blue nnd R hundred more. There Is no shnde, no tint, no cloud of color but may bo caught and repeated In order that beauty may be adorned like unto the king's daughter In "vestureof gold Wrought about with divers colors." Not many years ago the wearing of silk was confined to the favored few who possessed long purses, but lately, especially during the !ast year or BO, silk of good quality has been BO reduced in price that It is now easily obtainable by tho woman of moderate income. Ribbons and silk hosiery as well as piece silk are wonder- si LR AND CLOTH GOWK. f ullr cheap, as are plush and art drnperloi, while silk and linen and silk mixed are superseding silesia and cambric for the lining of bodices and skirts. • As cold wcuthcr approaches fine woolen goods will bo combined witii silk, an excellent opportunity for such combinations being afforded by the double and draped skirts, which, while not yet prevailing over the plain variety, are quite a la mode and are shown in many of the new designs. Before they succeed in ousting plain skirts from general favor It will bo necessary to contract the width now accepted as tho ruje, for a skirt four yards around additionally weighted with' drapery Is ton heavy for the average woman to carry about with her. The sketch shows a gown of gray cloth combined with gray and white striped , silk. The-lower skirt is of bias silk, the upper of cloth lined with white satin. Tho cloth bodice is out with a ripple basque and 1ms cloth rovers over wider white satin ones. The vest and cuffs are of Bilk, with the stripes arranged in points. JUDIC CHOLLET. SUITS FOR BOYS. Tll«y Mus* Withstand tlie ITardtuit Klud of Ullage. The Beams of boys' clothing should bo Buptly and strongly finished at the ends and strong linen thread used in tholr'nian- iifaoture. Buttons must especially receive plenty of thread, and those that iuivo to boar a strain should bo sewed on over a pin or a match, which should bo removed whon tho sewing is done. Tlio thread should (hen bo wound around the strands between the button and tho cloth until a stfncturo is buiit which Is perfectly fln& Tien tlic thread should bo securely fastened on the under hide. It is astonishing to find linw many mothers nnd oven professional BemnstrosHcs do not euw buttons oil in this way and Buom nover to Iuivo hoard of it. A strong double lining or stay for the button should bo provided, or else ut the (irst provocation tho boy will demolish tho very cloth itself, and nothing will bo loft upon which u new button may foo established. On nil ready mmlu suits the buttons should be curufully ruscwud HOYS' sum. Ijirforo Die buy Is allowed to put thorn on. Cloth oovwtiil buttons) are u delusion. At bast thu cloth covering weurti shabby iu a few waok«, und it Is ofton dlllloult to inutoh suoJ* butUJUk, Bone and gutta pur- elm uro gout) enough for any common BU^t. BVuld binding, oven whon it is of alpaca, in to bo avoided. It weara off uurly In 0011- blllcupUB jilaeoB und must bu uftun renewed. Most mothers llnd.tho roudy nmdosuits, if purchased from a good ehop, thu most uuunonilciul. Among wont of UIUKU, uvon uujiio of tl\u boot, 'u prevalent fuilliig in u Buvrowuoes of the oout aurotw tliu ehest. a'liu i-utiult of tills iu to iiiiike tho boy stoop u«d to Injure liltf breutlilng ])0\vur. It would liu butter to Jmvo Uu> caul u irlllo •too broad tlmn too narrow. Indued In i.iiy- Iflg coats for Ki'iAvlnghoyuallowance i: ;;•.(, lie Hindu I'm much Jllllnu out and bliv. 'i- iUtf m» dulln^ u pui'luU uf three or lui.r WOllUlH, A kliuU'li IB ulvoii of two nulls for a 7-yiu»r-old boy, tin- Jlfbtuf bri^i 1 . tlieiioconvl Qt C'Jolll. Jfiitoh in niituljUi fin- Milmul wear .iciMi- CIIOU.KI'. WINTER WRAPS AND GOWNS. i i °" the left is mn(le of dar ' t brown velutina, trimmed with Spanish laoe._ rhe wrap u of soal brown velvet, trimmed to match the gown. The skirt on the nght is of drab cheviot, iind the cape of cherry satin covered with black chontilly. Ine gown in tho center is made of light drab novelty, with waist of figured rep. NEW BODICES. they May Still Be of Bright Colon and • Wide Variety of Trimming. There IB no diminution in the popular- ty of bodices differing in color and ma- erlal from the skirt with wMch they are worn. Not only is crape and every sort if Bilk used for these garments, but bright aned challles and other wooljn goods. Summer gowns of Toiling and crepon, the lainty color of which has been faded or Inured here and there, may be taken apart and the best pieces utilized to make bouse BILK BODICE. waists for winter wear. Trimmed with ot, ribbons or black velvet, tho effect is ery good. A full, round bodice of red bailie, with black figures, for instance, may be made over a fitted lining and gath- red along tho shoulder setun and around he neck and waist. A pointed corselet is hen simulated by two bands of black vol- et ribbon. A black velvet collar with houx finishes tho neck, and a black velvet jolt encircles the waist. The tight sleeves ave velvet bands at the wrists and a dou- le puff above'the elbow, divided by velvet ands. For evening wear different bodices re particularly liked and are made In arying degrees of elaboration, Plain glace silk, so long favored, is now begln- ing to give way to stripes and checks, vhile black coraiif'es uro brightened up by ollars, cuffs und belts of brilliant velvet. cranium and bluet aro the shades of tho moment, but liliui of u warmer tone is scon nd also rich tones of olive. For breakfast wear a pretty variety of lussian blouse is shown. Made of striped annel, it Is smooth over the shoulders, but athored at tho front nnd buck of tho nock, vhlch is rounded and collarluss. Tho louse opens at one siile of thu front, un- or a flat band of trimming. A similar and borders the nock and sloovcs and urniH tho bolt. A blouse of glace silk is shown in the ketch. Tho upper part is tucked to form yoke, and thu fullness in confined by a ibbon belt. The sleeve puffs are tucked t the fihouldiTH and midway of tho arm. 'ho lower part of tho slnovus is plain. JUBIC CHOLLET. FASHIONABLE TRIMMINGS. tlbbuu, I/aci! uuil tlm IVrcimltil Popularity of Jet, Bibboi| decorations are us fashionable his fall as t|iey were during the Hiunmor. loth satin and moiro ribbon aro used In houx, knots, bunds and bretellos. Ribbon jolts are worn, tied at tho side or behind with long (Ionting ends, (luipuronnd otli- r lace, especially chanlllly, are favored and aro used In every possible way. The wide lace collars worn during tho summer are «oeu iu greater variety than ever, l.ACi: TlilMMKI) GOWN. vhilo (jhapotl pluiH'u for culTn, epaulet*, Iguros und but><jm>d may bo ubtulnud In all tho uvuul tints. This greatly blmnll- Hub trlmiulugof gowns and mlmltu of thoir bulng ulUuwl with HUle trouble. Jut BUOIUU tu enjoy u puruanliil popularity. It never good out of Cushion olthor for tho duooi'utluH of gowns or inllMnory. Tiio Bjuu'luguiw uf u flliiKjuallty u sementcrie is more olfectivo than lavish quantities of the cheaper sort. Gold and steel trimmings appear in profusion among the autumn Importations, and fashion still insists upon frosted plumes in spite of their extreme fragility. Tho plain ostrich plume is likwiso to be much employed this winter for the decoration of gowns as well as of hats. It is always beautiful and becoming, and provided that it is not allowed to get damp it remains in good condition for a long time. Buckles will remain in style as long as belts are fashionable. They are not as large as they were a few years ago, but are shown in greater variety and are used for a larger number of purposes. In buying a jot buckle it is more economical to take the best quality, as the cheap ones come to pieces eueily nnd will be unlikely to last out half the season, while tho good ones can be used over and over, besides looking much better. An illustration Is given of a silk and wool gown trimmed with guipure. The plain skirt has a full tnblier of soft silk and is trimmed around the foot with guipure Vandykes. The round, belted bodion has a basque, yoke and epaulets of guipure, the lower part of the sleave puffs being similarly trimmed. JUDIO CHOLLKT. Peach Dumpling. Into a quart of sifted flour rub a table- epoonful of lard, add 2 tonspoonfuls of salt and milk enough to make a soft doucrli; roll out the dough und out Into rounds, and In the middle of eaoh of these plaoo a peach, pared, but not stoned. Put the dumplings on a plate, steam them for a little less than three-quarters of an hour' and serve hot with cream sauce. HENRIETTA CLOTH Will Not Wear Oat and I* Handnome «nd Stylish. A good quality of henrictta cloth Is by far the most durable, reliable und satisfactory of all materials. Thcro is practically no wear out to it, and it is always Handsome and stylish. With a little trimming of good mohair braid, this makes a dross that has more uses and gives better satisfaction than anything In the market. There is another advantage in this fabric which is a great point in its favor. It can always bo matched, and even though thuro aro but two breadths left those two can bo put with now without quarreling. In old times it was tho custom for • woman to buy a good black silk at stated intervals. When tho new one was made, the last one was taken for second bust, and whatever remained of older ones made an afternoon dro=f or something that would combine wiui or trim goods of uaothei MOUIINIKO COBTUMK. sort, and thu same may bu donn with a honrlettu, only on an oven more extensive BCItlu. Thoro is nothing In tho whole catalogue of fabrics that makes such an admirable stormy day dross us alilgh grade hllk warp honrluttu. The last stage of u good material may bo utuxl in this way and lined with bomc fabric that will not shrink, faced with goods that has BOOH sorvluo and will puokor In around tho foot like a draw- atrlng. Finished with u black Mlk duat rurtlo, tills makes a nklrt that om> may go out in in all wvuthoni and cumo homo with thu assurance of not looking like it fright. Cheap goods aro worthless fur rough weather, and any woman who owns u xood hcin- rlottu und u flue, olobu woven btorm surge Is uqulppod for a battlu with the element*, no matter what tbolr fury may he. Thu vkutcli shows u iiiournluu gown of black honrlotta trimmed with urnpu. Tho collar und .tight part of thu slcevus uro of erupt), and four orupooovorod bulimia trill) tho llguro jacket, while IcnglhwUu build* of oruuu murk tho plaits of the hl.irt. JUWO ClIOLLST. PARISIAN NOTES. 8u«g«»tlon« About <Jh>K'» uud tb« Tollut, PurlKlan women aro tho Iwbt I'Uivod 111 tho world, but most uf them wi ir OH or TUu?" arv. uot thu ta>«llo«t sizes for a pretty hand, but are tkose wot by many of the falrestof the sex tleverthe less, for a tight glove la a perfect aboml nation. It makes the hand leok larger In stead of smaller. .When tired, warm and weary after day's ontlng, do not plunge the face in cold water, expecting to bo refreshed, o you will be more thnn dlsnppointed. Afte the first cooling contact with tho water th flesh will smart and burn more uncotn fortnbly thnn ever. Instead of soothlnj tho overheated skin, cold water acts as ai Irritant, whorcns tepid or hot water pro duoes a contrary and desirable effect After removing tho dust nnd cleansing tin pores thoroughly a buttermilk rub wll NEW 8LE8VE. heal, whiten and keep the skin tissues In a healthy condition. The sun glaring on hot brlok and mortar and hot dusty pavements ia very hard on the eyes. Bathing the eyes in tepid rainwater and opsom salts or diluted extract of witch hazel will allay inflammation and rest them- wonderfully The'Marie Antoinette fichu l» very popular In Paris,especially with taffeta gowns. It ties at the back, with long ends falling on the skirt, and is made cither of net and edged with lace or of glace silk and 1 trimmed with ruffles. A new sleeve Is shown In the cut. The lower part is of guipure, the puff of accordion plaited goods. A guipure cap ia placed over the puff, and that again is surmounted by a box plaited epaulet lined with silk. JDDIO CHOLLET. A Good Laundry Bag. Striped awning cloth makes a good strong laundry bag. If It IB to be much In evidence, make It square and put a ruf fie around It. Let tho flap be nearly half as deep as the bag and pointed, fastening with a big pearl button, and ruffled. Across the back of the bag, at the top, BOW a band of tho goods, and to this put four loops to hang It up by. A Natural Suspicion. Foreigner—Is it common to celebrate tnarriages here by holding a pandemonium larnivalP Native American—Certainly not. Why? Foreigner—Your papers are always so tareful to distinguish some weddings ai 'quiet."—Kuto Field's Washington. Kitliion Compnny Knjolnad, NEW YORK, Oct. 10.—Judge Lacomba of the United States circuit court handed down u decision in the case of the Accumulator company versus the Edison Electric Illuminating company of New York, wherein he enjoins the Edison company from using thu chloride battery manufactured by the Electric Storage Battery company of Philadelphia for the reason the buttery is an infringement on tho Swan Reissue patent, which was sustained by Judge Coze, in tlm suit of the Accumulator company against the New York and Harlem Railroad company. Taylor to Be H«1eu>od. ALBANY, Oct. 10.—Frederick J. Taylor, the Cornell university student who was confined in jail by Judge Forbes of Ithaca tor failing to obsy the order of the court to testify before the Ithaca grand jury, will be released by a decision of the court of appeals. Taylor was a room mate of one of the Cornell students suspected of killing a woman and seriously endangering the lives ot several students last winter by injecting noxious gases into u room where the freshmen were holding a class supper. Hood's Cured After ._. Others Failed fcrofula In the Neck-Bunches All Cone Now. •0. 1. Hood If Co., Lowell, MMM "Gantltiueui— I fo«l tint l cftuuol layenouife IB favor o( Hood'i Bweai'arllla. For five yturi I lum l>e«u troubled with toroluU la wy iiMk ftnd tUrout, 8«r«ral kind* o( medUluoi wkleb I UUd did uot do u»»»y good, »nd wlwa I «o»- •woc«d to Uko Hood'i Bumaiwlll* Ui*r* w«ra Urg» bunoliei on my ueok M §or« tliitt I could Hood's^ 1 * Cures pet boar tli« sllghU«t touch. Wliou I hud taken out buttlo of Hill meillcliui, the sorcnoti U*4 §ou», uud before I UuU llultlted th* tccoud Uk* buuclte* ImU eutlrvly UUajjpenred. M. 13. It you decide to tuke Uood't Bui-gap* fllla do uot be Induced to buy uuy oilior. Hood's Pill* lure con»tlimtli>o by tog Uw jicr l» Utitia wtUuu ol lUv uUtnuuUry oftuol. ma* 1 AM you thinking of buying a new Stove or Range—one that k will burn the least fuel, cause the least trouble, give the greatest degree of heat, last the longest and "" look the best ? Then Jewel Stoves and Ranges will interest you. id JEWEU :STOVES' ° F - r f?o IT ^7 0 v, won*'' jureesT STOVE mm in THE wtml For efficiency, economy, durability, and beauty, they represent the zenith of the stovemaker's skill. Ask to _— them at the dealers. I«ook for the above trade mark. CPEGIAL PRICES ^v ON SHOES EVERY PAY AT f» MOORE'S SHOE STORE Also the Largest line of WINTER SHOES and OVER SHOES to be found in Carroll county. You are invited to call and see these goods whether you buy or not. U may save you money. REMEMBER PIE PLACE •« South Side Fifth Street Opposite Postoffice CARROLL, IA. 1 ! 00 g PIECE GOODS In our Merchant Tailoring Department ready for your inspection. PRICES TO MEET TIMES. I Steam ship tickets to and from all parts of the world at lowest rates. Green Bay Lumber Company, JBALKH8 IN Lumber and Coal. AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL. New yards north of Carroll mills, Carroll. Iowa. YOU CANT LIVE WITHOUT A LIVER!. "SSJKKSJS.^ ^^•.ssissiu, ^^atssrsss? MAKVBLOUS SUCCESS 1». ,«u,nde,d tha u.« of DQH. McLEAN'S J%r M saj i! k The Pecrles& Remedy Of ME UV£h, MwVj'u MU BMOBEfl, i'£X.X!: "WOLSt, nueuHATisa AND BRIGHT& tutfAse. ^ nil /,',. / ,.l, l , T ««'"if-c/(i4S(/i'n.V5. PRICE. $1.00 A 60TTLH f . The Br, 4, H u McUau iodlclni Co.i it, IMH, Mo,

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