The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 7, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1933
Page 4
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4 TV ^ t i 8 * C t J PAfcfeFOUft LOCAL NOTS OF THE WEEK IN f <m* friend* wBl Appreciate ti«r tStitft m«atioeMd Mrs. Marie Afstrop* has seesr- *d a position with the LrndT*?- Caao* Commission *n» of Sowth Oiaatta Sad began her *ork Hrt-r* Tuesday of this we**. ft is a «*- retarial position. Mrs. visited Dr. D. Egypt at A. L. Wolfe of fa town Tnwasy ftt M. Kttft* be»e **t* Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crakes] Mfsse* Edna aad Dorothy Cook of Eagene, Ore. motored ia from j visited last week at the boat* of aephew and ate**, Norwood *»df Telma Shay, of L»at*l, Wo»t. Earea*. Ore. and visited the Lsa- \ Mrs. Cook's aaat and aael*. Mr. dis families and other relatives ia [ and Mrs. Rash Rammer**, of this vteinity and at Tabor. Mrs.! imofeae. Crakes WM formerly Jilldred j rre d Salliraa. commission maa Rlekabaagh, daashter of Mr. and; f ^^^ ^^ tae *«* e a dj, nnt Mrs. Arthur Riekabaagb. former j ^ Mr .\ Bd "J^ A P . Rilmar-^* nm ' Mr. aad Mrs. I**T*SW> gia* and daagBtM-, Jan. of I**rent*, Ka». cam* Sa*day *»d virtted orer Labor day *«h residents of Malvern and Tabor. J , |B Jn MalTern . TJ,^ an lhrM ! Miss Doris Fickel left Sunday j drove to Council Bluffs Satarday \ for Modale -where she began an^' afternoon to Tisit Jot Waafin in! other year's work this vreek ia I the Edmnadsoa hospital. I the Modale school*. j Mr. and Mrs. Charles COT; Miss Jessie Wortman came in* came C rer from Lincoln last i Berniw Ana. *ho had beea nsn- Satardav from Wansaa. Wls. for i Thursday for a few day* vhtit i inp in the bome f>l their rrasfl- with bfe parent*. Mr. and Mrs. i mother. Mrs. Harry Xelsoa. for Arthur Cox. They had Jest re- j the past (n days returaed borne a visit at home. She got an extension of two weeks OB her summer vacation which she had been obliged to cat a little short when mbe *-as at home last month. A« Perry is expected cert Sunday from Pittsburgh, Pa. the Wortman family will all be at home for a couple of day* next week, the first time In a couple of years. Miss Rachael Wll«»fi of EdJrar, Moat, came in Saturday er^ninc for a visit -with the Wort man. Laird, McClymond fsmiliw tni other friends of the Wilson family. She i* the vonnper dsuphter of Mr. aad Mr*. W. ft. Wilson, former residents of Malrern. aad was bora la Mr. and Mrs. Roy Perdue flows from Council Bluffs Friday ereuing atid their two Httle dsaghters. Alice Margaret and • turned from Chicago where they i had spent a few days at the big - Exposition. P. M. Cadwell was in town orer Suaday visiting old time Malvern friends and relat!v«s. He j ha? been at Burlington the past i rear handling the farm department of one o? the big banks there, but is now changing location and was not certain just wbere he would locate, but prob-; ahly lit Carthage. 111. He has sold : tbirty-seren farms for the com-, pany the past year which shows ! thai he is still going strong as a with them. \ Miss Telma Shay of Billing* and ber brother. Norwood, of Laurel. Mont, came in Sunday from Chicapo where they had attended the Exposition and stopped off for a visit with their an- rles. C. E. and G. S. Eacrett, and other relatives before continuing their journey home. Mrs. O. E. XerviR of Hainboldt accompanied her daughter. Miss Winifred Nervip. of our school; faculty, here the latter part otj the week and visited orer Sunday ] Cetmf? h&* Victory Parade *t Ci «rf , Plaft Pffm Montana after the land salesman. We were pleased {in Malvern. Miss Xervig Is mak- to see him apaln. I ing her home with Mr. aad Mrs. Smith from dowtv near O. S. Eacrett. A son, weight aiae poaads. was bom to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Alexander, who live between Henderson and Silver City. Snaday, Sept. 3. We extead coagratala- ic town Satarday and made oar tions. Mrs. Alexander's mother, office a pleasant call. Mayo Bass and SOB, Mayo. Jr., from north of Tabor were la town Satnrday aad made as an Wilsons movpd from here. She ha* beea back ia Iowa for three or foor weeks visiting relatfreg; Imogen? w« in town Saturday at Sioux City. Fort Dodge. Scran- ana took occasion to enroll upon toa and other points and also our subscription list. Wok a trip in to see the Century! E. A. White and little daugh- of Progrew Exposition between j ter from south of Rillsdale were times. Mr. aad Mrs. Albert Nelson. 3. R. McCTymond. and Isa Borene aad Edna Heru returned Friday evening from Chicago where they spent several days at the big «x-, agreeable call. Mayo Jr. had just position. They were well pleased with their trip aad the big *bow, Ton can win $1,606 every year for life. Submit a good idea ia a few words. No subscription contest. Nine other cash prizes. Details in next BEE-NEWS. Mr. and Mrs. C, E. Eacrett returned Wednesday of last week from Empire, Colo, where they 1 had spent the summer with their daughter, Mrs. T. G. Stark, aad family, and at his farm in north- era Colorado. The August drouth aad hot winds played havoc with a big cora crop they had ia so the yield will be very light, on what ia July was a promising crop. Mr. and Mrs, Jess Etchi- returaed from Grand Island. Nebr. where be has been taking commercial training In the Grand Island business college. He will have a couple of weeks vacation at home before returning to his Sunday's OMAHA j school work there. Stf. adv. I Rath and Dorothy Doaaer returned Friday night from Chicago wbere they had been attending the big Exposition a few days. They went with some Glenwood friends. C. L. Ballala from down near Imogeae was in town Satnrday and called to check up his subscription another notch. Mr. Ballain says that his wife is in very poor health and they may have to take her to * hospital for aa King fat-Aflkh-Amen doesn't Sf^lB tffljfrn ttcited Of jt fM llislltiS of pYttljr Mafgneritt Braner, Knr Orleans visitor to th* Chicago Worlf* Fair—A Cffltlify sw Flogifess* 4DiS ststat ot th* ruler who Bvsd IttOiS UlSii fAftS thOtiSSfld ystrt ago is ia UM Egyptian PaviBon, on* of ta* Pair's many tttt at* tractions. % Over the country Labor Day parades ted eeleoratlon* tfgn*t- ft*d the pi-ogre* of ti« frftA recovery program. AHhoagh membership work fa MUte eoanty lifts lagged behind that hi arb*a center*. a rictorr parade wi* hurriedly organized IB Oleawood nfon receipt of instraetioBS by Wm. A. Rodabaagh, president of tae Gleawood Chamber of Comaieifce. While preparations tor the affair were made la too Short an order to obtain support of all county communities, spectators froin all watched the parade and Sit' Ter City and Glenwood citUeas participated. Lead by the Gleawood band with pretty Miss Carlyn Cook M dram major, the parade encircled the county eeat square and marched to the Olenwood Armory. Olenwood city and I. I. F. M, C. fire truck* and equipment, boy Wonts, the Silver City band and a track of Siltef City school children and cars of citizens were Included in the march. hroaght them home, drtriax the entire distance te «ne ~t$ay. It was raining heavily when they left so that their drouth oat there Is broken. Fall PachJoas for School wad College—Stunning new Dresses, Coats, Suits, Millinery, and Ac- operation. Mrs, A, T. Caller from north of town was ia Saturday and called to advance their subscription another year. Mr. aad Mrs. Robert Danley of DeWitt, Xebr. were is Milts coaaty Satnrday and Sunday, vis- cessories. featuring Style aad! iting relatives and frieads at Quality with Economy. — Mrs. C, j Wesley Chapel and Malvern. Mr. O. Nickels Apparel Shop. Shea-j Danley is editor of The DeWitt andoah. adv. Times-News aad both formerly Miss Eves Whitfield left Mon-' lired in Malvern. Their young day morning by auto for St., SOB. Robert. Jr., who has been Paul, Minn, to resume her work J visitiag with relatives in Kansas in the extension department of j City, returned home with them the state of Minnesota after a four weeks vacation visit with her father. D. E. Whitaeld, and other friends. , Mrs. Clara Loftis of Miss Mary Paullin of Newton | Xebr. stopped to see was an over Sunday Malrera friends. Monday Miss Birdie Shaul was pleasantly surprised Thursday when Coleridge, her. Mrs. guest of \ Loftis, who was then Miss Clara : Summers, was a neighbor of the Mr. and Mrs. Louis Knop and 1 Shauls in Strahaa, when she was little daughter attended the Xeb- j a girl. raska State fair at Lincoln Sun-> J. M. Worsiall drove down to ciariada Monday to Tisit ate father, J. C. Worstall, at the state hospital. He found him much improved mentally as his mind was clear and natural, but his physi- and Monday, enjoying a viiit with Mrs. Knop's parents while there. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. GreensHi ] and three daughters of Stamen, Nebr, drove in Sunday and visited until the following day with Miss Alice Bently and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. , Charles and Mary Margaret left early yesterday morning by eato for their home in Albany. X. T. after a pleasant visit with Mrs. Slinard's father. M. T. Davis, and other relatives. John Hall and Mr. and Mrs, Fred Hall and family attended the circus in Omaha Monday. Mrs. Sherman Jones, is up there this week helping care for the new arrival. Smart Fall Fashions ia Coats, Salts. Dresses, Millinery, and Accessories, featuring Style sad Quality with Economy. Sixes from 12 to SO.—Mrs. C. O. Nickels Apparel Shop, Shenandoah. adv. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Randerson and Babs returned Sunday from Rockford, 111. where they visited Mr. Randerson's parents and then accompanied by them visited the big Exposition in Chicago. Returning they stopped la Des Molaes for a short visit with Mrs. Randerson's parents. Mrs. A. H. Culver from west of Hillsdale was in town Monday aad called to advertise the chicken supper the Hillsdale ladies are going to serve at the church tomorrow (Friday) evening. It will be one of those big meals for which the Hillsdale dies are noted and in addition" tbi the chicken we noted that they had real home made ice cream ''•• on the mean and the whole meal for a quarter. ; Among the Malveralans attending the circus in Omaha Monday were Mr. and Mrs. Will Butts, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Berkhtmer, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Short, Leonard Anderson, Miss Marie Kelley, and Mr. and Mrs. George Reed. The Rev, and Mrs. Harry! Moore left for their home in Waterloo Thursday after visiting with Mrs. Moore's parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Collins. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Farquhar; aad daughter, Elinor, drove to College Springs Saturday afternoon for a visit over Labor day with relatives. Mrs. Henry Cozad and daughters, Pearle and Goldie. and Carter Bartholomew of Malvern spent Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Atkinson of Randolph. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shook. Max, Byron, Wanda, sad Ethel Shook. cal condition was much more se- ' and Frank Shook of Hastings, rious. The physicians ia charge j drove to Bigsville, Ill, Sunday to did not give him much hope of! attend a reunion of the Shook any great improvement ia that j families held there Monday. They returned home Tuesday. Mr, and Mrs. Clyde Shook and family and the latter's mother of Emerson also attended this reunion. Mr. and Mrs. George Bianall | -N-E-W-S- from the County Seat Court Continues August Session Petit Jurors Dismissed Until Thtmdar; Two Divorces Granted The August term of the Mills county district court continues this week with Judge O. D. Wheeler in charge. The petit Jurors came bat u no cases appeared they were again excused until Thursday of this week. Most of the business thus far seems to be along the line of suits on notes and foreclosures with some probate work aad the like, T»o. divorces have been same day by Rev. E. E. Goodrich with Jack Rnfflno and Nella Berette u witnesses. i Aug. 28! Glen A. Francis, 26, Wahoo, Kebr., and Bernlce E. Stevens, 20, Omaha. They wet* married the same day by Rev, Goodrich, with Mrs, N. W, ] Btingle aad Wllma Hoverter as J witnesses. Aug. 24: Onstav Ost, 44, Omaha, and Minnie E. Hughes, It, Omaha. They were married the same day by Justice of the Peace Blrdelle E. Wllklns. i Ant. 28: Clarence Dlttman. S4, Hutchinson, Minn.* and Agnes Schlueter, 21. Hntchlnson. Minn. They were united in marriage the same day by Justice of the Peace Blrdelle E. Wllklns. with Helen Klempe and E. R. Craig u witnesses. Aug. SO: George McCabe, 21, Lincoln, and Helen Chrischille. 19, Lincoln. They were married the same day by Rev, E. E. Goodrich. Aug. 31: Donald M. Robblns, 21. Hastings, and Hazel Cox, 21. Malvern. They were married Sept 3 by Rev. L. R. Bobbin at Malvern. <****. Roy E, Ciafelir, Ffcstd* tier* **» * *t» «***•** attendance at fert&ijr school *ad ehnrcb ttftt Sandtf. Let's k««» the good work goto* with at least a little gain Saaday % San<nay. The Senior Choir will meet in the parsonage at 8 p. to. Friday. All young iwepW *tnf«t* Sept, 2: Whltten A. Cook.,88. Glenwood. and Mary A. Wlllard, 22. Glenwood. Hans Christiansen. 21, Omaha, and Hattle Shattnck, 21, Omaha. possibly caa are invited to help ia the Seniof Choir, the Senior Choir has had galte * teng rest so we hope that every singer win be present Friday erentng with renewed vigor. Services next Sunday will be as follows: Strtday school at 1ft and preaching it 11 a. in. the sermon subject will be "Playing the Game." there are onljr twd more Sundays in this conference rear. Let us make the most of them, David Lloyd George Mid: Personalty t know what a Sonday school can do. Alt the best training I erer had wsJ lit the Sunday school. It is what his chiefly enabled me to do my work, the best university is the Sunday school. It is what has the most excellent way of convey Ing religions Instruction." enoirgh to f«t m ft they've got anything invested Mr the old on*." White Stiaard, i respect, owing to his advanced' Taxation v*. Tuition The Glenwood school district has another problem before them this year. Heretofore the children of the employes of the F. M. Institution have gone to the Glen* „ , „ -— ,- ,—_.wood schools and their tuition Mr. aad Mrs. Ralph Biaaall, of Griswold aad Mr. and Mrs. has been paid by the state. Tfce Miss Helen Marshall, and Max]Carl Johnson were guests San* age. Miss Winifred Atkiason of Randolph spent the week ead with her cousin, Goldie Cozad. ™»M» »»-••-••*» *,K«»**M^»y >-MF*.|t ^^••p»g»"—> i They were married the same d«y Freebrterian Chnrch Henry Dale White, Minister Sunday school at 10. Morning worship at 11. Christian Endeavor at 7 p. m. The theme for the morning consideration U "The Glorification of Christ," Mr. and Mrs. White are planning to be In Malvern from Thursday through Sunday and shall be happy to meet the members of the church at the morn-! ing services. The Ladles' Social Union will .meet with Mrs. George Mellor this (Thursday) afternoon. The young people and their friends are asked to remember the Century of Progress party that is scheduled for Friday evening of this week in the lecture room of the church at 8 o'clock. After a short social hour the experiences of our 16 friends who attended the World's Fair this summer will be given. Anyone who has a memento of the Century of Progress Exposition or of the im World's Fair is asked to bring or send it. Dr. and Mrs. White plan to be present. They hope to come down Thursday to Mrs. White can attend the Social ed: R.U.8»lUv«riw M Bunted * of Oleawood Cfert divorce from Terry Sullivan and gives leave to retake her maiden name of Ruth Llndsey. Byron Hiatt was granted a voree from Mary L. Hiatt, The grand jury was not used this term. dl- New County Superintendent Took Office September 1 Miss Amy Hammers, newly elected county superintendent of schools, took charge of the office last Friday. Sept I, Miss Mary W. Ratbke retiring. Miss Hammers comes into the office at an especially busy time, the beginning of the school rear, and is finding plenty of 'work to keep her busy aside from the routine of office and getting acquainted with the office. She seems to be taking hold of it well and already seems quite at home in the work. Her first all county rural teachers meeting is called for Saturday, Sept. 9, commencing at 9 o'clock a. m. Van Myers, 81, Connetr Bluffs, and Isabelle Piersee. 18. Council Bluffs. They were married the same dsy by Rev. E. E, Goodrich. Sept 5; Frank Van Alstlne, Jr., 82, Council Bluffs, and B«r- neda Gregersoa, si, Petersburg, Nebr. They were married the same day by Rer. E. B, Qoodrieb. Thomas Ramsey. 22, Council Bluffs, and Delores Chsvet, 21, Council Bluffs, They were married the same day by Rev. B. E. Goodrich. Frank C. Wood, 38. Omaha, Had Ethel Luther, 34, Omaha, These also were married by Rev. E. E. Goodrich the same day. Irelaad enjoyed a weiner roast ia day in the home of Mr. and llrs. the Wanbonsie hills Tuesday eve- \ Ralph BinnalL ning. SPECIAL/ For Fridiy ud SitoNiy COX Grocery Malvern I " Mrs. E. E. Castow of Sioux City came Sunday and visited until Monday evening with her aaat, Mrs. H. A, Oeanlorff, and other relatives. Since having their watermelon patch raided and destroyed recently Kelson Hommell aad Back Wlndom have decided la o,alt tk* waterroelou biwiaew. Mr. H,um* mell says he plan* to go Into th« dairy business now. r»i Mui »ilw »»r, p*r lb- „,„.„.!!• Vm»f«ir, ft!, -— ........ ,- .„... -,,,,...ii§ Urd* 4 lib pk». ,.. ...... *...' »...IZ"III"3|g Ofangflii BMtiiuBi 4i&s%* dcuum %*«. T*Br sw^jp^Wf WH^r^pw^ppw 9119^9 ^^^f^aggt v ««t«ti v*p> <• •* v «• «^ w- qpjHMK w^wHp ipWMj w property of the state then not subject to t**, t*» l«#t tslatuw, however, p«sj«4 » permitting the school 4i»trts4 tax the land an,4 and not wibject In tuition, n first retura* it Jaoks M thOB the school dlttrtet *tsM« If * by ta* tranjwcOtw «• ih«r* » chUdreji ibwr* of «*g>o} May } «f «oldl*r bey*, e ***** WttW r*» «»* Up* .ft ill P~W^w ^B^^^P' iRCT^pS^^W^^^P' OFFICIAL NQTICg IN THB DISTRICT COW8T OF IOWA IN AND FOR MILLS COUNTY D. W. BATES, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, PUiatUf, T«, " s , IOWA STATE SAVJNQS BANK. Malvern, Iowa, Defendant, Minister, Lee Roy Bobbltt " The public schools have open* ed. Let's cooperate with them. Our Bible schools run the year around. Let's cooperate with them. Most ministers did not have any vacations this year. They stayed by their Jobs. The money did not come in so they could go away. It was the same with most folks. Shall we call the vacations over for church attendance and be in church every Sunday? Theme of sermon in the morning, 'iron Pens and Diamond Points «n4 What They Wrote," Aunt Ifet says: "This talk •bout a-needii}' » new preacher comes from folks that don't eon* Early Monday mofning we *?•> rived to find oar school room wit and clean after a summer's vacation. Hurriedly We found suitable •eats but a tew of m who eafce late were lees fortunate became no seats were available. However we sat together aad were ready for school long before the befl rang. We are t«fy happy to see old faces and welcome new ones who are entering oaf school for He first time. As we have several new pin pits enr ratio of boys to girts It somewhat changed from ia»t year. We have nine girls and thirteen boys enrolled. The sixth grade Is the only class in which there are no children enrolled. Oar classes should be interest' ing because we hate several pa. pits in each grade. The third and fifth grades are the smallest classes while the first and fourth are the largest with nine pnpils in both grades. Sinn a new cement platform has been built this summer our pump is much easier to use. After s splendid vacation of rest aad healthful recreation we •re looking forward to a happy snd successful term of school. TO; AU, CREDITORS AND PB- PQSrTORS QF THS IOWA STATE SAVINGS BANK» MAk> vem IOWA. You *nd each of you *r* -her*. r notified,'thjii on or before 8op^ tsnjtow fc W88, there will he on file is the office of tha Clerk flf the District f-traift ftf Jffflbi Count- ty, low*, MM* anpH«»rtoa «K St W, B#i*t, Recover #f «id bank, ftSJfc* the spar^nl of tbe Cwm to Pt tkTvim-fC'—"" - fltl S»ttefmitaB aaj • certain ludunent 9 ^w. n * "WW^ S^TJP^^^W to wliicfe tttffiB.'tf' PRESO THEATER0 MALVERN Friday ud Saturday Zone Grey's "MM OF THE FOREST" wita Randolph Scott, Noah Beery, Harry Carry, Wednesday BIO BARGAIN NIGHT Lee Tracy m4 Lope Veles in » miwrioiw Comedy — "THE HALF* NAKED TRUTH" 5o M4 lOe Grocery We have purchased the RED 4 WHITE grocery stock of E, 0, Unquist and will continue the'Une in «Qnpcii(m with our CITY MARKET, B features Wgh Qualify per?han4l8« that can bs sofc} at very Jew pric^ fe^use of our great eoopsimtivt b»y* 7 « Vow are m old customer, you Jsnew If you ars not, eomt in and; r _, v ^ tv( - ( %,^ r ^ y^; FRIDAY AND FRESH VEGETABLES Celery, lettuce, torn*. ,tMP»'-«lUii|fc jrrwia uepps« t poUtosa, ate. fe I3hu. ftiM ^™»»ji. >*'-^mJg' ' ^Bw- w^SWWr't . F^»tteg «iii%:.,A«B,: s " mt - mmAii^u^- ^^^^^^?^ ^^SBjl^^'3';

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