Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 12, 1965 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 12, 1965
Page 10
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10-Wed., May 12,1965 Redlands Daily Facts TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — The television reruns of "Tlie Tliin Man" movies and tlie current fad of James Bond motion pictures give film viewers a good chance to compare these two in- \estigating fellows ol different generations. Mter a close study of the matter, there is no doubt in my mind that "The Thin Man" will be more palatable for view^ing and re-viewing in the long run than Bond. "The Thin Man" wears well, improving with age. Bond will be tiresome when the novelty of the flashy gimmicks wears off after one or two re-| peats of the same film. How do these two hereoes differ? "The Thin Man" — as played by William Powell — is, for all his improbable involvements with crime, an isle of sanity, an instructive ideal of grace triumphant, a yielder of gaiety and warmth. .James Bond, tongue-in-cheek or not, does not seem eminently well at base, reflecting a definite tendency toward sadism, not to mention masochism as well. "The Thin Man," in a remarkable state of affairs considering his profession as a detective, reflects some legitimate reality by having a wife, a young son and a dog. ."^nd not only do they not gel him down, he actually likes and enjoys I hem, and has learned to adjust tn them and bring them hospitably into his own way of life. James Bond, for all his pretensions to slick magazme savoir faire, gives the impression of aj bull - headed clod who has| learned his sophistication by the numbers, just enough to impress girls in discotheques. Bond's creator, the late lanj Fleming, himself said something to the effect that his super-agent hero was a profiuct of tlie wildest sort of dreams that men have. Yet the notion that Bond could brmg personal and joyous excitement to an otherwise rath- mundane setting, as "The SHOW BEAT Ofher things besides career By Dick Kleiner Hollywood Correspondent Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Eva Marie Saint won an Oscar in "On tlie Waterfront." Slie 's shown in a still from the picture, above. er HOLLYWOOD (NE.A.)—There'director, have been married for is no such thing as a typical: 13 years. Her own private theory Hollywood star. On the one i about why her marriage works hand, there are the brittle, am-iand her family is a happy one bilious, tough-as-nails people. On | is that both she and her husband the other hand, there are Eva;spring from close families. Thin Man" did, is an impossible one. "The Tliin Man" was also a product of wild dreams—yet what a difference in taste. When "The Tliin Man" mov- Marie Saint and those like her. You'll find Eva Marie Saint in a long, low, yellow house deposited in a rural canyon. And There is a tradition of happiness and it helps. Eva Marie's father is a successful businessman, associated with a large rubber company She and her sister grew up in Colorado river plan seen to have 50-50 chance •WASHINGTON (UPI) The Department of Interior's con- | troversial water plan for the lower Colorado Kiver basin, which now has the blessings of President Johnson, has at least a 50 - 50 chance of congressional approval this year, according to Secretary Stewart L. Udall. He discussed the plan Monday after the Budget Bureau notified chairman Henry M. Jackson, D-Wash., of the Senate Interior Committee of the ad- | ministration's official position on the plan. Udall said the Budget Bu- I reau's action was unusual, the plan itself was unusual, but that the plan "gives Arizona what it wants and California gets what it wants." The proposed legislation is j an outgrowth of a Supreme Court decision several years ago which stipulated Arizona's entitlement to waters from the Colorado River, along with those of California and Nevada. Udall said the proposed project would use an allotment of | 1.2 million acre - feet of water annually in Arizona. California would be guaranteed 4.4 million acre - feet. The Budget Bureau's plan I would encompass a project estimated to cost $740 million. The plan would exclude construction of the Bridge Canyon Dam, which would have cost $500 million. Udall said the Budget Bureau plan deferred construction of the proposed Bridge Canyon Dam, which he described as the last big dam site on the Colo- I rado River with a potential greater than that of Hoover Dam. The Budget Bureau plan | called for authorization of the S499 million Central Arizona | Project, the Marble Canyon j Dam. and the establishment ofi the lower Colorado basin development fund. It also recom- i mended a five - year study of potential future projects for importation of water into the Colorado River from outside thei basin. she seems to fit in beautifully there, showing you the chickens her son raises and the pigeons Ian atmosphere of comfort and , and the 100-year-old tortoise and i security, ies were made, most of the mo-j [(,e family of guinea pigs. i "I never had to work in my vie audience was composed of( sj,e is Mrs. Jeff Hayden more'life," she says. "My father paid adults. In tliis era of James; (],an Marie Saint. She is for my college education and Bond, most of the movie audi- (|,g ^oman who is involved in' everything." ence is composed of youngsters. RUBBISH! .\EW YORK (UPI) — Keep America Beautiful, Inc., a na- lional anti-littei" group, says that the United States produces more rubbish per year per person than any other nation. It estimates the amount at a half ton per year. As nations industrialize, their litter problems the association said. was completely on her own. Shej modeled and did bits on radio.. And then television found herl and, over the years, she was oni some 700 live shows. She got to know many career actresses during that period. ne woman wno is invoivea in everyiiimg. j .u r c c-^t^o r,f fViom livpri i the fight to get a new park in; But he didn't spoil his chil-!a"d the lives some of them lived| the Santa Monica Mountains.!drcn. In fact, he made the twoi^^PPf"™"^'- "I felt so sorry for some of J these older women," she says.j She is the mother battling for a;girls promise they would work at traffic light at a nearby dan-isomething for two years aftcri gerous intersection. She sews they graduated, before iheyi"They lived in hotels.^All alone, clothes for her daughter's Troll i married. doll and is locally famous fori This was fine with Eva Marie, her hand-decorated soap and I because she longed for independ- does her Christmas shopping!ence, after her life of depend- early, because they all go back] ence. She wanted to be some- lo visit the grandparents in Pen-] body. She turned to acting, and row; nsylvania every holiday. I her sister turned to chemistry. She and Hayden, a television! She came to New York and "All I said was: Show me a filter that deh'vers the taste and I'll eat my hat." LS./M.FT filters TRY NEW LUCKY STRIKE FILTERS Prices Effective May 13 thru May 19 (THURSDAY THRU WEDNESDAY) ir Pl^ MARKET 1221 jOrarjge St. Phone 792-9013 MIDNIGHT EViRY DAY , NO STAMPS NO FREE MONEy JUST tow PRICES '\ BEER & WINE ALSO BAIMK MONEY ORDERS 2(kea. 1 VALUABLE GOUPOii AT MEAT COUNTER B.B.Q. • I icicens.. Atl U.S.D.i. "GOOD" or "CHOICE" BEEF ROUND ST It was such a terrible life, atj least it seemed so to me. I knew] I couldn't live like that." She would do a live show and. ' afterwards, there was a letdown feeling when there was no one lo .share the moment with. She I realized that she was one of ' Ihose people who had to share. JeCf Hayden, when he camej along, was a perfect sharemate. 1 because their interests meshed. Her career boomed when she did "On the Waterfront." and won an Oscar for it. Hollywood! called both the Haydens and! Ihey left New York. It wasn't, 'I easy; they loved New York and I Eva Marie says they were physically ill from the traumatic shock of deciding to leave it. She was much in demand for motion pictures, but she has always limited her appearances severely. This year, when she did "36 Hours" and "The Sandpiper," has been her busiest. Ordinarily, she has done only one film a year. "I've always felt," she said.j "that there were other things | besides my career. And JeffI does, too, "If ever I get too serious i about a part or a picture, Jeff; has a saying. It's a bit morbid) but it helps — 'it's only a; movie, not a cure for cancer.' "i Come on \n and Let's Gef Acquainfed Now Open Under the New Ownership of... MARSHALL and NORMA LAVENTURE With the qualified help of their assistants — GEORGE AND WOODY — The Jolly Jug is capable of serving every need when purchasing GROCERIES — DELICATESSEN _ SUNDRIES — ICE CUBES — and of course we have a complete selection of Champagne Liquors Imported Wine & Beer Headquarters for Ice Cold KEG BEER On Hand at All Times BONDIFIED MONEY ORDERS Hours: Weekdays 8 A.M. to 12 Midnight Friday and Saturday 8 A.M. to 1 A.M. SUNDAY. 8 A. M. TO 11 A. M. 910 Colton Phone 792-7050 (Just West of Empire Bowl) Russet or V;hite Rose mm Stewing Chickens California Grown Longhorn or JACK CHEESE . POTATOES ^^^l iiscuiTS - 10 1 CANTALOUPES 4 1 3 iy (mum VALUABLE COUHOli Qua! O-oz. tan Sauce 5' May 13 Thru 19 — Adults Only ^ LIMIT 1 COUPON PER CUSTOMER^ ^ Canada Dry SODA POP 28-oz. Bottle HILLS BROS. COFFEE 1-lb. Can 65^ APPLE SAUCE . r. 10* • 61 "Sun" POWDERED Giant Size ^ DETERGEKT 39 LIGHTMEATTDHA..3-59 "Quail — U-oz. Can APPLE ! "Quail" SLICED —8-01. Can PINEAPPLE . . . Giant Size "Sea Magic" — 4-oi. Can Boneless SIRLOIN TIP Allen «. White's TEA BAGS . . Count 39 mu "Curtiss" 10-oz. pkgs. MARSHMALLOWS 5 -i ANIMAL CRACKER JACKS 3-19^ CRACKERS 3-19^ ROSCO DOG FOOD.... 12 -sH (Case Lot — $3.50) I "Dr. Ross" 6-01. Can "Skippy" Giant Size 'Dr. Ross'#* $1 15-oz. Can Q | Dog Food HALVES or SLICES Liquid - qt. UQ IVORY . . 3^ c lV2 -lb. Average ea. Treesweet Frozen — 6-oz. Can LEMONADE 3 25^ _ 0^ J -si-iBy B. .«.•••• ^ cans M^^' B^A«l^nAC 6 wi Ti -eesweet Frozen — 6-oz. Can *\ •5' ORAN©EJUICE ...3...,50« Dutch Pride (imi.) '/i-gal. 39c or ftw ICE MILK iv^-gaL ^I JUMBO SNOW CONES ea. 10c POPSICLES or FUDGESICLES AT 6-pack 1221 Orange, Redlands

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