The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 2, 1959 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1959
Page 9
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ANNIE NEVER Loom) A«*\T^i"^y?**° ** H • -• »••»"» ..v—fcn.*** AU#W$JUST86EMEBB LEWSHIM &ON6. ^ll"^A«««. T HM'M. WrWT-Wi I 60RTOP ABNIft HI* *I*TE* WA» UP NEAR THE BOftPBft THS I«ON Cl/ftTAlN.' CANYON tHS am. MSfctttfi" rHEV CAN w KNOWS NO SKR6TS, HER INTO RCP «0 W6 MUST ASSUME TERRITORY TH6V SOMEONE MAS LUR6P COOLP TRY 10067 HER TO EUROPE.. A TO HER 8EOTHER U«K Of 06TAIL* SS<Jefi«T*Vir HAVfi HERB AN Al£ THAT A NEW SPY RlNd WORK6D UN6 TICKET TO THS ON HSH...WE «UST PIN-POINT WINTER SPORTS 1»WN THB (JfcOUP- THSN PIMP OUT $HG IS UVINfl IN WllU WHY SHE IS STILL NOT ALL HAVS1& SUPPLV *>UR TH6 tMVJNTD «EP COUNTRY^ OWN IONS-HANDLED MARY WORTH BUT HERE WC 5IT TALKING... AND IT'S ALMOST TIME TOCHER SHIP TO DO WU SUPPOSE A MARCHESA CAN SLEEP ON COTTON SHEETS f PRISCILLA'S POP-By Al V.rmttr rMINKING ABOUT WHAT? I WAS WWYH; jOsT THE BIS,KTHINKIN<S! SICSrH. MA'ZEL THAT TREE! OUR BOARDING. HOUSE-Wlth Major HoopU TWdMOFJEDAYS^^"™' ^ £ RV LUR5 IN THS •\5ETTlNS A OF SACKING TO ^ T A C 4? && HllAJRyiMsSsMARe WBTROTH ANDf T0 W0 , 01< A MOPPER/HfejS BEEhlf FOR HIM. TrftMAMR 7 AS HONEST AS A-BUTCHSR'5-rHaMBl THAT'LL WILL COLLECT * YflTH.IHECITY V1EISHT INSPECTOR A B£H >i i AGAINST AN OLD SCOTLAND ;«*!•>*>. h* rjt. CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams f lMMY HOW A *>/ BUT ITPONTV A5HH? FlWflER ; THAT KIP ISTRYlW CT5 SO MUCH .^ T'AAAKB EVERy- )RB THAN A J OJPY THIMK HE^I LASHED-mBfJ A/mivi iViiTrU-^ WO UTOPIA- IT WOKJT WORK; SMASHEPTDB/,/ AM^,AW-WoO TIMER IS. JUS' TRYIM 1 TO MAKE THAT ONE eUY THIWKHEKJEEP3 WIMMEg»MAKe LOSER* Jfcwn. wujj i.* TIZZY-By Katt Otann To hit th» moon, gentlemen, everything must come through for us—each electrical device, each firing •tag*, each appropriation!" Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! VAKjf YAK.'/»At LAST, DAT WSECOP.rSGlTTlN'Hfe «- AND COP-HATES LOVES THE KJEW VIULAIM THB TOODIES w-wwr's YVES--WHAT I SEE-WELL TS QUITE OBVIOUS THAT YOU ANDJANE PONY APPROVE OF INTEREST IN SALLY- SO LOWG AS SALLY DOESN'T A6REE WITH YOU, IM STAYING IN TOWN THIS ALL J DID VOU WANT NOTHIN6-1I I'M LEAVING ABOUT— ATO SAV, TOM? THAT IS—AS AHERE-BUT TALKTO YOU ARCHIR COACH, 9ISNED UP FOR SWIMMING THIS a,«. 1 ?£ HOOL BOARD BUT« IWANTS'SWIMMIN v V IN AN INDOOR |—ifl HEATED POOU... THBfW IT 19 NOW Oet IN THBRK // JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brondfl.ld ...AND THE SAME BVENINS (T10 THE OBJECT OP ANXIOUS INSPK- TION BY A MlPNCHTVISTOd. PERKINS, LET6 FILL THIS CAN fflVE U5 THAT CHANGE IN THE MAKS UP OP NUTRIENT MOIECUL6R, WE'VE SOT IT/ AT THE IMP OP THS PAY, SOME NBW RJUIRHENT ARRlves fDR THE BOSWORTH FOOD PROJECT... MORTY MEEKLE WELUTHAT1S THAT.MR.DUOLEy. EXCEPTFDR My eiLL,THATI5... HEHHEH/ FDR LEGAL SERVICES: ICO COLLARS DOWN, AND 50 DOLLARS P£R THEREAFTER FOR 24- MONTHS.* ft ALMOST 60UND6 UKE I'M FAYING FOR A NEW CAR • im H HI* UMw, fc(. T.M. Kff. V.t. HI Ml YXNOW, OSCAR, TH 1 f TIM6-MACHINB IS GOfWG BACK TOGETHER INJ FINE SHAPE BETTER THAN I EXPECTED... POO'S A RESULAR BAU. OF FIRE THESE DAYS; YOU'D NEVER HAVE GUESSED IT, WATCHING HIM CHASIN' AROUND SHIPBOARD, LAST WEEK NO, BUT TH«rS ALL OVER.. HE'S GOT HIS MIND ON HIS BUSINESS NOW OH.OH! WATT A MINUTE/ MAYBE I SPOKE TOO SOON/ NEARLY A WEEK HAS PASSED SINCfl OUR CREW BEGAN THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A LABORATORY IN GROSSCTO, ITALY, TO PO RESEARCH ON OREOP1THECUS, A IO,000,OOO-YEAIV OLD RESIDENT OF A LIGNITE MINE WASH TUBBS Of HCBK, riA L00KWO FOR M OtP PKOBABLV 501 A B5...PI.UWP...BALR- WITH ANOTHER WARS GU55E5..,A SIT POWPOT5, MAVBB PAYS AfiO. MAVBB VOU WOTICBP CAW- BUGS BUNNY WHAT* YER TROUBLE, ELMER? VA GOT A LADDER? WE C'N £ET IN THAT OPEN ' ITS LOCKED IN THE 6AWA6E! TH'SUPER BRAIN JUS" COAGULATED A IPEA! FRECKLES "Sure, I know what inflation mean;. It means by the time you raise my allowance, it won't even' go as far a» it doe* now!" IT PAYS TO READ THI CUSSIFIIO ADS&!u. The grave of Gen. George 8. Pattern Jr., in the military cemetery at Hamra, Luxembourg, is marked only by a simple white cross like all the other American heroes resting there. Only difference is that Gen. Patton's cross hat four small golden stars to The Federal Housing Administration reports that about 30 per cent of the houses sold annually in the U. 8. are new homes. The rest are used homes. One thousand bank presidencies become vacant every year in the United States. RESOtVe Tb MAWT A 6REATCR. Af MV SCHOOL WORK —AND FlMALLY, I RESOLVE Tb DO My BEST TO KEE? IN THE GOOD GRACES OF — EVEN TWOLK3H MB IS AWFULLY C>ISASREE AftLE AND SET IN HIS WAtS/. Iw GONKA twoeRUMe DISAGREEABLE/ AUSTIN (MfmtJ HSRAID A Friday, January 2, 1959 v, IMatei^^i-jHA|§j|f ( ri iiiiii^tiin tfiritn iitnMHi friinAi innnm.**-^. SHORT RIBS I .'14 JUNIOR! JACOBY'S BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBY WrltUn (or NBA Btnrle* Today hand li principally of tnter- e»t to duplicate players. The apoda alam by North and South la ao easy to bid that every pair got there In the Dallas tournament. Every North player opened ons heart and gave a Jump raise to three or lour spades whereupon South used the Blackwood convention to check lor ftcoa and North responded five diamonds to show one ace. At this point most East playeri •tuck in a double to ask (or a diamond lead against the expected spada contract and when their partners dutifully opened a diamond the declarer had no trouble making all 13 tricks. A couple of East players decided that they were not going to beat the •lam unless their partner could show up with a trump trick and make It a NOHTH (D) • AKJ75 VAKQJfl + J7S WEST EAST 4 W 6 2 4 NOM V9732 ¥854 • Q1054 •KJ97S *Q8 *A10542 BOOTH AAQ0643 ¥10 »A88 4K9B East and West vulnerable North But South West IV Pass 1* Pass 34 Pass 4N.T. Pass 9 • Double 6 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—$ 4 point not to double the five diamond bid, ' It did on* no good. HU partner opened a diamond anyway. But when Art Comitock of Arlington eat Em hla partner, Charlie Gabriel of Fort Worth decided that the failure of double lead. He opened a club, held the band to six and Korea • top, Remember the Day Pretty aa a wedding e»k« — aod so much more lasting I Record »U tbs liappy data oo Uils cbarmlaa sampler. Easy to do, For bride and groom — rnewiento of their marriage to treasurt tilways. Pattern SIS: tranafw U s It Un^ee, color chart. S«ad TUirtj . fjf« Centg (coias) Jor thU patters ~ add 5 peau ft» «ftcb pattern Xor Ut • OIMI ?•?«. «°.J*! Au»Ua_D«iljr

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