The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 3, 1933 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1933
Page 4
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1933 SHOLAR'S Where Every Day Is Sales Day»Fri., Sat., Mon. 9 Tues., Wed., Thurs. SHOLAR'S SHOLAR'S SHOLAR'S 'Sack $1.17 NO LIMIT -Pound Package Pale Ivory Tissue Fresh Ranch EGGS, U. S. Extra, Large. Dozen SAW Sauerkraut, No. 2 tin , S & W Tuna Light Meat, 3i/» oz., 12'/io; 7 oz SAW Minced Razor Clams, No. '/, • tin SAW Pimentos or Qreen Chili, No. Us tin SAW Walnuts, Mixed or Almonds Ib. SAW Royal Anne Cherries No. W, tin SAW Sun-Maid Raisins, seeded or seedless, 15.01. pkg SAW Bird Seed, cuttlestone and sand, Ib. pko SAW Crushed Breakfast Figs, picnic tin SAW Red Kidney Beans, | No, 2 tin C. P. C. or Armour's Peanut Butter Ib. SAW Extra Fancy Large Prunes, 2*lb. box SAW Fruit Cocktail, tall tin SAW Tomato Juice, nice hot or cold, picnic tin SAW Spinach, picnic tin, 9c; No. 2 tin, 121/iCl No. 2Vt tin SAW Large Hominy, No. 2 squat tin.'. SAW Extra Large Ripe Olivet, tall tin SAW Shrimp, medium size, picnic tin White Eagle Soap Chips, 5-lb. box I0c 2lc 9c 25e IQc 12 n I5c 9ft* *•«» Century Solid Pack TOMATOES, No. 2J/ 2 Tin 19c Chins or Crystalware Large 3-Ib. 7-oz. Pkg. There Is Only One BISQUICK ANOTHER CARLOAD OF . . . M-J-B ' COFFii SNOWFLAKES OCg £ J 7j SAW Medium or Telephone PEAS, No. 2 Tin 17k Clarion Sugar Corn, No. 2 tin Loveland Sweet Peas, No. 2 tin Dixie Queen Strlnglsss Besns, No, 2 tin Old Mill Corn Meal, B 10 Ibs., 29c V ibs. Happy Isles B. 8. Pine. apple, No. 2'/ 2 tin Century Sugar Peas, No. 2 tin Le Sevillana Green Olives, 9Q«t quart Jar C 96 Del Monte Tomato Sauce tin Heinz or Del Monte Tomato Juice tin Welcome Ripe Olives, medium site, tall tin Sea Island Pure Cane Sugar, 111 •U ibs. cloth bag oast Club Rickey ............... bottle Coast Club Ale or I Alt IW» Rinse or Lux Flakes, (Redeem Coupons), Large Armour's Siloed Be*f, 19 I « 21/i-oz. glan ' I *2* Del Monte Tomatoes, solid I EM pack tall, 10c; No. ZV* tin.. • *"• Del Monte Spinach, No. 2 I Ej» tin, 18'/ a c; No. 2!/ a tin •** D»l Monte Prunes, medium •lie. 2-lb. box Del Monta Asparagus Tips, I 4 I A •mall slie, picnic tin I fc'Jfc Del Monte Tiny Kernel Corn, I A* No. 2 tin IUC Del Monte Florida Drape. I E_ fruit, No. 2 tin I 99 Del Monte Bartlett Pears, |1 I • No. 2i/, tin I iz* Del Monte Beets, medium I A* whole, No. 2 tin • W Del Monte Catsup, 191* large bottle I fc?» Del Monte Red Salmon, tall tin Warsaw Shrimps, madlum f A* size, picnic tin I WI3 Vltamont or Dr. Rosa Dog Food tin Grocery and Meat Prices Effective All Week FRI., SAT., MON., TUBS., WED., THURS. SelTs for Less Regularly Quality Merchandise—Honest Advertising—No Limits 18TH AT H STREET! BAKERSFIELD Where' You Will Eventually Trade 2lc Clover-bloom Butter, quarters Ib. Heinz Tomato Cataup, 11J f large bottle ' ' 2"* Our Choice Tomatoes, A/» No. 21/2 tin «* Strongheart Dog Food tin Tea Garden Syrup, quart, 32c; pint jug......... Campbell's or Hemz 0 Assorted Soup tin "] Kokoheart Margarine, O pound pkg 9] Warsaw Cove Oysters, f J picnic tin •' Heinz Cider Vinegar, II 14 oz., 9c quart ** Armour's Deviled Meat, O I 3!/i-ez. tin *1 Purex, large 32-oz. || bottle H Rose Carnival Marshmallowa, II pound box 1 1 Poppy Popcorn, If 10-oz, tin H Lighthouse j Cleanser ...tin ' Pink or White BEANS, 4-lb. Pkg 19c 39c Monarch Strawberries, new I "| | « pack, No. 2 tin ' *~$9 Welcome Colossal Olives, IQ* big ones, V/x-oz. tin I 99 Morton or Leslie Salt, A. for shaker box 99 Mountain Honey, 5-lb. tin Shady Dell Apple Butter, 9K« 2-lb. 14-oz. Jar fcWV French's Mustard, 9-oz. Jar Namco Baby Clams, picnic tin. Century Cut String Bsans, IE* No. 2 tin IOC Quaker Oats, Regular or Quick, large pkg Log Cabin Syrup, small, 20c; medium, 3?- large Kellogg's All Bra. , I A. small, 121/jC! large pkg • •* Calumet Baking Powder, 9R«t 2i/,.lb. tin, 59c; Ib. tin C3G Mission Light Msat Tuna, 7>oz. tin !0c I5c I2 2 c LUX TOILET SOAP, (Redeem Coupena) Cake ALWAYScpFRESH Sealed in vacuum like your coffee BLACK OR GREEN 1 -POUND TIN i -POUND Ott^ TIN e£«7C -POUND TIN A ' il 15c No Limit 5 LARGE CAN Cans case JO Cans Per No Limit Large Pkg. Bishop's CHOCOLATE, Lb. Tin 3-lb. Tin 69c 25c Wellman Strawberries, new pack, No. 2 tin SAW Sliced Pineapple, I A* 14. oz. tin .................... IV* Del Monte Y. C. Peaches, sliced or halves, No.2i/ a tin Del Monte Sweet Pickles, 191* 11. count, picnic tin ....... • «2 * Powdered or Brown Sugar, pound pkg Cream of Wheat, large pkg ................. Tru-Jel Gelatin Dessert, assorted ............... pkg. Wesson Oil, " « O pint 22c ............... quart WWW Shredded Wheat, 12 large I A* blecults ............... pkg. Illv Golden State Butter, cubes .................... it). Scotch Granulated Soap, IBj» Urge 2!/,.lb. pkg ............ I OB Lea A Perrln's Worcester KR* Sauce, small, 29c ...... large 99V California Home Cocktail I A* Sauce, 10- oz. glass .......... • vw Old Dutch Cleanser ................ tin Lion Brand Dates, 2-lb. cellophane Star Brand Sardines, I A* small cross pack ........ tin I WV Cake Flour, Swansdown, Plllsbury, Gold Medal, Jenny Wren, 9K* large pkg ................... *.5Hi Camay or Ivory, medium bar 9R* *.«M» 5c S & W Baby Kernel CORN, No. 2 Tin 11k Salad Dressing Pint Jar 15c Quart Jar No Limits Cocoa- Almond Cocoa- Lemon Mission Bell Chandu White King Toilet Soap SHOLAR'S ££ MARKET PRICES GENUINE BABY BEEF—EASY TO IMITATE ALL APPEARANCE BUT IMPOSSIBLE WEEK TO DUPLICATE FLAVOR Fryer Rabbits Large size, fresh drensd 39c Pork Sparerlbs, lean and meaty Ib. New Pack Bulk Sauerkraut Ib, Half Spring Chicken ready to fry, each half Baby Beef Ground Round Steak, fresh ground Ib gaby Beef Short Ribs, lean and meaty Ib. Genuine Baby Beef Roast Shoulder Cut, Ib, lOc Veal Roast, shoulder, fancy milk-fed veal Ib. Pork Loin Roast, choice center cut Ib, Genuine Baby Beef Fillet Steak Ib. Shoulder Baby Lamb Trimmed Roast Ib. Leg of Pork Roast, small, young legs, V? or whole, Ib. Fancy Frying Chickens, Rhode Island Reds, Sholar Style Ib. I4c !6c 49c !3c He 28c Genuine Baby Beef Porterhouse Steak Any Thickness, Ib 25c "Brice's" Original Picnic HAMS 5 to 8-1 b. Average Lb SWEET PICKLED PORK Special Sampling Demonstration Center f% A Legs, Cut, Wl> Half or Shoulders \\ Whole, Lb w Lb.. *^ ^'.•••.was.Ljs/* a>s>vivrai 8 C IS'or 1 flC Whole, § y I ft* IVV Tat Young Hens, fine for fricassee, Sholar style... Ib, Swift's Premium Boneless Cottage Hams ........... Ib. Cudahy's Rex Bacon, medium weight, half I 9 I • or whole .............. Ib. I svf* Puritan Little Pig Sausage, none better .............. Ib. Fresh Leg of Pork Steak, rind removed ............ Ib. Shoulder Pork Steak, IIW> lean shoulder cut ........ Ib. Illv Fancy Rib Lamb Chops from 4 Aft pure spring lamb ....... rib. *«WC Sholar's Pork Sausage, pure |E/» pork correctly seasoned. Ib. • 99 Baby Beef Brisket Boil Lean, Meaty, Ib. 6c Genuine Baby Beef Sirloin Steak, cut any thfckneis, Ib. Ballard's Oven-Ready Bis* cults, can of 10 each Leg of Genuine Spring Lamb ...Ib, Genuine Baby Beef Rump Roast, any cut Ib. Fancy Rib Pork Chops, choice young pork Ib. Armour's Star Sliced Ham, choice center cuts, frying thickness each Best Ever Coneys, Wieners, Bologna, no cereal Ib. Armour's Star Square Boiled Ham, no wacte Ib. fft> • WV I A* • 99 9A|> I R« I 99 Baby Beef Hamburger Fresh Ground, Ib. lOc Cudahy's Sliced Bacon '/ Cellophane pkg,, each 9c Morrell'o Pride Bacon, fancy i/2-lb. Cellophane Pkgs each Puritan Spiced Luncheon Loaf Ib. Pure Lard, snow-white, no limit Ib. Lamb Stew from prime spring lamb, fresh cut Ib. Genuine Baby Beef Roast Choice Chuck Cut, Ib Fresh Veal Hearts, fine for stuffing Jb. Baby Beef Sirloin Tip Roast, nicely trimmed, half or whole Ib. Fresh around Veal . Loaf Ib. Large Center Cuts Armour's Star Ham, cut thick I Am for broiling each I vV Baby Beef prime Rib Roast, trimmed ready for the oven Ib. Swift's Premium Sliced Bacon >/>.lb. Cellophane pkg, each 12ic Fresh Green Sweet Peas Kentucky Wonder Beans Freeh Brussels Sprout*. Snowball Cauliflower, Large Heads Italian Squash Artichokes, Free From Frost..-,. P. BELLAS—Post Office and Security Vegetable Department 2 ibs. 25c 2 B .35c 3 ,25c 2, - 25e 2, b .25e 5, 26e Hothouae Strawberry Rhubarb San Diego Celery, Sweet and Crisp, Large Stalks. Freah Green Broccoli All Bunch Vegetables Large Ripe Avocados Oranges, Sweet and Juicy 2 2 4 4 2 2 Ibs. for Ibs. for for doz. 26e I5c 26e lOe 35c 26c ,5 for ,8 for WE CARRY ONLY FIRST CLASS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Large Arizona Grapefruit Large Edison Grapefruit Golden Ripe Bananas , Extra Fancy Newtown Pippin Apples by the box Edison Sweet Oranges, Large Size, Loose Pack by the box U. S. No. 1 Klamath Falls Potatoes ,s.. ,26-lb. cloth bag i COMMUNITY NEWS McFARLAND, Feb. 8.—B. M. Hlg- glnbotham of the grammar school has announced the pupils who made the honor roll for the second quarter of the school year, as follows: Grade IB—Mlas LaVeeda O'Hagan, teacher—James Reaves, Marie Geern, Oleta Fay Horn, Oscar Vogel, Barrel! Froellch, Ray Gllpln, Blllle Hendry, Harmon Ollar, Norman Ollar, Rodger Rose, Buckle Stephens, Peggy Horn, Resells. Klrkpatrlck, George Williams. Grade 1A, 2A—Miss Eleanor MacDonald, teacher—Euslbla Parra, Elmer Furr, Harry Gllpln, Thomas Reynolds, Norwood Womack, Florla Hendrlx, Margory Kraft. Grade 2—Mrs. Ruth Heffner, teacher —Pat Hancock, Edith Brock, Betty Ann Elchenhofer, Leola Mae Elston, Marian Fox, Chlcka Honda, Margaret Howard, An relit a Lopez, Lots Magadan, Maria Martinez, Maudell Payne, Doris Sawyer, Anna Shlck, Ruth Whlsler. Grade 3A, 4A—Miss Wllma Long, teacher—LaVada Wonrnck, Gulllerma Fnbola, Jean McPherson, Margaret Pate, Lucille Brock. Grado 3—Miss Edna Lewis, teacher —Mabel Albright, Theola Carter, Geor. gla Buchlngham, Jewell Morrison, Kathryn Root, Mao Mettaver, Jean Hodson, Louise Brock, Ernest Hylton, Lester Whlsler. Grade 4—Miss Vlda Bounds, teacher —Lloyd Bowman, Jtmmle Fox, Donald Hancock, Jack Hubbard, Russell Stamps, LaVonne Arnold, Florence Carrlllo, Marjorle Crockett, Mary Evelyn Jeffers, Socarro Rodrlquez, Yvonne Whattley, Lewie Lane Wlmberley. Grades CA and 8A—Miss Esther Miller, teacher — Belton Bean, Marvel Gregory. Emajean Ollar, Socorro Gonzal«s. Grade 5 — Mrs. Ruby Bowman, teacher—Beverley Buckingham, Robert Erath, Gnell Gregory, Richard Hahn, Lora Bell Horn, Vades Neve, Myron McFarland, Clarence Payne, Dorothy Mao Weller, Irene Shoemaker, Maxwell Syors, Louise Ralston, Betty Jean Walde, Betty Beryl Carter. Grade C—C. E. Plscfc-. teacher—Edward Brown, Ralph Hale, George Na- klshlma, Leland Reeves, Albert Was- eon, Patty Alexander, Mario Davis, Margaret Halsey, Wandalea Hargrave, Kathleen Long, Roale Nottingham, Marjorlo Peterson, Nejodeno Reid, Edith Furr. Grade 7—Miss Lottie Long, teacher —Cecil Furr, Wilbert Ledbetter, Lester Wuughan, Luther "Williams, Leila Buckingham, Ruth Cenclbaugh, Verna Evert, Geraldlne Garrett, Ethel Mago- rlan, Jano Marshall, Idella Phillips, Evelyn Waller. Grade 7 — Mlns Frances Jewell, teacher—Paul Davis, Jake Lackey, Roberta Miller, Rutli Stamps. Grade 8.—M!BS Elsie May. Slade, teacher—Floyd Erath, Leslie Falrless, Harry Hendry, Percy Jones, Kenneth Lee, Roscoe Pcnrod, Elton Rodgers, Dulo Swan, Woodrow Wilson, Blanch Hahn, Hazel Hart, Mary Jane Hodson, Betty Hodson. Viola Kraft, Vernico McQueen, Hazel Paine, Pauline Reed, Edllh Shlck, Betty Taylor, Edith Whlsler. 4 • » CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY TAFT, Feb. 3.—Miss Viola Reagan was hostess at the home of her parents In Ford City Saturday to a group of her young friends who gathered to arslst In making her twelfth birthday an enjoyable event. They came laden wlth^glfts In remembrance of the day. Games were played, followed by refreshments, served to the Misses Agatha Wlldharber, Dorothy Slaughter, Avis Edwards, Joyce Jamos, Pauline Lewis, Florence Macaulcy, Maxlne Plnney, Jess Hunter, Tessle Hunter, Louise Hunter, James Hunter and the honoree. SHAFTER SHAFTER, Feb. 8.— The following young people of the local Baptist Church are planning to attend the B. Y. P. U. rally meeting at Delano this evening: Essie Hutu Mtiyflcld, Ruth Wlebo, Lois van Gorkom, Naoma Gwln, LaRue Livers. Cosnm Formway, Dorothy Wlmpff, Ed and Ernest Neufeld, Paul TClebe, Harold van Gorkom, Darell Janzen iind Albert Knttenhorn. Mr. and Mrs. A. F.. Isaacs' 14- months-old daughter has been seriously 111 with double pneumonia for two weeks. She has been Improving slowly .since Wednesday night when the crisis was reached. L. B. Scott and daughter Sarah, arrived here from Claremont Tuesday evening. Mr. Scott drovo down Sunday afternoon. Miss Scott will return to Pomona college, Sunday. Mrs. H. L. Hetz went to Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon for a two days' business trip. WASCO <j> WASCO, Feb. 3.—Mrs. John Homfeld spent the week-end with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Evcrette of Delano. Mllvllle Homfeld, who la attending school In Santa Barbara, accompanied by two school friends, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Homfeld. Reverend and Mrs. C. H. Carlson recently entertained the oast of the play, "Lest We Forget," written by Reverend Mr. Carlson and presented at the high school auditorium. Eastern Star Group to Enjoy Luncheon WASCO, Feb. ' 3. — Eastern Star members In the community who are not members of the 'Wasco Chapter are to be guests of honor ut a luncheon Saturday at the Masonic Temple at 1 o'clock. The members of the Star Light Circle at sponsoring the party with Mrs. Lou Emma Peck as general chairman. Tho entertainment Is to consist of music followed by cards for which prizes are to be given. A special meeting Saturday evening of the Wosco Eastern Stur Is to be held for the purpose of conferlng of the degrees on one of the candidates who Is moving away unexpectedly. The meeting Is being called for S o'clock. Visitors are always welcome. Refreshments are to be served by a committee composed of Mesdames A. P. Mann, Lillle Wheat and C. C. Atkinson. • • » PARTY DATE CHANGED FELLOWS, Feb. 3.—Mrs. Vivian Utzerath, noble grand of Samaritan Rebekah Lodge No. DC, announces that the public bridge party which she is sponsoring for the HobeUahs, assisted jy Mrs. Evelyn G. Towne, and which was to have been held on Friday evening, February 10, will be held at the home of Mrs. Utzerath of tho Jorglns Trust, on tho evening of Thursday, February 9, Instead. A charge of lif, cents covers cost of both cards and, refreshments. Lovely prizes will be given the winners. Beardsley Camp Fire Girls Give Program BEARDSLBT, Feb. 8. — Beardsley Camp Fire Girls are jubilant today after having 300 paid admissions to the show they sponsored Wednesday night in the school auditorium to raise money for thalr treasury.. Mlsa Kthcl Robinson's dramatics club of the junior college presented a one-act comedy; Mr. Isaacs' department of tho Phillips School of music presented trumpet, clarinet and saxophone solos and tap dancing; Ann Anderson's Dancing Academy gave several Interpretative dance acts, which was featured by the excellent performance of little Mlsa Jerry Roberts In contortion acts; and Larry Pas- qulnni played accordion numbers and encores, Tho Hawaiian Guitar Club of the Phillips School ended the program with well-received numbers. 4 , » Al Exclusive use of the famous Brlce formula, for tho sweet pickling of pork, has been obtained by Sholar's Market, It was announced today. This method, famous In the south and in New England states, makes pork three times more digestible than ordinary fresh pork, and gives It a distinctive flavor, comparable with that of fresh pork and fine cured ham cooked together, officials of tho market said. The new method, they reported, is employed to obtain flavor rather than as a preservative, and has created a new variety of meat. Many table delicacies will be added to Madame Housewife's menu through use of the meat prepared with tho new formula, market officials declared, and they invite patrons to visit the establishment and learn additional details. ER ' PLA1EDJ MO WASCO, Feb. 3.—The Methodist Ladles' Aid met at the home of Mrs. W. a. McCombs Wednesday afternoon. An Interesting feature of the program were original poema read by each member telling how a dollar was earned for the treasury. Plans were made for a concert sponsored by tha church, to be given by Ward Baker,. who has recently given concerts In Chicago, New York and other eastern titles. The committee in charge are JMosdames H. E. Carlson and tfrefl West. After the meeting Mrs. C. A. Butck grave a review -of the second chapter of Lady Fourth Daughter, a book on Chinese family life. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Lorln Grant and Mrs. Mary Grant. Members present were Mesdamea Lorln Grant, Rex Smith, H. E. Carlson, 3. Appley, H. A. Olddlngs, John Homfold, C. A. Bulck, M. M. Bridges, E. R. Charles, Mary Grant, Jame'n Little, Gwendolln Macklln, John Querlng, Mary E. WfiUe, Fred West, John Hill. Miss Myrtle Booth, and the hostess. 26c B t ,26« MISSION IS HELD TAFT, Feb. 3.—The second session of the school of missions being conducted In the First Baptist church was held last evening with 85 present. C. L. Tomerll^had charge of the adult class; Mrs. A. J. Collier, the Intermediate class; Mrs. Maudo Jones, young people's class; Mrs.. Winnie Derden, juniors, and Mrs. Lucille Howard, primary class. The missionary committee members are Mrs. It. V. Argent, Mrs. Gnice Davis and Mrs. A. J. 'Collier. The third session will be hold February 8 with a potluck supper at 6 o'clock preceding the missionary school. RETURNING TO VENEZUELA MAIUCOPA, Feb. 3.—Mrs. Kuth Westerfleld, former resident of Marl- copa and well known In this city, Is returning to Murlcaibo, Venezuela, where her husband Is In the oil business. Mrs. Westerfleld plans to Sal today from San Pedro with her husband on the S. S. Oakland. SHOLAR'S SHOLAH'S .SHOLAR'S SHOLAR'S Shiny Bright Aluminum Easily kept like new by daily use of S.O.S. Use it for all pots and pans. Your grocer sells . OW-S*. U. S, W. «S. MA«IC SCOtmiNC PA1M WOMEN'S TOURNEY PLAN TAFT, Feb. 3.— Now that tho men of the Petroleum Club have selected their bridge champions the women of the club have made plans for a bridge tournament to start today at the clubhouse. Five parties will be held, starting at J:30 o'clock each Friday afternoon, with a bridge luncheon to be held on the final day. Refreshments will be served each party. Mrs. Jack Toon Is chairman of the committee on arrangements. •»«* - OIVES LUNCHEON McFARLAND, Feb. 3.— Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dickinson entertained at luncheon Thursday noon. Places were marked for Mrs. D. O. Moore, Miss Muxlne Moore and Leila Doris Temple, and tho host and hostess. CARD PARTY TONIGHT WASCO, Feb. 3—A public card party Is being given this evening at the Legion hall by members of the Legion auxiliary. A Jolly evening has been "planned by the committee. Prizes are to be given for five hundred' and bridge and refreshments are to be served. Save Money On Prepared Flour Baking failures cost monny. And they're a waste of time. Why not be always successful by baking with JENNY WREN. This ready- mixed all purpose flour contains the right Ingredients, properly recipe-proportioned, in every package. JENNY WREN cuts down "before the oven" time, and saves .money by eliminating failures. Makes good bakers better and experts of amateurs. Buy a package (4 pounds) and try this recipe. Jenny Wren Peanut Butter Bread] 3>/2 cups JENNY WREN Flour 2 oups thick sour milk ?i cup peanut butter Sift flour and thoroughly work peanut butter Into flour. Add milk and beat until smooth. Bake 45 minutes In a modern oven (360*). (12) ii^ii^p^iijiiMSi^ijsjIlkis^itjSMisssssssjssjsjiMI^I^MlMpi^ .ASK YOUR GROCER FOR THE FlNCVT JennyWren 89 out of every 100 California women... prefer White King cool- water washing because it insures longer life and beauty to their fabrics. is no ... It is condensed into compact granules to give you the best soap value you can buy. A single teaspoonful contains as much real soap as several spoonsful of the average uncondensed soap, Try White King—compare it—you'll never want to change. GRANULATED SOAP WOULD, YOU LIKE TO KNOW HOW TO DOUBLE THE SERVICE OF YOUR WASHING MACHINE? !uat drop a line to Kay Whit*, Educational Director—Whits) Rag Soap Company, Lew Angela*, California, and this information will be mailed promptly—without WHITE KING Kern Poultry Market 618 East Nineteenth Street "FOR THOSE. VyHO WANT THE BEST" SATURDAY SPECIALS Fat Hens 2 for $1.00 Large Colored Fryers 2 for $1,25 Large Extra Eggs 2 dox. 35c Free Delivery Phone 4828 x CHICKEN SHOP Largest Poultry House In Bakersfield SATURDAY'S SPECIALS Colored Fryers 2 for $!.( Fat Hens 2 for |1.( Rabbit Fryers 2 for 8Sc Turkeys Ib. 18c Fresh Eggs, extra medium doz. 15c

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