Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 24, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 24, 1933
Page 2
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• J PAOETWO . "NIL DESPERANDrM." (Written to response to former tPreakJetit Hoover's plea for a stir• ring and iaeallstic verse that would serve^ to reaew faith in America.) Though cankered politics and civic sliame , 'Have brought our proud young for^ ests to the dust Nil Dosperkndum! Our fair coun- • try's name • ShaU yet be worthy of our love and trust. i Are got the stars as bright, the skies as blue, . Gleams as crystal clear the . forest * green • And hearts of men as loyal and as true As In the long ago; remote, serene? I hear a rt\ythmic beating, as of drums,; ] Inspiring men to battle and assail Disease, arid ignorance, and squalid .slums, : And wrest their country from the priests of Baal. ' I see a vision, beautiful and clear, Of noble cities, well and wisely , ruled. • And men, and children, honest and sUicere, i To simple lives and rugged hard.••.hips schooled. Nil Desporandum! There's a pow.. erful thought. Hand on the torch, 'and leave the rest to God. Finding, at last, the battle bravely fought, Kternal peace, 'neath emerald, flower-.starred sods. —Winifred Whitman. mh Ceatury Club Jdeei» With Mrs. Barger • Tlie 20th Century club of LaHarpe • met Wednesday afternoon in the Home of Mrs. Joe Burger for its regiilnr meeting. The afternoon spent jjlaying games and doing fancy work. Tlie following gUests, Mrs. rda Kansom, Mrs. Louis Burger and daughter Joy Lee, Miss Pauline Williams, and the following menw hens were present: Mesdames Will Daugherty, J. B. Knepp. Dora Newman, Heber Ransom and son Richard, Charle-s Bryan, John McDonald, •Willis Kerr, J. F. Heath. Ralph : Barker, Minnie Ohlfest. J. A. Beeves, W. H. Wood, and C. E. Pennington. ' The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. J. F. Heath. • • •> Methodist ltIis.<iJonary : .Society Meets The Woman's Foreign Missionary .society of the First Methodist church gave a covered dish limch- con yesti-rday in the home of Mrs. ' R. B. Wiirner in commemoration of •Pounder's Day," March 23, 1869. ; Tlic meeting was opened with prayer and was followed by the luncheon which was served to 28 members .ind guests. A solo . entitled "An Irish Lullaby." Needham, sung by Mrs. Dene Billbe, accompanied by Miss Enola Green, opened the afternoon program. Mrs; O. L. Garlinghouse read a paper which told cf the growth of the society since its founding 64 years ago. Mrs. Warner explained the "Mystery Neighbor" project recently carried on by the society,' and revealed the identity of each neighbor. A playlet entitled "The Spirit of '69" presented by Mo.sdames B. E. Thompson, D. B. Mccarty, M. H. Fleischer. C. E. Newman. O. L. CuUison, and P. M. Connor, concluded the program. Tbird Diviaion Elects NewOfficm The Ttiitd Division ol the Presbyterian Working society met yesterday at the home of Mrs. A. R. Chambers for its annual election of officers. Mrs. E. E. Lynn was elected chairman, Mrs. C. A. Swlggett vice-chairman, apd Mrs. Lydia Davis secretary and treasurer. Jars. C. H. Klauman haA charge of the business period and Has. E. E. Lynn led the devotionals. Mrs. Chambers was assisted by Mrs. Culver in serving refreshments to 14 members and tvfo guests, Mrs. Nat Armel and Mrs. L. P. Schmaus. •> • • Alger-Kmejer Miss Margaret EUa Krueger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Krueger. Erie, Kas., and Warren J. Alger Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Alger, Piqua, were married at 10 o'clock this morning by the Rev. W. E. Van Patten in the honie of the Rev. and Mrs. W. P. Wharton. Mr. Alger also is a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Round, formerly of lola, who now live in Kansas City. • • • Mr. and Mrs. Renner Entertain Mr. and Mrs. Leo Renner enter- taUied their pinochle^ club last evening In their home. The high score prize for the women waa won by Mrs. Caleb Anderson, the high score prize for the men by Charles Morau, and low score prize went to C. W. Campbell. Refreshments were served to the following niembers: Messrs. and Mesdames Caleb Anderson, O. W. Campbell. Howisou Praser, Charles Morau, and Louis Rosenberg. • •:• •> Fjrst Division Meets With Mrs. Archer The First Division of the Presbyterian church met yesterday afternoon with Mrs. V. C. Archer, who was a.ssisted by Mrs. D. C. Waugh. MJ-S . Prank Forrest presided over the meeting and led the devotionals. The present staff of Mrs. Frank Forrest, chairman; Mrs. Thomas Herdman, vice chairman; Mrs. D. A. Henrichs, secretary; and Mrs. Sam. Brown, treasurer, was re-elected. Refreshments were served to two guests, Mrs. Livesay and Mrs. Mealey, and to the 19 members present. •:• •:• •:• Second Division Holds Annual Luncheon The Second division of the Presbyterian church held its annual luncheon at the church yesterday. The hostesses were Mrs. A. H. Hecox and Mrs. Leslie Leavitt. The regular 'business meeting followed the luncheon. Mrs. J. E. Cornish led the devotionals, her subject being "Lenten Fulfillment." Officers of the division were reelected as follows: Mrs. Fred Dunlap, chairman; Mrs. Chris Troutwlne, vice chairman; and Mrs. Vkul Carlson, secretary- treasurer. Plans were made for the new year. Three guests, Mrs. R. D. Snuffer, Mrs. Ralph Stover, Mrs. Zona Thompson, and 16 members were present. • • • Junior Educators Meet At High School The Junior Educators' club met yesterday afternoon at the Jimior high school for its professional meeting. The speakers were Miss Elizabeth Nelson, whose subject was "As the High School Appears to the High School Student"; E, V. Worsham, of the music department, who spoke on "Needs and Objectives in the Teaching of Music"; and Miss Mllllcent Voorhees who spoke on Enlarging the Program of Art Education." One guest, Mrs. A. M. Wor- THE tOLA DAILY REGISTEK, FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 24 First Methodist Chnrch. The Sunday school will meet at 9:45 a. ra. Rev. Jt. M. Alason will preach the morning sermon at 11 o'clock. The EpWorth League will meet at 6:30 p. m. Rev. N. L. Vezie will, preach the evening sermon at 7:30 p. m. The prayer meeting will meet at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday evening in charge of a layman. The annual conference will convene at Lawrence March 29-31. WALTER P. WHARTON, Pastor. Free Methodist Charcb. Sunday school 10 a. m. Preaching (ABsweiB wUJ \>e IOBBA on taie 3) HI a., m. .Evening service 7:45 p. ra. Class meeting Tuesday night. Cottage Prayer meetmg Thursday night. Regular broadcast from KGGF on Friday, March 31, from 10:00-to 10:30 a. m. Send your requests early. Pray for this bnoadcast. REV. RICHARD TRAVER, Pa.stor. thington, and the following members attended: Misses Ethel McCoy, Doris Cot«, Pauline Roedel, Zenith Mullen, LucUe Card, Esther Coghill, MiUicent VoOThees,, Elizabeth Nelson; Mesdames Hazel Maxson, Millie Rhodes;, and Messrs. A. E. Garrison and E. V. Worsham. • • • Kitchen Shower for Mrs, Upshaw Mrs. Henry Upshaw, formerly Miss Marjorie Peck, was the honor guest of a kitchen shower given last night by Mrs. Raymond Hayes and Mrs. Dean Hayes. The bride received manj' nice gifts. The evening was spent working Jig-saw puzzles and other games, and refreshments- were served at a late hour to the following guests: Messrs. and Mesdames Henry Upshaw, Dewey Peck and children, Wllberta and Dewey Alvln; the Rev. and Mrs. A. V. Howland and daughter Hope; Misses Thelma Peck, Opal Taggart, Ruth Mofflt, Mildred Preston, Freda Butterfleld, Ruth Jones; and Messrs. Ra>TOond Hayes, Dean Hayes, and Melvin Hayes. Sunday School ...Lesson... JESUS OUB EXAMPr.E IN SERVICE The International Uniform Snnday School Lesson for March 26. Text: Acts 10:38. Assassin HOKIZOXTAL 1 What man hn.s llowii liiRlior I hail Hiiy known bird? 7 Who iittfmptod to kill I'rosi- dent IlooKu- yeli ? 1* Rus.sian • mounlaiiis. 14 ronmiand. IC Ksclamalioil of sorrow. 17 Ritlilipr wlippl pad.. 18 InjiirtMl b.v fire. 1»To KA-.-V- clivit.v. 22Tavo paste. 2:)T\v|lIoil wool fabric.: Si TJubelievor. 27 Upper (ipiiiiii.c; of t!i^ -winil- pipp. 21 Young cows. \if> Pertaining to an .area. 3G Spaciou.'s. 37 To partition. saOrsaii!: of w .\iiswei' to 1'icviou.s l»uzzlc .speecli. 11 Profits whirh ^a^(ls yield. 4'.) Consumer. •17 To veuUUite. tsTlie third power. 51 Kpilops.v • syiiiiii<J!". 52 C6i!gar.-<. .^>4 Armadillo. 53 To envelop with papur. :'6 Winped. 'fil Departed. .'iS Permanently at.ljjclicd. 'J 9 Accompanies. VEHTICAL 1 Part of a scaffold. : 2PeelinK- inelanclinly. Aw. I ilorscfly. n To steal, i; Types of fruits. 7 Culmination. S Work ot skill. 50 Company. !i To yawn. r,2 Chum. 10 rertaininpr to r,3 Group *of AVinKs. matchinp n RoDiided af^' a dishPB. l)oU. 12 Star-shaped flowers. 3 a To let fall. 21 Fortune. 23 Descendants. . 25 Murders. 2S Great-grantl- child. 2S Ingredient of varnish. 29 English coin. 30X. 32 Haze. .•>3 Native peach. 34 Cereal grass. 37 Females. 35 Shduldw of a bastion. 39 Monsters, •to Cubic meter? •12 Capital of Peru. 4t Certain.' 45Age.s. 4C Knocks. 4SBird prison. 43 On. BY WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of The Congregattonalist. The quarter's lessons have set before us the greatest materials that any teacher can have to present to his pupils, and they have given to all who are stUl students in the school of life, no niatter what their age or situation, the greatest ma- teriuls for study and contemplation. But the quarter's lessons have given us even more than that. They have not only supplied precepts and principles, but they have .set before us a great example. They hfive given us chapters in the story of the life of a, man whose supreme business it was in; life to go about doing good, and who in the sublime quahty of his own life and character became for the world an incarnation of good—^an expression to men of all that they call divine; One cannot but lay stress upon the earthly nature of this story. How intimately and directly it touches our human lives! We are deaUng here with the things that roach to the uttermost heavens. W^ are in vouch with all tliat is best in the! soul of the universe, and yet it is all presented to us in so direct and simple a way. it is all expressed 80 finely in terms of deeds, that it comes right into the realm of our dally life, and there is no man, be he learned or ignorant, who woultl really take these things Into his soul and strive to follow them hi his words and deeds who will not find the way. We miss the fine understanding cf vhv teaching of Jesus not because it iti Intricate or difficult, but be- cwise of our anwillingne^s to take » Ell and test it in the practice of our lives. It would, however, be a mistake to say that the teaching is simple in all its applications. As a matter of fact. It leads us out into the great complexities. But the life and teaching of Jesus are in this complex world as the sinyjle prind- p)e of a great and complex machine. The machine may seem marvelous to the eye, but the enghieer has built \t up from a very simple principle which he has extended to every operation that the machine must perform. So it is that we must take and i'pply the teaching of Jesus In life. If we begin to apply the love and goodness that he enjoins In. UXe'i ne:irest and simplest relatiotiships. we arc m the way of discovering, h-^w we can enlarge that lovje and Eoodness to jierform goodness In the whole range of human life. The trouble is that too often we jspend so much of our time in dlscussin,? the problems instead of laying hoW upon tl>e simple pi-lnciple that mi^ht solve them and applying it in the simple way of meeting th* tiisk and .situation nearest at hand in the spirit ..of Jesus, and theti going on to extend that action bo take in larger relationships. We htve seen Jesus in these lessons as^ the great Teaiher and tht great Healer, but above aU as the great Savior—the msh bnnging to men the conscious power of forgiveness and the reality of salvation He is not only an example to th-; world, but he is an adequate example, for he touches life at ^ver>' poins where life needs to be touched for its enrichment and its redemption. LIQUm —TABIiETS—SALVE Checks CeMs fin* da?, HeadMhes .or Nenralgis in 30 mivates. Malaria m » days. 666 SALVG for Head Colds Most Speedy Remedtes Known Nazarene Chnrch. 1223 N. Sycamore St.) Sunday Bible schoijl 10 a. m. Mrs, Nellie Rundel, Superuitendent. Lorane, Slack will preach the sermon at 11 a. m. The quartet will sing. 5:30 p. m. Young People's society. Mr. Gaddis, president. 7:30 p. m. Evening service. The pastor will preach the sermon, number of special songs will feature the evening service. Wednesday a Sunday school convention will be conducted at the local church. Special workers are Rev. J. E. Moore of Topeka; Prof. A S. London, one ol the greatest Sunday school executives in the church and Rev. N. B. Herrell. The public is Invited to this rally. M. R. BISHOP, Pastor. First United Brethren Church. We are always glad to have you visit our services. 9:45 a. m. Worship. 10:10 a. m Sermon by the pastor. 10:35 a. m. Simday school classes. 11:15 a. m. Announcement-s and dismissal. Wednesday evening Bible study. Prayer sefvice and choir practice. "This may be your church home." ALBERT V. HOWLAND, Minister. Trinity Methodist Chorch. Sunday school at 9:45. At 11 o'clock worship service the pastor will deliver a special temperance message. Ben Hantliorne of , the junior college will deliver a temperance oration. Epworth Leagues at 6:30. The pastor wil lead the senior lesson. We wish to commend our boys basketball team for their fine showing in-the Church League. Evening service at 7:30. Theme. "Be of good courage and let us play, the man for our people." The pastor and his wife, also Mr. E. H. Finley will leave for .conference Wedne.<;dav mornuig. W. E. VAN "PATTEN, Pa.slor. Goodness / How Perfectly Dirine!' A Novelty Sheer CO-ED CAPE SUIT for only $6.75 We know that's jtist what you girls are going to say when you see this Easter outfit. The one sketched is in that awfully smart grey and navy combination— Others in equally good colors. The detachwie c^>e and puffed sleeved blouse make this a grand valtie. Sizes 14 to 20 CO-ED dresses sold exclusively at RICHARDSON'S ebnrch of God. (Fhst and Neosho) Sunday school begins 9:45 a. m. Morning worship 11 a. m. Evenliig services begin at 7:30 p. m. This behig the first night of the revival. Miss Lewis will be hi charge. •There will be cottage prayer meetings every day during the meeting. All are invited. — I. M. COX, Pastor. Presbyterian Church. The pastor will speak from the pulpit at both services. In the morning using the theme, "Forgive Us Oiu: Debts," and In the evening reviewing the recent book "Twenty Thousand Years in Sing Stag," by Warden Lewis E. Lawes. . The usual additional Sunday services, Simday school, and Cliristian Endeavor societies. Wednesday at six the Alpha Guild and at 7:30 the weekly prayer service. Dr. Sower by of the Baptist church, and Mr. Scott, of the Fellowship IPC Class, will "exchange pulpits" Sunday, Dr. Soweroy teaching Mr. Scott's class and Mr. Scott leadtag the Men's BiUa Claas at the Baptist (diurch. A Uurge. attendance at the Fellowship Glass to greet Dr. Sowerby is specially re<|uested. Christian Chnrch. Revival growing in extent each eventog. Rev. C. B. liaison preaching great sermons each evening. You wlU enjoy bearing him. There will be regular order of buiUhess Sunday. Bible school at 9 :«l. Preach- mg and commiuilon at 11 o'clock. At 6:30 the C- meetings, at 7:30 evening wotshlp. J. LKEf RELEPORD, Minister. The Baytiat Temple. Hon. Chaa. P. Scott will teach the fMens Brothwhood class in the Sunday school, which convenes at 9:45 a. m. Dr. Sowerby 's theme for the morning worslilp hour will be "Courage." An element greaty needed in these strenuous times. At the evening service the special feature will be a dramatic presentation entitled "Indian Friendship." This will be put on by our young people. In our "March to Church in March" program this will be Young People's Day. , DE. J. H. SOWERB-y, Pastor. Gas City Methodist Chorch. Morning worship at' ten Theme, "Our Temperance Sunday school for all at 11 o'clock, with music In charge bf J. M, Ma-: son. Jiiniof Ejworth League: at 4:30 and Senior League at 6:30. The, Ladles' Aid play will be presented tonight at 8 o'clock in the scttool house. The mid-weefc service will be held at the R. S, Goble home Thursday In charge of Rev. Mason. The Pastor and Mre! Van Patten will leave for conference Wednesday morning. W. E. VAN PATTEN. Pastor. JQLA. KANSAS •-'The depression is a lot of people leax^itag to do without things their flitHers and^tebthers never had.'— Chronicle,Toledo, Iowa. First Church of Christ. Scientist. Sunday services U a. m. Wednesday. evening meeting p. m. Sunday school 9:4? a. m. The reading room; at comer of East and SjTamore .itreets. is open daily from 2 to 5 p. m., Sundays and holidays excepted. "RcaUty." will be. the subject! of the Lesson-Sermon in aU churches of Christ, Scientist. Sunday. March 26. Golden Text: Psalms 33:11: The counsel of the Lord standetb forever, the thoughts bf His heart, to all generations. : The public is cordially invited to attend' the church services and to enjoy the privileges and make use of the reading-room. UP YOUR> LIVER BILE- MlTHOUt CAtdMEL And ¥oa'il ifunp Out of Bed io the Monung Rarm' to Go U 70U teet aow and niitk ud tlit world (sola ptink, don't swaUow a lot ol aalu, ruDcru water, oil, laxative candy or rb«wiiiK gum and expect them to make you audde&ly nrM< and buoyaat and fuU of aUDiliiiie. ;.Fot tbar can't do it. •They only move the boweb and a mere movement doean't get at . tBo cause. The reason (or your down.and.tJUt tedinE ia your liver. It ahoutd pour out twu VVmit ol liquid bile into ;your uoweis daily. 11 this )>ne is not flowine fteely, your lood doeaa't dicect. It just decays in the bovi 1^. Gaa bloaits up your stomach. You have u thick, bad tatits and your breath is fc.ul. akin often breaks oiit in blemishes. Your head acltta and you fc«t down apd uul. Vour whole ayriem i* puiaoacd. ;-Jt takes those cood, old C.^RTER'.S IJTTU3 LrVKR PiLIJJ to Ret these tw.. noonds of bile flowins freely and make you led "upland up." They contain wundcrful, 'harmlcsa, centle vefcetuble extrncti. umazinK when it comes to makine the bile flow (rei-l.v. But don't ask for liver piUs. Ask for Tai tiT 'a little Liver Pilb. Look for the name Cartur'a lUttle Liver FUts on the red labi.l. ncsent a ••l«ti<uia.iSeataUatoc>a. Ql'Jilv. M.CU. A 1933 SATURHAir New illiriiig Youi* Sizes for Misses and Women FLAHER YOURS£LF. . for sports —- and di"©**— with these so new, so different co«tsl Feel the MATERIALS 1-r Quality siich as Penney heis never offered in these price ranges! 0 P OLO T YPKI TWEEDS! DRESSY WoOLENS! iC-PEHNEY COMPANY ' INC •J

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