The Evening Independent from Massillon, Ohio on February 12, 1966 · Page 10
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The Evening Independent from Massillon, Ohio · Page 10

Massillon, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1966
Page 10
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TEN SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1966 THE EVENING INDEPENDENT. MASSILLON. OH!O Television Tonight WKYC—TV Cbanntl 6 WEWS—TV Channel • WJW—TV * Demotes Color Subject T» ChtnfC Wlthcnt Nolle* f- M. Program* Lt«tc4 In Entern Sltadard Time 2:00 Basketball *_Moyie Movie_ *Track~Meet 3:00 Track Meet * Movie Pro Bowlers 4:00 * Track Meet v Golf Gol£ 5:00 _5:30_ __ _ _ 6:00 Montage 6:30 * Report "7:00" Jerry G 7:30 * Flipper Pro Bowlers Big~5 Show" Big 5 Show Movie Movie BasketbaiT Gallant Men Basketball Outer Limits Outer Limits Outer Limits Academic Step This Way *Junction Jackie Gleason Television Monday TV HIGHLIGHTS Chaua-' 3 WKYC—TV Channel 5 WEWS—TV Channel 8 WJW—TV A. M. * Denotes Color Schedule) Subject To Cbaiifc Without Nolle* I'rojrami Listed In Eatlern Standard Time TONIGHT * Denotes Color kins views wildlife in British' Guiana's savannahs. 6:30—*Ch. 3, Bell Hour: Jack Jones. Barbara McNair, Broth TV Movies TONIGHT 9 p. m. (WKYC) "Maracaibo" 5 —*Ch. 3, Golf: G e o r g e e rs Four, Anita Gillette, Maria [with Cornel Wilde. Knudson vs. Gene Littler. iTallchief, Conrad Ludlow, Juliei 11:20 p. m. (WKYC) Roman- tion of Life" with Lana Turner. 11:20 p. m. (WJW) "The Family Secret" with Lee J. Cobb. Heather is used in Scotland to fashion thatched roofs. 7:30— Ch. 5, This Way: Slerlinfi. special guest. 8:30— *Ch. 3, Get Smart: Jan : Harris, hostess. I Max vicw 8:00 Jeannie 8:30 * Gc* Smart 9-00~* Movie 9:30 * Movie f6Tob~*" Movie 10:_30_*_Movie iT-OO * News 11:15 * Sports 11:30 * Movie Donna Reed Jackie Gleason *Lawrence Welk Secret Agent *Lawrence Welk Secret Agent *Palace The Loner *Palace Daughter Gunsmoke Gunsmoke News * Tonight * Tonight News * Weather * Movie Television Sunday Channel S WKYC—TV Channel 5 WEWS—TV Channel 8 WJW—TV • Denotes Color Bchednlei Subject To CbaBC* Witheat Kotice A. M. Proir»rat Lilted IB Eastern Standard Time 7:30 *Farm Front - Faith _7j45_*Farm Front Christophers Faith 8:00 *Home-Garden Discovery Mass-Shut Ins _8:30_The_Answer Faith To Faith Moral View "9Tob * Sunday School Gospel Time~ Rex HumbarcT 9:30 *Playhouse Bullwinkle Rex Humbard 10:00" *Playhouse 10:30 *Playhouse 6:30 Exchange 6:45 Exchange ~7:0(f "Today 7:15 *Today 7:30_*Today ~8:00~*Today 8:30__*Today_ ~9:00~Mike Dougfas 9:30 Mike Douglas 10:00 *Eye Guess J10:30 Concentration |l 1:00 'Morning Star" jll:30_*Paradise _Bay_ JNoon "Jeopardy 12:15 "Jeopardy 12:30 "Post Office 12:45 "Post Office T:"00~*On"Town 1:30 "Make A Deal 2:00 "Our Lives 2:30_The Doctors 3:yO~Another World _3:30 "Don't Say __ "4:00 "Match Game _4:30_Sea Hunt ~5TflO~Movie Telecourse Donna Reed Romper Room Paige Palmer Alan Douglas_ Sweepstakes Dating Game News Capt. Penny Capt. Penny Capt. Penny Ben Casey Ben Casey The Nurses Time For Us Semester Semester Rex Humbard News Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo^ *Toymaker "Toymaker Love of Life McCoys ""Andy Griffith"" _Van Dyke News News The Search Guiding Light_ Bachelor Dad _World Turns Password Houseparty isj ' and 99 go to Spy City to search ^ip. for a diary. \ 7;30_*ch. 8, Martian: Tim — Ch. 8, Secret A so n I: kidnaped by CRUSH agent. Drake checks on a reportedly: g _*ch. 5, KB I: Woman dead spy who seems to he with- kidnaps baby believing it is her ;drawing funds from his bank own • , (account. ' _*ch. 8. Ed Sullivan: The! ! 9:30—*Ch. 5, Palace: Donald Ro nj n g stones, Hal Holbrook, Ru-! i O'Connor and .Jane Morgan arc jn;m j an K 0 ]k Ballet. ;co-hosls to Edward G. Robinson, 9 _*ch. 3, Bonanza: Joe Cheeky Greene, .Roger Williams, challenges professional gunCight- iPaulAnka cr to duel. i 10 — t'h. 8, Gunsmoke: .la- _ C |, 8 _ p crry Mason: son considers his guitar valuable p erry defends art gallery owner enough to kill for. |accused of murder. SUNDAY j — Ch. 5, Bowling: Buzz vs. Andy .Marzicb. 3 — Ch. 5, Basketball: Goodyear vs. Phillips GGcrs. 4 —*Ch. 3, Sports: Los Angelos Times track meet. 5 —*Ch. 3, Kingdom: Per- off and" Juliet" with Peter Ustinov. . ,,, , t • , i 11:20 p. m. (WJW) "A Kiss Be- battlos underwater P1 rate fore Dy £ gII ^ Robwt Wagncl , 7 —*Ch. 5, Sea Voyage: Sea- , ,wi«n J income ' _ » P of 11:20 p. m. (WKYC) TV PAIITS - SALE HEAVY TV TOWERS 9Sc ffT. X S3. INLINE S4. FJNCO Mom- ' ' SS - p 'l'E, LEADIN^ PICTURE TUHKS $10 up «cU MOWEKS. TRACTORS. CAM!' THAI! KH«. GAI.AV'8. M24 NA VARRK SW RT 6Z, GHL 7-12S2 The Flavian amphitheater or Colosseum of Rome, was completed in 80 A. D. 6:UO Movie 6:15 Movie 6:30 "Hunt.-Brink. Hospital Merv Griffin^ Merv Griffin Action * Clubhouse "Clubhous News Lawman Tell Truth _Edge of Night Secret Storm Highway Patrol *Adventure Road News News "Cronkite 7:00 *News 7:30 *Hullabaloo News Rifleman 12 O'Clock High Tell The Truth 8:00 "John Forsythe 8:30 *Dr. Kildare 12 O'Clock High I've A Secret Jesse James "Lucy Show * Beany & Cecil Lamp * Peter Potamus Caucus 11:00 Whirlybirds Movie 11:30 * Report Movie Gene Carroll Gene Carroll Noon Faith Frontier 12:30 *Dialogues "1:00 *Meet The~PressPolka"Show 1:30 * Open Circuit Polka Show Sgt. Preston Everglades ~Golf~ Classic" Golf Classic *Movie *Movie 9:00 *Andy Williams Shenandoah 9:30 * Andy Williams Peyton Place 10:00 *Run For Life Ben Casey *Andy Griffith *Hazel *Movie 11:00 *News 11:15 "Weather 11:30 Movie News News "Tonight News * Movie * Movie 2:00 * Panorama 2:30 Movie 3:00 Movie Bowling ^ Basketbal 4:00 NBC Sports Basketball 4:30 NBC Sports Jimmy Dean_ 5:00 * Wild Kingdom Jimmy Dean~ 5:30 * College Bowl Men In Crisis *Movie "Movie Outer Limits * Movie * Movie * Movie * Movie 6:00 *Report 6:30 ••2011. Hour. Cheyenne .. Cheyenne 20th Century Hobo Frosters Have Dinner Movies In Local Theaters The Frosters held their annual! TOD A' V nickel-a-nibble dinner at the ^SLIN- That Darn YWCA, with 30 members anoVat 4:46. 7:04 and 9:22 p. m. 26 guests present. I LINCOLN - "Dr. Goldf Mrs. Russel Murray, president, ^V^"!*^ 4 ? fn announced that the membership P;; ™- Town Tamer at 5.0 dues should be paid bv the nextj 5 - 10 P- m meeting, if your name is to ap- SUNDAY ZIEBART RUSTPROOFING INSURES Your Car • Truck against RUST Moderate Cost 'There is only one' ZIEBART Auto * Truck Rustproofing Center 1257 Dueber Ave. SW. I'OMK IN OK CU.l. 453-8149 Owned and Operated by HERMAN FLANAGAN TlGERTONN EAGLES DANCE SATURDAY NIGHT, FEBRUARY 12th Music By DALE BAIR FEATURING OUR BONUS DANCES NAME THE MYSTERY TUNE — WORTH $ TO YOU — 121 Erie St., South Downtown Massillon WHERE THE ACTION IS The Real Bikini-Dressed A-GO-GO GIRLS Nightly Except Sunday "LIVE" MUSIC Featuring the Sensational ROCK and ROLL BAND SUNNY ami THE SHADOWS SATURDAY, FEB. 12 BIRTHDAY DINNERS AT 6:30 P. M. ST. VALENTINE DANCE Gladys Keyes Orchestra DOOR PRIZES MOOSE LODGE 481 SJ50 WEEKEND SPECIAL! GRILLED VIRGINIA HAM STEAK BAKED CHICKEN and DRESSING Whipped Potatoes, Salad, Roll and Butter and Coffee. We Serve Child's Portions. LAMBROU'S FAMILY RESTAURANT 14501 Lincoln St., N.W. Rt. 30, West East Greenville, 0. 7:00 * Bell Hour *Sea Voyage 7:30 * Disney's World*Sea Voyage 8:00 * Disney's World*FBl * Lassie * Martian ~*Ed~ Sullivan" LINCOLN "Dr. Goldfoot & 8:30 -Branded 'FBI * Ed Sullivan ° 9:00 *Bonanza * Movie Perry Mason x 10:00 * Wackiest Ship * Movie Candid Camera J 10:30 * Wackiest Ship * Movie What's My Lone , 11:00 *News News News-Sports t 11:15 'Sports News * Weather * 11:30 * Movie Sports World * Movie l Mrs. Larimer Receives Pin Mr». Augustas Larimer, past and present most excellent chief of the Pythian Sisters of Navarre, was presented with a past presidents pin by Mrs. PerLee Studer, secretary of the group, at a recent meeting held in the temple. Mrs. Al Schuster and Mrs. Mary Fetters received prizes in games. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Ernest Price, Mrs. Carmen Fisk and Mrs. Adam Burkey. The next regular meeting of the group will be held Feb. 22 at 7:30 p. m. in the temple. Brewster Auxiliary i Has Dinner Party J • A Valentine dinner parly was ' enjoyed Wednesday evening in the Massillon YWCA by Past Presidents of the Brewster Amer ican Legion auxiliary to post No. 160. Prizes in games went to Ruth and Carolyn Youngman, Mae Lanier, Anne Bille. Clara Morris, Lena Gossett, Ada Dougherty,; Florence Sessor, Eva Lever and Gretchen Sprunger. Evelyn Haley will be hostess at the March meeting of the group. pear in the Frosters book. Members desiring to attend the Bikini Machine" at 12:45. 3:45, flower show in March are asked 6:45 and 9:45 p. m. "Town Tamer" to contact Mrs. George Nestor,; at 2:15. 5:15 and 8:20 p. m. for further details. WESLIN — "That Darn Cat" Mrs. George Bradley reported;at 12 noon, 2:18, 4:36, 6:54 and on a round robin letter, and show-j 9:12 p. m. ed snapshots of decorated cakes. MONDAY tfrs. Roy Anania demonstrated WESLIN — "That Darn Cat" Jewish cookies. |at 5, 7:15 and 9:30 p. m. The door prizes went to Mrs.i LINCOLN — "Dr. Goldfoot & Thomas Madaffer, Mrs. George Bikini Machine" at 6:40 and 9:40 Nestor, Mrs. B. E. Parr, Mrs. p. m. "Town Tamer" at 8:10 p. m. Kathryn Grossweiler. Mrs. Hen-j ry Kozub and Mrs. John Wills. I Mathematical problems inscrib- Displays were brought by Mrs. ed on clay tablets found near Joyce Moser, Mrs. George Brad- Baghdad, Iraq, indicate that ley, Mrs. Gerald Diana and Mrs. I schoolboys were learning about Albert Fahrni. Mrs. Gerald Diana will demonstrate Easter ideas at the next meeting. STAGE DOOR SUPPER CLUB F I N E F O O D FINE FOODS COCKTAILS DINE and DANCE THE GO-SHAKE-SHIMMY GIRLS EVERY FRI. & SAT. EVES. CORNER RT. 241 & PORTAGE ST. PHONE 499-6226 the hypotenuse of a right triangle 1,700 years Tjefore Euclid's time. The figures for yearly sugar the heaviest users in world. A potsherd is a piece of broken earthen pottery. Brady's Pink Cottage Restaurant The Finest In Carry Out Foods COCKTAIL LOUNGE 3ZND ST., N.W., MASSILLON DANCING EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT CARL MOMIROV ORCHESTRA Carl Momirov, organ; Nick Dor an, drums; Paul Mamy-. penny, trumpet - guitar; Larry Pen, saxophone. Large Room For Wedding Receptions, Parties. DIAL TE 2 0355 or GL 64703 HELD OVER! THRU THURS. *&\ WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY _ i ai» t ::sini i iutt u • ^^K LINCOLN SI .5* S2.M Matinee . Evening . ST. Citizens & Student? 91.00 Special Discount To Groups. When this eligible F. B.t. man DANCING EVERY SATURDAY DOM CLIVI and His Orchestra his yard the chase' leads VALENTINE DANCE FRIDAY, FEB. 11 — 7:30 TO 11:30 P. M. Twilight Room at Amherst Shopping Center A COMBO WILL PROVIDE MUSIC School Clothes Appropriate, But No Slacks. DANCE OPEN TO PUBLIC — TICKETS SOLD AT DOOR — 50c PERSON Sponsored by Canton - Massillon Civil Air Patrol CHICKEN DINNER FAMILY STYLE - - - - S1.50 Spaghetti Dinner S 1 50 All You Can Eat — Sunday 12 to 8 P.M. Choice Steaks * Lobster DANCING TONIGHT TILL 2:30 A. M. Food Served To 4 A.M. OSER'S Canton's Finest Nite Club BANQUET FACILITIES TO ACCOMMODATE 350 PEOPLE 2 Blocks North of 12th St., N.W. on Wertz Ave. (Just East of Meyers Lake) Canton, Ohio. Ph. 454-0268 Today & Sunday At 12:40—3:30— 6:40 & 9:45 P.M. Kids — 40c tails her cat through LAURENCE |AT 2:00 & 8:15 P. M. ONLY! greatest Othello ever by the greatest actor of our time. LIVI (OTHELLO 'AN ACTUAL PERFORMANCE OF THE NATIONAL THEATRE OF GREAT BRITAIN MAIL ORDERS FILLED WtLTtl) 9* AB.H.E. PRODUCTION fSOOUCtDBT ANTHONY HAVELOCK-ALLAN and JOHN BRABOURNE TECHNICOLOR* PANAV1SJON* FROM WARNER BROS. STUART BURGE' FUN STARTS FLYIN'! DINE and DANCE Ballroom Dancing for Adults Over 21 GOOD ENTERTAINMENT BY RAY GILLETTE — NICK CONTI OSER' THIS IS SECRET AGENT 00 1 /4 (he's a fraction stupid) on the trail of ., a sinister plot to control the wealth of the world! Walt Disneys Canton's Finest Nite Club — Free Adm. BANQUET FACILITIES TO ACCOMMODATE 350 PEOPLE 3201 Parkway, NW. Phone 454 0268 TECHNICOLOR". Co - Attraction M SRUT MtiRICAH LEGEND IN MUSK im MfflMTHM! TOWPATH OPEN SUINDAl AT 7 A. 31. SERVING DINNERS STARTING AT 11:30 A.M. Lounge and Restaurant AT THE 'MASSILLON INN" 412 Lincoln Way, East Phone 832-1538 SUNDAY SPECIALS! $1.95 $1.95 o ^ AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL DOORS OPEN SUN. Weekdays 11:3014:45 A.M. P.M. ROAST LEG O' LAMB Mint Jellv, Mashed Potatoes BAKED VIRGINIA H.VM Raisin Saucr, Sweet Potatoes ROAST TURKEY and Dressing Mashed Potatoes. Cranberry Sauce PORK TURKEYS, Scalloped Potatoes, Apple Rings. Atini-r includes: I" h « t r f nf ChirVrn Nnndlr Soup, or Tomaln .loicf- Choice nf Tr><«ert Salad. Cnlc Slaw. Applnaucr, Cotta^r ^hpp^^ t Roll and BuUrr, Brvrr- ttt, tee Crtam or Sherbet. Home Made Pie or Frnlt Jello with Whipped Topping CmMIREN'S PORTIONS Jt.M Dining Room Open 7 A. M. - 8 P. M. Weekdays, Open fi A. M. «o 1ft P. M. Also Serving Steaks, chops and Sea Food* I.Ol.'XGE HOURS: II A. M. «o 1 A. M. Noonday Luncheon! — Weekdays $1J5 $1.50 Rife ^ MACi PANAVFSiON WNCENtPRjCE FRANKIE" • Dw/oniiE AVALONHICKMAN SUSAN . JACK?7 HART MULLANEY FRED CLARK AN D PATH E CO LOR n PLUS HIT NO. 2 DANA ANDREWS WED. & THtJRS. • At 2:00 & 8:1.1 Lauieuce Olivier iu ' OlIILLLO 1 *

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