The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 3, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1933
Page 3
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THE BAKERSF1ELO CALIFORNIAN, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 193 COMMUNITY NEWS tT jUt. WAR- TOPIC Id CLUB Religion, Music and Life of Orientals Are Themes of Program niCHOROVB, Feb. 3.—Mrs. Arthur, Woodhead presented tin Interesting program before the Neighborhood Literary Club at their regular meeting on Thursday, afternoon In the Jasmine schoolhouse with Mrs. Charles Hart as hostess, and Mcs- datnos W. A. doodell and H. IS. Cartor as assistant hostesses. The subject was -"Manchuria, and tho Par East." Mrs. Woodhead spoke on Manchuria. She explained that* the Japanese people must have room to expand, and they have spent a tremendous amount of money, and feel that If they should leave the country now, that. It would bankrupt their nation. ' Mrs. David Miller spoke on the mu- elc and musical Instruments of the orient. She said they wore not a musical people, being less musical than any other part of the known world. What little music there Is, Is among the lower classes. Their scale is five notes Instead of seven, as tho Occident has the scale, and their musical Instruments are very' crude. Mrs. Edgar E. Leo spoke on tho religions of the far east, naming ConfuBcIanlsm, Buddhism, Shlntolsm and Taoism as the four principal religions. She told of their ancestor worship and how It has kept them In Ignorance and backward. She had a number of pictures sent her from China by her sister, Mrs. Henry Ferguson, who lived there more than 20 years as a missionary. Mrs. W. A. Welch entertained with a piano solo, her number being "Rustling Spring." Miss Wllma Harris spoke on tho earthquakes and volcanoes of Japan. She told particularly of the earthquake which was so' disastrous for Toklo. She brought out that those living near the volcanoes can tell fairly accurately when another quake Is liable to happen. The usual social' half hour followed the program, when the hostesses served delicious refreshments of chocolate plo with whipped cream, coffee and ice box cookies. Club visitors Included Miss Cecil Skldmore of Tulare, Mesdames Ear! Ferguson, John Brockman and Thomas Qulnn of Jasmine, Miss Wilma Harris, Mesdames Blanch Jenkins, William Pfander and Edgar E. Lee of Richgrove, and Mrs. Elmer Dorsey and son and Mrs. George Hess and daughter Fern of Delano. Members enjoying tho meeting were Mesdames John M. Kyte, Frank Kee, Carrie Ratcltffe, Arthur Woodhead, Edward S. Green, Hugh Burtim David Miller, W. A. Welch, Howard S Miller, J. R. Burkett, John W. Reed P. E. Monroe and daughter Margaret Paul Driver and son, Chester Dooley U R. Klatt, Charles Hart, W. A Goodell and H. E. Carter. Bridge Tourney Won by Cosgrove, Miller i TA1TT, Fob. 3.—Tim bridge tourna- i mont of the Petroleum Club, In i progress for tho paat five weeks, I came to a close hint nlKht with Joseph Cosgrove and 'Walter Miller forging Into the lend und claiming tho club chninplonshlp. Miller and Cosgrovo ainiisHod 11,702 points to lend W. L. AdUlsson and M. F. I.uton, who finished second with 11,077 points, Third plncc went to MartUi und Boyd with 10,601 points. Other' teams finished as follows: Vlnans nnd Duhlg, 10.19G; Hutchlns ind Carlisle, 10,124; Free and Tram- ncl, 10,009: Smith and Phlllpp, B981; \tooro and JlcCabe, 9572; Hall and Ceeno, 9505; ThomHs and Barmvell, 084; Hess and Ward, S657; Grey arid Harks, 8447; Barr nnd Evans, 8337; Harton and Mitchell, 7390; Kommers and Davis, 7312; Harris and Powers, 0199; Stewart and Sherertz, 5823; Stokes and Murray, 4917. Preceding tho flnitl bridge party, a oast pig bnrbnc'uo wan served In the dining room through the courtesy of W. U Adklsson. Shprt tiilks were nade by Jack Toon, Raymond Grey and \V. L. Adklfson while Adklsson and Grey lead tho singing. QUICK RELIEF FROM COLDS Mistbl FOR NOSE AND THROAT ^ Essence of Mistol ^ ON HANUK.fc«L.HIfcF k - AND PILLOW IS ENJOYED j[ SHARER SHAFTER, Feb. 3.—Tho Wednesday Afternoon Club held Its annual flower exchange meeting Wednesday. It was decided to give a dnnce February 25, In the clubhouse. After the business session, Mrs. J .C. Ohnnneson, chairman of the flower department, took charge. She presented a plan for a zinnia show early in tho fall, and it was approved. H was suggested that zinnia seeds be planted about the first or second week in March. Each member was asked to tell and describe her native state flower. This was interesting from the fact the club members come from so many different states and foreign countries. Following arc somo who responded: Mrs. Frank Latta, Mrs. George Strnut and Mrs. J. C. Ohanneson, California, golden poppy: Mrs. Mary Luders, Nyon, on the banks of Lake Geneva. Switzerland, idlcwclss; Mrs. R. E. Grlbble. Iowa, wild rose; Mrs. Jack Wilson. Saskatchewan, Canada, crocus; Mrs. H. R. Janzen, Mrs. O. E. W-ledman, Kansas, sunflower; Mrs. E. J. Peery, Maine, pine tree and cones; Mrs. J. P. Harris, Missouri, haw- thorne; Mrs. D. H. Potter, Illinois, violet; Mrs. T. A". Little, Mrs. D. O. Moore and Mrs. H. L. Hetz, Ohio, scarlet carnation; Mrs. Henty Ncu- feld, Mrs. J. E. .Tansen, Mrs. P. L. Arnold, South Dakota, pasquo flower. The splendid collection of plants was exchanged and sold after having been inspected by R. S. Stansbury. Tea and sandwiches were served by the hostesses, Mrg. D. O. Moore, Mrs. Chris Mobley and Miss F. Sullivan. The year books ..will bo Judged at tho next meeting. The owner of the most attractively decorated one will bo awarded a prlr.e. This will bo held at tho O. T. Olscn home. The hostesses for this meeting will bo Mrs. O. T.' Olson, Mrs. H. G. Neufeld and Mrs. J. C. Ohanneson. WASCO LEGION UNIT PLANS JPRAII'ON WASCO, Feb. 3.~Tho eleventh birthday of tho Wnsco T<eglon Auxiliary will be fittingly celebrated Fob- rilary IS with a party at' the I,OKlon hall which will begin with a dinner and followed by cards, with members of tho Uoglon as guests of the evening. Mrs. Kathleen Wllkson, president of the Auxiliary, named the, committee for tho dinner and party to Include Mesdames Kllzaheth Bennett, Oladys Brier, Teresa Jones, Mable West, Tillllan Prltschke, Emmy I^ou Homfelcl, Cornelia little and Wllkson. Mrs. Clay Gllbreath was hostess to members of tho Auxiliary at her homo AVedncsdny evening where an enthusiastic business meeting was conducted. Plans wero made to hold an essay contest In the eighth grades of the elementary school and St. John 1 !) Parochial School, tho subject to bo "The Preamble of the Constitution." Tho essays are to be 100 words and a first, prize of $2 and a second prize of $1 arc to be given. The two host essays are .to be sent In to tho district. Mrs. Gladys Brier. Americanization chairman of the Auxiliary, will manage thf contest. The judges of tho local contest will he local people. The contest Is to end the last of February. Mrs. 13rnest Link was taken Into the Auxiliary as a new member. Tho new bylaws wero read and approved and will be adopted after being approved by the stnte organization. Mrs. Gllbreath served refreshments at tho close of the evening. Those present wore Mesdames Kathleen Wllkson, Zeta Taylor, Mable West, Mary Crettol. Gladys Brier, Elizabeth Bennett, Amanda Raven, Emmylou llomfeld, Dorothy I^lnk, Cornelia Tittle, Teresa Jones, Miss I/llllan Prlt- schke, Miss Gladys Bennett and the hostess. W. C. T. U. Program Is Set Saturday FELLOWS, Feb. 3. — A Woman's Christian Temperance Union Institute program will be given Saturday at tho Fellows Baptist Church on tho theme, "Advance, Not Retreat," with Mrs. Evn Craven Wheeler, state president, and Miss Mabel Brown, assistant state secretary, as the leaders. Tho program will open at 10 o'clock with songs, devotions by a teacher of a Bible class and a discussion of child problems. "The Line Shall Not Break Where I Stand" Is tho title of an Illustrated dlsqusslon to bo followed WOMAN'S CLUBS I NET by tho prayer. question box and noontide At the luncheon, a number of 10- mlnuto talks will ho given under the general topic, "Influence of Beer and Wine." Rev. Jesse U Smith will speak "On the Individual," and Mrs. Helen Halrston "On the Home." Other speakers are being arranged and will be announced later. Tho afternoon program commences at 2 o'clock with .songs. Invocation, one-mlnuto talks. H discussion of "Tho Youth Movement" by Miss Mabel Brown, special music by Mlmi Baumap of Fellows, a humorous Impersonation .by Miss Mabel Brown, and an address on the topic, Now Deal," by Mrs. Wheeler. "Tho 'The Runaways," Miixlne Moore nnd MRS. LOBRE HOSTESS McFARLAND, Feb. 3.— Mrs. Elmer E. Lobre, assisted by her sister, Mrs. Mllsworth E. Rlppey, entertained at the homo of the former Wednesday afternoon at a quilting freshments wero served. party. Re- Guests enjoying the party were Mesdames W. J. Reid, Georgo Hosteller, J. W. Morrison, F. L. Hosier, Tod Garrett, O. S. Grant, P. B. Parker, I. A. Burroughs, Dlnsmore Parish, J. H. Bruno, Joe Pike, and the latter's friend, Pauline Collins of Bakersfleld. Miss Bow mans Honored at Tupman Party TUPMAN, Feb. 3.—More than 50 friends and neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. C. 13. Bowman attended the farewell party given In their honor at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. R. Loperana on the Kern County lease, Tufesday evening. Mrs. J. T. Culp und Mrs. Loperana were joint hostesses. Cards and dancing were enjoyed until a latt- htnir, when refreshments were served. A beautiful bedspread, a gift from those present, was given the couple, who responded In a gracious manner. Mr. and Mrs. Bowman, with their daughter Margaret, will leave to make their home in» Licking, Mo., Immediately following a few days' visit with their daughter, Mrs. Archie Courtney and family at Coallngn. The Bowman!) leave a host of friends who wish them well In their new venture. Mr. Bowman has been an employe of the Associated Oil Company for the past nine years. McFarland Group Entcrtuim Guests From Slvuftcr; Enjoy Program McFARLAXD, Fob. 3.—Mrs. V. W. Dickinson presided over the .business meeting at tho Woman's Club Thursday afternoon at tho American Le- Klon clubrooms. Following this u fine program was given by the Slmftor Woman's Club, nnd n social hour with refreshments was enjoyed. Mrs. Opal 7,achory, prognyn ehnlr- innn for the Shatter club, unnounccd the program numbers, which wore much enjoyed 1>V rlub members. The numbers were: Rending, "Tho Weaker Sex." by Mrs. Mnrthn Humpton; two solos, "A. Oiinlen (if Happiness" and "I Heard You do H.v." by Mrs. F. W. Herbert: skit, given by Misses Leila Doris Temple; two trio numbers and an cncoro by Misses Uliilno An- der.ion, Margaret Koelm and ISvclyn Unr\ih. Mrs. 13. J. Peery, president of tho Shafter club, wa.s In attendance, also 12 member* of tho visiting club imd the entertainers. During the business session report.' of committees included the announcement of a card party to be given tho afternoon of February I), by the chairman of the committee, Mrs. D. Hillings. Oilier members <if the committee are Mrs. Claude Hlrhnrdson nnd Mrs. W. J. Woolverton. The Delano" county meeting und reciprocity was annouueed for Monday. Fobnmry G, and tho local olub member* were invited to attend. Tho local club is also Invited to attend the meeting of the Wnsco Woman's Club, whlrh Is to bo their hi-jinks meeting on February 14. The next meeting (if tho McFurland club will be Thursday, February IB, at the clnbrooms. Mrs. 15. P. Janes, chairman of tho book section, will preside and Mrs. n. A. Broad well will give a review of "My Hook," by Mary Roberts Helnhart. Mrs. Janes asks each member of the club to come prepared to give an important news item of the week. Mrs. George Buckingham, assisted by Mrs. R. Kern, served delightfully appointed refreshments. NARCOTICS IS TOPIC OF CLUB MEETING HELD IN WASCO HOME ASCO, Fob. 3.—The Junior Progressive^ Club met ut the homo of Mrs. George Summervllle Wednesday evening with Mrs. .T, W. McNeil, dls- rlct chairman of narcotics, as the speaker. Mrs. McNeil dealt at length upon the effects and results of nnr- otlcs and of the'appalling Increase annually of .narcotic addicts among boys and- girls of high school ago. The meeting was conducted by Miss Fanehon Klassen, president. Miss JJeloras Hope acted as secretary. After tho business meeting a short program was given: Poem, "Hear In Mind," was read by Frances Thompson; reading, "When lOarth Is Lust Plrlureil. by Helen Emerald; piano duet, "Ln Cupi'lHeuse," by Stella and Uernldlne Cnrona; soln, "Merry Mountain M/ion," by Irma Klawsen; song. "When the Ninon Comes Over the Mountain," by Uorothy (Irubb. Three new members were added to the club list; Lorettn Tlllmnn and Slellii nnd tiernldltie Corona. It 'was derided to take as a project for the rest of the year tho study of the early history of California beginning with the Donner party. Refreshments were served by Dorothy t'irubb, Irma Klus.son and Helen lOmnierson. Afemhers present were Frances Thompson, Deloras Hope. Loretla Tlllman. l''anehon and Trnm Kla.sseti, Elizabeth and Helen Ummer- nld, Dorothy (Irubb, Stella and Cleral- dlne Corona. Tho refreshment committee for March will be I,orcttu Tlllman and Kuiichoil Klassen, and those on the entertainment, committee are ICllza- Imth' Knit-raid, and Stella and Uernl- dlne Corona. NET AT M'FARLAND i MoFAIU.AXn. Feb. ".—A county i physical cdui.iitlon meeting of the pri- | mnry grade.s was held nt tho loccl klndergarlen Wednesday evening, with primary educators from Delano, Wasco, Shafter nnd the local school participating. Miss Cornelia Ball, enmity music adviser, presented new songs and led In the singing. Miss Reynolds, county physical education director, Instructed the teachers In new dances and games for primary children. Meetings of this nature are held in order to present to the primary teachers the new phases of physical education,. Twenty-six primary teachers were present, nnd the McFarluml touchers acted as hostesses and served refreshments Miss Wllma Long was chairman, assisted by Ruby Bowman. Lottie Long, Frances Jewell, Kathryn Cnvnmuigh and Jessie Smllllo. If Your Ears Ring With Head Noises. People who are growing hard of hearing and who experience n stuffy feeling of pressure against their ear drums, accompanied by buzzing, rumbling sounds In the head Ilka water 'railing or steam escaping, should take prompt and effective measures to stop this trouble. Secure from your druggist 1 oz. Parmlnt (Double Strength). Take this homo and add Vi pint hot water .ind a little sugar. One tablespoonful four times n day should quickly relievo distressing oatarrhul head noises, open clogged nostrils, make breathing easy, stop annoying mucous discharge. All catarrh sufferers should give Parmlnt a trial.— Adv. Don't fear Motherhood T HOSE women who suffer every month — who may have weakening drains, side ache or nervous headache, will find Dr. Pierce's 1 Favorite Prescription just what they need. Read what Mrs. 338 Lux Ave., South Sun . "Ucforc my baby arrived the pains were BO severe in the lower part of my back I could hardly stand or get around. I bad nervous headaches, felt tired and weak and my hands and feet would swell. I took one bottle of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and U did a world ol good. I had no fear, as 1 felt so much stronger ami better and had no trouble it birth, and my baby was very healthy." Writ* lo Ur. rur»'i Clinic, Dutfilv, N. Y., for htm mtHtml aiitlci. Canziani o£ Francisco, says: Delta Theta Tau Has Business Meet TAFT, Feb. 3.—The regular business meeting of Epsllon Theta chapter of Delta Theta Tau was held on Wednesday evening at tho home of Mrs. Paul Frost. Final plans were made for tho mock Initiation Friday evening, when members and pledges will gather at tho homo of Mrs. Dick White. Pledges wero excused from attending Wednesday's meeting so that the Initiation proceedings would be a surprise. A complete report of the province convention held at the Ambassador hotel In Los Angeles last week wus given by Mrs. .White. She was the local chapter's delegate and was ac| companled south by Mrs. Don Myers and Miss Grace Stephens. They reported that the entertaining chapter, Delta Iota, showed them a marvelous time after the business sessions, and on Saturday night they attended tho formal dance at the Cocoanut Grove. After the regular meeting last evening, some little time was spent in rehearsing tho new formal Initiation ceremony that has been adopted by, national council. Another rehearsal is called for next Wednesday evening at the homo of Mrs. Don Myers In Fellows. Alex Johnson to Be Guest Speaker DELANO, Feb. 3.—Alex Johnson, secretary of the Stato Fawi Bureau Federation will bo the guest speaker at tho meeting of Delano Farm Center, on Monday, February 13, In the local high school. An oyster stew supper will bo served at 6:30 in the .school cafeteria. Mr. Johnson will speak particularly of loans to farmers from tho Agricultural Credit Association. Other speakers will bo M. A. Lindsay of Bakersfleld, Kern county farm adviser, nnd T. M. Martin of Rio Bravo, president of the Kern County Farm Bureau. Music will bo furnished by the Girls' filee Club of the high school. A silver offering will be taken to defray the expense of the oyster supper. KILL COLDS IN A DAY This 4-way remedy keeps millions well. Take two HILL'S CASCARA QUININE tablet* right away—follow directions. HILlSfflffiCOLDS Tests Given Scouts at WestjSide Meet TAFT, Kcb. :;.•—Hoy Scout Troop No. IT, met thin week at tho Lincoln Hchool grounds, with many boya completing tests. Leon Monyier. Jack Dykes, John McLaughlln, Maurice Hooper and Lloyd Warner passed the Scout's paco test. After this workout the boys went to the sand pit In back of the school, where fires wero built unit tests passed In this work. Trailing by flashlight was next on the program. Mutliew Doyle, WilUml Gervals and Richard Platzek were visitors. Scoutmaster J. I. MoKean announced that they would have two associate Scouts In their troop, Oscar Llnscott and Gail Brooks. OFF ^^ WITH ftP to a Flying Start WITH SENSATIONAL VALUES—TOMORROW February First we started pur fiscal year,"1933. Yesterday \ve advertised a series of offerings For Friday and Saturday indicative of what you may always expect of this store. Did you read the items? If not we advise you to, or better, come to the store tomorrow to make the most of the savings available. MANNISH HATS FEDORAS! AMAZONS! $ ARE SPRING'S BIG SENSATION With man-creased crowns . . . man-sized brims ... to be worn with man-tailored suits ... Felt ... Straw. Others $2.95 to $3.95 Mead Sixes 21 y» to 2U Millinery—Fashion Floor *.\jn 5 _ 4 ___ Freedom and Comfort in These Kayser Fit -All -Top INEST OOTWiAR DR. CARROL'S ARCH-SUPPORT SHOES All-leather arch-support shoes In black and brown kid In straps and ties, t A $3.95 value. Solid Leather Men's Shoes A wonderful line of men's oxfords. All sizes. In plain toes, broad toes and narrow toes. Come In and look them over. ALL SIZES M ALCOL1VLBRQCK CO BUY AMERICAN Regularly $1.35 Special Kuyser Fit-All-Top Stockings solve the problem for women who urc hard to fit with hosiery. If you require- extra length or extra width, you can have it. No binding, no pulling, no straining—and that means greater service. Sheer chiffon or semi-service. Hosier}'—Main Kloor 54 HOSIERY SALE V/ Two groups on sale. Group 1—4-thread. 45-gauge chiffon, or 7-thread, 45-gauge service weight, 54c. Group 2—3-thread, 51-gaMge chiffon, G4c. The greatest values ever offered. Hosiery—Downstairs 64 Buy American MALCOLM BROCK CO. KiRN COUNT YlT PROGRl iJIVt' J lORt • RAM W/Ml I O THE NEW DEAL OFFERS YOU INTEREST PAYABLE QUARTERLY FOR 20 YEARS Title conveyed by deed. Exempt from all taxation. Always worth the purchase price. When Sorrow Comes Consult Our Advisory Department Phone 50.'J2 or 310 WE INVITE CRITICISM Bakersfield Memorial Park, Inc. Exclusive Service— Representative J. K. McAlpine Land and Development Co., Ltd. I Main Office—Community Mausoleum Phone 5032 Tomorrow—Saturday GREAT SALE OF WALLPAPERS Any room from 8x10 to 12x14 feet papered complete (sidewalls and ceiling) labor included. City only. Group No. I Group No. 2 Group No. 3 $6.95 $8.95 $10.95 Many Beautiful Patterns to Choose Krom—All 19M Stock Thrifty Floor Wax If this wax Is not as good as any you have ever used, bring back the empty can and get your money back. 39 C Ib. Decorative Enamel, Quick Dry — All Colors Sufficient to paint any ordinary sized i §• chair....! can I wG Asphaltum Roof Coating 5-Gal. Cans... .3Gc gal. 1-Gal. Can. . . .45c gal. BROCK'S PAINT DEPT. Downstairs Store

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