Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 12, 1965 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 12, 1965
Page 8
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8 - Wed., May 12, 1965 Redlands Daily Facts w — Tibu., i-iuj i/ud n«;uiaiiu» WHiiy ra Powe// says he'll speed up onH-poverfy bill WASHINGTON (UPI) — Kep.| names of eight WASHINGTON (UPI) — Kep. Adam Clayton Powell announced today he would speed approval by his House Education and Labor Committe of President Johnson's S1.5 billion anti-poverty spending program for the year starting July 1. The Harlem Democrat said he had reached agreement—actually, Powell called it a victory—in his dispute with the poverty war director R. Sargent Shriver that would clear the way for approval of the legislation Thursday. Powell said that under agreement with Shriver, the poor, or "residents of the areas to be served" under poverty projects in big cities, would be given a strong voice in operation of the programs. He said Shriver put in writing a pledge that adequate and substantial representation would be given the poor on governing boards and advisory committees of community action programs. Powell said Shriver agreed informally that this would mean at least one-third of the boards and committees would come from the ranks of the poor. The agreement means "there | will be no monopolistic control; by any city of the war on pov-| erly." Powell said. Olhcr congressional news: Banks: Senators investigating the failure of a Brighton, Colo., bank were told that a quarter of a million dollars in forged notes were placed in the bank before it went under. The testimony was given by John R. Thomas of Denver, a regional currency comptroller. He said the loan notes were in 'he names of eight persons who knew nothing about them. It was not immediately specified who got the money from the bogus loans. Pay: President Johnson asked Congress in a special message to raise the pay of both servicemen and government civilian employes. The pay raises would cost S853 million a year, effective next Jan. 1. Health Care: Sen. Jacob K. Javits. R-N.Y.; urged the Senate Finance Committee to include payment for drugs in the health care bill for the elderly. He estimated the cost of drug- payment insurance for illnesses not requiring hospitalization would be about $1.50 a month. Voting Rights: The House Judiciary Committee killed a controversial "escape hatch" provision in the voting rights bill. The action came as the committee prepared to act on a proposed poll tax ban similar to the one rejected by the Senate Tuesday. Chairman Emanuel Celler, D-N.Y., said action on the poll tax issue would be settled at an afternoon closed session of the committee. Reform: Sen. William Proxmire, D-Wis., suggested that all congressional committee meetings not dealing with classified information be opened to the public. He testified before a special House-Senate commitee considering proposals for the reorganization of Congress. Persecution: A House foreign affairs subcommittee continued to hear testimony about religious persecution of Jews and other groups in the Soviet Union and other Communist countries. VIET NAM CASUALTY — Buddies carry a painfully wounded U. S. Marine to a stretcher ofter detonation of a Viet Cong land mine. American casualties in Viet Nam have climbed with intensified attacks in recent days. (NEA Radio-Telephoto) for tax appraiser change By GEORGE SKELTON United Press International SACRAMENTO (UPI) —State Controller Alan Cranston today asked t h e legislature for a sweeping overhaul of his own political patronage power to appoint inheritance tax appraisers. "I have no desire to hold on to a personal political prerogative." he said. "It is clear that some changes in (he present system are necessary and appropriate." The Democratic controller said he was "acting now, after six months of study" because of two pending Republican bills he charged amounted to a "politically inspired effort to wreck a basically sound, efficient and economical system." One of the GOP measures, which would completely strip the controller of his patronage, was labeled by Cranston as "hastily conceived shoddily prepared and sloppily drafted." Cranston's chief proposal was that the controller be permitted only to "nominate" appraisers, instead of appointing them outright. Their appointments then would be "confirmed" by local probate courts. The courts have the job of assigning appraisers to specific cases. He also recommended: —Fees for appraisal of cash and bank account portions of estates be eliminated; also, a $100 limit be placed on fees for appraising a listed stock. —Appraisers be appointed for four - year, staggered terms. Now they serve at the pleasure of the controller. — Appraisers meet specific qualifications — such as five years experience as an attorney, real estate broker, appraiser, public accountant or trust or loan officer. Cranston said his four - point package would be amended into a bill by Sen. James A. Cobey, D-JIerced, now pending in the Senate. Assembly m a n William T. Bagley. author of the patronage stripping bill which also would establish a "self-appraisal" system, criticized Cranston's proposal. "The changes he recommends," Bagley, R-San Rafael, said, "are but a facade to maintain the present political patronage system. This certainly would add oil into his political machine and also fat to the political fire. In other legislative developments: Funerals — The Senate Business and Professions Committee endorsed a bill to tighten regulations on "buy now, die later" funerals. Spokesmen for the industry charged the proposal, by Sen. Alan Short, D- Stockton. was an attempt to wipe out their segment of the funeral business. Crime —The Assembly Criminal Procedure Committee killed three Republican anti - crime bills. But the GOP got support from Democratic Assemblyman Robert W. Crown, of Alameda, who said "I don't like guns or the people who use them." Glue — The Senate Committee on Business and Professions killed a bill to keep glue away from youngsters who sniff it for kicks. The measure, by .Assemblyman Tom Carrell, D-San Fernando, would have banned sales of model airplane glue to persons under 18 unless it was part of a hobby kit. Drugs—The Senate passed a bill to crack down on illicit traffic in pep pills and tranquilizers. The measure, by Sen. Donald L. Grunsky, R-Watsonville, was backed by Atty. Gen. Thomas C. Lynch. .NOTICE INVITING SE.M.r.D PKOI'OS.ALS IBUISI lOi; •"Demolish Three Buildiiics*' NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN lliat Ihc Cit>- Ccuiicil of tile Ciiy of Rcd- laiids invites all and will receive scaled proposals i Bids' up 10 the hour of IQ;00 a.m. on the I8lh day of May, for Demolish and Remove Three Buildings. The City Council of the City of Rcdiand.s reserves the right to reject any and alt bids. Copies of the contract documents are on file and may be examined in the office of the Director of Public Works. City HaU. City of Rcdlands, California. Said copies may be obtained by payment of a service charge of five dollars iSS.OOi per set. Said service charge will be refunded onl.v for those copies returned to the City as a bonafide hid for the work. Each proposal ibidi shall be made out or submitted on a form to be obtained at the office of the Director of Public Works and must be accompanied b,v a ca.shier's clieck. a certified check, or a bidder's bond in an amount not less than ten per cent llOTi of the amount of the bid. made payable to the order of the City of Redlands. and each bidder proposal shall be sealed and filed with the City Clerk at or before the time in this Notice provided. The above-mentioned check or bond shall be given as a guarantee that the bidder win enter into a contract with the City if awarded the work, and will be declared forfeited if the successful bidder refuses to enter into said contract. The succe-ssful bidder will be required to furnish a faithful performance bond in an amount equal to one hundred percent iKWei of the contract price, said bond to be obtained from a surety company satisfactory to the City. All terms and conditions contained in the contract documents including the Information to Bidders shall become a part of the contract. No bidder maj- withdraw Itis bid for a period of thirty i :iO' days after the time set for the opening thereof. BY ORDER OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF REDLANDS. SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. Dated this 4th day of May, 1963. HAZEL M. SOPER, City Clerk. City of Redlands, San Bernardino County, California. SANDWICH SPECIAL TOKYO (UPI)—A Tokyo firm is making a machine that mothers with large families will appreciate. The machine makes and wraps 20 sandwiches a minute. The spread goes into one part of the machine, the bread into anotlier and out comes neatly cut, trimmed and sealed sandwiches. Mother in tears as 'other woman' testifies SAN DIEGO (UPI)—The wife of a man on trial for murder burst into tears and fled the courtroom Tuesday when her liusband's pregnant mistress testified about her relations with him. The defendant, Margarito Ramirez Lomeli, 35, La Puente, is accused of fatally shooting California Highway Patrolman Merrel Kissinger last Feb. 14 at Oceanside. The defense completed i t s case shortly after the testimony of Mrs. Herlinda Lomeli, the mother of seven children, and Rita Carrera, 23, Tijuana, Mexico, the mother of six other Lomeli children, Mrs. Lomeli left the courtroom as Miss Carrera told the jury that she met and fell in love with Lomeli eight years ago when both attended night English classes at La Puente. Speaking through an interpreter, she testified she became pregnant soon after meeting Lomeli and the laborer rented an apartment for her. Lomeli visited her in Tijuana about once a month on weekends, she said. He drinks quite a bit, she said, and "when he drinks, he is completely different." Ki.ssinger arrested Lomeli on suspicion of drunken driving on U.S. 101 as he was returning from Tijuana to La Puente. The patrolman was shot in the back and head three times as he was transporting his prisoner from Oceanside to Vista. Lomeli testified that he was tmable to remember what ha- pened. He said he was drunk. OUE ANCESTORS 'I'm so glad we came, dear—I Just love good theater!" California man found carrying $37,000 in cash DENVER (UPI) — A California man who traveled about the country with $31,010 in cash and checks was temporarily detained today — in Colorado Ps.vchopathic Hospital. Officials who refused to identify the 65 - year-old traveler said the man was arrested Monday after a deputy sheriff saw him drinking water from a drainage ditch near Aurora, Colo. Legislative group votes to keep death penalty By DE VAN L. SHUMVMY United Press International SACRAMENTO, Calif. (UPI) —A legislative committee, after a two-hour hearing marked with religious overtones on both sides, Tuesday night voted to keep the death penalty in California. The .Assembly Criminal Procedure Committee first turned down a bill to abolish capital punishment outright. Then it killed a proposed state constitutional amendment to put the issue before the voters. The defeat came despite a statement from Democratic Gov. Edmund G. Brown, long bitter foe of the death penalty, that "violence, licensed or unlicensed, does not pay." The governor's special comment, read to the 10-member committee by an aide, called upon the lawm.akers to "abolish this act of retribution just as we earlier ended use of the whip, public hangings and other ineffective punishments. . ." doubt in my mind how He would vote on diis bill," McMillan said. Assemblyman E. Richard Barnes, a San Diego Republican who opposed abolition of the penalty, took issue with McMillan's statement. Barnes, a former Navy chaplain, answered: "If Christ were here again. . .1 don't think He'd be voting here. . ." Attorney Melvin Belli of San Francisco and mystery writer Erie Stanley Gardner also appeared before the committee to seek repeal of the death penalty. Belli, w'ho recently defended Jack Ruby against a charge of killing President Kennedy's assassin, denounced the death penalty as "barbaric" and said it might encourage "marginal minds" to seek a "last gallant stand" by committing murder. Gardner, who originated the Court of Last Resort and maintains a home at nearby Paradise. Cahf., objected to the Assemblyman Lester A. Mc- death penalty because it was Millan, a Los .Angeles Democrat who authored the repeal­ er, told the committee he was optimistic that the nation's most populous state eventually would abolish tiie death pen- altv. "too irrevocable." He recited cases where innocent men have been convicted of murder. Only one witness appeared in opposition to the MciHillan bill and to a constitutional amendment sponsored by Assembly "If Jesus Christ was sittingjman Burt M. Henson, D-Venon this committee, I have noitura. Herbert Ellingwood. representing the state's Peace Oili- cers -Association, said the death penalty was a deterrent to murder. As proof, he cited cases where criminals told law ofii- cers they carried eitJier toy guns or no guns for fear of tlie gas chamber. Henson, speaking in favor of his constitutional amendment, said he would not predict w-hether the voters would pass a repealer but added: 'if the people vote to retain it. I think it sort of lays the issue in peace for a wnile." Party Line Vote The vote followed party lines. Five Democrats on the committee first supported the abolition bill and four Republicans opposed it. Six votes were needed to send the measure to the Assembly floor. Republicans favored the constitutional ame.nd- ment but Democrats rejected it. The issue now has been rejected by the legislature 21 limes since 1933. Brown led a fight in 19G0 while convict-author Caryl Chessman waited on death row. The bill died in committee and Chessman was executed on May 2. lOSiJ. Facts Classified Ads Can Sell /mything Call 793-3221 MID-MONTH SPECIALS University Plaza Shopping Center — 800 East Lugonia Over 350 FREE Parking Spaces for Your Shopping Convenience i?epresentative CONSTABLES SALE ON EXECTTION MRS. BARBARA DUCEY. Rt. 2. Box 727. Redlands. Calif.. San Timcteo Canyon, Beaumont. Calif.. Plaintiff, vs. MR. MELVIN CARROLL, l.=i.50 Wost Fern Street, Redlands, Calif., Defendant. Under and by virtue of an execution issued out of Constable. Beaumont. County of Riverside. State of California, in Action, entitled above, and to me directed and do-| livered for a judgment rendered in] dare the California farm said Court on April 22. 1965. was requested to sell for pasture in favorja disaster area and to provide of Mrs. Barbara Ducey against Mr. | . , Melvin Carroll for the sum of Three 1 DllllOn in emergency aid 10 Hundred Dollars (S300.00i, together , , with costs of suit and interest, ijgrowers and workers. have levied on all the right, title, claim and interest of said defendant, of. in and to the following property, to-wit: 1 Buckskin Mare, black mane and tail, about 10 years old. 1 Gelding, black mane and tail, about 10 years old. 1 Light Palomino, about 18 months old. Notice is hereby given that on May 28, 1965. at II a.m.. I will sell all the right, title and interest of said Mr. Melvin Carroll, or either of Ihem. in and to the above described property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy plaintiff's claim, besides all costs, interest and accruing costs. The sale will take place at Rt. 2, Box 727. San Timetco Canyon, Beaumont. Calif.. Ducey Ranch, at public auction, for cash-in-hand to the highest and best bidder. Dated April 22. 196,1. JOHN T. WAUGH. Constable Bcaumonf Judicial District. County of Riverside. State of California. removal of Wirtz W.-^SHINGTON (UPI) - Rep. James B. Utt, R-Calif., asked President Johnson today to de- belt Utt -also asked the president to fire Labor Secretary Willard Wirtz "because of his handling" of the farm labor shortage growing out of the termination of the Mexican bracero program. Utt said he also had asked state legislators from his district to file impeachment proceedings against Gov. Edmund G. Brown "for criminal neglect and criminal waste of food." The man said he had earned! the money over a 10 - year pe riod. He said his truck was ini a Denver garage being repaired. "He has done nothing wrong and the money apparently is all his. I hope we can persuade him to put it into a bank," authorities said. He had no permanent address, a spokesman said, but papers on him gave addresses for Los Angeles and Etiwanda, Calif. ONE PIECE ROMPER PLAYSUIT VISITING HOURS NEW YORK (UPI) — Americans made 844 million visits to physicians during the 12 -iTiont .h period ending June, 1964, the U.S. National Health Survey reports. The figure includes telephone consultations. This averages out to 4.5 visits for each person in the U.S. civilian non-institutional population. Orange Piclcers Good earnings, steady work Apply CONE CAMP River Growers Ass'n. Pli: 794-1151 Football Answer to Previous Puzzle ACKOSS 1 Forw-ard- 5 Team position S Bovit 12 Grafted (tier.) 13 Equality as to value 14 Expands (poet.) lo .\ncient Iristi capital 16C.vprinoid fish 3 7 Obtains XI \Vest German 18 .Native name city for Italy 19 Ethiopian, for 20 Player s stake example 21 High mountain 21 Particle 3 Oivcst 4 Chair 5 End-of-play speeches (var.) 6 Lowest point 7 Visions 8 Liturgical ceremonies 9 Apertures 10 Contest (comp. word> A B E C A B O T A R U O N A L_ 1 N E A le A T A T M A S & A S A S A T 1 P E E EIT E e e C E D m a HIRIE A D e E A R •y- OIAIS T C O m m E V A E N U A 1= E E e N E A i_ l_ U m ES [3 E E M Si o I L- & H & T E T o w E s T E m • T CIA M E N p E I E s s A "R S D E 23 "T-25 Symbol for tungsten 26 Energy unit 27T\url 28 Wood sorrel 30 Roman robes (var.) 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