The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 7, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1933
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THE MALVERN LEADER *^» ^™ ^MS SS^S^i^iW «->*,» » A.^«k«,M 4«i4»M -. • • . . - • ...;. "-.*, NO. 8. , MILLS COW***, KWA, THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER ?. No Mere Light* at Alt Rule* Cauficil In Economy Mete tawn to tie III Bftffci Sating of $12 Monthly by Ptaft Malterft, its residential section In the fork since last winter, will he completely so from now on as the town council decided to tf Hi dot all lights at its meeting M&fr- day evening. As the electroliers la the business section have been used, these wilt go out under the aew order, Tltls move, made in the inter* «st* Bf economy, will effect a sat* lag of approximately |12 month* ly jn the municipal budget, or atfettt I2c per capita pet year, *> While the sating is small the Council felt it wise to turn the light* out because of insistent calls for tat reduction and be* cause the exchequer is in a pe«n> iarti; flattened slate at this ttae, -, . fiifore the council during the -~ wetting were salesmen from wat- ef iafrplf ft«n«, soliciting orders : - 'tit * new water system. Also at- lending was L. W, Boehner, in* , quiring about the local economy. ,„ following adjournment of the ? council, the water committee went Into a huddle and planned and carried out a test to deter' ' mine the locations of leaks in the water mains later, the same night. By waiting until 3 a. m., when ; most of the citizenry were slum- f boring, the committee had the mains checked and learned tbat leaks of huge proportions existed in the northeast part ot town. Estimated loss was about 26,000 gallons dally, or about one-third of the daily pumping. The tests will be continued and exact locations determined it possible, As soon as this Is done the council will have all repaired and hopes to have the water system on a more efficient basis as a result. ' , „ r Healthtot oIJThcm Alt State Fair Piles Menefi en People of County ^r*" — Mafjofie B*»lier» Set Fif*t Awards, Win t*,Ji The first time Milts comity we* Uttdley had an ctttiT !n the style sho* of the state fair, that entry, charm Ing Marjorie Dontter, was graat- _._„„ . . ed fire firsts and the grand ehaMH Contestants if! other parts of pion's title of "Iowa's Style Show Idwa may have fotten a few hon- Girl. ors. Bat tfw« the flood of firsts ^^ j a<je(S won . sem i.tBllored and seconds Which were loaded df(jM ctegg Jn the 8tyle ,},„# con- on the pftnrf shoulders of youth- fof hftrlng best co i or corn- fat 441 club members in MUls U,lnatlon, for best workmanship, coaftty at the sttt* fair last week, fof postnfB an ,i tor the grand one wotild Judge that most of chttniplon y ke Mills county's them wets bttmght to this part othef gUle chfttot>i MatJotie wilt of the state. get a trip to the national 4-H TWO it*t« Champion... congress in Chicago in Oecenv TWO stal* eiamplons —Miss Marjofie DottBefcas Iowa's Style 1 8h6W <3irt, and tttidley Conner as health, champiOBj- led the list. Clothing TeMB Wte* Vint Place Following »tt» a first place in the demonstration of the clothing accessories class Won by the team of Marian fiefcten and Mary Elizabeth Bummer*, 0f the Bllverette |.fi etttb of Miter Creek township. With the honor goes a trip to the Oirls' 4*H club convention at Ames in June. • Margaret Angus and Witma No unwieldy expense was connected with the making of the drem which helped bring Marjorie the honors. A rose colored linen lit a setni-taliowd style, trimmed with white pique, with embroidered black dots, it cost fiJW to ttiake. The white pique hat and parse and the gloves, which went with the gown, cost another Bradley, of the Progressive People's Poultry 'Blub, of Mills county's poultry • Judging team, Judged at the slate fair and won sixth -place in a group of 14 teams. The girls scored 625 and 620 points, respectively, out of a possible 800 points. 4-H club boys .exhibiting livestock at the fair were: James Summers, Ed Wearln, Dick Hyde, and John Pltser. Ed Wearln exhibited three Angus baby beeves; James Summers, a pure bred Utter of Hampshire pigs; Dick Hyde, two pure bred Shorthorn heifers; and John Pltzer, a Shorthorn baby beef. All of the members won places oh their animals exhibited. A First Prtee in, Poultry Too Lillian Bradley and Virginia Dell Chamberlain exhibited five birds in the 4-H poultry show and won prizes on each one shown. . Not included in the above monetary evaluation was the time, skill and taste which tem« pered the material into a chant- ploiuliip costume. Marjorie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Donner of north of Malvern and has been In 4-H club work for seven years. Study and practice of sewing in this club work helped her to -produce the winning gown. She was graduated from Malvern high school last spring and was valedictorian ot her class. She expects to enter the Peru State Teachers Peru, Nebr., this fall. The picture aboe was furnished The Leader by the Des Molnes Register. , Other I ws'SaH=§ Virginia Dell exhibited the first prise Bu« Orpington cockerel. state fair exhibitors Len?' Julius Buch, Pick, JBy«e Town Settles Old Obligations with New Bond Issue More Than $11,000 Goes to Warrant Holders .ENROLLMENT UP Up slightly over last year are the enrollments In the Malvern schools. Data compiled by Supt, F. M. Davlson shows tbat the total for the grade ,a- Preliminary Plan* let Edtt* cational Activity Made School opened Monday morn- Ing with a short session in order to check enrollments in the various grades and to provide preliminary plans for the years On the first day a total ot 319 pupils were enrolled. 123 In hlga school and 194 in the grades. An accurate check on alt possible ea* roltments Indicates that several more pupils will be enrolled within the next few days. Twenty-six beginners were enrolled \ln the first grade and it is possible that a tew more may enter within the next week. Plans are being made to carry on the work of grades two, three, and four under the dlrectlonof Mrs. Hossle and Miss Herts. The second grade will be under the Instruction of Mrs. Hossle as one group during the major parl of the morning and a part of the afternoon. The third and fourth grades will b« seated upstairs in the third and fourth grade room where Miss Herts will divide her lime with the two grades for a part of the day. After the second grade is dismissed Mrs. Hossle will devote the remainder of her time to the third grade and Miss Herts will devote the remainder of her time to the fourth grade. This plan will provide more actual Instruction time to each ot the three groups and will also eliminate the disadvantage of having the third grade divided Into .two groups. It seems that plans for the fifth year of normal training will have to be abandoned for this year. It was hoped that several fifth year pupils would be enrolled for the work but there were no such enrollments. In order to maintain the normal training appropriation for the Malvern schools it will be necessary to offer psychology and school management In the Junior year where it has previously been offered. It Is assumed that plans for the five year plan will apt be _ T into an; , atmnent will be ii fjthii week when the Empress tesunflnlowa »»»*>»» in Cbicago ^I^rMr8,i8?^J. lAndorscL. _, ^Malvern;, Tba Deader/, publishes /nHbe champion's picture through £~ the courtesy "of tbe Des Moines Cheater brings "Tbe Eagle and Jibe Hawk" here for Sunday and |4**°*_. a l!.^ MarC h, Gary Grant, |M ,v ,«v^barde an4 Jack Qakle „ appear in tbe cast. Tbe story i considered one of tbe best ever Ised for a film of this type, the cast gives a realistic per* cember, the prize that acoompa ntes tbe honor. : ' , 8teri . qpncerned with three roejnbers 4>I the Royal Flying Corp 8 ,,ln the TOrW waT, the play shows their ^aafentureB is war a»d, more ««* pecinHy the rewtJon ot each to ?e Wg experteaw In orgaaweo NIGHT BLOOMER Saturday will of ' si this wwk the 8V&* \ eltbe Forest," with a cast angled iftHfwTrwrto the > sale larp the past week, tt Blooming again this week was Mrs. 0. 0. Knight's famed Night Blooming,Cereus, potted In tbe porch, of tbe Knight residence. Extremely ra«> jn these parts, the flower's odd habits discourage gardeners, but « nonetheless produces a bloom whose beauty, makes tbe early care worthwhile. its, flesuous cUmbing branches tbe plant BAt «v« »Jrtb a large white bios, som, wbleb reaches maturity at midnight. It i fi dlst py tbe purity of its, j U» rtcb, heavy odor* After reaching maturity _. lades, and one only a seeling iMwf*-, „, Distinctive is the ptent',8 direction ef growth. New leat stems and flower sterns spring directly from veipj of r** 1 -" 'leaves, rather than from a tr»l staDti.Tbe KnJfbts aye ways glad t? bave ylfUws see their rare County W.Q.T.U. Meet iii Malvern Next Thursday Big All D«y and Evening Program Arranged; Mr», Culver it Chairman Mrs, *. H, Oulver from soutb of Qlenwood, wbo is county prjrt- de»t of the Women's ChristVan Temperance Union organlzatio»8, was here Monday making final arrangements for the all county convention they will bold , rt tbt First Paptirt ch»rQb in Waivers next Thursday, Sept, 14. ' R^V, A4a Waigler, noted state vprker, win be ber,e ai tbe chief Tpeaker/ a»4 there is a fine prQ' gram by local county f»lk. The meeting wiU convene ftUO q'cioak ». m. for regi^rfttton »A organiRatioa and at noon will JSSftT of ft wt l»* «i»» er to * gather. fhes tbere will be programs hotb"atter»oo» us we •-„„»- -rr- i—w - -— ^ <St TOW!! Clerk*Woodford'R. Bylngton this week will go checks to various Malvernians, Mills countlans, and others, totalling more than |U,000, Tbe money will pay town obligations settlement for which has been banging fire for more than a year. ^7 «•»» w.w. .- — Confronted last year \by a didn't print more steadily mounting sum of anttcl- Wants to Hear V More of Old Timers Wben-O. C, Boston was out to Wayne, Nebr. a couple of weeks ago be saw Mr. and Mrs, Chan Norton and they told him to ask news oV tbe "old timers.," Well there are more reasons than one. In the first place the old timers that they knew are getting sort of scarce, In the next place those that are left are so all fired well behaved that they don't make good news and we nate to bave anything happen to tbem so tbat we co»14 make bad news, But we will do tbe best we pas wltb tbe material we have So if any of you "old timers- nave flny sews Just call us up We'll tell tbe world! Davis Buys Red 4b White Grocery UnquUt Opens Store in 4on't target tbe general public school alone, with 18B, shows a gain of one. Enrollment by grades: First Second Third Fourth • Fifth Sixth - 26 Seventh 33 Eighth 28 Ninth 35 Tenth •> 23 Eleventh 23 Twelfth 21 38 32 23 32 Christian Endeavor Rally * pM»»s»t^ •*» v"--*;"^ w^ "' state* department. ..... - ...... , A very fine meeting of Christian Endeavor workers was 0, B, Following Transaction proprietor ol the Tensberg MjjUms Tbers ncili be »p\ftil S, . , o| the waUeashers of . *U wbo aye inter* este4 ia tbe cause «f temperance we wort w<UftUy invite for trie §oro* Water Melon! , , , City Meat Market, expanded bis food business in Malvern last week by purcbasinf from B. o, J4n<mi8t tbe etack^aad name of tbe Re4 an4 Wtette f took possession at once and bas Albert Jobjwon. $0 MS leal force And Samuel lor exiya belp: and Mr. »avis « have conducted their business in tb,e same building for wore tban d previous t» tbat Mr. eoeductwjl tfcs Red & store la auotber atory warrants drawing six per ent Interest, the town council et about to devise some method of taking these up, furnishing lard pressed warrant holders with their Just amount of cash and cutting down the interest rate on the debt. The money sent out this week does all tbat. First step of their plan was tbe appointment of Allen Wortman as trustee to act for warrant holders, and then to induce each holder to assign bis warrant to the trustee for collection. Tbe trustee was granted a Judgment against the town for the amount of tbe warrants in a friendly suit early last summer. Since the Judgment was granted the council has been working toward a bond issue to take up the Judgment. During August ne- B j uffa Tuea 4 ay , gotlatious for the Issue were com' pleted with the Carieton D. Beh company of Des Molnes, which issued the bonds at five per cent interest. Towu Clerk Bylngtou received a check from the Beh company Monday morning and believed that all of tbe checks to warrant holders would be mailed out by| the end of the week. In addition to saving tbe town 1140 a year In interest the deal will supply a considerable amount of cash to warrant holders of the community and enable tbe towe to continue on its present policy Knop Finishes Home of Own Construction Malvern Young Man Moves into Sunnyatde House ThUWeek Those persons who want to own their own home, and yet feel BUCMl ***»»•«"'«»«'»• •»••••* UT>« i..-.- -.,— ~-, -- . -'-- • . t .. c j \ that financing would be difficult, in Malvern Last Sunday m , 6bt we n follow the example of ..... - ...... • Louis Knop. Having a yen for a Q£ h}s own ., R8t 8umme r, ^ R torthwUh Bet about to held Sunday evening in the i Pre 8 - Lbtaln it, did so by building his byterlan churoh, Glenwood bad P" their two societies represented by • Mr Knop purcb 8Bed ten members, Henderaon by three , and Champion Hi by two, A L ddWon businees session followed the so- ^ J;^ clal hour and the study of the J menta for building material topic. The next rally is to be > in B • e Q k t C oBBtruct it ' Malvern's Sunnyalde > Tftea he carefully hlB new horo6( mad e ar- Wft8 Henderson Friday, Sept. 89, The young people will meet as soon as possible at the close of school. There will be a, pot luck s u PP er | Tng" 0 nly"on Yo¥days and after at 6;30andan8ddressbyGeor B e| hi f slne8a noura , Mr , Knop pr o- Hamlin, the state C. E. secretary. _ - ft wjth - • - re8dy to Work- Mr. and Mrs. H. T. were in Omaha and IOWACRAMS the sort pwMiwcos more e»cb year than ull of lulues to the world move ttwu twlco o» much nil pf the silver county has never luid complete crop failure business hours, Mr, Knop pro. grossed steadily with the work „ (Ho and had it sufficiently completed n " ,1 to move Into last week end. Council 1 A structure 14 , eet B y gg feet In size, the house has three rooms, modern plumbing and makes a cozy home for Mr. and Mrs. Kiiop and their little d^UBb* ter. A large porch at one side, which can be enclosed, adds con-? slderable living space to the home, and the site has plenty of room for a garden and lawn. All of the work was done by Mr. Kuop himself, with the ex* i-eptlon of the plumbing which was handled by J. R. of pay-as-you-go without tbe press of unmet obligations, Wilsons Starf New Building on Monday History . . of the . . An interpretative news summary of the important events of tbe past week- . • YvltlUu tbe past week served as mysterious omens I to all people who hope to foresee A44IUonju Usem for I ttxe monetary future of the United Baby Chifik Hatchery I States. Mr. Montagu Norman, MMV *•»«» «.I ? HW«W™* j g &m -»pr of tbe Bank of England, spent a "vacation" in New York MWlOity —«»d Hyde Park, New — holding conference* wltU tbat be sure had WMWWW a*d prwldwt BOOM* Bowwtrtt wrly la farther than the dollar In relation to gold currencies has hinted of British determiuatlon either to stabilize with the dollar or to enter Into competitive devaluation. There has been no hint of any tangible results from the Nortuuu ouference. TUv> v*Uu4u*Uw of tbe sold embargo hud for some time been regarded a* a lueaus of cheapen- Ug tbe dollui 1 to *oaia exteut, but cowuioaity luarketa. meeurUx mart«U, «ud foreign exchauge *bow- tt*Ala,te si«u» of afaoi, tue W»i» lu ( ftf duttev wt |»ciw ia wWsb

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