The Topeka Weekly Times from Topeka, Kansas on December 7, 1883 · 1
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The Topeka Weekly Times from Topeka, Kansas · 1

Topeka, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1883
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TOPE KA WEE TIMES. VOL 10. NORTH TOPEKA, KANSAS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1883. NO. 49, Special Salet CLOAKS! JERSEYS! ULSTERETTES ! RUSSIAN CIRCULARS AND CHILDREN'S WRAPS I All consigned to us, and mut be sold within a given time. It will pay all buyer of tl ese giodso call and see them, as they are certainly cueap. We also have a lot of DAMAGED BLANKETS At a low price, and a Wool Red Shirt for 75 cents. CROSBY BROS., 1st Dry Goods Store north of 6ih St. THE NEWS IN BRIEF. Oar Advertiser. The Tn presents a list of the leading business houses In, our city, which are represented in the columns or this paper. They are all worthy of liberal patronage, as they fulfill any and all promises made, and merit the good will and esteem of the people of North Topeka and Shaw nee county: Anoirrre. M. T. Campbell, 175 Kansas avenue. E. N. unn, over Morrow's cWrthinai store. Stumbaugti, Arnold & Hilton, over Ben. net's jewelry store. Auction kerb. S. 8. Urmy, North Topeka. Book Storks. F. U. Tompkins, in postofnee building. Geo. W. Hopkins, east side Kansas avenue- Boors X Fhoks. a. A. Aiori bland, 212 Kansas Avenue. OfcOTHure. J. M. Morrow, north of Lukens' Opera House. A. J. Arnold A Co.. Times Block. J. C. Fulton. Opera House Block. F. E. Vanllaren, east side Kansas a A. B. Whiting. DBTv4jOODS. Crux by Bros , 177 Kansa Avenue. S. Burn urn A Co , iy Kansas Avenue. FlOUX MtLIS. Inter ocean Mills, Page, Norton A Co. Fxovk an Fxan. Lyman Bros., opposite Times Block. Fa machihuht. S.H. Downs. 78 Kansas Avenue. R. J. Hnlett, 77 Kansas Avenue. FtrairiTURK Koioed A Son, 166 Kansas Avenue. M. C. Holms n. 43ft Kan. A v.. North Topeka Wm. M. Dignon, 2J2 Kansas Avenue. Oliver House, Silver Lake. Hardware. - Wood A Anderson, east side Kansas Av. Kitcbell A Marburg. 173 Kansas Av. J. H. Founhi . wet 1ile of Kansas avenue. L. M. Phillips. 418 Kansas Avenue, J. N. Henry 608 Kansas Avenue. Babcovk A Stone. 4i- Kansas Avenue J. D. Smith, 3 doors south of P. o Jbwki.: Charles Bennett, one door north of Opera House. LOAX AOKKTS. C. N . Beal A Co., 99 Seventh Street. LSLATKXK. Oscar Krauss, 21 and 28 Kansas avenue. Bha&nrnrr. Trade I'alaoe. 208 Kansas Avenue. II. A M. Aiken, .40 Kansas Avenue. MUSICAL Ihbtrcmknts. . K. B. Vox. 11 hnnsR venne. John L Ueeder, 2io Kansas Avenue. Mfat Markets. Ed. Buechner. Kansas avenue near N orris. Steel A Long, 81 Kansas avenue. PXTBtCIAKS. M. K. Mitchell, corner K ansae a venae and N orris street. BKAL Estate. J. K McNary, 423 Kansas Avenue. KK8TAUXASTB. J. P. Bauer. Kansas ave., north of Curtis st. Oelmonlco Uestaurant. 417 Kansas Ave, I T.CAMPBELL, XVX Attorney at Law, sJsnSc And Notary PubUc, Topeka Kansas EN. GUNN, . . ATTORN EY AT LAW, 438 Kansas Ave , North Topkka Collections a HpeciaPy. SAMUEL Ai-HMORE, M. D , Othce upstaiis over K omey & For-gus' new st ie. H sideWe one door north of the Baptist Church, North Topeka. STDMBAUGB, 'HMD ft HiLI OH. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, 409 Kansas Ave., - North Topeka Practice in State and Federal Court. Co)leotlots pronptlv ntsde. S. UK MY is the Auctioneer lo employ when you have ai.y hot si is MJ r.rt of the ttmtf stb-nd-d ' rws nnsea -rs fis-rt-r. sat- O- aaorHM, North to During November tl. 972,410 ed at the Philadelphia mint. The Pennsylvania Legislature last Fii day decided to adjjura Dee 12. The new Produce Exchange at New Orleans was dedicated Saturday. A. Oakiy Hall, will quit New York journalism and go to London to practice law. Prof. J. H. Tice, the weather prophet, died at Cheltenham, Mo., last Friday, aged 74 Major General Sohofleld was banquet ed by the Calumet crab at Chicago Sat- urday night. Charles W. Kennedy, Lieutenant Com - maudant, V. 8. N., died suddenly Saturday at L is Vegas, N. M. The Mayor of New York has appointed a commission to consider the introduction of the cable car system William Hume & C.,e sash and door factory at Oshkcsh, Wis., burned Sunday morning. L ms $50,000. William Calton, in a practice game of three-bait billiards at St. Louis, Friday, made a run of 719, the highest on record. The amount of grain flour and pro vis ions shipped west from Chicago last week was 67 491 tons, an increase of 12,- 418 tons ov r the preceding week. The B takers' and Merchants' Telegraph Company recoi d d a 10,000.000 mortgage at Lancaster, Pa., Friday, in favor of the Farmers Loan and Trust Company. An explo ion of gas in the mines of the Yorkston coke company at Stambnny, Pa., Tuesday morning killed one man and seriously wounded six or seven oth- An attempted train robbery upon the Memphis and Little Rook railroad Mon- dav, was pieveuted by ths coolness of i he train hands and bravery of the ex pr ss messenger. Owing to over prod notion the twenty - nine mills of the Consolidated Piper Company, scattered throughout ft lino's, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Tndlana, shut dwwn Saturday. The upper story of the Masonic Tem ple at New York was ruined by fire Sit- urday morning resulting . in heavy Frescoes, pictures, equipments and forms wese destroyed. New York andf Tituwille (Pa.) journals propose that the Republican National Convention be held at Chautauqua, asserting that the accommodations are all that could be desired. Since the beginning of the glass blow ers' strike three month ago at Pittsburg, Pa over 10 ,000 boxes of glass have been imported to that city. There ate no in dications of a settlement between the workmen and the manufacturers. Secretary Teller has decided that the Choctaw and Ohickas w Indians have no claim against the M. K. & T. railroad for mdeiials fumishedju its construction, as the Indians were paid individually. Representative Haskell his been seriously ill ever since his return to Washington, being confined to his bed the greater part of time. His physician says he may be able to do business by January 1st. The mechanical department of the Excelsior Manufacturing Oornpiny's works at St. Louis, better known as Ftlley'a Stove Foundry, olosed down Stturday night for an indefinite period. Dull trade is the only reason assigned for the suspension. the Winchester Arms Company, the Union Metal Cartridge Conipmy, and the cartridge manufactory at Lowell, Mass., have combined for the purpose of Controlling the onrtiidge interest of the coun-try. These corporations employ about 5,000 persona Govei r or Pattison of Pensylvan'a, has veoed all the appropriation mils ptased by legislature except the port km relating to the pty or eiiptoeea. The reason given was that the let. Mature had failed to transa t the business for wnich the extra session was called. The body of Honey L. Bison, the wholesale clothing merchant of Milwaukee, who disappeared mystei lously Oct. 31 was found Snodty floating in the lake nearly opposite the Northwestern Depot, Milwaukee. The body was badly decomposed, hot was identified by a lathe Witliam Meagher Nationalist, elected Ltrd Mayor of Dublin Saturday. General Pryor has been invited to a public dinner by the Lwd Mayor of Dublin. V ": Vlgneanx won the billiard match at Paris Fiiday night 8,000 to 2.876 for Schader. A new planet of the twelfth magnitude was discovered Wednesday night, Nov. 28, by Balisa at Vienna. The Canadian Parliament will be petitioned to incorporate the Sin Francisb, Winnipeg and Hudson Bay Railroad. English shipowners entered into convention with De Lessens for enlarging the present Sues Canal one. The lower house of the Hungarian Parliament has passed the bill permitting civil marriages between Jews and Christians. The Orange lodges throughout Ireland continue to pass resolutions strongly con demning the suspension of Lord more. Ninety thousand weavers of shire, Eng., are organizing a strike against a fire per cent, reduction of wages. f By a railway collision near St. Meets, France, Thanksgiving Day, eighteen persons were killed and fifteen dangerously injured. The conference of the' American pro-lateewtthih i Papal Propaganda olosed last Friday with satisfactory results on both sides. A belt 600 miles long throunarzthet Northwest Territory has been dptmed for settlement by the Dominion Government at x 50 per acre. Another Chinese gunboat was launched at Stettin Saturday. Tim legation at Berlin are contracting for and shipping vast quantities of war material to China. The French Chamber Saturday decided to apply 100,000,000 franca to redemption of the public debt instead of 60,000,000 francs, recommended by the Budget Committee. A 8f Petersburg dispatch states a ukase has been published ordering the hv iHO J SnJtATB. The senate was called to order by President pre tern Edwards, Monday at 12 o'olock. The President laid before the Senate tab credentials of Mr. Beck who succeeded himself and the oath wa administered to Mr. Beak, and to Messrs. Bo wen, f'ul loin, Dolph and Terry whose credentisls j 681,016; fractional currency, aft, 940,901. were submitted last session. The pu' lie debt is as follows: F The customary resolutions notifyng the 'and a hairs $250,000,000; fours, $187,- PsMie Washington, Dee. 1. The in the public debt during Nwei $17,210,760; decrease since January 90, $41,808,148; cash in the treasury 764.613; gold certificates $85,032,1 silver certificates, $101 769.811; catea of depoite $14,465,000; refunding certificates $418 450; legal tenders, sue of 6 per cent gold rentes to the amount of fifty million rubles at 98, redeemable at the option of the government alter ten years. (VDonnel, the slayer of Carey, was found guilty of murder Sturday, the jury remaining out about two hours. He will probably be hanged Dec. 17. He is confined in Newgate prison, and Hfinsss to still have hope of a respite. His health is said to be excellent. Five police agents at Constantinople, convicted of using their official positions to blackmail innocent persons by fahely accusing them of coining money, have been sentenced to penal servitude for from ten to fifteen years. Nine of their victims have been released. Special Dispatch to the Globe-Democrat. Wichita, Km , December 3. Tour correspondent has just passed through large portions of Harvey, Sedgwick, Marion and McPherson counties, comprising the finest wheat counties of the state This year McPherson leads in wheat with 8,000,000 bushels, while Sedgwick county leads in ootn with a crop of 6,000,000 bushels. There was an immense acreage of fll wheat sown in the four conn ties, exceeding that of any previous year. Wheat generally is Jo kiog welt There has been no frost in this section so far. Houie and President that the Senate was ready for business were agreed to; a recess of an hour. On reassembling, the oath was taken by the new members and the Sonata then adjourned. building a second The new members are Messrs. Pike, Renna, Gibson, Colquitt, Wilson, Rid dleberger, Sabin, Palmer, Cullom, Maud ereon, Dolph and Bo wen. Tuesday a number of bills were introduced, auron? them the following: By lngalls To amend the arresrs of pension law by removing certain limitations of that act. By Reck Providing for the removal of disabilities Imposed by toe fourteenth amendment to the Constitution; also, authorising American citizens to purchase foreign built ships and engage in the for-eiifn carrvinr tkajlori By Edmunds To provide further protection to eolored citizens of the United States against the violation of certain rights secured by the Constitution; also, a po-tal telegraph- system. By 'Sherman To provide for the issue and circulation by National banks, and allowing circulation to be issued for 90 nor cent, of the market value of the bonds, Instead of their face value. mousb. At 19 o'clock Monday the House wss called to order by clerk McPherson and the roll called. There were 316 members present. Nomination for Speaker were made and the balloting resulted as fol lows: Carlisle, 191; Keifer. 112; Robin-son, 9, ( James and Lyman); J. 8. Wise, Virginia, 1, (York); Wads worth, New York, 1, (Ochiltree); Lacey, Michigan, r, (White, Kentucky). The clerk declared Mr. Carlisle elected, and Messrs. Randall and Keifer escoited the gentleirsn to the chair. After administering the oath of office the states were called, and Representatives came forward and wore qualified. When Kansas was called, Mr. Peters, Representative at U rge from that State, at the request of Mr. Springer, was aaked to step aside. Mr. Springer stated that the Governor of Kanaia forwarded him a petition signed by himself and other State officers and $ large number of ci i zena. -ptotastmg ajirtnetr the admission of Mr. Peters, on the ground that under the constitution and laws of Kansas he is in eligible to hold office. He, however, withdrew the objection, and Mr. Peters took the oathT Other cases of contested seats were taken up. After the reading of the President's message the House sdjoui nod. London, December 8 A sensation has been started among ti e crabs in London by a report, emanating from the very highest authority, that Tennyson, the poet laureate, has been offered by the Quebn, and has agreed to accept, a peerage. It is understood that her Majesty is supremely pleased with a recent In me-moriam' composition formed by the poet at her special request, and which it is said will immortalise the virtues of the English John Brown. refunding skm rmnd. Wamego. Deo. 4 .Two of 'tl saloon men fined last wsek bavO stevned doww and left the others to ran their saloons. This evening they were arrested, and now there is a wailing In the land over this interference with personal liberty. Hick and Martin seem to cause the walls to tremble and the keepers to cry "What shall we do to be saved?" London, Dee. 8. Missionary Shaw, of Tamatave fame, has received 1,000 from the French Government, as a portion of the indemnity which be elaimed for the in i nries he sustained by the bombardment by the French fleet and hia subsequent confinement. This sum has been forwarded unasked, and the spontaneity displayed by the French authorities in pacifji g so troublesome n customer is considered as being indicative of their desire to sooth the English Government en nvant Ceo some of the poesibilKiee of Kansas City, Dec. 4. Frank Jsmes was brought from Independence this morn lag. He appeared in the criminal court accompanied by Counsel Day. His trial is set for January 14th and bail fixed at $8 000. It is stated that James will offer a bond in a few days and be released from onstoly. The old indictment for the Blue Cut robbery was quashed and a new one returned setting forth additional de sotiption of certain jewelry stolen. The trial of Charles Ford on the charge of complicity in the same robbery is also set for the 14th of January. tUil I mm i i t Washington, Dec. 4 The Internal Revenue Comissioner has received a dispatch from Deputy Collector Bell, at Rakigh, N. C, stating that while destroying an illicit distillery in Marham county, he was shot in the head from an ambush, and chased by five men. Revenue Agent Kellogg has bean ordoied to the scene of the disturbance with an oar- 609 100; threes 2:99.093,260; certificate, $818,450; navy pension $14 900,000; total interest bearing debt, $1,301,04 800. Matuied debt, $6,645,- 835; legsl tenders, $316,739,816; catea of deposite $14 461.000; gold silver certificates, $187,715,781; currency, $6 980.803; total without est, $556,010,850; totsl debt, $1,816,506,-983; total interest. $10.9H.68; cash la tieasury, $3G4,7ftft.513; debt, lacs cash in treasury, $1,509,785,060. Current liab Uties: Interest due sad unpaid, $1 973,559; debt on which Interest has ceased, $1,641,335; Interest thereon, $211,815; gold and silver certificates, $187,7 15,731; U. S. notes held for icdsslip tion, ceitinVate $14 465 000; cash balance available. $153,041,971; totsl, $361,766,-518; avsilsble assets in cash in the treasury. $804,766 518; bonds issued Pacific railroads, interest payable by the United states, principal outstanding, $64,63$ 512; interest accrued snd i ot yet paid, 1,615,567; interest paid by the Unttsd States. $5 922.093; interest repaid by companies by transportation service $17,- 681,803; by cash payments of 6 per of their net eirnings, $655,198; of interest paid by the United $40,935,000. London, December 4. General to day requested United States Lowell to apply for a respite for O'l nell with a view of obtaining time to set on foot proceedings for a commutation of the death sentence . Lowell will apply to the American authorities at for instructions in the matter. O'Dooneirs counsel, will wait upon Low ell to morrow to submit to him grounds upon which can be based i plication for a commutation of O'J nell's sentence. Mora Wetee- G ray in all shades grows in favor. Combination costumes remain in high fashionable favor. Light ladies cloth is the favorite fab- i io for utility costumes. The pretty house wrappers are in too Kate Greenaway styles. Crimson stockings have suceeded black as the fashionable shade. Asa rule the gloves are worn longer hi proportion ss the sleeve is shr tor. The buttons nsed on all dresses this season are exceedingly small, and are sewed on very closely together. Natural beaver, both in light and dark shades, is extend velf used in the trimming of cloth dresses and sacques. The latest new market coa's have two full plaits in the back instead of one, and are left open down the front and show the dress beneath. The rough knotty" surface of cloth resembling astrakhan haa been revived, and will be verv fashionable daring the winter for cloaks. ' Color is again being in trod need shoes. A new style of buttoned hr s the upper of dark green or kid, with a vamp of black morocco. The skirts or dresses have very narrow bands, attached to a cord instead of if' belt, to permit the dross body to fit close and smoothly over the waist line. The o'd fashioned pointed girdles are agsin in vogue and the handsomest of' rheso are made of tinted satin for wear, and nearly covered with gay ed embroideries of silk and chenille, or with a richly colored and heavy work made to resemble precious si moil pasxo. to asrntt tsseAtAS$tsnj ts$K!i - Jl it 5 At the regular meeting of Blue No 250 G. A R Monday night lowing officers were elected. F. 8. Stombangh Post Com. J. H. oilier Sender Vice Com. J. D. Pattison Junior Vice Com. i. C. Miller Chaplain. J. F. Guime Quarter master. C. L. Engle, Odlcer of the Day. Goo. R. Lsyton, Officer of the The post now numbers 40

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