The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 12, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1894
Page 1
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VOL, xvm, NO, 26. CAMOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1894. WHOLfi NO. W3 KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement am tends to personal enjoyment when tightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with lew expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will ataesi the value to health of the pure liquic laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax< atfve; effectually cleansing the system .dispelling colds, headaches and fever ana permanently curing constipation It has given satisfaction to millions anc met with the approval ot the medicri profession, because it acts on the Kid neys, Liver and Bowels without weak ening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs in for sale by all dnig- |fetsin 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man ufactured by the California Fig Syrup Go. only, whose name is printed on ever; package, also the name, Syrup of Figs and being well informed, you will no accept any substitute if offered. OHUBOH DIBHOTOBT • PBBSMTMIAM. K JBNING services, 11 a. n.; evening service 7 p. in.; Y. P. 8. 0. E. serrioe, t p. m.; Sun school, 12:15 p. m.; Prayer Meeting, Thursday •venlng, 7:30 p.m. BKV. GBO. FOLSOM, Pastor, BAPTIST. M OBN1NO service, 11 a. m.; evening eervloe 7 p. m.j Y. P. 8. C. K. ser»Io*6 p. m.; 8nu lay Softool. 12:16 p. m,; Prajer Uoetlng, Tbursda vtmlog, 7:30 p. m. BIT. J. C. HBNDHIOKSON, Pastor W. H. ODBBI, Superintendent, MBTBODIBT. K OBNme service,U a. in,; evening swvlM 7 p, m.; Junior Epworth League, S p. m. gpworth League, 6 p. m.. Bundu School 12J p. m,; Prefer Meeting, Thursday Evening, 7:30 c. m. BIT. w B. THOMPSON, 1'iutor DB. WM. HIJMPUUKT, Superintendent. Uarroll HoHt-Offlne. Halls at the office close M folowt: flpint; east: 2:40 Hnd 7:80 o'clock p. m. doing went: 1:30 p. m. and 7 dO o'clock p. n. Office open on Sunday from 9 to 10 a. m. am from 8 to 4 p. in. STAB BOOTHS. Ut. C»rm«l and Kentnor, dally except Sundu Departs 12 in., arrives ut '• tS'l p. m. Bomlle, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdaj. Depar Ha. m. arrives liim. Coon Baplds, Carrollton, Wilier.—Tattdai Thursday, Saturday, arrive* 12 m. departs 1 p. m o. et K. W,TUP» uara. i TH tins wan. Ho. 1 Overland limited ...1080 a. Me. 0 DsnTor Local.... {'fsanSa 17 a! Mb. 7 Pacific Kipress 160 p. Mo. 18 Carroll Express 8 06 p. Re.** Vrelvht 8 »8 p. Me. i Overland limited ..._ L . 0 06 p. I He. 8 D»n»er Local {j Mo. H AilantlolipMM... Mo. 16 Des Molnes PassengeV .......8 00 a. No. M freight, West Bids to Boon*.. 9 U a. i o . SIOUX OITT UfO MOVIl&B MU*« A»ITM dloiuCHjrSiprest, 761 p. • I26a.: MovtUtPawwiw JJJP'5 f JJJ' 1 ABDPSM BaAMum. assonwiodation ;..; J, K. OaaAOBK, Agent O. if. oat. P. B'y, TTUM SOUS IUVT. Hag . . W Freight .......................... » P. . W Freight ............. » — ........ M»l>.m. . 64 Freight .......................... IsOB a. in VBAUM eoias Ut. I ttssenger KG. 3 Paiteuger No. M if roishT »o. I" Frolfb 't:S7p. BL 7:JOa.BJ. 10.50 ». ni sie. iSKr'lgui. 10:50 p. m Mileage Tfokett ror eale ai Ike o»ss. alss Mi "for fuSJfo* information asdnM, W. W. BBBOiMBipea, »«»i» -TliBJ—> Fi O? OARBOLU IOWA. Capital, $100,000.00. Hnrpl.H, #5,000.(M>. Opeiuid buxiiuum felt. J, /**$. Vl«» i»WiWtm. 0. A. VAST, • • tt. W. WATTJ-KS, C. U. WATTI.K8, - j H «rWWi, v N. I*. BtUftfMi . Chun. WttJIMMBWM, flumner W»ll»w>, .•sWs^PS «f ilts. JlooHyio loan le oa all parts of lo «iid riew all ulu Ih* Uwrt THB Monday eventng the new opera honae wau formally dedioated aa a play honae and the comedy "Jane" was tb« ettrse tion. The hoaae baa a aeatiog oapaoity of Bve hundred and on ihia oooaaion wa jual comfortably filled, nearly every being takra. When tfie bright eleotri lighta were turned ou a beautiful aoen waa presented. The ball waa filled from the flrat row of aeata in front of the too lightb to the upper row in the gallery with the beat ot our citizens. The brigb pew eolpra worn 07 the ladiea presented a e*ft of varying oolota which went to prove that the millinery jhopa had been liberally patronized. The play wat fairly good and amnaed the large an dienoe. Tha aoenery waa all new and the atage large, giving the company a good opportunity to appear at ita beet While the number of playera wen tew and no apeoial aoenery. was need, th company succeeded in amneing th audience. Egermayer'a orohaatra far niabed the mnaic. One thing waa painfully apparent an that waa that the management ot th bouse could be decidedly improved npo without any material detriment to Ib comfort of the people. At timea the die turbanoe waa marked and interfered ma terially with those who were seated i the rear of the room. One thing tha would lessen tbia evil would be to hav the seats numbered and the tickets mad with numbers corresponding. By tbi system the troublesome and annoyin position the ushers are placed in b duplicate checks would be done awa with. Another thing that it would b well to start in with aud that would be to refuse to seat those who come in lat while the curtain- is up. The usher cannot be to solioitigne of the rights o those who patronize the plays an should extend every advantage poasibl to them to enjoy tha performance on tb stnge without being annoyed by onteid disturbances. The audience was good natared, knowing that all hards were ne at the business snd that it would only b a short time until a system wo'nfd be adopted that would insure comfort to all FBBK COMCBBT. Friday last the Union b«nd trealei the oitizeps of our city to a free oonoer at the new opera honae. As this was th first time that the public bad been given an opportunity to see the interior ot the new building nearly every beat was taken The hall looked lovely lighted wjth thirty-two electric lights and the 'new scenery. The drop curtain was greatl' ltd mi red by all. Tha scenes are a forest kitchen, two street scenes, garden, parlo aud prison. The work on the paintinj is first olasa. One of the finest thing about th* new building is the) opera chairs. The seals are arranged ver comfortably and an audience will ttud i much more endurable waiting between uots than it baa ever before in our city. The band appeared to a good advaa tage last evening and furnished some de lightfnl music. There were eighteen pieces uuder the direction ot Qco. Mo Allialer, musical director. Each islea tion was greeted with a hearty applause >y the large audience wbiob nearly il lei] every one of the five hundred seats in (he hull. The bam) li"i- the thinks ol he public for the t-xttelleut rulertaiu uout it gnvn thorn. Humous ACCIDENT. Friday afternoon Minnie Fahrion wai 'laying on the school grounds at the uftaruoou reoeaa. Ou riiouiug aronad he corner of ha building aba and >uiitliur girl ran into each other with ouuiderable force, but neither of them appeared to IM vary badly hurt at the ima, Miii Minnie remained Iu eobool mil it clotted for the day but uo sooner •iU t.he arrived at home tbau she tainted *ny aud reuuiusd in au unconscious tata for ibirty-flve hours. Dr. Qookley was culled and by oloas attention rough! hsr to oounoiousucss again. When she Brat regained consciousness »r right arm was somewhat pnralyiwd • I'Mlmie doing uicely now aud will •ou be all right Hyaln it i» to be hoped. Alias Vera Wi'tiitedled tiaturday uvao- >K about 8 o'uUiuk. For BOOM w«t<lis le had been very low with oouwutuptiou. iur parents aud brothers anil sinters iaml (hut ber days ware fow, for eawb uy they could s<w the futal luroads tlia iiae was wvkiug ou her system, All ay Saturday (he sands ot life hud run w aud the putleut hovered at the door f deulh. Bhortly after dark the spiiil ing«d ile (light to ils maker and Miss «ru was cold iu death. Bit* died with- oat a atrnggle,ao quietly that the friend who were watching by her aide scarcely realized the great transformation wb j had taken plnce. The deceased waa a lovable young lad; Jnat entering the first stage of woman hood, itnd all who knew her admired be for simplicity and noble character. He teachers in tbe school na well as he playmates were devotedly attached l< her.' Tbe funeral was held Monda; at tbe M. E, church, Rev. Thompson preaching the funeral sermon, The pupils ot the high school and tbe grammar room attended tbe funeral these schools having been dismissed in respect to their classmate. The attend anee at tbe exercises at the church wu large and a long line of sympathizio| frienda accompanied the remains to the grave. THERE'S MANY A SLIP. COLTER-YOUNG 1IAKBIAGE. Today Miss Edith Young and Chas. C C'olver are to be married by Ur. Folsom at the home of the bride's parents, Mr end Mrs. Z. T. Young, west of the city Afiss Edith was reared in this county am is one of the excellent young ladleb o Carroll, and well deserves the high esteem in which she is held by all who know her Mr. Colyei was for some time a teacher i the schools of this county, but for a yea or two has been railroading, with head quarters at Creston. He is a young ma of excellent character and has brigh prospects ahead. The young people hav the beat wishes of the entire community.— Carroll Herald. The above wedding for aome strong freak on the part of tbe young lady feil ed to materialize. All tbe arrangement were made and tbe guests invited,but th day before tbe date for the marriag MIES Young changed her mind and tb nuptials were declared oft. Tbe morn ing when the wedding was to have taken place Mr. Oolyer returned to bis bom sadder, bnt a single man. We under stand that Miss Young was alone re spousible for her decisions, for the par ents bad given their consent and did uo influence ber to break ber eugagemenl Mr. Oolver is a gentleman nnd in ever; way worthy of tbe confidence of th< young lady's parents. THB CHICAGO FIBB. Tomorrow is tbe twenty-third anni Ternary of the great Chicago fire, whio Was such a disastrous one to the iuanr anoe companies of tbe country tha many did not survive. The old reliabl Phoenix of Hartford, however, paid all o its losses In full and nt that time issue the following circular to its agents: PlKE.NlX iKSUKAMCB COMPANY, ) UAUTFOKD, CONN.. >• ,CINCINNATI,Oct. 11,1871. ) To western and southern agents: GKNTUKMKN:—• IPe are not. as yet, fullj advised of tlits extent of our losses In th groat lire at Chicago, hut after a clnuo am cureful examination of our returns 1'rou that agency, wo oeg to inform our agout and pinions that the Phojuix is ahltt I meut uvory loss sustained under its poll cies honorably and promptly, leaving i handsome margin of our lurge nuruliis fo. future operations. I'lio Phojiilx willrU its duty In this emergency without Hindi ing and it has the ability. To our agent nnd u generous public do wo look for i proper appreciation of our efforts to ren dor tln> "Old 1'hojiilx" eminently deserv ing of a nation's confldnuce. By order of the president. U, M. MAGILL, General Agent. The old Phoenix is sMIl at tbe froo BtlMpbau ever prepared for service am dutyln tbe line of its calling, with in creased facilities for tbe transaction ol business. 0. L Wattles is tha local agent for thia reliable company. Ask him for a policy. "How to Cure All 8kln Dlaeaaea." Bluiuly apply Swayne'so'ntiuent. Nointorua luedlulne required. Cures tetter, eozema, Ituh ill eruptions ou the fac.o, hands, none, etc Leaving the skin clour, white and healthy. Ils treat healing and curative powers are possessed >y uo other remedy. Ask your druggist lor Bwajrtie's ointment PitooitAu rou KKAUINO CIIICLB. leneral dlsouitlon Modes or punishment <eulUllon-Bong or Vkla W, A. Darning. U«l«ot Reading 11.0. Walling Debate-Rwolveil, thai (ieruian should be In eluded among the brnnuhei to be taught Iu our rural nohooli, Afflruiatlve, Linda Wesleruian. KegiitUe, Usgile Wolfe. Keudiug from Palk Lure. &S!!S FOR INDEMNITY. An American Illegally Arrested While In Russia. OALL3 OH SECRETARY OHF^HAM, iiulu Ham Prwpurluv Vur t)o»»» l»l«<rpr«llu« tho Now 'r»rldr— Quusrul M»wkl|»»' HuuvuMur Named— ChllUu uuimi 1'uUl— TruniUull for New. From tlii>Nittlun<il \VA8iiitJiiTox, O >t. ID. —Nioltolm Proa rk'kson, oluiuilug to be uu Amerloau Itliseii, who was auizutl itutl iuiprUonait u liuaniu ana ufturwHrdt madu bis tM- i|«), uulltxi ut tho dtuUi dojiartuiBiit 'ui'8'luy in furthoruiicy of « oluiui (ur utluniiiity for illugul tirruat. FreJeriuk- in iidaurU ho wus bora on shipboiuK! iu urniuu wtUi'i'd of a bwodlnh father and l Esquimaux mother. H« re- ilwl iu Aliwku when thu territory WIM by thu Unitod 8t«tw und so be- OSING OUT On account of the dissolution of the firm of NOCKELSdGNAM The entire stock of Clothing and Furnishing Goods will be sold at Great | Reduced Prices, came an A'inerican citizen. He was at school in Chicago during his boyhood and returned there daring the World's fair to work as a machinist. At the time he took out naturalisation papers to meet a refusal by the authorities in Alaska to recognize his citizenship. In Russia last winter he was arrested and imprisoned as a deserter. Later he was Set free and Kept nuder surveillance. Again he was imprisoned, and this time he managed to escape and make his way to New York. The impression conveyed by the man's story is that he suffered from a case of mistaken identi ty. He toll] his story to the state depart ment, bnt as a mere statement does no meet the requirements, he will have to prefer a formal complaint before the department can act in the matter of seeming indemnity for him. PrepnrhiK For Coast Defenses. WASHINGTON, Oct. 10.,—The war department is arranging for the construction of a battery of dynamite guns in San Francisco harbor similar to that in place at £audy Hook, with the exceptior it will copsist of three 15-inch guns in stead of two 15-mch guns and one 6-inch gun. The guns will bo placed temper arily at Fort Winfield, wlv-re the >na sonry platform has atlron 1 <•• been prepared, bnt it is the intention of the do partment to remove the battery at a future day to Point Diablo. Trumbull For Snnnfcor. WASHINGTON, Oct. 10. — Chairman Tanbeneck of the People's party con gressiounl committee said today after reading ex-Sonutor Trumbnll's address that it would muka people think on the lines of the Oiimlm platform and wouli make him tho most available third par ty candidate for United States senator in Illinois next winter. tho Now TxrltT. WASHINGTON, Oct. 1U.— Secretary Carlisle rmx'ived from Acting Attorney Qen oral Maxwell an opinion in which he holds the wool as used in the woolen schedule of th" now tariff bill refers to the htiir of tho sheep only and that new and Irnvi-r duties on goods made of the otin. ,111. mala went into effect on the signing of tho act. Named General Hawkins* Suooessor. WASHINGTON, Oct. 10.— Tho president has appointed Colonel Michael Morgan to lui commissary general of subsistence in placu of General Hawkins, retired, Klla Moor* A|>|>"lntuil I'lWtinUtress. WASHINGTON, Oct. 10.— Ella Moon has beuu appointed postmistress al Wost Grove, Davies county, la., vice Charles Fulk, dead. Will L«avf> lh« Church. BEKWIOK, Pa., Oct. !0,— Re?. A, Staploton, secretary of tho odnt Pennsylvania conference of the Evangelical association, has just returned from an important meeting held in Lewisbnrg, Pa. Ho Btiitml thin conference, numbering ovi'r HO minister*, 100 of whom occupy pulpits, and over 1U,(MM) members will h-iive tho association in a body o\v ; to thu wont supremo court docUion which recognizes the Esher-Dowmau faction of the church. by Ju.l«» Oot. )o._ Judgo Luoey, at toruey for W. A. Uobins, the Kuardiau of Mru. Naglo, tho woalthy widow who •ouiu time ago was declared mentally in- oapablu of attondlu« to her own attaint, dtmitu tho nUogutiona in Mrs. Hibbard'a ; >otitiou, askiug bis removal. Judge Ucoy aitys Mr. Robins' luanatfuuient of the uituti> has boon iu the intorest of tho estate mid there bus been no miamauugo- uont or misappropriation of tho fund* or property. ItoiuwHtur Clmrgucl With t'outoiupt. OMAHA, Oot. tO.-^udgn Bcott of tho lint riot cuurt tuukuptliocontem|itc!wu|(if Editor Itowwatur, whuroiu he is olmrged with lnwurimj tho ditfiiity of thu court in ituin rtifurriug to tho rodiculous ouni's in Boolt's courtroom in oonntK)- ion with thu uiuurulizatiou of Catholic*, ho iHHivt buiug an A, P. A. Tho CUBO vus cuuiinued until thu warrant onu bo urved ou Mr, UoHuwatttr. Crup NEW OUUCANB. Oot. in.— A iu« bui'ii roooivuil from Port Kails to Ifoct that tho ovango crop Iu that vloln- ty was dumngod one-third by tho storm. The wind had attained a velocity of 84 miles an honr when the guage broke. The rice fields were covered with water to thu extent of four feet, but as the crop has been harvested, very little damage resulted from the overflow. Officers at Burlington, In., searching John Slaughter, colored, for currying con- cenleri weapons fouu'd 1^1 annual passes ou different nulroiuls In the name of C. M. V" •.•>••('••ilvtit of the Texus. Louisiana and Eiisfi-rn. Cure for Headache. Asa remedy for nil forms of Headache Eleo trio lilttere line proved to bo tho verybpst. Itclfecla a permanent cure and the most dreaded habltuHltlck hendaches yield to its Influence. We urge all who me iifllictcd to procure a bottle, Hnd give thia remedy n fair trial. In casts of hnbltiiiiI constipation Electric Vlttore cures bj giving the needed tone to the bnwelx nnd few cases long resist the use of this medicine. Try Itonco. Large bottles only Ufty cents at J. W. Mutton's drug olore. 2 In n quurrnl about rentt ig n niece o1 land, George Ellis shot iiud killed liin brother, Cliff Kills, at Osnwatoinie, Kan. Bucklen'8 Arnica Salve Tlie liext snlve Iu the world for Cuts, Bruise*, borns, Dlctmi. SaaRhoam, ITovor Sores,Teller Chapped lliiixl*, Chilblains, Corns and all Skin KroptlODB, tnd positively onres Piles or BO pay roqnlroi K Is guaranted to jiTe perfvot •atlsfuotloi: nr money refaoded. Pr!o«*l P» r'uraaleb J. W. liatton. Woodsmen will organize a large union this full to take in employes of the Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota pineries. A preliminary organization has been mntie nt Asliluml, Wis. N^thiiiff Stranys. lutolllKfiit people who reullzo tho lir-pottant part tile blond holds In keet>lng the bod)' In n noi niKl condition, nnd nothing strnnge In the niuntier of dlst'icfcos Hood's SiirnHiiurlllu Is able to cure. So many troubles result from Imimr blood, the beat way to treat them Is through the blood. Hood's Surstipurllla \liallzen tho blooJ. Hood's pills are th« best after-dinner pills, assist dlgeallon. prevent coimtlputlon. liiiitiinniv i nifhriilwd the anniversary ol the ilelentof the British ut Fort Mellenry anil North i' -int. in 1814. Urolith IIIIM luft an epidemiu of typhoid fever through all the upper Miami valley in Ohio. House Is L'oiiKlUereil ami acknowledged to bo a necessity. The nature of man In opposed to tilth. If. iHittever, tut* eleansiiiK of thu house Is necessary to hrallb, how uuivh wore necessary to heall'-, should w* uoimlilcr It to Ituep the Temple of (iod — tho human body— free from HID taint of lin- purlly. Ur. IMeiuo'stiolden Medical BUoovvrr is like lliethrllly liou»e-wlff. going thro>gh «v«ry nook anil Burner, searching out thu scon- inulatvd illth, purltylugltlie system and reslor- perfect hwulth. t'ii the onlj olooil purintT. liver »ud lunt in vlgorxtor, so sure and coruiln In Ho ourallva so- lion thai It CHU l>e sold through dealers, on trl»l, being guaranteed to cure or moue) returned. C. A. Selniffter, S3, editor o( the Hooiu Viilloy Gnxctte, published at Ku^li Grove, In., tli<ul of bruin parnlyslH. id: served two lerniH as deputy Krand ehau oullor if tile KuiyliU ol 1'ythlnb iu Iowa. Anthiuii. liny fwver, and kindred alluiouu positively cured by a newly uUooverMl irwtlnu'nt. PHiuplilet. t«.ii<monl ils in il ri'lrr-ueet. n«nt frro idilrea*. World V Dispensary Medical association, WIS 11 Mlu street, HuRalo, N. Y. A <llH|mti'h from Home Hiiyx thu pupt* In prepariiiK an enoylieal derlurinn the npoHtlu dulegate »upreine ill eliureli mul- S iu the l.'uited Statvs. MOTHERS and Ihose about to beounut mothem, ulioulit know that Ur. r'iwrow's FuvoriUi Prtwriptioa roba uUlldblrth pf its torture, turrors and diuigeiii to both inotUer tuiU child, by kldlui nature la iiroixtrluK the system (or parturition. TUuroby "labor" uud thu puriod ol coulliiuiueut U greatly nhorUuuxL It an abundant naoi-oUwi of uouriah- also uwut fur U>» child. Souln ifcwl. l\ie(fe Co., Walk. Da. K. V. FlKHOS, BuffJo, N. jr.: .isthV^ . $Mr Wr-ll lug your "K»\ •oriiitiou ' thu Oral luouui of progiwuoy, have uomiuuiHt u It since aoullui'iueuL . did not uspurlnuoe the uatiKMi or any of tho att- uivuU dua to prvgiutQ- ft oy, after I Uwaii l«kluf • your' I'rusiirlptlou." 1 wts uuly tu InUui a wort Uiuc, aud ihu ubyiuaUu II«• BAksa. suld I g(>i alv>u^ uu- We (bluk It wved m" • great deal of sul- [erlug. I was troubled a great deal with lou- lonliou ikLko, »ud It has duue a world of guud Professional Cards. JAS. L. MARTIN. G. E. MARTIN. MARTIN & MARTIN, ) Will prkctlce In elsto snd i feocral courts. 1ST Prompt attention given to collections. No Wry In office. Office In McLagan Bljpok. BEACH & HOYT LAWYERS. PrcotlDe ID state and federal courts. Office T IV , Slain utr«et. over Nlawonger'a dry goods stpie. GEO. W. KORTE, LAWYER. Office on first floor Gerrunn bank building. WUl practice In state and federal courts. rWSpeclal attention given to foreclosures sod settlement of estates. w. BOWXK .ATTORNEY A i LAW. orvicB. QRltFITH BUILHNQ> F. M. DAVENPORT, A TTOU'NK AT LAW. Legal business tian* ^\ acted In both state nnd federal courts. iUw o—r tfflce over Mark's dn/ goods »torc,Cartott CARROLL, Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. MRS. M. oUAULK, Vashlonuble Millinery. MISS KLLA TO11D, Millinery and Kanoy K FINANCIAL. KIRST NATIONAL BANK. Cor. Main and Klfto Street*. NOKTHWE9TKBN BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION', Fifth Street FEED MILLS. I. J. A J. n. MATI.UCK, Klftb Street. HARNESS, ETC. L. T. ANDKUSON, Harneiis and Horse Clothing, Trunks, Valises and Sowing Machines. WINES AND LIQUORS. VICTOR H. 8TKPPUHN, "The Diamond," Fourth Btrem PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. SHKi'UKLD & PATTKIiSON. WluU Mills, Tanks and Pump*. JOB PRINTING. DAILY SKNTINKL, Adams Street Best kqulppoii Prlullng Ufflve In Western Io« CITY MEAT MARKET Nio B«ITB«, Proprietor. h« ohoioMt Meals, vuoh •• B**t fork tod VM! 8u«ki,R«MU Stem •to,, o«n b« had. Poultry OM* ud Flab. rifUt-al, Carroll, iowa The ART AMATEUR. (TUuoiiii Art l*«rioaiu«i uwardod aM»il»lM u« World'ii r'Hlr.) liw»lu«blo (ur all who wliU to wiko lh«lr lt¥- ng l>y ait ur Iu ui«Ji« tlitlr UOUIBS b«»ullful. prici iiiiriyll«5 owuTT'Tr — IVI" For 26o Montagu* Murks, 10 Uulen 8uu»w, M .

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