The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 31, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
Page 7
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HAST INGS PAGE ftVtfl School* Mafid&y AS win «*i mm schools, ttrt ttftsttftlt _ school Systelft win &JW& Monday for auetlrfct fBlf M w*ttffc Sttpt. D. D. fetters 1HB *tafft fee at the head aftd hat l*s«&f tt* following atmottncettent regarding the »ot*: Hasting* jwbif* waaoi will open fof the school yfeaf of 19881934 on Moftday, Sept. 4. School will convenes at 9 a. m. and the students will be dismissed for the remainder of the day at 11 a. in. ft is reaaested that trade pupils bring all did language and geography hooks. No* ones hate been adopted and the old ones may be traded in ae fttft pay- tnent. If there are any questions to be asked concerning the curriculum ot various books to he used students should see the superintendent before Sept. 4, We invite all ratal eighth grade graduates of this vicinity to enroll ttt dot high school this fall. We have a well Qualified faculty and offer interesting work, We are pleased to announce that alt of our last year's fae* nlty will he with us again. .They are as follows: D. D. Fellows, superintendent. Clyde Blttner, principal and girls' coach. ^ Miss Isabel Variey, home economics and English, C. 8. Wilmeth, seventh and eighth grades and boys' coach. Miss Naomi Harman, fifth and sixth grades and orchestra. Miss Carrie Luther, first and second grades. The faculty appreciated the good cooperation of the patrons and student body last year. We assure you of our most earnest desire in the future as in the past to give your children the best school possible. With everyone working in harmony we are sure this can be accomplished. Miss Marjorie Good of .Tabor is visiting Margaret Shepard this I week. Clarence Christie and family of Bhenandoah visited in the Ralph Hanscom home Sunday. Miss Mildred Hlllyer ot Imogene, Lillian, Thelma, and Nedra Crawford visited Saturday in the home of .Velma -and Porothy Mings, ;. -. • ;,..-' TO THE CITIZENS OP MILLS COUNTY; Notice is hereby given that a ! petition for a franchise to erect, use and maintain poles, wires, guy wires, towers, cables, conduits and other fixtures and appliances for the purpose of conducting electricity for lighting, power and beating purposes has been filed by the Iowa-Nebraska Light and Power Company, Lincoln, NebVln the office of the board of railroad commissioners of the State of «Iowa s that saW petition asks the right to construct and maintain .said electric transmission line oyeri along end across the following described public lauds, highways, streams and private lasdsr (fSOQ volts) Beginning at fo» intersection of the west fW) corporate limit ot the twa jif ijnerson, Mills County, Jowa, With' an east (R) Hue eriepttea twenty ). tewnjbip f9venty.two » awtr. «*), range forty («), Wait iffi) 'ei the Fifth p, nrwJmj^jr -at tfte aputh- (|WJ corner j}| t}» JWutb* (81) tywrttr M the south «f on said. (8) o* * «8>* I #ft&^Miri^~; , iik JP»'*»> ttsTSrtiii^« -''i. ,-.- ,, Mif^^m^imrMtoex 1 Pett? if* ftmwsr atfd family drove to Oakfafti fiiintfay where they at- t**d<«d the attnttftl reunion of the ftifftef-Pefry famfttes fn the fftfk thefe. Although a IfttJe tatty the attendance was almost trft to high mark, about 125 being present to enjoy the big picnic dinner and the program following. Mr. Turner's sister, Mrs. Mabel Martin, of Walnut was elected president for the coming year. Mf. and Mrs. Harry Potter and children, LftVern and Pauline, and Misses Margaret Shepard and Marjorie Good of Tabor were Malvern visitors Monday. Mrs. Dale Read and daughter, Phyllis loan, Mrs. Everett Purcell, and lean and Jacqueline Dunn were Shenandoah visitors Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter hunt, Mildred and Raymond and Glen, Vefda, and Doyla irvln of Bedford autoed to Omaha Thursday. Mrs. Faye Blunt and son, Kieth, visited in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Flckel, Sunday. Loren Nebbltt visited from Thursday until Sunday in the Heher Hlllyer home near Imogene. Mr, and Mrs. Jake Walhert and Son, Tommie, of Extra spent Friday in the A, H. Crawford home. Mr, and Mrs. Guy Shepard and son of Durango, Colo, visited a few days last week with his mother, Mrs. W. D. Shepard, and brother, Rea Shepard. Dale and Floyd Hillyer of Imogene visited friends in town Thursday. Charles Coates and family of Elmo, Mo. spent Friday and Saturday in the home of A. H. Crawford. The following people enjoyed a weiner roast at the Bill Oran- teer place Monday evening: Margaret and Rowena Shepard, Bud and Jack Mitchell, Marjorie Good, Ruth, Tom, and Wilburn Palzell, Harold Culver, Frieda Fellows, Aleene Quimby, Tom Christy, Ned and Mas Turner, Ellsworth Smith, and Ruth Pierce. Ned Turner and Harold Mitchell left Tuesday morning, via the "hitch-hiking" route for Chicago where they expect to take in the Century 'of Progress exposition and see something of the city, "" Mr. and Mrs. Samue! Buskirk of Ponca City, Okla. drove in Sunday and visited a couple of days in the Fred J. Martin home, j Mr. Buskirk is a nephew of Mrs. Martin and is advertising man* ager of the Daily News of , . . . enit&Oaposltioi will also, visit in Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. A, V. elites and daughter, Peggy, attended the State Fair at Dea Moines last week. Marvin Pontow returned home Sunday after visiting the. preceding week with Joe Daw-son at Rlverton. Mr. and Mrs, Cecil Woods au- toed to Council Bluffs Sunday, Less Dawsou and family of Riverton visited Sunday in the home of Mrs. W, D. Linthlcum. Maxlne Dawson remained for a few days visit. Mrs. Herman Schurr and son, Edward, Miss Lorraine Clark, and Mrs. A, L. Gustafeou left Tuesday evening for Des Moines where, Edward will appear at the State Fair with some tap dancing numbers. Lorraine will accompany him on the piano, Arnold Allison of Clalremont, Mo. visited bis uncle, Cecil Woods, Thursday. Mrs, W. p. Shepard is visiting Mrs, Masters in Malvern this Joe Hadeu and family moved tQ town last Tuesday to the house recently vacated by W. B, Fahnei. stock* . Mrs. Will Trimmer and daughter, Mary, and Mrs- Clarence Smith autoed to Sbenapdoab Saturday, Robert (Hover and Miss Drake of Qmaba visited in the A. H. Crawford home Sunday, Olgrfnce Smith «a4 family attended the f users! services of her Sister is Randolph Sunday. Pud Clark spent the week eud iu tbe borue of bis grandparents Mrs., Ira Hutcblnss, of M,r> and Mrs,, John BebiB, Mr- an4 Mrs, Ivan Snack, and n<J 9«i, Jlm«Ue, of were guests, of Mr, ?re4 Prleit Ml* »»d Mrs, A- P. BYRD'S SOUTH POLE SHIP THRIIJJ WORLD'S FAIR • VISITORS WITH TALE OF ADVENTURE IN ANTARCTIC HICAGO* *;-* tftrillinf because ot tM testimony H bears td the of seveftty-two brave aftd the hardstirpi they itrffered in the name of science M the nethef tip of the earth is the City of New York, now Visited by thousands daily at A Cefttttfy of Progress^the Chi- fcago World's Fair. rt was this ship which carried Admiral Richard B. Byrd to the Ross ICP barrier, where be established the base— Mttle America— whence he flew over the South frole. For the purposes of the Exposition, the ship has been transformed Into a rentable mnseum of breath' taking adventure, tn It are extensive displays of the actual cloth- Ing, travel equipment, navigation and communication apparatus, food and recreational facilities that wefe Used on the historic voyage. ReUte Exp«rl«ne*s. Fair visitors learn from the lips of men who sailed with Byrd to Little America just what it means to live for months, even yean, ttt a land of eternal cold, to drive "huskies" over tremendous wastes of snow and Ice, to discover htttt* dreds of thousands of square miles of territory no man has ever set eyes upon before. Capt Alan Innes-Taylor, relief air pilot; Charles Ressler. dog driver; Arthur Berlin, fireman; and George Tennant, cook, now on board the ship, all sailed tn the land of the Sooth Pole with Byrd, Kessler and Tennant also accompanied Admiral Byrd on bis expedition to the North, Pole. The City of New York, an auxiliary barque launched at Aren- dahl, Norway, in 1885, Is tied up at A Century of Progress lagoon dock near the Twenty-third street bridge. The first major expeditionary ship ever to enter the Great Lakes, it entered Chicago nnder no power but sail, Its auxiliary engines having been removed because the ship drew too much water with them to admit, entrance to the World's Fair lagoon. •» The City ot Now Tork wah osed on the expedition because It is far stronger in combatting tee floes than the sturdiest steel ships today. It Is so constructed that ex- treme prewurt o* fee foreei it nig*, er out of the *ftter. rathtf fMn buckling ft egfrtly DttdefneatAv *s (t wtrald a fttfet Ship. Lectttre-toefs «rf the ship (tre condocted cotHntroruTy throtttfrotrf the day. The visitor Is shown flew a relief map if the Antarctic regions, the Bay of WHIM, whwe the ship tta^ed o& Christmas day. the rtnrp erected eight mne« were deltvertd some time tn td CTSM ««> gome of th« dt tn« Sotrth Pole eotratry. ftre Hwitated seats weighing (Jtto to 900 pottMs—the weddetl seal, a eomplsctnt mnmmnl n-«vl irt fi*»if tat dogs IMKJ rma. «nd th* cffttflaitfer seat. » tlrtotr* fetto* *ho win attack even 8 killer whftte. t fsTltftg to Interest even the most sophisticated vttftort art the enttmjs penmlr.*. Ther* are ?otn* «tfin)t*d In the Byrd exhibit, two of th« "emperor" species, and tw« "srfelle- ptoitiitns. These B«»u Brntnt»*t* of the frozen #orld» ai- wiiyt fn format dress with ttei* Mlky-whlt* fronts anfl Jet poste- rlnrt. know no enemies on land, and Are willlne, even anxious, to h«- frlfmtly «-lth human* Inland on a sheet of ice 42 feet thick, Mary Byrd Inml, the area of new discovery, and the new mountain range found by the explorers are Indicated. Conduct Useture Tours. On the walls of the hold are a whole library of photographs taken on the' trip. There are also sledges, ice-anchors, sleeping bags of camel's hair lined with caribou, hefldgear of wolverine fur that will not frost, and great fur Jackets and suits to protect men from freezing. There are types of man-hauling harness, for, the lecturer explains, contrary to la; opinion, the dog driver does not ride, but works as bard as any of the "huskies". There is an Antarctic mail box; letters posted tn It In the year 1028 Conqueror ol the storms oi nearly half a century, victorious over the Ice and snow of the bottom of the earth, the City oi Nsw York, ship that carried Admiral Richard E. Byrd to the Antarctic, cuts anchor In the lagoon of A Century of Progress. Inssts Bosom pals are Mentsd, Eskimo brought back from the Arctic by Admiral Byrd, and Klondike, ons oi the "huildes" of the Far North. Christian Endeavor w»» wett attended Sunday evening and under th* careful and thoughtful planning of Mrs. Sherman AlTen the leaderless meeting went along very smoothly and wa* »t»eh enjoyed. Henry Wookeys spent Tuesday evening with the Lon HfttfieM family. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hodge and children. Ruby and Joyce Maxlne. of Nebraska are visiting relative* In this vicinity. They were accompanied hy Mrs. Hodge's father Mr. Kershner. and by Ivan's mother, Mrs. Laura Hodge, who Will stay for an extended Visit with relatives. Mr. and Mm. John James. Loren and Marjorte were Omaha visitors the first of last week. Mr. and Mr*. Walter Kellenbarger and children, Ella and Harold. Mrs. Ruby Straight and daughter. Darlene, and Mr. Navert were Shenandoah visitors Thursday. Alfred Coopers, Ted Straights. Kenneth Webb». Ella and Harold Kellenbarger, spent Saturday evening with the Bulllngtons at Climax. The Kellenbarger kith and kin enjoyed a get-together Sunday In the Francis Parker home. After Sunday school they brought well- fllled baskets and enjoyed the remainder of the day visiting. It was a very pleasant afternoon and afforded a good opportunity for a visit with the relatives who are here from Nebraska. Our community can no longer boast that there are no needy and that country people always have plenty to eat at least, since we have learned that there were a bunch of hoboes who stood In a bread line at the Walter Kellenbarger home one evening last week. However, It proved to be a very Jolly bunch, who stayed well into the night enjoying games and stunts, music, recitations, etc. Expecting to receive a bread crust and water, the "bread line" were surprised to receive sandwiches, pickles, cocoa, and cake which was a very sumptuous fare for hoboes. Jean Kochersperger received the prUe for being the worst or best dressed one present. The young people voted the Kellenbargers royal entertainers and decided It was a very comfortable party as they did not have any tear ot spoiling good clothes. Hastings Orchestra Play at State Fair The members of the Hastings orchestra under -the leadership of M. Quy Margin" of, "Avoca-.lett quite an honor and indicates that the Hastings players are getting pretty good, Mr. Martin's other pupils from Avoca and Penison will also be in the orchestra, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Oustafson of Red Oak visited in the Herman Schurr home Sunday. George Resh and Robert Blunt visited A. R. Blunt at Plattsmouth, Nebr.- Thursday and Friday. Misses Thelma, Faye,. and Wave Pollltt of Omaha visited in the Will Gustin home Friday, HIlss Mildred Hillyer ot Imo* gene visited a few days last week with Thelma and Nedra Crawford, D. p. Fellows and family and Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Fellows, Frieda and Harold visited in the John Fellows borne at'Magnolia Sunday, Miss Edna Bee Lehman of Hastings, Nebr, visited Miss &tbe* lyn Crawford last week, Mrs. George Nebbltt and son, boren, visited in the Perry Bish op home at aienwood last day. Mr, and Mrs. Frank gng daughter, Margaret, asd Mrs. Eva Van Ausd&le autoed to Omaha last Wednesday. CJlto, Verda, fnfl Poyle ~Wtl* llam Irvjn of Bedford visited last Wednesday in the borne of Mr, and Mrs, Walter Runtt Mrs. Cecil Woods, Nadeue and, Qeraldlne, Mrs. Roy Y Wm, cnark; and Qeprge turned test wee); from visiting relatives in Illinois, There is a cbU4 i» Oataloaia, Spain, with six arms and He ought to be aujRCjBssfiil tbttwbtng rides wbea be up, NPW tt*t tfcfrj? felYft tb^ Ufte tut about m U|b «i it e«a §9 wby 4a»'t mm ot mt IB tfea tirs«? American Entry in Fastnet Race BCbwaer Brilliant, owned py \\aiter Bamum, which sailed from City Island, New York, for Gowes, England, to compete with other la the Fastnet race, Charming World's Fair Retreat CHAMPION HILL Mrs. Carrie McLaln and daugh ters, Pearl and Velma, were Omaha visitors tbe first ot last week when Mrs. McLain bad an operatlon™on ber upper Jaw, having a cist removed from the outside and a bone tumor from the inside, It is hoped that now her general health will bo better. The many friends of the Douglas family were sorry to learn that Ora who has been seriously sick for several days did not Improve as hoped and it was necessary to take him to the hospital Saturday morning. He is in tbe Immanuel hospital in Omaba and although still quite sick we are glad to report that he is still holding his own and we hope be will soon be convalescing. Lon Hatfleld and wife and Mr. and Mrs. Mel Berriman and baby daughter, Norraa Lee, spent Sunday evening with Albert Streiten- bergers. Thursday was a very pleasant day for the following relatives who gathered at Shenandoab for a picnic and visit; Mr, and Mrs. Art Nims and Julia Deau, Mr, and Mrs. Walter Kellenbarger, Ella and Harold, Mrs, Huby Straight and Parlene, Mr, N»vert, Clyde and Will LUtons; those from a distance were Glen Shook and family, Mrs. Emma Llston, Mrs. Alta Shoop and son, Homer, Mrs, Sarah elites and son, Walter, all of Emerson; Mrs, Homer Liston and children of Council Bluffs and Dr. and Mrs, Allen of Jmo- Mr- and Mrs. Mel Berriman and Norms Lee visited Sunday iu Stennet with his aunt, Mrs. Beck nal, Mrs. Josle Applegate of Oakland spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs, Lucy Uddell. Her children, Ward and Shirley, who have spent their vacation with the Liddells, returned to their home in Oakland to get ready for ecbooJ. Chester, Harold, Wilma, Flor eace, and Sarah Cooper, and their <?eusin, Baruey Cooper, and Pale Poors, spent Monday evening the Clarence Bishop family. Floyd McMulleu who formerly n tbis vicinity, but now of Mratftaa, visited iu the community last week, Mr, au4 Mrs. Deou McLaln ware SUBday dlnuer guests iu tUe fiaje Boyer home iu Qleuwood Sunday. In the afternoon Deau called os Qra Doug las iu the iw- luajQuel boypUal iu Ouitthu. Bberwttu Allen* were Sheu«u- doaU vltitorti Friday, Keltb Qam-. bis aooouiuftulatl them liomo for It visit wUU bU cou*lu, iw AU»tt. Mr. ana Mm- bin brotUw, ftraA 01 lrU«<i» sJtarkflaa, Our advice to struggling freshmen is not to become discouraged. Just think of the high mark Al Smith got at Harvard. When it comes to boosting grain prices, an old fashioned drought and an army of grasshoppers have it all over the governmental economists. Maybe if our boys get back from London without au international agreement to show for the trip it will mean that Uncle Sam has won a great diplomatic victory. They have a law in Illinois now which makes it possible for the court to order a wife to pay alimony to her husband. Who says that the New Deal isn't all o. k.? On/t/$Q25 *• ** T"p a World's to the F air EVERY WEEKEND Tickets on sale every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-Day Return Umit Tickets good in Coach or Chair Our, Half fwe for chilOreu Other Low in effect daily Party Fares — 12 Day Umit (Coach Tickets) 3 traveling together $16.33 each 4 traveling together $}g,fj& each, 0 traveling together $144$ each (Half fare for children) * Still lower fares for larg« er groups, * 16,day tickets, $18,35. * 30»day tickets at slightly higher fare, Pullnwn fares down „... on tickets good in sleep* ing cars. Let us tell you about aU« expense and personally' conducted tours, we can arrange for you. The Burlington has on ex» libit, one of the world's t»vttea you It yoyr World's

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